Future of Adrian's Army


Hi everyone, it's Liam here

Quick update first of all to keep you informed. Adrian's mum has told me that "Adrian is at the hospital at the moment for a routine transfusion of blood and platelets." He is very tired but not too uncomfortable and in good spirits." He is also trying to spend as much time as possible seeing all of his friends and family with all the time he has left. As soon as I hear any updates I will let you all know.

One of the things Adrian is very interested about, is for "Adrian's Army" - that is you his readers - to keep in contact with each other in the future. So i am looking for suggestions as to how we can best do this.

Obviously to start off we have this blog, and I hope in the future that we can continue updating the blog with news and updates - about Adrian's campaign, bone marrow donation and similar news. This is something Adrian has asked me to do, and I would like to see the blog last as Adrian's legacy. But just as important is keeping the wonderful community on this blog, and I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions about this. Adrian has always thought one of the best thing about his blog has been his readers. Your kind wishes and support has given him real strength over these difficult times, and I would really like to say thank you for this.

One of our commenters Bethany has contacted me and suggested we create a widget that could be posted on other blogs and social networks. Do you think this is a good idea, and what would you suggest that the widget does?

Do you think we should creating a mailing list, whereby people could sign up to recieve updates and information to their email accounts? Would you sign up for such a list, and how would you like to see it used?

Do you use social networks such as Facebook, and would you sign up to an Adrian's Army group? If so what do you think the group should do and contain

If you have any thoughts but do not want to post them as a reply to this post, please email me direct liam.mcneilis@liverpool.com

Kind Wishes


Good to hear from you, Liam. I'm so glad to hear that Adrian is still in good spirits. Kay, much love to you and your family.
Some of us from the army are keeping in touch already, but I do love the idea of keeping this blog going as well. I would definitely sign up to receive email updates about the campaign. Any way I can help to keep Adrian's memory alive and help the campaign, I'm all about it. :-)
Take care, and thanks for updating us.



I really want to see this blog continue so I can keep in touch with every that is happening.

The facebook idea is really good as I think nearly everyone use facebook and we can all post photos, msgs and bulletins on there.

I also really like the idea of setting up a charity in memory of Adrain for 'when the time comes' I like to take part in charity runs etc and would love for a charity in the name of Adrian to sponsor - I think this would be a fantastic idea!

Anyone agree?! x.

As Lacey's already said, some of us are in touch. We've set up a mailing list/group of sorts but being technologically inept obviously there are kinks,and it's not the best way to keep in touch is it? We've ended up with lots of emails and everytime someone writes to be added to the mailing list we have to send out another group email so everyone can get her details - like I said, not brill in practice.

Would definitely sign up to receive email updates. I'm sure most people would.

Widgets - I'm up for that too, but only have the most BASIC idea of what they are. Will leave it to you to decide what's best.

Great to have an update on Adrian. Thanks as ever Liam. Lots of love to you, Adrian and his family.


Hi Liam,
Thanks for the update, I am pleased Adrian is managing to keep his spirits up, but then, I think we knew he would.
I would hate to lose touch with the rest of the blogettes and have joined in with Tash on her blog, but would love to see an Adrian's Army forum of some description. Something where we can all go and chat about our lives, what we are doing and what experiences we can pass on. I know Adrian has said he has found comfort in things that we have written to him about and I think that is fantastic. If we had an open forum where we could talk about things that we have going on, we could really help each other I think. This blog has shown the power of the internet the strength and depth of feeling and just how fantastic we all really are. I am sick of reading in the papers about everything so negative. Becoming a blogette has been one of the most positive things I have ever done. Through Adrian and his blog, I have started towards arranging a bone marrow donation drive based at my local school, and I have also started the wheels in motion for our local school to become a blood donor centre.
There are so many things that we want to do to help keep Adrian, and the campaign, in the front of everyones minds that I think it's a fantastic idea to have an open forum for us all to go and chat over ideas and come up with some stuff that we can do.
The majority of blogettes don't "know" Adrian, you or his family, but I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say we have all taken you lot to our hearts. We are dreading the coming weeks and I really do think it would be fantastic to try and sort something out sooner rather than later.
Liam, I have emailed you directly also. If there is anything I can do to help you, I wouldn't mind helping out with administration, moderation, or anything of the kind, please dont hesitate to phone me or email me. My full contact details are on the email.
Thanks Liam. You are being a star for us when I can only imagine where your head is.
Take care flower. ~X~X~X~
All my love to Adrian, Keith, Kay & Carrie. Mwah. ~X~X~X~X~X~

I think this is a wonderful idea. A touching legacy for a brav young man and a ongoing fight for a cure.

Adrian - I have followed your blog and your ongoing treatment for some time and this is the first time I have posted. I would just like to say, you are inspirational and your positive outlook even when facing hardships and pain is a lesson to us all.
I wish you eternal love and peace X

I love the idea of setting up a charity in Adrian's name - what better way to celebrate his life! It would be good to have a website where people could post pictures of any events they are doing, any media coverage and a comments board. It could also be linked to the 'just give' website where sponsor money goes straight to the charity instead of people having to collect money from people. I would also like somewhere where we can have an update on the campaign and how that is going. The responsibility for this campaign is now in our hands...Ady has put so much effort into this we cannot let him down!

It would be a shame if everybody went their own separate ways but I think we should keep the blog going as I imagine everyone has this as a 'favourite' on their home page. I know I will always be checking this page.

All my love to Ady and his family, I am thinking of you and hope you remain comfortable.

Nic x x

I am not sure about widget just as I don't really know what it is.

An emailing update system sounds great and I would definately sign up for it.

As well as a Facebook (I have never used)/Myspace (use it all the time) page would be nice to network and be able to forward to others and for others to see readily.

Glad to hear Adrian is in good spirits and able to visit. Hope he feels a bit rejuvenated after his stay.


Hi Liam

Thanks so much for keeping us all updated in what must be tough times for you. Am all for anything that keeps the incredible momentum going. How about a Yahoo group too? I'm a member of a couple of football related ones, and they work really well. In case anyone doesnt know about them, you can opt to receive a digest of messages rather than what I suspect might be hundreds of individual emails into your inbox, or just read them on your group's webpage and not have them delivered to your inbox.

Agree re Facebook, and how about a website with forums? Dunno about widgets because the only ones I've heard of are to be found in beer cans :-)

Sending Arian and family loadsa love.

Cheryl xx

PS and a huge thank you to you too Liam, think there's a lot you do behind the scenes that isnt known about.

Hi Liam

Good to hear that Adrian is okay - thanks for letting us know.

Well, personally I say "yes'' to all your suggestions (not sure what a widget is, either!). As for your query asking what do we all think we should do as the army, I would say in the first instance, to stay as a community in the short term. What a great way to have not just a forum, but indeed an army!

