anxietypic366 .jpgWhoops! Every day is getting harder now. For those of you wondering why there was a photo with no words for about four hours it's because I started writing and nodded off!

I suppose that is an accurate reflection of what life is like for me right now.

This is a strange and difficult time for me. I have always worried about silly things and of course so much about those I care for.

With the news that it really is a case of a matter of weeks (I'm still not confident about these doctors' predictions) I was crippled with the anxiety about how I am going to see all my family and friends for a good length of time, and make it so they felt like they had every opportunity to say to me precisely what they wanted.

On Saturday morning, at around 3am, I sat up bolt right. There was no reason other than I could not get the Queen (Elizabeth II) out of my head. I had this overwhelming sense of panic and deep breathing. It was so strange.

She wasn't doing anything, threatening me with a wedgie or a Chinese burn, I just couldn't shake off the panic.

I went into see my parents and explained how I was feeling - left out the Queen bit initially.

My dad called the district nurses out and they injected me with a strong sedative which got me back to sleep within about ten minutes.

This picture above is of us all enjoying a cracking cup of tea or ice cold cordial.

At that stage I decided the source of the anxiety was a number of factors. Of course the obvious one about a drawn-out death still worries the hell out of me.

I explained in the previous post how my friends stepped in. It doesn't sound very cool to have a timetable but we did and it worked really well.

Over three days I saw around 32 people.

I still wake up at exactly 2am or between 3am and 4am. The nurses always come out and my family, as ever, try and make the most of it.

I was so proud of myself because now everyone has had the opportunity to say goodbye properly. I feel like I have said everything too and if I died tomorrow, it would be sad, but there would be no regrets.

On the last couple of slots on Thursday afternoon I had to keep pacing up and down the room to stop myself from falling asleep.

I was also given an anti-sickness jab while chatting to Nel Bilton. Poor girl, she is the one who saw blood gushing from my shin after I had fallen in the pond wearing a hideous pair of bright blue boxer shorts.

Now things have switched round and I going to put myself and my family at the centre of all this.

I am sleeping for hours on end and at unpredictable times- hence the little goof with the picture which was published that bit earlier.

The blog is getting harder to write and my focus is waning but it will keep going as best I can. I think my mum and Liam will be able to keep things moving on when necessary.


Thanks for all the interesting feedback about how you can keep in touch after I shuffle off.

We are going to complete our mission!

There seems to be a lot of love for one massive Face Book group, which could be linked to all the smaller.

A lot of love is also being shown for a mailing list.

Would people generally go along with this?

I think any more than two, or possibly three, would be duplicating matters.

I must admit I don't know enough about all this and would like lead the project, but I won't be able to do it.

I think in this post, make it the last chance to express your views. We need something simple anyone can use.

Anyone know of some very simple generic mailing lists websites we we could help ourselves?

When all the quotes stop coming in the geniuses in Liverpool Liam and Steve Harrison can look at making this a reality.

Thanks again everyone.


Hi Adrian,

Hope you are feeling better than you were. What a nice picture of you all together. Sending you a big hug (you can't beat a hug) and wishing you well. Regards Julia.

Dear Adrian,

Glad that you are back.Welcome!Good to see all of you again.Where is your sister?You can post her picture too.

Anxiety? That is normal I feel.Just close your eyes and pray.What do you think about us?We all are upset .Every single moment I am thinking about you,and praying.

Your friends are not there today?

Like to meet you in real.

Lots of love to you Adrian.

Fingers crossed Adrian feels a little better after his time in hospital. I am coming on here daily so thankyou for the update.
Widget sounds fab and i would definatley put my name down for the mailing list as i'm sure everyone who comes here would.Keeping baldy's blog ongoing after Adrians passing i think will keep most of us together still.

The photo is lovely. Looks like a 'duvet day' to me! Am also here every, so it's great to see you! All my very best wishes to you all. Louise

Hi again!

Seeing your smiling pictures made me smile too!

Computer was on for some time,but for few minutes I slept inbetween and jumped up and clicked again and here you are!

Very happy to see you Adrian.Please do not worry, I can easily say/write that , I can imagine what you all are going through.Beleive me,I am also going through the same feelings.
When some bad thoughts upset me, I used to divert my attention to somany other things and try to be busy so that I forget about those bad thoughts.
To be frank it makes me so upset thinking about you,I do not how to explain that clearly in English.Feeling of tightness..suffocation..dont know what it is.But praying helps.

Heartfelt prayers


Just wanted to pop in to say hello and that I was thinking of you, there isn't much more I am able to say (without sounding like an idiot) because I cannot even begin to imagine what must be going through your mind.

And all I have to offer is a big hug from this side of the world and letting you know that I am thinking of you and praying for you!

Lea White

What a lovely pic!

I'm checking back here a couple of times every day, and it's great to have updates.

Thinking of you all - you are all in my prayers.



Great photo.... My word, is that a beer you have there?!! ;-)

Powerful word, anxiety. We're all thinking of you, all rooting for you.
Sending out love, warmest wishes and cyber-hugs across the internet to you and your lovely family, Charlotte xx


It's nice to see a picture of you all -thanks!
I kinda feel like I know you now despite never meeting you and yet I can't think of suitable enough words to highlight what an honour it is we have had such a spectacular guy around us all.

What a dent youve left on this planet eh?! :-)

There's a little guy in my head sweeping out a corner everyday now to fill with thoughts of you and I wish you as much comfort as is possible.

You are helping me be braver through my IVF too -I lost my mother and father to terminal illness almost ten years ago so this is fresh motivation, so thank you ever so much.



Lovely to see you all and thank you for the update. One word is all that's required and the photo is a lovely bonus.

Love to All and stay strong.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Oooh, lovely surprise to see your smiling face Adrian.

Thank you for taking the time to post that, it means the world to your army. Hope you and your loved ones continue to enjoy this precious time and that their love for you will assuage your anxieties.

With lots of love

Cheryl xxx

beautiful picture....thank you

Adrian and family
What a lovely picture - you're even colour co-ordinated. Although I am a bit distraught the Oscar Wilde dressing gown is not making another pictorial outing!! Of course you are anxious, it is anxiety of the unknown. Be at peace Adrian
Thinking of you all
Love and hugs

Last night I dreamed that I called you on the telephone, and I heard your lovely voice, sounding tired, but quite happy. I didn't know what to say to you and you just said, "Don't worry".

Your photo looks just like what I am imagining. Keep believing.

Love always

Amanda x

Hey there Adrian,

Hope your pain management is going well and you're not suffering too much physically... though when I think of it - what a ridiculous statement... "hope you're not suffering too much physically"! Hope you are not suffering at all physically and that your pain meds are doing their thing. Nice to see you smiling with your Mum and Dad. Thanks for posting the pic - big hug from Dublin,


Thanks for putting the photo on. Really glad to see you smiling. I am thinking of you loads and your family. Lots of love Mary

Thank you for the pic, what a lovely lovely gesture for all us bloggers. Hope you have a great day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good morning Adrian,
What a beautiful picture of you and your mum and dad.

Know where the good looks come from now...:)

Anxiety - that word speaks volumes, but be assured that whatever, whenever, we are all as usual in thought sitting with you too giving you all the biggest cyber hug ever.
Thank you, Adrian, once again for thinking of us, who shouldn't expect anything at this time but who appreciate it immensely.
Hoping that you have another peaceful, but laughter and beer filled day with your family and friends.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay and Keith, Carrie, famil, friends and your blog family.

Love, smiles and togetherness. Thinking of you all xx

Hi Adrian,

Good to see you - how wonderful to be able to spend this time cuddled up with your lovely Mom & Dad.

You are all very much in my thoughts - just hope the pain is a bit more bearable and that the drop of the red stuff has given you a bit of a boost.

Love to all.

Diane x

Thanks for thinking of your virtual family.......

we are all thinking of you.....

Think I might have a duvet day too....come on everyone lets have a joint duvet snuggle.....

xxxreiki hugsxxx


Lovely to see your photo Adrian with your mum & dad, glad to see the wine glass in your hand. Have a lovely day spent with loving people. Anxiety is such a normal reaction, we are all sending you loving thoughts, you are with us every minute of the day. If love, prayers of support from everyone whose lives you have touched can help, then take this with you, you are not alone.
Love to you, your family and your friends.

Hi Adrian and family

What a lovely photo, and what a beautiful thought to post it on here for us to see you all together. Your generosity of spirit knows no bounds. I never cease to be amazed or inspired by you.

Duvet days are good - especially when they are shared with your nearest and dearest.

You know you are all in my thoughts constantly wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, you're there. So here's to you enjoying a peaceful Sunday and glad to see you're still wearing your hat Adrian!

Sending soothing hugs to you all and a heck of a lot of love, as always. If you feel a slight breeze across your cheek that's the kiss I just sent you...

Thank you again ... for everything!

Much love always
Barbara xx

Correction to my previous post Adrian, read wine glass, as beer glass!!
Lots of love

One word, one picture, says so much. Great to see your smiling face! Look all look so cozy!
Sending you hugs and prayers.


What a gorgeous family pic. Hope you are still comfortable Adrian. I am thinking of you all. Lots of love and hugz Dawn xxxx

Hi Adrian, Ma & Pa Sudders
A picture speaks a thousand words, 'nuff said! Thanks for the thought and taking time to share it.
Thinking of you all today.
Sending all my strength, love and hugs to you all xxx

Love the pic you all look so cosy, hope you are feeling better Adrian. Love & prayers Mich xx

Thank you Adrian for the lovely photo and quick update.
Thinking of you as always.

Luv Sam xxx

Dear Adrian,

Again I was looking at your picture.Everything is having a touch of green..Green Army!

Only your sister is lacking in that picture.

Have peaceful daysssssssssssssssssssssss ahead.


LOL you're gonna need a whole bigger duvet to fit all of us Adrian hehehe
hugsssssssssss you

Good to see you again Adrian. Hope you are feeling a little better and is that a beer I spy in your hand young man?? ha ha ha.
Sending you loads of hugs and good wishes.
Stay well

Sarah xx

oh meant to say lovely pic you made me smile, which was nice. Stay strong adrian, and know that your army is behind you.

Hi Adrian

I've just been away for the weekend, camping yuck, sorry but I hate it, other half loves it. But you were on my mind all the way through it and I'm sure I didn't strop as much because of you. Sometimes we have to do the things we dislike for our loved ones but I have got time to do the things I like as well....

Lovely picture and very brave right now. Hope you aren't feeling too unwell. You have love all around you anyway.

Love Mel xx

I'm with Shiney....your gonna need a whole lot bigger duvet for us all! ;o)

Lovely picture of you all and I'm glad to see a beer in your hand!

Keep smiling dude :o)

Hope you're feeling well Adrian. Nice picture.
We watched Kung Fu Panda on saturday and I came away with a lovely quote:

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift - that's why it's called the present."

love and best wishes

Thanks for the lovely family pic. and for taking the time to keep us all informed. Love and best wishes to you and your family. I know you will, but make sure you enjoy every minute you have together. Diane xxx

Lovely photograph - thank you!

Thinking of you all and sending you much love, hugs, and prayers.

Elaine Appleby

Lovely to see the pic pal and to see you're all still smiling through this tough time. Chin up bud, hope you have a peaceful, pain-free weekend.

Bug hugs, still thinking of you all the time.
Clare xx

A 'piling in together' - wonderful :)
love and light to all of you
Always in my thoughts......
Steven's mom

Lovely family photo :-) Thanks so much for keeping us updated, Adrian. Hope today's a good 'un for you, too.

Checking in regularly.


Vic x

Great picture, thanks for sharing.
Thinking of you all,
Regards, Jan & Tony.

Dear Adrian and "The Folks" and Carrie and Liam:

Would you mind terribly if we sent you the "mother of all beds" so we could all jump in and have a big snuggle and hug? :)

Going shopping now for the "mother of all beds"...there would be so much love in the room and the house it would take us all to the moon.......

love heart to heart.......


PS: Thinking it wise to find the "mother of all kegs" to put next to the bed :)

What a nice surprise, that photo, Adrian and family. Have a good day today.



Your relieved fans are just hoovering up that smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww, that's a great photo. Thanks for sharing it with us, Adrian.
Hope you are as comfy as possible and having a good day.
Thinking of you, love to you and your family too.

Catherine x

Hi Adrian,(and all cyber family)

What a lovely picture. Thankyou so much for sending it to us.

I have only been away one week, and so much has happened to you. You have made your decision now, and I respect you for that.

You are forever in my thoughts, and it was so hard to be away from my laptop for a week without news of you and your family.

I hope you are having a fun and pain free weekend with all your family and friends and I send all my love to you. Sleep well tonight Adrian.

Bless you


Hi Adrian
You look all look nice and snuggly in the picture. Hope you are all doing ok.
Love Dawn xx

Good afternoon all,

What a fantastic picture of you all looking so cosy and happy - hope you are all having a good weekend without too much pain factor.

Just been to check on the neighbours rabbits as rabbit and cat sitting but the rabbits should have their pen renamed Colditz hutch as they manage to escape when they can - found them outside on the driveway one day and spent half an hour recapturing them! Then their owner turned up!!

Much love to you all

Take care and keep smiling

love Sarah, madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A picture sez it all : )

Looks like I've been a num-nums and posted on the old blog entry from last time . . .

And I finally figured out how to read the entire blog entry rather than a bit - -

NOW, Sudders, if you want to quit planning the funeral and move back to planning a wedding, remember, I'm sure there are alot of us women out there you could let know!!!

and they would actually quickly and happily oblige!

Cuz that's simply the kind of guy you are, okay?

On behalf of most of the women in the world, Hey, please let us know!!!!!!! : )

Huge kiss!


Awwwww... what a great picture. Makes me want to put my jammies back on! A big, fluffy bed with your mum and dad -- well, that's an anxiety-free zone if I ever saw one.
Adrian, I hope you're feeling well. I've been thinking of you and your wonderful family these last few days more than ever. Sending you and your family much love,


That's really lovely! :O)

Always thinking of you Adrian.

Keep strong.



good afternoon lovely to see you all hope you have a nice day a can see now where Adrian get his good looks from all the best pamx

So nice to see a smiley photo, stay strong Adrian love Vicky XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

A thousand words spoke in just one word. What an amazing picture and a wonderful memory you have created for your family. Thinking of you constantly and logging in several times a day. Hope you are not in too much pain and are comfortable. A massive hug sent you way.

Tammy south yorkshire
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

That's a great photo Adrian. Thinking of you all.

Carole xx

Thinking of you today Adrian, sending some peace and strength your way. Lovely pic, thanks for sharing.

Hey, there are just a few too many Laura's on here! !!Wow ^ that was'nt me The competing is confusing - - so now, I will sign LL - - L my middle. ok?

Hey, this is a chance for another- -

BIG KISS!!!!!!

Good morning (well it is morning here anyway!)! Adrian, thank you so much for posting this picture, it is lovely to see your smiling face along with your parents. You are all so much in our thoughts.

Best wishes for a comfortable, peaceful day.

Hugs from the Rockies,
Denver, CO USA

What a wonderful huggy photo and three beautiful smiles, thank you so much for sharing it with us all.
A candle was lit and prayers were said for you in church this morning, hope you feel the power.

Wishing you a pain free day, stay strong.
Love as always
X Marlene.

What a beautiful picture. Thinking of you Adrian and your family. God bless.


Thank you for everything that you have done and everything you, your words and your actions will continue to do.

You are forever in my heart and thoughts.

Minnesota, USA


Thanks for posting this lovely photo, thinking of you and your nearest and dearest.

Love to you all, Sarah x

What a lovely picture, what a lovely family.

xx from the US-

Hi Adrian, havnt posted for a couple of days but that doesnt mean I'm not keeping an eye on you. Have a snuggly time with your family it's the best medicine in the world. As ever your constant companion. Chris

Dear Adrian,

Hope you had a nice day without pain and serious discomforts.

Peaceful and painless days in future too.

Thinking and praying for you Adrian and your family.


What an absolutely lovey picture. No one would ever guess the heartache behind those smiles.

I desperately wish I could give you all a real hug.

Adrian, you mean the world to me. Sending you a special big kiss!

Love, hugs and prayers,
Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Adrian,

Thankyou very much for the post.Surprised that you are taking time to write lengthy posts to us.
Do write only when you are feeling ok, what we all want you to have is peace and rest.

May be that dream is some after effect of your drug.
Your anxiety is normal, if I was in your place I must have died of a heartattack or must have gone mad.I dont want you to leave this world.People who die just leave one day, and what happens to the people who loved you, they will have to live with the thoughts of the departed one till their end.I think that is the worst thing .That doesnt mean it is easy to die, and that too thinking daily about death.Doctors can go wrong Adrian,you will live long.

When you wrote reaching closing stages, that day when I was reading that ,I went though the feelings you had, panic, breathlessness..I started opening windows and switching on lights all around.May be an anxiety attack.

Praying for peaceful days ahead.



Leave the organising to others, you have done more than enough....
Let Liam and Steve co-ordinate, I'm sure it would be their want.....

You are a real trooper, and I'm sooooo glad you won the wager, if you know wot I mean :-) !!!!

cheers for now

xxxxreiki hugsxxxx

Regarding the mailing list/group thing - there appear to be all sorts of groups that have sprouted up in places like facebook associated with your name, so I think the important thing is to announce here the ones you're going to officially endorse as it were, and maybe try and get the cooperation of any larger groups that wellwishers have already formed. Easiest thing to do would be to have a contact point on facebook, Liam or whoever you delegate the task to, set up the group then announce the name/contact point on here.
Yahoo groups are quite good for e-mail contact, easy to set up and manage.

I hope you are able to enjoy your you-time now with your family, and have some pleasant monarch-free dreams!

Dear Adrian,

May be when you feel worried/upset/scared you can request your mother to be near you.Then I think you will get peace of mind.

Heartfelt prayers again


Ad - you've been on my mind a lot. I woke up in the night and didn't see the Queen, but I was thinking about you. Strange, given the fact we've never met.

