"I will put you through to Gordon Brown now..."


I have just got off the phone with our Prime Minister.

He phoned to explain that he had personally written to all the celebrities that me and the Anthony Nolan Trust had come up with to to try and make people think again about bone marrow donation.

He also had nothing but praise for me, the work we have all been doing and he reiterated the fact he thought I was an inspiration.

Remember, I had thought of this before but decided not to make it part of the campaign because I just assumed it would be an outright no.

This was very much their idea and the very fact that Mr Brown has phoned me himself to confirm he has written those letters is testament to how much this means to him.

Directly afterwards I was able to speak to Ed Balls again.

He also said how inspirational the campaign had been and took his hat off to just how much we have achieved in such a short space of time.

We agreed the best way to make this talk possible was to work not only from the top down but from the bottom up too.

I'd take this the Government to do as much as it can; produce all the resources to enable the talk to be given


you are a wonderful inspiration and your work will change things forever

well done

keep strong

love as always

jane xx

Adrian, you keep amazing me. Brilliant!

Lots of love,

Your inspiration just continues on and on and on

cheers Adrian, congratulations

personal pone calls from the PM huh?

Nice 1

xxxreiki hugsxxx

That's fantastic news!! How are you feeling today??

Pam xxx

That's such wonderful news Adrian. So glad to hear that!

Hope you are feeling ok today.

Thinking of you, Victoria

Dear Adrian
You have truely worked wonders and I hope you have a deep satisfaction and pride in what you have achieved.
Hats off to you from this side of the pond.
with lots of love and light
Steven's mom

O. M. G. : ) !!



Dear Adrian,

That was great,so the government is taking this very seriously.Glad all your efforts are fruitful now.

You got a call from your Prime Minister!

'Queen' angel will be coming within 4-5 hours?!So you dont have to worry about anything in the night, sleep peacefully Adrian, nurse will take care of you.

Good night everybody!

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers




That is just fantastic, and I hope it gave you the lift you deserve right now?

To think of the PM calling YOU - how many reporters in Huddersfield can say that?

Well done!


wow Adrian thats fantatic you are truley an inspiration


Wow, Can I become a UK citizen now?

Not only do you guys have great health care but you can actually talk to the big wigs in charge, get them to listen and have them work on your dreams! Incredible!

Congratulations on accomplishing this Adrian.

fyi - I was describing your blog to one of my friends the other day and telling her about the petition and your plight. The words I used to describe you? - Mind blowing.

I'm sorry, but you are. You're like the best of the best, the cherry on top, the butterscotch pudding, the smell of cut grass, the sunshine on a canyon, the cuddle of a favorite pet, a warm blanket out of the dryer. You're all of those things plus.

You're the person that makes me stop and wonder what kind of world we would have if everyone took the time to make a difference for others.

The power of 1, you've taken it to the next level Brother A.

Congratulations on this new achievement!

Love, Bethany

Mr Brown is saying what we've all thought for ages.... that you're an inspiring man and that this was a brilliant idea.

Fantastic that he called you himself!! Brilliant!


Wow Adrian!! That is Amazing! Great work!


Fantastic news Adrian, you must feel so much pride. I'm proud of you as well! Awesome stuff.

Catherine x

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to say congratulations on all you have achieved! Your doing a great job. Hope your not feeling too bad.

Keep up the good work,

Good God!!!!!

The Sudders effect knows no limit - truly far reaching!

Hope you kept him on hold for a moment or two - I mean, surely he can't have simply assumed that our mega, international journalist/superhero/superstar would be sitting around in his boxers wrapped in his camp night gown twiddling his thumbs - there are, after all, lives to be saved, souls to inspire, people to unite.

You're brilliant Adrian! You should be damned proud. You've achieved all you set out to achieve, and we'll ensure that it's seen through to fruition!!!

Proudest of hugs from Trinidad

Holy COW. Maybe I wasn't so far off in thinking that the Queen herself is going to show up on your doorstep one of these days.
Life just keeps getting more interesting for you, doesn't it? Every day brings a new surprise.

I hope you rest well tonight without visions of .... anyone ... dancing in your head. If you do see the Queen in your bedroom, however, make sure you're fully awake and coherent before you have a conversation with her. (Maybe you can have the nurse give you a PINCH to make sure she's real!)

Peace, Adrian.

~ Mary Anne
Cincinnati, OH USA

BRAVO, ADRIAN!! I'm so proud of you!!!

Hey...Gordon you DO have a heart ! and well done to you Adrian....


I pray for you every day. I think the world of you and I am so thankful to have been able to get to know you through your blog. I am so thrilled for all you have accomplished. You give your family more and more reasons to be proud of you. You have been a rock throughout this ordeal. You have pressed on towards the goal and have achieved not only what you originally set out to do, but you have done so much more. You have a huge following of supporters who lift you up every day, you have enlightened countless thousands about the real deal behind bone marrow transplant, and you have encouraged many people on this side of the pond of the dire need for donors. You are a selfless individual. You are amazing. You are our Adrian!

Columbia,South Carolina

Hi Adrian,

Thats absolutely fantastic, Well done.

You have done what you set out to achieve, and in such a short time as well.

Goodness knows how many lives will be saved in the future, and this will all be down to your determination to make us all aware of bone marrow donation.

Rest easy tonight sweet cheeks, my candle is alight for you. Feel the warmth of our love and admiration for you.

Bless you


Wow Adrian!

What a difference you have made! I am amazed, impressed, awed.

Thank you for taking the time to share this fabulous news with us. We will keep this going.

You are incredible!

with joy,
Denver, CO USA

OK - So you've done it again, another accolade and acknowledgment of your incredible strength and power of your personality.

WELL DONE! WELL DONE! WELL DONE! How did the PM feel about talking to a great celebrity - huh? Well I hope he didn't keep you out of bed, you need your rest to cope with the next honour.

It is so good to see your posts and hear you sounding quite cheerful - now, as Christina said, go and get some rest.

HUGS xxxxxx

Oh FANTASTIC! Good grief, I can't keep up with this campaign.... you are amazing! Once again, thanks so much for updating us - it only motivates us 'foot soldiers' still further, as we see the campaign gathering pace!

I have to say, it would take a pretty hard-hearted, emotionally inept person NOT to be captivated by the 'Sudders Effect'

A point to note; why this is all SO important; my long suffering boss has suspected my 'blogaholism' for a while. He's dutifully signed the petition and was just about coming round to the idea of joining the bone marrow donor register himself. I learned today, his wife, a NURSE for many years has tried to discourage him!!! (He's self employed and as such, can't afford much time off work.)

She told him that should he be asked to donate, he'd need THREE MONTHS off work to convalesce!!! WHAT?!!! Okay, so she trained over 20 years ago, when the procedure may have been very different, however, do medical staff (the lady in question is a RGN) not receive updated information on the likes of bone marrow donation? Is it deemed to be a 'specialist' area?

Seems this talk / campaign / information needs to be built into the infrastructure at every level, such is the ignorance out there!

Thanks to the wealth of excellent material you have provided, Ad, the ANT website and information from professionals such as Ann Van de Velde, who comment here, I've been able to put her straight! Little ol' me, with no medical background whatsoever - LOL! :-)

I hope this evening finds you feeling comfortable - as ever, I'm sending out all my love, energy and warmest wishes to you and your family

Charlotte xx

The top bloke contacting our "TOP BLOKE". WOW!! where to next I wonder? Thanks for the update. Loads of love Diane xx

Congratulations on yet another great step in you wish to educate people. What fabulous news.
Take care,

I haven't commented before but have lurked. There is nothing left to say that has not been said so I can only echo everyone else's praise for your courage and inspiration. You have compacted and achieved more in a short span than a city of souls living to be a hundred.

Take care of your smile, don't wear it out as it is very precious to us all.


Just a note to the parents...

Thank you for the gift of Adrian..We are his loving groupies and we are ALL better people because of him. Thank you for allowing him the moments he shares with us here. Thank you for raising a brilliant son..Thank you to Carrie for loaning him to us. Consider everyone of us your permanent family..a world of brothers and sisters for you. God bless you and we will all be grateful for this experience forever.

much love to you both and Carrie and Liam...

Heart to heart



Well Done Adrian!

I put myself on the volunteer list to start giving these talks through the Anthony Nolan Trust and have today spoken with them about this. As a survivor I feel that I cam inspire this age group to donate and will do everything in my power to do so!

Well Done. I hope that you feel exceptionally proud of yourself!

Also hope that you are feeling as well as can be.


So much Love and Respect

Emma xxxx

Wow Adrian thats amazing ...but then so are you ...love and warm wishes Karen x

The PM phoned you. Gosh maybe there is a heart in the man. That is so impressive and says so much about you.

Amanda x

OMG! : ) there's blogohol - -

then there's



the hotline ? ! ? !

Lighting my candle and singing all around the AA campfire tonight!!

and there rises the chant TIGER! TIGER! TIGER! : ) !

This is a truly wowsome night!

Did you dream this one? no,no, you usually know if you did that : )

All the love in the world with awe and thanks : ) !!!





Well done my friend!!! You must be so proud. Just goes to show your are not done yet.

I haven't written but check in every day.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Kim (NY-USA)

Well done Adrian.

You are able to inspire everyone even the prime minister!

I looked on the link to Anthony Nolan link the other day and although i can't donate cos of my cancer I did read the part about becoming a volunteer speaker. I thought 'I might do that' but was a bit unsure really. Then I thought of all the amazing things you have done and felt ashamed of even thinking 'might' so I got right back on to the page and registered. I will do it for you and because of you. I shall always think of you when I do it!

Lots of hugs
Alison x

PS I love your pic on the last entry - it's lovely!

How impressive is that?!! :o)

You truly are a singularly amazing inspiration Mr Sudbury, I am so proud to 'know' you and to be even a tiny part of what you are doing. I hope you are feeling massively proud of yourself :o)

*hugs and happy proud thoughts to you* xxx

Another coop dear boy. Was great to see your pic and the post earlier we do worry you know. Anyway big pat on the back and just to say night night sweet dreams.


Brilliant news Adrian.

The Sudders effect reaches Downing Street again.
I can see a TV advert with famous faces, advising everyone on how to donate. Who knows, perhaps someone somewhere can make this more than wishful thinking. Anyone?

Sleep well tonight Adrian knowing how much you have achieved again.

In my thoughts

Definitley one of the most worthwhile things Gordon Brown has concerned himself with recently!

Proud of you Adrian! It must give you some idea of how much of in inspiration you are to us all - you've given people back their belief in the individual's power to change things for the better!

Keep smiling, and much love and courage to your amazing family - I was thinking about you yesterday on the train to work and (embarassingly!) shed a little tear, and I don't even know you. I can't begin to imagine what it must be like for them to lose such a special person.
You're in our thoughts,
p.s. You looked gorgeous in your last picture Mr Sudbury!


I've followed your highs and lows over the last few months, although i have never poster here before.

You, and your story are amazing - you really can't beat a teatime call from the PM! Your friends and family must be bursting with pride!

Take care, and god bless

Brilliant, Adrian, absolutely brilliant!

I have never responded to blogs or anything like them but I have been reading about you all along. Even though I don't know you personally, I can't keep away.

I just had to tell you that you are an absolute inspiration. You have done more in your short life than most politicians will ever achieve.

I know you won't be looking for glory but be proud of all you have achieved- your family and friends certainly will be.

With lots of love and affection.

Adrian, you are constantly amazing me with your positivity!!! They (The prime Minister and Co) are sooo right, You are an inspiration to everyone!!!

Lots of love, Dawn xxx

PS Becky sends you her love.. She is anxiously waiting for her GCSE results!!! xxx

How fantastic! We are all so very proud of you!

Sweet dreams.

Tracy x

Well done Adrian, you desearve nothing less than the best. Another inspirational bit of news and shows that in this life, spirit, bravery and endeavour against adversary can be recognised and respected. The difference you will and are making for others is amazing and reading all of the blogaholic posts, you can just see how people are being inspired by you to make a difference. GB calling you, wow, lets hope your inspiring him, empowers him to take all your wishes and complete your requirements in educating and informing people about donation. God bless you Adrian. Jan & Tony.


