Facebook Group & Blog Changes


Hi Everyone, Liam here

First and most importantly I've just been on the phone with Adrian. He tells me, he's feeling about the same as when he created the anxiety post but that's not going to stop him working on this blog. Let's face it the man is a tiger.

Just dropping you a minor update about the future of the blog. Very shortly the blog will be getting a slight redesign, allowing us to re-organize some of the content to make it easier to find, do a few things better. But don't worry all of Adrian's posts and all your comments will stay the same. I have no fixed time when this will happen and there will be warnings before it does.

Facebook I Adrian's Army - Baldy's Blog.jpg

Also I have created a group in Facebook for "Adrian's Army" to allow those who use Facebook to keep in contact. If you search within Facebook for "Adrian's Army - Baldy's Blog" you should be able to find it. It is still in the very early stages, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For those who don't use it - Facebook is a social network. This means it allows people to keep in contact with each other or meet new friends through a website. Similar to Adrian's blog. If that is not something you're interested in, please don't worry as this blog will still be here.

I am still looking into Myspace, mailing lists and a widget. and will keep you updated


Thanks for the update Liam. You must be working incredibly hard - on everyone's behalf -Thank you!
I wasn't a member of facebook, but I joined on Monday so I could keep up to date with info re Adrian's campaign.
Thanks for explaining things in 'non-techy' terms that I can understand. I for one am very much a computer novice.
Lots of love to you and yours

Hi Liam,

Many thanks for the update on Adrian and also for the Facebook page. I will have to wait til I get home to get on Facebook as we have restricted internet access at work.

Thanks again and well done,

Em x

Thanks so much for the update Liam, and of course for your time and effort - love the group :)

Hope you are comfortable Adrian, and this anxiety buggers off, I hate to think of you like that. Thinking of you often.

Love Caroline x

Thanks, Liam- you're a champ! Great name, by the way- same as my son's.

Adrian- hope you are able to get some peaceful rest. We are all checking on you frequently, so no matter the time you are awake, just know that from somewhere in this world, a light is being shown in your direction, and so, so much love sent your way-
have a comfortable day-

Sounds great, thanks for the hard work and the update, Liam. I hope you have a good day.

Hi Liam (also my son's name!) -

Thanks, have just joined facebook group!

Lots of love to all, thinking of you Adrian...

Diane xxxx

Good work Liam - and I will check out this facebook group.

Have a nice day all,


Thanks for the hard work Liam - it's really always much appreciated.

Well if there's anyone who could get me back on to Crack-book it's Sudders. Deactivated my account a few months back - it's so time consuming, so addictive. But truly is a good way to keep in touch. So perhaps, just perhaps...

Adrian, sorry to hear you're not feeling like the shooting star that you are!

Thinking of you as always, if not more today (is that possible). Just rushing off now to a friend's funeral - she's lost her battle with breast cancer, and after going in to remission and all - so I expect it will be gut-wrenching and even more poignant given the place you've found in my heart!

Sorry to be a harbinger... will focus on it being a celebration of her life, as it should be.

Tight tight, long but gentle hugs to quell any anxieties. Hugs have a way of taking the tension out don't they? I can feel myself physically relaxing when I'm in a warm embrace from a loved one. Sending you one of those type of hugs from a drippy Trinidad.

Hi Liam,
You are a star!! Thanks for all your hard work as usual.
Keeping in touch this way is going to be fantastic and once we know which way any fundraising or campaigning is going we can help.
Look after yourself, Liam.

Adrian, glad you are about the same but wish the anxiety bit would stop.
Hope you're having a peaceful day.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to everyone.


I always forget that I have an account with Facebook, but not anymore! :O)

Thanks Liam.

I won't be about for a while now, so I am sending lots of love to you all.


Hi Adrian

Hope you are finding some peace and laughter...
and hope the sun shining for you....

Liam, Thanks for the update....

xxxreiki hugsxxxx


Thank you for all your hard work and dedication that you have to put in, I'm sure Adrian is very appreciative of all what you do.

Adrian, keep smiling and laughing and let all thoughts sink away and have a lovely day.

Take care all

Lots of love

Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxx

just joined the facebook group
well done Liam great way to keep in touch with each other
hi adrian
hope you get to feel more peaceful withless anxiety
love as always
keep strong


Nice one Liam, thank you for all your hard work and everyone else working away in the background..you are all stars.. Hope you are feeling less anxious and more peaceful Adrian...we are all with you. I think it is great that at any given time somewhere round the world someone is writing on your blog,from Tash in Trinidad to London,America......you are never alone...

Hope your day is a good one..

Love to you and yours....

Thanks Liam Im off now to join the facebook page. Hope Adrian is feeling okay. Love to Adrian his family and friends


Was a bit fed up with facebook but now I think it could have some use to do something worthwhile, thanks Liam!

