Facebook army and a few more challenges


syringedriver250.jpg These last weeks, or however many seem to keep unfurling ahead of me, are dotted with incidents of dropping off to sleep, random drowsiness, disorientation and distraction.

Writing this blog is something I still love but it is becoming increasingly challenging to construct.

The latest update is I've been given a syringe driver. This means drugs are constantly put into my body throughout the day. This is why I'm so drowsy and when talking to people, it makes it really difficult to concentrate on what some people are saying.

I appreciate this is something which we have all experienced plenty of at some time in our lives.

I'm on a mixture of painkillers, anti-anxiety and anti-sickness drugs.

It's important that much of my time now is spent with myself and my family rooted at the centre.

My friends all appreciate that but still want to see me none the less and when that can be arranged I will make every effort to mkae that possible.

In the night, I have a full time nurse from 10pm through to 7am. Should I start to feel to feel sick or unable to fall asleep due to anxiety, they are there to immediately administer an injection.

But over all, quality of life continues to deteriorate. Walking up the stairs is difficult as is picking things up with my right hand.

Again, my parents have been excellent throughout.....constant love and an iced drink, day or night.


Thank you so much for joining Facebook and keeping in touch with the campaign. I believe that this is going to be a really effective way of you all keeping in touch.

This is going to be a long term project. I'm not a Facebook member, but I understand my international friends can sign up to this one.


Stay strong Adrian.

Tina K.

Godbless Adrian - keep on blogging xx

You are a true gent, and ur pic looks amazing....thanks for bothering to even type!!!!

Sit back and bask in the admiration :-)

xxxreiki hugsxxxx


I have never commented before Adrian, but read your blog every day. I pray for you every night that you will be comfortable. You are certainly going to leave your mark in this world. Keep strong and God bless.

Love Sandie xx

So good to see your smiling face, dear one!! I'm so glad to know you have someone with you during the night, should you need anything. That must be a weight off your mind and a huge help to your folks. Rest easy, sweet dreams. Know that we all love you and are always wishing you and your family well.



Officially a stalker - was leaving the office and had to check in one more time!

And yay - what joy - to 'hear' your voice through your post!

Great photo and probably the first one without your hat in ages and ages.

And still you Smile! You amaze me. Not just a "smile for the camera" kind of smile, a "we can see your soul shining through your eyes" kind of smile!

I'm off home to my little man, to light my candles, raise a glass and toast to your indomitable spirit!

Keep up the good work, nursies! Take care of our boy. Keep him comfortable, anxiety and pain free. Love to your mum, dad and Carrie!

Sending you energy to lift you when those stairs are just too much for you. Spend this time with your family - "rooted at the centre"

"Two things we give to our children - one is roots, the other is wings!" (not sure my sieve-like brain got that right but you get the gist of it)

Ndinombethe Adrian - always wearing you!

Tight but gentle hugs from Trinidad

Oh Adrian, what a gorgeous photo of you and how good it is to hear from you. You and your loved ones are the important people now and we are deeply touched that you have found time to post us. We are all with you in spirit. Keep smiling and keep brave. Chris

Hoooooray. So wonderful to hear from you, though thank you to Liam and Kay for their updates.

You're still cracking on and Tash is spot on, your spirit is incredible. That's such a smiley picture too!

Thanks for spending the so precious time you have on a post for us, but you're so right to want to save your energies for your family and friends.

Hooray for the nurses and I hope they continue to help lots and ease things for you and I really really hope the anxiety's not getting very much worse.

Am lending my invisible hands to help give you that push up your stairs when you need them.

Thinking of you all always Adrian and hoping you have a lovely good sleep tonight.

Take care,
Toni xxx

Wow Adrian, it's lovely to see you!! Checking on you throughout the day and had to have one last look before bed.

Glad that you've got someone to lean on through the nights but especially that you've been able to think of your blog when you have so many other priorities.

I'm sure you'll find the syringe driver much better than haribos!

PS - the facebook group is ace! :-)
PPS - you look great ;-)

With love


I have never commented before. I have followed your blog now from the begining. I dont really know what to say, this is why I havnt commented before! Its really difficult. My sister knows you very well and has always said what a beautiful, naturally nice person you are. I have never met you but even so I feel like I know you. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting you! wishing you peace, harmony and as much time as possible with your loving family,

Jane xx

Dear Ad,

So good to hear from you and know that you are being so well looked after and cared for by family, friends and nurses.

Wishing you peaceful and contented days and nights.

Sending you love,


Now then mate. There i was explaining to all facebook members how you were so tired and thats why there was no blog news and here you go proving me wrong again! Glad you managed to update. Id say im amazed you take the time, but im not cos thats the kind of guy you are ;). Big love mate. In a bit, Campers x

Always in my thoughts. Stay strong. xxxx

Hello Adrian! I was thrilled when I saw that you had taken the time to update! Just wanted to let you know that I'm constantly thinking of you and sending many positive thoughts your way. Glad to hear that you have a helpful nurse with you throughout the night, and that you've been able to spend lots of time with your family. Indeed, that is a top priority. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers!

With continued admiration,

~Valerie Reinhard

By gosh - you do look well:-) I am so glad you have people with you 24/7, it's support and help when you need it.

Enjoy your time with your family, and friends when you are not too tired. Sleep when you can, eat when you can and drink whatever, whenever you can.

So glad to hear from you and hope it hasn't tired you out too much, certainly not enough not to be able to give your mum and sister a good night hug.

Hope the Paisley Goonie is getting a good airing. We need a photo of the current healthy looking Adrian wearing his 'oh so sexy dressing gown'.

Hugs xxxxxx

The Superhero has hair! Why have you been hiding it all this time?

Great to see your smiling face! No doubt this blog is increasingly difficult for you in many ways, so the post is doubly appreciated!

Hang tough, Superhero. Embrace your family, as I know you do, and friends. Hold hands. Share smiles. Say I Love You often. You know this, I'm sure.

I just want you to know that you truly are a Superhero to so many people.