One thing Adrian has taught this 45 year old mum of three with 10 years experience as a business woman, is the power of ONE. That one becomes two and so on and so on until you have us thousands tuning in daily if not weekly, all eager to jump to help make the changes that Adrian has been forced to begin.

This has all been a journey for me that has opened my eyes to so many things, not least of all myself. You - the whole community - can count on me doing my bit, whatever we all decide that should eventually or consistently be.

As a wise man once said, "We Are One" - Adrian has brought that home to me more than ever, 30 years after I first heard it pronounced.

Good luck - and keep me posted. I'm right here for the duration mate.

Kate & Co

I'd be intersted in signing up to an email list.

Good to hear Adrian is in good spirits. He seems to have a great sense of humour. I hope he writes again when he's feeling better.

Also, I like the desert island picks. I've had 'Three Little Birds' in my head the past couple days.

Take care,

Kate - I echo everything you said. Adrian has taught me so much over the last few months. The power of ONE is an amazing thing, and we really should remain ONE in the years to come. Best wishes

Liam, you're an absolute gem. As with Kay yesterday I find it very humbling that at this time you are finding time to update and organise us.
It will be good to keep in touch, as some of us are already doing through Tash and great to know that this is what Adrian wants.
Don't fully understand the widget thing but would be happy to see this blog continue and sign up to receive e.mails, news letters etc.
The idea of fundraising for a charity in Adrian's name sounds good too and living in Huddersfield it would be easy for me to be involved with that side of things.
Look forward to hearing what is decided.
Good to hear Adrian is staying positive.
Many thanks, Liam and take care. Itmust be very hard for you all at the moment.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, Liam, Adrian & family and everyone else.

I have emailed you, Liam.

Hi Liam
I dont know what a widgit is either but am willing to learn!
Would def like to be on a mailing list or whatever really to keep in touch with everyone.
Also like the idea of fundraising etc for the charities of Adrians choice.

Thinking of you Adrian and family. Hope the blood and platelets top you up.
Love and light Val x


My prayers are with you daily and may God be with your family. God is in control only he knows our future.

I would certainly sign up to a mailing list and also join a facebook group. Thanks Liam, for the update on Adrian. He is always in my thoughts.

Dear Liam,

thanks for your long letter with all these important ideas. I have to read them in more detail. The next couple of days I will think about them and try to see what we can do, here in Belgium.

Meanwhile I like to share something I've just found on the web. Since I'll visit London and the the British Museum this WE I did some last minute research on the Hadrian's exhibition:

'Hadrian's Arch in Athens was erected in honour of the Roman emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century A.D when we know Hadrian visited Athens. An inscription on the western side of the arch (facing the Acropolis) states: This is Athens, the ancient [or former?] city of Theseus." An inscription on the eastern side of the arch (facing the Olympieion) states: "This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus". Scholars have traditionally interpreted the inscriptions as meaning that the arch stood at the boundaries of "old Athens" (to the west) and "new Athens" or "Hadrianoupolis" (to the southeast).'
'Between the Greek and the Roman Agora, very close to the metrostation of Monastiraki, you will find the old Library of Hadrian. It was built in 132 A.D. In this huge building there not only was a library, there also were spaces for theatre- and musicplays and for discussions.'

A symbolic arch is a perfect honour to your wonderful campaign in 2008. 'New' Stem cell donation awareness will be completely different from the past. And that's the contribution of Adrian and his team!

I hope we will have lots of discussions 'in (H)adrian's Library' (=his blog) about how to go on with this important project!

I wish you all a lot of sunny days hoping no medical problems will intervene. Ann

Another person here who doesn't know what a widget is - I thought it was one of those things in the bottom of beer cans ... oops. But I'd like to be included in this group, in whatever form that takes. I've hardly known about Adrian for 5 minutes, but, as someone else said, he has secured a place in our hearts with his bravery and spirit and that is not going to change when he is no longer with us in the flesh. And neither is the campaign. Let us know how we are going forward, Liam, and thanks for keeping us in touch, keep it up.
All best wishes, love abd prayers
Philippa x

Hi Guys

I am keeping up with the blog but finding hard to know what to say in these difficult days. I want to wish Adrian, his family and his friends a happy and enjoyable period of comfortable companionship and as much strength as is needed to get through each day. I would love to keep up with a facebook page and will watch closely to see how Adrians memory lives on.

God bless all of you and thank you Liam


Helen x x x

Dear Liam

Thank you for the update, it can't be an easy time for you as Adrian's close friend, so really appreciate it. You're a friend in a million!

I can only echo all that has been said above, and would be very happy to go along with anything you decide to set up. There are some great ideas here.

As ever, please pass my love and best wishes to the lovely Adrian and his family and hope his hospital visit helps him to feel more comfortable, and that he can continue seeing his stream of visitors over this weekend.

Sending comforting hugs to you all
Much love as always
Barbara xx

Hi Liam,

Thankyou very much for the update.Glad to know that he is in good spirits and I hope he will have peaceful days ahead.

This is good news, I always wanted to know about the future of Adrian's campaign.Simply signing is not enough, have to know the result of his campaign. I do not know if I am wrong, I remember Adrian talking about 7000 patients waiting for bone marrow transplant.Like to know how many had BMT after Adrian's campaign, like that everything related to his campaign, bone marrow donation etc.

I always wonder how Adrian's family and friends are dealing with this difficult situation.I hope god will give all of you enough strength to face this bad period.



Hi, Liam & Everyone,

Great to hear Adrian is in good spirits and able to visit with everyone.

I think a Facebook page would be wonderful! People can make groups to join relevant to the cause here, among other things. I'm not super computer savvy, but I have a Facebook page and it would be a way for those who already have pages to recruit their friends to Adrian's page. It would have a trickle down effect. And if we can see each other's personal pages it's a great way to "get to know" one another. I don't know much about widgets, so I can't really comment on that one.

Jan in Washington, DC

Thanks for the update Liam. So pleased to hear Adrian's in good spirits and hopefully the transfusion will give him a little more energy and enable him to enjoy more laughter.

As for keeping in touch, I know we've all gained so much from sharing Adrian's journey and I intend to remain part of his Army - wherever we may go.

Sending love and strength to Adrian and 'Family Sudders'. xx

Riddings, Derbyshire

Hi Liam, Adrian & family,

Glad to hear you are still going strong, keep that fighting spirit all the way! Think e-mail updates, keeping blog going are a wonderful way of being a fantastic international commumity of people to keep things strong and fight for good causes that you Adrian have already started.

This is just what the world needs to turn it back into a caring place for everybody to see.

