Adrian Sudbury true celebrity


I've just had a short conversation with Adrian's grandma, Barbara Fisher and she asked if I would put a very simple but very poignant quote on this blog. Which is what I am now doing. She asked me to raise the point that

Adrian has restored the true meaning behind the word celebrity

I think that is a fantastic quote and it got me thinking. Wikipedia defines a celebrity as "a widely-recognized or famous person who commands a high degree of public and media attention". National newspapers, international Television? Without a doubt Adrian commanded a high degree of public and media attention. Why did he command such attention? Was it just because of his terrible illness? NO I believe it was because of his bravery in devoting the rest his life to helping others. Other words that were suggested to replace celebrity - "famous person, hero, lion, luminary, notable"

So in today's world of five minutes of fame, reality TV and pointless superstars; we still have REAL celebrity. People who command our attention and respect for worthwhile reasons.

Adrian Sudbury, true celebrity


What a lovely post that was...

Really made me smile and I bet Adrian is smiling too!!

You're a star Liam!!


It was just the other day
That you were near
A lovely smile
Spread ear to ear

It was just a moment ago
And I knew from the start
That you would teach the world
To talk Heart to Heart

There is really no mystery
My heart knows it's true
The world is a better place
The praise goes to you

It was unconditional
The love that you gave
You taught us to LIVE
You asked us to be brave

It's now left to us
We will carry the ball in
The victory is yours
Nothing less than a win

Rest easy now, Dear Adrian
Your mission is done
Save a place for us there
Dear Friend, Dear Brother, Dear Son...

Love to Adrian and you all.......


Thank you Liam,

I have just posted my vote for Aidrian to be nominated for a Pride of Britain award,

Oh Therese, that is beautiful, and how very true.

You are right Barbara he is a true "celebrity", and he will always be with each one of us for the rest of our lives.

My love to you all


I couldn't agree more.

I also nominated Adrian for the Pride of Britain Awards a few months ago - i haven't heard anything since though, and thought that the closing date was August 1. I'll check to see what's happening

I have just nominated Adrian for the Pride of Britain award as well.

I don't know whether it will be accepted at this late stage, but if enough of us nominate him perhaps they will set up a separate catagory (here's hoping)

Love to all


Liam, What wonderful words from Adrian's Gran. and yourself.
Therese- Glad you decided to share your beautiful poem with everyone.
Much love to everyone....heart to heart.
Christine M. XXXX

how very true ...a real celebrity,
he will be sadly missed by all of us
beautiful poem therese


Yes , a true celebrity.

Liked your poem too Therese.

Thanks Liam.


How very true! Adrian was a true celebrity. We would be extremely hard pressed to find someone as gallant and honest to their very core as Adrian. Cheers to his campaign and his legacy!


Hi Liam,

I was happy to see that you have written on the blog today. What a true friend to Adrian to have been.
Yes Adrian is a true celebrity. He will be missed by so many of us. He has done more in his short life than most people have done in an entire life time. What determination. What courage. What a remarkable young man.

Hugs to you Liam

Absolutely, a true celebrity. xx

Absolutely true.
A true celebrity but always, first - a son, brother and grandson.
Hugs and love to Grandma too
Love and light





A true celebrity, a true lion, a selfless, brave man and a total hero to me and thousands of others I'm sure. His grandma and all his family should be tremendously proud of him. Beautiful poem Therese.
Thank you Liam.

How true!
How very true.

Hello everyone, Liam I totally agree with Adrians grandma. There should be a memorial to Adrian somewhere in his country to symbolize what he has done in his last weeks to help others.. I will also be looking into The Pride of Britain to see if I can nominate Adrian if not for this year, next year.. Love to you all.. Dawn xxx

Hi All, thanks Liam for taking the time to keep us informed. Never a truer word. Often the word celebrity is misused and today there are too many so called celebrity's who do not deserve the true definition. Adrian certainly is not one of those people. Adrian will always be my favourite celebrity. Hugs to all. Chris

By the way Therese that poem sent shivers down my back and tears to my eyes. Adrians Army you are the best. Chris

adrian is still with us in so many ways and through him we have each learned that to be humble costs nothing neither does helping others so lets all pull together and keep this campaign alive.adie we miss you but we wont forget you of that you can be sure.peaceful times for you now lots of love from all of us.xx

Hello again everyone, just been looking on the Pride of Britain website. The closing date for the 2008 heats was 1st August. Any nominations recieved after this date will be put forward for the 2009 Pride of Britain... Dawn xxx

When you feel Lonely
When a person you love passes away
Look to the night sky on a clear day.
The star that to you, appears to be bright,
Will be your loved one,
Looking upon you during the night.
The lights of heaven are what shows through
As your loved one watches all that you do.
When you feel lonely for the one that you love,
Look to the Heavens in the night sky above.

for adrians family with much love xxxx

Not only does Sudders deserve a Pride of Britain award but also something on the New Year's Honours list!!!!
Steph x

I just wanted to leave a message for Adrian's parents if I may:

I helped my 22 month old daughter climb the stairs last night by walking behind her holding each hand and thought just how much our children rely on us for support.

You have been there for your son - each taking a hand - and he has mentioned it so many times.

My father was critically ill when I started reading this blog in April and I realised just how much support and love I still needed from my parents (and I am 36!). Thankfully, he pulled through.

What I am trying to say is that there is nothing in this life like great parents.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Thinking of you and your daughter at this sad time.


Jane xx

Adrian commanded more than our attention and respect - he commanded our hearts. He is a true celebrity, an international celebrity and so much more!

Lovely words from Adrian's gran!


There was never a truer word spoken. Adrian Sudbery celebrity and King of our hearts!.

Therese Im glad you decided to share your poem with every one its so beautifull.

Lots of love and hugs to everyone x
Sarah xxx

Beautiful poem and great post there. Great words of wisdom.

I hope Adrian wins the Pride of Britain award. He achieved so much and has been such an inspiration xx

Why Adrian is a true celebrity in my mind, is because he was selfless in his attempt to make the world a little better for all the people who knew first hand what he went through, and their loved ones.
And more then that, he wanted to make the world in future a much better place, by asking us to help him create that better world today.

It was his shining spirit that was leading us. That, in my book, is celebrity.

And you Liam, you are a very big star too in my book, for your great work on this blog.

Hugs, Anna

How beautifully said, and so very true. To come across people who are as pure and genuinely good natured as Adrian is very rare in today's society.

He is the truest celebrity.

Tina K.

Liam - Thanks for that. How very true. Adrian is a true celebrity because it was all so accidental. All so unintentional. He never set out to court fame for himself, he was merely trying to bring attention to a situation. That is so very rare in our current climate. People who are referred to as "celebrity" in these times, are usually using their celebrity for their own use, their own good, their own gain. Adrian was not doing that. He knew that there was nothing could change his situation, but it didn't stop him. It would have been so "easy" for him to stop and wallow in self pity and let's be honest, who would have blamed him, life certainly dealt him enough blows, but out of all of the many posts he made on this blog, there were very very few that were down. The majority were upbeat and really warts and all honest. That is why we all love him.
I can't begin to think how Kay Keith and Carrie are, or his close friends like you Liam, because I know I am only a blogette, but I feel like my heart has been ripped out. I wake up in the morning and turn on the pc to fire up baldy's blog waiting to see if there has been any updates from Adrian, and then it slaps me in the face again. He's not here anymore. The tears come again and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Just what was it that Sudders had that made us all love him so much? I can't wait to go to Sheffield and pay my resepects and celebrate the life of such a wonderful young man. We will all carry him in our hearts for ever.
Love and hugs to you all.
T ~X~X~X~X~X~

Liam that's lovely - and so true. When you look at all the sad 'celebrities' out there who only focus on themselves and do nothing for others and then you look at Adrian - well I know who I'd rather young people respect and admire.

Adrian was indeed a TRUE celebrity. Thanks Liam- you are a true friend.Adrian will never be forgotten as a truly courageous amazing man.I didnt know him but I am going to help all I can with bone marrow donation awareness. Thinking of all his family.Lots of love

Amen Liam

Jennifer Clancey
Tampa FL USA

I couldn't agree more
Adrian was one in a million
A true star x

Wonderful! I love this. A positive use of the word celebrity. Adrian is something truly special, look at how he brought people together around the world!

