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No longer ones to shy away from the world of outrageous media tarting, how's this for some glorious celebrity schmoozing?!!
Keith and I went to Ascot last Sunday night to support " Chesney's Christmas Cracker " an annual charity event he does to raise funds for the Whitelodge centre which supports people with disabilities and their families. K K AND C.jpg

Watching a live performance of " The One and Only" was a strange mixture of enormous fun and profound sadness. I had simultaneous thoughts " What on earth am I doing here and why don't I have a son anymore?" and " Crikey this is good fun Adie would have a right good laugh at this". Grief is bloody odd. It is possible for joy and despair to inhabit the same fleeting moment, as many of you will know.

Any road up, apart from the shameless showing off, the reason for this post is to up date you on the campaign's progress. As I write, the ANT is finalising the proposal for the pilot project that will target 2 areas with the Sudders Seminar in the first instance so that a proper evaluation can be made and any alterations done to the material before a national roll out later on. It is not a difficult project to undertake as it only requires a straightforward factual 30/40 minute talk. I have a nagging, lurking concern that I want to share with you though.

When Adie had his lightbulb moment he imagined that his proposed talk could be bolted into a compulsory National Curriculum. This is not the case. It is true that Ed Balls and Alan Johnson wrote to all schools in September encouraging them to teach the Give and Let Live package to sixth formers as well as younger students. BUT evidence shows that schools have been slow to use that material and many remain unaware of it. The suggestion that we have a cohort of volunteers from Adrian's Army trained and available to deliver his message to 6th forms came out of the fear that schools might be too busy, lack resources or simply not want to teach the formal package and that by providing a free resource headteachers might be more receptive to the whole idea.

But how do we make sure we get a foot in the classroom door and avoid becoming the blood and bone marow equivalent of the Squeedgy Mop and Duster salesman? I am certain that once it gets going, Adrian's message will become firmly embedded in the education of our young adults. I have recently re-read the Blog postings from May June and July and the clarity of his thinking and his underlying passion just blows me away. We cannot allow his idea to fail. If any of you reading this have contacts with 6 forms please can you test the waters and if anybody comes up with a hot lead then, while the pilot is getting going, Keith and I will be more than happy to deliver he talk. That is a promise. It's the least we can do for our lad.

Those who know me will be aware that on momentous occasions I have a propensity to quote from the great works of literature. And so, in the immortal words of Ant and Dec " LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE.....!"

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