Take care & best wishes to you all

Sarah & madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Liam,

Thank you for the update on Adrian. I want to see this blog continue. Adrian's story is an amazing one and I learned so much from it. Just having it here is a great resource for people. Add me to this list of people who don't know what a widget is but I'm willing to learn. I also don't use Facebook but have a mySpace page so it can't be all that difficult, right? I am open to any and all ideas. I love the idea of a charity for Adrian's cause.

Best wishes to Adrian and his family. Sending thoughts for peace, comfort and strength.

Hello, Adrian, from across the miles, as I sit here in Northwest Ohio/US. This is my initial post to you and I'm stumbling with not only my words, but my thoughts. Long ago, someone had sent your name to me as a prayer request (via a long line of prayer requests prior) and I've followed your journey since. I find myself welled up with tears and praying for an alternate story for you so many times during the day, but I realize that this may not be the correct thing to do. I have 4 year old twin boys, one of which has struggled time and time again with potentially fatal medical diagnosis, only to defeat the odds and come back to us. What I really prayed for most during these times was relief of his pain, relief of his suffering. I'm thankful every second that he doesn't suffer now and that in those moments, my prayers were answered.

From what I've read the last couple of days, it seems as if you've had many wonderful visits, a lot of love and hopefully less pain and less miserable feelings, and that's a blessing...
You've left your footprints on my heart, please know that you are thought of during all moments of the day!

So glad you posted Liam - I've been checking every day and my heart lifted to know that Adrian is still keeping his spirits up.

I'm not very technological and really don't know what to suggest about keeping us all 'together' but I would like to be a part of whatever we all decide. I think Adrian's hard work and determination to create what will be his legacy is too important for us to let fade away.

I know it might sound a bit tired and trite but how about some collective fundraising or awareness raising events in different areas of the country? There must be a few of us who are close enough to each other to be able to actually meet and organise things?

Please pass on our good thoughts to Adrian and his family if you get the chance.


My sincere apologies..
Hello, Liam. I meant to say that in my very first sentence of my previous post!
Thank you for always keeping us updated.

I, too, would love to see the blog continue and would love to see Adrian's legacy continue on.

Hi Liam

So glad you will continue with the website. Personally I want to be kept informed of the campaign and the petition and it's progress and maybe it could be a forum also to swap ideas locally so other people can be inspired to keep the pressure up. Would be happy to sign up for email updates on this. Without offending anyone I am not interested in keeping in contact with fellow bloggers at a personal level - sorry! So would prefer to see this take place on Facebook etc. This will in turn hopefully encourage more and more people to look at this website and join the campaign.
My nephew died in 2006 of Leukaemia and his website is still active with people raising money for Leukaemia charities and sharing their memories of him.
Although it would be a tribute to Adrian I think starting a charity in his name would become very expensive and there are already many charities out there who already do fantastic work for people with Leukaemia - why reinvent the wheel?

Hope Adrian is comfortable - this time is so precious and like everyone else I am so grateful to you and his family for sharing these moments with us.

Sending you all much strength and love.


Hi there,
Im not a member of facebook and im not sure what a widget is (im obviously a bit behind when it comes to technology..) but would definately sign up for emails and love the idea of keeping this blog going. I would also be up for doing a charity run as well. Adrian, as always, my thoughts are with you. Vicky xxx

Hello Liam!

I think the blog should continue on but the idea of Facebook is splendid!! and of course I would love to join Adrian's Army, how ever it is that you guys decide to do it...Count me in! Lots of kisses and please make sure that Adrian gets a big sloppy one :)


Thanks for the update Liam. I cannot imagine what Adrian is going through and it is so encouraging to hear that he is still in good spirits.

I think keeping up with the blog is a great idea and I would definitely sign up for email updates and anything else I could that would carry his wishes and dreams on into the future.

You all remain in my thoughts and prayers,
Robin in North Carolina, USA

Hi Liam

Thanks for the update. I check several times a day and it's great to hear how he's doing.

With regards to your question, I really like the idea of a SUDDERS charity as suggested above and also a facebook group which we could all 'publicise' amongst our friends.

I would also happily join an e-mail list.

Maybe a bulletin board would be good??


Jane xx

Hello Liam,

Thanks for publishing the widget idea on here. It seems like there is a lot of confusion as to what a widget is.

A widget is usually the shape of a box and it is something that you can grab (usually in the form of HTML code) off of another site that is offering it and use it on your own. If you ever use youtube and you copy and paste someone's HTML code (which is located right on the page where the video is playing) and put it in your own post so the video shows on your blog that is pretty much exactly the same as a widget. In fact, there are even video widgets as well. It requires no work on the part of the blogger except to copy and paste the HTML. When the readers click on it, it brings them to that website.

If you want an example of one, I have one on my site- http://www.beersandbeans.com On the right hand of the blog under the photo and video boxes there is a big orange box that says Give and Let Give. It is a Global Giving widget and when you click on it you will be directed to their site. This is not what Adrian's would necessarily look like but it is the exact same concept. It is very common, after you see it, you'll realize you've seen hundreds on other sites.

The widget is important for Adrian's legacy because although a lot of us write posts about him on our blogs, the posts become old and buried with other posts as time goes on. Let's face it, very few readers (except for a few special blogs like Adrian's) will dig thru old posts, which means over time, no one will read the ones we've written about him. A widget always stays directly where you put it, which usually is at the top or side of a website and is usually eye-catching so people see it right away.

I was thinking Adrian's widget could be called
"Baldy's Badge" - since widget's are sometimes referred to as badges as well. I came up with this idea because I know Adrian has mentioned the give and let live campaign, which made me think of my widget, then a light bulb went off. Adrian contacted me and put me in touch with Liam since he is the web guru :) I tried to build the widget myself but my coding knowledge is extremely limited.

The widget would link to Adrian's site and possibly to a specific page, highlighting how easy it is for bone marrow donation, etc. Ultimately it would be best if at that point the new reader could sign up to recieve more information right then and there or even to possibly sign up to be a donor. However this would take coordination from the Anthony Nolan Trust or Marrow.Org (in the U.S.) since that is probably where the bone marrow info would be coming from. People could also sign up for mailing lists, etc.

I'm not sure about facebook, because i don't have an acct (but obviously will be getting one to join the army) but it would work perfectly on myspace and other community pages where you can copy and paste code. It's very simple and will constantly keep Adrian's message at the top page of blogs which will ultimately lead to new readers going to Adrian's site and learning about him and his plight, thus more people interested in bone marrow donation, etc.

It would also be imp. to have a link on the actual widget where other people could copy and paste it and put it right on their sites too. The more people that see this widget around the world and get directed to baldy's blog, the more people interested in donating, etc. Even though there are a lot of readers on this blog it is only a smidgen of who is out in the entire world on the web. You never know who might see it and be able to help out his campaign in different ways, etc. It's a fast way to get it in front of other people and have them connect with his story.