Because of you, thousands of peoples lives will be saved.

You've made the people that count sit up and listen and take action which whole governments can't even do.

You have touched my possible personal situation with my son and for that I will never be able to thank you enough and I will never forget you or your campaign.

Sally x

I go over to facebook and leave you for a minute and this happens. Wow Adrian this is fantastic. Are we now officially on first name terms with the P.M. and will it be celebs ringing your home next. If you have to leave us Adrian this is the way to do it. Talk about going out in a blaze of glory. You have made a huge difference to the human race Adrian and there are so many who will owe their lives to you. Re: my comment on the previous post I will check in on you Friday. Take care and stay strong. Say hi to Liz when she calls. Chris

WOW! Well done you! thats incrediable...whooohoo!

thanks so much for your updates today, its great to hear from you. Stay strong, and smiling.

WOW the BIG CHEESE himself! what an achievement!
talk about taking flight with a big bang!

you are a true fighter...

look after yourself till tomorrow.
Love to you and your family

Great to see you....its just one fantastic result after another...!! Well done.
I am glad that you are getting the care and love that you are at home...and in a funny way, from all of us too! Big, big hugs...(())

Sleep well tonight Adrian - you are an absolute star and we all love you very much. You and your dear family are always in my thoughts.

Every now and again someone comes along who has the ability to make people sit up and listen, Time and time again you have done that.

Lovely picture, the curls are fab!!!

Sweet dreams Suds,

Kel x

Hi Adrian,

Well done again for all you have done.

I have just been on facebook and WOW - the amount of members has doubled since I last checked. You have done a fab job in raising awareness to such an important cause. A little boy called Freddie inspired me to be on the register, and 70 others who also registered at an ANT day in Dec 06. He sadly lost his fight aged 13 months. Because of him I now donate blood and will do for as long as I am able. You have done an amazing job. I wish you a pain free slip into freedom from suffering. All the best to you Adrian and all your loved ones xx

Hey you....

I am beaming with pride for you. I sometimes feel patronising saying that I am proud of you, but really, I am . The ripple effect has been replaced with the Sudders effect. When you started this campaign, they just didn't know what was going to hit them!
You will always inspire me my friend. I will always think of you with love and pride.
(you 80s blogettes like me are humming the song now aren't you!!)
Anyway. Loads of love to you and yours. Next time you speak to our Gordon, give him my love.
Night mate. Sleep tight. I'll stop by again tomorrow. X~X~X~X~X~X~X

well done! thats brilliant , you are up there with Bob Geldof and Bono for changing things and making people listen
Josie x

You have an everlasting legacy. That is absolutely - BRILLIANT, as you say in the UK. You deserve to have this legacy, Adrian, because you are am amazing person. Many congratulations to you.

Monica C.
Dallas, Texas USA


This is ace! Well done Adrian - nice work!

Hope you're having a good rest now.

Be back soon,

Vic x

Wow, just when you think it can't get better, it does! Congrats again Adrian, and God Bless you for all the lives you've saved by being so selfless in the face of this tragedy you are forced to endure.

You know, it's just a matter of time now before the Queen herself calls.....wouldn't surprise me one little bit!

Amazing, simply amazing. I can't stop smiling for you. Yep, that light you see on the western horizon is the glare of the many smiles coming to you from this side of the pond.

We raise you up my friend, you're one of a kind and we're proud to walk beside you!

So, it is the Sudders Effect showing off in a very nice way. Well done Adrian!

Amazing how a little oil like spill can spread so far and reach people on so many levels.

My hat off to you Sir!


Adrian, Congrats on the phone call. Very cool and I'm sure satisfying for your project. It will come to fruition. Glad to see you can still smile!! You are amazing.


Cudabudasudabud! : ) !


Hi Adrian:

Just wanted to tell you my donor registry card arrived in the mail today. Never would have done it if I hadn't read your blog.

Sleep well,
(Denver, CO USA)

this news is amazing!!! what an achievment. down to you, you will make such a change to so many peoples lifes by just writing about an illness which has encouraged the PM to do this campaign. I put my name on the volunteer list for anthony nolan a few days back. the facebook blog is looking great too!


wonderful. i like what someone wrote above....the 'sudders effect'. maybe that will become it's own way to describe someone that has taken on a challenge, educated those around them, and fought as valiantly as he/she could in order to leave behind a legacy to improve the lives of others. thinking about you in nebraska.
a long distance hug from (yet another) unmet friend.

every one of us will ultimately die, but so few of our lives will mean so much. thank you for sharing the triumph that your life is.

Still thinking of you. So nice to hear from you two days in a row!

Now, back to the important stuff...if you decide to marry me, don't worry about a ring. Really, I am not very materialistic! Also, I am a nurse...so I can double as wife/care-taker! ;)


Morning Adrian,

Hope you are feeling a little brighter today. This is great - its just a shame that someone ie you has to be so ill for the government to sit up and take notice and do something about it.

This is just the first step - as I've said before this campaign is just the stepping stone for the introduction of education about Leukaemia and other cancers affecting teenagers and young adults into schools.

My promise to you Adrian is that I will do whatever I can to ensure that this work continues and progresses.

Thank you for starting it all - and yes, you are an inspiration - when I feel down and think about packing it all in you, my Maria and so many others I know affected by this illness come into my mind and that gives me the strength to carry on the fight.

Love Diane x


dear adrian

Wow, absolutely amazing. Unbelievable and totally fantastic.

Take care my sweet one. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope for some pain free days ahead and some happy more happy memories created.

Tammy, south yorkshire
x x x x x

dear adrian

Wow, absolutely amazing. Unbelievable and totally fantastic.

Take care my sweet one. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope for some pain free days ahead and some happy more happy memories created.

Tammy, south yorkshire
x x x x x

Love to all,

Wow! Hobb knobbing again (and I still can't spell it, do you think it should be like the biscuit???)

I know it's been said but you are truly an inspiration, I wish I could find a way to help. Maybe if I ever get my dream of becoming a published writer, I could do a character and raise awareness? Maybe I'm not that good a writer though.

Hope you had a 'good' night.
God bless
Mel x

All the best Adrian.

Result! Nice one Adrian, well done. Looks like the talk may become a reality, what a fantastic legacy to leave, I hope the knowledge that your campaign is going to save lives makes you proud, it really should.

By the way, you were in my dream last night! I was taking my A-levels AGAIN (I have that one a lot when I'm stressed), you were chatting to me outside the exam room and gave me the answers to 2 of the questions. They turned out to be the only 2 questions I could answer because I'd revised the wrong subject, so thank you for that. I really shouldn't eat chocolate before bed, it does me no favours!

Hope you're feeling ok today,
Loads of love to you and your family,
Vicola xxx

Adrian you amaze me and inspire me, thats fantastic news, if Gordon Brown rang me I would think someone was pulling a prank!

I so this campaign achieves fantastic results.

Take Care


Dear Adrian,
We've all been telling you what a fantastic role model you are!!! and now our great leader has endorsed this, you can truly move mountains!!! I can't begin to imagine what you could achieve if you had your full health and strength. You would be unstoppable.
Love as always to you and your family
Sandra XXXX

Warm thoughts and hugs winging there way over the super highway this morning to you. Have a wonderful day. You really are one of lifes 'Special People'. Well done to you.

Much Love


Absolutely amazing Adrian!

Well done... you must be so proud. Once again I use the quote from Alan Bennett's The History Boys, as it is the least we can do. If we stop talking about it then we achieve nothing.

"Take it, feel it and pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. Pass it on."

That's what we've gotta do guys...pass it on!!

Love and peace


Ive followed your journey from the beginning, but first time poster. What you have acheived is truly amazing. Your family must be so very proud of you, and you too Adrian should be very proud of yourself.Rest assured your work will continue. Much love, peace and calm to you and all your family
Anne xx

Dear Adrian,

Good Morning.

Hope you had a peaceful night.I checked earlier and expected one post today too!
Have a nice day with your family.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers.


Now, words fail me again...Unbelievable!!
Thank you Adrian, Gordon Brown and both your Armies for doing this.
It's a sunny working day here in the hospital transplant unit! I'm not living in the UK, but it makes me hope for a brighter future in Belgium as well...


OMG that's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely brilliant Adrian. Only you hey!

Thinking of you constantly.

Sending you BIG loves, hugs, kisses and prayers.

Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Absolutely SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are things today?? You are looking remarkably quirky in your picture....always a smile!! x

Well done Aidy, our thoughts and prayers are with you as always, the Leightons x

Well done.
You are an inspiration to all.

Anne xx


Yet another reason to send you a standing ovation through cyberspace...

It's time for us to take OUR hats off now.

To you.

x x x

You are amazing!!

Still thinking of you, as always.



Like every other member of "Adrian's Army", I was tickled pink (haven't used THAT SAYING IN FOREVER!!) to see yet another update from our Fearless Leader! Dreams of the Queen, Prince Charles praying for you, a phone call from the PM.......mmmmm wonder who's next ;-)
Charlotte's comment made me even more aware of how VERY IMPORTANT your campaign is. There is just so much ignorance out there - even in the medical fraternity.
We owe it to you to keep fighting for this campaign to succeed way beyond your wildest dreams ...... and WE WILL!!!
A peaceful comfy day to you and your precious Family. I shall raise the glass @ 20hoo as always.
Love, blesssings and soft hugs as always,
Janet in SA

What fantastic news Adrian, hope you are feeling brighter today
(((great big hugs)))
Love as always
X Marlene.


I have tears of pride prickling in my eyes. Love love love that Gordon Brown telephoned you with this update; the Sudders Effect is astonishing. The energy that you have put into this campaign and the way you have inspired others to act is truly remarkable.

That you have allowed us all to get to know you through your blog, enabling us to become "cyber friends" and share your journey is wonderful; a real privilege. Your words and journalistic talent are incredible - just look what you've done with this blog!!! You've made friends with all of us, inspired such emotion, pride, awareness and action about this topic and maintained amazing dignity throughout. I think you are an outstanding man and want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this.

Wonderful Adrian, I am sending much love as ever and my usual cyber hug to you, your friends and family.

Kate xxx

Hi Ade,

Oh my word, bet you couldn't believe it when he was on the phone!!! and how lucky is HE to actually get to speak with you!!!

Well done, hope you feel you can rest knowing what all your hard work and campaigning has led to, I mean, the big man at the top that really is awesome when you think about it. We will keep up this fight for you, rest assured.

Have a peaceful day. Remember we are all thinking of you.

Take good care, love and big hugs.

Wiltshire, U.K.


WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!

Love Louise x x x x

Love and hugs as always,Jean xxxxxx

Amazing news - the top man in Government personally calling our top man! Adrian, this just goes to show that all your work has been so worthwhile and is an encouragement to not only you and your family but also to all the members of Adrian's Army - us blogaholics!

This really is incredible news, I am so glad that this is all starting to unfold. I just hope and pray that this all goes somewhere and your dreams become a reality.

Once again I send you warm hugs, love and best wishes. I hope you are feeling okay today and spending time surrounded by loved ones.

Thinking of you always
Rebecca xoxo

That is brilliant, YOU are brilliant.

x x

OOoooooooo check you out!!! Wow, thats fantastic!!
Glad to hear from you, have been thinking of you lots.

Karen xxx

Brilliant news Adrian very well done. I shall join in the 8 o'clock toast tonight.
Think I am officially a blogaholic now.

Lindy Lou

Good Morning (or afternoon, rather) to you, Adrian and to the rest of the Sudbury household and fellow bloggers. Hope everyone is doing allright. Just wanted to check in, say hello and wish you all a good day, good night, etc. :-)
Hugs and kisses to you all...


Adrian, thanks to you and your story I am now on the marrow transplant list here in America. You got a lousy amount of time on this earth but do realize what you have accomplished in that time- how many people you have touched worldwide, how many lives will ultimately be saved. We are all with you in spirit.
Rhode Island, USA

well done adrian you are a legend !

Bravo, Adrian, bravo. Not the way anyone would ever chose to be recognized, but given the hand you've been dealt, you have done more than anyone could ever dream. We are proud to stand behind you!