Therese - a beautiful poem!

Liam - thank you for your posts. You are amazing!

Yes and I still believe a "Sudders" should be the word for telling it how it is . There cannot be a bigger tribute to a journalist .

All the best to you Liam , Poppy and Adrian's parents and Family .

Our prayers will continue for the Sudbury family. What a amazing young man. We will all meet him one day in HEAVEN when God calls us home.

In His Love,

In 1774 the book 'The Sorrows of Young Werther' was published by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Because of the many beautiful postings by Adrian, reading his blog I was comparing his writings with Goethe's masterpiece.
We all hoped for a different ending...

A True Celebrity indeed! Please send my deepest sympathy to Adrian's grandma Barbara. It's hard for parents to know their child has an uncurable disease, but in a different way it's so much harder for beloved grandparents...


Thanks for posting this Liam. I agree with all of the above.

Adrian's humour, dignity, selflessness - AND not to forget - style (THE hat, THAT dressing gown... :-) !!!) all make him a true star. All of this along with his incredible legacy. He's captured the hearts and imagination of people the world over!

Love to all, Charlotte xx

I just wanted to say I really like the poem. It nearly made me cry, and I haven't yet.

Tash, Therese, "Grandma! : ) !" Chris, Steph, Liam, sooooo many others these words are hitting that special X spot we cant even identify wholly - - SOOO BIG

I am a medievalist, and "Fisher King" is another name for - - King Atrhur

My blood ran cold when I read Barbara's name : ) !

(Well, Your Majesty ? : ) ? )

: ) ! ( ! )



Be strong, all the folkies!!!
Wow Dan : ) yes
Be Strong, Jane

I totally agree!!! Adrian is a person that I would be honoured to call a celebrity - genuine, brave and informative with a wonderful heart and soul.

I too shall nominate Adrian for the pride of Britain award.

This is what makes life worth living.

Recognizing someone worthwhile and absolutely incredible. All of the frauds in Hollywood could certainly learn a thing or two about the life of a celebrity from our little prophet.

Someone who was truly selfless and working to make the world a better place. I'm so happy that he is recognized by so many.

There isn't a toast or tribute quite large enough for beautiful Adrian.

Thank you Barbara & Liam. :)

Love, Bethany

This is weird that today we have all talked about celebrities and who should walk into my shop but Catherine Zeta Jones. Very strange but the only celebrity that I would have liked to have had in my shop was our dear Adrian Sudbury. I did have his picture adorning the walls for some time during the petition signing so I suppose he has been there in a sense. Hugs to all Chris

So very true - thank you so much for those lovely words.

Your poem was wonderful Therese, I hope you don't mind but I borrowed it for my blog (credited).

Love Caroline xxx

My second time checking today. How strange, to know he is gone but to be compelled to keep coming back? Maybe it's just habit to come here every day waiting for some words from him or word on his condition, and now that he is gone, I'm not exactly sure what to do.
I am so happy that so many good things are coming from this sorrowful situation. The book, all the accolades.. but how sad at the same time that the wonderful man who caused it all will not be here to take pleasure in it.
My love and all good thoughts to you all, Sudburys, Liam, blogettes.. may god shine on you!

So the sun has set again in London - - 3 rise, sets since - - he was just here a second ago - - longing to hear just 1 word of his - - he was just here

Yes, in this materialistic, designer label world, there are still a few people who put others before themselves, even in times of true hardship and Adrian was definitely one of them.

That is the true meaning of the word, a celebrity and a star!

Have also just nominated Adrian for Pride of Britain Award.

Liam, along with others, would like to say thanks so much for keeping us all up to speed at what is clearly a very difficult and painful time. Having been in a related situation, I would guess that this is your one source of consolation at present, being able to use your expertise to further the message for your mate as things unfold. It just keeps on keeping on as per the Real Celebrity bit (and how true and btw, I have also nominated Adrian for a Pride of Britain Award). It seems that there are many of us who have done this. When I submitted this, I saw no mention of a cut-off date. Hope it happens this year, not next, and who on earth (or wherever the lovely Adrian Sudbury is now) deserves it more? I think it is just meant to be x

Adrian wasnt a celebrity, he was a LEGEND.

Love it Ross!!

Thanks for all of your updates. In one way it must be hard but in another so rewarding to read how much your dear friend was loved. I this his Grandmother's quote was PERFECT!! AMEN!!! Adrian is a celebrity of the utmost value to all.

To the Sudbury family, Liam and of course the blog family!!

Yes!!!! Adrian is a true celebrity...not these so called celebrities that are followed today, actors, actresses, athletes. They have talent, but Adrian and all like him have a gift. A gift of inspiration, a gift of hope!! Let's all live out Adrian's legacy to help us make celebrities out of all of us...the world needs it!!

With Love to all,

Kim (NY-USA)

"famous person, hero, lion, luminary, notable" ....those words just about sum up 'our man'.

In an age when the word 'celebrity' is often an over and innapropriately used definition of status, Adrian stands as one of only a very few individuals who TRULY deserves the honour of the title.

Adrian Sudbury: celebrity, hero, luminary and all round Mr Amazing! :o)

...there are Olympians who are brave...

An article in the blog from the Belgian Newspaper 'The Morning':

Dutch Swimmer Maarten van der Weijden who recently won Olympic gold was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2001. In this article he talks about his experiences on the haematology ward and his conversations with his best friend and fellow leukaemia patient. They were both receiving their last treatment who would be crucial: cure or back to the begining even to death.

'The Piano Man' by Billy Joel was their favorite song:
'He says, Bill, I believe this is killing me.
As the smile ran away from his face
Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star
If I could get out of this place.'

His best friend didn't make it... Maarten himself could get out of hospital and was cured. Becoming Olympic champion was his future mission. Now he has won that battle and stops swimming.

"I think the leukaemia taught me to think step by step," Van der Weijden said. "When you're laying in the hospital bed and feeling so much pain and feeling so tired, you don't want to think about next week or next month, you're only thinking about the next hour. "You just be patient. You lay in your bed and just wait. It's almost the same strategy I've used here." He now commits a large portion of his time to raising awareness for leukaemia. "Because of the treatment I got, the stem cell transplant" Van der Weijden said. "

A very touching post. I saw Adrian interviewed a few times and was always impressed by his spirit and positive attitude.

Thoughts go out to Adrian's family at this difficult time.

Liam, thanks for thinking of us at this difficult time. Great post

Jen xxx

P.S Wonder how you go about getting a new word into the dictionary? 'Sudders - a true hero/legend'

So sorry to hear of Adrian's passing. This post certainly rings very true.


As others have done as listed above, I have just nominated Adrian for a Pride of Britain Award too.

Adrian was a hero to me,

Kate & Co
XX xxx

Just got back from a holiday and have just found out about Adrian.

So, so sad.

My thoughts are of course with his friends and family.


Thanks and take care Liam.

Hate that word was, but if grandma Barbara can deal, so must we (somehow) (this doesn't mean we don't feel awful, and it won't go away).

Well, clearly you see where he gets his incredible leadership from ! And Fisher (King) blood!!!

So thank you so much!!!

Sending all my love up north,

Thinking of you all so much,




Liam: True Bud

Well, I felt better for a whole minute . . .

Right on!

Thanks Liam xXx

I'm so glad you've written this post for two reasons:
The first because I once received an email from Adrian and got myself all excited cos it felt like a celebrity had written to me so I replied and told him this but then felt like a really weird stalker type person!
The second because Adrian was a true celebrity and I'm glad that it was his grandma who's pointed it out!
Best wishes

I've just nominated Adrian on the pride of britain too!

I agree with Adrians Grandma totally. He is a celebrity in the true sense of the word. Valx

Hi there

I just wanted to leave a little message to Adrian's family.

I think the support, love and heroic way you supported Adrian through his illness & his decisions was a true testament to your love for him as a parent. My partner had a rare form of skin cancer, and we were very lucky that we had a happier ending & we get to bring our children up together for now.

I understand the strength you have to have, the precious moments of laughter, and the quiet tears of pain.

Not only was Adrian a hero, I believe you were also hero's.

I look forward to his book, and Adrian bringing me further smiles (& tugs to the heart) through his brilliant writing.