Lots of love and prayers to Adrian and his family today


Hi Liam

I've joined the facebook group. I notice their is another one called:
Have you seen Baldys Blog? An insight in to bone marrow donation

I hope Adrian is feeling a bit better xx

Thank you for your hard work Liam. I see I will be learning about Facebook and setting up an account for myself there so I can stay in step with Adrian's Army.

Adrian, wishing you a peaceful day filled with love and light. Hope you are feeling well and surrounded by laughter. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Best wishes,

Great work.. keep it up!!

I've already joined the group and 'wrote on the wall.'

Best wishes to all..


Hi Liam,

Thank you very much for the update Liam.There is lot of hard work from your part.

Hope doctors can do something to reduce Adrian's anxiety.

Lots of love to you all


So Prince Phillip has just been diagnosed, in April, with cancer (gone public just today)



You TIGER!!!!

Exciting to get a message from you

My day is just that little bit more exciting now : ) !

All the love in the world X!



Thankyou Liam for update. You are a STAR for your help and support.
Adrian- I hope you can keep going and have less anxiety.You are in my thoughts and your family. Keep strong. Lots of love Mary

Great stuff, Liam, have joined the group (pretty new to all this 'Facebooking' malarchy!) Love and best wishes to you all!

...Adrian, thinking about you constantly and sending all my love, strength (sorry, I'm not actually that strong!!) Oh - and another huge but gentle cyber-hug :-) Charlotte xx

Thank you Liam for keeping us all updated! I've just joined the Adrian's Army group on Facebook.

Adrian, I hope you're having a good day, and beating the anxiety. Checking on you often!


Hi Adrian/Liam

Great job on Facebook, I have just added you, sorry I'm not brilliant on there, but I have just invited all of my 7 friend to join!! - yes I know, useless compared to everybody else who has hundreds - HEY - quality not quantity Adrian - just wanted to say hope you feel a bit better, and we're thinking of you. I forgot to say on your birthday that as well as us eating cake and rubbish for you because you had a dicky tummy, I meant to say July 15 will always remain in my heart - obviously because it's my son's birthday but also because it's your birthday, and I'll make a wish for you when the candles get blown out.

Take care

Debs XX

Karaoke with the Magical Nurses at home:


Have some fun while their medicines work...

Howdy Liam,

Man, you have been busy. I will join FB later today when I get home from work. Also, found a couple sites online to take some of the guess work out of making a widget but I just have been swamped and not able to spend as much time on it as I would like. If you google it, it could help you too.

Adrian, Sorry to hear your feeling crummy and anxious. I wish there was something i could do to lighten the load of how much you are carrying on your shoulders. As always you are in my thoughts all day, every day.

Love, Beth

Dear Adrian,

Hope you had an ok day.

It makes me upset when you talk about anxiety, I think it is contagious ,because I feel the same thing.May be your doctors can do something to reduce your anxiety.

Happy that you have decided to work with this blog,that is what I always wanted.I didnt like the idea when you talked about ending this blog with a song.
May be you can add few more things,like to know Adrian as a kid etc etc.

Have rest and have a peaceful night.

Lots of love


Liam ,thanks for the update I came back for the http link to add you to my new blog got may own domain and a wordpresssomething about a blog roll.

Welcome to Facebook I will look forward to Adrian's Army arrival come on Adrian let's get cracking on all the free gifts we can send to you .They have red wine, white wine you name it you can have it all .warning face book is addictive.

I am thinking of you lot more now,I also say a pray for you at night before I go to sleep.In the morning I come to read your blog .

So Adrian once again I am sending you warm & positive thoughts your way .

Linda McDermott


Well done Liam!
Hello Adrian!
Alison x

I haven't posted a comment before, but wanted to say that I have been thinking of you Adrian. I found you through the Confessions of a CF husband blog a few weeks ago. Your story is inspiring and I hope you are feeling as good as you can today. Thinking of you, and will be joining the group on Facebook.


Hi Adrian and Liam, thanks for keeping us together Liam. Goodness knows how many new friendships, marriages, births etc etc could result out of this blog once we hit facebook.....Wow the possibilities are endless and all because of you Adrian. I can see generations to come talking about this guy called Adrian Sudbury who was responsible for bringing people together and giving others the chance of life. I salute you my friend. Chris

Goodnight Adrian,
Goodnight Liam.

Peaceful sleep to you both.

Love, hugs, kisses and prayers,

Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you for the update and for all the hard work you are doing to keep everyone connected. This blog has truly become a community and I look for familiar names everyday.

I will log into Facebook and register.

Adrian- thinking of you always.Chin up my dear friend, chin up.