Dear Adrian and family,
what wonderful news, you are truly a unique young man thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with us all, love to you all, wishing you peace and comfort safe in the arms of your family (and of course those wonderful nursrs) x Louise x

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are doing ok , without much troubles.

Thinking of you and praying for all of you.Hope you are enjoying time with your family.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers


Excellent mate.

Afternoon Sudders,

Hope you've had a restful day surrounded by your loved ones.

Thanks to you I am no longer content with wallowing in self pity when I'm not feeling well - what's a bit of a cold compared with what you're coping with eh? (In fewer words, I'm blaming you for the fact that I'm at work feeling rubbish :) hee hee

All my family and friends know about your chat with Gordon...very impressed!

Lots of love and hugs winging their way from Trinidad



You know we are glued behind this matter now dont you? But this is jsut fantastic progress towards getting the message accross effectively.

All I was wondering is did you have to call him "Prime Minister" ?!!

Hugs and a couple of kisses. Now go get some rest and a cold drink!


None of this surprises me any more with you. I expect it, because you deserve all of it and so much more!

I hope you are resting well today, enjoying the love and companionship of your family, and feeling no pain. You are in my thoughts all of the time.


With love,

Well done on the phone call!!! 5km fundraising after 24hrs £130. Not bad but scope for improvement!!! Had my bloods done today. All ok but slightly anaemic.This *%$£ing leukaemia has a fight on its hands!! Determined to make my 27th birthday in oct

Steph x

I can't even express how amazed I am at how much you have accomplished in such a short period of time. It is, in fact amazing.

Love from Canada.

Dear Adrian,

I want to sit here for some more time, but my back is paining.After I started reading your blog, I spend hours in front of computer, checking, rechecking, reading rereading your early posts.

Hope you had an ok day,have a very peaceful night.Good Night!Wake up to a good day tomorrow.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers to Adrian and family.

Hi Stephanie,

Just 2 more months for your birthday,you can celebrate it.Have a peaceful night!


nah then cheeky chops!
how are you today? i hope you are behaving yourself and flashing that gorgeous smile of yours around. i've had a day of housework unfortunatly but it has been accompanied by many an 80's and 90's classic. I am going to get reported to the NSPCC soon if i'm not careful. My 3 year old is stomping around the house singing Steps songs. Surely that's a cruelty issue?
Anyway, I better go and make some grub. Hope you are smiling. Love n Latte to you all.

Do you have a justgiving.com page or something where we can add our ha'penny?
Good luck with the run. Take care.

To the Sudders Clan...
Hope it's as pleasant in your neck of the woods as it's here in London....The sun is finally shinning through the dark clouds.

Wishing you restful sleeps, and plenty of smiles during your waking hours.....

Steph, That's the spirit , keep fighting...

xxxreiki hugsxxx

WOW didn't expect to see that when I looked in!
How did it happen? Did he just say 'Hey Gordon here Adrian'?!


GREAT JOB!! You have worked feverishly to raise awareness and now, your hard work continues in more ways than I'm sure you could have ever imagined.

I hope you are having a good day (especially after that phone call!)

You in our thoughts and prayers...


this should direct you to Stephanies site


I will be joining the toast at 8 to celebrate all your achievements and to wish you and your family a peaceful night ahead. Sending Love to you all xx

Hi Adrian,

your post made me remember Live Aid 1985: "The sun was shining ... so were the people, and so were the bands."

Bob Geldof, in his own words: http://www.bobgeldof.info/Charity/liveaid.html

David Bowie and his CBC video:
- We could be heroes... (but we certainly aren't in daily life!)


… and also Live8 2005: http://www.live8live.com/
'Make stem cell donation the future', the new 'make poverty history'.
Both are the tasks for giants. Adrian, minister Brown and the Queen, keep going!

You are doing an amazing job Adrian!

Sending you love, hugs and prayers


Wow, fantastic news, Adrian! Proof that you continually have a tremendous impact on the lives of many people. So excited for you!

Continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Thank you for your updates!


Hi Adrian

Well I hope you have slept the sleep of the contented today. You are absolutely inspirational, but there again that has been said so many times before, so surely you must believe it now.

My Yankee candle, Willow Breeze is lit, I have toasted you as we all do at 8 o'clock and it is a chance to say night night to you.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks.

Bless you



Wow, that is pretty tremendous! You should be very proud of your self and the vision that you had had grown and moved forward ten fold. It is amazing what can be done when you sset your mid to it and do not let anything stand in your way.

This is all your doing! Everyday it is a blessing knowing that you are still here and that this amazing blog has made it possible for us to share our support.

For Stephanie, we are fighting for you as well. You will make it to your next Birthday and we will all happily post our birthday wished as October rolls around.

Chin up!

Much love,
Heather Marton
Agoura Hills, CA

yay, i just saw you on calendar mr sudbury. is there no escaping you? lol
now the whole county will be in awe once more!

Just seen this last update and... WOW!! That's amazing news, I like Gordon Brown a lot more than I did 5 minutes ago! Seriously though, congratulations, Adrian you have achieved more in a few months than most achieve in a life time. Stay strong, Delia (at Notts Post) x

Thanks DAWNY. Added my ha'penny.
I just wish there was more we could do...
Thanks mate. ~X~X~X~X~X~

Adrian - Heard the Arctics "Brianstorm" today; made me grin and immediately thought of you!

I hope you're all comfy there and are able to enjoy your time with your parents, reflecting on all your amazing achievements of late!

Stephanie - added my best wishes and ha'penny to your sponsorship page too; thanks for the link Dawny :-)

Sending all my love, energy and positive vibes tonight, Charlotte xx

Hello you : )

Today started sunny in London, Kensington, then the heavens opened!

So I saw my neighbor on the road, and she told me the weather was getting to her.

Then it occurred to me the weather wasn't getting to me.

Hey, down to you I think! : )

Other higher things on my mind now : )

Did I say thank you today?

: ) !




Amazing news Adrian!! How are you feeling today? Hugs and Love, Saz xx

Hey Adrian and family,

Saw you're nominated for yet another award! You young Achiever, you! Congrats. I hope you win it, because you have achieved so much and helped so many in your short life. Be proud. I know I'm proud of you!! Hope you're sleeping soundly right now... sweet dreams.


Absolutely amazing. You continue to inspire. Much love to you and yours as always.

Well done - a personal phone call from the PM! I promise to do all I can to support this work. We are looking at what we can do in the area I work in so fingers crossed, we will start to make a difference.

I hope you are comfortable and the syringe driver and support you are getting from your family, friends and nurses is helping.

I feel privileged to have read your blog since before your transplant - you are an inspiration.


Adrian, I really hope you read this, Please let me know if you do.
i have met you once. I mean, how many people do you meet once, yet u are still inclined to follow their blog for a year and a half?!?!?
That says alot doesn't it.
Words can't describe how much of an ispiration you are to me, i just wish i had got to know you more, first impressions count for alot, and you gave the best first impression!!!!!
What more can i say?! Everything you have done is amazing adrian, and soon i am going to get in trouble for logging on to this blog constantly in work time!!!
I wish you all the peace and happiness that is possible right now, please always know the affect you have had on people.
Lots of love and hope,
Lauren x x x x x x x x

Another day is coming to an end here in Arizona and a mighty storm has come through and washed the air clean. It smells so good outside and sat out for a bit with the dogs for a cuddle. Sometimes it gives me great comfort to think of you and most of the cyber stalkers tucked away for just a few more minutes before your days start. Fresh days for each of you......my but we are lucky to have the freedoms we enjoy and the technology that lets us visit each other...

Wishing you a day of tender memories and much love Sudders.....

heart to heart


Well done Adrian, you truly are an inspiration. You should be so proud of yourself with what you are achieving.

Hugs & snogs

Donna xx

Hey Adrian, I hope your sleeping well right now. You are such an inspiration to all of us, thank you.

Peoria, AZ

Adrian and co,

this mail I just received this morning from a friend - I like to share:

Interdependence "Whatever we do to any other thing in the great web of life, we do to ourselves, for we are one." - Brooke Medicine Eagle, 1991

The great web of life - this amazing connection that binds us together. These days when we hear "web" we think of the worldwide web. And this is a great analogy for how we can really move beyond space and time to experience our connection with one another. I had a service question for aol recently, and ended up speaking with a technician in India! We had a great conversation. He solved my problem and I showed him my whatsyourdosha.com website. Although Ayurveda is somewhat new to us here in the west, it's a part of everyday life in India, and he was pleased that we are finally "getting" it! - Lissa Coffey

Keep blogging - there's nothing wrong with blogaholics!

What a beautiful Derbyshire morning. Hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine. Not sure whether you have a routine hospital appointment today but, if so, hope all goes well.

I'll be raising my glass to you tonight at 8.

Sending love and strength always.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Morning petal. Hope you are good today. It's a beautiful morning in Yorkshire. I hope you are behaving yourself - I am sure you are! ~X~X~X~
Take care hunny

Dear Adrian,

Good Morning!

Hope you had a peaceful night yesterday.
Just wondering who is going to call you today?!

Have a nice, peaceful day Adrian.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


Morning Adrian

As Christina says, a beautiful morning here in Derbyshire, and I also hope you are able to at least enjoy that feeling of sunshine streaming in through your window, and maybe even be up to sitting out for a while to enjoy that feeling of the sunshine on your skin.

Sending you love and a big hug as always - hoping you are peaceful and comfy with everyone you love around you. Will raise my glass to you at 8.

Cheryl xx

Good Morning Adrian,

Lovely weather here in Wiltshire today too. Hope you are doing o.k today. Thinking of you as always.

Love and best wishes.

Wiltshire, U.K.

Hello from sunny Scotland! Hope you're well today!

Steph x x

ps biggest thank you to all the blogaholics who have sponsered me so far! love u all :)

SHAZZZAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!! Bravo!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!
Adrian you simply ROCK.
Love and Prayers, Debra

Hi Adrian,

Just checking in to say good morning (well, it is here anyway!) and to wish you a good day. :-)

Thinking of you always,


thats such an amazing achievement, you really are an inspiration xxxxxx

Gordon Brown says it correct- 'We have to find new ways to communicate - to have our voice heard': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ziDciRjxUo
I'm glad but not surprised that you can call your PM a friend for life!
(Otherwise he would not have made that important telephone call).


Number 10 in bloom!
Go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/downingstreet/sets/72157606556357868/
to see a range of flowers - agapanthus, begonias and rudbeckia to name just a few - that are carefully tended by the Downing Street gardeners.

Hope you can enjoy a lovely summer evening.

Meanwhile A Paint Ball's Army and a brave PM:

Antwerp, Belgium

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are having a nice day.

Weekend is here, hope you have a nice time with friends and family.

Time for another update?!

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


Brilliant news ,so pleased that the goverment are moving on with your ideas.Are they scared that we will march on your behalf?you bet we will.holding you ,family,friends & fellow bloggers in my heart & thoughts.Will toast you all at 8o clock.love,light & reiki hugs.Have a peaceful,cuddly & comfy night,Brendiexxxxxxxxxx

My god Adrian,

You just continue to amaze me. What an awesome person you are. Your legacy will live on to help others in situations like yourself.
You have accomblished so much in a short amount of time.
Hats off to your parents. They have raised one heck of a man. They have to be so proud of you & with good reason.

Lots of Hugs,

Dear Adrian,

Good Night!Hope you had a nice day.

Wish you all a good night's sleep.

Hope your anxiety is under control now, that is the worst part.Sleep well Adrian and wake up to a good day tomorrow.

My heartfelt prayers and lots of love



"Hope you're still enjoying quality time with your family and friends. I've got so much to tell you about my few days away - if you won't be too bored! I'll be checking in myself tomorrow evening - I can't wait!

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours,


And from me...

I hope you've had a good day, surrounded by your wonderful family. I'm not sure if you'll have been in hospital today for your weekly blood and platelet transfusion - anyhow, I hope you're feeling ok and are in good spirits this evening!

It's coming to that time on a Friday night where many of us cyber-friends join together for the 8.00pm 'Sudders Cyber Toast' :-)

Thinking about you, your family, friends and wider blog family and sending all my love,

Charlotte xx
(confirmed blogaholic!!)

Just issuing my daily thoughts and prayers for you...sending you lots of love from here!

