Calling on Adrian's Army


Hi everybody, Liam here

Quick thank you for all the people who have contacted me about Adrian's Army, and have already joined the Facebook group. Got a small task for everyone.

I've been contacted by the Anthony Nolan Trust - and want to draw everyone's attention to a campaign they've set up to show your support for Adrian. Please visit to find out more about how you personally can support Adrian's campaign to raise awareness of the need for Bone Marrow Donors. You can make a real difference and help a lot of people so get cracking! Now please be aware this is a UK based list, and I would love to hear from similar groups around the world.

I think Adrian's blog is an incredible testament to how receiving warm wishes at a difficult time can be a great comfort. If you'd like to write a short message of support visit - The Anthony Nolan Trust will make sure that families affected by leukaemia and other
life-threatening conditions will see it. They may also include your message in our online patient support wall.

To see a list of current Donor Recruitment clinics please visit and for more information about the process of joining the register please visit

The Anthony Nolan Trust takes back lives from leukaemia by managing, and recruiting new donors to, the UK's most successful bone marrow register. The Anthony Nolan Trust is an independent charity (Reg. No. 803716 / SCO38827) and continually relies on support from individuals and companies.
Find out how at


Hi Liam, consider it done. Thanks for everything you are doing, Adrian is lucky to have you and the rest of the team who are working so hard. Love to Adrian also. Chris

Hi liam,
Task complete. now how's adrian? Always get a little worried if there's no post from him. Hope today is one of his good days and he's not feeling too bad.

Thinking of you adrian.

Lots of love.


Done! I thought the option to be a volunteer school speaker looked like an interesting one - glad there are lots of different ways to get involved at the grass roots as well as campaign-wise. Thanks for your work Liam, hope you're feeling as ok as you can Adrian. Becky x

Hi Liam and Adrian,

Since I am not UK based, I can't support the A.Noland Trust. But I am working on something small here in my country.
I am currently back as a blood donor, after a two year break. I am too old for the Bonemarrow donor list myself. But, I am currently putting together a lesson (powerpoint presentation), that my daughter can use. I hope she will get permission to use it, because she is currently in her third year to becomming a Biology Teacher - and these future teachers can take the information with them for their own students come time.

Good luck with the facebook project and the A.N.Trust awareness campaign.

Hello there.

I am already on the bone marrow register through being a blood donor. People just have to let them know they'd like to join when going to a donation session.

I hope more people will feel they are able to join the bone marrow register.

Adrian, best wishes to you.

Hi Everyone, thanks for taking part.

I was speaking to our friend Adrian last night. He's really happy with all the support he's been getting and was busy suggesting more that can be done. I'm happy to report that he was in good spirits and was joking away with me.


Hello Liam

Thank you for the information,task done. It would be good to be a volunteer school speaker as I am too old to be a donor.

Adrian, glad to hear you are feeling well enough to suggest more ideas.
Sleep well tonight, hoping for a storm here to clear the air it's far too muggy.
Best wishes

Hi Liam

I've put my name down to receive training to become a voluntary speaker in schools. I was getting a bit worried as I am too old to become a bone marrow donor (I'm 43), so really glad to see that there is still something I can do to support the cause.

Adrian - as understated as usual! Whilst most people would be ranting and depairing at the unfairness of the situation you find yourself in, you describe yourself as feeling anxious (mind you with Queenie popping up in your dreams it's enough to make anyone feel a little unsettled)!

Love and peace to you and your family.


PS: Liam - you're doing a grand job!!

Thanks for the update Liam - good to hear Adrian was having a bit of a laugh last night.

Can't sign up at Anthony Nolan as I'm abroad and had a look at the site - seems I need to be there to offer my services, naturally.

Just been on the phone with the head of our blood bank here in Trinidad, who has confirmed that we don't even have Bone Marrow Donation here. So will be getting in touch with our Min of Health asap with respect to that - our island is incredibly multi cultural so donation here would be really useful for minorities around the world who can't find matches.

Mr. Gonzalez, at the blood bank, has agreed to send a mobile unit to a Blood Party I'm hoping to host soon so at the very least we can all give blood. He's all for petitioning for mandatory talks at schools and I'll be helping him out with that as well so the ball is rolling.

The Sudders Effect has made its way all the way to a little third world island in the Caribbean.

Cheers Sudders! Thanks so very much for lighting a fire under my lazy a%*!

Sending love and hugs your way

Hi Adrian and Liam
Doing my bit on this side of the globe. We have an "Adrian's Army Blood and Marrow Donor Drive" going on here in Chattanooga Tennessee, USA on the 25th October.
Hopefully we will help and also Pay Forward by adding a good many to the Marrow Registry.
Big hugs to you Adrian - thinking of you often.
With love and light
Steven's mom

Thanks for update on Adrian- very glad he is ok. Lots of love to him. Am going to ask friends to get on bone marrow register. Hope to have another update on the tiger soon....Mary

Have only posted once in the early days of your blog but have followed your journey regularly. You are one amazing man Adrian Sudbury and although at times it makes for heartbreaking reading the messages you are sending out to the world is unsurpassable. I lost a husband (too young) to leukaemia so I am all too aware of your situation. After 6 years you have given me the strength to put something back directly (I am a bereavement worker voluntarily as I didn't know how to help leukaemia sufferers directly as am too old to be a donor). I have today signed up to raise awareness locally and train to go into schools.
I wish you a restful, painfree time now with your family. Your parents have done a magnificent job raising you and together with their sadness must be an enormous sense of pride - hang on to that in the times to come.

Hey Liam

Thanks for the update.

I'm gutted I can't donate. I started a drug called Methotrexate last year which has also stopped me from being able to donate blood.