Forgot to say - LUUURRRVE the new hairstyle darling:-)

Hugs xxxxxx

Hi Adrian,
Take care my friend. I'm thinking of you every day and checking for updates a couple of times a day. Really hope you find your peace and that the Queen stays in her castle where she belongs lol. Keep smiling.

ps have you seen "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? Great movie. I saw it yesterday and laughed and cried the whole way through. Think we all need that Bucket List. Never too late to start I reckon.

Big hug, Steph from Melbourne.

Hey Mr Sudbury

It's wonderful to see your smiling face tonight - and you look absolutely gorgeous; I love your hair. Thank you so much for letting us know how you are!

Keep smiling and keep believing. Your spirit's so strong that it's radiating energy to thousands of us all across the world.

Love always

Amanda x

Darling Ad:

What lovely hair and a lovely smile. You look so vibrant to me...Understand completely about the lack of words from you and this is a time to do only what please you and your parents and Carrie..certainly they deserve all of what you have to give...

My goodness you have touched me and inspired me...I am a better me because of you...

Gentle hugs from Arizona, never just keyboard to keyboard...always and forever

heart to heart


Wow - amazing!.... Adrian smiles and the world jumps up a little and suddenly things feel a little lighter! What a power.
Have a good night. And tomorrow a good day. And dream sweet dreams. No more worries now. We are all here for you every day to carry you into the next one.
Love, and big hugs, Anna

Sleep well tonight Adrian. Sending Love to you and your family. Thinking of you all xx

Yayyyy for you Adrian, it's so good to have you blog something and admirable that you managed too and took the time....as ever you are a star, and still I notice a particularly handsome one....love the curls! :o)

Hang in there you and keep making the most of everything that you love and we'll all keep on wishing peaceful and special times for you and your family. xxxxx

Was just checking before bed and I am thrilled to see this lovely photo and update. I am so pleased to see your lovely smile. I am glad you have all the care you need. You really are bloody fantastic, you know that?
Take care sweetheart.
Much love

Lovely to hear from you and to see your sexy smile again.
Sweet dreams

hugs & snogs

Donna xx

Thank you so much for still staying in touch even though you don't always feel up to it. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I've learned so much.

Stay strong, know that you have people caring about you all over the world, know that you made a huge difference. You are a hero to all of us!

Lea White

Sending you strength and love.

You are an inspiration Adrian.

I am proud to know you.

My best to you and your family.

Paddy B.

You are so generous with all of us. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and posting the great photo. You are so handsome! Thinking of you often and praying for you and your family every day. Hope that you can feel all the love that folks have for you. You have made such a difference to so many people. Love you.

You have a beautiful soul Adrian! More people in the world should aspire to be like you - generous, loving and inspiring! Can you imagine?! Saying that, I think that now you should be selfish and take time for yourself and be surrounded by the people and love that you choose. Will we miss your posts and smiling, hair-topped face? Absolutely! But you have given enough to all of us! You have given more than most people give in a long, long lifetime! Sit back now and know that your work has changed us and made us better. We will carry it on for you and make it more than you ever thought it could be!

Sending you and your family daffodil yellow sunshine filled hugs from sunny California, Tamara

Thinking about you each and every day. What can I say that hasn't been said by everyone else? My sentiments echo all those already written.
Keep the Faith,
Jan in Washington, DC


I have never written to you before today but I read your blog everyday. You are a very amazing person and I pray for you daily. We will all miss your postings. Adrian God Bless you and your family.

Kate in Indiana, USA

I have been reading about you for so long. I lost a friend in April through leukaemia. I have been inspired by your determination throughought your battle and admire everything that you have acheived. I am now on the bone marrow transfer list and am very proud to be part of it. As much as you can enjoy it all. Vanessa

HUGS and much love and positive vibes to keep staying strong. ♥

Look at the hair! : ) ! Yay !

The man the man the man!!

Sudders, you don't look sick

and I wish you weren't

Cuddle City!! Cudabudsudabud! ! ! ! : ) ! !




THIS is a beautiful night : )


So wonderful to hear from you - thankyou. Sending you thoughts and prayers.

Gentle and heartfelt hugs winging their way to you from Cheshire. You have touched so many hearts, mine included.

Love to you and your family too.

Sue X

Dear Adrian,

Wow, such a lovely surprise. You managed to type another warm, informative, and even funny update. Slipped in the 'ole "I appreciate this is something which we have all experienced plenty of at some time in our lives." So true, but most of the time the rest of us lack the excellent troika of excuses you have for any particular speaker - painkillers, anti-anxiety, and anti-nausea meds, So sorry I missed that, you were saying your disertation is on what now??

Lucky for the excuse, but not for the foggy moments and loss of quality of life. I am so relieved that you have the overnight nurse (both for yours and your parents' rest and peace of mind). Wow, 24 hour care, iced drinks, love of family surrounding you. So glad.

If you can stand another comment on your picture...You look really nice! Besides the curly locks you were concealing in your signature hat, your smile - mouth, eyes, cheeks - really does radiate out of the image and into the viewers' hearts. Mine was a bit in my throat for the first half of your post and I had to swallow and read comments before I could find words for you.

Risking any concerns of plagiarism/lack of citations by fellow Adrian's Army mates, I though it sometimes nice to read a whole mass of complements (each from a single commenter) together to really help it sink in.

from just the first 32 comments above I found that you are widely viewed as: a true gent, still cracking on, a beautiful, naturally nice person, Superhero, sweetheart, bloody fantastic, a hero to all of us, an inspiration, a very amazing person and you have a beautiful soul.

Hope the rapid fire presentation helps it sink in just a bit more than your humble self probaably lets it. We truly love and thank you from deepest depths of our hearts.

Wishing you good rest and lively moments of laughter.

Margaret (USA)

You lovely thing, you- we all understand that this time is so precious to you and your family to have- you should never have to feel burdened by us! We will sit back and watch, and pray, and love...



I have never met you, yet I think of you daily. I stumbled upon your blog and have been forever touched by your story, and inspired by your courage and strength. You are in my prayers daily and I hope that you realize just how many lives you have changed in your crusade.

