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Hello Everyone

Needless to say it's been a very difficult few days but I have a little bit of news I think you will be interested in.

It had always been one of Adrian's plans for this blog to become a book. If things had worked out better he would have liked to have turned his posts into a book, with a happier ending of him getting better. Then at the end asking people to visit his blog to read updates, and check on how they could help with the fight against Leukaemia. As we know his story hasn't ended as he wanted.

However he did continue to work on the book idea behind the scenes - as reported in the Huddersfield Examiner here:

Adrian's words to live on in Baldy's Book

ADRIAN SUDBURY's award winning blog is to be captured in a book.
All his Baldy's Blog entries - and many of the fantastic comments of support he recieved - will be included in Baldy's Book, due out early next month (September). As well as the blog, there are also many family photos of Sudders and pictures from his time as a reporter on the Huddersfield Daily Examiner. Prime Minister Godon Brown - who has vowed to back Sudders' bone marrow campaign - has written a personal foreword to the 144-page paperback book.
In it he says: "My father told me when I was young that everyone has the chance to make their mark on this world, whether for good or bad. Adrian has left his mark for good."
Radio 5Live presenter Victoria Derbyshire and plc chief executive Sly Bailey also pay tribute to Adrian's courage and personality. All profits from the book will go to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust.
Baldy's Book is priced £7.99 plus £1.50 P+P (UK) and is available from or call 0845 1430001 to place your order.

I'll be honest I didn't know how to feel about this book, but I think it's important to remember that ALL profits from the book will be going to the Anthony Nolan Trust. This will help people who are suffering from Leukaemia in Adrian's name. I have asked Merseyshop and it will be available for international shipping, so please keeping checking up on the blog to find out more details.

On that note as a few people have requested - there has been a bank account set up to allow donations to be made to the Anthony Nolan Trust in Adrian's name

ADRIAN Sudbury worked hard during the last months of his life to promote charities linked to leukaemia and bone marrow donation. Now, following his death from leukaemia on Wednesday, you can help carry on the support he started by donating to a bank account set up in his memory. The Sign Up For Sudders community bank account has been set up with Barclays bank to cater for donations from well-wishers or people who have organised fundraising events in the 27-year-old Examiner journalist's name. Adrian asked for money in the account to be divided equally between the Anthony Nolan Trust and Leukaemia Research - two charities close to his heart. Funds are crucial to the work that both charities do, as they are funded only by donations. Leukaemia Research is the only charity in the UK dedicated exclusively to researching blood cancers and disorders including leukaemia, Hodgkin's and other lymphomas and myeloma. They have 50 research centres in the UK trying to come up with new treatments, improve diagnosis and, crucially, find a cure for the 110,000 people living with leukaemia today. The charity also provides support for patients and their families. All this costs them around £20m a year - all funded by donations. The Anthony Nolan Trust runs one of the UK's two bone marrow registers and also runs campaigns to raise awareness of the need for more donors. It needs a constant supply of charity donations to fund its vital work - and help find a bone marrow match for the 16,000 people in the world currently waiting for a transplant and a chance of life. Adrian worked closely with the ANT during his Sign Up For Sudders campaign to get more donors on the register. The campaign began on May 19 after Adrian found out his condition was terminal and, as well as raising awareness, it aimed to push the Government to ensure all 17 and 18-year-olds are educated as standard about blood, bone marrow and organ donation. This wish is to become a reality in just a few weeks. When pupils go back to school in September, there will be Give And Let Live education packs waiting for their teachers. These have been adjusted to suit 16 to 18-year-olds thanks to Adrian's campaign and have been sent by the Government to every school and college in the UK, along with a letter from Health Secretary Alan Johnson and Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. It will not be compulsory for teachers to deliver the education talks - but the letter will urge them to fit a talk into their curriculum.

*You can walk into any Barclays branch in the Huddersfield, Halifax and Dewsbury areas and ask to donate to the Sign Up For Sudders account.
*You can also send cheques, made payable to Sign Up For Sudders, to the Examiner office. Send them to: Sign Up For Sudders, Katie Campling, Huddersfield Examiner, Queen Street South, Huddersfield, HD1 3DU.


Thanks for this update Liam - what a tremendous, positive idea! I for one will DEFINITELY be reserving my copy!