Ok, i think i'm repeating myself here but you get the general idea. I would love to hear more ideas of what other people think.

Liam, i also think all those other ideas are great too. I also think the CD idea that someone was talking about on another post is also a great way to raise funds as well.

Adrian, I'm so happy to hear you are having fun with friends and family. I hope you feel fantastic after your time in the hosp. today and can have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Bethany

Hello Liam,

Thank you for the update on Adrian. Hope he is back home soon resting comfortably.

I agree with keeping the blog running for updates on the campaign. It will also allow people who are coming to the blog for the first time the opportunity to view all of Adrian's posts.

All of the ideas are good ones. As long as contact continues then you know the campaign will continue to move forward.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you now during this most difficult time.

Adrian, keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours!!! Peace be with you.


Hi Liam & Adrian!

I think all of the ideas you have come up with are great and I would definitely participate in all.

As for the widget, here are some of my suggestions:

-Video of Adrian saying hello, quick recap of who he is, what he has accomplished in campaigning for bone marrow donation, and inviting folks to join in the cause

-RSS feed of Adrian's latest campaign news and other bone marrow donation news

-Photo slideshow of Adrian and his journey

-Ability to invite friends to join Adrian's Army

Hope that helps!

San Francisco, CA

oh. this sucks. the planning for when you're not here.

i like the widget idea. but i have no idea what should be on it. the number of pints of blood donated? the number of marrow donors?

i think people will subscribe to a mailing list, but i would personally check in with a web address every once in a while.

i don't like this talk. =)

hi to adrian.

san diego, ca

Hey Liam, thanks for the update. Glad to hear Adrian's in good spirits. After reading Adrian's blog since the beginning I felt the need to write today - I cant find the words to explain how I feel but "what a guy, what an inspiration!!!!"

I have gained so much from sharing Adrian's journey and I very much intend to remain part of his Army whatever is decided.

Lots of love to Adrian,his family & friends


Dear Adrian (and Liam)

I hope you are feeling ok after your bloods. It sounds like your family friends and providing the best possible medicine though!

Random thought perhaps but here goes! I love the idea of doing something for charity in Adrian's name but charities are expensive to administer and there are already the Anthony Nolan Trust and Leaukaemia Research Fund that are the big chariies in this area. So i thought, "What else might Adrian like???" and i came up with a prize for a journalism student at Sheffield University or Huddersfield University. It need not be too expensive and would keep Adrian's name known forever - hopefuly provoking some students to Google this remarkable young man, read the blog and interest them in resistering as a bone marrow donor.

I though about this because then Adrian will be remembered as a journalist not just as somebody who had leukaemia. The prize could be targetted at a student with an interest in science journalism or whatever Adrian wanted.

Just a thought. I work in a finance department at a Uni so know that this should be possible and relatively inexpensive - but would need an ongoing committment from Adrian's Army.

Take care, Adrian.

Sarah xxx

Dear Adrian/Liam,

I wanted to sit here for some more time to check for an update again.( sorry I am asking for too much).

But my eyes are paining, need some rest today.

Lots of love to Adrian.

Have a nice evening...and Good Night to all!

Have a nice weekend too!


Yes good idea from Sarah, Adrian is a journalist first.


Hey Liam! Thankyou so much for updating us and asking us what we think. :-)

Personally I've never been into MySpace or Facebook but I can see how useful groups in those places would be, also the widget idea sounds great.
I'd definitely sign up to an email list or a Yahoo group too!

Hope Adrian's comfy at home now after the hospital treatment, I've been thinking of him as always and wondering how he's been doing.

Love and best wishes,

Catherine x

Hello Liam, thanks very much for your updates, help and support during this very difficult time. Our love to Adrian & all of his family. My wife Jan & I and our two sons have been through this when our 21 year old daughter, Gemma, died from Leukaemia on 29 Dec, 2006. It IS horrible talking about life afterwards but we took some comfort from the fact we had time to talk, as Adrian is doing now. Gemma was upset when some cylists were hit and killed by a lorry during her last few weeks and new to count her blessings as the cyclists never had the chance that Gemma had. I know it seems odd to others but you look for small comforts. One friend we made during Gemma`s illness, chris passed away and at his funeral someone said that you nevere really die until the last person on earth that knew you had died, in which case Adrian is going to be around for a hell of a long time. His parents should be so proud.

We donate to Gemma`s forget me not fund with Leakaemia research but I would definitely sign up to receive email updates about the campaign. I am suspicious of the government in these things because I think they sit back and wait for the noise to die down. This campaign needs to keep going and make sure that Adrian legacy is implemented into the corriculum for 17-18year olds. I am going to get in touch with Gemma`s old school to raise awareness with Adrian story and see if they will do it voluntarily for the sixth formers and will do the lecture myself if they will let me. Sorry it is long winded for people to read but just wanted to et Adrian to know how he has inspired people and got his army moving.

Love and kind regards, Jan & Tony.

Hi again Liam

What a lovely idea from Sarah to set up a prize for a journalism student - what a wonderful compliment to Adrian that would be, and it would be ongoing. After all, journalism is what he loves and he excels at, what a great idea.

Much love
Barbara xx

I think what Sarah has suggested is a FANTASTIC idea to keep Adrian's honor alive for years and years to come. Don't know what good I can do from California, but I am willing to help wherever I can. The Adrian Sudbury Journalism Award has a great ring to it and I'm sure he will be so proud to be given this honor.

Adrian - we all love you and are constantly thinking about you. I find myself checking the blog numerous times a day so that we can hear how you are doing. I guess it gives us some sort of comfort knowing that we are in the know and are somewhat going through this with you. We are right here praying for you and wishing we could wrap our arms around you to show our love. May the coming days be filled with love, laughter, comfort, and peace.

God bless you.

Love your idea, Sarah!

Wishing Adrian a peaceful evening/night.

Love and best wishes,

Riddings, Derbyshire

I make it 8.00 pm, so I'm raising my glass to 'Our AD'

Love and good wishes always.

Cheers! xx

Riddings, Derbyshire

Love, thoughts and prayers from Columbus, Ohio USA...


Cheers Liam

Cheers Sudders family, friends and fellow bloggers.
Sleep peacefully, Adrian
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family and friends and blog family.

Sarah, that is a brilliant idea! Absolutely brilliant!

Glad to hear Adrian is smiling as ever!

I think the chairty idea that Rebecca posted near the beginning is a great idea. Such a brilliant idea to cremorate what he has stood for thru this difficult time. I would raise money in a hearbeat for a chairty in his honour! x.

Sarah, what a fantastic idea! I'm all for it.