Julie in Columbus, Ohio USA

Hi Adrian, hi army. Sorry havnt checked in for a couple of days. My daughter was crowned Miss Teen Queen UK last year and we had to go to Milton Keynes for her to crown the new beauty. Missed my candle burning but toasted you with champagne instead. Lovely evening but long journey and perhaps just a little too much of the fizzy stuff. Managed to arrive home intime to light the Yankee Water Garden and rushed to the laptop to check on things in the Sudbury household and read the many comments that our Army have left. Hope you are keeping the anxiety under control Adrian and you are having lots of cuddles with your family. Chris

HI Adrian,
I want to hear form you, but I also want you to be spending every second with the people you love. So perhaps now is our time to write, to say I believe in your cause so clearly that I will be continuting your work. I have a captive audience of 10 young people on a minibus tomorrow, and about 6 hours to discus with them the possibilities around donation. Interspersed with some Abba Gold, they will be begging to hear about transplants.
I send a hug, and love and peace, Hmm, sounds a bit 60s.

Dear Ad:

I was thinking of the countless people you have helped and your campaign will help in the future...Countless..and my mind cannot imagine all of that so I took it down to "what if it was just one" and that ONE was as brilliant as you...as giving as you...as kind as you...You could make the world a better place with just one, but it will be so many more than one Adrian and its all because of you...Its a living miracle and it is everlasting...

There is a song in Les Miserable and the words go "to love another person is to see the face of God".......we all love you, and you are showing us the face of God..how humbling....

I love you Ad..

heart to heart


Get you tyke lad !!
Have to say Mr Brown lucky he caught you in.
Well done you my sweet !!
love Sue x

Steph you will have something the gold bronze and silvers can never - - you are an athlete of PURE HONOUR.

This is an achievenent of the off-the-map kind!!! Ads too!!




hey shades

once again - awesome news!!! WELL DONE MATEY!!!

my pesky work have blocked your blog, don't they know how important you are?? it is downright outrageous.....

was great to see you on Monday, I was on the receiving end of a famous Keith ice-cold drink - yum yum

love forever

mazzle xxx

ps - I dont mean to be morbid but I feel I ought to reassure you I have a fantastic black hat for the big day - look out for it - you will love it, I know. Nothing but the best for you my friend xxx

Sleep well tonight Adrian - thinking of you, your wonderful family, carers, friends and your supportive 'Army' as always. xx

Heard you on Radio 5 a few months ago, signed the petition - and for some reason was just wondering how you are, how things were going for this random guy I'd heard on the radio? and discovered this blog.

I'm sorry to hear that you are in your final weeks, I don't know what to say that can mean anything in comparison to that news, but the fact that Gordon Brown is on the phone to you hopefully indicates that the petition has been noticed and that some good really will come from your campaigning.

For my part, I was recently told I couldn't give blood because of my disability - that's ridiculous given that although I just got a diagnosis, I was born with my condition and I've given blood many times in the past - and they have just agreed to let me give blood again. Blood products have been part of saving my dad's life in the past. I always encourage people to give blood as a result.

Now I will also encourage them to consider being bone marrow donors too.

Keep blogging. And best wishes.

Hi Adrian and family -

Just want to let you know you are in my thoughts a lot.

Sent with love from Diane

morning adrian

The weekend is here again. Hope you are not in too much pain and your family and lovely nurses are looking after you. Just wanted to say you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Sending love and hugs to you and your family.

Tammy south yorkshire
x x x x x x

Good Morning Adrian,

Hope you slept peacefully yesterday.

Try to enjpy this weekend.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


i just got my blood test kit to take to the docs, i only sent the forms away last week, so that was really quick.
i would never of done anything like this if i had'nt read ant of your blog,
ijust hope that i will be a match one day,
thank you adrian, for making me a better person. x

Have a good weekend, Adrian and family and friends.

The 8.00pm 'Sudders Cyber Toast'.

Adrian, in Belgium we say: 'A Duvel a day keeps the doc away.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeL5rBA5D1Y
(Duvel is the Dutch word for Devil - a very strong golden beer)

Hurricanes, Händels Sarabande, and…

Probably not good together with all your medication, but this Duvel beer is underway from Antwerp to the UK...


Hi Adrian,

I've been reading your blog for a while now and find you truly remarkable.

This year I'm the Aberdeen Uni Marrow's Treasurer and am myself a donor. I've met many people in a similar situation as yourself as I've just completed the haematology, oncology and palliative care rotations. Thank you for all the work you're doing for the register, you are incredible. It is individuals such as you that make me stop and think medicine is truly where I want to be, with so many people with so much heart, determination and character.

I will never forget you,
Love and comfort,
from Rosie

Hi Adrian, hi Sudders family, hi fellow Sudders fans,
just popping in to wish you a good weekend.
I'm off to work.


Adrian, I've been following your campaign for several months now ever since I heard your inspiring conversation on Radio 5 Live. I've smiled and cried as I've checked Baldy's Blog daily. I even tried to become a donor, but at 42, both me and my husband are too old. Most nights I say a small prayer to give you a peaceful night and will carry on doing so. You really are an inspiration and you are making me (and probably a zillion others) better people for having touched them.

Best wishes to you and your superb family and friends

Hi Adrian
Thinking of you as i do every day hope your as comfortable as possible.
love to you and your family.
More Hugs and lots of love Jillxxxx

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are doing ok.

Hope you had a peaceful, worry free, pain free day .

Have a peaceful evening/night.

I will be checking again

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers


Afternoon Adrian.
Hope today finds you and your family and friends in good spirits.

Just had to say, this happened and I thought of you..
Went shopping to Trafford this morning(or intended to) and managed to make it, only just, to Birch Services where my little 'reliable' car decided it was fed up of it's exhaust, gave me no warning and duly dumped it!

You were the first person I thought of,not the RAC, remembering the picture of your car on the hard shoulder.
You see the impression you have had on people?!!


Next time he calls can you ask him to reduce the tax on booze.......?!!

As always i'm thinking of you and i hope that you aren't in too much pain.

Shame about the Forest today - Spurs were just as bad :-(


Dear Adrian,

Good Night! Have a peaceful, trouble free night.Wake up to a good day tomorrow.

Lots of Love and heartfelt prayers to you and family.


Absolutely remarkable! Congratulations Adrian! Have a good day today and a great day tomorrow, love to you all!

Paula, co. Tyrone

Hello curly (and family),

Just checking in to say hello and wish you a wonderful day and a good night's sleep tonight. We're celebrating my dad's birthday today, which is a huge deal to my family since my dad has had heart problems since I was about 12 years old. I remember him lamenting "I'll never make it to 50." and then it had to turn into "I'll never make it to 60." And here is 66. He remarked the other day "I just keep getting older and older. Isn't that great?!" Yes, it is. I'm glad to know that he truly appreciates his years on this earth, and it's stories like yours that make a lot of us stop and think and be thankful for what we have. Most people lie about their birthdays or dread them because they don't want to get old -- some pray for the chance to grow old. Just wanted to add that since my birthday is one day after yours, I'll always be thinking of you when I blow my candles out, and I'll be thankful. Hugs and kisses to you, sweet boy.


Hi Adrian, just checking in to wish you a peaceful evening. Keep smiling and keep pain free. Chris

Sudsies Folkies and Nursies Stars : ) !

8 oclock in Londontown toasties a little bit late ! Sure sending wishes up north !!

Hope you can feel them on a warm summer wind of all the AA Saturday Night blogohol candles : ) !

Plus Cuddle City as always!!




okay the toasties was a little bit early - - cant tell the military army time? - - Or, this army can'y wait ? : )



Hi, Dearest Adrian,
I'm Back !! Hope you're not saying "OH NO".
I have enjoyed my holiday but missed you, the blogs and my fellow 'Sudders Stalkers'.
Having my Web Genie (aka Charlotte :0 ) posting my comments via text messages meant I was still in the loop and not too far distant from you all.

Right - Itinerary-
Mon. - Rievaux Abbey - so peaceful. Then on to one of the smallest pubs in the country, Birch Hall Inn at Beckholes.
Tues. - Whitby in the rain. We had only just got there and called at the toilets in the car park. I was following my friend whilst both hubbys waited and passed a puppy with it's owner by the loos. He was so cute and I was watching him as I went into the loo and into one of the two cubicles saying "Gosh, it smells awful in here". No reply ,but I could here shuffling in the next cubicle. I came out of the loo to hoots of laughter from the other three cos I'd been in the Gent's by mistake!
The poor man in the next cubicle mustn't have dared come out when he heard a woman's voice. lol :)
Weds.- A gentle day in the sun, walking by the sea and along the cliffs and around the shops in Filey.
Thurs.- The boys had booked us in to look around Cropton Brewery which is in the grounds
of the New Inn at Cropton. We girls weren't really bothered about going but it was great. Really interesting and good fun as the guide was a real comic. We had lunch there and the lads had some free beer and bought some to bring home. They said it's great beer and I wished I could have handed you a bottle.
We then went into Thornton le Dale to look at the motor museum and the shops.
Fri.- Burton Agnes Hall. The sun was blazing and the hall and grounds are great. We finished up at Flamborough Head and as we were sitting eating icecreams on the cliff top the air sea rescue helicopter came round the coast. They were obviously just checking the coastline and were swooping in and out. Three of us had cameras at the ready and they very kindly came passed us very low with doors open, waving to us. What a sound and a sight.
And today- home.
Thought my holiday memories might bring some 'do you remember when we.....' moments to you and your family.
Wish we were still there but it's good to be home. Adrian, I can honestly say that everywhere we went I wished you were there, especially at Cropton Brewery.

You've been so busy while I've been away. The PM and Ed Balls 'just' calling you. We are all so very, very proud of you and we love you to bits.

Charlotte sent your latest photo to my mobile and it will always stay there so I can keep having a quick peek.

Well- suppose I'd better unpack the suitcase.
I'll be looking in later.

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, dearest Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family & friends and your blog family.
Christine M.

Christine M.

Good (middle of the) night Adrian!

Just got in from a 70s and 80s disco - lol :-)
Thought of you and your 'Unique Thanks' post as I was throwing shapes in my own very individual style!

Sadly, I was driving tonight - but rather worryingly I still couldn't summon up the co-ordination to do 'YMCA' or keep it together during the 'Grease Megamix'!

Keeping you in my thoughts, as ever and hoping you're comfortable surrounded by loved ones.

All my love and warmest wishes

Charlotte xx
(confirmed blogaholic and rubbish dancer!)

Greetings, Adrian. I was just thinking of you today and hoping you are resting, taking in the love of family and friends, and finding a smile or two.

Hugs and prayers...

Evening Adrian,

Hope you and yours are enjoying a quiet weekend together.

Two days down the islands does wonders for the soul... except on Firday I had 10 little boys, had 5 over for the night, and 6 all day today. They were great but suffice it to say it wasn't the most relaxing of weekends :)

Just checking in to say hi really. Heading out tonight to a carnival band launching.. should be good, but finding it hard to tear myself away from the olympics!

Lots of love from Trinidad

Dear Adrian,

I am so HAPPY for you. Must be not only a great honor, but a tremendous relief to hear what good hands your work is in, in addition to all your partners you worked closely with.

I am happy to read your words, as always so well crafted. Glad you have lucid times. I hope they are pain and discomfort free too.

Thinking warm thoughts of you,
Margaret (USA)

Hi Adrian,

Just checking in to say hello and goodnight. :)

I hope the weekend is relaxing and easy for you.

Love, Bethany

Adrian, It was only a little over a year ago that I found myself in the hospital needing emergency surgery but first having to receive
6 units of blood to be stable enough to survive it. I did survive it. To this day I do not know who my blood donors where. I wish I did. It took me 6 months before I was no longer anemic and I am still not able to donate blood yet. OH, how I wish I could. It is frustrating not to be able to give that back. Being 55 I will never be able to be a marrow donor, again, OH how I wish I could. I would give anything to give to someone what was given to me. But, I will crusade, emplore, and plead with everyone I know to give the gift. To give blood and if they are eligable to sign up to be a marrow donor. I am alive because of someone's generous gift. Adrian, THANK YOU for your crusade, people will be saved because of your mission.
Love and Prayers to you and yours, Adrian,
Love and Prayers, Debra

Good morning Adrian

Hope it didn't hurt too much laughing at Christine's post! The brewery sounds good, I haven't been there. Lots of memories of wet and cold holidays in Filey though. In caravans with gas lights, there now you know how old I am!