Much love,
Agoura Hills, CA

Dearest Adrian,
What a busy day again on the blog front. The Facebook page is taking off and is looking good..
Hope you have a peaceful and restful nights sleep.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours.

Hi Adrian, hope you are sleeping peacefully. I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you I have now signed up for Facebook and I have just had a lovely conversation with my nephew in San Francisco and my niece in Scotland at the same time. I love it but I am very afraid that I might never get anymore housework done. Another thing I have to thank you for! Sleep well Chris

Thanks Liam - have joined facebook today just need to work out how to use it. Hope the anxiety soon lessens Adrian and you feel a tad more peaceful. Take care xx

Hi Adrian,

Trust you're all snug in bed by now, hopefully sleeping peacefully. I've had a word with our dear Queen Liz (via skype, nach) and she's agreed to leave you in peace, as fond as she is of your undies! So sweet dreams tonight.

A long, draining day here. So I'm off to kickboxing to take out some frustration on a bag, pad and/or sparring partner. Yay!

Sending you warm thoughts. Lots of love from Trinidad

Evening all,

Just a quick e-mail to say have a good night and sweet dreams Adrian

Sleep well

Love Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxx

Thanks Liam - have joined facebook today just need to work out how to use it. Hope the anxiety soon lessens Adrian and you feel a tad more peaceful. Take care xx

Liam - you are great. Thank you for all you do for Adrian and for us. Well, I caved in and joined facebook tonight - there's no way I am being left behind.

Adrian - if you are reading this may you have a peaceful night my friend and know that we are all with you...a huge virtual hug to you both x

Thank you Liam, Bless you for being a fantastic friend to Adrian and all of us. Give lots of love to Adrian and his family.

I am about to go and have a look at facebook.

Lots of love and hugs

Hello!! :) I read about you while I was reading another blog (http://cfhusband.blogspot.com/)that I heard about from some friends of mine. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you often, and I hope that you are feeling much better! :) Don't give up!

love in Christ,
Kristina M.
Virginia, USA

Liam, do you sleep? Being such a great friend, keeping us updated, having a job (u do don't u?) haha, thinking of ways for all of us to keep in touch, improving the blog. Thanks so much for that!

Adrian, thinking of you as always, and I've been so stressed as I haven't been able to get online for that past two days. My parents are having a garage sale, and I've been nominated to help (my sister and brother owe me!!).

It's late now, and hope you are sleeping well tonight! I am 5 hours earlier, wish you could call to chat in those times when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Wishing you well, and praying for you all!

With love, Victoria

The sun is sliding down along its path through the monsoon clouds..and I am once again filled with a certain wonder and peace. I suppose this is the place where I meet with God each night. In the distance I can hear the neighbor boy "trying" to play the guitar. It sounds sweet and new and young...

So we turn another page and I will lay down and pray for you Adrian and all of "yours" and as I close the page on this day, you'll soon be opening up to the new pages of tomorrow..A pretty white, crisp sheet that only you can fill...

God bless you Ad...God give you strength...

much love and as always, I will be looking for you.......

heart to heart


Thanks Therese!

I really love this stuff when I can't sleep.

It makes me all cozy inside.

Sometimes I don't know what I dis before this - - coziness!! : ) !!

Ads! I hope you are cozy!!!

Thanks Liam!

Another very beautiful day,

another beautiful night

All the love in the world to you all




Hello! It is nearly midnight here in the USA. I was in bed, trying to sleep, but could not. It may be because I wanted my hair to be curly tomorrow, and am sleeping in curlers :) But I think not. I kept thinking about you and praying for you, and felt led to get up and post this.
I hope that you do not laugh or scorn me, but even so, here it goes.
Do you know Jesus as your Savior? I hope so. The Bible says in John 3:16,
For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
God loves you unconditionally, and longs for you to accept Him into your heart. His promise of eternal life with Him is true. Please accept Him before it is too late!
I hope that you are feeling better all the time, and I continue to keep you in my prayers! :)
Take care,


Hi Adrian, what am I going to do? Not only can I get no housework done but now I am up at 5:45 checking my facebook and your blog. There is no hope for me now. My children return from Thailand on Sunday and sanity will return along with their washing. I love Therese's description of the close of day wherever she is. I only wish we could see the sun sliding down at the end of day instead of all this rain. I think the weather is reflecting the mood of our nation and these raindrops represent the tears we shed for you dear Adrian. If thats the case this rain will never stop. Have a snuggly day. Chris

Dear Adrian,
Saw you on bbc a while ago. I am sorry you have been suffering with this illness. I think that the campaining you have been doing is really good, I didn't know anything about bone marrow donation 'till I saw you on the bbc and then went on the blog. I signed the petition but am not yet sure if I am suitable to be a donor or not. But it's really good that you have raised awareness and achieved so much,so well done!
I wanted to share the following website with you which explains what the Bible says about life, death, and the choice we all face: the two ways to live. I urge you to go on the website, read it and think about it carefully because I think that it is the most important message that anyone could ever read or hear and the most important choice that we will ever have to make. The website name is as follows: www.twowaystolive.com. I urge you to turn back to God if you haven't already.
All the best,

I've been away for a few days providing 'patient transport services' for someone close to me undergoing chemo and my phone just wouldn't leave a comment here no matter what I did! Ack.

