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Armthorpe School Visit

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Hi Everyone
Here is a video of one of these school talks in action, it features Hannah Wales who is a regular commenter on the blog.  Keep up the good work
The video was made by video journalist David Dunning - you can see more of his work on Youtube Here

Donor recruitment Clinic in Nottingham

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The Anthony Nolan Trust is holding a blood donor recruitment clinic in Nottingham today.

21-AUG-08 Newark & Sherwood Council 3:00 PM 7:00 PM

Carriage Court
Kelham Hall
NG23 5QX

Anyone who can please attend. Adrian's mission was always to educate people about Leukaemia and encourage more people to join the Bone Marrow Register. It would be a wonderful tribute to if you were able to join the register. Adrian got to live another year because of his Bone Marrow Transplant, and look at all he achieved in that time.

For anyone who can't attend please read about the details for signing up on the Anthony Nolan site and do whatever you can.


Bone marrow donation

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My Video Diary, part 10

Bone marrow transplant

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My Video Diary Part 5

Transplant (Part 11)

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"You do realise there could be up to a 30% chance of dying during the transplant process. This means for every 100 patients treated in this way, up to 30 could die."

Initially my brain screamed at the consultant that I was fully aware of the percentage concept. Then, as I suppose the doctor intended, that figure transformed into real people, who really could die, in real life.

I always hoped I would be able to avoid a bone marrow transplant, or stem cell transplant as they are now called, and just carry on with the cycles of chemotherapy. But this wasn't to be.

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