Adrian, Liam, family, friends and fellow bloggers: I'll have a glass of nice Pinotage on all of you at 8 PM our time tonight. Cheers!


Hi Liam,

Yes! DEFENITELY! Those are some wonderful ideas. I think that both the e-mail mailing list as well as the Facebook group are great ideas.

Pass on my well wishes to Adrian.

Thanks so much!

Tina K.


I started typing out here but got a little carried away so I decided to send out an email..

Best of health to Adrian on his day in the hospital. (May that be the pick me up you need!)

Cincinnati, OH

Thanks for the update. My two cents...I like the Facebook idea. First for it's simplicity and more importantly because of the wide range of people that may/will see it. For each of us who link it to our profile, surely there will be others to see it and therefore get the information out to even more people!
Take care,
Ontario, Canada

Dearest Liam: Thanks for keeping tabs for us. I think the idea of some sort of ongoing endowment or scholarship in Ad's name would be lovely. Would be good if it could be arranged now so he knows for sure that his life goes on.

Some of us have started a "side blog" that has become a soft place for us to land...I'd imagine that there are more "side blogs" going on out in cyber world.

Ad, if you happen to peek in, remember you are loved, heart to heart and I am looking for you everywhere....


Love that idea Sarah!

Thanks Liam.



Many thanks for the post and letting us all know how Adrian is getting on. Good to know that his fighting spirit is still there. Wishing him a very peaceful, pain free weekend and peace to his family. I read the post from his mum last night and was still logged on at midnight. Seems we all can't get enough of our hero. What a champion bloke!
I think Sarah's idea of some kind of journalist award is a fantastic idea.

Stay strong Adrian

Thoughts and prayers

Lindy Lou

I also think Sarah's journalism award idea is fantastic! A fitting tribute indeed. Hope you feel better after the blood and platelets today Adrian.

Love and best wishes to you and your family and CHEERS! - I raise a glass to you all

Charlotte xx

Love Sarah's idea of a journalism award!



What a wonderful idea .


Sorry, me again.

If not connected to Science may be Internet journalism which Adrian had just been promoted to when he first got diagnosed?


Thankyou Liam for update on Adrian. Hope Ad feels ok. Think Sarahs idea is fantastic and I would certainly support it. I have felt so sad that you have had to go through so much,you are so brave. Keep smiling. Mary

Hi there Liam and Adrian

I think Sarah's idea of the journalism student award is brilliant :o)

Also the Facebook suggestion is great, I'm sure loads of folks would sign up to it and it would provide a good link to the blog.

Glad Adrian is keeping his spirits up.

I use facebook and think it would definitely be a good idea to make a group. I feel that that can be used to advertise bone marrow donations as well as keeping updated about anything Adrian related. I know that if I see a friend has joined an interesting group then I often look at it - a great way to spread the word.
Love to you all. x

Hi Everyone Liam here,

Thank you Bethany for you excellent explanation as what a widget is. As she was saying her suggestion of a "Baldy's Badge" which would link people through to Adrian's blog and certain key posts about signing up for Bone Marrow Donation.

Thank you all for your suggestions and opinions. I will let everyone think about this over the weekend, and look into working on this early next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Hi Liam and Hi Adrian (I'm sure you are reading!)

Good to hear that Adrian is keeping his spirits up. Have been signing on a couple of times a day over the past couple of days. Sometimes it feels like we are intruding - wanting to know more - but I know the sense of comfort that Adrian gets from all the posts and messages of support. Thank you Adrian for sharing this journey with us all.

Very often, this time is a private time so it is truly amazing that you are prepared to allow us to join with you on this final part of your journey.

I know how difficult all this is for Adrian's family and friends. As a Mom, who has lost her own precious 17 year old daughter to Leukaemia, I know and understand just how difficult this is for you. Take comfort in each other.

Liam you are one fantastic and true friend.

I think the idea of a journalism award in Adrians name is fabulous. Also, on the charity front, just wondering if it is possible to set up a fund in Adrians name rather than a charity. There is a lot of red tape, paperwork and administration with charities but maybe a fund which is linked to Anthony Nolan? Something similar to the types of funds that are set up in the names of teenagers for Teenage Cancer Trust? This would then carry on the legacy of the campaign.

Much love.
Diane x

Hello Liam

Thank you for the update today. Glad someone explained what a widget is! I think the journalism award is a great idea. I am sure Huddersfield University would be proud to present an award in Adrian's name as they have a very good media department. No offence to anyone who suggested it but the problem with a charity is it takes a lot of administration time and expense.

Hoping today's hospital visit has made you more comfortable. Sleep well.



Been following your blog for a few weeks now, recently met a guy who's Dad suffers from Leukemia and told him all about your petition and goals! I signed up! Thinking of you, even though we never met, somehow you just seem to have made me think a lot recently.

Hope you are comfortable and surrounded by the people you love :)


Evening all,

Just hope Adrian your evening is a restful one.

From one Sarah to another, loved the idea as you say it's a legacy to inherit and hopefully pass on the good will to students and make them aware of this fantastic cause - brilliant thinking.

Best regards,

Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals

Liam and Adrian
i would be very happy to support any kind of list you would like me to join for future petitions etc, how about for the short term maybe we could raise money and fit out a hospital isolation room in Adrians name.
sending love and best wishes
pam x
ps what the hell is a Widget????


I think the idea of a journalism award is excellent. Also like the idea of having a group on Facebook, MySpace or Yahoo that people can join up to but which is simple to administer.

Although we raise funds for CLIC Sargent if there is anything that we can do to help keep the campaign going we'd be happy to help out.

Hope the blood and platelets have proved a pick me up.

Take care,

Bill, Tracey and Rhys

Hi Liam,

Thanks so much for the up-date at such a difficult time for you all. Good to hear Adrian is comfortable and still with us. I have sent you a separate email, but would love to help in anyway that I can, what a wonderful lecacy for such a brave, funny & wonderful man.

My thoughts are with you, Adrian's family and of course with the great man himself.

I wish only the best for Adrian, and that he remains comfortable and surrounded by his amazing friends & family.

much love to all

Anything that keeps up the momentum, I'm in....