I agree with Liam & Adrian's grandmother, He was a true celebrity xxx

I too have nominated Adrian for a pride of Britain award. He deserves it...38 days left - lets all vote!

About two o'clock am sure still thinking of you bud

5? whole days ? weird . no. no. no. no. no.

please keep nwell till we meet again, celebrity true bright star

Sure waiting for that day



Yeah, so put me down for Pride of Britain, too

Hear! Hear! Grandma!

To those who don't know where to nominate Adrian for the Pride of Britain award, just click (or copy & paste) the following link, and fill out the form.

Claire -x-

I agree 100% with Adrians Grandma and I agree with all the other posts, especially the one from Ross. Adrian was much more than a celebrity - he was and always will be in my eyes a true legend.
I also urge everyone reading this to place your orders for the book. Lets make as much money as possible for Adrians charities and make it a best seller. Thats the least he deserves.
Sending my love to you Liam and to all Adrians family and friends.
Jane (Slaithwaite, Huddersfield)

I agree with everybodys comments regarding Adrian being nominated for the Pride of Britain award, and I've followed the link that Claire has kindly given us, but there are certain details that you must have, like Adrian's address etc. which I don't have, could anyone help me? as I so want to nominate him. Thanks

I've just sent in my nomination for 'Pride of Britain' too. Even if the closing date HAS passed - surely they have to take notice if enough people nominate....??!!

Sending love and warmest wishes to the Sudbury family, Liam and of course all of Adrian's friends.....

Charlotte xx

Hi Sandra,

As long as you type something in the boxes, like a full stop, it seems to accept the nomination. This is what I did on Friday.

Best wishes hope it works for you. I hope they have a special catagory just for Adrian he deserves it.


Now, if you go to the site of Buckingham Palace, there is an honours ( K N I G H T ) nomination form under "quick links" form we need to crack by New Year also ! : ) ! . . .

right on the first page! at:

I'll try to make it link soon!!

But early days, so all my thought s still with the superstar folkies!!!

I can't even bring myself to see the finality of the condolences entry yet, total truth, miss that guy, the lord is gonna patent that one

All the love in the world to all

I am lighting my candle when the torch moves today - - he is a true Golden Olympian




Hi, I nominated Adrian a while ago but the closing date had passed by 2 days. I did e-mail asking if it was possible under the circumstances for Adrian to be considered but have not heard anything. I was told at the time that the Pride of Britain awards were part of the Mirror Group and that the Examiner who Adrian worked for was under this group. Possible due to this they could consider his nomination although it was late. Possibly Liam could look into this when he gets a chance as I know things are difficult for him at the moment. Chris

Hi All

For Adrian's address on the Pride of Britain I just wrote the Huddersfield Examiner and for his contact I just put the link to this blog!

Hopefully someone will notice us if enough of us do it!

Yes, I put the "Huddersfield Daily Examiner" as the contact address too. The Daily Mirror ran a lovely story on Adrian and this blog on Thursday - and therefore I figured for their part, they'll know all about this. Ch xx

Hi Liam

That was a really nice post that made me smile all the way through reading it. For me, it's been really hard not having the blog to check on Adrian's 'progress' so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. This post is for you for helping him through difficult times and enabling us to share it with him.

You truly are a friend. And I think you should call yourself a true celebrity too mate.

Mel x

oops num nums is not paying good attention to the olympics today - - just a tidge distracted for some reason . . .

Absolutely, Mel: Liam and the entire "Dream Team" should all be hailed as the greatest kind of Celebrities. I know I personally would bow to any one of them for all they've done and will undoubtedly continue to do for Adrian and his mission. Lions, luminaries one and all.

Gran, who knew him so much better than all of us, is absolutely right!!
Adrian, with the support of Kay, Keith and Carrie, as well as Liam and Katie, has redefined 'celebrity' inspiration, a hero, selfless, brave, talented, determined, awe inspiring, thought-provoking, ambitious, life changing....he made a difference during his life, and will continue to do so long after he is gone.
RIP Adrian.

Thank you so much Ree for your assistance in nominating Adrian for Pride of Britain, I'm delighted to say that I have done so successfully!!

Liam and Katie I didn't know what "wikipedia" was until I followed the link, and I whole heartedly agree through reading the definition of "celebrity" that Adrian so thoroughly deserves the accolade.

I hope that everyone of his cyber family will nominate Adrian for the Pride of Britain award, he certainly has put "great" back in to Great Britain through his selfless dedication in helping others, and makes me feel proud again to be British.


The church bell at Holy Trinity Sloane Street just went for 6.

Meant something today ! : ) !

I thought I saw ghost of sonic last night - - no lie

Add LEGEND to lion and lumnaries, Lace : )


Hi family,

Just found this little verse on a card I made some while ago, and feel it is appropriate at this time -

MEMORIES are the most beautiful pictures
our minds can paint and
NOTHING can ever erase them.

Hope you might find this comforting. Adrian will ALWAYS be with us.

Not long until I light the candle.

Love to all


A message for all.

The Desert Island Disc style show Adrian recorded at Radio Sheffield will be on air tomorrow at 9am.

How strange that Adrian should make the comment on his blog;

"without getting too weird Radio Sheffield will probably play this when I have popped the old clogs - well, it will fill an hour on a bank holiday or something.

How I wish they were not playing it yet.

Going to light the candle now.

Hi All, just lighting my candle too. Today has been a very alcohol infused day and I have toasted Adrian with most glasses. Not a special birthday but the alcohol consumption has been considerable starting with a bucks fizz breakfast after an evening with friends and a day of wine consumption with more friends and loved ones has just rounded things off nicely. I am now closing the curtains on the start of yet more rain and going to watch one of my new birthday DVD's. A snuggly duvet evening with chocs, you cant beat it. Miss you Adrian. Chris

What an outstanding thought.

Couldn't have said it better, even if I'd tried.

Hi all.
Seems odd posting on here without "talking" to Adrian, so don't mind me talking to him anyway. He's not gone THAT far away after all.

Well sweetheart. That last move caused a bit of a rumpus didn't it! LOL. I know you are still around watching what is going off. That's the journo in you isn't it?! I hope you are happy there Adrian. It seems very wierd coming on here to check for updates, but this time, we are eagerly awaiting news of your final gig in Sheffield. Bound to be a full house. You know, rumour has it the Monkeys are going to the leadmill again before Christmas. I bet your final gig brings more to Sheffield than theirs. I watched the video again yesterday. your apology of a thank you celebration. Oh how times have changed eh mate. I mentioned to Lacey that maybe we should all don beanie hats and party poppers for your final gig, the same as in that video, but mate, you know I love ya, but I am not shaking my booty around in that way in public for no one. not even you. I bet you never expected all this adoration did you? Stay close to your family mate. I know you will be anyway. I have a poem I am going to post on here later for your Dad. Someone sent it to my friend when he lost his little boy. Well. I gotta get back on the wagon. I can't be getting drunk every night in your name! There has to be some normality back!
Thanks for the ride Adrian. I am so sad it was your time to get off, but just be assured, there are plenty of us left on and we will not be parking up for some time!
Love to all. ~X~X~X~X~


A Dad Hurts Too

People don't always see the tears a dad cries,
His heart is broken too when his child dies.
He tries to hold it together and be strong,
Even though his whole world's gone wrong.

He holds his wife as her tears fall,
Comforts her through it all,
He goes through his day doing what he's supposed to do,
But a piece of his heart has been ripped away too.

So when he's alone he lets out his pain,
And his tears come like falling rain,
His world has crashed in around him,
And a world that was once bright has gone dim.

He feels he has to be strong for others,
But Dads hurt too, not just the Mothers,
He searches for answers but none are to be found,
He hides behind a mask when he is feeling down.

He smiles through his tears,
He struggles and holds in his fears,
But what you see on the outside is not always real,
Men don't always show how they really feel.

So I'd like to ask a favor of you,
The next time you see a mother hurting
over the loss of her child,
please remember.....a Dad hurts too.

I know that Trinity Mirror is the parent company of both the Daily Mirror (which sponsors Pride of Britain) and the newspaper for which Adrian worked. As they have put themselves behind Adrian's campaign, I am sure that they could waive the rules (even if the closing date was passed)to put Adrian in for an award this year rather than next. This would surely have a massively bigger public impact on increasing donor numbers (which is what he was actually wanting) rather than leaving it up to till next year. That programme on TV is huge! What do you think, Army?