Keep fighting,


Adrian, how lovely to see you again ! And that smashing smile is still there. I'm so glad that you have round-the-clock help, too, and hope that you are now more comfortable. This time is so important for you and your family to be together without interruption or pressure, and so this blog tonight is so appreciated. I'm constantly thinking of you and wishing you all the comfort and anxiety-free peace in the world, you so deserve it, and much more, of course. I always think that I'll run out of words each time I post, but you just generate them again and again. You are so special. Sleep tight tonight, and remember everyone loves you and is thinking of and concentrating on you and your family right now.
Lots of love and positive energy from me, Jane in La Palma. xxx

There you are!!! How wonderful to see an update though I'm sure it was a challenge to get yourself together to write.

Being an American I'm not that familiar with what the Queen looks like these days, so when I first saw the photo of you and the lady, I thought to myself - "oh my GOSH the Queen actually stopped by to visit!" Then I realized my mistake ... she's the angel with the good drugs!

Glad to hear you're comfortable and being waited on by nurses and loving family - one day at a time, my friend. Each day is another blessing.

Good night, sleep tight from Cincinnati, Ohio USA!

~ Mary Anne

You are an amazing person.

All my love and prayers from the States

I wish we could get married. Really, I wouldn't pass you up for anything!

You are a hero and will live on in our hearts and memories, always! You look beautiful in your picture. Really Adrian, you are an inspiration. And if you want to get married, you just let me know :)


I wish you continued peace and love. I just adore seeing new pictures of your gorgeous face. Thank you for always sharing yourself with us. You will always be treasured!

With love,

What a wonderful surprise to check for the upteenth time today to see that you were on. You are amazing, even trying to share with you virtual family what has been going on lately.
Glad to hear that you are getting what you need and spending your time with your family. It must be a great comfort to you now. You have done everything you can and have definitely left a lasting legacy, one we will all do our best to keep going!
I send my love and prayers to you and your family.
Take care,
Ontario, Canada

You look great Adrian! I'm still praying for your comfort on the rest of your journey. God bless you and your family.
Love from the USA,

Hi Adrian,
Thankyou so much for taking your valuable time and making such an effort to post us an update and a wonderful photo.
Other Adrian's Army members, or is it Baldyblogaholics?!, got it right- your indomitable spirit shines through. You are facing the challenge of the transition from this life to the next with such courage and love.
You are an amazing gentleman and a son of whom any parent would be immensely proud.
You are so right- your priorities are with your loving family now.
Bask in their love... and know that prayers for you all and thoughts of you are carried with me throughout every day.
Moonta S Aust

Dear Adrian,

Early morning good news, good to see you again Adrian.A picture without that cap!

Glad to know that someone is there with you to look after in the night continuously.Lucky nurse!

Try to be strong,keep fighting.Enjoy your time with your family.

Peaceful days ahead!

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers!



So happy that you are being cared for 24/7. I'm praying for peace in your heart and mind. I'm still praying for you that, as the Bible says-the peace that passes all understanding -will be yours becuase you believe in the One who will welcome you in eternal life.

Living for Him!


I just want you to know, that I am very glad I bumped into your site and got to know your story. I joined facebook and I think you are very remarkable.

Have faith, stay strong, and remember that you are loved much even by those that dont know you personally.

I believe that nothing is forever, not pain not sickness and that soon those all will go away forever. I also believe that we will all see you again, and when we do you wont be sick any longer.

Adrian, I am a CML survivor with three children and I have posted support for you on your blog. I am also a member of the Daughters of the King, an Episcopal (Anglican to you) prayer group. I have put you on our church prayer list. I know, somehow, that you will not mind because I feel from reading your blog that you are very spiritual.

God be with you, always, Adrian.My thoughts and prayers are with your family as well because as horrible as leukemia is, I would take it a dozen times over rather than have one of my beloved children suffer through it. You are all very brave.

Dear Adrian,

So glad to read your latest words, that you are surrounded by warmth and love. You look good in the photo!


Adrian, you are truly an amazing person. As I'm sitting here listening to The Killers "All These Things That I've Done"..."I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" - I'm thinking of you and all the things that you've done. Whenever I'm feeling weak in my own battle with Hodgkins I turn to your blog and get the inspiration I need to continue the battle. Thank you.

How wonderful to see an update and a great picture as well! Sending some more strength, love and peaceful vibes from Canada. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Hey Christina : )

So, the number of things this blog does for us all is really great.

But if this blogohol does it for you then . . .

We can be doubly glad : ) ! !

What a wonderful post, young lady - - Thanks : )

: ) X O !



P S There are so many candles it's like a campfire now : )

Army campfire : )

Love to all,


Ads I hope today is as good as yesterday!!

You are mor lucid medicated - - than maybe I am normal : )



Hi Adrian,

What a wonderful surprise to see your lovely face when I switched on this morning. The smile says it all, and I love the hair.

Yesterday I honestly believed we wouldn't be seeing a post from you again. It must have taken so much strength and effort to do this for US.

Now that you have put all our minds at rest, concentrate on yourself and your family now. We surround you with our love and the warmth of our 8 o'clock candles. I am so pleased you have 24hour care as well and I hope the demons are under control at night.

Thank you so much Adrian for all your love and strength.
Thank you for being our teacher and our inspiration.
Thank you for bringing your cyber global family together.
We will never forget you and we will always love you.

All of this will be passed to my grandchildren and to their children as well.

Sleep tight and
Bless you sweet cheeks


Hi Adrian,

It is so nice to an update, thinking of you constantly and sending all of my positive energy in the general Sheffield direction.

So much love to you and your family

Emma xx

You need to know we all love you Adrain.

Stay Strong Love Em xx

Hey Adrian, nice to 'see you'! Hope you're not in too much pain and that the anxiety stays away...but what do I know!

It's nice to catch up on the blog but you're so right, your time needs to be spent how you want it, chatting to people you know.

I have full admiration for you sharing this with us.

Take care
Mel xx

Thank you Adrian - it was such a delight to find that wonderful photograph!

As a member of Adrian's Army and a Baldy's Blogoholic (Black Belt!) I confess to checking on you several times a day.

With apologies to Tash for using her beautiful word - Ndinombethe Adrian.

Peace be with you.

With love,

The first thing I do in a morning is to check your blog.

The last thing I do at night is to say a little prayer for you, Carrie, your Mum & Dad, friends and family.