This really ties in with Adrian's legacy so well. Along with raising an incredible amount of awareness for the cause and giving us a kick up the backside to become donors ourselves (if we're lucky enough to be eligible) - it now gives us something tangible we can own. At the same time, we have the opportunity to donate to the Anthony Nolan Trust, specifically in memory of Adrian. How fantastic, too, that such high profile people have been touched by this - and want to have their imput! Long live the 'Sudders Effect'!!

Sincere thanks for thinking of us all and making this possible. Adrian, this blog and all which surrounds it have become a national (well, international!!) treasure - and it will be lovely to have a book to leaf through and show friends and family why this is all so close to my heart.

Love and warmest wishes to the Sudbury family, the 'Dream Team', friends and blogaholics worldwide.

Charlotte xx

I was really devastated when I came home from holiday to find that Adrian had finally left us. Although it was expected it was still hard news to hear. Like so many people on the blog, although I never met Adrian, he found a place in my heart and I feel so sad that we have lost such a wonderful young man.

But hearing about the book today has really cheered me up. His legacy really is going to live on and make a difference to so many lives in the future. I will be buying the book and encouraging as many people as I can to buy it and donate money too.

Leukaemia Research are a really valuable information tool when you are faced with this horrible disease - their newsletters helped us by explaining things in simple terms and keeping us up to date with the latest research and news. And because there was no donor match for my daughter I know how important it is to get people to sign up to the donor registers. Luckily chemotherapy and radiotherapy have worked for my daughter.

As for hating needles - what's the choice - a few needles for somebody's life - when you put it like that there is no choice!

Hi Liam

I think it's a brilliant idea. It should raise a lot of money and will be something for us all to keep.

I hope you are all OK at this very sad time.

Best wishes

Jane xx

PS Love the bank account idea too - it would be good for the money to go to good causes instead of too many flowers etc. x

I was going to print all of Adrian's entries (in case my computer crashed!!) Now it will have it in book form. I know Adrian is pleased :-) I will "attack" the book with my trusty hi-lighter pen, marking all the entries that were special to me.
Thank you to all of you who have made this book possible! I hope all of his soldiers will buy a copy AND spread the word.
Janet in South Africa

What a great idea. I can imagine Adrian looking down on us all whipping out our credit cards to buy a copy and smiling contendedly to himself. Such a great bit of good news after such a sad time. Adrian, pal, your legacy will live on to an extent that not even you could have imagined. Always thinking of you mate.
Clare xx

I think its a great idea. Ill definitely be ordering a copy, a positive way to remember our friend Adrian and at the same time helping the charity.
Liam and all of Adrians family and friends I hope you are all as well as you can be. Thinking of you all. Val x

Once again, many thanks for updating us. The book about Adrian and his journey will make lots of money for the ANT and will be a big part of the huge legacy left by this wonderfully special young man.

You Liam, Katie, Dan and everyone else behind the scenes have been a Godsend to Adrian, Kay, Keith, Carrie, family and friends and blogaholics everywhere.

You have been, and are still, very much appreciated.

Much love is sent to you all in the hope that
it helps you to cope with the sadness.

Still working behind the scenes Adrian!

Thanks Liam, Katie and all for keeping us posted and putting Adrian's plans into action.

Lifts the spirits to hear that something so positive and important will be achieved.

Let us all make sure that the awareness continues to be a priority. It certainly will be in my life time. None of us know how long we may be here, so make every day count for something.

Thinking of you all Sudbury family and friends.
Hope the calm serenity surrounding Adrian is with you all.

God bless.

Hi Liam

Thank you so much for keeping us updated during what must be a difficult and upsetting time for you.

I think the book idea is great as Adrian was not only an articulate writer, but he wrote from his heart and his blog was literally a "no holds barred" account of his experience living with leukaemia. Incredibly funny in parts, incredibly sad in others but also incredibly honest and extremely well written. A fantastic way to raise awareness and money for this terrible disease.

I for one will be putting in my order.

See you in Sheffield!


I have just reserved my order for Adrians book. I think that it is an absolutely brilliant idea and its another way for us to remember Adrian - a fantastic and special young man.

I have also registered to give blood this sunday, when I get there I will also be putting my name down for the bone marrow register.