Hang on in there Adrian, keep on laughing.....

thinking of you all

xxxreiki hugsxxx


Hi Liam

Am with everyone in terms of keeping things going but am completelly non-technical and am not on Facebook! However, I'd join just to keep up with things if that was the best way to do it. I also love Sarah's idea - it's something that will directly help someone else and keep Adrian's name at the forefront of things, although I'm all for keeping the campaign momentum going too, absolutely. Do send my love to Adrian - in my thoughts and prayers all the time. Louise

thank you Liam for the wonderful support you have been for Adrian and family...prayers for Adrian,and family..how kind you are to keep us posted..I'm afraid I will not be able to continue to read afterwards because I do not know what a widget or a facebook is and I have truly enjoyed reading and following everyone's comments...again thank you Liam for your kindness

Hi all.
Well, just proves great minds think alike Sarah!! I only mentioned yesterday on Tash's heart to heart blog that a scholarship fund in Adrian's name would be a fantastic way to keep things going. See, we do think along the same lines don't we! lol
Hope everyone is ok. Thanks Liam for taking time out. Love to Adrian & the "cracking Sudders family" ~X~X~X~X~X~

If you don't know what a widget is please see the huge, long post above explaining it. :)

Thanks Liam, I hope it helped some people figure it out.

It looks like you have a crazy amount of stuff on your plate. If you need help brainstorming any of this or organizing it, let me know. I'm pretty good at that and with all these amazing ideas running around it would be great to see how things fit together.

I also think the scholarship is a great idea. I did a lot of fundraising in college since that was one of my jobs then so I might be able to help out in this arena too. It would take some time to figure out the best way to raise money and then have it be an annual donation that continues every year.

anyway, if you need help with anything just shoot me an email. You have a lot on your shoulders and you need to enjoy your time as well. You know, make sure you have ample time to strut the streets in your Vegas Desert hat. ;)

Love, Bethany

Hi Bethany

Thanks for explaining so concisely what a widget actually is! I read your comment and visited your site... So now I know!! Great idea, it would certainly keep Adrian's campaign fresh in people's minds, promote it and keep it up to date!

Love Charlotte xx

Hi Everyone -

Some great ideas! Count me in!

Much love Diane xxx

Hello Everyone

Glad to hear our Adrian's doing ok at the moment.

Some great suggestions on here. For those who use Facebook, there is a lovely group called 'Adrian's Campaign'. If you haven't done already, please join and pass details round to all your Facebook friends.

Love Jo xx

Keep in touch , much love to you Adrian you have touched my life and my soul . Facebook or bebo or any other way . You make it count.
Love you .

count me in!
alison x

I would absolutely love to continue reading the updates. I would also very much like for Adrian's legacy to continue to help him achieve his goals.

I think Facebook is a great idea, but also really like the idea of the blog. With Facebook it will be easier to "meet" Adrian's Army. And I like widgets too.

And I can try and help with the admin too.

Hugs to Adrian!

Lea White

I would just like Adrian to know that he has really touched the hearts of a lot of people that he cannot even imagine would know about him. I know he is at the end stages of his life & it makes me unbearably sad to think of living in a world without him in it. God bless you Adrian, you have made this world richer by being in it and you have done so many marvelous things in your few short years here. I really admire you & pray for you daily. Janet Danz

Dear Adrian,

You must be sleeping there, have a nice peaceful sleep.

Hope your blood transfusion went ok, and now you are feeling better.Try to have a nice weekend with friends and family.

Bethany explained what a widget is , I think I will have to read that again carefully!Thanks.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers.


Widgya look at that - Bethany broke it down to lay terms and even I understand how the widget would work!

Baldy's Badge - sounds absolutely perfect!

A Sudders Scholarship as well - nicely done Sarah, and Tina, who did indeed suggest it yesterday. Think Adrian should decide exactly what field he'd like it for.

You will live on Adrian Sudbury! Always! You will be responsible for saving lives indefinitely... A true selfless hero!

Hope you're still laughing my boy! Sweet dreams tonight.

And cheers to all of you who raised a glass to the Sudders effect tonight at 8:00pm - whether it was a glass of wine, beer, orange juice, G&T...

...The world toasts you Adrian! Not just keyboard to keyboard but heart to heart (as Therese so rightly put it...)

Tight hugs, comforting thoughts and love coming your way from Trinidad

It's past 8pm, but I am just getting home from a birthday party. I did notice when the clock struck 8:00 and I raised my glass and said "To The Sudders Effect!"
Cheers everyone!


I would absolutely support a blog widget that connected to Adrian's story and easily digestible stem cell donation info. Perhaps little bio's of people who have had successful bone marrow transplants to encourage people to donate.

Spreading the word is so important and blogs would be a great way to do it.

Thinking of Adrian and sending my love.

I've been thinking about the video widget and I do think it would be awesome to have one where Adrian is actually addressing the address and inviting him to his site. Liam, do you think he has the energy to do that?

Also, the slideshow is a great idea too.

I really think that no matter what we should have a basic one too, (plus this will probably be easier to make) for people who may already have videos on their site or people who do not want videos on their site because it may slow it down, etc.

Hello Liam, hello all!
I will not tell you what my fella and me call a widget...! :D
Anyway, like someone above said, I use MySpace, not facebook (yet), but find it a good way of staying in touch, so sure, let's go ahead with it.
I'm off to work now, will chek back in the late afternoon.
Love to y'all out there, especially Adrian!

Morning Adrian, Hope you are rested and peaceful.
Away for the day so will check in later tonight.
Have a good day with your loved ones.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you andf yours.

Sorry, I meant addressing the audience.

oops ;)

Liam, thanks for updating us about Adrian, and also Adrian's dear mum, glad to know that he's surrounded with love and laughter.
SARAH it's a great idea for an award for rookie journalists in the name of Adrian I'm all for that.
Love Sandra

Liam, thanks for updating us about Adrian, and also Adrian's dear mum, glad to know that he's surrounded with love and laughter.
SARAH it's a great idea for an award for rookie journalists in the name of Adrian I'm all for that.
Love Sandra

Hi Liam,

Firstly thank you for keeping us updated and it's good to hear that Adrian is comfortable and remains positive in the love of his family and friends.

I'm afraid I don't have any wild exciting new ideas but I agree that any way we can keep Adrian's dreams alive is good. I would hate for this blog to disappear but I particularly think a scolarship fund would be a good way to go, as would some kind of forum/group space or mailing list.....and a widget would be fab, even just a button that linked here to details of Adrain's campaign.

Just been reading through and saw Tony's note about their daughter's Forget Me Not Fund with Leukaemia Research. My daughter has just finished 2 1/2 years of treatment, but as high risk MRD (for those who know the jargon!) it may well come back. I now work for LR because I think they have saved her life, and if her leukaemia comes back, it is their research that will keep her alive again. I hope.

If everyone wants to fundraise as well as campaign, why not fundraise for a research fellowship (in Adrian's name, clearly) into stem cell transplants? It can run side by side with the campaigning.

Morning All

It is so good to see everyone being positive and coming up with great ideas to let Adrian's memory live on, with lots of love around it.

I don't think it really matters what we do, as long as we do something. Facebook sounds good as does the widget.

I have now deleted and rewritten the next bit about 20 times, so I think I'll just leave all the problems surrounding it all for the minute and say, "please lets' keep something going".