Sending you love Adrian - that's all you need.

Yvette xxxx


Aaah, cracking photo! I'll have to attempt to 'Bluetooth' it to my phone and then on to Christine M. as part of my role as her spokesperson on here!

As usual, I'm going to cheat - and say ditto what everyone above has said. Sadly, I went to bed probably seconds before your latest news was posted - lovely surprise to find your gorgeous smiling face here this morning! - I'm with Shiney; lucky nurse getting to look after you at night!! :-)

Sincerely, thanks for taking the trouble to update us all - and thanks Liam for getting us all started on facebook - LOL! Will check in later...

All my love, energy and warmest wishes, Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian,

It's lovely to hear from you again. Liking the photo it is a good one of you. I hope that you remain comfortable. I still can't get my head around all that you have achieved, you should be very proud of yourself. Take care, always in my thoughts Julia x

Dear boy, so good to hear your news, and see your smiling face. You support team sound fantastic, what a great job those guys do. Your smile still shines through,amazing...your time is so precious, to be spent with your loving family...we all have each other out here,so you just concentrate on surrounding yourself with your loved ones....

Tash,you got it spot on I have on my fridge something a friend passed on: "Give your children two lasting things.....one is roots,the other is wings"..How true...

Love to all you and yours

Oh Adrian,

I was so excited to hear that you posted. I was searching facebook when I noticed that there was a message that you had written. I was so excited I could hardley move my fingers fast enough to type.

I know that these are challanging times but, I do thank you so much for posting. It is such a relief to see you smiling and that those were your words there for all of us to read.

Sleep tight and know that you are thought of and loved.


Heather Marton
Agoura Hills, CA

Thank you so much for taking such effort to update us.

It's lovely to see your smiling face and I hope that you continue to be comfortable.

I am with Elaine and am also a member of Adrian's Army and a Baldy's Blogoholic I think I get a black belt too as I check in half a dozen times a day to see if there are any updates.

As always peace, love and empathy to you and those around you. You're one in a million!

Tracy xx


It is so good to see you also the facebook update I wish you every success with the campaign .
I have to say you look so well, however in reality you are feeling not so great these days.I think you are also doing a grand job of illustrating how well the medical team & staff are at looking after people battling with leukaemia . Also how much specialist care is involved in looking after patients .The dedication of the staff also your family and friends is fantastic .
Your family must be so proud of you as we all are.

So good to see your photograph !

Best wishes to you all.

Linda McDermott

Hi there, smiler. So glad to see you again with that radiant smile. You put me to shame as I grumble about the rain.

What can I say? Your strength is incalculable

May your God be with you.

Love to your family too

Phyllis and John xxxx Lincoln

Hi Adrian
Nice to see your photo, as the others have said "still smiling"
Stay strong, thinking of you always.
Matt will be 5yrs post BMT on 25th September, we will be celebrating that day!
Love to you and your family.


Hi Adrian,

I didn't recognise with your hat off. Actually that sounds a bit rude doesn't it? Ah well. Good to see you smiling and glad to hear that things are going as well as possible. Added my name to the Facebook group yesterday, at lunchtime you had over a thousand members which is amazing! Keep your chin up. keep smiling and stay well,
Loads of Love
Vicola xxx

bless your heart Adrian, I've been checking anxiously for news all week, nice to see you and I reiterate what other say to take it easy
huge hugs to you

Wicked hair Adrian!!! Loved the photo. Glad to see you. Enjoy the iced drinks and loads of love and kisses. Mich xoxo

dearest adrian

What a wonderful surprise to see your beautiful face smiling back at me and those precious words from you.

Keep creating those memories for your wonderful family. Try your hardest to enjoy the time you all have together.

We all appreciate your mum updating us but to hear from you made my day. Although i was crying reading.

Always and forever in my thoughts and prayers. Take care sweet one.

Tammy south yorkshire
x x x x

I was so pleased to see your smiling face this morning. Thank-you for going to so much trouble to update when it is such a struggle for you but you are right, you do really need to concentrate on yourself and your family now.
I hope the medication continues to help you feel better and to give you some peace.
You are always in my prayers - and like one of the other readers - you are in our church prayers as well.
You are very special and have made a real difference to so many people.
With love to you and all your family,

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are awake and having a nice day.I am having a nice day because we got a post from you!

I am checking again....

I think it is better if Katie Campling can update something similar to the last post once in every hmmm..3 days,then we will get a post from Adrian!!

Liked Mary Ann's comment about the Queen..hahaha..

I will be checking again!Have a nice , peaceful day to Adrian and family.Now that nurse is there your family too can have little rest in the night.All of you have a nice day!

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers.


Just wanted to again add my thoughts and love to everyone else's. Like everyone else I think of you often throughout the day.

We at Huddstock festival will be working with Katie and the Examiner team to raise more awareness and we're signing up to the register.

It's been said so many times but you're an inspiration.


Huddstock festival

Hi Adrian

I was thrilled to see your post as I have been checking all the time to see how you were doing. Great to see you are still with us! I am going away for two weeks on a family holiday so if I don't post again Gods Speed I am sure you will grow wings on your way up. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family you will know when the time is right to let go but we will all miss you even though we didn't know you. A parent should never see their child die so my heart aches for them and your sister but I am sure you will be with them in spirit that can never be taken away that is what makes us all individual and my what a spirit you have. God bless

Hi Adrian

So, so good to hear from you again when it must be so difficult to muster up the energy!

I feel that you have created a little bit of history with your blog and campaign and I would just like to end with a great quote from a fantastic film, Alan Bennett's The History Boys, as I think it is very apt..."Take it, feel it and pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. Pass it on."

Love and peace


What a wonderful sight to wake up to. So lovely to hear from you - even better to see your lovely smiling face. Thank you so much for finding time and energy to update your army. We really do appreciate it and can now rest in the knowledge that you're enjoying some precious time with your loved ones and they with you.

BTW - Great hair! Seeing you minus your beanie is just the push I need to do the Tesco run, minus the headscarf. My hair's no where near as good as yours yet, but perhaps a bit of daylight today will do it good.

Now relax and enjoy some peace and quiet with your new mate 'driver'. (Now if you were a woman you'd have named it already.)