Not a stalker, btw, just worried for you and hate to think of someone so talented and young facing such a sad illness.


Mate, only you could dream about the Queen and wedgies.....

Just wanted to say you did a great job of fitting everyone in for a visit, but you shouldn't worry yourself about how everyone else is feeling. Most people don't ever get to say goodbye - so we all just feel lucky to have had the chance and also to have had you around.

Now you just concentrate on yourself and your folks and let everyone else look after themselves (and all of you).x

Just loved, loved that bit about Her majesty : ) !!!

Grateful for some sharpie minutes!!!!

Wow : ) Worth waiting for.


Hey, this bran new stalkster undertands all the waits - - you will be with your family and closest

All the love in the world to you all!




On a seperate note:

PS: bare bones of business - - I am someone who is unfamiliar with the campaign - - havent seen Facebook yet


Few things come to mind:

Adrians looks, eloquence, and even actual voice are all way, way above average.

More could be made of these soundbite - growers - - the "x" factor if you will, thus
a truly wonderful "brand" in the making if I ever saw one - - soory about the capitalisation, but were talking about something far more important than money: Awareness ! : ) !

Good Sounbytes gould be combined with his personality and I think it would hit home that he is a regular guy and it could be any one of us "any one of us" soundbyte ? Revolving Soundbytes?

His Image (yes thats a cap : ) could be combined with a message - - there would be quite an old "left, right"!!!

London does a total of three very major daily papers, I see absolutely everyone under 30, especillly lots of teenagers cause they don't have to pay, reading them daily. I believe they give away ads to causes. All three owned by Lord Rothermere I think. London is not as nice as Yorkshire : ) , but really it is where the young are.

Future campaign surge potential

Finally - - no idea yet what donation is or involves - - despite seing articles.

Quick "Wiki" link everywhere?

Description in a few lines?

I know, I know, I have the attention span of a flea

But I confess the process is still a mystery to me

So this is just a few lines from a num nums newbie - - I'll probably stand corrected in no time

- - - -

I do know for sure the "X" factor really is all over the place here : ) !

X : ) all !


Just to echo Izzy - yahoogroups are really easy to set up and administer.

Thanks for your latest update - glad you're feeling a little more at peace and not under pressure to see people now.

Loads of love to you all,

Vic x

Hello Adrian!

What a lovely picture.

Have been thinking of you lots today, so was great to check on here and see a smiling photo!

Lots of love to you and your family,

Karen x

What a lovely photo :) Here's a really big virtual hug from me :)

I would vote for facebook or mailing list (or both) for continued campaigning....out of interest I have sent the details to Karen Lowe at Bilborough College so I hope we can do something positive in the future.

More hugs and love
Andrea x

Good to hear from you. You have so many people behind you, we are your army. Rest up as much as you need to. Thinking of you. Big hug. Mary

Maybe it was good you have just the photo first - -and the message later - -

--This could be more relxing for you

and relaxing is paramount!

this system sometimes would give you more time with your FOLKS!!!

We are a happy party!!


Big big X!!



Glad I popped back for a read -I thought just seeing the one picture and no text it was possible you'd got way-laid...

A newsletter would be ideal,but Ive no diea about any of that sadly!

Things like you having the Queen in your head -i kinda get where you're at. Try not to worry too much -you will be made comfortable before the end gets too near so I hope you can rest a bit better and glad they sedated you and you got some rest.

Another internet hug :-),


Snuggly pic!!
(She says climbing in underneath the duvet..)
Shush, don't tell anyone, they'll never know I'm here.



So good to see your face again. Praying you all have a peaceful and happy day (and evening
of course, it's only 1:30pm here)!!

Best wishes to you and yours,

Kim (NY-USA)

Hello again! I'm with the mailing list, the Facebook page (I've recently joined), widgets, or, indeed, anything which enables us to all keep in touch and continue your campaign.

I'm a bit technically inept so can't offer any valuable suggestions - only my ongoing support and leg-work, as needed!!

My love to you all, Charlotte xx

P.S. The Queen - and wedgies?! - LOL! ;-)

Hi Adrian,

Was thrilled to hear your news and see the photo. I think your mum and dad look lovely, and just so proud of you. You are very lucky to have such a tight family unit who clearly adore you.
I pray that you have no more anxiety attacks and that you are painfree.
Sending all my love and support Helen x

I love the photo of you and your family. You look so at peace with each other.

Your body may be failing but your spirit is shining through as strong and bright as ever.

Much love and prayers for the journey ahead.

HI Adrian

Just wanted to say HI.

Queen should be honoured to make it to your dream :)

Lovely happy photo.
Sue - in wet Berkshire

Adrian - I love your smile.
Thank you for this blog, and for all that you are.
I am thinking of you, and sending much, much love.
I hope you feel it!
Hugs, Gio xxx

Hi Adrian,

What a lovely pic of you and your parents. Thanks for the update. I hope you are pain free at the moment and that this continues. It's great to see that cheeky smile of yours.

Sending you a big hug and a kiss.

Sarah x

So nice to see all of your smiling faces!

This was a hard to post to read - much harder to write, I am absolutely sure. The fact that you are blogging this journey continues to amaze me. Thank you, Adrian, for sharing every possible aspect of life with us all.

Words are failing me more each time I visit. What can I possibly say? You're still a Superhero to me.

Hugs. Prayers. Peace.

Dear Adrian,

I love the picture! Nothing better than getting the kids in bed with you on a Sunday and lazing about, just because you can. However old we get we are always our parents' children, these must be precious times for your parents and sister. My thoughts are with you all Take care x x x

Having said that, the pic was a real tonic

You need to take all the tonics you can and sleep, hold, and be held.

Please know you are being held, held, held by all of us whether you are writing or no, sleeping or no!!

I'm going to have some tonic wine

Well, this is why I'm so grateful for that picture's smiles Still excited that came this morning

What peace from that

Smiles such as those smiles in circumstances such as these are a great tonic to all our hearts - - what real amazement ! : ) !

X All!!!


Adrian, you said make this a last chance to express a view.

Well my view is that you have given us all so much because you have shared yourself with us.

You are an exeptional man, generous and charismatic in the true sense of the word - my dictionary says: Charisma - the power to inspire devotion and enthusiasm. Boy have you got it in spades.

Your mum and dad are so special in sharing this precious time with your 'gang'. I have to say though that looking at the picture it shows security - the opposite of anxiety!

With all my heart, I wish you a peaceful onward journey.

Hugs and prayers to all of you. Denise

P.S. Would it help to keep a night candle or something like that in your room? Things are always worse when it's pitch dark.

Hi Adrian,

I know you must be feeling exhausted so I'll try and keep this short.

Just wanna say that I too am battling leukemia and in my 20's, finding it pretty miserable but your blog has given me more courage than anything else.

I really hope that the next few weeks are pain free and peaceful for you.

In my thoughts forever.


Hi Adrian,

Good idea to keep things simple, when reaching out to Adrian's Army. If you keep one part for text and one part for photo's, and keep a mailing list for updates on both of them monthly, you will be in the clear.

Keep up the good spirits. And don't let the worries get the better of you. Give them to us, we will make off with them.


So good that you managed to complete your post. I feel torn when I read your messages - very chuffed to hear from you, but guilty that you might feel some sort of obligation to keep us all updated when you may not have the energy to do it. Whatever is best for you honey, please only keep doing this if its something you want to do....

As for mailing lists, I'm on 2 Yahoo football groups, and they work really well. I'm not terribly techie, so there may be better ones out there though?

Your message comes across as if you are finding some peace now, and thats great to read (apart from the Queen of course, the thought of her giving you a wedgie made me laugh out you think she knows what one is even?)

Long may this peace continue.Sending love and hugs to you, your family and friends.

All my love (again)

Cheryl xxx

Dear Adrian,

Sleep well Adrian.Have a peaceful night.

Hope your parents will be near you whenever you you need them.

Lots of love


Good to hear from you and what a great picture ... do you sleep in your hat?

Somebody else mentioned dreaming about you, well I did too. There is a lovely poem (or maybe prose) called Rainbow Bridge that people who have had a horse die on them find very comforting. Well, I dreamt that you and my horse hooked up when you went over Rainbow Bridge. Which is quite bizarre as I don't think you've ever mentioned horses.

I am pleased that you now feel you have said your good byes and can relax a little. Enjoy your time as much as you can with your family.

You are never far from my thoughts.

Hello Adrian

Lovely photo - great to see you all.
We send our love.

Best Wishes as always to you & your family


Still smiling I see... FANTASTIC!!! Great picture. Once again PEACE!!!


So Adrian,

Thank you for all the extreme eloquence and amazement - - all in addition to the photo tois today! - - that queen thing : ) can't get over : )

The best thing is?

- - I got the sense that that all this was always going on for you way before you had any cancer : )

The best thing is that it is just totally not about any cancer

Rest knowing you wowwed us all today

the folkies too!!

I just love you bud!!

Bigger Kiss!!!!


This is the first time I have written though I have followed your blog for the last few months! I have a son near your age and it would rip my heart out if I was going through what you and your parents are. You are such an inspiration and I pray that peace wraps it's arms around you and holds you close for as long as you have left! Don't worry about anything now, be close to those you love and who love you! Ma and Pa Sudders what a fine young man you have raised, he has touched so many in such a short time! My love to you all



Thank you for sharing the photo.

You are an amazingly brave person and an inspiration.

Thoughts are with you.
God bless.

hi adrian,i was told about your diary site by my sister,she reads it every day.she told me because i suffer depression an thought i needed to read it.....well im in awe of your strength and i am so determined now to get my life back on track...i no u would love to av a long life,an here i am wasting mine..i will now take all the help i can from dr,s and learn from u...the pic of u and your family is beautiful,your such a handsome man..your family r so lucky to av ad you in their life...i will read your page every day and my thoughts r with u always..angie xxxx


You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Tampa FL

Sweet Adrian,

How dear of you to update us. Really. You never cease to amaze me with your generous spirit and kind heart. My take on the "Queen" dream?? Someday, when it's your time, you'll be heaven's royalty. I'm sure of it. Darn. Now I'm never gonna get to meet you!! I can see it now...I'm standing in the crowd with my "Barely made it in" friends... "Oh, there he goes! He's waving!! He's doing the parade wave!! Adrian!! Over here!! Awwwwww.... shoot."

I'm doing my very best to try and find the humor in things, and I'm glad to see you are, too. (The Queen and the wedgie?!) Love that!
Sweet dreams tonight, peaceful, soothing, happy dreams.....


Fantastic photo! you do look like your holding a beer? sure your not having a cheeky one?

On a serious note, I will be thinking of constantly and hoping that what you want happens is the best way for you.

I agree with all the others, lets just get a massive duvet for Adrian's Armys!

huge love n hugs to you all & thank you for sharing your thoughts, your humour & your family


Well done Adrian, sounds like you have resolved lots of issues and seem at peace with things. No regrets is important for the future.
I hope the mailing list goes ahead and the fantastic idea of an Adrian Sudbury Award. I bet you`re far too modest to comment on it but I wonder if you would endorse the idea to someone close so people could develop it knowing that it had your blessing.
Have and enjoy the family time Adrian, you deserve it. God Bless, Thanks for everything, Love jan & Tony.

Lovely pic Adrian xx Keep smiling xx

Oh how incredibly good it was to see an update - with such a special photo too! You are so good to us, your "cyber family". We wait on Liam the "blogmaster" to come up with a bright idea to keep us all together :-)
As always, I pray for a peaceful & comfortable night's rest for you.
With love & blessings
Janet in South Africa

Lovely picture - thanks for thinking of us all it sure is appreciated, though like others feel a bit guilty when I think of the effort it costs you.
Please keep anything you set up simple as I really am a dork with computers but would love to keep in touch and help keep things going.
Love to you and yours xxx


You have accomplished so much with this blog. Your campaign will be a lasting achievement that will be valuable for the UK, and perhaps those of us in other countries will take up the call.

As I respond to your question of how to keep Adrian's Army going, I think of how this energy can be channeled in the internet medium where it was born. Your early posts on the stem cell transplant process are an incredible education. I often refer people to it. That could be the nucleus of a valuable site combining your journal with those provided by other transplantees and their caregivers. Many of us have journals on sites like caringBridge that could be repurposed.

of course, money helps with that. You have never requested any, but many of us would be motivated to give so that the resources would be available to keep this dream alive.

You have touched and helped so many of us. I won't meet you face to face in this life, but I am proud that I count you as a friend.


beautiful photo,please just save your strength for you & yours.WE are honoured to have shared so much of your journey.scary thoughts,try to acknowledge them and let them go.wishing you peace dear adrian. love light & reiki hugs to you and your lovely family and fellow cadets. p.s.thank goodness it wasnt prince philip.i pray for content dreams tonight.brendiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

great pic, great family, great bloke!

Never posted before but have been reading for a while now.

Sending a big massive scouse (((HUG)))


Hello Adrian

What a special photo. Will be thinking about you tonight and your family.
I think the strangest thing at this time is the feeling of being in your own little bubble and everything else happening outside has no connection to you. So spend time with your lovely family and don't worry about the blog, let others take care of it for you. You have done so much for others and more than you set out to achieve by bringing together Adrian's Army.
Sleep peacefully in your hat.
With love

hey, tiger don't give up easily... it is nice to see you all smiling...ANOTHER SUGGESTION … I would love to see your life story and pictures of you growing up, funny stories etc… perhaps a book that your mum/dad/sister/friends can put together...

x x x x

PS I heard that Manuka Honey is good for energy levels and anxiety...

Have had that lovely picture in my head all day.
Still trying to work out the Queen bit of your dream lol.
Have a peaceful and restful nights sleep.
Love Kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours.

Wishing you all a peaceful night and sending much love. Caroline xx

I think it is a sign for her to dub you!!

I feel it - - it's gonna be Sir Adrian !!!

Thank you for posting the photo, it is lovely. Can't even begin to imagine what your parents and sister are going through...


All an amazing day

Great photo Adrian. you can't beat the arms of your mum and dad.
Sleep well

Lindy Lou

Adrian, you should know that for every one person that posts a reply to your blogs, there are dozens - if not hundreds - like me who have not posted, but have had the priveledge to follow your incredible journey for a while and have taken inspiration from your courage and determination to make a difference for others, whatever your personal circumstances. I wish all the strength in the world to you and your family as you all face this together. God bless, Julie

Oh Adrian,

How lovely to see your smiling face. A duvet day indeed.

Hope you're collected on your gentleman's wager, Mr. Adrian Tough as Old Boots Sudbury.

Had a bit of an impromptu sleepover last night at a best friend's house, complete with movies, coffee and a duvet. Strangely disconnecting feeling to be away from my laptop and not be able to check up on you first thing in the morning.

Bizarrely enough, dreamt my friend, Patrice, called me Tina Turner in my sleep (cause I was tossing and "TURNing" so much) - needless to say she thought I was off my rocker when I asked her about it in the morning.

But the Queen, and wedgies - you take the cake Sudders! :)

Really pleased you've managed to see all your friends. You are truly selfless, pacing up and down to stay awake. Time to shift focus to you, your amazing folks and Carrie. They are always in my thoughts along with you.

Wishing you more duvet mornings and family cuddles. Sending you lots of love from Trinidad.


Well, what ho my brave boy.

A good photo for your Mum and Dad to have - Adrian, holding glass of summat, smile on face and beanie hat - situation normal. The only thing missing is Grannie's goonie (paisley pattern version).

It looks like you were having the kind of snuggle that every child needs with their parents sometime. Hold on to that feeling.

Hugs xxxxx

You know what Sudders, you never fail to amaze me. What a lovely human being you are. Here we have been all worried and stuff, and you come out with a one liner like the queen threatening you with wedgies and chinese burns. I nearly fell off my chair laughing.
I love your sense of fun. You see humour almost everywhere. Bless you.
Night sweetheart. You look so happy with your Mum & Dad, but then, it's the best place to be. I have to join the chorus for the Paul Smith (dontcha know!) dressing gown to make a return. Very fetching!
Night sweets. Love & hugs to Mum Dad & Carrie. ~X~X~X~X~X~

I meant to say - Facebook group sounds OK. Yahoo group sounds excellent too. I belong to a couple of support groups which are great, but everything needs to be administered and that's where the problems start. I don't want to bore everyone with this now, but keep it in mind for when the thinking becomes firmer. Hey Liam, how you fixed for the next 100 years or so? I reckon that is how long this boy's memory is going to last - at least.

Hugs and loving thoughts to all the Sudbury family.

Let's not panic about the legacy - -folk can be hired - - the basic fundraising structures are there in spades - - that is not today's concern at all

We are just celebrating, relaxing,recovering and just reveling in amazement!!

Bigger Kiss!!


Dear 'Mr. Adrian Tough as Old Boots Sudbury'

We knew you'd win your wager!! :O)

Thinking of you all and
(but remember... it has to be The King's version)

Adrian...what an incredible person you are to know you are in the last few weeks of your life and be thinking of the needs of your family and friends rather than your own.

::hugs:: to you. The world will definitely be a little less bright without you around to shine in it.

P.S. I would definitely be interested in a Facebook group. :o)

Thanks for the update Adrian. Like others, checking your blog is a daily habit.

Maybe your dreams of the Queen means that she'll be contacting you soon. Wouldn't that be awesome!

I would be interested in joining an email list to keep up with your campaign.

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Stay comfortable.

(Pennsylvania, USA)

Adrian, Mrs Sudbury and Liam & Co,

I like to write down these words before going to sleep after just returning from London- it's to important as Adrian mentioned in his post:

We are certainly going to complete this mission!

I agree with the massive Face Book group and the mailing list. Liam and Steve Harrison, thank you.

After visiting the Hadrian exhibition while in London to sea King Lear and Timon of Athens two visual ideas came in my mind:

1)A very strong image could be a group of young people connecting with each other on each side of Hadrian's Wall in the North of England. A metaphor for Adrian's work and dedication for a better awareness of stem cell donation. In my opinion this abstract image of nature is timeless and much stronger than portraying the person himself.
2)The second one is to ask a graphic artist to come up with a cartoon (like in the Street Art - graffiti on a Wall (again the image of the wall!)). Inspiration: the bronze statue Hadrian with on this harnass all people in battle (his army…)

So London and the exhibition were inspiring. I will mail some images to Liam next week.