Hi Liam and all blogaholics,

Just been catching up after a few days not checking the computer and it is great to see that the energy from the Army is still fighting on.

Adrian has started something that we are all a part of so bring it on, nominate, get others to register and give blood and do what it takes to carry on Adrian's wishes.

If you are thinking about doing something.... JUST DO IT!! Adrian did....

Em x

Haven't commented today as I honestly couldn't think of anything to say.
Ingrid has planted a tree in Adrian's memory and some of us were talking about how important our gardens were to us, being able to sit out there, think things through and appreciate the beauty of it.

I had been trying to remember a quote that someone wrote in my Autograph book when I was about 20 or 11 yrs old. On holiday we were walking past some cottages and hubby said 'what's the plaque by the door?'. There was my quote:-

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the bird for mirth
You're nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.

Whoever or whatever your 'God' is there must be something else out there, this can't be all there is, it's not long enough.

Adrian brought together people from all over the world, allowing them to tag along on his incredible journey. Some of us will stay friends forever (however long that is) helping to make sure that his work continues.

Adrian Sudbury - Son, Grandson, Brother, Friend, Legend, Hero, True Celebrity.
Whatever title is given to you, you were, and always will be, 'Our boy', 'Our Adrian' and .........WE LOVE YOU !

Much love is sent to the Sudbury family, friends and blogaholics everywhere in the hope that it helps you to cope with the sadness but remember with gladness our time with this unique young man.


Christine that was great

I found myself staring out of my window at the summer clouds many times today(I'm stuck in prepping a housemove) thinking of Ads thinking so much the same thoughts about those things

Sudders you rocked and you always will



Grandma rocks - I could not agree more!

Sending lots of love to Adrians family and you Liam - thank you for keeping us in the 'loop'

p.s. just ordered Adrian's book - hope it can get to Canada real soon


Tons of long distance love to Adrian's family and friends. Liam, thank you so much for the updates. I keep coming back. Maybe I am hoping the reality will be different. Adrian's blog was the first thing I read after booting up every single morning. He is sorely missed, but I am so glad his wonderful smile still shines at the header.

Thanks for the updates Liam. I am still checking the blog every day. I have also reserved my copy of Adrian's book and look forward to receiving it.

I couldn't have said it any better than his Gran did. He was a true celebrity, in an era when our attention is swamped daily by so many paper-thin pseudo-celebrities.

Happy bank holiday, buddy. Hope you're having a few beers up there X!.

disbelief. disbelief. disbelief.

Thanks for posting Yvonne. The Radio Sheffield recording of the interview by Toby matched perfectly with the January 'Bone Marrow donation' Article (a little strange although: the picture of blood taking with the text a bone marrow donation...).
What April wrote 'so glad his wonderful smile still shines at the header.' is true. I would go for a subtle animation portrait, inspired by Adrian's pictures, when educating young people in the future . Creating timeless images from great activities and everlasting memories...

Hi army, just lit my candle and wishing you all a pleasant evening. Still check on here for any snippet of info that might come our way. Kay, Keith and Carrie I hope this finds you coping and giving each other lots of hugs. Can I add a big hug from me too. Chris J

I was listening to Radio 2 last Wednesday when Adrian's death was announced. The next song played was Lee Ann Womack's 'I Hope You Dance'. For a man who was all about living and who's life inspired and enriched the lives of so many people now and in the future, the words could not have been more appropriate.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they're worth taking
Lovin' might be a mistake
But it's worth making
Don't let some hell bent heart
Leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out
Give the heavens above
More than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

On Wednesday, I'm taking my 18 yr old son to his first blood doning session and will get him on the register like the rest of the family. When school term starts, we'll start to educate, and will continue to educate, the 800 teenagers in my school about bone marrow donation.

Adrian certainly danced and it's up to us all now to try to live up to his example.

What a man!

Hi All. Hi Adrian. Did you see the comment from Melanie, see mate, everyone LOVES your dancing. When strictly comes back on tv later in the year, just you bet if I don't write in and suggest a new dance. Would it be ballroom, or would it fit more into the latin? no. I think it fits into the mentalist northerner category. dont you? We'll call it the Sudders Shuffle. i love that clip and although it is SOOOOOOOOOO difficult to watch right now, I still love it. Everything you did, you did with every inch of you. Nothing was done by halves was it? Nutcase. But what a lovely, special, fantastic nutcase you were, and yes, you still are. I know you are still here. I heard from Kali today, we won't let this go you know.
Take care mate. Miss you SO much. ~X~X~X~

Like you all I can't seem to stop checking the blog ... Thank you Liam for your time, It must be difficult for you.I hope Adrians family are ok.We are thinking of you.
I have been on the bone marrow register for many years now and I am still touched by the plight of Anthony Nolan who started it all.I am sure in another thirty years the name of Adrian Sudbury will still be as well known.
It is terribly sad that Adrian has left us but we must all remember what he achieved in such a short time.
I want to thank Adrians granmother for her inspiring words on the true meaning of "celebrity*
I hope you as a family have some comfort in the knowledge that Adrians blog touched so many people.His words and wisdom were inspirational and he will always remain in the hearts of so many people throughout the world.
The work is just beginning and there are many of us who will always support Adrians drive to raise public awareness of the importance and ease of blood and bone marrow donation.
"lest we forget"
Tracey & family
x x

Kay, Keith, Carrie, Family and friends,
Hoping that you are coping and that the comments still being placed here are a comfort to you all.

Hey Adrian - you're still causing quite a stir down here, and don't worry you always will, we'll make sure of that.

As usual, love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you all.


So midnight on the end of a bank holiday -- It really feels like summer is ending without you here. We know that summer is just getting started in paradise with you there!! Your heroic post-olympics big rest, golden son. Well done, dear one.

Lighting my giant summer-scent "vine tomato" summery candle

2 U Mr star

Your smile is with me right now




Melanie: just perfect! Adrian would love that I am sure.

Good night, everyone xxx


That's absolutely true... He is a true celebrity, no one should dare to doubt it...
How much I miss Adrian..
Love to liam, Adrian's mom an dad and the sister he loved and the beautiful grandma..
My love and hug for all of you..

From an Iranian girl far from London but close to your hearts...

Hear hear!!!!


There was a message in the paper yesterday from the family of the greatest celebrity.

Keith,Kay and Carrie, I don't think his message will ever be forgotten. There are so many people who will make sure that doesn't happen. What lovely words from a dad about his ever so special son. The photograph says it all.

Liam and also to Adrian's grandmother - this post could not be more true! Adrian was a true celebrity and one that will not be forgotten! xox

Remarkable post andso very very true, Adrian was in every way a celebrity and one that will never be forgotten. I would like to go on and nominate Adrian for a Pride of Britain award - could someone tell me how to do this.... when I tried before it is asking for lots of details address, contact number etc.

Again rest well Adrian, you will never be forgotten! xx

I also had issues with details on the pride of britain nominations, but previous posts suggest using the Huddersfield Examiner as an address, and the link to the blog for contact details. I tried it. It worked. I do hope The Mirror does get behind a nomination for this year, i agree with a previous posting, that it could be just what this campaign needs. Ive not much to add on a personal note to adrian as every other posting has done that, take every word from me. Fills me with such warm good stuff to see everyone staying close! Does anyone know of any further details on the remembrance service in Sheff yet? Id be sad to miss it. Stay strong everyone. Much love. X

Lovely Melanie - I hope we all dance!


To the Superstar Sudders HQ family,

This must be a big funeral to plan being it a cathedral, and also, there's a no 1 smaller funeral (oh, and a wedding), as well!! !

Printers, florists, bishops, PMs for book forwards all on speed dial no doubt? Wow is there a donation link?

Take a bit time for yourselves!

Logos, books, elegies, all to plan - - won't be quick

Please, please take your time ! ! !

Random suggestion - - donor clinic nearby?

All the s-l-o-w love in the world to all the AA who are really missing our A!!



All I'm saying is that this is no ordinary funeral, sorry funeral-S, and we are NOT expecting quickness!!

It is vital to take a little time for yourselves, also, after these olympic campaign feats PMs and princes etc also . . .

Get some rest in there !! - - For it's no ordinary funeral!!