Love & strength to you and your wonderful family.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

How lovely to see your gorgeous face and thank you for thinking of us.

With you and yours in thoughts and prayers.

God bless and keep you Adrian.

Much love,

Julia xx

Love and warmest wishes to you Adrian..hope today is a good one for you ...thinking of you always , its so good to hear from you and see your smiling face..Karen xx

Hello handsome, what a lovely picture; your soul seems rested and shining. I am thinking about you all the time and it was so lovely to log on and see your post. Glad that you are having such good care!
I know that like many of the people leaving comments on here that when I type my message it's like I'm reaching out and giving you a big hug and lots of love, and I'm hoping you can feel the wealth of admiration and support through these pages.
I love the quote Polly uses from History Boys, and it sums up exactly the impact you have made.
With masses of love to you and your wonderful family.
Kate xxx

No words just lots of love
Alison x


Thanks for the update; I cannot imagine how difficult it is for you to try to keep up with everyone on here and pray that you are not trying to either. I know this is quite contradictory to what you are feeling but WOW you look GREAT Adrian!! Lots of love to you and your family.

Warm wishes,

God bless Adrian.

I won't post again, will just check in each day, but know that you are in our thoughts and prayers here and we send you wishes for peace and love, day and night.

We are one.

Kate & Co
XX xxx

I'm doing the housework (supposedly!), but every time I walk past the computer, I just HAVE to have a quick peep for any updates. How thrilled was I to see an update blogged by yourself! AWESOME!!
Take care dear Friend, enjoy EVERY precious moment with your unbelievable Family.
My prayer for you remains one for peaceful, pain controlled, anxiety controlled days.
Love and blessings and of course soft hugs :-)Janet in SA

It was just wonderful to wake up this morning to a photo of your smiling face! It's been an especially sad time for me after a friend lost their little girl, but your post has really brightened my day.

I am so so soooooooooooo glad you are being looked after by both your family and your very own nurse at night, awesome!

So glad that you have meds especially for the anxiety thing, which I know from first hand is probably the worst part. I feel much better knowing that you are in good hands. I was very stressed out worrying about you, but now I know what is happening I will not fret quite so much.

You look amazing in your photo, great to see the hair too which also looks great, damn how do you make being terribly ill look so good??? You really are as tough as old boots aren't you? No amount of make up could make me look that good! Are you sure you didn't get a makeover first? ;)

I know you don't feel like you look Adrian, and you'll still be in my thoughts constantly.

Sending all my love to you and your lovely family, God bless,
Love Caroline xxx

Dear Adrian,
Absolutely brilliant to see you've updated us all, the photo is great, you really are a very handsome hunk!!! Glad to know that you are being so well looked after and that any problems you have are being immediately sorted by the nurses and your family. Enjoy the day, knowing that you have made us all more aware, hopefully less selfish, and giving us the opportunity of telling you how much you mean to us all. You are a star!!!
Lots of love
Sandra XXXX

I wasn't going to write anymore, just support in silence.

However, such elation to see your post and the photo of your smiling face with your personal angel!

It's rude not to reply to a letter,so just a huge THANK YOU Adrian for taking the time and effort.

Continued peace, love and light - to infinity!

Love to all.
Margaret. (Scotland)

Thinking about you and wishing you all the best mate. Take Care,


what a lovely picture. you're still incredibly scrummy :) xxx

greeeeeeeeeeat to see your new picture. thinking of you and keeping my promise to you

sue x

Hi adrian just a little note to say i love your blogs and that you are a truly inspirational person and glad to hear that you have someone to watch over you at night so if anything you need is taken care of quickly.
keep fighting the campaign. we need to keep fighting for this so people can do something special like the gift of life.
take care and god bless stay strong.
lots of hugs coming your way.
lots of love
susan m

Hi Adrian, Thank you so much for the update, the photo is great, and you still have your twinkly smile (and I love the hair), you really are amazing, taking the time to update the blog when you can - it is appreciated.

You made my day! Stay strong. Thinking of you as always.

Lots of Love Alx

Hello Adrian

I saw you on TV and have been following your blog. I'd like to say how much I admire you. Some people could spend eighty or more years on Earth and never touch as many people nor make such a difference to their lives.

We appreciate all that you have done.

Love is a powerful thing. You are surrounded by it.

With respect and admiration.

God bless.
Katy H. xx

How wonderful to hear from you Adrian! You look fantastic, love the hair! Sending you lots of love, you are an amazing guy! XX

Hi Adrian

Great to see you and no hat! Has it finally worn away - thank goodness for that.

Best Wishes as always to you & your family.

PS Crewe Alex had a bad start - lost 1-0 at home against Brighton.Pretty useless.

Dear All

I love reading the comments on this blog! Some are funny, some are poignant and some are inspiring. There are also some slightly surreal ones too! Anybody get Jane-Mary England's post?? Barking, absolutely barking but obviously has a great sense of humour! Keep 'em coming guys!!


Hi Adrian

How lovely to log on and see your smiley face! Sorry to hear you feel so tired. It is so kind of you to take the trouble to update us. It is good to see you now have a nurse every night. It saves the late night jaunts to the hospital!

Look after yourself.


Jane xx

Hi All, even though I know Adrian wont be leaving another post for a while this addiction is not going to go away and I am hooked. Last night when I was watching my candle and the scent filled the room it suddenly occured to me that Yankee Water Garden fragrance is always going to remind me of Adrian. Is this weird or is anyone out there burning another fragrance that will always remind them of Adrian. They say that scents are reminders that act as passwords to a vanished time. When things are different this scent will evoke memories of very special days. Adrian if you do manage to read this you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Chris

Hi All,

Chris I am burning Willow Breeze from Yankee Candles each evening. It was always a favourite, but will be even more so now. I find perfumes and fragrances very evocative of events in my life, and every time I light this candle in the future it will always remind me of "our boy" Adrian.

Adrian hope today is an OK day.

As always my love to you and your family and our cyber family.