Adrian's video's led me to his blog - which led me to the exhibition - which led me to rediscover the writer Marguerite Yourcenar. She wrote 'Memoirs of Hadrian' in 1951. I started reading in the train from London to Brussels and recommend it to every one reading this blog. Two strong pieces in the book I've marked:

'Those who would have preferred a 'Journal' of Hadrian to his 'Memoirs' forget that a man of action rarely keeps a journal; it is almost always later on, an in a period of prolonged activity, that he does his recollecting, makes notations, and, very often, has cause for wonder at the course his life has taken.'

- So Adrian, you really must put yourself and your family at the centre of 'prolonged activity' now. It will reduce for more than 90% these frightening panic moments.

The last sentences of the book - and the exhibition - are from 'Farewell to Life' by Hadrian himself: 'Little soul, gentle and drifting, guest and companion of my body, now you will dwell below in pallid places, stark and bare; there you will abandon your play of yore. But one moment still, let us gaze together on these familiar shores, on these objects which doubtless we shall not see again…Let us try, if we can, to enter into death with open eyes…'

- But I hope, and am sure, you can continue to close your eyes during the nights for many, many weeks (and much more time) and sleep well, without anxiety.

Take care, Ann

God bless you Adrian, you are so strong.

Thank you for taking us along with you on the journey. As horribly hard as this must be your parents and you, it is how it should be...they were with you when you entered this world and will be with you in the end.

Dear Adrian,

I would be happy with any solution or solutions for how to keep in touch after your shuffle. (tears)

Mostly I hope you have realized what is a large part of why we come back to your site is Y-O-U. Not your "marketing skills", not luck. With your written and spoken words, you have touched us, and by doing so you improve our lives, our friends' lives, and our present and future families' lives.

Thank YOU Adrian for this gift only you could give us. I sincerely hope that you get to take some good memories with you on your Great Shuffle. I hope you can take with you, despite all its obvious hard work, some memories of connection, beautiful triumphs and very well-earned pride.

We are all proud of you.
A warning: Don't shuffle too fast, or you might get some static electricity through your fuzzy slippers.

Margaret (USA)

Oh, almost forgot.
I wanted to agree with so many other readers. That is such a lovely picture of family. So cozy even if you might all wish to be asleep, and in such good spirits despite it all. Your parents' smiles are precious and so glad they can be calm for you. After all, they are with their dear son. And he is safe in their home/duvee.

Beautiful and really appreciate you sharing it with us all.

Margaret (USA)

Thank you for sharing your life of struggles and successes. As one of the earlier posts said, there are hundred "plus" readers that never post - but get up everyday to check on you. I know that the site is visited by millions as the server is frequently unaccessible during the day.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family and if there is an "Adrian's army", the leaders are your family and closest friends.

You are amazing. Godspeed.


Thank you for sharing what a wonderful picture. I think a lot of us needed/wanted to see that. :)
Anxiety, yes I would have to say that truly does make a lot of sense given everything that you are facing. I don't know how you keep doing what you are doing and still manage to this about all of us out here. Thank you for continuing to share as long as you can and when you no longer can, I think we will all understand. Keep yourself rested and enjoy your days.
Ontario, Canada

Must be sleeping, sleep well Adrian.

Wake up to a pleasant and pain free Monday morning.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love to you and family.


I triy to post my thoughts on all of your comments so....

I love that you say "we" will complete this mission. It's all of us now, so it is our mission isn't it?

What a lovely picture of you and your parents. That's exactly where I would want to be! And looking quite handsome as always!

32 people in three days? So many people that love and care about you, fantastic. I don't see that many people in a month! So, nodding off? Everything that you have been through, and seeing that many people, a bit of sleep is expected!

I had a chuckle reading about your dream of the Queen, as I just had a dream of Henry VIII, but this is not an X rated blog, so I won't continue. Just kidding mom and dad!

I commend your parents, as I would want my boy all to myself. How selfless that they welcome so many to bring well wishes. I want so much to be on of those visitors. So much!!

You should be so proud of yourself Adrian, as I know everyone posting here is. You have so much on your plate, and you are wondering if and how we will all keep in touch. We will figure that out, and will follow through!!

I try each post, to keep it short, but it just doesn't happen.

I can say to you with love, and with my heart, that you are the best friend that I've never met.

Thinking of you as always, Victoria

Hi Adrian,

Even if you had not written anything about the picture after you woke from your nap- it would have been fine standing on its own. The picture tells its own story about your spirit and the love of parents.

Take care,
Mark Spencer

Hello Adrian!

Thank you so much for your update, and for the fabulous picture. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts your way! I'm constantly amazed by you, and feel so privileged to be able to read your blog and follow your story! Take care! You have my prayers every night...

~Valerie in USA

Good Morning Adrian!

Hope you had a nice sleep yesterday.Today will be a better day than yesterday.

Hope you all had enough rest yesterday, your parents and sister.

Have a nice peaceful day Adrian.Pray regularly and let your parents be with you always.I hope that will give you some peace.Try not to think too much about anything, especially bad thoughts,when you are awake, try to be busy with something.

Have a nice day!
My prayers are always with you and family.


Hi there,

I agree with Mark above. That picture alone was symbolic enough without any text beside it.

I hope today is pain free and that you continue to feel proud for all you have done.

Rest easy knowing what you have started.

Love Em xx

Hi Adrian,

Love the photo! Nothing says 'middle of the night picnic' like a semi-dressed family piccie.

My dad's a nurse who owns a nursing home and he did a course recently run by the Macmillan nurses on dealing with terminally ill patients. According to the nurses, thanks to modern drugs there's no reason at all why anyone should have a painful or uncomfortable end. I don't know if that's any comfort at all but hopefully it will be. 3 of my grandparents died of various cancers and they all had a peaceful end.

I think the idea of a Facebook site is brilliant. It's an easy way to keep in touch, it allows you to leave photos, comments and messages and truckloads of people use it. I'd certainly join! Liam mentioned something about widgets but I thought they were the little doodahs in the bottom of beer cans?

Maybe you're psychicly (is that a word? ) linked with the queen. That'd be good, you could do a psychic virtual tour of all the private bits of Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace!

Hope you're feeling ok today,
Take Care,
Love to you and your family,
Vicola xxx

Hi Adrian,
Just thought I'd say a quick hello. Been reading this blog for a long time and thinking of you very much right now - think the idea of a Facebok group to keep everyone updated on your campaign is a wonderful idea.
All the best,

So nice to see the words to go with the picture and I am sure the queen is symbolic of your royal status with your blog readers. (should have been a king though!!) I have had family staying this weekend so have not been able to post much but checking now it is daunting to try to read all of your messages. I am sure it must be an impossible task for you therefore I think short and sweet is important now. Enjoy your snuggles Chris

What a beautiful picture Adrian, thanks for sharing it with us.

Sally x

Send us more pics as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
You are one of the bravest men alive and your memory will live on--you have done more in your short life then most people do in a lifetime. If you were my son I should be so proud of you. Your mum and dad look so nice.
Liam must keep the blog going as we all must.
God bless you and your family
little hug so I don't hurt you to much

Hi Adrian,

Just started to read your blog for about a week ago. Dont know anymore how I got here, it just happened en I can't explain the feelings I had when I was first reading your very special story about your illness and your campain.

Your postings have given me a new perspective of my life. I was a long time worried about the wrong things such as money, work, how people think of me, instead of seeing all the wonderful things I have going with my great children, my loving husband and my family and friends. Thank you so much for giving me the possibility to 'clean up my act' and showing me what life is all about.

I will continue reading your blog and hope you have still a lot of good moments to enjoy and to share with your family and friends. I don't pray but you are on my mind.

Hope you have a little smile on your face when you read this, by knowing you are making a big difference.

All the way from the Netherlands,

What a heartwarming photo! Keep smiling Adrian, and don't worry your army will do whatever you ask of them! I'm not a facebook fan but am happy to sign up if that's the way to go!

Thanks again for the lovely photo, I will never see the queen in the same light again now!?

Lots of love Alxx

Hi Adrian,
Hope you are ok today. I have been thinking about how we carry on, and I do think Facebook is a good idea. Other than that, I would like to see a forum created somewhere. It's odd but sometimes when I come on here, I just wish there was someone "there" to reply and say "yes, I like that too" or "dont be so dumb" you know what I mean. Kind of like MSN, but an actual forum so as many of us who want to get together and "talk" can do so. There are many things that we face day in and day out, both physically and emotionally, and I think it is really easy to "talk" to someone online rather than someone close. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. If I have a problem, it's easier shared with a "stranger". I would be more than willing to help with the admin side of a forum, and we could make it "member only" so it wouldn't be a problem. I just don't know how to set it up! lol
Take care of yourself sweetie. Keep that lovely smile shining bright.
Loads of love to the "Cracking Sudders" family. X~X~X~X~X~X

Hi Adrian

So good to come in this morning and read your post - it really started my morning off well to know that you are still with us and still spending precious time with your loved ones.

Lots of love

Adrian: I am sorry that you are experiencing panic attacks in the middle of the night. I am not surprised since you hold up so well in the day time. I just want to say that I think about you everyday and keep you and your family in my prayers. Linda

Hi Adrian,
Hoping today finds you rested and bright enough to enjoy precious time with family and friends.
Tina is right, it is somehow easier to talk to a stranger when things are worrying, scary etc.
So yes, it would be good to have some sort of place that we can go to and actually talk immediately to someone.
Dearest Adrian, I don't know how you are managing to still be concerned about your blog family, as I said yesterday we shouldn't expect it, but we are all so glad that you are.
Have a happy day.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family and friends and your blog family.

Good morning sudders!

Hope you had a peaceful night and are feeling rested. Thinking of you constantly from rainy Somerset. Much love Helen X

I think your blog is an inspiration to all of us. An online forum is a good idea.

Hi Aidrian,

You are constantly in my thoughts,

K x

Hi Adrian
Thank you for the update and lovely picture. Your story really puts everything into perspective. When I hear people moaning about nothing I want to punch them. I don't but I do tell them to read your story!
Love to you and your beautiful family-keep smiling xx

Just checking in to say hello and that I'm thinking of you and your family as always. I'm hopping on a plane in a couple hours (Oh, how I wish it was heading to the UK!) and wanted to let you know that while I will be "out of touch" for a week, you will never be far from my thoughts.

Dear Adrian,

It is good to know you have such a loving family around you.

Wishing you contentment and peace.


You all look so loving and loved.
Sending my daily cupful your way to add to the mix.

Sleep well Adrian, keep up the amazing calm and acceptance if you can - if you can't, then don't.

Big love - and a huge hug from south Wales - to all of you,

Kate & Co
XX xxx

Perhaps HRH was the only one left - you've done everyone else. Oooh dear, maybe I should re-phrase that but you know what I mean!

Facebook/mailing list - count me in, whatever you decide.

As for 'Poor' Nel - fair trade off if you ask me: bloody shin for seeing you in your boxers, hideous or not!

Take care and stay strong.

Love to you all. xxxxx

Hi Adrian,
I've never written on here before but have been reading your story pretty much every day.
I wanted to tell you that you really are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences - good and bad.
You and your family and friends are very much in my prayers,

Laura xx

Memory Lane is a wonderful place, where thoughts are ever true,
Down that lane we'll often drift because it leads to you. xx

Dear Adrian and family,
thanks for sharing that lovely pic with us all,I thnk of you so often every day , as I said before Ive travelled the path your all on now. Dedicate your time to each other now, you have done so much for us, treat us a a distraction when neeeded or a horizon to look forward to but not an obligation. Make your memories with your family surrounded in love, and know that my son passed peacefully he fell into a deep sleep, I hope he was dreaming of the new adventures to come, he remains with us but not in a physical form , we carry him with us in our hearts every day. x love to you all x

Hi Adrian,

Great picture of you and your folks! If HRH does happen to pop in for a mug of tea (which she may well do) promise you'll wear the hat and not go commando! It's so cool!!

Lots of love to yourself and your wonderful family.

Anne xxx.

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are feeling ok today.

As usual always thinking of you and family.Have a nice peaceful day Adrian.Is there any restriction for any types of food? You can have whatever you like?If no problem, try all types of food ,everything you wanted to taste!

Try not to sit idle even for a minute when you are awake, will be difficult if you are not feeling well.Do not let your mind go weak,think that noone , nothing can affect my mind,come what may I will face it...

I know writing is easy.

Lots of love.

I was never in the habit of writing lots of love..or anything like that, regards was my favourite word.Now I think I have given all my love to one family whom I have never met even once in my life.


Hi Adrian,

It was so nice to see that picture of you & your family. I check everyday to see what is going on. You are such a brave young man. Your parents must be so proud of you. I can't imagine what they or you are going through. I know that having a brother in-law with Multiple Myeloma & seeing what he goes through I can only imagine. The support from family & friends is so important.
Good luck with everything Adrian.


Hi Adrian,

What a great piccie of you and your folks!

I am once more astounded at your capacity to make the most of every moment by fitting in 32 people then still having time to update your blog.

I have just emailed Liam, but wanted to add my name to your list of fans. Whether it is a Facebook group of mailing group, we'll carry on sypporting and promoting your work in what ever way possible.

As I have by bone marrow biopsy this Weds (lucky me!) I might not get the chance to write a comment until after that.

So, once more - you are amazing and in a short time have touched a million lives, and hopefully through your campaign will save several hundred.

With big love to you and you family,

Ali xx

Bout ye Adrian,

Your dream could have been worse it could have been Charlie boy giving you a wedgie.

I think of you every day and not only admire you but respect you for sharing this tough time with a load of people you dont know.

I hope when you get your wings you get a brand new feathery hat to go with them. Tell you what Adrian that hat will be in my dreams for a while!!

Bye Adrian (Party hard with the other angels)

kim xx

Hi Adrian,

I keep checking back every day..if not more to see how you are!

I just want you to know that i think you are an amazing person. I have left you a number of messages before (and maybe you will be too tired to read this one--i hope not!) because i want you to know what an inspiration you are. I WILL be joining the register--and am encouraging my family and friends to do the same. You through such courage have been placed by god here with us for a reason--to make people aware and i think you have done your job!! Throughout all the pain you have suffered...of which i can only try to have proved to be a truly good and selfless sole. I admire you so much.

There are no words that i can say to possibly help you, i just want you to know how brave i think you are. Your passing (although awful to think of) i know will be have earnt it..angels are all around us...more so around you!

Please remember what you meant to so many people..that is proven by the endless list of friends who were waiting to see you!!

Be at peace and know you are loved, this, i know, is not the end...

Always thinking of you!




I am thinking of you, your family and friends at what is such a painful and anxious time for you all.

Having lost my darling Dad to cancer 16 years ago I can say that having time to say all the important things is very important and however painful it is, it does help in the days, weeks, months and years that follow. And I firmly believe that it helped my Dad let go and be at peace - knowing how much he was loved and having told us how much he loved us.

Your story and the huge impact you have had on the lives of so many will not be forgotten - thank you for allowing all of us, many of us strangers, to share this time with you.

I pray that the love that surrounds you, and that you give, will be uplifting and comforting and that all of you will feel a sense of peace and calmness.


Adrian and family,

Glad to hear there is still humor in them bones of yours. No are an amazing light!

Facebook would probably be the easiest I would think, for all to keep in touch and informed of what's going on....and I am sure you will still lead it from wherever you are as I think that's just who you are...a guiding light!

Funny to see times of the postings as I am in the USA and it's 8:05am on Aug 4th here. Keep the humor and smiles - not even cancer can take that from you!

Thoughts and prayers to you, Adrian. You are so very loved.

Dear Adrian

I would like a group on Facebook, I think that's the best idea. If not, then an email group of some kind.

You and your family and friends are being held in the thoughts and prayers of so many people all around the world. We are all so grateful for everything you have given us.

With love (and hugs)

Hi Adrian,
Sending even more love and light - also, I am praying for you.
Love Nicky H XX

Hi Adrian, my family have gone home now and my children wont be arriving home from Thailand until Sunday so I am all yours!! Hope this finds you in a room full of laughter and surrounded by friends. Chris

Hey Sudders,

Just a quickie (get your mind out of the gutter! - a quick hello!

My mum's actually off to England this afternoon for 6 weeks and I am green with envy. Thought you were supposed to be teaching me to be selfless??? I'm still as selfish as ever - I wish it were me getting on that plane :)

Hope you slept well last night and if HRH decided to stop by in your dreams again, I trust you enjoyed her company over a fine cuppa and some scones - or failing that a large cold pint o' sommit nice with our Liz II.

Lots of love and hugs as ever. You're never far from my thoughts, in fact it would be more accurate to say that you're ALWAYS in my thoughts, you and your loved ones!

Sending all the best energy I can muster from Trinidad

Thought it was beer in your hand!!! Hope you dont feel too bad or tired today.

Think facebook is a good idea xxx

Hi Y'all

I think the Queen should be honoured! She has got a mention on the world's greatest blog by the man himself!! Let's hope she posts a comment! Come on Your Majesty...give the boy a bit of moral and royal support!

Love to all

PS: Why were you dreaming of the Queen Adrian?? The mind boggles!!

what a lovely picture . i think facebook would be a really good idea my mp richard ottaway wrote to me saying he is writing to the secretary of state for health so he is aware of the support for your campaign
the campaign will go on
keep strong xx

jane xxxxxxxxxxx

Here's a possibility for everyone to keep in touch:

Beautiful picture. Sending hugs and keeping you all close in my heart.


Hi Adrian

The photo is really nice Adrian its lovely to see you altogether and smiling through everything. I feel honoured to have known you (even though i have only met you a couple of times and spoke to you on the phone)you are such a lovely person. I was pleased that you got to stay at the flat one last time, you and Poppy have been two of the best tenants we have had and im not just saying that.