Tonight is the first week without Adrian in this world. I came round here every day, to read how other people felt, I went back to the other logs, ordered Adrian's book online, did some more reading and today, to my surprise, it has only been a week. Only a week....

I think about Kay and Keith and Carrie every day. And every day I drop in I want to leave some message of incouragement here for them. But I don't - because words fail me, somehow.

And now it has been a week.
It must be so hard for the family and friends Adrian has left behind. No longer the worries, no longer the fear. And most of all, no longer Adrian making funny remarks about something.

It is hard to loose a friend, for sure. It must be even harder to feel that your don't have to be there anymore for a loved one. Hardest of all. And I wish I could take a little of that pain away, or help carry it for a while.

Dear Kay and Keith and Carrie, I am thinking of you every day, sending you a little courage for the times ahead.

And to you Liam, a big hug, for being there for all of us.


Hello army, nearly a week. Oh so sad but I know he is watching and smiling. Pork pie in one hand and pint in the other. Cheers Adrian. Chris J

Like it seems the rest of the Army are doing I am still checking the blog every day and missing Adrian.

My thoughts and prayers are with Keith, Kay, Carrie and all who knew and loved Adrian.

I love the image Chris J has painted of him watching and smiling with a pork pie and a pint. Perfect!

Tela xx

How i miss Adrian and hope that he is watching us with a smile on his face and a pork pie in his hand oh and his fab dressing gown.Every morning i would log on to hear from him and now its so awful not to hear from him lets all please keep his last wish alive, im sure his family and friends are planning things in his name so that we can all do just that.xxxxx

Oh Adrian have you heard this lot?
Dancing, your lush leslie thomas (sorry, i meant paul smith) dressing gown, pork pies and pints? how totally and utterly fanbloodytastic! THIS is how we should be. THIS is what I just know you would want. You know, I can't believe it's only been a week since I heard that horrible news and for a couple of days, my world seemed to stop turning. I have kicked started it again though and am now wondering if the dress code for your Sheffield gig should be paisley print smoking jackets and beanies? hmm. I wonder.....
You know, you are getting me as mentalist as you are. It will never do.
Night mate. H2H. ~X~X~X~X~

A big hello to all the Sudbury family and Liam!

"Celebrity" is a word frequently used to describe your Jade Goody's of this world or your Vicky Beckham's! Do I want to associate it with Adrian? I struggled with it for a bit, but if Adrian's grandmother is happy with its literal interpretation, then who am I to disagree?

Adrian didn't court the media for the apathy vote... he did it because he realized the wider population was unaware of what was involved in bone marrow donation. He was in his own words a "media whore" but at that time he already knew his time was limited so why not go for it! When Adrian started this blog he thought he was going to get better but he was always constantly aware of the many people who already had leukaemia and never failed to mention them in his blog.

I knew Adrian through this blog only and I miss him already, but I will pass his word on. I will pass it on..."

Love and peace

PS: Hope to see some of you in Sheffield.

Spot on.

We go do it, Keith!
And make sure we never forget your son's message.


Kay, Keith, Carrie, Grandma, Family & friends,

Your message has been received 'LOUD AND CLEAR'.

More and more people ARE signing the register and those of us who are too 'old' will do all we can to get the message across to as wide an audience as possible to get more.

Adrian - your mum and dad are so special, finding the strength from somewhere to carry on giving out that message. They do it because that's what you wanted and so do we all!

The fight goes on, we know that you're smiling down on us, that's what keeps us going. Hope you're having a blast!!

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you all and the family and friends who surround you.

Morning all, Morning Adrian, like the rest I know you are watching and I would hate to exclude you after all this is your blog. I think the idea of paisley print smoking jackets and beanies is just the best. I know Adrian is smiling now. Chris J

I think i would not be out of order in saying we are still logging into Baldy's blog, out of sheer disbelief and pure comfort,

Have any details of the funeral been disclosed yet?

I completely agree with you Polly, I too have a problem with so called "celebrities" and in particular the two you have mentioned. Unfortunately it seems to be propagated by the thirst of us plebs who feed off the this "celebrity" culture, that raises up non enties to these lofty heights wanting to read about their every movement. WHY!!!!!

Thank you God for Adrian, who in his short life has shown us that there are wonderful, selfless people who work so hard to improve things for people without a voice. As I've said before, Adrian truly deserves every accolade bestowed upon him by everyone, who loved and admired him.

Grandma, Mum, Dad and Carrie thank you for sharing Adrian with us.

Hi everyone,

Thought you might like to read article in the Huddersfield Examiner. All the players of Huddersfield Town will wear black arm bands tonight out of respect for Adrian, and also 50p from each program sold will be donated to the Anthony Nolan Trust.

Adrian, the fight GOES ON. All of us in our own way will make sure of that.

Love to everyone


One week ? ! ? Miss that guy

trying to collect better thoughts . . .



In my thoughts everyday xxxx

I still come on here everyday and obviously so do many other people. Just a short comment today to leave love and best wishes for Adrian's family. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless xx

There is a lovely piece in the Huddersfield Examiner by Adrian's friend and colleague Barry Gibson. You will find it under leisure and entertainment.

It isn't sad at all, he has some great memories of when they worked together.


Thank you Ree for letting us know.

Thank you Barry Gibson, that was a nice tribute.


Just peeking in to say hi and give my best thoughts to Adrian's family & friends.

Thanks for pointing out the article. I had a tough time finding it online so I am going to post the link here for anyone who wants to see it:

Hope all is going ok for everyone. I really feel that Adrian is really fantastic and doing just fine. No worries on that front :)

- Bethany

Hi Adrian

Well I finally did it! I tried to register on the bone marrow register only to be told that I cant as I have a back condition. I was really upset but there is nothing I can do. So instead lovely Adrian I promise you this I will spread the word at every oportunity and hope in that way I can make a difference.

Adrians family - I hope that you are all well and are finding the strength to cope with each new day. You are always in my thoughts

Sarah xxx

7 days and all I feel like is a moment of silence , thats all

Lots of love to all AA


So during the moment of silence, my new dyson "powertool" (sonic?) hoover fell off a windowsill with a massive CLUNK!!! : )? ! ? in the next room, where I han't been in for 5 minutes - - no one else is home. No lie.

Ree, thanks for the news re the footie tonight. Particularly nice, as was unable to follow link to what Adrian's dad said in paper yesterday. Talk about throwing a pebble into a pool! I think the ripple effect in only just truly starting. What a man! WHAT A MAN! Much love, all x

Channeling my inner Adrian, sorry inner nerd .. . .

if you highlight the entire link listed there, then "cut and paste" to a FRESH "browser" - - you get the examiner family story!!

Goodnight all, got to write home to the states from London now, but all I can think of is the last 7 days

and I haven't read the "Barry" story yet - - my treat later as well as a cretain canle and a drink, when my letter home and chores are done : ) ! Thanking you in advance, Ree!

Goodnight from London Cadets and Supedstar HQ : ) !,



certain candle!! I meant

looks like I'm conking at the keyboard now . . .

Thinking of you Adrian.

The more people write about you, the more I respect you.Good to know what your friends have to say about you.
I feel all of them are lucky to have met such a true celebrity like you.


Thanks Bethany for posting the link to Barry Gibson's tribute to Adrian. It says it all doesn't it?

Keith, Kay, Carrie, Barbara and all family and friends, it must ease your breaking hearts a little I hope, to read Barry's tribute to Adrian, and to know that all of us out here are thinking of you and sharing your loss.

I'm off to France on holiday tomorrow, and I'll miss this daily contact , but I'll certainly be raising a glass or two to you all, and I look forward to catching up when I return.


Hi army, Hi Adrian. what a lovely article Barry wrote about you Adrian. I must admit to crying at the empty chair. It should not have been empty. It should have been filled with a smiling, talented young man who had so much still to offer the world. The world is a sadder place for losing you but it is a richer place for having known you. Keep smiling Adrian wherever you are. Chris J

It was an honour to read Barry's respectful article. Now I finally know who is the person behind the camera of Adrian's informative video's. Since June we show them in our daily hospital practise to patients who will receive a transplantation and to stem cell donors. When I asked Adrian for permission he answered on June 18, 2008: 'Please feel free to link to the site or use any material from it. Hope it helps as many people as possible.' And they really are a phantastic help! So I'm glad I can say thank you to their producer and to Adrian's colleague and true friend!