Sweet dreams

Bless you


hi adrian There are only a few people in the world that we can say really ispired us to get up and do something for others and i think that you are one of them so today i am going to carry on telling people about your campaign to get more doners because it is time we started to think about others i know this may not all be the same but if it wasnt for people to daonate blood i would not be around to see my young daughter to grow up so we need more people like you to campaign and to do what is right.(sorry its a it long)
los of love
Susan m xxx

Hounslow TMR calling. Hounslow TMR calling.
MMMMM, nice pic. But where's the caption, snapper?
What are you doing with the nice nurse lady? Is the package the drugs thingy that tops you up round the clock? Your right arm may have gone a bit crap recently, but my eyes have been rubbish for ages (well that's my excuse for literals, anyway!).
You're looking chirpy in the pic so I'm hoping that means the drugs are working.
Stay safe

Keep up the good work lad! I am going to start talking to my students in September when they come back about the importance of Bone Marrow Donation. Keep on smiling Adrian. =) x

Dearest Adrian,

Thank you so much for the update for us, you look absolutely gorgeous. Love the hair.

So pleased you have the nurses with you overnight, must be a comfort. If one of them can't make it one night you know there are hundreds of us here that would walk over hot coals to come and sit with you!!!

Hope today is a peaceful one. Remember we are all thinking of you regularly.

Love to you and your family. You are one special man.

Wiltshire U.K.

Liam, I am a bit thick about facebook. I am a member but how to I get onto the list for Adrian's page? Do I type in 'baldys blog' in search?? If you have time to just educate us thick ones I'd be really grateful. Thanks


Read your messages all the time and you seem so fab all the way over in Trinidad. We must all keep in touch.

Thirlled to see your latest blog entry Adrian. You look amazing.

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

With love and very best wishes,

Hi Adrian

Was really good to hear from you today and to see a nice pic of you. I must say you look well considering everything (and im not just saying that its true!). Morphine is a wonderfull drug I take it for a back condition I have. Im glad to know that you are comfortable and spending time with your famiy, and just wanted you all t know that my thoughts are with you every minute of every day. Take Care
All my love
Sarah x

Glad to get a Sudders fix. Really good to hear a bit from you Adrian. It's good to hear (sad that it is needed) but good that you have someone with you through the night now - should you ever need them.

I just wanted to say a quick hello and that I along with so many other people are thinking about you and your family during this time.

Sending gentle hugs and all the love in the world.

Thinking of you all
Rebecca xoxo

hi adrian
so pleased to see the lovely picture this morning
keep strong and smiling adrian
your army are still campaigning in your name

love as always

jane xxx


So glad to hear from you and very pleased that you are being so well cared for. It is truly amazing to see what a fantastic support network is in place for you and I hope that when my time comes I am half as loved as you are right now....

Take care of one another

I'm so glad you posted. I've never commented before, but I wanted to let you know that I love your writing & I love knowing that today, you are alive.

You probably dont feel as good as you look - have been wondering about you. Hope today is good for you - bless ya with love


I am glad that you are with your family and have plenty of support from the wonderful nurses. You have done an amazing thing for many, many people.

You look really well. Take care and keep strong.

Love Rachel x

my dearest adrian,

just to say how nice is to see you smiling

TIGER, we all love u...

x x x

Hey Sudders has hair!

great to hear from you, hope the drugs are doing their job.

love, Kate

adrian i am praying for you everyday your such a brave person so good to hear from u thinking of you and your family love dawn x

Hi Adrian,

Great to see a new post from you. Hope today is going well for you. Love and hugs to you and your family.

Anne xxx.

So happy to see a post from you. I pray for you every day, as do so many around the world who's lives you have touched.

Stay strong, and know that you are deeply loved.

Julie in Columbus, Ohio USA


Glad you were up to posting, despite the changes in your life you are amazingly upbeat about everything.

{{hugs}} to both you and your family you are all in my prayers and thoughts.


Good morning, Adrian! (well from here anyway)

So wonderful to see this post this morning. What a gift you give us! I am glad to read that you have nurses with you at night to help you and keep you comfortable. That gives me a sense of comfort.

Take care of yourself and what you need. My thoughts are with you and with your wonderful family.

I think of you every day. You have taught me so much.

Denver, CO USA

Lovely to see you again Adrian,love the hair.

love and hugs,Jean xxxxxx

Hi Adrian
I was missing your smiling face and then...there you appeared! Glad to see you're still smiling, still in there pal. Echoing all the previous posts really, thinking of you loads. Keep strong buddy.
Clare xx

PS loving the hair too!!!

I am recovering from a bone marrow transplant which unfortunately failed and now my leukaemia is also terminal. In honour of Adrian I am going to attempt the Edinburgh 5km fun run in October. I will be raising money for the Anthony Nolan Trust and need sponsers.


thank you
steph x

Good Morning Adrian,

What a treat to log on and see your handsome face, smiling and framed by curls. You are simply beautiful, inside and out. I hope you had a restful night and that you feel well today. I'll be thinking about you and your family, and lighting my "Warm Vanilla Sugar" candle this evening. (Smells yummy. Makes me want vanilla ice cream! But then, what doesn't??) :-)
Take care, sweet boy.


Stephanie, just read your post. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, but I salute you for attempting the 5km run. So many brave souls out there. I'll take a look at your page on the Anthony Nolan site. Good luck to you!!


Hi All, just to let Mary Ann know that I laughed out loud.....the queen!!!! was it the white gloves? No more than he deserves if it was. Hi Adrian incase you are reading this hope today is comfortable and finds you less anxious. Chris

Afternoon Sudders!

There's a bounce in my step today cause of your post yesterday. Bizarre that you should affect my mood so much, but that photo, that smile - put a smile on my face and in my heart as I drove home last night.

Just checking in to say hi. Hope you can feel us lifting you up those stairs when you're tired. So many hugs and healing hands stretching out to you from across the world - must feel a little odd honestly, all that touching, from strangers no less :)

And you've inspired Christina to go to Tesco headscarf-less. That's huge! Trust me I know. We keep in touch, us soldiers, we do. Well done Christina.

Michelle, thanks for the kind words. Drop me a line on my blog (just click on my name under the comment) and I'll link you up with the rest of us who, like you, think we should stay in touch.