Much love is sent again to Keith, Kay, Carrie and all of Adrians family and friends.

God Bless

Laura xx

Liam, your statement that it has been a difficult few days is, of course, a huge understatement.

While Adrian's story has not ended in the way that any of us wished, it is a story of heroism and achievement. Your story deserves recognition too. I greatly admire the way you have stood by Adrian through all the difficult times, and continue to do so. It shows great love.

liam...could you see if somehow we who live in the states b able to get the i have suggested earlier..i think a movie would be very goood idea....just a america there is two movies that come to mind both dealing with cancer, but somehow Adrian's movie could be the goal to have people register..the two movies over here are..LOVE STORY and BRIAN'S SONG...just a thought...the book idea is wonderful..thinking of all of you..

Hi Liam,

I thought I will write after ordering.I ordered and I think it is a success.

But it is written I will get it within 28-40 working days!That is a looooong wait, slightly disappointed.

Thank you Adrian.

Thank you Liam.

This is something I can keep it with me forever.It is sad to see Adrian in a book form instead of seeing him alive,still happy to have something for myself.

We have lots and lots of text books and very few other books,I think I can start buying books after I get this most important one.

About the donation , I will be doing that too soon.
I hope all of you are recovering,hope time will heal.I am not even writing about Adrian's parents and sister,cant even imagine what they are all going through.Thinking about them makes me more upset, so I was purposely avoiding talking about them.

Difficult to beleive that the book is already ready!


I love the idea. absolutly bloomin brilliant.
I can't wait and will be reserving a copy asap!
This will be fantastic to keep and let my kids read in years to come. Adrian changed the way I look at my whole life, changed so much about me for the positive, and I think my kids deserve to know all about him in years to come.
Fantastic idea.
Liam, Katie & Dan, you must be really going through it right now, you are the forgotten ones in all this. We all really appreciate your work and keeping us up to date. THANKYOU. MWAH MWAH MWAH.
See you in Sheffield.

What an inspiration Adrian was to those like myself who are living with Leukaemia. I only found this site the other day after following a link from another site that was reporting about a young lad named Joel Picker-Spence who at the age of 6 desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.An event at Kelham Hall yesterday appeared to have attracted several hundred hundred people who were being tested for compatibility, but i still could not help but think that if a better system was in place to match possible donors with recipients, then the task of finding donors would be so much more successful.
I spoke to Little Joels mum Anne, and explained that although i was unable to donate (Leukaemia and just a little too old also !) that i would be more than happy to try an spread the word about the request for donors, not only for her son, but also for the 16,000 or so other people who are currently awaiting bone marrow transplants.To that end i have offerd to apply logo's from the Anthony Nolan Trust and any other agencies who campaign for donors, to the car that we will be driving from the UK to Africa in, in September.
Myself and an NHS colleague from Kent are raising money for 3 chairites, amongst them is Leukaemia Research UK.If you would like to donate to our challenge, or perhaps you are a member of a group involved in Leukaemia related support etc then we would be glad to apply your group logo's to the car/trailer to spread the word during our 4000 mile trek.
Condolencies to Adrians family, but huge respect for the way that he turned his efforts to such a constructive campaign in such a short time.Lets just make sure that his efforts are not in vain, and that someday in the not to distant future, the system that we currently have will be replaced by one that gives all of those who face leukaemia a better than fighting chance of beating disease. R.I.P Adrian.God bless you.

Hi Liam,

Thank you so much for the update.

I am sure there have been some dark times for you and Adrian's friends during the last couple of days, but how fortunate you all were to have known him (in the flesh) so to speak.

Adrian has left us all with a wonderful legacy, what a wonderful human being he was, and I for one know that I am a better person for "knowing"him.

I have just ordered his book and look forward to reading it and showing it to my grandchildren.

My love to Kay, Keith, Carrie and all of Adrian's family, and to you Liam and all your colleagues, we haven't forgotten you.

Adrian will never be forgotten


What a brilliant idea the book is. For those of us bloggers who have come to hold Adrian so dear, and who have been inspired by his courage and humour in the face of such difficult circumstances, this book will be a wonderful way to remember him.

Will be ordering my copy.

Elaine x

Great news thanks but can you let people know how to donate from abroad?