Thanks for setting this up Liam, I joined immediately this morning.

Adrian, I hope you had a comfortable night and that things are going as well as can be hoped for and that you have a peaceful day among those you love :o)

Good morning,
Just wondered how things were today??X

Good morning Ads : ) !

Hope this morning has you feeling ok

I just had to say good morning and big squeeze!


For me the day has a beauty about it now!! : )




Dearest Adrian,
I hope it is a GOOD morning.
Hope you had a peaceful nights sleep without the strange dreams and anxiety.

Was thinking - it will actually be nice for you on the Facebook site to put faces to some of the names you've been seeing every day for months.Or maybe not ! Only joking everyone :)
Have another quality day with family and friends and will check in later.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you,lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family and friends and your blog family.

Hello Adrian and the rest of your lovely family,
Thinking of you on this rainy thursday morning. I do hope that you are not in any pain and the anxiety has eased. I am praying mostly for a miracle, because you are certainly most deserving of one, but if that is not possible, you get every thing you wish for in the next few days,weeks or months. Know that you are well loved, and that we will always think of 'sudders' very fondly.with love helen

Morning Adrian

Are you feeling as smug as me because for once it seems to be raining everywhere else but Derbyshire? Its warm and sunny in Matlock, am hoping its the same for you.

Here's hoping today finds you comfy and happy.

With my love

Cheryl xx

Dear Adrian,

Hope you had a nice sleep yesterday.

And I hope today is going to be a better day than yesterday.

Expecting an update from Adrian or Liam soon.Just want to hear that you are feeling better and with reduced anxiety.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love


Dear Adrian,

I do not know if I can write this..or if it is important.The picture given in facebook is not a good one I feel.

Have a nice day Adrian


Explain Shiney ?



Personally, I REALLY like it


Maybe it's a Western thing

: )


Hi LL,

Explain why you REALLY liked it, then I will explain why I felt that picture of Adrian is not a good one..hahha..

Have a nice day!


Hi Laura,

Talking to me? I didnt get you.I was talking about Adrian's picture given in face book.


Sorry, I don't feel comfortable.

Please address issues not me

Hi Adrian (Tiger), Liam & everyone else!

Think the Facebook page is a great idea. At last there's something decent on there! Don't worry, Debs, I've only got 7 friends on my list too but at least I know who they are!! And..Cheryl..it's a beautiful day here on the outskirts of Sheffield. Hope you have a wonderful day Tiger (grrrr!!!!)

Anne xxx.

LL, if I was Shiney I wouldn't feel comfortable with your Western thing vs ???? comment . No issue actually - liking or not liking a pic is just a personal preference, nothing to be explained.

Afternoon Adrian,

Lazy morning here snuggling with my little boy, who finally decided to crawl out of bed at 9:00. He'll be 10 tomorrow - think sleeping late is a sign of the pre-teen years having begun in earnest!

So now at work trying to pay some bills but not much getting done.

It's a shame the comments on here are deteriorating in to small squabbles - put it down to everyone trying to deal with a certain amount of grief on a daily basis here, and loving you in their own way and wanting so desperately for you to understand that you are loved and cared for.

Thinking of you as always, hoping you are enjoying what appears to be a sunny day in your neck of the woods. Perhaps you can loll outside on feel the sun on your face. Try not to fall in to the pond again though...

Soothing hugs from Trinidad

Thank you Lindsay.

I was thinking what is the connection between Adrian's picture and "Western thing".

Adrian is a mature person and I think he wouldn't mind my comment about the picture.


It is ok.No problem with me.

I am worried only about Adrian.



I just Didn't want Ads to woory about his looks

Looks like I can't type anymore -

I just didn't want Ads to worry about his looks


Shiny, I know that you were only caretaking too - - I just FEEL that, that was just your way of doing it - - sorry!!

: )


I agree with Tash - No more petty squabbles on here. It's not helpful.

We all have the same thing in common afterall;

One person's peace of mind, welfare and support we can all offer - that's all that matters.

To the most wonderful circle of family and friends that Adrian has. They too need positive vibes from us all.

Great idea for the Facebook group, I have joined

what an inspiration you are. G-D Bless.

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