Hugs for you Adrian, and the Sudbury clan
Warm wishes from Trinidad

Steph, sorry I hadnt refreshed the page which is permanently open on my computer so missed your post. So sorry to hear your news. I too will check out your page on the ANT. Bless you Chris

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for taking the time to update us all, remember you are always in our thoughts.

I hope you are resting and spending time with your great family, oh and enjoying the haribo!

Hope you have a peaceful day.


Hi Adrian, just wanted to say that i always look every day at your blog for updates, it's hard to put into words what an amazing guy you are, always thinking of you, with lotsa love Pauline xxx

what a super fly guy! you are the dogs ********. cannot believe you blogging, but im really glad to hear from you.
hugs and kisses from barnsley. xx

Wow! You have a head underneath your hat! It's lovely to hear from you, thanks for continuing to remember us.

Take care, love

Adrian - You're fabulous....just fabulous!

All these candles together sure make a giant AA campfire : ) !

The Army is soooo happy tonight : ) !



What joy to see your beautiful picture,
thank you so much for your post at what must be a difficult time for you,
Love as always to your family,
God bless you Adrian and may he bring you peace.
Always in my thoughts and prayers.
X Marlene

pics look great as always, thanks fot taking some time to update us all. everyones thinking of you as always. nice to hear that your family and the nurses are so much support to you.



Thanks for an update and picture. Ive been wondering about you. Like Liam said "that man is a tiger" -but dont worry about your blog if you dont wanna.

Sending my love and more comfort vibes. The syringe driver will help with that...

You are THE MAN

Kisses and a modestly-sized cuddle,


Adrian - just one more person wishing you the very best.

I also want to thank you. I have volunteered to train to speak to schools on behalf of the Anthony Nolan Trust. It will probably be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile things I ever do. So thank you for being the spur that has made it possible.

Your influence will live on for a very long time, in many many people.

You are looking amazing! For someone I have never met I think about you an awful lot, I can't wait to get in and switch the laptop on to see how you are, I am amazed by your braveness to stand up to this illness, I would be a crumbling wreck.

Take care and keep smiling

Margy xx

Adrian, I didn't expect to see another post by you believing that, despite the hard times you have, you've managed to say and write all that absolutely needed to be said and look… you continue to write very to the point about your experiences at this critical stage of your illness. '...when talking to people, it makes it really difficult to concentrate on what some people are saying. ...quality of life continues to deteriorate. Walking up the stairs is difficult as is picking things up with my right hand.'

And then all the uplifting responses to it. Incredible! So many, so fast, sometimes so funny. A very promising army you have, indeed! I think your big melancholic smile did it. Or the nurse with the royal angelical look.

'There are so many candles it's like a campfire now, an army campfire' and 'Give your children two lasting things, one is roots, the other is wings.' The Facebook Army will run like Chariots of Fire transcending every country and every profession. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=QzgKIHjhgFs

Enjoy all the precious moments flying above Water Gardens ( Ann

Dear Adrian,amazing one,you done it again.Used your valuable energy for your loving bloggers.Thank you for a lovely picture,it is so joyous to see your dear face.holding you ,your loving family & friends & fellow bloggettes in my thoughts & heart.Peace,light & love.Big soft gentle reiki hugs,love Brendiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm one of your secret stalkers - always checking up on the blog, but never putting a comment before now.
You are one amazing guy! I've laughed and I've cried reading your blog - what a great writer you are.

Sending you lots of cyba hugs

Kate x

Hi Adrian!

I was pretty stoked this morning when I saw your post. And cute as ever you are!

Keep on rocking with the good drugs and the night nurses, they will take such good care of you. Nurses are amazing people.

Much love to you, I'm going to read the other post now.

Love, Bethany

Hey, great to see you Adrian! :-))) The hair is looking good, as is the rest of you despite how horrid you must be feeling(I know how anxiety feels when it takes hold, and it's absolutely crippling).
Thankyou so much for making what must be a massive effort to post this update for us.

I'm not a part of the Facebook army, but my support here is strong as ever for you.

Thinking of you lots,

Catherine x

Me again...

Steph - Really sorry to hear your news. Have visited the ANT site and added my 'drop in the bucket.' I'm sure you'll reach your target. Wish I could be there to run alongside you. Best of luck!

Lots of love to you all... with your candles, coffee, tea, wine, whatever your poison is - cheers!


Oooh Adrian! So good to see and hear from you!
We are all selfish little bugger* aren't we though? Expecting and waiting to hear from you all the time.
Thinking of others first and taking time to write just puts me to shame.

It's really not about us, It's 'Me Me Me(you) and your wonderful family's time'

PS you look great, with and without the Hat by the way

Hello Adrian,
Thanks for the lovely picture and for the effort it is taking to keep us up to date. How someone so poorly can look as good as you do in the photo is an absolute mystery. Loads of love to you and your family. Diane xx


"Wow! What a handsome young man you are. A lovely picture that set me up for the day! Good to see you looking happy and relaxed. Thank the MacMillan nurses and your district nurses from all of us for looking after you so well!

Glad we now know what the machine is! I still had visions of Christina climbing up your wall!

Going to look round a real ale brewery tomorrow lunchtime at a pub at Cropton up above pickering. Guess who will be driving back? lol :)

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay and Keith, Carrie, family and friends - and your blog family.

Christine M. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Hi Adrian, hi folks, I am not going to be around tomorrow bit of a busy day. First my daughters A level results (fingers crossed) and then we are off to Milton Keynes (providing I dont get lost). My daughter won Miss Teen Queen UK competition last year and is a judge in this years competition and handing over her crown tomorrow (very reluctantly I might add). Unfortunately I wont be able to check on you until Friday evening Adrian but as ever I will carry you with me on my travels. Keep smiling and keep strong you handsome, brave, inspirational, funny, wonderful human being. Can someone light 2 candles, one from me. Thanks Chris

Hi Adrian, I am a member of Facebook and have tried to join the group with no success(probably not spelt right again!) I will keep trying to get into the group though...

Thinking of you mate. Dawn xxx

Hi Adrian,

It is so wonderful to see your beautiful face. You are constantly on my mind, and in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel a constant flow of love and peace.