I wish there was something I could do to be more helpful but I suppose i'll have to stick to telling all my friends and family! Managed to invite 180 odd frinds from facebook so will also point them in the direction of the A. Nolan site.

I'm glad Adrian Is still joking about. Lots of love and gentle hugs xx

Hi Liam,

Thanks for the update Liam.

Hope Adrian is feeling ok today.

Have a nice peaceful sleep.


Thanks for thinking of us Liam, Hello to the Sudbury Family, I`m also too old to donate but have visited the A N Trust and signed up to both speaking in schools and raising awareness. Another fantastic honour that they spotted your popularity/inspiration and are tapping into it. Peace and kind regards to you all, Jan & Tony

Hi Liam

I've signed up with the ANT for raising awareness and speaking in schools - very scary!! :-0 (...although thinking on, the latter could prove tricky as I work full time!) I'll gather my thoughts and write my message of support tomorrow when I'm feeling a little less spaced out!!

Also, the other day I received my confimation letter from the blood service that I'm now officially on their bone marrow register, so fingers crossed...

Finally, great news that Adrian's in good spirits - many thanks for updating us! Love and best wishes to you all, keep up the good work!

Love Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian, hope you are asleep now and snoring peacefully. I have just returned from a friends bbq and possibly too much wine. Gone are the days of going straight to bed, now I have to check on you and my cyber friends and make sure all is well. There are so many places to check now with the blog and facebook and several areas on facebook where comments have been left without checking my own profile and seeing that my own family and friends have left comments. It's a whole new world but one that I am totally addicted to. The fact that all of this stems from such a worthy cause makes even more addictive. I think I might be rambling a bit now (I knew I should have shared that third bottle hic). All I really wanted to say was sleep soundly and safely. Chris

Hi All -

Does anyone know if there's anywhere to get or download posters or leaflets regarding Adrian's wonderful campaign, or info about donations? I'm too old to donate (but how come you can stay on the register till you're 60 but can't get on the register if you're 50 - 59? Can't work that one out!!)

I work in a college, and would love to publicise Adrian's campaign by putting up some posters at work, and I'm sure others would too... Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks! Love Jo xxxx

p.s. Love to Adrian xx mwah xx

@ Joanne,

The reason they gave me in my country was that you have to be able to be a viable bonemarrow donor for at least MORE THAN a number of years. If that number is 10, and the age to stop being a bonemarrow donor is 59, then it is right you can't sign up for it, when you are 50 already. The reason they gave in my country was that you have to be able to donate at least for a period of 10 years or more, or else the process of getting you on the donor list is too expensive.
So in actual fact - it is not cost effective to have older people on the list, who drop off the list again soon.

And realizing that, I could understand it, but still, .... it feels like a waste of potential to me.

Morning Adrian and Liam.

Adrian- glad to hear that you are feeling reasonably ok. Will you be going to the hospital as usual today? If so- good luck.
Hope it's a peaceful, positive day.
Wow- between you and Liam you've certainly made people (including me) get off our bums and do something positive!! Well done.

Liam- Like Charlotte, I signed up yesterday with the ANT to train to speak in schools.
I actually work as an ETA in a Junior School (almost full time school hours) so will have to see how this can be worked.

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Liam, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family & friends and your blog family.

Stay strong.

thanks for the update liam,wondefful to visualise adrian laughing.i cant donate bone marrow as i have cml,and am on treatment,but will try for speaking in schools.big hugs to light &reiki hugs.brendiexxxxxxxxxx

Hi Adrian,

I've read your blog since you started it up and have followed all your treatment and progress closely. I have wanted to post a comment for age but never knew what to say but basically, I think you are such an inspiration. Luckily, I have never had any health problems but I can only imagine how helpful your blog has been to those who are living with cancer now and for those who will live with cancer in the future. And your campaigning for a better understanding of bone marrow transplants is amazing. It's a no brainer that this isn't the way you planned your life to go but you have touched so many hearts with your blog so I just wanted to write it down in words how amazing you really are! xxx

Hello Adrian. Hope you are having a peaceful time with your family.

I am 'mature' and thought I would be too old to join the register. However, I have found that I am within the limits.

This is good as I have a very rare blood group, so maybe one day who knows?

Have a good weekend and CARRY ON LAUGHING!!

May your God be with you
phyllis xx

Hope everything is fine,maybe hear some news soon.lots of love Mary

Hi there,

I just wanted to send you a message to tell you your campaign has worked.

I have read your blog after reading about you on bbc. I joined the facebook group and have invited pals to do the same. I will encourage them to also do that & hopefully it will eventually have a waterfall effect with people realising its not hard to register.

Thoughts are with you, your family and friends. I will continue to read your blog, continue to support bone marrow register, start to donate myself and hope you and your family find peace.

take care


Dear Adrain and Liam

Two years ago I was very fortunate to receive a heart and kidney transplant from a 15 year old donor. I was 51 years old at the time and I had been very ill for a number of years - fearing the very worst as you are now. I too faced many hurdles - some good days, some so bad that I cannot begin to express the level of despair that you are probably experiencing now. It was like being on death row - the only difference is, you have not done anything wrong. My donor family came to my rescue. Adrian - there are thousands of generous, caring people in society. I sincerely hope that one of these people will came to give you the gift of life. Your campaign with the government is one I totally support. Since my transplant I go into to schools & colleges to promote all aspects of transplantation and donor opportunities. People need to understand that a medical crisis can strike anyone at any time - look at us! Fit, healthy young men - both needing a transplant to survive. Adrian you are not alone - many people are out there doing what they can for you. I just hope it is not too little, too late. Keep fighting, keep strong and let the love of your family and friends sustain you. You'll get there.

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