Lets make this an international bestseller! A shame the big man is not around to sign a few copies - they would be worth an absolute fortune bearing in mind he really is a true celebrity!


THANK YOU Liam and the team for all your input and hard work. It is much appreciated by everyone I am sure. I have ordered my book and so pleased to be helping such a good cause. I will also be making a donation shortly. Hope you and Adrians family are doing OK. Sending much love and support to you all at this difficult time.

My copy is reserved and my cheque is on its way. So so looking forward to reading the book. Although you may not be here any longer Adrian, the pace has shifted and your army are now fighting on your behalf. My thoughts and prayers as always are with your mum, your dad, your siblings, your girlfriend, and every friend that you had. Feels like a tremendous sense of peace for you now, wherever you are, put your trust in us all to keep this moving forward. As said on a previous post, Im on the register, and hopefully one day will be able to help to the best of my ability. Thanks Liam for all your info. Take care all. X

Hello Liam and thank you for the update about the book.
You must be pulled in so many directions at the moment. On the one hand you are grieving for your wonderful friend and on the other trying to do your job and keep everyone up to date on the blog. It is appreciated how much work goes on behind the scenes.
I think the book will bring different emotions out in everyone but it can only be a good thing if it encourages others to donate.

hi liam
the books a brilliant idea , ordered my copy
take care of yourself this must be so difficult for you all

jane xx

Hi Liam,

What fantastic news! I think it is tremendous that the profits are going to help what Adrian poored his heart into during the final months. You are an amazing person for keeping up with all of these things while so much is unfolding around you. Thank you for your time and efforts, Liam!


Well, here come the tears again. Happy tears, though.
This is fabulous news. Can't wait to get my copy and copies for all my friends, too. Christmas gifts for everyone! :-)


Hi Liam,
Thank you very much for your updates, my thoughts are with you and of course all Adrian's family and friends at this time.
I run Newcastle Marrow - the student branch of the ANT up there. We have clinics all over the uni and in Newcastle and also do loads of publicity and fundraising for the register. I had been in touch with Adrian previously as we're planning on running teaching sessions in sixth forms in Newcastle next term with the aim of helping roll it out across the North East. I just wondered if at some point you could email me to let me know exactly what Adrian wanted to include in the teaching sessions as I would like to make it as close to his ideal as possible.
Hope to hear from you soon, Nikki x

Hi Liam,

I hope you can help me. I am from the United States. I have been reading Baldy's Blog since the beginning & have printed out everything. When I read this morning about the book I most definitely wanted it. I went onto the website & registered but it wouldn't let me go through. Any suggestions on how I might be able to purchase a book?
Or if anyone else from the USA has any suggestions.

It's not the happy ending we all hoped for, but I can see a meaningful and good outcome... Adrian changed the world in his lifetime, and that is a worthwhile story to tell. I will be looking for his book.

All bought and paid for - it will be a bittersweet thing to receive - the wonderful writings of Adrian, but without him here.
Never far from my thoughts.

Can't seem to get the site to work either, Julie! I'm going to call them in a sec and see if I have any trouble purchasing a few over the phone.
Stay tuned...

Please do keep us informed of international shipments of the book. I would really like to purchase the book here in the US.

Andy Ward -- what a wonderful thing you're doing by trying to help spread the word about little Joel. I hope you're winning the battle against this nasty disease yourself, and I wish you (and Joel!) the best of luck.

Also, Julie -- I emailed Mersey Shop and said I was having trouble ordering. Waiting to hear back. Something tells me that maybe, just maybe, they are being flooded with orders right now and their system can't keep up! What a great thought. :-)

Hi Liam, thanks so much for the update. This is a great idea and I will certainly be ordering a copy. If you would like me to add anything to my shop website or indeed have hard copies for sale in the shop please contact me. I already have a page concerning Leukaemia Research on my web site so a link to the book site could be added also. Chris

Brilliant Liam. You and everyone else behind the scenes have been incredible and continue to be so thoughtful even in what must be extremely difficult times for you all. Thanks ever so much.

Reserving my copy now.

Wow what a wonderfull idea! I am going to order my copy now. Liam, Katie and Dan thakyou so much for keeping us updated, this must be such a difficult time for you I hope you know how much we all appretiate you.