Keep smiling Adrian and i hope you feel as well as is possible at this time.

Lots of love

Julie (Brownill Vickers & Platts)

Hey Gorgeous and Gorgeous's parents,

Do you know the Chinese marry pepole after they die sometimes?

It's true

(I guess the Olympics are NOTHING)

Do they know something we don't know?

Now, If we can figure that one out, we can rig this thing up : ) - -

So, please know this - - you are wanted forever okay : )

Other folk can go watch the Olympics and I just laugh - - this is far more utterly amazing

There is nothing, nothing, nothing as good ase seeing a 27 year old who knows what's what in life, and nothing like it : ) !

All the love and thanks in the world to you all!

X and olympic hug OOOOO !


Hi Adrian, what a gorgeous picture and so good to see you smiling. You certainly do put life into perspective....the little things just don't matter..!! Keep smiling and loving and laughing with that wonderful family of yours...

Love to you and yours

Dear Adrian

Well, what's this! Dreams about the Queen and now a letter from Prince Charles! (see the examiner website).
Hoping today has been pain free and with lots of family time.

With love

I have to agree completely with what LL said above...

"There is nothing, nothing, nothing as good as seeing a 27 year old who knows what's what in life, and nothing like it"

Simple and to the point. Thank you Adrian for teaching me so much for a person I haven't met but will always long too.

Much love - always xxx.

Hi Adrian,

So good to see that photo of you with your mum and dad and to know that you have bounced back a little from your low mood of a few days ago. Reading your blog has been quite inspirational for me and to a certain extent has taken the fear out of having to face and deal with serious illness. You are showing that there is a good life to be had right up until the end of life. My dad is living very much that way right now as he undergoes chemo for stage 4 cancer. Reading your blog and how you deal with things has been really helpful for me, believe me. I'm so glad that you have wonderful people around you and I wish you plenty of happy moments in the coming weeks. Thank you for everything.

Elaine xx

We are thinking about you a lot.
All our love to you and your family.

Ellen, Richard & Ruby (The Porritts and Widdups). xx

Hi Adrian & family and all,

Are you sure the anxiety didn't stem from the thought that you had to visit the Queen for some award i.e. O.B.E or being knighted! Could just image you becoming Sir Adrian Sudbury - good thought eh!

I think in all of us anxiety plays a big part worrying about family and friends but you should rest and let the strain reside. They and the rest of us have a great big thank you to you for bringing such wonderful people together all across the world who all have lots of anxieties in life and can share them
with one another by writing them down on your blog and talking out loud about anything and everything is excellent medicine.

Take care and have a good evening

Love Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxx

Adrain ,

Sending LOTS of warm hugs and peaceful wishes to you and your family.

Have a Happy Day,

California, USA

hey adrian ~ just a little note to hope you feel better and a hug to get you started !!! i love this pic of you guys, love the smiles !! do me a favor and remember one thing ~ITS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE IN LIFE THAT MAKES IT SPECIAL, IT'S WHAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND!!! and you my friend are very special every day every night you are in my prayers MUCH LOVE~ SHARTA

Your parents are lovely. Wish I could make this all go away for ALL of you, but still have your work stand. Loves and hugs to each one of you.

and Liam you are leaving a nice legacy here too



Dearest Adrian and family

Wow! Prince Charles eh - brill and well deserved! How strange that you dreamt of the Queen and then that article appears! I believe in telepathy more than ever now! Sir Adrian Sudbury, now there's a thought...

Hope you are peaceful and calm today.

I won't be around for a few weeks and possibly won't be able to get onto the internet, so just to say you will be in my thoughts constantly. If at all possible I will be checking in, wherever, whenever, to keep my eye on you...

So I'll just send my usual batch of calming hugs, gentle kisses and lots of love across the waves to you all, but especially to you Adrian. Not forgetting Liam too.

As always, all my love goes out to you all
Barbara xx

Adrian & co,

Have you thougt about the Welcome Trust: links between a scientific goal and a creative project in school to raise general awareness can be very effective.
Just an example I've found today that made me think about this option:
(a little bit like the green duvet...)

And (funny) 'Artist and Industry collaborate on commission for Her Majesty. Local textile artist Anne Griffiths was presented to Her Majesty the Queen at the opening of the Diamond Light Source, on Friday 19 October 2007. The Queen was accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.'
'A diffraction pattern is caused when a beam of light bends around an obstruction. By observing these patterns, it is possible to analyse the structure of microscopic particles.' Let's keep observing and analysing - in lots of beams of light! Ann

Dear Adrian,

Hope you had a good day.

Thinking of you and praying for you and family.

No news from Liam, there is another new name Steve Harrison- I dont remember if you mentioned that name before.Sometimes it is little difficult for me to remember some names which are not familiar.Glad to know that Adrian is having somany good friends.

Before I go to sleep I will be checking again.


Dear Adrian,

Have a nice peaceful sleep to Adrian and family..may be little early now.
Here in India it is past midnight.

Wake up to a pleasant morning.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love


still thinking of you!
gillian, ne, usa

Does anyone like opera?

There is this song - - "The First of May" (Sara Brightman?)

Its starts out:

"When you were small, and Chritsmas trees were tall . . . " and eventually the lyrics go to :

"Now you are tall ,and Christmas trees are small . . . "

I am hearing this song now : ) see how

once, you were new and just thought the world was so big, but now - -

you just have everyone in touch : ) - -

Prince Charles on one wire, India, USA All, on others : )

What excitement : ) ,

What a magical story - -

I hope you are so proud that you all have this whole little world at your feet : )

Bigger bigger kiss,


sending love from oregon... kate.

...Prince Charles? Wow-wee!!! ;-) ...Wonder if he's logged on to this blog - and discovered what his mother's been getting up to lately - visiting you in dreams!!!

I hope you're feeling ok this evening, all my love and warm wishes to you and your family

Charlotte xx

I'm glad to hear that you were able to get the friend visits in; I'm sure they all love you and were happy to tell you how much you mean to them. I hope you have plenty of happy, relatively pain-free time with your family now. It's sounds like it's a great family and I know they will treasure this time with you.

I would be happy with the Facebook and mailing list ideas. Might I also suggest a Myspace page- I know we don't want to get too carried away but I think some people prefer one over the other (I have both).

You are in my thoughts. I hope your time is peaceful and happy.

San Diego, CA

*Leaving my children, husband and mom momentarily without any of my love*

*Sending all my love to you and your family*


Monica C. in Texas, USA

Love the picture and sending big cyper hugs to you all.


One smile in particular is such a tonic

Who's the patient here ? : )


My heart is filled with sorrow from what you write. I really don't want you to let go. It's wrong to say that I know and I'm sorry.........If only we could help you to hold on. Truly, I know every single one of us would offer our hands. I wish I could have met you in person before now Adrian, to give you a really big cuddle and just to see you smile. Thankyou for being such a lovely, beautiful person. Sending you stars to light your way and *moonbeams* to dance around you through your next footsteps……………

X Natalie X


Hey from a fellow journalist. I'm going to just jump right in; your grace is incredible and reminds me of a couple of things:

this: 'courage is not the absence of fear but the judgement that something else is more important than fear'

and this: I report from parts of Africa, where the beginning and end of life are termed 'sunrise' and 'sunset'. I guess the idea is that both can be beautiful. Point proven.

Thinking of you. Have a great evening.

Kate x

DONT forget the dawn always follows the sunset!!!



PS Natalie I know how you feel

Kate, too : )


Hi Adrian,
Checking in to your blog each day. Thinking about you. Take care love Vicky xx


Nice pic! I'm pleased to see you all smiling and snuggling together. :)

There are also tons of really beautiful comments on here! I like the last one about sunrise/sunset. I have always viewed death as a sunset, I think it's one of the best mental pictures you can create. I never thought of birth as a sunrise but that does make perfect sense.

You and the Queen too - that is quite funny! I actually was thinking how hysterical that would be to have a dream like that about Bush. Worst part is, you can actually imagine him running around passing out wedgies since he still acts like a giant child anyway. hahahaha...

Isn't it fantastic that Prince Charles knows of you and prays for you? What a blessing to have such a name! You're never going to cross any bridge on your own - From the government to Joe Citizen, I'd say you got a few friends! You really are a love bug, so many people truly, truly love you. Congratulations on having such a beautiful life!

Facebook, mailing list - yes! I would def. join. I was going to join FB this week because I don't have one yet. In the U.S. MySpace is much more popular. Also, on the widget front: I did some research online to learn about this. I worked on one until about 2am on Friday to see if I could suprise you and Liam with it. I couldn't figure it completely but I'm going to still work on it until it's a real and working widget! If FB works like MySpace then people should be able to post this on their pages as well and of course on the Adrian's Army page.

As for the anxiety, I can only imagine. Please try to find the best way to make peace with it so that it does not take any more precious time away from you and your family. 32 people in 3 days must've left you exhausted! Enjoy the times you have now, don't worry about anyone else, including us online. Let yourself get smothered in the love of your family. There are quite a few of us on here who will make sure your work continues, so do not worry about that at all.

Remember, this is going to be beautiful for you. Just like the sunset.

Love, Bethany

Hi all,

Just a quick one to wish you a peaceful and restful night, that's if you are not already asleep.

Nighty night

Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Adrian,

So lovely to see you in that photo with your parents; I hope you have no more anxiety attacks at all now that all the visiting is over and done with. I truly know how that feels, I spent years in a constant state of anxiety and it was HORRIFIC, but they wouldn't knock me out. Thank goodness they can give amazing drugs to sort you out, that's awesome!

Please try to relax and rest, you deserve it :) Visits over, everything said to relatives, things planned and organised (you even managed to organise us!). All done and dusted and now it is time to enjoy duvet days and time with Mum and Dad (and sis of course).

I do think that to keep this blog going would be a fantastic idea, but perhaps create a forum attached to it? A Facebook group or page would be great even if it is just to post links to updates and popular threads. A once every month or every few months newsletter to tie everything in, or just perhaps a newsletter with special announcements?

Anyway, I bet Liam and co have a LOT to think about now!

Take care my dear, thinking of you more often than you could ever imagine.

Love Caroline xxx

Hi Adrian, just to let you know that I have just signed up for facebook. A whole new world awaits me. My children are already on there but I think they will get a shock to find their mum asking to be their friend! Possibly I need a few more friends to add so will await Adrians Army. Hope you are having a restful night and the queen is not disturbing your sleep. Chris

Hi Adrian,
I have sent many replies to your cause regarding Resveratrol and, how this year, many, many reports have been coming out about this amazing NATURAL discovery.
Diabetes and Parkinsons have had very promising results from research and will be doing extreme further research regarding Resveratrol.
There has been complete reversals of some forms of cancer through this product.
If you have not the time to investigate resveratrol then please let some others look into this promising natural product.
Many researches are happening just now by Doctors and laboratories.
Please let other people know of this discovery and give them hope that it may not be too late.
Please, please look into this breakthrough.
JT Gillespie

Peace, love and bliss are all we can ever take with us. We are ALL ONE, ever connected. You may be leaving your worn out body but you leave us with something that will live on forever......your divine spirit. You are an angel on a mission, and like Jesus, your mission was short but definitely long lasting!

I wish and pray you transition with peace, love and bliss.

We all love you!
Margaret and Family

Adrian, I have read your blog about your anxiety and sit here thinking that I watched my husband leave this world just 4 1/2 months ago because he never had the opportunity to try a bone marrow transplant. I want to tell you that he left peacefully. I hate to even say this to you but I hope somehow it will be helpful to you. My husband was so brave, as you are; and I know your family will be with you and you will be comforted by that and knowing we all love you. My husband said he was not afraid and had no regrets. He had a good life. From all your blogs that I have read, I know that you too are very brave. You are in my thoughts and I pray for peace for you and your family and friends. God Bless you!

Hi Adrian, just wanted to wish you good morning and hope you have a restful day. Chris

Hi Adrian,

What a lovley picture! I have been following your blog and am amazed and grateful that you still manage to post us all updates.
My sister Sarah was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and also underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant. The ups and downs that you have so well expressed within your blogs have been so similar to those Sarah went through and I feel I can relate in some way to many things you have written about - particularly the Graft V's Host Disease. Sarah also went to Rotherham Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately Sarah lost her battle last year but remained strong, dignified and truely inspirational throughout (another similarity then!).
I have deeply missed my big sister everyday since and I no that you will be missed by your family, your good friends and everybody who reads this blog and feels like they no you in some small way. However, the positive work that you have done will live on through your army and you should be particulary proud of that.
I truely support your campaign and I no that you have, and will continue, to make a difference.

I wish you and your family peace and comfort in the coming weeks.

As I sadly know all too well-He only take the best ones!!!!

Love Louise X

Its to be another beautiful sunrise in Arizona. We get those during monsoon season and they bring thoughts of you...after a stormy, stormy night, the sun filters it's way through the clouds and makes for several moments of pure beautiful.......

Wishing you "beautiful"..

much love

heart to heart


Hiya Tyke lad
You nap when you like love
Sounds like your fair whacked with all this ta ra stuff.
thanks for everything xx
take crae
Sue x

What a wonderful family you all are.


Hi all,

Just thought I'd put fingers to computer again whilst no one else on it and here's hoping your having a good day.

Best wishes

Love Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Adrian
Lovely to see the photo.
Thinking of you all at this special time.
Take Care and Stay Strong.
Love Jackie

Hi Adrian, it's Natalie again. I hope your having a happy day. It may not seem appropriate to tell you this but i wanted to say it, perhaps to try and reassure you. I have a friend also named Adrian, his dad has been terminal for sometime with Lung cancer. Sadly he passed away early this morning and Adrian's exact words to myself were......." he went early this morning without any pain, he seemed calm and not afraid at all ". No one can relate to what your having to face, I just sincerely hope and pray that it is as peaceful as that for you......i hope you see the *sunset* xNx

Hi Adrian. i have tried to just read everyone elses comment and not add anything myself but you seem to have had more effect on my life than i thought and just had to add that i too am thinking of you and your family constantly and send my love to you all. jillxxx

Adrian and Trusted staff of technical advisors:

When all else fails.. just revert to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid!)

No, I'm not calling anyone stupid but it would be redundant to constantly update multiple places with the same information. Some of my friends use a mailing service for their band stuff.. but off hand, I cannot remember those sites. (I know that was a big help to you all!)

First and foremost, keep your spirits up Adrian... Don't worry much about the mid-post snooze, we've all been there under far less circumstances than what you face now.

I think the Facebook group will be a great way to keep the contact going as well as awareness.

Keep up the fight Adrian.

Liam, I think we need a picture of Adrian's head on (Sly Stallone's)Rocky beating up on his anxiety.

Wishing not a good day but a great day!

Kim in Cincinnati, OH

One more question for Adrian...

How has the Queen been treating you lately?!

Hi Adrian

I don't know what to say to you other than my thoughts are with you and your family and friends each day.

Love Maureen

Dear Adrian
Thank you for for your courage and inspiration. That photo will be such a treasure to your family.
Praying for peace for you in the days ahead.
God bless you.

Hi Adrian, I don't know you personally, but I get a real feel for your vibrant personality through your blog, which is inspiring and brilliant. You seem so positive and upbeat in the face of adversity - many could (and should) learn a lot from you. PS. I think your handsome bald or not!

hey there adrian

still checking the blog. lovely to see you smiling with your mum and dad. love, strength and hugs,


Hello Adrian, and also to your mum and dad,

Im sure you know this by now but you are truely an inspiration, my goodness how many lives have you touched! Your honesty and frankness makes you all the more special and you only deserve to be very happy! Im so sorry that you are having to go through these terrible feelings, life can be so unfair! You and your family are in my prayers always and it was great to see you all smiling in this post! Keep smiling and feel better soon!

All my love,


Dear Ardian, thinking of you, and your mum & dad and sister every day. Hope your are comfortable and surrounded with your lovely family and supported by your great friends. Tell Liam, we all need an update on you!!!
Lots of love

Dear Adrian,

I hope we will get an update from you or Liam today.Hope you are having a nice day with your family with no pain and worries.

I couldn't check your blog today for long as we were busy with some guests , but I was thinking about you and praying for you whole day.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love to Adrian and family.

Just want to hear that you are ok.


hi adrian i only got the link 2 ur blog 2day!! i lost my best friend 3 1/2 yrs ago yesterday she was 44, i still miss her so much, but she lives on in my memory n still makes me laugh wen im down, each 6th ov the month i chat 2 her for hours.. i cry, laugh n get sad.. but life HAS 2go on sadly.. im sending u all my love ur an inspiration 2 us all. and im sure ur family will look back n think ov u just like i think ov my friend (tina)... i'l b back 2mro 2c how ur getting on love roxy xxx

Hi Adrian,
I have typed and re-typed messages to you for over half an hour now.. I keep wanting to say things which end up seeming corny, cliched or just pretty crap!! So I though I would just say Hi and ensure you had an IPOD - my Mum isn't well and says when it's her time to leave for pastures new, (where there's no credit crunch or a posh spice), just plug her ear phones in and be sure to play Red Red Wine - her favourite song and her favourite tipple.
You are spreading a lot of human kindness and you truely rock!!
Much Love,
Lor xxx

My names Amelia, i'm 14.
I was reading a story about you in the daily mail and was overwhelmed. My dad died of leukaemia around 5 years ago after a 2 year battle, and cant even come to terms with how brave you are, and others suffering with the disease. You probably wont read this but i'd just like to show my respect to you and your family.

My thoughts are with you.


Hi, I live in Dallas Texas and have been following your blog for sometime now. You touch my heart in a big way and although we are miles apart you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Adrian,

Just doing my nightly check to see how you are, Hope you had a peaceful pain free day with your loving family around you.

