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Hi everyone in Adrian's Army and other visitors.

It has been brought to my attention that the comment feature on this site is no longer working, this is something that is affecting a lot of the Trinity Mirror blogs at the moment. We're trying to fix it as quick as we can, really sorry for this. It has gone on for about a week now which is not good at all, I hope to have a good news update very soon.



By now you should be able to see the new look Baldy's Blog please let me know your thoughts and opinions - much thanks to be given to the hard work done by my colleagues Neill and Sven. If you cannot comment on the blog please let me know by emailing me on and I'll try and see what we can do.

Best wishes to everyone otherwise.


Richard Madely borrowed my pen......


By Kay Sudbury

Well, it's a cracker. What an amazing few weeks.

It isn't often you get to see Esther Ranzten, Claire from Steps, Mary Mary singing gospel and the above mentioned ( surprisingly handsome in real life girls ) together in one place. It was like one of those dreams you get after an ill advised late night cheese sandwich...

The interviews on BBC Breakfast time generated a whole new wave of interest and gave me the opportunity to continue Adie's well worn path towards complete media tarting. Kate Silverton and Bill Turnbull were absolutely lovely; well briefed and massively interested in Adrian's story.

In the green room I got chatting to a chap called Paul Whittaker - an incredibly talented doctor of music who is working to bring the experience of musicality to people who have impaired hearing. Profoundly deaf from birth himself, Paul has the benefit of a sign language expert , Andy Higgins. Now for the weird part of the story ( the Adrian effect is going strong folks ) As I explained what I was doing there at such an ungodly hour, Paul suddenly realised that he knew all about Adrian - he hails from Huddersfield and even used to sing in the church choir with one of Adie's colleagues. Small world eh? But it gets better. As Andy was signing " bone marrow donation" to Paul, he pointed to his hip. When he heard about the more usual method of donation, he changed the sign to point to the forearm instead! He has promised to spread the word/sign......

Since the training, presentations have been given in the 2 pilot areas; South Yorkshire and Bristol. Guess what? The lad was bang on the money when he said there are many myths and misconceptions about bone marrow donation. He got it right too, when he said that many more people would want to sign up if only they knew what was involved. There is a real hunger for knowledge out there and there is genuine surprise amongst students and staff that the procedure is actually quite straight forward.

This schools programme is going to be a huge success. Thank you to everyone who is taking part at the sharp end and those who are shouting support and urging the presenters on.

If any readers would like to train up but missed the March sessions, please make yourselves known on either this site or my Facebook site so that more sessions can be arranged at the start of the 09/10 academic year.

For many patients, the clock is ticking. I have no doubt that, with Adrian's legacy more donors will be found and lives will be saved. As Adie said - a simple solution to quite a difficult problem. Tell young people the facts and many more will make an informed choice. It is to their credit that for many of them, they will choose to give someone a second chance.

Thank you all for your continuing interest and enthusiasm. What is happening is wonderful.

The lad would be proud.

And yes, I got the pen back.

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