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So how on earth do I tell people how brilliant it is to be part of this campaign? Over 3 weekends in March Keith and I have met some wonderful people - each and every one with a unique and powerful reason to put themselves in front of a bunch of complete strangers and tell them the facts about blood, bone marrow and organ donation. Just as Adrian wanted.

In addition there are those of you who have not been able to train this time around have nevertheless pledged to spread the word and talk to friends, work colleagues and people they happen to sit next to on the bus in order to raise awareness and dispel the myths.

Do please feel free to visit http://www.randb.org.uk/ where you will see the video made to take into schools and also the Calendar news report on the Sheffield event. The energy streams out at you. This campaign is turning into a fantastic reality and we are just so grateful for all the support you have given.

In one of his last interviews, Adrian said that he would like to be remembered as a good human being who tried to do the best he could in some pretty difficult circumstances. Well, there are many more good human beings out there and Keith and I are privileged to have met a lot of you through the work Adie started. The financial markets might be going to hell in a handcart, but whilst there are decent, committed people out there willing to do their bit to save lives, the world cannot be too bad a place. We are proud to stand alongside all of you in our little corner of this planet because, together we are a real force to be reckoned with and only good can come from our joint endeavours.
So, a heartfelt thank you to a bloody amazing bunch!

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