Adrian's army has to carry on in memory of a wonderful boy.

I'm not giving up on him yet though. It ain't over til the fat lady sings and I'm not singing yet:-)

Hugs - to Keith and Kay, for producing such a wonderful son
Hugs to Carrie - a great sister supporting her brother

but especially


I'd love to see the blog keep going, and I'd also willingly sign up for a mailing list. I tend to forget to check my Facebook groups. It would be nice if people could post updates on what's happening in their neck of the woods- having had too many friends die of leukemia in my daughter's oncology wards, I'm so impressed with what Adrian has been able to accomplish in terms of donation awareness.

Thanks for the updates Liam!

Dear Adrian/Liam,

I hope by evening we will receive another update.

Just thinking about your blood transfusion, hope there is some positive news, some miracle.I think I have never prayed for myself like this!Whatever it is I will continue praying.

Have a peaceful and fun filled weekend to Adrian and family, Liam and all of you !


Morning all. Hope you are having a lovely day with family and friends Adrian. Love to you all.
I love ALISON'S idea of the research fellowship.
LIAM - why don't you ask Adrian and his family what they think would be nice. the army are more than willing able and capable to do some fundraising, it would be fantastic to hear what the "cracking Sudders" family want to use the money for.
Love to all
T ~X~X~X~X~X~

Thank you very much for the update Liam. I am frantically praying for Adrian's healing with all my heart. I am happy to go along with whatever Adrian's family see fit. Once again thank you so much for the news and I will send positive thoughts Adrian's way.

Hi Liam,

Thanks for keeping us updated. What an honour to be asked to keep the blog going. You must be a true friend, well done you.

Please firstly pass on my best wishes to Adrian and his family and friends, I know that this is a tough time and their are harder times to come for the people left behind.

With regards to a "widget", I have no idea what it is but it sounds very techno so can only be good, go for it. The facebook idea is fab. The Anthony Nolan Trust have a page and it might be worth you speaking to them as they would work with you to give you ideas on what to do. I worked with them while my friends son was fighting against ALL. They were really supportive and yet understood how Freddie's family would want things run, they didn't take over and turn everything into a "corporate jobby".

Whatever you and Adrian decide we are hear waiting to be guided by you.

Well done again and lots of love to Adrian.

Em xx

My thoughts are with you today more than ever Adrian (& family). Hopefully the blood and platelets will have given you the energy to enjoy more laughter with your family and friends this weekend. If not, I hope you have peace and comfort.

Love to all.

Riddings, Derbyshire

PS Thinking also of Poppy x

Dearest Adrian and family

Just to echo everything Christina has said in that I am thinking of you all, especially, today. Wishing you all a peaceful time and sending extra special love...

Loving hugs and thoughts are with you always
Barbara xx

Adrian et al

Thinking of you .....I hope the sun is shining down on the Sudbury household today....

xxxreiki hugsxxxx


Morning Adrian. (afternoon for you lot)

Thinking of you more than ever today, hope you're coping and that spirit of yours is still high.

Lots of love to you all

Dear Adrian/Liam,

Hope Adrian is having a peaceful day.

Just waiting for an update from Adrian or Liam.

Lots of love


Adrian, I'm thinking of you today especially. Sending you a huge virtual hug and a smooch. xoxoxoxoxo


Wow - you go away for the night and look what happens while you are out! I'm quite gutted I didn't know about the toast, so we'll have to arrange another....

"Yes" to keeping in touch. Jen, the beauty of Facebook is that you don't have to check the group to see what's going on because the group can send you update messages - to your email inbox if necessary. This would almost negate the need for a separate mailing list.

More than anything though, one of our primary aims has got to be to keep pushing to make the Give and Let Live talk compulsory for sixth-formers. It's down to us and we need to see it through.

I LOVE the idea of the award...and I think it might be wise to just check out whether the Trinity Mirror Group intends to do anything in Adrian's name, in case it was considering something similar.

In the meantime, thank you Liam for everything you're doing - you're a diamond!!

And all love to Adrian as ever


A facebook group sounds like a good idea

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are having a peaceful day.Wake up to a good day tomorrow.

Always in my mind and always praying for you.Start my day with Adrians' blog and end my day with your blog.

There is a time difference of 4-5 hours between UK and India,it is sleeping time here now.I will not be able to sleep if your thoughts come to my mind, so have to distract my mind for few minutes before I go to sleep.

Goodnight Adrian, sleep well and wake up with a smile tomorrow.

Lots of love


Dearest Adrien,
This is my first post although I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I lost a 39 year old daughter to CLL in 1999. She too had a bone marrow transplant that failed. We were blessed with another three years of her presence, but it was a difficult time for all of us. She taught us so much about courage, strength and love. I wish that we had known about the idea of a blog at that time - it would have served as a lasting memory for everyone of us to go to when we need to be with her.
It's impossible for anyone to imagine what you have accomplished in such a short time. It's extremely sad that the outcome is inevitable, but you will be one of the brightest stars in our heaven. In fact, I picture you with my Susan looking down on us with those beautiful smiles and saying "see you soon."
Please forgive me if any of what I've written is disturbing to you.
God bless you and your family. You will never be forgotten.

sign me up for adrians army.am happy whichever way its run as long as we all keep it going.big love to sudders xxx

Just to let you know I've thought about you frequently today. I'm sending all my love and warmest wishes to you - and to Poppy, should she read this, Charlotte xx

Dear Adrian:

Thinking of you with great love today..and wondering what you would have me do..not the masses, the fellow cyber hawkers, but me, just me...I answer my own question..I wonder if you would have me live well because of your inspiration...Would you have me reach out to more people like you and let them know they are loved? I think you would..

You couldn't be more loved Adrian...

not across the ocean, from keyboard to keyboard, not with any conditions, but truly heart to heart...


Dearest Adrian,
Have been in Birmingham all day visiting our eldest daughter and family.
You were in my thoughts all day on and off and Sara was saying what a special person you were and how much you had done. Before going to Birmingham she was a Staff Nurse working with Leukemia patients at Huddersfield Royal.
Hoping that you've been able to enjoy more quality time with family and friends today and that you really can feel the love coming to you from all over the world.
Have a restful and peaceful nights sleep.
We will all be back walking side by side with you tomorrow.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family, friends and your blog family.

I think any 'new' blog should be called 'Adrian's Wall' each member could represent a brick and we could see how far it could go...brick by brick building a community of people, country, race, coming together as one, could even have our own graffiti! sorry Adrian, but you could even be 'baldy' looking over the wall! with that question mark over your head saying 'what the f**k are they all talking about!'.....anyways thats just my late night ramblings and my thoughts, I'm hoping you are feeling OK and you've enough energy to laugh! even if it hurts your sides...sleep tight (and don't let the bed bugs bite...!)
Sarah x

Hey Adrian

I have been thinking of you all day. I hope you are resting and enjoying time with your friends and family. Goodnight sleep well, look for you tomorrow.


sometimes U2 says it best.