Have a peaceful day and plenty of those cold drinks.


thought you'd be interested to know that today (Sunday) we are holding a large fishing tournament to raise money for Leukaemia Research - basically in memory of our son Carl who died last year, he was 24yrs old.....we want that the money raised today will go some way to getting rid of this awful disease...
you also will be in my mind...
hope that for you today is good too


Hope it's a sunny and bright morning for you,
Wishing you a peaceful, pain free day with family and friends and I'll be stalking back later.

Sue- Good luck with the fishing tournament today.

As always, Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, friends & family and your blog family.

Good Morning Adrian,

Hope you had a peaceful night yesterday.

Have a nice Sunday, surrounded by family and friends.
I think it is time for an update Adrian!

Lots of love,

To Adrian and his blogging Army,

I'm still working (duty time!) on our haematology ward but longing for a cool refreshment. So sending you all this cyber toast before lunch:

'Mannen, Makkers, Maes' (= Dutch for 'Men, Mates, Maes),
have a cool Sunday Afternoon!


From the small kingdom of 1001 beers and never ending toasting possibilities…


What a phenomenal person you are - sending love and respect to you.

Morning Adrian, hi army. Just wishing you a good day. This is my only day off now for 7 days so I have to catch up with the thankless task known as ironing ...oh so many clothes from the childrens Thailand trip. Why is sitting on the sofa watching the olympics, with my chocolate coated Macadamia nuts, so much more of an appealing option? Hope you are able to keep smiling Adrian and I hope the medication is keeping you pain free. As ever you are in my thoughts. Chris

Hey Sudders

Is their no limit to how much you plan to achieve up until the last possible moment!?!

quite rightly spending time with your family 'rooted at the centre', finding the energy to update your blog....and then fitting in quick call from the leader of the country - blooming heck sudders and that's you feeling poorly!!

I have been spending time in an isolation cubicle at work with the most wonderful 3 year old who is undergoing a cord blood transplant. On Friday we painted some boxes and made them into Percy the train and I'm looking forward to making Thomas the Tank Engine tomorrow! :-)

This young girl had very little chance until they found a mixed race donor of cord blood from abroad and now I feel it is soooo important to encourage EVERYONE to donate, including those of ethnic minorities and mixed heritage.

Adrian, you and this young girl are both my inspiration for continuing to promote the cause of all types of donation.

However more importantly, you have encouraged me to consider joining Facebook - eek!!
Something NONE of my friends have been able to do!! Just one more achievement to add to your many! he he ;-)

Wishing you a peaceful and painfree week.

Lots of love and gentle hugs
x x x

ps - love seeing your pics, especially minus the hat!!

Just popping in again to say "Hi" and I hope you are not in too much pain and discomfort today. Thinking about you as always xxxxx

Ads : ) !

Sleeping, awake, blogging or not, you are being thought of !

All my wishes whoooshing up north !




Hi Adrian (and blogettes)

Just popped in to see if there was any news in between cooking lunch and my last desert before D Day. I am leaving the bosom of the overeating society with a bang, a fantastic home made strawberry & champagne pavlova. I'll send you a slice. A cyber one of course because no one gets a slice of mine. (not even Chris Moyles!!) Oh ok. I'll send you some.
Hope you are sharing the sunshine with your family. Thinking of you all, as usual.
Love and Latte, (only a skinny one from now on though mate!)

Hi again Adrian,

I have posted to you before and would like to let you know that I am still thinking of you and wishing you all the absolute best in your totally tragic situation.

I am here if you would like to meet with me regarding my belief in Spiritualism and my Mediumship and evidence of an afterlife.

Love James, x.

Hi Adrian and fellow blogaholics out there,

Have reached my initial £250 target for the sponsered 5km race in Edinburgh so going to increase it to £500. Please keep sponsering me!! www.anthonynolanevents.org.uk/StephanieEckford

In other news, went to my first country show yeasterday in the Scottish borders and we won four prizes!!
Strawberry jam - 1st
Savoury muffins - 1st
Carrots - 2nd
Raspberry jam - 3rd
I feel membership to the WI beckoning!!!
Anyway off for some drinking now. It's my hubby's birthday tomorrow and its our one month anniversary today!
Keep well Sudders.
Love to you all
Steph xxx

Hi Steph, that's great news! Keep running, today, tomorrow and certainly in October!

Here in Belgium it's raining and thundering. The perfect weather for a classical late afternoon performance - timeless music has that extra power we so often need.
So Adrian and co, turn up your volume and I hope you enjoy 'Song of the Earth' by Mahler. Sad, powerful, but above all very, very beautiful! An Army of dancers. Inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom. Almost 1 hour of video, so you're warned, if you really don't like the ballet…:) But give it a try!

Darcey Bussell introduces Song of the Earth -
her final performance with the Royal Ballet in 2007

These are the lyrics in German, English and Chinese

The Farewell Pt. 1

The Farewell Pt. 2

The Farewell Pt. 3

The Farewell Pt. 4

Autumn Solitude

Darcey Bussell - The Final Curtain Calls

'…The earth breathes, full of peace and sleep. And all yearning wishes to dream now. The world is asleep…'


Hi Adrian, hi army. All of this talk of food is making me want your homemade strawberry and champagne pavlova Tina, just a large portion, I'm not greedy and Steph prize winning jams and muffins sound too good I might have to have some of them too. Well at least the recipe anyway. I think there should be no secrets between the troops. Adrian hope today has been comfortable and you have managed a few laughing sessions with your loved ones. Chris

Dear Adrian,

Hope you had a good Sunday with family and friends.

Have a nice evening now.Hope you are feeling ok with no pain and little worries.

Little bit sad as we are not getting any updates now.But I imagine that you are feeling ok with not much troubles and that makes me ok.

Hope your parents and sister are doing ok.

I will be checking again little later.

Lots of love


Hi Adrian,

Just a little note to wish you well and thanks again for what you have done.

I have only been reading the blog since May but I am pleased to be a part of it. The encouragement from the "blogaholics" is amazing and that is all directly aimed at you. Many have now signed up on the register and awareness is raising all the time.

It takes something special to change people's opinions of Blood donation and being on the bone marrow register, a little baby called Freddie did it for me but you have done it for 100's. You and your family should be proud for ever.

All the very best and thanks for being so open and allowing us to be aware of your feelings etc.

Sweet dreams,

Em xx

Good Night Adrian!

Hope you have a better night and a peaceful sleep than yesterday.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love,



I hope that you are resting comfortably and getting some sleep. You are never far from my thoughts and you're always in my prayers. I'm going to donate blood during our next blood drive at work and I'm also going to register to become a bone marrow donor - all because of you. I seriously hope that you realize what an impact you have had on so many people. You are a true hero and your parents and sister must be so proud of you. You are leaving a legacy that is far-reaching and never ending.

With Love,
Michele Wells
Tampa, FL USA

Evening Adrian

Just checking in before bed to say night night, sleep tight.

With love

Cheryl xx

Mmmm... Strawberry jam, savoury muffins - and pavlova! Sounds lovely - what a creative lot you are! :-)

- Well, in the absence of any of the above, I'll just have to settle for a bowl of Shreddies!

Sending out love, energy and cyber-hugs to you yourself Ad, the rest of the Sudbury family and friends far and wide...

Charlotte xx

Evening Adrian, hi everyone...

Happy anniversary Steph and congrats on the competition. I'm sure you'll make the 500 pound mark on sponsorship as well.

Just got in from sushi dinner with a friend who lives in St. Maarten. Divine! Trust my son to have an expensive palette eh? The 10 year old wretch likes sushi so begged to come along :)

Great dinner, great company - now for some olympics and bed.

Hope you're all doing well Sudbury clan! Thinking of you constantly.

Warm thoughts and tight hugs

Kinda late

Can't sleep

so--rummaging an i-pod list

Song Chicago: "Feeling Stronger Every Day"

WHY can't that be you?

*@& % £ LUK@£**@

We (somehow? ! ? !)just kind of have to accept it

But MAN is it hard and what alot of feelings

Sometimes, it just feels fresh

Hope YOU are in much better comfort anyway!! : ) ! X! Folkies too!

Crazy cuddles!

Night nights for now,



Hi Adrian and family,

Just checking in before I go to sleep. Yes, it's 9:19pm here, and I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open =- My little boy woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning, complaining about a sore throat. Looks like good ol' strep. Think he caught it at "Cootie Land" the other day (McDonald's Playland) but I can't prove it!! Ah well, it's an excuse to cuddle him more, which is always a good thing. Hope you are sleeping now and having wonderful dreams. Much love to you all....



See?! I'm so bleary eyed I typed my name in twice!

Dear Adrian, as always thinking of you and your family, sending you all loving thoughts, have a peaceful day. Check on you later, I'm going to my granddaughters 6th birthday party today, will definitely be requiring a glass or two this evening, so will raise my glass to you and hope that you have a good night.
Lots of love
Sandra XXXX

Dear Adrian,family,friends & fellow blogettes,i hope today brings you lots of love,joy & laughter.All this talk of yummy food has made me hungry!Well done steph.holding you all in my thoughts & heart.love light & reiki hugs.brendiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Morning Adrian,
Hope you had a peaceful night. I think we must be in some kind of time warp here you know. I THOUGHT it was summer, and yet for the last few days all we have had is rain and flood warnings!!! What a pain in the wotsit.
Well, I have had a very restless night thanks to my "fantastic" neighbours so I am going to try and have a nap. I know, it's only 8.30, but I am just not really ready to face the world yet! The kids are asleep, so why don't i join them! LOL!!
Have a good day. Adrian, I don't think you will EVER realise just how much you have touched, AND CHANGED people's lives, and not just through the ANT and donor registration. Your spirit, selflessness and just YOU have changed a lot of peoples outlook on life. Me included, and I thank you for that. You have really woken me up and made me see my life through different eyes. I will always love and respect you for doing that and will be eternally grateful.
I'll stop by later.
Love n skinny latte (no syrup!)
Tina X~X~X~X~X

Dearest Adrian,
A miserable start to the day ,here in Huddersfield, so hope it's bright and cheerful with you.
Hope that you're feeling ok today.
Wasn't able to use the laptop last night (daughter doing college work in her bedroom, she said- grrrr.).
Joiners coming soon to start putting new kitchen units in. I can't wait to get a cooker back. There's only so much you can do with a microwave.

Well done Steph, keep going!

Adrian, have a peaceful, pain free day.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, Family & friends and your blog family.


The sun has just started to peak through the dark rain clouds, and it made me think of you....

Hope you are coping as best you can, and filling the house with your gorgeous smiles and lots of laughter ....

Respect to all the Sudders clan....
xxxreiki hugsxxx

I'm a rookie at this blog thing!  My darling neighbour and friend told me about your blog last Thursday and I've spent the last 4 days snivelling, bawling, laughing and catching up with all the things you have been through.  I have been lucky enough to survive two run ins with cancer, but who knows what's around the corner - certainly not me!  You Adrian are dignified, gracious and a beautiful bloke who has moved mountains and worked miracles.  As I can't go on the ANT register I have today signed up with ANT to give talks and raise awareness in schools - its the least I can do and hopefully I will be accepted to do it, in which case every talk I give will mention one incredible man. I send a cyber hug to you and wish you a peaceful journey surrounded with love. Mary xxxx

Sending much Love. Thinking of you all xx

Hi Adrian and all blogoholics sp??

Hope Adrian is having a comfy day! I had a nasty shock last week when my lovely son managed to fail the remaining 2 of his A Level's. He'd already dropped 2 others and picked up Music AS. My first thoughts were "what a waste of 2 years", however I then thought about you Adrian and reminded myself that as his Mum I would always be there for him no matter what, this is minor compared to what you and your family are coping with. He is a great lad and has an apprenticeship lined up at a local BMW dealership - a fantastic opportunity. I am thankful for his health and his outlook on life.