Nite nite God Bless

Lindy Lou

So sorry I haven't posted before. I've been following your story since I saw you on BBC news a few months ago.
I am no stranger to hardship, I have a son a bit younger than you who has suffered severe mental illness. That brings it's own kind of suffering to a family.
I am so inspired by your truth, your wit, your determination, and your family's attitude.
Please, Adrian, take some comfort from the sheer number of lives you have touched, you have inspired me.
Be strong,you lovely man

Hello to all you super people supporting Adrian and his campaign. This is his Mum looking in to give you a brief update on how he is doing. Tuesday was pretty much lost in a drug fuelled haze - where he talked complete rubbish but lost none of his cheeky ways. Eating haribo sweets, giggling and insisting we give him the results of an indoor motor cycle world record attempt ( what!? What!!!?)The effects wore off throughout the course of yesterday. Wednesday saw a development in the form of a new bit of equipment which I am sure Adrian will want to tell you about when he feels a bit better - all I will say is that there are photographs in my safe! He was very sick last night and again this evening despite prompt intervention by our excellent community health team. There has been some expert tinkering with doses and drugs and as I write this Adrian is snuggled up safely in bed, comfortable and snoozing peacefully. He knows how much he is loved and that is a great comfort to his dad and me. The knowledge that someone who is not yet ill may well have their life saved in the future because somebody was touched by the campaign and signed up to be a donor is an awesome prospect. For that you must all take a bow because it is you who have picked up a young man's vision and helped to make it a reality. Cracking or what? Bloody fantastic effort!

Hi Kay

Thanks for the update.
You must be so proud of your amazing son for inspiring all of us!
You and your husband should also take credit and be so proud of yourselves for raising such a wonderful person.
None of you deserve this.
Thinking of you.
Alison x

Thank you so much for the update Kay. Sending lots and lots of love and strength your way. I'm off to re-read your post now I've woken back up.

Love Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Oh Kay! I don't know how you do it. What a truly amazing family you are. You have Adrian's knack of getting me laughing and crying with the same post.

Adrian's behaving just how I did during labour - eating Haribo and talking rubbish - you can't beat it.

This new piece of equipment sounds intriguing.....I may just have to pop down the road to yours and take a peek at the pics in your safe - that's if I don't fall over the equipment first!

Hats off to the excellent Community Health team too. So glad they're taking such great care of our lad.

Keep up the great work taking care of wonder-boy and we'll keep to our end of the bargain, soldiering on in the name of Adrian's Army.

Best wishes,

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire


Thanks for the looking in!!

What? : ) ! ?

Yep, quite the update!!

So, yep, that's 100 % him still there alright : )

What a mums : ) !

We are all so lucky to have you

What a relief!!

Big relief!!


Did I say thanks? !




Ditto Christina's comments.....

Hope you all have a peaceful night.....

with much respect

xxxreiki hugsxxx

Oh Kay, thanks so much for the update! Great to hear some news, and I see where Adrian's got his sense of humour from.

Send him my love, and lots of it in bucketfuls to you, Keith, Carrie and the rest of the family. He's a star and a testament to the kind of parents the two of you are!


Thanks Kay!

I really don't exaggerate when I say that I (and countless others) view you - and feel for you all as if you were my own family. It's a stange phenomenon, this blog; a powerful and fantastic force for good. Adrian is a total star and has made such a gigantic impact on everyone and everything he has come into contact with!

I'd move heaven and earth to be able to help Adrian - make it all better. If I can do anything - anything at all to help him, you, or anyone facing a similar situation, then rest assured I will do it! You're all in my thoughts constantly,

All my love Charlotte xx

Wishing you a peaceful journey.

Tampa FL USA


if you wake and read this message I really wish you the most amazing and peaceful journey to the other side. My heart gets sore reading your blog as I wish it could be different. I wish you could try again and for things to be different and for you to be a medical marvel by proving doctors and yourself wrong by beating the odds. If only it could be different.....So many thoughts your way, Donnaxxxxxx

Hi Kay
Thank you so much for the update. It's lovely to hear how the lad is doing. I hope you have given him the results now of the motorbike challenge. Bless him. Can't wait to see the pics of the new equipment. I'm waiting with bated breath. When pics are posted, can you see to it that it includes pics of the very distingished gown a la paul smith/nanna? That would be fantastic.
Thinking of you all, holding you close in my "prayers"
Much love
T ~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~

Hugs from New Zealand!!!

I think most people prefer Facebook because a lot of us are on this, but in the end you can't please everybody so it really needs to be something you are happy with and I'm sure it will work for the rest of us. And of course the blog is still here, there might be a widget somewhere that allows for mailing groups or things like this. I once found a blog that had a chat line on it too which I thought was great. It didn't take off on my own blog, but certainly on yours, I'm sure it will take off so quickly. So there must be other "forum" type of widgets that you can include on your blog. Or maybe it is time for a proper website with better functionality than a blog can offer where you can have things like forums and so on and even automated mailing groups and so on.

Your courage is absolutely amazing! And I will never forget the lessons you taught me!!!

Lea White

It is 7:30 pm here in Mississippi USA. Hopefully you are all sleeping peacefully. Kay, Keith, Carrie,and Adrian's Army you are such treasures. I know Adrian is aware of that as you are in what a treasure he is in your life. Family is EVERYTHING I have a big wonderful family who is made up of yours, mine and ours but we are FAMILY just the same, with STRONG bonds and love for eachother. If you will indulge us I think that many of us have adopted you all into our own family circle (even if it thru cyber) and are all better for the journey. What a gift you have given us to allow us into your world. Sweet Dreams to you all, THANK YOU Kay for giving us a moment. Peace, Adrian.
Love and Prayers, Debra

Another impossibly warm day in Mesa Arizona, but once again God treats me to a spectacular sunset out my office window..There is a big old palm tree that seems to sway to the noise of "night"...when I look at all that surrounds us, wow.......

Ad darlin, and The Folks, Carrie and Liam, I hope you awaken to a day of hugs and some joy and lots of beauty...

I send you all gentle warm hugs,

heart to heart..


Dear Kay,

Thank you for sharing those stories with us! You know us well - we need to know how Adrian is doing, and your words - both sensitive and funny, like your son's - are so good to read. I am glad he is sleeping comfortably. I am inspired by your family's strength and support and good spirits in the face of something no one wants to experience or witness.

And it is just so good to "hear" your voice. I hope the remainder of all of your family's journey is peaceful and comfortable.

Dear Adrian,

I am thinking warm and soothing thoughts for you as you finish one final journey after so many others already accomplished with honors. I will hope for no more nausea, no more pain, and some good comfortable time spent in the loving arms of your family.

Love, always,
Margaret (USA)

thinking about you from across the ocean in nebraska. we are still your army, we are still cheering you on and walking beside you.
gillian, ne, usa

Just checking in on you before I get off to bed Adrian... though I do have to wrap some pressies before I turn in as it's my little man's 10th birthday tomorrow.

I've just read some funny poems to him and his two friends, who are now all curled up in bed together twitching away as they give over to deep sleep.

I hope you're sleeping deeply and enjoying pleasant dreams.

Warm thoughts and loving energy coming your way from Trinidad

Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the update.

Sorry to hear about the bad times, but glad that he is sleeping peacefully now.
Wish you all a peaceful night.



Thank you so much for the update, it brought me some smiles amid concern for Adrian because he has been so sick. I am glad he is comfortable now.

My thoughts are with all of you, every day.


A simple thank you for the update.

What can I say...I wish you peace and comfort. Keep smiling and thank you for your humour and sharing.

Ontario, Canada

Hi Sudbury Family

I'm a bit bewildered by all the technology and modern communications. Carrier pigeons still cause me wonder. However, I hope thinking and feeling still cross the ether and it's good that you know that people are thinking and feeling for you.


Thank you so much Kay for your precious time. As a mum I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. Your son has won over the hearts of so many across the world and his legacy will be so far reaching and touch so many lives. Have you ever seen the film "It's a wonderful Life" (My favourite) It shows James Stewart(showing my age) what the world would have been like if he had never been born. Well without our Adrian things in the future would have been very different and for that we have you to thank. Cherish your days with him and if you spare us an update now and again we are so grateful. I would ask you to give him a hug from all his army but that might leave him with broken bones so just give him a hug from me. Keep strong Chris

Hi Kay, many thanks for the news, the Sudbury family never cease to amaze me..As a Mum I can't even imagine how things are for you so for finding time to keep us all posted...thank you. Sending love to you all. We are all thinking of you.

love to you and yours

Hi Kay - Many thanks for the post. I think we all start to worry if we don't hear any news for a while, so regular updates like yours are wonderful. I can see where Adrian gets his fabulous personality from!

Adrian - hope you continued to sleep peacefully last night and are waking up feeling more rested, and hopefully pain-free. You have a lovely mum - hope you don't mind if we all adopt her as a surrogate mum! Even though very few of us have had the pleasure of meeting you I think we all feel as if we are part of your family. And a loving family is the most important thing any of us can wish for - hopefully your hugely extended one will give you a degree of comfort.

Masses of love,

Hi Kay - thank you so much for the update (from one mum to another)

Adrian - have a peaceful day.

Lindy Lou

hi kay
thanks so much for the update like so many i get anxious when i don,t hear anything
love to adrian and hope he enjoyed a good nights sleep and feels better today. looking forward to news of the equipment


jane xxx

Dear Kay,
Thanks for the update on our Adrian, it's great to know that despite everything, he retains his great humour. You are all awesome, and I feel priveleged to be part of "Sudders Army". I'm sending love and prayers to you all, and again thanks for the update.

Kay, thank you for the update, it is much appreciated. Adrian, I hope you have had a more restful nights sleep so that you can start on the Haribo munching again! My thoughts are with you all. Laura A x

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Hi Kay

As with all the others, just to say thanks for taking time out to update us.

What is it about Haribo? Dan loves them too, when he is not eating properly, he always wants bag loads of them!

Sending my love to you all

Sally x

Hello Kay

Thank you for the update and for thinking about all of Adrian's Army. Hoping today the sickness has eased and Adrian has managed to sleep.
Thinking about you all today as always.

With love

Hi Adrian,

Reading your blog has helped me understand even more about how our son, Tim, was feeling and what he was thinking as he died of acute leukaemia 2 1/2 years ago. He was frightened and scared but also incredibly calm and determined to get on with it right to the end.

I'm not a religious person but I believe in people and somehow I know that Tim's spirit lives on in me and those who love him. With Adrian's army, you are going to live on in so many people.

Tim will always be my inspiration to 'get on with it' and do what I can to help young people like him and you. Reading your story, I will always remember you and you multiply that determination.



Dear Adrian and mum, dad & sis,

You are all in our thoughts and hearts each day and each moment of the days. Hope you are finding peace in the warmth of being together during these precious times. Adrian, you were surrounded by your parents when they brought you into the world... I know their love for you is a million times greater as they surround you now.

Love to you my friends,
Amy Patrick (Ryan's mum)

Kay, thanks for the update, all us Mums out there are reading this blog with a pain in our hearts that can be nothing to what you are feeling.
You have a fantastic family, you must be very proud of them all, as we all are of you.

With love, Marion

Dear Adrian,

I hope you had a nice sleep yesterday without much pain or discomforts.

Waiting for an update from you, otherwise I will think you are not feeling very well.

Have a nice day Adrian

Lots of love to Adrian and family


Peace to you Adrian,

I am a 30 year old mother of two little toddlers. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer whilst pregnant with my son. So far am in remission but only the good lord knows what is in store for me in the future.

I pray that you have the space to say the things you need to say to those you need to say them to. I pray that you and those that surround you find peace and contentment from all that you are. We are an asian family and i will work on getting my friends and relatives to register to donate thier stem cells.

I hope and pray that the angels spread thier wings over you and you are absorbed by the wonderful loving light that awaits you.

Misbha x

To all the Sudbury family

I cannot find the words to express how I feel, but Adrian is an inspiration to all and you must be very proud of him.

Be assured that his campaign will go on and I myself have signed up to become a volunteer speaker in schools. Adrian has also touched a nerve in my 17 year old son who is determined to become a bone marrow donor when he turns 18, which is quite an achievement as he is one of these totally laid back guys (to the point of being almost horizontal)where nothing usually affects him, but your son has and hopefully he will be well enough to read this post and know that he is reaching the young people who are most vital in his campaign.

I wish Adrian peace and love to you all.


Dear Kay,thank you so much for you very kind yet another mum on the blog,my heart is so heavy for you.i hope you all have a peaceful & painfree day.big hugs to you all. holding you in my heart & thoughts. love light & reiki hugs.brendiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Morning All.

What a lovely morning it is in DE55. Hope you had a restful night in the Sudbury household. (Still itching to solve the mystery Mrs Sudders!)

As for Haribo, I'm with Sally - just what is it about them? I scoffed them by the lorry load during labour and they were the one thing I always fancied during my chemotherapy. Mind you, I've lost count of the number of hairy ones I've had to feed to the dog when the bags split in my handbag! Perhaps it's cruel to feed him hair an' all, but he's not complaining - he's eating Haribo! Now, where did I leave that packet I bought yesterday .............

Hope you can enjoy today and look forward to hearing all your news soon.

Love to all.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Kay, thank you for the update, and I am glad to hear Adrian could enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Your son is a wonderment. You and your family must be so proud of him. He is an inspiration to all!

I think I can safely say we are all united with Adrian to spread his message to a global audience.

God bless


Hi Kay

Thank you for taking the time to update us :o) You are a the fabbest family have an amazing son who I'm sure you are too proud of for words.

It's good to hear that 'said amazing son' continues to cope so well and is still managing the delights of Haribo...could you tell him to save me a 'milk bottle' please! ;o)

Hey, joking aside, love to you all and keep that indomitable strength going :o) xxxx

And a cola bottle for me please!!

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

I read about you in the Daily Express yesterday - here's hoping that you have got the message across to more youngsters who can help others and make a difference - this world needs more people like you to spread the word !! x
Love and peaceful thoughts going out to you and your family.

Vicki xx

Hi Adrian,
Read about you in the paper yesterday and have been reading your blog. Thinking lots about you.
As Head of Science in a secondary school I will make sure that every year we talk to all our older students about bone marrow and organ donations.
Take care
Emma xx

West Midlands

Kay, Thankyou so much for updating us on Adrian. I've said it before, we shouldn't expect it from you at this taxing time, but we are so grateful when you do.

Kay- you and Keith have produced a great child who has turned out to be a positive, pushy, inspirational, cheeky, funny and positively beautiful young man.
Stay strong knowing that Adrian's story and campaign and friendship has made hundreds, if not thousands, of us get up off our bums and hopefully do a bit for the rest of humanity.

I work as an ETA in Key Stage 2 and have signed with the ANT to train as a voluntary speaker in schools. I hope this can be worked around my job hours.

And it's not just here in the UK is it?

That whirling dervish -(aka Tash) is going to get Trinidad buzzing. A bone marrow donation party! - Will the acolhol mix well with the samples! lol :)

It's good to hear that Adrian's holding his own. You know what will happen now don't you. The Post Office will need a van to deliver all the packets of Haribo sweets!!

Just make sure your burglar alarm is on - Christina is thinking of doing a cat burglar act to get a photo' of 'the machine'.:)

Kay- The love beng sent to you all from all around the world is because you are such a fantastic family. You are all going through so much and yet manage to think of others.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou a million times over.
As always Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to the lovely Adrian, you and Keith Carrie, family & friends and your blog family.

Hi Adrian

Been checking in regularly as ever - hope today's a restful one for you and your family.

I'll be back soon,

Vic x


Hope this morning has found you more comfortable. Not sure if you know, but your mum's been spilling the beans on you - haribo, babbling about motorcross races, and a piece of machinery that has us all on the edge of our seats.

Christina's just got back from buying the tool to jimmy the lock on the back door, and is donning her ski mask as I type - she's under orders from the rest of the army to find the photos in the safe!

No, Christine, there'll be no alcohol at our Blood Bank Party, at least not until AFTER!! :)

And if some of us do have a tipple before, well then whoever receives the blood with the high alcohol content will be in for a bit of a giggle, won't they?

Much love to you Adrian. Will check in later. Off to make a stack of pancakes with strawberries for the birthday boy - strawberries are SUCH a treat here, astronomically priced cause they're imported, but couldn't very well put slices of mango on his pancakes could I?


Hi folks : )

The opening of the Olympics just started 5 minutes ago

All these visions of strength and beauty remind me of someone : )

and helpout somehow

X All!!



PS What a better day it is to have news! Thanks!!

To other folk

Great Olympic effort to crack the safe! : )




You are being incredible going through this journey with us.. I hope you continue to be an inspiration to others for a long time, even if you are not necessarily able to be part of it physically.

You will leave a legacy for us to keep the lights glowing and promoting this issue until the information is available and widely available to all that could help out.


Hi Adrian and family,

in Belgium chocolates - like haribo sweets - are better than medicines in taking away anxious thoughts and giving sweet dreams.

So three fragments from the movie Chocolat - with bittersweet music and laughing and above all lots of healing power.

Once upon a time...

Adrian's army will always be on your side.


Hi Adrian,

What a lovely picture, please keep smileing.

You are in my thoughts.

Tina K.


As for strength and beauty, please be certain- -

the REAL Adraan, Okay?

And not the cancer - -

is etched upon all our brains always

Big Hug!! OOOOO !!


Hi Adrian,

I have never posted anything on this blog ( I have never actually posted on any blog before!) before and have actually only discovered it on Tuesday of this week after reading a story about you in our local news paper (look local). Since Tuesday I have read and listed to every blog entry and can honestly say that I think I have gone through every emotion possible. I have read with tears streaming down my face, read with a huge smile on my face and read whilst laughing out loud and I honestly felt that I could not have read everything I have so far without posting a message to say that, although I have never met you, I think you have to be one of the most bravest, and courageous people I have ever had the pleasure to come across. Your determination to remain positive is nothing short of remarkable and you are a true inspiration to everyone out there who has followed your journey. I hope that there will be many more blog entries from you yet and wish you all the very very best, you are in my thoughts and prayers x

I keep coming back to you each day to see how you are doing. I watched my dad slip away thank God in a short time. My mom has Alzheimer's and I watch her daily. It has been 12 years. She has been in bed most of the last 5. Pop was at home and mom still too. such a normal part of life yet such a difficult one. Thank you for sharing your feelings both good and bad. We all have to let go some time, I think you will make it easier for many.
be happy. be calm. know that you have done all you can do. Leave the rest up to God.