My love to the Sudbery family and their friends, sending you all lots of love and hugs.
Heart to Heart

Sarah xxx

I'm just speechless at what Adrian has achieved, and now we have a book from the wonderful man himself!
I too had problems ordering on-line, so phoned the number from the link that Liam provided (Huddersfield Examiner)and ordered successfully.

Warmest thoughts to all Adrian's family and friends. A TRUE CELEB. He will never be forgotten.

Thank you Liam too for keeping all this going through what must be the most difficult time.

Hi Liam,

Thank you so much for the updates. How are you going? This all must be somewhat bittersweet for you. The book is such a wonderful idea, I will defenitely be getting a copy for myself and for my friends. Any idea when we can EXPECT to be able to purchase the book outside of the UK? (I'm in Canada).

God Bless.

Tina K.

Was able to order my copies via email with a very nice associate there at Mersey Shop.
She said they are receiving "many" orders for the book (yay!) but she didn't think it would have bogged down the system enough to make ordering impossible. (Then I told her I'm blonde and she said "Well then, let's go ahead and take your order via this email!" LOVE the Brits!!)

Mid to Late September can't come soon enough. I cannot wait for that book. :-)

Hi Liam,what a brilliant idea,both charities are so worthwhile,and so helpful to leukaemia patients & their families.As always holding Adrians family & friends,fellow blogettes in my heart & thoughts.reiki hugs ,big special hugs for you,liam.Off to get ordering Brendiexxxxxxxxx

Having been away for a week with no computer access, I was gutted to see upon my return that Adrian had passed away. Working in the funeral sector, I personally believe I've built up a 'defence' so to speak, to my emotions where death is concerned. This didn't stop me crying buckets though yesterday when I read the blog and I start to well up every time I think about Adrian and his courageous battle.

I have just placed my order for his book and just want to pass on my love and condolences to the Sudbury family, immediate and global.

Rest in peace Adrian, you'll never be forgotten.


Lisa x

Super, the book idea, Liam!

Yesterday I've just posted this beautiful part of Baldy's Blog (September 2007) on my facebook page with the comment 'The Waiting Room. I believe this is a very strong text. A BOOK WORTH!':
In that post Adrian wrote proudly about his grandma:
'I finally decided to write this post after talking to my grandma in Nottingham. Basically she's bullied me into writing it arguing that people respect honesty and the truth - even though it doesn't always make for pleasant reading. I think she's right, so here we go.'

Deep respect for all your work in difficult days,

Liam - Thank you so much for keeping this updates coming. It must be a hard time for you and I appreciate you taking time to keep us up to date.

This will make a great Christmas gift to many of my friends and family.

I'll be reserving my copy when I get home tonight.

Thanks again,
Denver, CO USA

Hello Liam, hello fellow blogaholics...
I am not surprised at all that the book is as good as ready. So far I have ordered one copy, but when I am back from my holidays I will place a larger order for Christmas, like someone else suggested further up. I'm waiting to get paid!
Love and light to all of you.

Dear Liam

I think the book is a brilliant idea and what a wonderful way to carry on Adrian's work.

Sally x

To Adrian,to you Liam and all those involved in making this happen and for all your recent efforts despite your own personal sadness at this time...BRAVO!

Just bought my copy of the book. Liam, you're a gem. Hope you're getting some time off to relax in front of the Olympics!

We're so grateful for you doing this, especially at this time. Thank you and thanks to everyone behind the scenes.

Warmest regards


Hi everyone, just doing my daily check in. I dont know what I expect to find here on a daily basis but old habits die hard and it is good to see how the army is doing anyway. It is my birthday tomorrow and I will be raising one of my celebratory glasses to my friend and yours dear Adrian. Hugs to all Chris

I am also here, write my name, E mail address and then stare and stare at the comments section.

Feeling so sad.

Have a nice weekend to all blogaholics!

Advance Happy Birthday Christine!