I will always remember the accomplishments that you have achieved in the face of such adversity Adrian, I know that your legacy will live on in everyone who has read your blog.

I sincerely hope that your remaining time here is blessed with peace and comfort. Also, if you're watching the Olympics, at least there's something good happening in the world for once!!!


Helen x x

Thinking of you all
with love, kaz

Wow, well done you! You must feel prettu damn proud of yourself, you certainly should!

Lots of Love, thinking of you as always, Alxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well....I go away for two weeks and look what happens...Gordon on the phone Ed Balls...Boris writes...the Queen gives you a wedgie!
What can I say.....you really are an inspiration to say the least!!
I hope today finds you and your family having a peaceful time.
Did raise a few toasts to you....especially on Friday at 8...cocktails for the pastr two weeks. Back to something a bit more plain this week I feel.
Well have caught up on the important things....your blog, now down to unpacking and washing!
Love and light to you Adrian and family XXX Valx

Hi - just to let you know we raised almost £700 at the fishing match yesterday for
Leukaemia research - excellent day !

Hi Adrian,

I dont know what constitutes a blog-a-holic but i come to this site at least three times a day. My husband says that its almost like i have three kids not two. Because i come down and check on you first thing, once before dinner and before i go to bed. The thing is he does not know that i am actually worrying and praying for you all the time. Especially when i am watching or cuddling my children i give them a tighter hug and that extra tightness is because of you and your family. As a fellow mum and as a person fighting cancer myself i reach out to you and hope that the love we all have in your army spreads far and wide. I hope your campaign becomes legendary as i am sure you will. God had plans for you Adrian, he didnt want you to have kids because he wanted all the love you could offer to spread around all of us.......the strangers you will never meet.....the love you have ignited in our hearts is your legacy.......

Thank you Adrian XXX

Hi Adrian,

Hope you're having a good day. It's raining here..again! So much for summer! Mind you, there is some beauty to be had in rain, just not lots of it!

Love to you, your family & friends.

Anne xxx.


FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT !! £700 raised with your fishing tournament.
Well Done.
Christine M.XX

Thinking of you and wrapping my arms around you in a big hug....

Columbus, Ohio USA

Morning Sudders,

Just saying hi and checking in really. Should be sorting things out for my trip. Will be away for 12 days but should be able to check in from time to time to say hi.

Must get started on today or I'll be kicking myself tomorrow when I'm running around like a chicken with no head.

Warm hugs

I did it....I gave blood and registered with Bone Marrow Register. I know in the grand scheme and compared to what Adrian is going through I shouldn't be shouting about it, but I am so proud of myself because I have an enormous (if irrational) fear of needles! For anybody thinking about doing but are worried please don't be scared. I was panicing all day but it really doesn't hurt...I promise. I will be doing it again as soon as I can.

Adrian...I hope you are doing as well as you can. Although I am not religious I do say my own little prayer for you every day.

Nic xx

Hi dude, just checking in to say I am thinking of you and hoping you day has been full of the love of your family and friends and maybe a small beer too if you are up to it :o) xxxx

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are having an ok day.
I was busy today and couldn't check till now, sprained my ankle and now in bandage, may be plaster later on if needed.

I travelled in a wheel chair for the first time in my life,oh how I hate hospitals.I can imagine about you when you were in hospital.

God purposely gave me rest I think, because I never sit idle even for a minute.Now I will be in front of computer only waiting for an update.

Hope you are not having any pain or serious troubles.I just want you to be ok .

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers


Hello lovely people. Adrian's Mum here for a quick update as he may well struggle to put together a lengthy post himself - although, knowing him as we do, don't rule anything out!
He is spending more time sleeping this week but his little sister Carrie is staying with us at the moment and he loves the time they spend together. We are planning her wedding and Adrian is enjoying making suggestions and teasing her about bits and bobs to do with the arrangements. He has been able to get up and watch the Olympics with us, cheering team GB in their most successful performance for ages. The night nursing service is excellent and his nights are as peaceful and happy as his days. Sometimes he rambles on about all sorts of unconnected matters and recently Sonic the Hedgehog features largely in our hugely enjoyable - if somewhat off the wall - conversations!! So, much the same here at Chateau Sudbury; a great deal of love and laughter and huge appreciation for the support you send in your wonderful postings. Adrian is bowled over by the successful launch of the Facebook site and greatly comforted by the knowledge that what he has begun will carry on as a magnificent legacy. Thanks to you you all.
With love and gratitude

Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the update.

Good to know that Adrian is not having any serious problems.Glad to hear that the night services are also good.Just makes me happy when I hear he is not having any serious problems.

And there is happy news about your daughter's wedding !
Hope all of you are enjoying now.Let it continue for a loooooooooooooooong time.
Today I can sleep peacefully.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,



Dear Adrian,

Good Night to Sudbery family.

Today I am planning to sleep little early as I am not supposed to keep my legs down(?), have to keep it up to reduce/ avoid swelling.

Glad that all of you are in good mood.I am very happy to hear the good news.

Adrian is watching Olympics!! I am not, not even watching movies after I started reading about your blog!May be tomorrow I too will start watching Olympics!

Lots of love to the Nursing team too.

Heartfelt prayers,


dear kay
so lovely to hear news of adrian so glad he's comfortable

love to you all

jane xxxxx

Dear Kay, Adrian and clan,

Thanks so much, Kay, for updating us. It's great to think of Adrian teasing his sister and enjoying the Olympics with the family. Fabulous!
By the way, don't know what the night nurse's wages are, but just thought I'd let you know that any one of us would gladly come out and sit by his side every night, free of charge!
Much love to you and yours,


Hi Kay,

Thanks for the update! Your posts are always so upbeat and I am really so happy that you are all enjoying your time together. The comic relief is so important during difficult times and it's so great that even now he is making you all laugh. :)

And planning a wedding - that is just fantastic! I'm sure it means everything to Carrie to have his input and I'm sure he is happy that he can put his 2 cents in for suggestions, etc. Please tell Adrian I said hello and that I think of him every day and wish only the best for him.

I wish I could give you a big hug too! :)

- Love, Bethany

Hi Adrian,

Glad to hear you've been enjoying the Olympics.....In my eyes you deserve a gold medal too!



Kay, Adrian and Family,

Thank you so much for the up-date Kay!

All of you are in our thoughts and prayers, it is amazing how you can feel such love and compassion for those that we have never even met.

You are all loved and thought of constantly.


Heather Marton
Agoura Hills, CA

So, so happy to hear you have all been enjoying the Olympics, haven't Team GB done us proud....just like you Adrian.....You get the 2008 Gold for being brill......

Long may it continue....

xxxreiki hugsxxx

Dear Kay,Adrian,Keith & Carrie

Many thanks for the update,so good to hear that Adrian is comfortable and cheering on the GB team, in between the odd Sonic moment! Happy wedding planning Carrie, it must mean so much for you all to be involved. Warm thoughts and thinking of you all.

Love to you and all yours

Hello Kay

Thank you for the update. So good to hear how Adrian is and he is feeling up to watching the Olympics.
Glad the night nursing system is working out for you, but as Lacey has said I think if you ask for volunteers there will be queues around the block!

Thinking of everyone

Thanks so much for the update Kay.

Its so good to know that Adrian is still managing to keep you all smiling.

Im sure Carrie is enjoying her big brothers input into the wedding. Keep cheering on the GB team and we will continue to think of you all and send our love and best wishes.

Loads of love and hugs
Sarah xxx


Thank you so much for the update and taking the time to share with us.

Glad to hear that Adrian is comfortable at night and enjoying the Olympics. It must be so wonderful to have Carrie there and be planning her wedding.

Thinking of you all every day.

Denver, CO USA

Thank you so much for the update Kay. I'm so pleased Adrian and Carrie are enjoying such valuable time together. How great to know big bro' is having some input into his precious sister's wedding - as long as he's not suggesting the bridesmaids wear Sonic costumes!

Wishing you all happy days and peaceful nights.

Love and strength always,

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Hi Kay - as per what everyone else has said, we greatly appreciate you taking up your precious time to update us! I'm really chuffed Ad's in good spirits - as with everything I do or watch on TV, I've watched snippets of the olympics and wondered if you were all watching too... It really is true to say we can draw up correlations between our champion athletes giving their all and the true champion, Mr. Adrian Sudbury!!! :-)

Thanks for giving us a snapshot of life in "Chateaux Sudbury" (- love it, made me grin! :-))
I think it's fab that Ad can have such an input in Carrie's wedding plans, I'm sure it'll make the whole event all the more special!

All my love and warmest wishes to you, Adrian - and the whole family

Charlotte xx
(going for a gold medal

OOps!....in blogaholism, the above should have read!!!!

Hi Kay, Adrian and family
Thanks so much for posting and keeping us updated on how Adrian is. You are all in my thoughts on a daily, nay hourly, basis. I am so pleased to hear, working for the NHS myself, that Adrian is receiving good care and is resting and pain free. Sounds like some interesting conversations about Sonic! Although the Olympians are very brave, their courage and achievements come nowhere near Adrian's. He would have a gold medal a million times over.
Much love and wishes for peaceful and restful days ahead

Dear Adrian and Carrie,

Tonight my cyber toasting is to you both, with 'the saddest voice of Europe':), the Flemish Lady Angelina. With her black wings and her red cowboy boots, her accordeon repertoire is as a cocktail of blood and icing sugar. A little bit raw but very, very intense and sometimes real sweet and funny…like life itself.



One World, One Dream - To Kay and her Olympic Sudbury Team!


Not sure if you remember me, I was in Namibia with you, as one of the project managers on the Rhino project.

I've been following your story and brave fight over the last year or so. Your fight to raise the awareness of bone marrow transplants is something you and everyone around should be proud of. You are the only person I know to be interviewed on BBC News.

I have recently become a platelett donor and understand that anything that people can do, however little is better than nothing.

Keep on going and I'm proud to have spent time in Namibia with you. You are an inspiration to me and others .


Will the Olympics here - - ala Suddbury - - mean lives are saved for years and years and years to come?? What vision ala Sudbury !

What a golden summer ! : ) !

X 00000 !!!!!



hi kay

Thanks so so much for the update. You dont know how much it means to us who check the blog several times a day. It is fantastic to hear how adrian is comfortable and enjoying some quality time with you all. Thanks again.

My love thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Tammy south yorkshire
x x x x x x

Thank you for the update Kay! Good to hear the laughter continues. How wonderful for you all to be home together as a family right now and planning a wedding to boot. That will lift your spirits no doubt. Glad Carrie is staying with you for the moment.

Much love to all of you. Keep smiling Adrian! Peace be with you.


Hi Kay,

As everyone has already said, thanks so much for the update. It means so much to all of us to know that Adrian is comfortable, happy and pain free.

I had to laugh about Sonic. It brought back memories of when my Mum was on morphine for her cancer. My daughter and I were talking to her, and all of a sudden ROLF HARRIS !!!popped into the conversation. We didn't know what to say, and Mum just carried on talking about everyday things after, so goodness knows why she thought of him.

How exciting to be planning Carrie's marriage. Before I retired I conducted hundreds of civil marriage ceremonies and each one was very special. I am sure there must be a great deal of teasing between brother and sister!!

Adrian, I think of you many times during the day, and I am so glad you are pain free and still able to make everyone laugh.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks.

Bless you


Christine M
thanks for your kind words...anyone who wants to help rid this awful disease can sponsor my son David Panton (on facebook) or contact me
he is running the Great Nort run for Leukaemia research (second time) and my little grandson Connor is running a mile too for the same. Every pound helps! pantonsp@aol.com

Kay, once again, thankyou for being generous with your time, updating us on how Adrian is.
I agree with Charlotte- everything I do makes me wonder about you all.
Glad that Adrian is continuing to enjoy quality time with yourselves and Carrie, helping to organize her wedding.
Hope Adrian is having a giggle at some of our postings. That's what we are trying to do, keep him happy and smiling.
Please add me to the list of Sudbury Stalkers Night Sitters - oh to be able to sit beside him for a couple of hours and join in the Sonic conversations !! lol :)

Wishing Adrian a peaceful and painfree night's sleep.
As always, Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to the lovely Adrian, You Kay & Keith, Carrie, family & friends and the blog family.