Nice to see the pic Adrain, sending lots of love as always

Thanks for the update Kay! Glad he is having a giggle or two in between the bouts of feeling ill. (even if they are drug induced they are still giggles!) Please give him a big hug for all of us out here. Thinking of all of you often and praying for peace and comfort to you all. And don't forget to take care of yourself too Kay. Us Mom's tend to forget about ourselves when times like these are upon us. Big hugs to you as I know you need them!


Eating Haribo's would make anyone giggle! Thanks for update Kay. (((Adrian)))

Dear Kay and family, just caught up with your post from last night. Wishing you peace and comfort for today. Love Jan & Tony

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are having a nice day with no pain and no worries.

Just waiting for an update from you.

Have a nice evening!

With lots of love and heartfelt prayers


Dear Adrian and your family,

Have been following your story through your blog and the media. I'm a teacher in a school with 800 11-16 students and I promise that our students will always be educated about bone marrow donation and your campaign and why it is so vital for us all. Just want you to know we'll do our bit to achieve the difference you're campaigning for. We might leave out the bit about the queen....
You're all held in so many people's thoughts - I'm sure you know.

Hiya Sudders,

Well it's 3 mins past six on a friday evening, so I can justifiably raise my glass of wine to you!
It has been a pleasure to sneak off to my laptop today and escape my two lovely (but very noisy) children and aged grandparents, who live in the garden...infact I think you and the 'army'are the only thing keeping me sane at the moment!
It is fantastic to think that you have created such a force of united support and love, and I feel honoured to have been involved in a small part of your life.
Tash, Christine and many of the other regulars, continue to amaze me with their amusing,beautiful and eloquent words of wisdom, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Your mum's post was just lovely, and so appreciated, please give them, as well as you a hug from me.
Enjoy the haribos. Lots of love Helen from somerset

On the news again tonightyou are!!
Hope you have had another restful and cosy day Adrian

As it's almost 8.00 pm, I'm just pouring myself a nice 'large one' and raising a glass to you Adrian.

Lots of love and strength winging it's way to you and the Sudbury Clan.

Sleep well.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Sudders I hope you are dreaming of lots of motocross

Big Kiss! : )



Hi Adrian

I hope you are OK and having more duvet moments with your lovely parents.


Jane xx

Just keeping up with some of my fellow cyber-stalkers / army conscripts - I'm partaking in our weekly 8pm 'toast' to you, Adrian, your family and everyone else who loves you!

***CHEERS!!*** :-)

This is, of course, only the UK leg of the 'toast', as I think we all observe this at local time, wherever in the world we are!!

I hope you're feeling ok this evening, sending out my love, energy and positive vibes to you - and all those around you,

Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian, hope this finds you comfortable. I am eagerly awaiting the return of my children from Thailand...2 days yipee. I will have to start thinking about cooking real food again and oh no that washing. Facebook has been a revelation, even my daughters friends have discovered I am now part of the in crowd and are requesting my friendship. My friends have now increased to 7! I hope the Haribos are hitting the spot. I too have signed up as a voluntary speaker for the ANT. Since leaving teaching to open my shop I have quite missed public speaking(a room full of noisy teenagers to be exact). How could I then resist the opportunity to talk about such a worthwhile cause that since losing my brother to this awful disease and now 'meeting' you has become a cause that I could spend hours discussing. Speaking of spending hours discussing I think I have taken up enough of your time. Thinking of you as always. Chris

Hi Adrian, you have so many folks praying for you, if there isn't a God I being confirmed for nothing!!!!
Spoke to your Gran yesterday, can't believe she told Sean Bean she was unable to talk because she was going out, whats that all about? I am thinking and praying for you Adrian and your Mum and Dad.
Big hugs xxxx


Simply goodnight godbless thinking of you .

Linda McDermott

Evening Sudders, evening all!

I raised a cup of ice cream to you at 8:00pm UK time - figured it didn't much matter what we toasted you with, and I was out with Zac and his friends having birthday ice cream - yummy!

With members of your army spread across the globe I'm confident that I can get away with raising a glass at pretty much anytime of day and I'd have company somewhere out there where it's 8pm - ahh time zones again!

So I've just raised a cup of tea to you at 9:00pm GMT, which is tea time here for me, while Christina, Charlotte, et al have their wine.

Ingrid, in Bonaire, will join me a bit later (as she's in my time zone) to have a PROPER drink at 8:00pm, by which time you'll be tucked up in bed, cosy and snug!

So here's to you Adrian. I'm sure your ears must be ringing cause we're always thinking of and talking about you.

Lots of love and warm thoughts as ever..

Dear Adrian & family,

Glad to hear that you are all wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug! Hope today's been a good day and you have a restful and peaceful evening.

Will just say nighty night for now and check in again tomorrow.

Night all

Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just logged on for the umpteenth time today

Nite Nite sleep tight Adrian

God bless

Lindy Lou

Hi Adrian,

Not time to make a toast yet but will start practising in a few minutes so the 8 pm toast - which I share with Tash - will be a proper one.

Sleep tight, happy dreams and lots of love from Bonaire,


Dearest Adrian,
What a day - I've just been asking Christina if she'd been yet- was she o.k? Told her I'd just heard a radio news bulletin which said a woman, dressed all in black, had been rescued by the fire brigade from the roof of a house where she was stuck. Apparently she had a long tail made from Haribo liquorice coiled around the drainpipe !! lol :)
Think it was in your street........

Hope sincerely that you have had a few laughs today and that you'll have a lot more tomorrow.

Sleep peacefully and anxiety free.

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, family and friends and your blog family.


Pleease know that as you dream of motocross or royalty or Haribo, or maybe just a beer : )

Or simply dally on the duvet

We are there

Love to all,


PS Hey Tash I have been tasting strawberry pancakes all day : )

- - God I love this blog and the whole big extended gig! : ) - -

Adrian - - You are the man : ) !!!!!!

Ads - - I just hope you feel us there - - which would make us all extremely happy!

PSS Wow the safe mystery is starting to get to me : )

Love to All!



I haven't posted before, but I've been following your brave and inspirational campaign for the last couple of months since a friend sent me the link. A friend of ours recently passed away at the age of 28 from a similar form of cancer, and whilst we mourn him, your campaign to bring the issue to a wider audience will be a fitting tribute to him, and to you.

With much admiration, and thanks,


Just want to add my voice and love to the many - what an absolute inspiration you and your family are, Adrian. Hope you have a good night's rest.

hi Adrian

have just been sent your blog today,what can i say.sat reading it has had me in tears.cannot imagine what you or your family are going through.but you are a fighter and keep fighting as long has you can mate,while ever theres hope seem to have a loving family and friends around you and that will help.i'll log in every day to see how your doing and hope for the best.i'll be putting the anthony nolan appeal on a local football site and see if we can get voulenteers to be donor's,dont know if they'd have me im 45 but if they will i'll be a donor.your courage is tremendous,has is your family and friends.keep going.

Hi Adrian,

Glad to hear you're sleeping better despite the anxiety. Such strong words you write which I keep close to my heart. I hope to become such a great journalist as yourself, with no regrets along the way no matter what life deals.

It's a bit random how it was the Queen in your dream. At least she wasn't attacking you!

You are really one amazing guy Adrian. You are making sure your message is being heard as far as you can make it reach, even if that means falling asleep on the keyboard.

I can't stop telling as many people as I can around me about bone marrow donation and i'm sure many others who have been touched by your mission are doing the same.

Do not give up until your last breath, then again I know you won't. Your message will be the start of great things to come in coming closer to curing leukaemia.

Best wishes a compassion to you and your family


Kay - thank you for your information. Reading your news makes me absolutely sure that your son has had the most fantastic examples to follow to make him the man he is.

Yes, we think of him and, in our own way, care desperately what happens to a young man whose vision will hopefully help someone in the future.

What would be really good if there was a way that Adrian could leave all of us lesser mortals knowing that his campaign had helped at least one other person. Not that it would make all this worthwhile, but perhaps it will help you all in some small way.

I have said, often, that my strongest feelings are reserved for the pain you must be going through at the moment, when kissing it better is no longer enough.

I could go on for ever talking a lot of twaddle, but as one Mum to another. I hope your son sleeps well and dreamlessly and that you can rest while he does. All the very very best for you and your family and your wonderful, number one, son.

Hugs xxxxxx

Dear Ad, The Folks, Carrie and Liam:

Good night to you from Arizona as you rise up to greet the day. Its a new day and a clean page for you Adrian. Hope you are making lovely memories..

God keep you all strong........

I am watching for you everywhere Adrian and so very proud of you....

never just keyboard to keyboard...

always, heart to heart.......

Love, Therese

So a new day dawns, and I know you will all be,like me thinking of Adrian and checking in during your day....So GOOD MORNING to the Army....Adrian, I hope this morning finds you comfortable and you had a good night, having watched the opening ceremony yesterday for the Olympics it kinda feels we are all one big team out here with only one goal! So wishing the Sudbury family a calm,peaceful,joyful day...and all you guys out there , have a good one...

Love to you and yours

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to let you that yesterday I signed up to be a blood donor in the Netherlands. After I'm registred and I've given blood for the first time, I will be able to sign up for bone marrow donation. Will do that too and hoping I can make a difference to somebody in the future. If that day comes up and a match is made, I will think of you and your family. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Hoping you have a good day, feel loved and enjoying moments with your loved ones.
Safe journey.


Hi Adrian,

I wanted to say that I really admire you for what you have started. I hope you are having some pain free, quality time with your loved ones.

Sweet dreams,

Em xx

Morning Adrian, It's definitely a duvet day today. Been into Hudersfield to get a bit of shopping as we're going away for a few days tomorrow. It's only the East Coast but gosh am I going to miss you, your mum and the girls.

Sarah is going to text me any updates and
Charlotte is going to put comments on for me if I text her. It will just be so strange not reading everyone elses.

Have a good day full of love and laughter today and I will try and check in later.

Don't you go doing anything you shouldn't while I'm away!!

As always, Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you loveley Adrian and yours and the blog family.

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Enjoy a pain free, worry free day.

No updates from you or Liam.But we got an update from your mother.

Adrian have a nice time with your family.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers.


Good morning from the US, just checking in- Hope everyone is peaceful today in the Sudbury household- between motorcross and the Queen! It's an amazingly cool and humid-free day here in VA, hope the weather is beauiful there, too. I raised a cup of tea at 8pm EST last night, will continue to do so.
xx to you and your family-


Cuddle City!!

Have I told you how cool you are today?




Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes x

Ardian sending you love and peace.


Sending you lots of love hugs & peace xx

Afternoon Adrian,

Just checking in and sending love. Hoping you're managing to eek some enjoyment out of today and some good times with your loved ones.

Off to rustle up some breakfast as I am quite the crotchety old cow when I haven't eaten - a low blood sugar thing that seems to run in the family - just absolutely awful to be around when I'm hungry...

Will be back later but in the meantime, you are as always my first thought in the morning and are with me all through the day - always!

Lots of love from a slightly overcast Trinidad

Hi Adrian, just checking to see how you are and sending you and the family my best wishes.. Love Dawn xxx

Dying for the motocross report : ) X!

Love All!!


Well, Warning: reading this blog is much, much, much harder than I ever could have imagined

But rewards way beyond belief, also!! : ) !

Big thanks cuddles!!



Sending my love to a very special man.

((((Great big hugs)))) **Big kisses**

Thinking of you lots.


Hello Kay, Adrian and the Crew,

Thanks so much for the update Kay. You must get a kick out of the ridiculous things he's saying. I know when my dad was really sick he was continually mumbling that George Castanza (from Seinfeld) was going to bring him a Diet Coke from Long Island. The other thing was he kept telling my mom they had to go back to Lake Como to their jobs as sailing instructors. Never mind, they don't sail or have ever been to Lake Como. We all really laugh at it now and at the time it did provide some nice comic relief too. I'm glad Adrian's still making you guys laugh!

Adrian, I hope you're feeling a bit better today. I felt so bad I did not get to comment yesterday but I was thinking of you all day! Hopefully this weekend will be comfortable and relaxing and filled with more great time with your family. Take Good Care.

Love Always, Bethany

I wish we were all sitting on great lawns of green duvets on the moors, eating strawberry pancakes and watching motocross!

Thanks All!!

What a thoroughly pleasant guy

U gotta love it!!

Pleasant dreams our Number One,

X : )



Hi Adrian and family,

good that the 'magic gummiberry juices' continue working.
Leaving you time to be 'dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly, with stories to share.'(

A very silly (I know !) but enormously heartwarming video of friends 'singing/performing' this song:

Hope you enjoy them.


Evening Sudders
Just wondering which of the Haribos are you favourites and whether or not you leave them to the end or eat them first !!!!
I love the fried eggs the best and will fight anyone for them !!
Hope you are as ok as you can be at the moment and resting well.
Luv Sam xxx

Hello Mate,
Have been following your journey for a while now and just wanted to say you're an inspiration for never, ever giving up.

we're the same age, both love radiohead and the arctics and I'd hope that if i were in your shoes that i'd be able to find the courage you have.

Also the work you have done to promote the Antony Nolan trust will save lives, you can be sure of that.

mate you're a legend. hope you're feeling ok.


Hi Adrian, Just checking in from sunny California on the last day of my vacation. I checked on you daily on my husband's blackberry while we stood in the long lines at Disneyland, but couldn't figure out how to send a comment! Got ahold of the laptop now!! Hope you're feeling well. Been thinking of you and your family a lot these last few days. Take care, rest up. Much love to you and yours,


Hi Adrian.

I only live a couple of miles away from you. What a grotty day; a great day to spend at home with your family. I hope you're comfortable and enjoying your day as much as possible.

I just wanted you to know that I gave blood yesterday, and registered as a bone marrow donor. Fingers crossed I can help someone one day and if I do, it'll be because of you.

Throughout our lifetimes we come across precious few people who we can say are really inspirational. Sudders, you're incredible!!

Chin up mate.

Mark in Normo.

Hi Adrian.

Thinking of you as ever. Hoping your are pain free and happy with your haribo! I don't comment every day at the moment because I don't know much what to say. I check on you a good half dozen or more times a day but don't always have something to say. My husband would say that was a miracle, me with nothing to say! Anyway, i'll love u an leave u. I'll stop by again before bed.
Behave yourself, do you hear me?
Much love.

Dear Adrian,

Have a peaceful night.Praying for you.

Liam, have a nice weekend!

Lots of love


Hi Adrian
I have been following your progress on the television and reading your blog...
After reading your last posting i just had to put a contribution on your blog...

What an outstanding person you are....You have achieved in such a short time what others would not achieve in ten lifetimes....

Thinking about you....This song comes to my mind..Such a powerful song..

This song was written and sung by Joe Walsh after a very sad moment in his life..

Take Care


dear Adrian,family,friends & cadets.Ihope today has been a good day.thinking of you light &reiki hugs.brendiexxxxxxxxxxxxxx just about to open the wine,a day late,cheers everyone.

Hi Adrian
Found your blog quite by accident, however I want you to know you are prayed for and remembered from today onwards. By me anyway!!! I see you have millions of friends doing the same thing. Your photo with your gorgeous mum and well............. nice dad is lovely. Keep going Adrian.
Loads of love and God Bless


Only just read Kay's update - thanks!
Thinking about Adrian so often during the last few days. Hoping he is free of pain. What a lovely family he has!

Evening Adrian, hope you and your family are having a snuggly time. I am off to pick my little ones (18 and 15 really) up from Heathrow tomorrow, they are finally back from Thailand. I wont be able to check on you until Monday now so just wanted to wish you plenty of duvet time with your loved ones and possibly some sunshine (ok I know sunshine is a bit of a tall order but we can live in hope) Keep strong Chris

My husband Graham couldn't find a donor and ran out of time to wait for one.

He had a Double Cord Blood Transplant with ex-vivo expansion of one cord on Wed 6th August. He is doing well and is the 8th person in the world to have this treatment.

Dr Colleen Delaney who is running the trial is about the publish the results of her first 8 patients and has just been awarded $11,000,000 by the US Government to continue her investigations.

Her results are amazing. Patients are engrafting fast (1-2 weeks), there have been no relapses, reduced infections, reduced GVHD and no TRM. There was one late death due to exposure to the varicella virus.

I feel compelled to reach out to everyone who is waiting for a donor to contact the Seattle Cancer care Alliance to find out how Dr Delaney may be able to help you.

I feel this treatment is eventually going to benefit thousands of people but if you need a transplant now to save your life, get in touch.


To make an appointment at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, call or fax the Patient Intake Office:

Local telephone: (206) 288-SCCA (7222)

Toll free number: 1 (800) 804-8824

Fax: (206) 288-1025

Dear All,

Hope you Adrian and family are having a pain free and restful weekend and hopefully not having to brave the outside elements as nice and wet here!

Have a good night

Love Sarah, madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxx

Good evening Sudbury family - Adrian especially!

My day can now be divided up into segments:

First thing in the morning and most importantly: Check Baldy's Blog

Next: Check up on the friends I've made through this blog - then back to check Baldy's Blog

Then: Indulge in a spot of 'facebooking' - new found enthusiasm inspired by,
you guessed it, this blog ...N.B. I have only 20 friends so far - but I'm working on it!!! (I do have some in real life, too - lol!) - then on to check Baldy's Blog...

This cycle repeats itself throughout the day, rounded off by one final visit to Baldy's Blog last thing at night - then the hot, hard working laptop's consigned to to top drawer for rest...

Weekends are great; no restraints - work days I struggle; work interferes with my habit.