Barry Gibson, you are a journalist with power.


Hi everyone,

Still look at this blog several times during the day. First thing I do when I get up in the morning is to log on and somehow expect to read a new post from Adrian.

Adrian, I think of you so many times during the day wishing you were still with us,but healthy and happy and free of pain. Wherever you are now I am sure you are having a ball and making up for the time when you had to slow down because of your illness.

I light my candle each evening at 8 o'clock, (just another way of remembering you).

Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara and Liam I can't begin to imagine how you are coping, but I send my love to each of you and hope that the love that Adrian's "Army" send you somehow helps.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks.

Night night to everyone


hear! hear!

know what you mean about the checking

- - I've caught myself somehow half-way fantasising that Liam will post something about the situation being miraculously reversed or something somehow

x to all AA and A:)


Hello mate

Just wanted to thank you, with all my heart, for introducing me to such a special group of women. Without you, I would never have met them, and I am so very grateful.
Laughter & tears are an every day happening now. Laughter and tears of joy, but also a few tears of sadness. Sadness that you are no longer in this world. You left this world far too soon Adrian. I'm going now or I will start again!
Take care of YOU now ok?
miss u

Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, family & friends,
Just to say that I hope you are all feeling a little easier today.
We all keep popping on here, leaving a little message now and then, not wanting to intrude, but in the hope that they may give you some comfort.

Keith & Carrie, It was good to see that you felt able to attend the Town match and well done Huddersfied Town for showing your respect and admiration for Adrian by wearing black armbands.

Barry Gibson - your piece about Adrian in the Examiner was brilliant. Because of all the videos and media coverage, where we have heard and seen Adrian, I could 'hear' you two scrabbling about on the bed trying to get the camera to work. Bet there were a few choice words when you realised you'd forgotten to put the batteries in.

Adrian - You are loved and missed soooo much.
The tears still come, but also the laughter (the camera story and Suddersfield Examiner) from Barry.

The world is a better place for having had you in it and as Tina says, a certain group of ladies are becoming very special to each other because of you.
So many achievements, our Adrian. Thankyou.
Keep on having a blast.XXXXXXX

Much love is sent heart to heart to Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, family & friends.

Thanks Liam for ensuring we can still visit Adrian right now through this site.
His writing is also part of the legacy and at times it's lovely to be inspired when a conversation or thought reminds you of something Adrian published in the earlier blogs.
Reading for a second or third time articles he posted months back has a real poignancy but also reminds us of how he coped with the inevitable.

Good work Liam

back here every day, because there is still a lot to read.

Hello Army Members...

If you are London based and haven't yet registered on the bone marrow register maybe now is the time... there is another young gentleman in a similar situation that could do with your help. I don't know him and have no connection with him but thought this would be a good place to put this:

That is a lovely quote!

Kate xx

Just to say I am still thinking of you,Keith, Kay, Carrie, Adrians grandma and the rest of the family. Hope you are all ok. Your gorgeous son,brother,grandson will NEVER be forgotten.Lots of love

deeply missed, bud



Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Family and friends,

You may not read this for a while, but I have just read in the Huddersfield Examiner that it has been Adrian's funeral for family and friends today.

My thoughts are with you. I know that it would be a beautiful service.

All the love in the world is sent to you all...heart to heart.

Hello Kay,Keith,Carrie,Barbara and all of Adrian's family and close friends. I have just been told that it was Adrian's funeral today and I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and I am sure the thoughts of so many more well wishers around the world. This must have been a very painful day filled with a mixture of extreme sadness and immense pride at all of the things that your son has achieved.

My heart is with you today and always. Chris J

Upon reading two of the previous comments I've learned of Adrian's funeral today...

To the wonderful Sudbury family and friends -
you are all still constantly in my thoughts. This blog has become a big part of my life.
...I'm still here, in the background, reflecting on the events of the past week; how I so miss someone whom I never met, but had grown to love and cherish more than I could ever imagine.
I simply want to send you all my love and warmest wishes, today in particular - and assure you that for my part, Adrian's legacy will continue to grow as I spread the word...
Love Charlotte xx

Night Adrian. No words can explain how I feel today after hearing of your resting. Terribly terribly sad. Sleep tight sweetheart. We all miss you SO SO much.
Much love. ~X~X~X~X~X~

Night Adrian. No words can explain how I feel today after hearing of your resting. Terribly terribly sad. Sleep tight sweetheart. We all miss you SO SO much.
Much love. ~X~X~X~X~X~

I still find myself checking this blog, hoping to read something written by our Angel Adrian, God i never met him in person and i MISS HIM SOOOO MUCH, i know he is now in a better place, but i really miss you Adrian.

love ALways,



To all Adrian's family and friends

Thinking of you all tonight at the end of a very sad day. A time for those close to Adrian to be together.

Denis at The Huddersfield Examiner wrote last week that "Sudders was a brilliant human being".

We are all the better for having known him, whether we met him or we didn't, he will have a lasting effect on all our lives.

With love

Much love to all the Sudbury family and friends x

Endless hug to all AA nd A!

Ads we all on this blog because you live on through us!

Because you sure tauhgt us stuff!!

2U Ads - - AA blogohol forvver !!

Kay and family praying hard for you

Endless hugs all,


o no - - so my inner subeditor corrects:


Ads we are all on this blog because you live on through us.

You are sure a part of us ! : ) !! X!!

Seneca: If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

Dear Sudbury family, you'll find yourself drifting on the deep wild sea for a long time. We wish you fair winds to guide you to a save and lovely harbour to remember Adrian without all the current pain.


Dear Sudbury family

My thoughts were with you you yesterday...

Sally x

Dear Sudbury Family.

I find myself still poping in here most days just to read the comments and occasionaly leave a few myself. My thoughts were very much with you yesterday as they are most days.

Adrian - Thanks to you I have found a group of wonderful, supportive and funny ladies, without you we would never have been brought together and I thank byou from the bottom of my heart. Rest easy now Adrian and let the Army take forward the fight. We wont let you down.

All my love as always
Sarah xxx

Does anyone know when the memorial service is to be held for Adrian?

I am away 10 - 20 September, so I am hoping I don't miss it.


Hi Phyllis
I was in a similar position to you, holidays looming, couldnt bear the thought of missing the Sheffield party, so I rang the Cathedral yesterday to see if they could give me any clues at all. The lovely lady there told me it would more than likely be October so you can go on your holiday safe in the knowledge that you are not going to miss out.
If you want to phone the cathedral a little nearer your holiday, I am sure they will tell you if any firm date. The lady was lovely and assured me it was no trouble at all.
Have a good holiday Phyllis ~X~

Now then Adrian, how are you? I wonder what you are up to. I would imagine theres a pork pie involved somewhere, and as it's saturday night, maybe a pint or two? We really miss you. I am sure you know that though. Been thinking a lot about you today. You and what we can do other than the current campaign, to keep the awareness going. I emailed Kali last week. She assures me that everything is still going according to plan and I have told her she can count on our support for anything. We signed up for this for keeps. I am off to bed now. Saturday night and in bed before 10pm! wow, I am a real rebel aren't I? lol
Take care of your loved ones sweetheart. They need to know you are near them.
Much love, H2H.

Hi Adrian, Hi wonderful Sudbury household, Hi Army. Just a quick post to let you know that as usual you are in my thoughts. I hope you are finding some comfort from the amount of warmth and love that is being sent your way dear family although I know that nothing will ever take away your pain. Keep each other close. Wishing you strength. Chris J

Thank you Tina for that. I will telephone Cathedral when I get back from hol.
It is amazing to see everyone still posting. That lad has had such an effect on everyone.

They say 'Only the good die young'.