As usual, Love. kisses

Great that you took your precious time Kay to give us an update on Adrian and relief that he is so comfortable. Glad the night nursing team are doing such a great job.

Also wonderful news about the wedding Carrie and big bro's input which will mean so much on your big day.

Lots of love and hugs


Thank you Kay for taking precious time to update us all. May the Love, Laughter and Wedding plans continue. Sending much love to a truly wonderful family. xx

Hi Adrian, Kay, Keith and Carrie. Thankyou so much for the update Kay it is so much appreciated considering how precious your time is. Supersonic thats our Adrian. As has already been mentioned you would never be short of nurses Adrian. I might not be very good at administering drugs but I make a mean banoffee pie which is the best medicine I can offer. Give our boy(hope you dont mind us calling him that Kay but he has been adopted by a lot of mums) a big hug and Adrian I hope you continue to have peaceful dreams. Chris

Kay, never mind hello lovely people..

Hello lovely Mum!
Thank you for updating us all.

The Olympics just show how Team GB has pulled and worked together - Just like you and your amazing family.
Glad to see your getting your 'chippings' in Adrian and having a say in Carrie's wedding. That doesn't surprise me in the least though, I have to say.

Thank you, Kay, for the update.

I just wanted to send you Sudburys all my love, and say hello to all the blogaholics.

Amanda x

Hi All.
I echo the sentiments in the above posts really. I am so very pleased Adrian is having an input into Carrie's big day. I am sure he will be there with her on the day in so many ways. I really feel for her. The courage the whole Sudbury family is showing is awe inspiring. Really it is. I don't know how you are all carrying on.
With all the love, and admiration, in the world.
I wish you all a peaceful night.
Love n Skinny Latte (!!!)
Tina ~X~X~X~X~

Hello all you lovely Sudbury family. I haven't left a message before because I only found out about the blog a couple of weeks ago via article in the Times (I'm not that posh, I just nicked it from work at the end of the day!) and then have been immersed in it ever since. I kind of thought that there was such a cyberfamily already established that it would almost be rude to intrude at this stage, but then thought, how much expression of love and empathy is too much? ie none!! Adrian, you gorgeous, gorgeous courageous boy, none of us who have logged into your epic journey and all it has achieved will never forget you (and via the photo you posted last week you are still a total hottie, although as I may well be older than your mother you might want to forget I said that.Eeuuww!) Kay, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how things are. I feel like I am treading a familiar path alongside you all, as this is just the way things were with my husband exactly six years ago (CLL). I know that this is a wonderful, beautiful and precious time,where you can say all the things you might not have done otherwise, a gift (although one you would really rather nobody had bothered to give you!!)Much love to you allxxx

Hello Kay and Adrian

I think we have breathed a collective sigh of relief that Adrian and you are all still enjoying yourselves and being 'normal'.
Sending warmest wishes and lots of hugs to you all.
Love Alison x

Thank you for the update Kay and thanks to Penny for saying most of what I wanted to say too. Totally agree - he is a hottie. You have lots of elderly groupie fans now Adrian - and we all smell of wee and biscuits (as one of my sons says) !

I didn't get "a wonderful,beautiful and precious time" with my oldest daughter - a car took care of the chance of that. I had 5 days of very one sided conversations and would have loved totally bizarre chats with her.

Sonic rules !

Enjoy your very special time.

Love, hugs and best wishes to you all

Sue XX


Thank you so much for the update and for taking the time to post it for all of us. Your son is the true definition of a man and any chance I get, I tell people about him and send them to the blog and also to the Facebook page. There are too many people in the world who get publicity for the bad things they do and not enough who get it fot the good things. So anything that I can do to let everyone know about Adrian, I do it because we all need more people like him in our lives.

I hope that he is resting well tonight.

With love,
Michele Wells
Tampa, FL USA

Oh Kay, words can't express how much I (we) appreciate you taking your very precious time to update us. You are truly considerate - which shows where your son's selfless quality derives from.

Ad, really pleased Carrie is with you now, and that you're having a chance to be a part of her wedding planning.

Judging from your camp night gown I am confident that you'll have be pretty good in the wedding planning department, dahling! :)

Must get packing for my holiday. Hoping the hurricane heading for Florida blows by without much damage and my flight gets off the ground. Will check in asap.

Much love as always and warm thoughts to you all..

So very pleased and grateful for happy and peaceful nights--and days. Thank you so much for the update--I don't need to reiterate that so very many people are thinking of all of you constantly.
Love and peace,

Dear Adrian,

It is sleeping time there, sleep well.

I will be checking later.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


Hey Adrian and your Olympic Sudbury Team,

Lots of sweet stories, funny animations, sportive highlights and above all possibilities to beat the difficulties you may encounter today…That's what your army wishes you this morning!

From BBC Sport: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr5ZWYRaAyw

Named the most weird and wonderful find on the internet: http://www.cloudappreciationsociety.org/

'Sometimes gentle, sometimes capricious, sometimes awful, never the same for two moments together; almost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost divine in its infinity.' - John Ruskin about clouds

(I'm off to hospital - eight bone marrow punctures today - hopefully good results tomorrow…)


Thanks Kay. Hello to you all. My wife, Jan, gave blood on Friday and there were two young lads who gave blood too. On the way out we asked them if they were asked to be stem cell/bone marrow donors. They had not been asked so we told them about you and to log on and have a look at Baldy`s Blog. I bet they thought we were wierd but we don`t care, we`re empowered by the Sudbury`s. Peace to you all, God Bless, Jan & Tony

Dear Kay,

Thank you very much for the time you put in to keep us informed. In keeping with the music blog, I had to think of a very nice Elvis Presley song: "Memories" -

It is all in these little details, just like Adrian being there for Carry on her weddingday, because of these fun talks in the preperation. Have an Emerald day Carry.

With uplifting spirits to take you through another day,


Hi All,
I just had to comment on what you said TONY about the young lads not being asked to be donors after giving blood. I was with friends on Sunday and the conversation turned to giving blood, we were saying how our "time" is coming up soon and how I had to change mine because it's the day I come back from holidays and there'd be far too much alcohol in my bloodstream! (ha ha!) Anyway, I asked my friends if they were on the bone marrow list and they looked at me as though I was totally mental. One of them said ooooh no thankyou. I don't like giving blood so I wont have anyone drilling into my spine willy nilly.
I was flabergasted, but even more amazed that none of my friends (there were 8 of them there) had ever been asked if they would go on the list, and they have all been blood donors for over 10 years, all fit healthy, under 40, it's beyond belief really, and makes me so cross. I told them about Adrian and this blog, and they have promised to look into it, and I will nag and nag until they do! ha ha.

Are there any brief information leaflets does anyone know? Why are people who give blood, not routinely asked if they would consider going on the list? If there was a brief, relatively cheap, but very informative, leaflet that "we" could give out at blood donor sessions, it may help. We need to get this falicy of spinal drilling out of people's minds, and whilst we can tell people about Adrian and this blog, there are people that will not look. How do we do this? Any ideas anyone?

Hi All,
I just had to comment on what you said TONY about the young lads not being asked to be donors after giving blood. I was with friends on Sunday and the conversation turned to giving blood, we were saying how our "time" is coming up soon and how I had to change mine because it's the day I come back from holidays and there'd be far too much alcohol in my bloodstream! (ha ha!) Anyway, I asked my friends if they were on the bone marrow list and they looked at me as though I was totally mental. One of them said ooooh no thankyou. I don't like giving blood so I wont have anyone drilling into my spine willy nilly.
I was flabergasted, but even more amazed that none of my friends (there were 8 of them there) had ever been asked if they would go on the list, and they have all been blood donors for over 10 years, all fit healthy, under 40, it's beyond belief really, and makes me so cross. I told them about Adrian and this blog, and they have promised to look into it, and I will nag and nag until they do! ha ha.

Are there any brief information leaflets does anyone know? Why are people who give blood, not routinely asked if they would consider going on the list? If there was a brief, relatively cheap, but very informative, leaflet that "we" could give out at blood donor sessions, it may help. We need to get this falicy of spinal drilling out of people's minds, and whilst we can tell people about Adrian and this blog, there are people that will not look. How do we do this? Any ideas anyone?

sorry for the duplicated post.
it's early and i have left my brain in bed!
sorry. ~X~X~X~

Dear Kay,
Thanks so much for giving us news of your lovely Adrian, glad to know that he's enjoying the Olympics, along with yourselves. I must say I have been inspired with the swimming, so much so, I've just come back from my local pool, I just need to knock off about 30 minutes from the 32 metres breast stroke, and grease my flabby torso to encase myself in one of those "go fast" cossies and I might be ready for the London 2012 Olympics! My special love and thoughts to your lovely family and give Adrian a hug & kiss from an ardent fan!

Good morning Adrian,
Well young man, have you had many more dreams of Sonic the Hedgehog to give you something to talk about today lol :)
I honestly don't know what to say to you cos I've said it all over and over again so you and yours are fully aware of what I think of you.
You, dearest Adrian are a beautiful, selfless, courageous, positive, determined, funny, inspirational, very very special young man. Ooops - I've said it all again !!
OH - And a hottie as well !

Hope it's another peaceful, happy, pain free day with your family.
Have you suggested a Sonic the Hedgehog figure for the top of Carrie's wedding cake yet? :)

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie. family & friends and your blog family.

Yes there are leaflets about giving bone marrow/bloods. Both the blood service or Anthony Nolan will have them - ask them and they will happily send you some.
My own G.P surgery didnt even know the process can you believe that ! I tookin some leaflets to supply them with information...the problem is people DONT KNOW how easy it is, when they tested my son (we were hoping for a match for our yougest son-it wasnt to be) all they did was an ordinary blood test. I don think at blood donor sessions they are very good at asking 'are you willing to be a bone marrow donor' and I dont know why that is ?

Hi Adrian.

Been away for a while, but good to come back here and see you are still going strong and the campaign is moving forward. I have given my details to the Anthony Nolan Trust and will be happy to work with them to help promote the register. All thanks to you.

Hope life is not too uncomfortable, hang in there buddy.

Best wishes

Dear Adrian,

Have a nice day!

Hope the good mood is continuing.I just want to hear only that.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


Hi to all the Sudbury family

It's so good of you Kay, to give us an update on "our" boy Adrian. We appreciate that your time is precious but it is good to know that Adrian is getting involved in his sister's wedding plans, although I'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen to some of the obviously interesting but slightly weird conversations. Adrian was obviously a bit of a Game Boy dude in his past! He'll probably throw Pokemon or Super Mario into the mix next or perhaps even the Banana Splits, although he might be a bit young for them!

I think a 'big up' to all the nurses (night and day) is called for as they are obviously doing a fantastic job in keeping Adrian peaceful and pain free.

Thanks once again for the update.

Love and peace


The old PM has just gone up in my estimations. Good on you Adrian, you deserve nothing less.

I continue to find you amazing.

ps. You look great on your previous blog entry, what a winning smile ;-)


x x

Morning Adrian and family (both sudbury and cyber), my shop is really quiet today, this weather is a nightmare for holiday trade but at least it gives me time to comment you. I have to say Sue you brought a lump to my throat. I cant imagine the pain of not being able to say our goodbyes. Reading these comments is a real rollercoaster of emotion without the anxiety our Adrian gives us. Also Tash I have to say I envy your coffees on the jetty, sushi evenings and now off to Florida.. I am slowly starting to go off you!!! Say hello to the sunshine from a very soggy Britain. Swansea has officially been named the wettest city in Britain...oh how I love living here. Hope you are feeling Supersonic today Adrian and enjoy the wedding plans. Chris

Thankyou for the update from Chateau Sudbury. Adrian-looking good in the photo and glad you are enjoying the olympics as we are!!!!. Good to hear you are all together. Lots of love Mary

thanks for your comments....not saying goodbye was the hardest. But today I had am awful experience in Tesco, I thought I saw my boy and when he turned around I just blubbed and came home - oh dear!