Yep, I admit it, I'm Charlotte and I'm a 'Baldy's-Blogaholic'!!! :-)

I do hope you're comfortable and enjoying fun and laughter together as a family.
All my love and warmest wishes, Charlotte xx

Dearest Adrian,
Hope you're snuggled up in bed enjoying peaceful and calm sleep.
I'm finishing the packing for our short break on the East Coast and just wanted to check in before going to bed.
As I said earlier I will definitely be checking up on you through Sarah and Charlotte, so just you behave yourself!
There's a storm going around us somewhere, I can hear the thunder in the distance. I hope it isn't disturbing you.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, lovely Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie, Family & friends and your blog family.


Much love to you and all your family from Portstewart, N. Ireland.
Was just in bed and really wanted to let you know that I am thinking and praying for you all.
I felt in my heart that I should share something with you, I hope you don't mind. About three years ago I became a christian after doing an alpha course. I realised that Jesus died for me and since then all my fear of death has gone.
I really pray with all my heart that you will have this peace.

I know this verse gave my dad strength through an uncertain time;
"For I hold you by your right hand- I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, Don't be afraid . I am here to help you." ( Isaiah 41 v 13)

with lots of love Ciara x ( when you asked me how to pronounce my name I never thought to say sounds the same as Keira Knightley just spelt the Irish way )

Dear Adrian,

It is sleeping time there, sleep well .

I was smiling when I read about the above comment - Baldy's Blogaholic....I think there will be somany Baldy's blogaholic's now!

Have a nice,peaceful sleep.

Lots of love to Adrian and family.


I am so sorry that it has become increasing difficult to stay alert and you are feeling so tired. I have prayed for you so hard and.... though I accepted the fact that this was not going to play out as anyone wished, and have prayed that it is done on terms you agree with and I pray with all my might that it's TOTALLY & COMPLETELY pain free!!!! ( and I have continued to pray that you be "the exception to the rule" =] )

Many Prayers and Much Love all the way from Fort Lewis, Washington (state),

Ft. Lewis, WA

Good morning Adrian and family.

Hoping today finds you rested and not feeling too anxious.
"Baldys-Blogaholic" finally someone has found a name for the condition that sees me checking in constantly whilst doing the chores!
Will raise a glass during lunch out today, it will be 8pm somewhere in the world.
Thinking of you all.

With love

Dear Adrian, just catching up on your blog before I go off to Church. Hope you have a peaceful day with your family, we're all thinking of you, and will be pleased for an update whenever Liam or your mum have the time. Much love to you all.

Yay! *Stands up* My name is Carole and I'm a "Baldy's-Blogaholic" (and I'm not ashamed!).

Love to you Adrian, and your family.

Sending you loving and comforting thoughts,

Big ((((hugs)))) for the day,

Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My thoughts and prayers have been with you since first hearing about your condition and campaign. I am now too old to be a donor but am making my students in college aware of your campaign. You are a bright and shining star in this world and you will not go out. May God bless you and sustain you at this time.

Much love

Anne-Louise Allen

Dear Adrian

Just got back from hols and you were top of my list of things to do this morning!

As always I find your blog moving and inspirational, but I do so wish you were feeling a little stronger, and that we could all have you around for a lot longer.

I know there is nothing I can say to make this difficult time any easier for you, but if anything can lift you a little, I know it will be the love and support of your wonderful family and friends.

You are constantly in my thoughts (my husband is a lttle suspicious I'm sure!) and I am sending you my love and hoping that in the next few days you find the peace and calm you so deserve.

Debbie x

oh adrian, this is all too painful and i have never even met you... words can express what a truly amazing human you are and what you have achieved.

sending you my love as always - thinking of you and your friends and family..


Good morning, Adrian, everybody- Selfishly hoping to hear how you are today. I hope you are having a giggle and some Haribo sweets again today. I hope you are comfortable and able to rest peacefully. I hope you know that if each person in the world at large who is thinking of you and holding you close to their hearts had a candle, it would look as though the sun never set... from coast to coast, country to country, continent to continent.
xx beccha (rebekah mccarthy on facebook)
PS- Tash, how were the pancakes? I always enjoy your posts! Happy belated b-day to your son!

Dear Key and Keith,

Big HUGS and uplifting spirits to you both. And we all love Adrian very much, but you as parents have made him the way he is. So, thank you for raising such a beautiful son!


Did you ever get the results of the indoor motorcycle event? You gotta love your dreams.
What is this new trickery machine your mom and dad mentioned?

Have a good Sunday, and I hope you get to sit outside in the fresh air for a while soon.


Morning Adrian,

Have just rolled out of bed - quite a busy morning/day ahead and feel a bit like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, rushing around constantly checking my 'pocket watch'.

Have another Hindu wedding today so busy busy busy.

Just checking in to say hi and send you all the energy I can spare (selfishly saving some for myself for the next 3 hours, as will have to sort breakfast out, get Zac across to a mate's house, pick up my sari, dress etc etc etc... so gonna need it)

Wishing you a restful day of love and laughter with your family, and any friends who dare risk seeing you in your gran's night gown!

Beccha, the boys devoured the pancakes and Zac has throughly enjoyed his birth'weekend' :) Thanks! His party's next Friday so he'll be milking it some more then.

Love to all.

Hello Adrian,
I have just been lucky enough to have just spent the last 7 days in Majorca with my family and some friends. I have thought about you often and hoped you have been quite well, and not too sick. I had to fight with my son to use the computer to read your blog and you have reinforced what i thought about you before I went, you are an amazing person - still letting us know what you are feeling even though it is becoming increasingly difficult for you. One of the letters waiting for me when I got home was one saying I have been accepted onto the bone marrow register. I'm only 42 so can be on it for nearly 20 years. I just hope that one day I can be of use to someone.
Lots of love to you and all your
Jane (Slaithwaite,Huddersfield)

well, adrian, this is the first time ive visited your site, though not the first ive heard of you. my brother in law as been diagnosed with L and he visits your site often.he is fully functioning at the moment, however he does look tired, his treatment consists of medication at this time. then early this week my auntie got rushed to hospital and is in a bad way with acute L ( i carnt spell lol)she starts cemo next week. i thought i may find comfort in your site and that i did. what an inspiration you are. i can see many many people share the same views and think alot about you. hugs and kisses claire xx

Hi Adrian...Just sending you and your family love and warm wishes...from Karen another "Baldy's Blogaholic" love to you all.x

hi just thinking of you and your family hope you have a good day love and best wishes
pam xx

hi adrian just to say im thinking of u and your family love dawn xx

Hello Adrian

Just a quickie to send my best wishes over to you and your family, on this Sunny Sunday morning in Calgary

Hope to 'hear' from you soon


Hi Adrian,

as the song goes "and I will always love you"

Jean xxx

Hi Adrian and family,

this afternoon I was listening to the Flemish radio, they played a Symphony of Beethoven, and I was mooved by what the reporter said about 'creating his beautiful music out of deep suffering'.

I looked it up on the internet to see how to translate this precisely in English because of the strong resemblance with your writing on this blog and in the media:

'I'm deeply in awe of Beethoven and the way he transformed the symphony. But I am even more awed by this human being who somehow transcended his suffering to write some of the world's most joyous, optimistic music — music that still has the power to change our lives.'
- Conductor Marin Alsop, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, February 2, 2008

Hope you're well and can listen to more beautiful music, Ann

gardening today, and thinking of you. And all the other people who have found themselves in a similar place. the unexpected place. what happened to the three score years and ten?.
What you have achieved already is more then many, many people achieve in their whole live time, and your mission has longevity. You have put in place enough people to see your inspiring work continue.
love and hugs.

Hi Adrian,

Hope you're enjoying today. It's sunny here after a complete wash out yesterday.

Love and hugs to you, your family and friends.

Anne xxx.

Finally, an addiction to be proud of. We are Baldy's Blogaholics and don't want to quit. But we DO give it to a HIGHER POWER to keep us strong. It is 12:30 in the afternoon here in Mississippi USA and occurs to me that it is coming upon evening there. Hope your day has been peaceful. Thank you for birthing this army. You will always be the General. Love and Prayer, A Baldy's Blogaholic

you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, God Bless.

Thinking of you and your family so often, Adrian - and endlessly checking the blog for updates! Honestly, it's become like a new OCD thing for me!

Sincerealy hope that you are getting plenty of rest with absolutely zero suffering, pain, anxiety. All those nasties such a lovely man can definitely do without!

We miss you and your posts so much.

Love Caroline xxx

Sending Love to you all xx

This Blogahol - - the new OCD : ) So well put : )

Finally, a rewarding vice : )

Love All,


Obsessive Cuddle, Too!!!


Hi to all, another Baldy`s Blogaholic here. Hello to Adrian & family, I check to see if there is any news because we think of you all so often having been through this before. When I look in I just want to say something to let you know that we are thinking of you all but can never express what I want to say. It`s great how others Post and express themselves like Charlotte, LL, Christine & Caroline. I agree with all their sentiments and hope you have ahd a peaceful weekend.
Love Jan & Tony

Thinking of you lots and sending you lots of love.

Kirsten & Seth
(Seth is on his 4th and last intensive round of chemo before his transplant in September...I hope you don't think I'm cheeky in asking but I hope you'll watch over the little man for us Adrian and wish him well x)

Sorry, I forgot to tell you about 3 bone marrow donation clinics which are going to take place in September all organised by our family and friends and all inspired by YOU!! Let's hope these clinics get some more matches for people and a big thank you for providing the inspiration and insentive for people to GET OUT THERE AND DONATE!!! You're wonderful!

Kirsten what a story : )

U2!! Best to Sethx!!



Just popped in to wish you a peaceful night and to raise my cup of coffee to you @20.24 BST :o)

Does coffee cut it? I didn't have anything as cool as Tash ;o)

Hey....sweet dreams to you and yours and a big hug too. xxx

Hi Adrian

I'm in the OCD Army too. Hope you're not in too much pain buddy. I miss your posts and everytime I log on and see nothing there, it kind of gets to me just how much you are suffering.

So I'll echo the thoughts above and wish you a peaceful night.

Lots of love
Mel xx

Hi Adrian,

Have been reading back through the archives while raising a glass (or few!) to you.
We've laughed, we've cried, but feel such enormous respect for you. Thank you for sharing the good and the bad with us all. You will never know just how many lives you have touched and how much good you have done for so many.

However long it may be, I hope each and every day is filled with peace and love for you and your lovely family.

Night night, sleep tight dear Adrian.
Love you lots.

P.S. You're as good looking as ever!!!

Wish there was so much more we could do.

Only fragile words in animated poems as small gifts.


Good night to you all.

Hi Adrian,

I'm just like many others who can't stop logging in to see how you're doing and worry when there's no update.

This is your time. Time for you to be with family and friends.

I don't have the words to express how I feel. I can only offer you my thanks for everything you've done in your campaign and for being there when my wife Donna went through a similar experience to you. Your tribute on the Blog really meant a lot to eveyone who loved her.

There are countless people who have come to know a little about you through the 'tinternet. We will always remember you

All the best Adrian

Greg x


"Feels strange not being on the laptop... Tell Adrian - thought about him when we were by the sea. It was beautiful and I wished he was there. Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to Adrian, his family and friends, Christine M.xxxxxxxxxx..."


Hiya Adrian

I've been keeping a constant watch on your site as many others and think about you countless times throughout the day and night!! Love to your wonderful family and many hugs to you.


Nic xx


Just discovered your Facebook group and have been absolutely overwhelmed by reading your blog tonight. I couldn't leave without saying that the honesty, courage and humour that you have conveyed in your writing and your campaign is unforgettable. Know that your determination will save many lives - I am on the bone marrow list and will be spreading the word along with all the others who have been touched by your story.

You're a legend - hope the Queen keeps her hands off you from now on! Wishing you all the best for every minute of your future - peace and happiness. With my love and prayers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wishing the Sudbury household a peaceful night. You are in our thoughts and prayers as always. xx

...And from being Christine M. earlier, I've now morphed back into myself again!! :-)

Adrian, I hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy your time with your family. "Blogaholism" aside, I've thought about you and your folks frequently today!

Reading Kirsten's comment above certainly refocused my mind - how many more people out there find themselves in a similar situation to yourself? I, myself know of a little boy locally who's recently received a bone marrow transplant - speaking to his father, I caught a glimpse of the range of emotions experienced by that family.

You have spearheaded such an incredible campaign for and on behalf of all these people, who wouldn't want to help, if they were able?

My love and warmest wishes to you all

Charlotte xx

What Kirsten did

What Sudders did

The world never ceases to be an amazing place : )

Good night to a beautiful world and thanks : )



Soon you will all be awake as I end my weekend. Spent lots of time in a state of quiet this weekend...good for the soul I think.

Adrian, I imported an umbrella tree from Oklahoma, that is actually native to France..way too much Geography here, but the thing of it is, when it is full grown it will shape like an umbrella and once a year get massive flowers on it. I've named it Ad....and I've planted it near my prayer garden for you...

God wrap you tightly in His arms until we can all give you a hug ourselves...

heart to heart...


Just a quick note to let you know that I am thinking about you tonight. I hope that you are constantly surrounded by peace and love.

With love,

Mrs Sudbury,

I just got a chance to read all the comments and saw that, once again, you took the time to update us all about "our boy."
I wanted to thank you for that and to tell you that along with your son, YOU are my hero now.
I wish you and your family love, peace and strength....

Raised a glass of champagne to you tonight :)

Have just got back in from yet another Hindu wedding - it's a really beautiful, colourful ceremony but very very long.

Zac's calling for cuddles and a story so must be off - just wanted to say goodnight Adrian, and cheers to all of you who are in my time zone!

So heart warming to see the Sudders Effect in fruition - well done Kirsten and family.

Warm thoughts and lots of love from Trinidad

Dear Adrian,

I am so touched by all the comments above from loving members of your "army". Kirsten's gentle request for your eyes on her loved one are something I can truly imagine you would be glad to hear and do. If projects, improvements, and Question and Answer times exist up there, I am sure you will be right up front. Just make sure you also save some time for harp music and laughter.

I hope you feel as comfortable as if you are on a cloud already: supported (imagine clouds are) and floating at the same time. I hope between blissful rests and HAPPY dreams of monarchs that you have some good time in your family's warm embraces.

Although we will all miss you terribly, we wouldn't trade learning about your strength, your spirit and your smile for the world.

We all have memories and wise words that we will never lose. Thank you.

Margaret (USA)

Dear Adrian,

Another week...hope it will be a nice week for you.Now it is sleeping time sleep well all of you.
Will come and check later again.

Have a nice sleep

Lots of love,


Hi Adrian,

You are an inspiration. I just stumbled on your blog, and I wish I had found it sooner. I've always thought that I've had some bad luck in life, but when I see your bravery in the face of what you're going through - I know I need to change my outlook.

You are a beautiful man, and represent the goodness that exists in this world. You're an inspiration, and truly a hero.

You'll be in my prayers.

Dan - From Canada.

Hiya Adrian, Hope your weekend has been good. Been thinking of you and find myself constantly checking to see if you've updated your blog. Take care and big hug, Steph

Adrian- All of us who read and write on this blog hold you and lift you up. Someone put it so eloquently previously- set your sails straight mate. Go in peace.

Dear Adrian,

You have inspired so many of us reading your blog with your bravery and tireless work to 're-educate' people on the reality of bone marrow donation.

I have found out that my blood transfusion 5 years ago does not mean that I cannot be a bone marrow donator, so I too can join the register. Thanks to you that is - I would always have assumed I could not do it, so Thank You!

May God bless you Adrian. There are not many people like you in the World. You have touched everyone of us on this blog in a way that I dont think can ever be repeated. I pray that your path forwards will see you at peace my love.

Warmest wishes,
Jenny & Family

Sending warmest wishes to you Adrian, and the Sudders family. You're in my thoughts & prayers constantly.

With lots of love

Hels xXx

Dear Adrian, thinking of you and your family constantly, and hoping that you are comfortable and knowing that you are surrounded by love with your family and all of us out here. I can't start the day or finish it without logging on to try and express my admiration for you and your family for your courage and dignity.
Love thoughts and prayers
Sandra XXXX

Been away for a couple of days...Just looking in to send love to Adrian, Keith, Kay and Carrie, and to say 'hi' to all the other blogaholics...

Amanda x

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are awake with no discomforts and pain.Thought we wil get an update from you.

Have a nice peaceful, painfree week ahead Adrian.

I read in facebook , sombody( sorry I forgot the name) wrote about a latest treatment, hope you saw that, just thought if it can help or if it is useful.
May be I am selfish or whatever it is I just want you to live long.
Have a nice day with your family Adrian.

Lots of love


yesterday was my first and since i wrote on the blog i havnt been able to stop cheaking it, think this constitutes being a baldys blogaholic! lol. hope you and your family are feeling well.
hugs and kisses from barnsley xxx


Never posted before, but just have to add my thoughts and hopes for you and your family. Much love to you all, you are a true example of what a family should be.

E x

Some very small reflection about 'living long': centuries before Einstein and his Relativity, Jonathan Swift wrote: 'May you live all the days of your life.' So that's what we wish you Adrian. Take care in the Land of Giants. Ann

Hi Adrian

Just wanted to post and say I am thinking of you.


Jane xx

Hello Adrian,

I want you to know that I am thinking of you, your friends and family at this time.

I think your strength and tenacity are wonderful and I am sending you my love.

Kate xxx

Hi Adrian, Hi all, just returned from Heathrow after picking the little ones up from their trip to Thailand...yippee they are home even if they were diverted to Stanstead and we eventually arrived home at 3am this morning. Only 19 hours out the house oh the pain. Got my laptop out and hoped for some news but alas nothing. We fully understand and wouldnt wish it any other way at the moment. Enjoy your time together and I have decided I am going to light a candle for you each evening now at around 8pm (possibly with that glass that others are toasting you with) anyone want to join in. I can see those candles burning all around the world to celebrate the life of our dear Adrian. Keep strong and enjoy lots of cuddles with your loved ones. Chris

Hi Adrian, hi everyone,

Just a note hoping you are comfortable and able to enjoy being with your family. We miss not hearing from you but of course we understand.

Great idea Chris. I will light a candle at 8 every evening. I don't drink, only because I don't particularly enjoy it, no other reason. So I will make a cup of coffee and light a candle every evening at 8 and wish peace and comfort for our boy Adrian.

