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Great News (Part 17)

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Finally some great news - I've been given the all clear.

It's hard to describe how relieved and elated I feel. I found out earlier today when I phoned the hospital braced for bad or no news.

I was told simply that the results had come back and there was no sign of either type of the disease.

After living for ten months with a complicated form of leukaemia I had feared the worst. When the doctor told me there was no sign of the disease in my last bone marrow sample I asked him to check, and then double check the results, before I could finally take them in.

Line Out (Part 16)

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The wait goes on. I've still not heard anything so continue to wait nervously.

I'm not sleeping brilliantly but apart from that I'm fine.

The good news is that my Hickman Line, that tube running out of my chest, has been removed from my body. It's literally been a part of me since December and has undoubtedly been a big part of my treatment.

Hickman Line

Every time blood needed to be taken, or chemicals administered - which was most of the time - the Hickman line, named Fred by my aunt, has made it all possible without the use of needles.

Bone marrow donation

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My Video Diary, part 10

The Waiting Room (Part 15)

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Apologies for not updating this blog sooner.

I felt for a while that I should have written something but I was never quite sure what to say. The amazing comments that have come from the hundreds of people regularly taking an interest in my story have been unexpected and inspirational for me.

It's also been helpful knowing that the posts have provided a useful insight to people who will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant in the future.

I suppose it's with this group of people in mind that I've been most reluctant to write anything else. Much of my time post-transplant hasn't been much fun and I'm still nowhere near full-fitness.

I finally decided to write this post after talking to my grandma in Nottingham. Basically she's bullied me into writing it arguing that people respect honesty and the truth- even though it doesn't always make for pleasant reading. I think she's right, so here we go.

The first thing to say is I am waiting for the results of my final bone marrow sample. It's been sent away for analysis and the results will show that the leukaemia is either still here or gone completely.

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