Hello Adrian and family
I hope I am not intruding on your time together but I have to tell you all just how strong and inspiring you are. I can't begin to imagine how I would cope in your situation, my time with my own family is so precious so yours must be, well I cant find a word to describe it.
I wish you all more restful and pain free time together and continue to enjoy the olympics.
Sending loads of love and hugs to you all.
June x

Wow, that's amazing Adrian. Chatting to the big man himself. It's great he's taking the time to help you in your campaign with this. You're really making a huge difference :) Congrats!

Hi Sue, have you lost your son as well as your daughter? Dont want to pry but your comment leaves me wondering. Chris

No just my yougest son Carl he was 24yrs old


Hi Sue Panton, sorry it was SueO who lost her daughter. So many people on this website have suffered tragedy and my heart goes out to you all. Thinking of you Adrian and hope you are having a restful day. Chris

Morning Adrian, the Sudbury clan and appendages,

Well it'll be brief as I should be packing - haven't even started and leaving for the airport in 2 hours - I take the cake in the procrastination department.

Just wanted to say hi, hope you're enjoying your time together and the British summer gives you at least a few warm, sunny days. Proper summer days in England are so so good that I think they're the only thing that keeps you Brits there... cause otherwise the weather is rubbish - ok calm down, I can say that cause I'm sat here and it's pouring outside. I told you - 6 months of rainy season.

I'm going to have to be careful what I say now aren't I Christine?

Anyway, I'm off. Will check in as soon as I can but in the meantime will be thinking of you and yours as always Adrian.

Lots of love and strong energy from Trinidad

Hi Sudbury clan and fellow blogaholics,
Fundraising up to £344! Training not going as well. Think I'm needing some red cells to top me up!!
Loving the Olympics. Mind you Team Sudders could give Team GB a run for its money!!!

Steph x x

Thank you to Adrians mum, it means so much to hear Adrian is pain free and talking about Sonic - how cool! My son came up to see me at the weekend, he had me playing Mario Olympics, everytime I see sonic on that I will think of you Adrian, your hair is getting to be just like his! I treasure my time with my son more so because of you.
I wish you a pleasant day to Adrian and all his family, good luck with the wedding plans Carrie!

Keep smiling
Best wishes
Margy xx

Good Morning Sudburys, (and cyber family!)

Adrian, I trust you had a restful night last night and that your nurses are doing a wonderful job of keeping you pain and anxiety free. I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you and Carrie are still enjoying your quality time together. Wonderful that she's staying there with you. Enjoy.
Also, have to admit that when I read you were giving your opinions on some of Carrie's wedding plans, I immediately pictured you showing her a picture of a giant pork pie wedding cake!! :-) (I wonder how hard it is to get brown sauce to come out of white silk??? Hmmm...)

Love to you all,


Afternoon All,

A wedding to remember - - already : ) !

Just when we all just about caught our breath over the prince and PM . . . )

What a golden summer

there is a golden glow all over AA land : )

Steph what a true gold Olympian - -
Wowsed!!as ever all,




cherish your time together as a family....thank you for taking the time to let us know how all of you are doing...God bless...a friend

Dear Sudbury Team, thanks for The Hedgehog post. Great animations.

True, Adrian, you're Carrie's other Hero in Olympic Times, in all times...

No words to ad.


Adrian and family,

Thank you Kay, for updating us of how Adrian is doing.

Funny to read of your conversations as of late.. I'm sure they are very interesting. Sonic, the Hedgehog was a favorite video game growing up but I'm not sure that I could carry on a conversation about it now!

I'm sure in all the teasing that is going into the planning of Carrie's wedding is all in good fun. Watch out Adrian, you wouldn't want to turn her into a Bridezilla!!

We hope your days are going great.



Hi Adrian, Kay and the rest of the family/friends,

Hope all is good for you today and you are still enjoying the Olympics. Team GB are doing us all proud as is your good self! Bring on the gold medals and if you happen to be reading this your Maj...a knighthood for the fella wouldn't go a miss either!

Love to all. Anne xxx.

Dear Adrian ,

Hope you are enjoying your time with family and may be watching Olympics too.

Have a nice evening and a peaceful night.

Lots of love,


Never mind all this talk os Sports Personality of the year (following our marvellous athletes in Beijing)Adrian you deserve Personality of the year for all your fantastic efforts,
Keep up the good fight thinking of you as always. You have made such a difference to so many people

Hello again from Hounslow TMR.

We've been watching the Olympics with you. A lot of local athletes, rowers, sailors, a mad boxer and some runners, so plenty of excuse to have the telly on in sports dept.

One of the cyclists is golden boy Wiggins and it wouldn't surprise me to see the Wiggle coming round the bend with Adrian pedalling alongside in some weird "team pursuit" race.

Anyway, you are our golden boy and you won't be tested for drugs! Have whatever you like to keep on top of things.

Best wishes to all. See you in the morning.


Hi everyone. Sorry, on the topic of being asked to donate stem cells when giving blood again. I rang a top manager in the Blood service months ago and asked why they do not have the question of donating or not on the form that you fill in at the clinic. I got an unsatisfactory answer and I think it is the cost of taking the sample. Please do not get me wrong, they give a fantastic service, we know becauce our daughter Gemma died of Leukaemia at Xmas 2006 but had months longer than expected and without donors or that service we would never had had that precious time. When Adrians campaign is established and all schoole leavers are educated in donation techniques then whatch out blood service. Sorruy for being so long. It annoys me and Adrian has done so much to help others. God bless you Sudbury`s.

Thank you for taking time out from your precious time with Adrian. There are so many wonderful people here supporting you all - it feels a bit like intruding on your privacy signing on each morning and evening to check out how everything is going. I know that none of you mind and that every message is a message of hope and support for you all.

Please take this precious time for yourselves -dont worry about us here - everyone will keep posting messages of support which will hopefully continue to lift Adrian's spirits when he has the energy to read them all.

Every second is precious - from a personal point of view, I didnt know that I was going to lose my Maria - had I known, every second of every day would have been spent with her.

Diane x

PS - I have been in touch with Anthony Nolan to try and get them to come along to our child & teenage cancer awareness day. Hope we can do something together to support your wonderful campaign.

HI Adrian (and cyber family)

Hope you have had a reasonable day Adrian. Hopefully pain free and some laughter.

Carrie's wedding is going to be one special wedding isn't it. How lovely that you can all be involved in the arrangements.

Well I lit my Yankee candle at 8 as usual. Am now burning Sparkling lemon, it smells delicious and toasted you Adrian, of course.

I hope you have a peaceful night with your nurse beside you. My elder daughter is a Specialist Nurse, dealing with patients with hepatitis C,and I know how dedicated nurses are. As many have said if your nurses need a night off you can always call on us!!!

Sleep tight sweet cheeks, thinking about you many times during the day.

Bless you


Adrian and Army,

Hello all! Just checking in.

Shiney I hope your sprain is better and Stephanie, we are thinking of you.

Keeping you in my thoughts!

Heather Marton
Agoura Hills, CA

I'm a slow so-and-so...been meaning to come on here for a while, but lost my mum-in-law to cancer very suddenly in June.
I don't know what to say other than thanks and you're a bloody inspiration.
I'm often up late/early...you get a panic attack pop on line and chat to me. I can assure you my waffle will send you off to sleep!
With love and a cyber-hug!

Thinking of you again, and wishing you a comfortable night with your guardian angel nurse at your side. Love to all the Sudbury family!

Rest easy,

Mary Anne
Cincinnati, OH USA

Dear Mrs Sudbury, Adrian & family & all,

Glad to hear all is well apart from the Sonic the hedgehog ramblings! Where do you all find the strength and energy from to plan a wedding as well - I'm tired after a few days of dog sitting/walking & house cleaning to give my mum a break!
It must be your oh so very positive attitudes to life which I think are absoultley wonderful and something somedays we all need to do!

Take care and have a restful evening

Love & care Sarah & madhouse & furry animalsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Night Night Adrian. Just been to see Mamma Mia with my daughter, what a fab film the sales of Abba songs must be going through the roof. Hope you have a peaceful night, sweet dreams. Chris

Goodnight, gorgeous boy and all your lovely family, from me and all your "other" family. I think of you constantly, as I'm sure we all do. Sweet dreams to you now and always x

Hello there Adrian & Sudbury family,

Thank you Kay for your post - it was lovely to hear the update and to know that you are enjoying the Olympics! I am thrilled at how well team GB are doing!

Adrian, I think you show all the strength and tenacity of an Olympian!

Much love as always,
Kate xxx

Good evening Adrian, Sudbury family and cyber family! I hope you are feeling comfortable and have been enjoying those fabulous olympics!

Just dropping by, as always, to wish you a peaceful night and send my love and support. I am struck by many of the comments people have left lately - seems a lot of you have a heavy heart and a tale to tell of your own personal struggles and experiences with this dreadful illness.

I certainly don't take my health for granted any more - I read each and every one of the comments, question "why?" and really feel for you all. Adrian, your blog has really opened my eyes to a whole new world, intoduced me to some amazing people and I feel fired up to help in any way I can. It's the least I can do.

All my love and best wishes to all of you, Charlotte xx

P.S. I love Christine M's Sonic the Hedgehog wedding cake idea, can just picture it now - LOL :-)

Dearest Adrian,
Just to say I hope it's been another happy, laughter filled day at Chateau Sudbury.
Carrie must be loving every minute at home with you all sorting the arrangements for her wedding.
Charlotte - I'm glad you liked my idea of a Sonic the Hedgehog wedding cake lol :)

Adrian, I wish you peaceful and pain free nights and happy, laughter filled days.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family & friends and your blog family.

I am sorry but on the subject of Wedding Cake, Lacey, you take the biscuit. OR should that be pie. That is a fantastic idea for a wedding cake. A giant 3 tier wedding pork pie, and running through the centre, lashings of HP's finest brown sauce. How fantastic.
I am off up the wooden hill now. I am so tired after all the cycling, running and high jump I have been doing today. We have had a day of watching the olympics and playing the olympics on wii. I am beaten!
Night all. Sweet dreams. Much love to the cracking Sudburys, and of course, all you fellow blogettes out there.....!
Tina ~X~X~X~X~X~X~
ps. Tash - Enjoy Miami mate.XX

Dear Adrian,

Sleep well and have nice dreams.Hope you had a beautiful day yesterday.

Wake up to a pleasant day!Enjoy the whole time with your family.

Hi Heather,my sprain is getting better I think, now jumping around with one leg!Thank you for asking.

Lots of love


Good morning Chateau Sudbury,

I want to share this tenderly crafted 'Hedgehog in the Fog'. The Russian animation was awarded in '93 as best cartoon of all times and nations as I know.

One of my friends posted the youtube version on her blog:



Sleep well. You have done so much with your life and this blog is testimony to to the people you have inspired and encouraged into action. May your family find strength and hope.


My dearest Sudbury family

I have just heard the news on the radio of the death of your wonderful son Adrian.

I can't begin to express my deep sorrow at this heartbreaking news. Somehow, I clung to the hope that a miracle might happen. We have all lost a truly remarkable, lovable, unforgettable, inspirational man in our lives.

He was your beloved son, and big brother to his much loved Carrie, and you'll mourn and miss him so much, as we, your cyber family will do.

You have our support and love, and I hope you will take strength and comfort from knowing that we were privileged to be part of your lives, and being taken on a life changing journey with Adrian, experiencing his highs and lows, his immense dignity and courage shining like a beacon throughout. You must be immensely proud of him, and his incredible achievements to help others.

In sympathy

Rest in Peace Adrian

Brave Sudbury's,

Just read the news about Adrian's death this afternoon - the last sentence in my early-morning posting now makes me feel so ashamed.
No pain and suffering anymore for Adrian.
All my warmth goes to you all. - Stay strong!
You have a son his Army will remember forever...

Antwerp, Belgium

It's impossible to believe that this was your last post.

Rest In Peace.

All my love


Good night, God bless dear Adrian.

Sincere condolences to a truly remarkable family.

With much love to you all.

Margaret (S.W. Scotland)

To a dear Sudbury family

I have just logged on to see what other outstanding things your wonderful son Adrian has done.

I cant believe he is now at peace.

I will miss this blog and the emails.

He really truly was an insperation to this world.

My thoughts are with you all.

With much love and sorrow

derek xx

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