Good morning everyone. A brief update for you. We shall be in a position to notify you of the time and date of Adrian's memorial service in a day or so.
Adrian's funeral took place on Friday 29 August at 2.00pm in a beautiful english country church. Adrian's " Blaze of Glory " was reflected in the candles that were lit by mourners before the service began so as he entered the church the candle light was waiting for him. On a table we had placed a photograph of him in his full journalistic pomp - telephone to the ear and a lovely grin. In front of him were four candles ( English readers will recognise Adrian's homage to Ronnie Barker! ). His candle was already burning brightly and his Dad sister and I then lit the remaining 3. The service was led by the Rev Fiona Shouler and the Rev Mark Newitt gave the address. We could not have had a more perfect farewell to our marvellous boy.
The music was incredible: Adrian entered to Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part - a particular favourite of his. We listened to a extract from Verdi's requiem ( the glorious libera me ) and he left to the " One and Only" - what else? Six of his friends were his pallbearers. Gavin, Phil, Olie, Tom, Ben, Andy - and when you know that they were the same friends who used to rush across to Adrian in their time at University whenever that song was played in a club to hoist him aloft above their heads, for no better reason than Adie bore a passing resemblance to Chesney and they were young, immortal and carefree - you will get an understanding of how hard it was for them to lift him triumphantly onto their shoulders for one last time. What better mark of friendship is there?
We sang hymns - When I survey the wondrous cross and Abide with me and listened to A road not taken by Robert Frost and He is gone ( an anonymous poem ) read by Adie's Uncle Jon.
We saw Adrian off to his next great adventure with a piece by Henry van Dyke ( or possibly Bishop Brent ) called here she comes.
Keith and I will forever be indebted to Fiona and Mark who helped us to come to terms with our unfathomable loss and who continue to help us to make sense of it all; to the wonderful young people who were such steadfast friends to Adrian and who will make the world a better place for having them in it.
Thank you to everyone who respected Adrian's wish to allow his family and friends to remember him during and intensly private funeral. The memorial service will be a hugely contrasting affair - no black mourning attire and more of a sense of how to carry on with his campaign and give momentum to his legacy while celebrating his life with real gusto. So..... watch this space!
With love

Kay - I'm stunned. humbled and so grateful to you for your update at such a hard time. Cyber hugs - I suspect I'm talking for all Adrian's Army herem Thankyou - keep strong. Wherever we are in the world we will continue to celebrate his life!

Kay, what an amazing and profound funeral!!

Please take your time with the rest!!

Just wonderful to have such a warming update!!!

All my wishes whooshing up north to you all!!




Kay, thank you so very much for sharing that with all of us. I ... Well, I just can't even begin to properly articulate what I'm thinking about you and your family right now, but suffice it to say that I think you're all the kindest, bravest, most wonderful people I've ever heard of. What a lovely send off for Adrian. It sounds like it was absolutely perfect. Thank you again, and God bless.


Dear Kay

Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to tell us all about Adrian's service on Friday. Although it must have been devastating for you, it sounds as if it was a beautiful and uplifting service - and just as Adrian planned.

I'm sure that Adrian's friends were proud to bear him high.

With continued love and support to you all


Your strength astounds me Kay. Now I know where Adrian got his courage from. You are all in my thoughts constantly. Thankyou so much for sharing Friday with us and I know it would have been a beautiful service for a beautiful boy. Keep strong Chris J

I can see where Adrian got his strength and courage from. Reading your update has humbled me once more.

It sounds like a perfect send off and I can imagine it was beautiful.

Wishing you peace, love and empathy.

Tracy x

Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the update Mrs Kay.Really surprised that you took time to share the details of Adrian's funeral service.

Thank you once again,


Dear Kay, Keith and Carrie

I've just returned to the UK after four weeks, hence my late message.

My ex-husband text me to let me know about Adrian as he knew how much it meant to me, and although I had been expecting the news it came as a shock nevertheless. I took myself off to my room and took some time to think of Adrian and the effect he had. You were all in my thoughts daily. Thank you so much for sharing Friday with us. I'm so glad it was just as Adrian and you as his family asked for it to be. You were blessed with a most wonderful son and he in turn with the most wonderful family. Please take care of yourselves and my thoughts are with you all.

Much love
Barbara xx

Dear Kay

I can not begin to imagine how difficult writing the update must have been Kay. Thank you so much for taking the time to share the details of Friday's service. It sounds beautiful.

Even now Adrian's sense of humour shines through, with incredible music and a homage to Ronnie Barker.

To all of the family
with love

Dearest Kay,

your words revealed us your never-ending love as Adrian's mother. Honest and true.

We all understand it will be difficult - no, impossible - 'to make sense of it'.

'Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.' Adrians campaign will make a whole in this wall without doors. And it doesn't matter how big, strong and thick the wall is!

dear kay
i can't imagine what you,ve been going through recently but thank you so much for allowing us an insite into fridays service , i,m sure his friends were so proud to hold him high one last time . we have all promised to carry on his campaign and we will
take care

jane xxx

Dear, dear Kay,
Adrian is so lucky to have you for his mum. You are such a special, caring, loving, kind person as are the rest of the Sudbury family.

As I have said before we should not expect anything from you but are so grateful when you speak to us.
I think you do know how we feel about your wonderful son. It has all been said hefore and will be said time and time again.

Adrian's work WILL go on.

Thank Adrian's friends for holding him high and proud and thank you for sharing your boy with us.

Much love to you Kay and the rest of the family and friends........... heart to heart.

Dear Kay

Thank you so much for sharing the details of your poignant, loving - and by the sounds of it very befitting farewell to your dear son.

Words totally fail me; my heart lurched and tears welled up in my eyes when I read your update this evening. You paint such a vivid and lovely picture of the day, the reasons behind certain touches (four candles - Ronnie Barker - LOL!)
Bitter-sweet - maybe, beautiful and perfect - definitely

A lot of us felt we'd come to know Adrian - and all of you, through his humour, frankness and fantastic journalistic skills - we certainly know where he got those from!!

I will be coming to celebrate Adrian's life in Sheffield (subject to date; but I'll try my best)- as for his legacy, I'm one hundred percent committed to helping you all achieve that.

All my love, Charlotte xx

Dearest Kay,

Thank you so much for sharing Friday with us. It sounds as though it was a magnificent occasion, and rightly so, but it must be so difficult for you to write about it so soon after.

Your wonderful boy deserved so much, and although difficult I am sure his friends felt so proud to hold him high.

As Christine M says we don't expect anything, but it is wonderful when we hear from either you or Liam.

I still think of Adrian every day, and light my candle in the evening, I also think of you and your family and wonder how on earth you deal with this situation with such dignity.

I send my love to you and your wonderful family and ask that you take care of yourselves.

With much love and many thanks


Thank you for the lovely update Kay. I was never expecting such detail but thank you for sharing so we can imagine how beautiful it was.

I think of you, Adrian and the rest of the Sudbury clan every day and wish you all the peace in the world.

Love, Bethany

dear kay

As a mother myself i can only imagine what it must be like for you. You are extremely thoughtful and loving to think of us all just two days later.
Your words are so moving i am in tears. We are extremely grateful to you for those words. For you to share those intimate and very private details is amazing. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
You are in my thoughts everyday and will be for a very long time. Take care and look after each other and gain strength from each other.

Tammy x x x x x x x x

God bless you Kay. I hope I am as wonderful a mother as you are, and that my three children turn out like Adrian has. A son to definately be proud of, which goes without saying really.

I don't know what to say Kay - you are obviously as remarkable a person as your son. Reading your post was almost like reading Adrian's words once again.
Thank you.
God bless you all.
Alison x

Dearest Kay

How utterly humbling & thoughtful that you decided to share Adie's funeral with us in this way!
You write with such honesty and humility that I can't help feeling that this might be a family trait....both you and your son have brought many a tear to my eye and warmness to heart in recent months!

I was particularly touched by hearing about Adrian's group of friends. We also have a friend who we surround (whilst holding one finger high in the air) whenever we hear the classic Chesney song. For this reason my heart goes out to Gavin, Phil, Olie, Tom, Ben & Andy and I salute them for their courage in honouring their friend in this way.

Please let them know that we will all continue to 'lift' Adrian onto our shoulders and from this vantage point he shall continue sending his message into the world!

Thank you again Kay for being the person that you are!