If I could...through myself
Set your spirit free
I'd lead your heart away
See you break
Break away
Into the light
And to the day...

thinking of you from across the sea,
gillian, ne, usa

Love to you as always Adrian xx

I think "Adrians Wall" is a brilliant idea.

Jean xxx

Hi Liam,
Logging onto this blog has become part of my daily routine, I always do it at breakfast time with my cup of tea and toast on the side. Having had Leukaemia myself last year this blog has helped me in so many ways so I would love for it to continue.

The Facebook idea is excellent and also receiving updates via email. I am doing a Bike Ride in September for Leukaemia Research so I thought I could put a picture of Adrian on my t-shirt and advertise the blog as well.

Glad to hear that Adrian is in good spirits, please pass on all our love to him and his lovely family.

Love Sarah xxx

Good Morning Adrian,

Hope you are feeling ok this morning.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Lots of love to you and family.


I had been directed to this blog only a few weeks ago and I just wanted to send Adrian my best wishes.

dear all,excellent idea from sarah@tina,its so important to remember life before leukaemia.alison,leukaemia research are very helpfuland respectful,great idea.ialso wonderedif adrians hospital had a teenage oncology unit?i know Addenbookes is fund raising for one,because at most hospitals teenagers are put with children which isnt ideal.just wondered as this is the main target group if it might be good to have a sudders teenage unit.holding everyone in my thoughts & heart.love,light&reiki hugs Brendiexxxxxxxxxxx


You have touched so many lives around the world with your blog.

Thank you for leaving a lasting impression in my heart and soul.

"Lifting You on Eagle's Wings, May you find the Joy and Peace you long for, While soaring high into the clouds, towards the Heaven's Door."

Your'e in our Prayers,

Christine in Vancouver, BC CANADA

Hi Liam,

At the risk of sounding like a techno-pillock, I don't know what a widget it. I thought they were the little thingies in the bottom of beer cans.

Facebook sounds like a good idea, every I know is on Facebook and it's a quick and easy way to talk to people. Keeping the communication going after Adrian is gone seems like a great idea, not only has it shown that people can care a lot about someone they've not met but it also seems to be hitting a chord with people who have loved one with leukemia.

Keep us posted on your ideas,

Hi Liam

I think a mailing list is a fab idea, especially if we could link it in with something like a Facebook account. Facebook is something so many young people identify with and if we were to have a Baldy's Page with a nice mugshot of Adrian on it then people just join his page as a friend. Adding your details would then generate some sort of mailing list so all his friends would receive updates and information on his campaign. Not sure how the technical stuff would work but I'm sure it's possible. Getting young people involved and aware is what has been at the bottom of Adrian's campaign from the very beginning, so what better way to promote the issue than on Facebook?
Sudder's Army rules OK!


Hi it's me again!

I've just read the post about Adrian's Wall and I think that's a brilliant idea. Perhaps we could have Adrian peering over the top of the wall as a sort of Mr. Chad animation with the words "Wot no bone marrow donations?" coming out in a bubble over his head to really drive the message home. Once the bone marrow donation talks have been implemented into schools we can change the logo to something more appropriate. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr.Chad, just Google "Wot no" and you'll get the gist!

Anyway, just a thought.

Love Polly


I'm not sure if this is of any use but I'm running (walking/limping) the Bristol Half Marathon on 14th September 2008 and wondered if I could fundraise for you.

Sounded out friends and family and they are up for sponsoring me so just let me know if you're happy for me to go ahead.

If this is too much of a headache to sort out at such short notice but is something that would be of use later don't worry I plan to do some more so I can fundraise in the future.



Hi Claire
I was supposed to be doing the race for life this year, but had to pull out through injury. I had a "just giving" page, which was very easy to set up. You could do that for the Antony Nolan Trust, or CLIC, or Leukaemia Research. I don't know if it helps at all. If you need any help setting something up, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can do so via my blog if you like. Click the link where my name is below this message!
Hope you are behaving yourself Young Sudders. XX

I would wholeheartedly support a trust or some other form of revenue generating in the name of Adrian. You have all been an inspiration to so many people around the world. May the Lord Bless and Keep all of you.

Gina in Colorado Springs, CO USA

I think a myspace page & facebook is a great idea. I also like the idea of keeping the blog up and also an email list - yes, I would sign up for it.

Florida, USA

Hi Tina

Thanks for the Just Giving idea, I'll set that up. Thanks for the link, I may need to call upon your kind offer of help.

Hope you're on the mend after your injury.

Adrian: thinking of you got me round the last 2 miles of my training run yesterday. You and Faith no More make an awesome motivational team. Hope you're waking up to something more pleasant than visions of HRH.



Well after a few false starts I have managed to get my Just Giving Page live: http://www.justgiving.com/monkeylewis

Please feel free to pass on, all help to fundraise more than welcome!

I promise to run my hardest and not stop until I cross the finish line, purple faced & begging for water (or maybe a pint).

Sleep well all


Hi Liam,

Just wanted to let you know that I would love to be part of anything to help Adrian's campaign, and would like to support in any way I can.

Think that facebook is a great way to keep up to date.

Thanks for all your hard work!


Hi hi.

A while ago I set up a group on Facebook to invite people to vote for this blog for the Las Vegas awards.

I would love it if you all could search it and join. It is Baldys Blog Group.

Liam....If you are on facebook, please add me and I will make you an admin for this so you can invite people to join, add photos, well, do lots!!!

Addy...love to you always and i'm glad to see that your still dabbling in a bit of media tarting!!

Rowena xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Adrian, thank you for the honesty in your writing.

I hate to think of the suffering both you and your loved ones are going through.

God bless you, thinking of you, x

Adrian. You have inspired me. I teach at a local college in Yorkshire and I am going to make my students aware of your on-going fight for donors. I think it is important that they are made aware of this very important cause. I will make sure that any fund raising that we do as a group goes towards finding a cure for Leukaemia.

Diane. xxxxx

Dear Adrian,

There is so much love with you (and your family) on this journey.

Your in my thoughts and prayers.

May the sun always shine on you and give you peace.

Love always


Hiya Adrian,

You are in so many peoples thoughts and prayers,

I think you are a really special person,

Big Hug and Lots of Love to you and your family.

Rest In Peace. Was touched by the story in the Sun newspaper today. An inspiration to all of us.

Rest in peace, a beautiful,wonderful, marvellous person. A true soldier. May all of us carry on the fight on your behalf when ever we can.

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