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Adrian Sudbury true celebrity

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I've just had a short conversation with Adrian's grandma, Barbara Fisher and she asked if I would put a very simple but very poignant quote on this blog. Which is what I am now doing. She asked me to raise the point that

Adrian has restored the true meaning behind the word celebrity

I think that is a fantastic quote and it got me thinking. Wikipedia defines a celebrity as "a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention". National newspapers, international Television? Without a doubt Adrian commanded a high degree of public and media attention. Why did he command such attention? Was it just because of his terrible illness? NO I believe it was because of his bravery in devoting the rest his life to helping others. Other words that were suggested to replace celebrity - "famous person, hero, lion, luminary, notable"

So in today's world of five minutes of fame, reality TV and pointless superstars; we still have REAL celebrity. People who command our attention and respect for worthwhile reasons.

Adrian Sudbury, true celebrity

Baldy's Book

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Hello Everyone

Needless to say it's been a very difficult few days but I have a little bit of news I think you will be interested in.

It had always been one of Adrian's plans for this blog to become a book. If things had worked out better he would have liked to have turned his posts into a book, with a happier ending of him getting better. Then at the end asking people to visit his blog to read updates, and check on how they could help with the fight against Leukaemia. As we know his story hasn't ended as he wanted.

However he did continue to work on the book idea behind the scenes - as reported in the Huddersfield Examiner here:

Donor recruitment Clinic in Nottingham

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The Anthony Nolan Trust is holding a blood donor recruitment clinic in Nottingham today.

21-AUG-08 Newark & Sherwood Council 3:00 PM 7:00 PM

Carriage Court
Kelham Hall
NG23 5QX

Anyone who can please attend. Adrian's mission was always to educate people about Leukaemia and encourage more people to join the Bone Marrow Register. It would be a wonderful tribute to if you were able to join the register. Adrian got to live another year because of his Bone Marrow Transplant, and look at all he achieved in that time.

For anyone who can't attend please read about the details for signing up on the Anthony Nolan site and do whatever you can.


Adrian Sudbury Book of Condolence

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I have created a Book of Remembrance for Adrian Sudbury at

Please join me in remembering this wonderful person

Adrian passes away

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Its Liam here, I am sorry to be writing the post I never wanted to write. I was sent this email by Adrian' dad Keith Sudbury:

Adrian Sudbury died peacefully in his sleep with his dad Keith and mum Kay last night.

Keith Sudbury said: "Every parent thinks their son or daughter is special and we are no different.

"Adrian touched all who knew him. We're very proud of all his achievements in tragically such a short time.

"Kay and I hope that all Adrian's good work will be continued by all those who knew and loved him."

There will be a private family funeral followed by a service of remembrance at Sheffield Cathedral at a date to be confirmed.

I'm sure you will all join me in offering you condolences to Adrian's family and friends at this very difficult time.

"I will put you through to Gordon Brown now..."

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I have just got off the phone with our Prime Minister.

He phoned to explain that he had personally written to all the celebrities that me and the Anthony Nolan Trust had come up with to to try and make people think again about bone marrow donation.

He also had nothing but praise for me, the work we have all been doing and he reiterated the fact he thought I was an inspiration.

Remember, I had thought of this before but decided not to make it part of the campaign because I just assumed it would be an outright no.

This was very much their idea and the very fact that Mr Brown has phoned me himself to confirm he has written those letters is testament to how much this means to him.

Directly afterwards I was able to speak to Ed Balls again.

He also said how inspirational the campaign had been and took his hat off to just how much we have achieved in such a short space of time.

We agreed the best way to make this talk possible was to work not only from the top down but from the bottom up too.

I'd take this the Government to do as much as it can; produce all the resources to enable the talk to be given

Facebook army and a few more challenges

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syringedriver250.jpg These last weeks, or however many seem to keep unfurling ahead of me, are dotted with incidents of dropping off to sleep, random drowsiness, disorientation and distraction.

Writing this blog is something I still love but it is becoming increasingly challenging to construct.

The latest update is I've been given a syringe driver. This means drugs are constantly put into my body throughout the day. This is why I'm so drowsy and when talking to people, it makes it really difficult to concentrate on what some people are saying.

I appreciate this is something which we have all experienced plenty of at some time in our lives.

I'm on a mixture of painkillers, anti-anxiety and anti-sickness drugs.


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anxietypic366 .jpgWhoops! Every day is getting harder now. For those of you wondering why there was a photo with no words for about four hours it's because I started writing and nodded off!

I suppose that is an accurate reflection of what life is like for me right now.

This is a strange and difficult time for me. I have always worried about silly things and of course so much about those I care for.

With the news that it really is a case of a matter of weeks (I'm still not confident about these doctors' predictions) I was crippled with the anxiety about how I am going to see all my family and friends for a good length of time, and make it so they felt like they had every opportunity to say to me precisely what they wanted.

On Saturday morning, at around 3am, I sat up bolt right. There was no reason other than I could not get the Queen (Elizabeth II) out of my head. I had this overwhelming sense of panic and deep breathing. It was so strange.

She wasn't doing anything, threatening me with a wedgie or a Chinese burn, I just couldn't shake off the panic.

Calling on Adrian's Army

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Hi everybody, Liam here

Quick thank you for all the people who have contacted me about Adrian's Army, and have already joined the Facebook group. Got a small task for everyone.

I've been contacted by the Anthony Nolan Trust - and want to draw everyone's attention to a campaign they've set up to show your support for Adrian. Please visit to find out more about how you personally can support Adrian's campaign to raise awareness of the need for Bone Marrow Donors. You can make a real difference and help a lot of people so get cracking! Now please be aware this is a UK based list, and I would love to hear from similar groups around the world.

I think Adrian's blog is an incredible testament to how receiving warm wishes at a difficult time can be a great comfort. If you'd like to write a short message of support visit - The Anthony Nolan Trust will make sure that families affected by leukaemia and other
life-threatening conditions will see it. They may also include your message in our online patient support wall.

To see a list of current Donor Recruitment clinics please visit and for more information about the process of joining the register please visit

The Anthony Nolan Trust takes back lives from leukaemia by managing, and recruiting new donors to, the UK's most successful bone marrow register. The Anthony Nolan Trust is an independent charity (Reg. No. 803716 / SCO38827) and continually relies on support from individuals and companies.
Find out how at

Facebook Group & Blog Changes

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Hi Everyone, Liam here

First and most importantly I've just been on the phone with Adrian. He tells me, he's feeling about the same as when he created the anxiety post but that's not going to stop him working on this blog. Let's face it the man is a tiger.

Just dropping you a minor update about the future of the blog. Very shortly the blog will be getting a slight redesign, allowing us to re-organize some of the content to make it easier to find, do a few things better. But don't worry all of Adrian's posts and all your comments will stay the same. I have no fixed time when this will happen and there will be warnings before it does.

As you know now I am increasingly dropping out of it.

My colleages did remind me about my letters from Prince Charles and London Mayor Boris Johnson but it wasn't until I spotted comments from Tash and Katherine that I thought I should really include them in the blog.

Many thanks for reminders.

Was sick last night again but generally had a better day today.

Future of Adrian's Army

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Hi everyone, it's Liam here

Quick update first of all to keep you informed. Adrian's mum has told me that "Adrian is at the hospital at the moment for a routine transfusion of blood and platelets." He is very tired but not too uncomfortable and in good spirits." He is also trying to spend as much time as possible seeing all of his friends and family with all the time he has left. As soon as I hear any updates I will let you all know.

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