Monica C.
Dallas, Texas USA

Wow Adrian, so good to hear from you.Like everyone else I have been checking daily for progress reports but I am truly amazed that you have the strength to give us all a personal up-date.Thank you and I can now relax a little ... I agree with all of the above about your great photo and its good to see you without your Beanie.
Rest up now and enjoy family time.
Thinking of you.
Tracey & family x x


thinking of you mate...

Greg x

Good to hear from you, Adrian, thanks so much for the update.

Thinking every day of you and your family.

Debbie in Oz xxx

Hey Adrian,

Gorgeous pic - loving the hair :-)

Thanks for the update - sending big hugs from Glastonbury

Tracy x

I have not used facebook before but Ive read your blog Just wanted to say what an insperation you are,what a lovely lastest photo my thoughts are with you and your family

Hi I have been following you for awhile now and i want you to know that all the way here in little ole Prince Edward Island Canada that you are thought of everyday and prayed for as well ...YOU ARE 1 TOUGH COOKIE !!!! Just know that we are all pulling for you and have only good thoughts STAY STRONG XX

Hi Adrian, You are such a handsome man, you have such a lovely smile. Wanted to say what an inspiration you are to everyone. I've never met you but I feel as if I have. God bless you, your family and all of your friends. Sandie xx

Thanks for the update Adrian. Love the picture! Nice to see your smiling face.

Hope you are as comfortable as can be. Glad to hear you have a nurse with you at night now to help you rest peacefully.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Peace be with you.


FUN!! A photo op with a syringe...

I hope it helps you during your bad days.

Stay Strong.


Hi Adrian

lovely to see youe picture,and hear from you,
Thinking of you and your family
sending love and hugs
Alison xx

My family's prayers are with you. Love to you and your parents and your sister.

Hi there, Adrian. A lovely day today, but of course the sun shines on the righteous - you!

Macmillan nurses are ACE. I had a friend who was a Macmillan nurse for a while.

Keep smiling and I agree you look good without the beanie. You have beautiful eyes.

As I told you I train journalists and you are so typical of them. They have driven me mad sometimes and at other times I have cried with laughter. I love your energy and feelings for other people.

May your God be with you.

Phyllis and John

We're thinking of you and talking to our all our family and friends about donating bone marrow and how important the work you are doing is.

Love and light

Ozfemme and Family

Adrian you truly are an inspiration and id like to take this opportunity to tell you that you are constantly in my prayers.
I have added the anthony nolan trust to my facebook and have started to spread the word about how important it is to give bone marrow. My neice's school are organising a bring and buy sale to raise funds too :). Whilst ever i have breath in my body i will continue to spread the work and i have also applied to give bone marrow myself, hopefully i will hear back soon and fingers crossed i will be able to do so.

stay strong adrian


kay xx

i go for my regular blood donation on tuesday and will be getting myself added to the marrow register!! one more for the cause....
and its all cos of you mate!

stay loose dude.....

hi adrian i first became aware of your illness when i saw you on look north. have kept up to date with all your blogs you are a fantastic young man hang on in there you are truely inspirational the photograph is great what an amazing smile lots of love christine mexborough

Hi Adrian, his Mum,Dad and sister, I know its been said so many times before, I admire you all so much, you are going through a very trying and emotional time yet you still have time to do your blog, Adrian your amazing, I wish I could have met you, although I feel I already know you. As you say your time with your family is the most important and precious time you will ever spend. I wish you all love and peace.
Take it easy and keep smiling
best wishes Margy (scotland)

Bless you honey. I have shown your blog to my friends all over the world now and we often speak of you and are constantly humbled by your bravery and honesty.
Thank you a million times for opening our eyes and our hearts, you're a true star.
Sending you love and light,
Ems xxx

Hi Adrian - I'm one of those people that has been reading your blog but never written anything, don't know why. It's funny but i suppose you would have been one of those anonymous people that i would have passed in the street if you'd not had Leukaemia and written this blog...as it is, you've had a really profound effect on me, something and someone I'll never forget... i suppose we all want to make an impact on the world, and i think you have on so many people...this must have been such a hard time for you, thank you for your honesty and allowing us to be a part of it... much love x

Hi Adrian, great to see you with a smile on your face.
Love the hair too!!
I'm glad your getting the care in your final days and be allowed to be surrounded by your loving family.
I know your proberably don't answer questions but i wondered if your going to stay at home in your final hours?

I have felt so honoured to be able to read your blogs, the good ones and the bad.
I admire you in so many ways but mostly for the courage and determination you have.
With love and best wishes.
Nikki xxx

Hello lovely people. Adrian's Mum here for a quick update as he may well struggle to put together a lengthy post himself - although, knowing him as we do, don't rule anything out!
He is spending more time sleeping this week but his little sister Carrie is staying with us at the moment and he loves the time they spend together. We are planning her wedding and Adrian is enjoying making suggestions and teasing her about bits and bobs to do with the arrangements. He has been able to get up and watch the Olympics with us, cheering team GB in their most successful performance for ages. The night nursing service is excellent and his nights are as peaceful and happy as his days. Sometimes he rambles on about all sorts of unconnected matters and recently Sonic the Hedgehog features largely in our hugely enjoyable - if somewhat off the wall - conversations!! So, much the same here at Chateau Sudbury; a great deal of love and laughter and huge appreciation for the support you send in your wonderful postings. Adrian is bowled over by the successful launch of the Facebook site and greatly comforted by the knowledge that what he has begun will carry on as a magnificent legacy. Thanks to you you all.
With love and gratitude

Hi Adrian,Just want to say what an inspirational and courageous man you are,i saw you once in High Green,but i was driving ,and didn't get the chance to stop,but since then your always in my thoughts and prayers.Lots Of Love Ang.

Hi Mrs. Sudbury, Adrian, and family,

Thank you for the latest update and it is great to hear that Adrian is with his loving family. You sound like a wonderful woman, Mrs. Sudbury.

Sending lots of warm hugs and prayers,

Kathy from USA

I have posted a comment on the book of rememberance, What an honour it has been to know adrian, The sudbury family take heart in what a charming, witty, inspiration Adrian was.
All my love Suzanne

have just tried to join the bone marrow transplant list regrettably iam too old and have certain health problems b.....s

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