Hi everyone

I, like Christine, can't seem to stop checking in on here. Then I suppose that the army is working as we are still here thinking of Adrian!
Thanks for the news Liam - I'm going to buy the book so that I can lend it to all people I know without access to the internet and try to spread the word further!

great book idea! wish for ever my copy could have been signed by the great man himself, but wasnt to be.
lots of love to adrians family xxxx

I have ordered my book. Comfirmation says it will take 28 to 40 days to reach me here in the USA. I look forward to it arriving. I wanted to take a minute to say how absolutley
amazing all of you wonderful people are who have traveled in Adrian's journey, who have come together in the form of this "army" of love. Traveling Adrian's journey through this blog has changed my life in ways I would have never imagined. I am a better person and not only because of Adrian, (which has been more than emough) but also because of ALL of you.
Who would have known that a keyboard could
connect so many lives together all around this world. You are caring, loving, funny, compassionate, amazing, genuinely wonderful people. Thank You for restoring so much to me that I had lost in my belief that in mankind.
Thank you, Adrian, and your beautiful family for gathering this flock. Happy birthday, Christine, Teresa, your poem is beautiful. Shiney, we will all be sad together, but we will be better for having shared in his journey. Love, Prayers, Peace, and Good Will to ALL of you, and Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves.
Debra (Mississippi USA)

Happy Birthday to me!!! Just thought I would make sure everyone on here has seen the great photos of Adrian on Facebook with his friends. It is so uplifting to see his happy, smiling face full of laughter and fun. He was obviously a really happy guy which came across in the humour on this blog. It is these memories that will get his family and friends through this difficult time. A big cyber hug with a very big duvet to all. Chris

Adrian changed somany people around the whole world Debra, including the one who is writing this.

I used to say animals are better than humanbeings, they never cheat,they will not hurt you, they will not hold grudges,no back stabbing...But after I started reading Adrian's blog, I too came to know about somany wonderful people from all around the world.And now out of my nutshell.Happy that I came to know about such a wonderful personality like Adrian, but the sadness remains.

Thanks for all the wishes Debra, and we all wish you the same through out your life.


Christine, some pictures which I have seen in face book is there in Adrian's blog - June 2008.

I think there are some changes, or I am not sure if I missed that early.


Ordering a copy today.

Big hug, Liam. Thanks for your work here.


So pleased that a book is being made of this blog. So important Adrians journey reaches more people. Cant wait to see it on the shelves

Emma Cruse

I think this is completely awesome! I keep thinking every day that I want to order my copy but I have to wait until I figure out where I'll be living and what my new address is. Aggh!

But it's better than getting lost in the mail :)

Your thoughts are always in my mind Adrian.

I do not know what words comfort your parents and sister.

May god give them peace of mind.


I will be buying the book. I never have much to say,not a writer like Adrian or many of the posters but buying the book will be my tribute to the the great blogs and work Adrian did.

I cannot give blood or be a donar but will encourage others to do so.

I think the book is a great idea my copy is on order lets hope it raises lots of money.I know it's been a difficult time for you all
Thank you

just ordered my book and will def be recomendin to friends (would normally lend but i will make them buy - more books more money to good cause!!)! as an avid reader of blog will be hard to re-read knowing outcome, but i will do remembering this special man.
love to adrian his family and friends xx

So sad to hear the news when I returned from holiday. The book is a great idea and I'll certainly be buying one - two excellent charities benefiting too.
My thoughts are with Adrians family and friends at this sad time, may his work continue and always be remembered.

I have known this morning of the Adrian. It spoke the newspaper that I usually read every day, of him and of the work that he has made towards the sick of leukemia.
Now yes that I know him.
I would want to remit a very great embrace and also a breath of spirit in her family and friends, from Barcelona, Catalonia.

The book is a fantastic idea, and fitting that Adrian's considerable talent as a journalist should be published. As with Adrian's blog, I have been humbled and inspired by other young journalists who have been taken far too soon by cancer, and have also had work published after they have gone. I'm thinking in particular of Ruth Picardie, Deborah Hutton and John Diamond. If any of you get chance, read their books too!

God bless Adrian, my thoughts are with your family.

Jo xxx

I got 6 copies of the book for friends and family and it is such a brilliant read and a great way of raising awareness on bone marrow donation.
I sadly lost my daughter Sarah (aged 27yrs) to Hodgkins in May 2007 and Adrian's description of treatments, procedures, side effects, especially graft versus host disease are just so similiar to what Sarah went through, plus the emotional trauma and the fact that you could never plan anything etc., etc., its a fasinating read and very informative. Heartfelt thanks to all who made this book possible.I hope many young people get the chance to read it. Adrian's legacy lives on!

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