Warm wishes to you and your family
x x x x

Dear Kay, Keith and Carrie
What a funny, brave and resilient lot you are. No need to ask where Adrian got his sense of humour, love and humanity! Thank you for sharing the details of your private family / friends stuff with us (and to be totally frank, even having the energy to do it at such a time!) The four candles bit, I am loving! How effortlessly funny and subversive is that? The Sheffield do I am so sure will be be massive. Much love, lovely Sudburys xx

Hello Kay
There's not a lot left to say that hasn't already been said. Those that know me though know I cant bear not to put my two penneth in!
Thank you so much for your post. Its really really appreciated. We were all thinking of you Keith & Carrie, all Adrians' family and friends. Your lovely boy has left such a hole in our hearts, people he never actually met, I cannot imagine the hole his passing has left in all of yours. Whilst nothing will ever fill it, I hope we all can continue on Adrian's journey for him and the best tribute we could ever give your wonderful son is to see the campaign continue.
I will see you all in Sheffield. I am sure it is going to be a truly remarkable affair.
Lots of love, Heart to Heart, Tina B ~X~X~X~X~

Dear Kay and Sudbury family and friends

Reading about it, is almost like having been there. Thank you for sharing the service in the way you did. You and Adrian share the gift of writing in images rather then words - which makes for very powerful statements.

My children and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts every day - to try and help lift a little of the heavy times you are going through. I wish there was more that I could do for you.


Dear Kay, thank you so much for your update,it was so kind of you to share those precious moments with us. Just to let you know that Mark (at Liverpool Uni with Adrian) and his wife Sonya are running in the Sheffield and Great North runs in memory of Adrian. lots of love to you all, Sue

Dear Kay

I am glad that Adrian left with all the people he loved most so close to him, it sounded beautiful.

Sending my love to all your family

Sally x

Thank you so much Kay.

I'm really sorry, but that's all I can manage at the moment. The tears are flowing again.

Love as always

Carole xxxxx

Dear Kay,

Like everyone else I just want to say thank you for taking the time to describe Adrian's funeral to us all. I can't possibly imagine how difficult the last few weeks have been for you and your family. Take good care of yourself.

Best wishes & love,

Anne x.

I light a candle every day, Hoping the pain will fade away, But with the light of each new dawn, Another day and your still gone. Rest in peace, Adrian. XX Elizabeth

Good afternoon to all AA and A!!

Well, here we go - - robotting through another day - - how ?

Have to thank you again for that post, Kay, as it was doubly long!

Well, all unimaginable still - - I do some work, then it strikes me just about every coffee break - - and feels like a fresh strike every time

All AA please take extra care of yourselves, for this is what A would want

Superstar Sudders HQ please take some time for yourselves!!

Praying hard for you all

that Seneca quote and comment says it all

X from


Laura, a big new Chesney fan

What a beautifully planned funeral. How lovely that his friends should carry him. A bittersweet experience - but what an honour!

I am off on holiday 10 -20 September, but hopefully date for memorial will be arranged before then.

I am still teaching some cheeky journalists shorthand. I love 'em all. They are a special breed, energetic and fun loving. They work hard, play hard but never forget that they are often dealing with people's tough experiences.

However, that having been said, Adrian was touched by something very special. I wish I had taught him so that I could have witnessed his light first hand, but it has shone brightly through this blog.

Bless you, Kay and family, and may your God be with you during the times ahead.


Dear Kayeand Keith,and all your family -
I am just another blogger, so terribly sad at the loss to you, your family and this world, which would be so much richer with Adrian in it. I just want to send you my love, and to say that when I lost my darling brother, the one thing that made my grief so much more bearable was that I knew we had no regrets when he died - just peace and love - and I know that is what you had with your fabulous boy. This, in the long, sad days to come, will give you such comfort_ to know there was no regrets - and that he knew, and said, what an amazing, loving, perfect family he had. You are all, and I include Adrian of course in this, a wonderful family. Love, Jennyxxxx

Thank You Kay.

Respect to you all, and I truly hope as each day passes your pain will ease.

Your boy will not be forgotten.

xxxreiki hugsxxx

Oh Kay, thank you so much for sharing that with us! I am utterly at a loss for words. My heart goes out to you, Keith, Carrie and all your family and Adrian's friends. He will never be forgotten. He will always be loved.


to the sudbury family, thanks for the update it sounded like a fitting farewell to a wonderful man love to all who loved him and love him still.pamx

Adrian, I have no words, only tears. Instead I will find solace in the words of Mary Elizabeth Frye:

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.

You're not there, 'cause you do not die! You will always be in everything.

You can shed tears that he is gone
- or you can smile because he has lived.

I'll smile, Adrian, I'll smile through my tears.

Thank you for the update Kay. The service sounds wonderful, just perfect for Adrian.

Big hugs to all of you in the Sudbury home.

the starshine : ) - - just perfect! : )

Dear Kay:

Thank you so much for writing this update. I can not imagine what it took to write that. Thank you for sharing it with us all. What a moving service, a lovely tribute to Adrian.

My thoughts are with you and your family. Every day.

Dear Kay,Thank you so much for sharing such a private and personal occasion with us.It sounds so loving,warm,and touched with Adrians unmisstakable sense of very apt & fitting for your wonderful son.Please hold each other close ,you are clearly a very loving family,and a tribute to one another.Holding you all in my heart and thoughts.Peace light &love .BrendaxxBig reiki hugs to all fellow bloggersxxxxxxxxx

Thank you Mrs. Sudbury for giving us an insight into Adrian's wonderful farewell. He, I am sure, had a lot to do with the plans and did a great job at that. Thank you for thinking of us at this difficult time but know that we are thinking of you all daily.
Sending you and your family warm thoughts and prayers for your loss.

Dear Kay

I cant start to find the words to thank you for your post. I never had the honour of meeting Adrian personaly but I feel I knew him well like everyone on here. He was such a great guy and honest!! I am so sure that he would never have known just how many peoples lifes he touched. I am going to do my bit to keep his message going like so many others. Adrian and I shared a few emails and every one was so upbeat and there is always a solution to any problem. I hope you know that this world is a better place thanks to your son.

I am thinking about you all and thank you again


Dear Kay, Keith, Carrie,
Thank you. Every time you have shared something with us, especially so VERY private as this, it is SO crystal clear how Adrian such a treasure.

Prayers always, Debra

Hello army bloggers,

just read - on a Sunday afternoon when it doesn't seem to stop raining! - on the website of Slovenian DJ Umek

as a reaction posted by Henry Denard

4 September 2008 ...words for the weekend...

"when the talking stops, the music starts."

-[ Keep leaving your sonic foot prints ]-

... --- -. .. -.-. .- .-. -.-. .... .. - .

Made me think. While hoping for a rainbow!


Thinking of you Adrian and your family.

Baldy's blog is very quiet now without Adrian.

Love and prayers,


I thought some of us are getting busy with life, that is why it is quiet here.

But daily I check many times, sit here for long, thinking about Adrian,thinking what to write, feel so sad, in the end just close and go.

Thanks Sandie,going to check for new comments.Actually I know the number of comments for the last 3 posts byheart.

Have a nice day!


I haven't read all the blogs regarding Adrian's 'celebrity' status but I'd have to disagree with those I have read. In my eyes Adrian was not a 'celebrity', that belongs to those with little talent or cause for respect that are thrown upon us by the media. Adrian, like others such as Jane Tomlinson & Simon Weston are really, heroes. You don't have to save a comrade under enemy fire, drag someone from drowning in a river, rescue people from a burning building or some such dramatic act to be a hero. To selflessly care, in your worst moments and against all your demons, to help the plight of others in similar situations in a such a constuctive way with thought, effort & humour takes a special, special person.

In my opinion these people are true heroes, they might have had celebrity thrust upon them, ultimately to the benefit of their cause but their (brief) lives will live with all of us who they touched.

I only ever knew Adrian through his blog and the odd TV interview I saw him in but I think the Adrian Sudbury Comedy Festival in either Sheffield or Huddersfield would be a fantastic memorial to him and keep on raising funds for those he desperantly wanted to help.

Dear friends,
Unfortunately, I know leukemia very well and I am preparing right now a book on perceptions and stereotypes about that disease and about the people who suffers from it. Adrian's diary will be a mandatory starting point since his fight and his courage is more than an example for all of us.
Thanks, Adrian, for being there -somewhere- giving some light to the remaining fighters we are.

Dear friends,
Unfortunately, I know leukemia very well and I am preparing right now a book on perceptions and stereotypes about that disease and about the people who suffers from it. Adrian's diary will be a mandatory starting point since his fight and his courage is more than an example for all of us.
Thanks, Adrian, for being there -somewhere- giving some light to the remaining fighters we are.

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