Love to everyone, but particularly Adrian and family.

Bless you


Firstly, Chris...great idea! I too will light a candle at eight each evening for our Sudders!

Adrian, if you get on to read this - I am sure you are tired and spending any waking moments with your family! I can't even begin to express the admiration I feel towards you, a man I have never met yet I feel I have come to know so well. Your blogs have truly been an inspiration to us all!

I can't go a day without checking your blog at least a few times. Even if you haven't posted anything yourself, the messages other people are living are tear jerkingly good reads!

I hold you in my thoughts and prayers Adrian, you and your whole family. I wish you peace and comfort and send you all the love in the world!

God Bless

Rebecca xoxo

Morning Adrian,

Just a quick "morning" before I rush out to work. Would much rather relax on the couch and watch the olympics - hope you're relaxing today and enjoying time with your family as best you can!

Will be thinking of you throughout the day as always


Hi Adrian and family and friends,
I've been following your blog for a few weeks now.
Thankyou... for sharing your thoughts, your fears, your pain, your wonderful humour and your greatest wish for change in the bone marrow donation and organ donation field.
Australia has a pretty poor record as far as organ donation. This needs to be addressed and I think this will happen now as the result of your selfless quest to make a difference in this world.
I have been a registered donor for years, but now feel compelled to do more, to lessen the apathy about this important issue. As a teacher of health and science in the Primary school setting, I will certainly do my bit toward the education part, but I will also contact the ANT here, where it began, and see what I can do.
You continue to 'make your mark' all over the world. You didn't have to, but it's obviously the kind of person you are- an amazing human being!
Relax and rest now and let this momentum you've begun continue snowballing on it's way.
Prayers goingup for comfort, love and peace to you and yours...
Moonta. S Australia

Hi, Adrian.
Hope you have a pain free and comfortable day.

Thinking of you and praying for you as usual.

Sending you a ((((BIG HUG)))) and loads of love.

Kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I have been reading your blog for the past few months in sharing your experience with all of us....

I just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you and your family you are all amazing. None of us can imagine what you are going through, I so admire your couage and bravery.

Sinéad, Ireland

Hi adrian - Just to let you know I'm thinking of you and tour family at this difficult time. Sending you warm thoughts and lots of love.

Good morning Folkies : ) !

(hand squeeze all)

(U squeeze all)

(Compulsive cuddle all)l)l)l)l)1)

Blogahol rules the world ! : )



I mean I sure like to see how you guys are doing : )



Hust thought you'd like to know - I'm giving blood for the first time next week!

Hi Adrian, just popped by to say 'hi' and I hope you are manging to enjoy your day to the best of your ability :o) xxx

Just a note to say goodmorning to you all...

Ad, gentle hugs and much love...

Heart to Heart....


Hi Adrian and Family,

I am writing to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers and to wish you a wonderful and peaceful day.

Kathy from USA

Hello Adrian

Just hoping you have had a peaceful weekend. Thanks to Shaun who put the Anthony Nolan details on the local football forum. Nearly 100 people have viewed the post, so it would be great if some have registered to donate. You have reached so many people Adrian who would otherwise not have heard of bone marrow donation.
Your Facebook group reaches 500,and another report in The Examiner about the blog. Thanks to Liam for all his work.
With love

Thinking of you, Adrian...sending love and prayers your way.

Julie in Columbus, Ohio USA

I find myself checking back every hour to see if your blog has been updated. It's ben quite a while since your last update and I think a lot of us are anxious to know how you are.

I hope you're comfey and dreaming of haribo! The facebook page is grwoing day by day and many more people are becoming aware of your campaign.

You are a legend!

Peace, love and empathy Adrian.

You and your family are always in my thoughts xxx

Hi Adrian

Thinking of you all the time. Let's hope you're sleeping surrounded by your family. What an inspiration you are to so many people and may many more people survive this disease as a result of your campaign to raise awareness of bone marrow donation.

We'll keep campaigning for you.

Peace and love to you and yours.


Hi Adrian,

I see you have another mention in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner today regarding your "Army" signing up to Facebook.

Liam also has a much deserved mention.

Well done both of you.

Much love Adrian to you

Bless you


Hey Adrian, how are you and where are you? No news for a few days. Prayers hugs and kisses going your way. Love from the Rock of Gibraltar . Mich xoxoxoxoxo

Hi Adrian, Liam & family,

Hope all still okay and not to much pain & stuff - take care have a good evening

Love Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i look at that beautiful pix of you and your can see so much love in their eyes and smiles...i know our Lord is with you at this peacefully knowing that you are surrounded by sooooo much heaven and on earth....Godsped

Hello Mr. Adrian,

So hope you are doing well today and enjoying time with your family. Please know you are in my thoughts today, just like you were yesterday and like you will be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that day and the day after that goes on and on!

Love, Bethany

Ads & Corps

Cuddle City!!!!!!




Hi Adrian.
Just to let you know I am still thinking of you every day, praying the long silence is because you are spending quality time with your family.
Miss hearing from you but hope your days are pain free and peaceful.
You are still my number one guy.
Love as always to your family,but especially
to you Adrian
X Marlene.

Dear Adrian,

No news from you.Anxiety here, but I hope you are having an ok day.

Praying for you to have a peaceful, pain free day.I will be checking again before I go to bed, but I will be here.So I can check every 10-15 mnts.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


Hey, just checking in to say you're in my thoughts, Adrian. Hope you're comfy, lots of love to you and your family.

Catherine x

Hello to you dear Sudbury family, just wanted to let you know that Anthony Nolan Trust have been in touch with us today after we registered on to the Anthony Nolan Trust site to support Adrian. They have asked us to promote awareness in our area and we are getting involved in their request in memory of our daughter Gemma and inspired by Adrian. Gemma would have loved what you have all been doing and would have been with you all the way. Love, Jan & Tony

Thinking of you today, Superhero. Checking in. And checking in. And praying for your peace. And the peace of your lovely family. So many of us round your bed in spirit, in thought, in prayer. You are remarkable. I have to keep telling you that in case you forget, which I doubt you will. You have carved out an amazing, beautiful place in this world. You have made an endless mark on so many of us.

Lots of love, hugs, prayers, cheers, tears...

Hi Adrian. just checking in again. I am not comfortable with this silence and although I dont want you to spend your valuable time updating us I do worry about you. I have my candle ready and will at 8pm be lighting your life Adrian. I hope you can feel the glow. Keep brave Chris

Dear Adrian, family and friends,

In my thoughts and prayers, x Louise x

Just checking in and sending love to Adrian, Keith, Kay, Carrie and the rest of the family.

You are all in my thoughts constantly.

Sending you love - can you feel its embrace?

"Love... It surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be."
(Kahlil Gibran)


Hi Adrian,

Just to let you know I'm thinking of you. Lit a candle in the Sheffield Cathedral for you the other day after trying to give blood and put myself on the bone marrow list...failed to do so as i had dentist treatment as soon as i can go again i will do!!

Lots of love, hugs, thoughts and prayers....

Karla xx

Adrian's Army as I see it:
We are independent, as people and as a nations, and at the same time we are interdependent. We rely on each other. We support and sustain one another. Each person, independently, makes contributions that have far-reaching effects. It's the pebble in the pond example, where the ripples are felt for a long time after the stone has landed. And a big 'rock' in the Stem Cell Donation pond was thrown by you, Adrian. May you land safely in those unknown deep waters, after swimming in them so gracefully.

'But success is nothing compared to the feeling of being able to write. It felt as if I could suddenly fly, as if I could swim in deep waters.' (Karen Blixen, 1935)

Missing you and your wonderful blog posts terribly Adrian :( I hope you are comfortable and spending every waking moment with your amazing family. Am so desperately sad and tearful for you this evening, but trying to dwell on the good you have achieved. You truly are one of a kind.

We would move heaven and earth to ensure there is no suffering for you, in any way. So many people are praying for and endlessly thinking of our lovely Adrian, I hope you feel as though we are all with you on your journey.

Sending so much love, I hope my little boys grow up to be just like you.
Caroline xxx

The silence is deafening. Thinking of you all and sending love. Julia xx

Hi Adrian

In my thoughts, as ever. Raising a cup of tea to you (my tipple of choice) and hope you're having a comfortable evening surrounded by loved ones.

Be back soon,

Vic x

Just checking in too. Thinking of you all,

Karen x

I think the 8pm candle lighting sounds lovely. Count me in.
Adrian, I hope you're resting comfortably, surrounded by loved ones. Someone in an earlier comment said that she hoped her boys grew up to be like you, and I have to add that I hope my son will be a lot like you, too. (Right now, he's got a problem with sharing his toys and not picking his nose, but.... there's still hope, right?? He's only six!!) :-)


just checking in as well love to you all

jane xx

Hi Adrian,

My candle is burning and I have had my coffee (with some digestive biscuits).

I hope you can feel the warmth of all the candles burning for you, and also the warmth of all the love you have generated.

I hope you are comfy and sleeping peacefully.

Sweet dreams

Bless you


Hi Adrian,

Some big cuddly hugs from me to you and your folks. Hope today's been a good one for you.

Anne xxx.

Evening Sudders,

The candles sound brilliant - it only takes a spark to get the fire going, right? Adrian, you're the spark that's lit this fire, it's burning and continually lighting more flames around the globe!

Think the lushes among us prefer to raise a glass DAILY rather than every Friday at 8pm, so here's to you Adrian!

Have a slight confession... raising a cup of coffee as I'm still at the office. Ok I am a lush, just not at 4pm - so will raise a proper glass to you tonight.

For now though, my coffee cup is called the "Ancient Oriental Tilt Mug" - black with what appears to be red chinese lettering down one side, but when you tilt it, it says (err, Pardon my french everyone - Cover your ears Kay!) "FU$! THIS SHIT!"

So quite apt for toasting to you - for taking back control, for doing it your way, for being so very very brave in the face of a challenge that so many of us would balk at!!

Cheers Sudders! - to a man, a son, a brother, a grandson, a colleague, a friend, a hero, an inspiration!

With the usual fond thoughts and warmest wishes

ps. Lacey, everyone picks their nose - you're fighting a losing battle there :)


Hello, hello! Well, I was so looking forward to new information as have been absent for the past few days. We had a death in the family and it is never easy. Amazingly enought it was my Great Grandmother and at 98, she had a good long life.

I hope and trust that everyone is having the opportunity to say all the wonderful things to you, that I found they actually say AFTER one is gone. What a waste of time to say to then. What a gift you and your family have to share those special thoughts and feelings now and not when it is too late.

I had to catch up on the postings and on what all my fellow army bloggers have been up to. I too registered on facebook and joined the group. I am not totally sure what I am supposted to do there but I did join!

Kay, than kyou for the update. I remember when our cousin was taking med's after his transfusion and he would talk about things that none of us could follow. It was very fun to listen to but hard to make sense out of. Enjoy every laugh you get to share. As I have posted before all anyone has really to give is love and time. Unfortunately one of those is in short supply.

Thinking of you always and wishing all of you peace.

Much love,
Heather Marton
Agoura Hills, CA

Been following your story for quite some time, but what else to say?
As a young family friend (now in remission) once put it: "Cancer sucks".
That said - your steadfastness, grace, ambition and demeanor are - and always will be - truly inspirational.
I hope that through all you're having to face, you and your family can find some solace in knowing that you have touched the lives of so many across the globe. I can't begin to thank you enough for sharing and educating as you have.
I wish you all the comfort and peace as your journey continues.

Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Cuddle City and Candle City!!!

Warm warm warm warm warm

I hope a warm wind is blowing where you are, Okay Sudderbudders?



To the Sudders family

thinking of you as always....

sleep tight

xxxreiki hugsxxxx

Wishing you a peaceful,painfree night Adrian, with happy dreams. Much love also to your wonderful parents, who are also constantly in my thoughts.With love and gentle hugs from Helen x

Sending my thoughts to you and your family, Adrian. Just sitting here thinking about how many lives you have changed because of your hard work and campaign. You are truly amazing.

Hopefully you are resting comfortably, surrounded by love and light.

I will light my candle tonight with thoughts of you.

Best wises,

Tash, I am having Chinese coffee too (don't have the mug tho!,: ))

It is is called "Muan Jai" (Monday?)

Monday's tough with a weekend without news - - lost count of how many sighs I had - - but the sighs are countered by a whole lot of things - - Gemma, stories from Seth . . . each post here . . . this is a new way of seeing the world - - Ads eyes the first (wow)

God gonna patent the spirit, dat un : ) !!

Love All!



Good evening Adrian - evening all!

Just checking in, like my fellow blogaholics! I've now lit my candle (albeit a tad late) and I'm going to make myself a nice cup of tea to raise to you, truly rock 'n' roll, eh? (I have work in the morning!!)

I really hope you're feeling comfortable and at peace, surrounded by your wonderful family and you've not been pestered by our pesky Queen Liz lately!

Sending out all my love, energy and a huge but gentle cyber-hug to you - and those around you, Charlotte xx

2U Ads!!

Toasty City!! : ) !



Sending Love to Adrian and the Sudbury family. You are never far from my thoughts xx

Lit my candle and toasted to the Sudders Effect. Love to you all xx

Thinking of you and your family Adrian, good night.


Well, lit the candle and raised a glass, sorry mug of tea (alarm call at 6.30am).

Tash, love the mug, can't imagine what Adrian would have to say!

Adrian, have a peaceful night, thinking of all your family.


Dearest Adrian, Kay & Keith, Carrie and all the Sudbury Family & Friends. You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I have lit a candle this evening

Kay - as one Mom to another, I do have some idea of how painful and difficult it is to watch your child so poorly from this horrible, nasty, vile illness. I can only stand back and admire your courage and strength and say thank you for updating us all.

It is obvious that The Sudbury parents have done a good job on their wonderful son.

Adrian, just hoping that you have a peaceful, pain-free night.

Love Diane x

Hey Adrian.
Not posted for a bit but got back in time earlier for the Teas up at 8.
Went to an auction today but didn't want to buy anything. How mad is that?

Hope the Haribos are up to satisfaction. I like the star mix best. I usually buy the 10p little bags for after lunch (so I don't feel the sugar coating on me teeth too much!!)I do like the purple bottles best of all though

Hi Ads

Kinda a late one here tonight - -

Great to see such a Candle City and Toasty City : )

Its unplanned and its not even Christmas - -

that's the Sudders Effect : )


I sure pray the cuddles are penetrating

Were all sure thinking of you,

Nightynights for now,


It is 7:30 pm here in Mississippi,USA. So many of you have already lit you 8:00 pm candles according to your time zones. I am sitting here in this cyber ("if you will, waiting room") waiting to light my candle at 8pm and raise a glass and bow my head in prayer so that somewhere all around this world in some time zone there is always a light on, a glass raised and a pray said for you, Adrian, and your family, friends,this beautiful army of people who you have brought together and those waiting, hoping and still suffering. We WILL keep the light on, we WILL keep the candles burning and the prayers flowing and the love generating. In one of your last posts to us, Adrian,you shared music with us and everyone started sharing songs and music and joy (it was a cyber Party) So, yes we will keep the voices singing. Everyone reading this post, keep your loved ones close, your candles burning, your prayers flowing and your voices singing for Adrian and his family, friends, and army and hope hope for a brighter tomorrow for those still waiting for transplants who will have a brighter tomorrow of hope because of Adrian. Peace, Love and Prayers to all of you. Debra

Hope you're feeling better and sending you positive thoughts :)

Dear Adrian, I'm missing your blogs and thinking of you many times during my day. My thoughts are with you and your family and I send you comfort and peace - hope you're still having a giggle now and then - that's your bright, happy nature shining through. I send you lots of love, hugs and good energy - Jane, La Palma x

Dear Adrian,

It is sleeping time there, sleep well Adrian.
My heartfelt prayers to Adrian and family.

Hope you all wake up to a peaceful day.

Lots of love,


Lit my candle at 8pm (it's still burning!) and had myself a nice glass of chardonnay in your honor, Adrian. I hope you are sleeping soundly right now (Outta the room, Queenie!! We only allow rainbows and unicorns and naked women in these here dreams!) (Okay, I might have had two... glasses ... of chardonnay.) (Hicc.) Ahem, AND I hope your wonderful mum, dad and sister are resting as well.
Much love to you all. Peace. Sweet dreams.


Well it's bedtime for me Ad, and probably about the time you'll be starting to stir. Hope you've had a restful night!

Lots of love to you - can you feel it? It's coming at you from all around the globe!!!


Dear Adrian,

I noticed Tash's email is number 500 for this post, Anxiety. I hope as she said you can feel the love from around the globe. Like 500 flames glowing strong atop 500 candles within the hearts of 500 members of your "army." We represent the multitudes that have also been touched by your spirit - to fight, to educate, to live beautifully and to shuffle off in dignity.

I hope all is peaceful for you and your family.

Margaret (USA)

Dear Adrian and family,
Just checking in to add my loving thoughts to you all, and like everyone else out here, missing your blogs tremendously. Hope your day will be peaceful and pain free. I will check again later, hoping that we have news of you all.
Sandra xxxx

Dear Adrian and family, and all...

Love the candle idea Chris, a flame burning arond the world..also love the mug Tash! Thinking of you Adrian as many others are and sending you lots of love and hugs a plenty..

Love to you and yours

Good morning Adrian, Family and Friends. It is a slow day for me, hope it will be a good one for everybody else. Have fun.


Hi Adrian and family,
I hope that you are resting lots Adrian, as you can see we are all thinking of you, sending you lots of big heartfelt hugs, let us know how you are if you can.
love vicky xxxxxxxxxx

Wishing you the best of days Adrian,
xxxx big big hugs xxxx
Love as always to your family
God Bless
X Marlene

Sweet sweet dreams adrian, you are in my thoughts. Hope your day is peaceful and calm.

God bless.


hi to Adrian and your family sending love to all pam x

Good morning Ad and Co,

Hope you all had a peaceful night, and managed to get some sleep. These past few nights I have woken so many times during the very early hours thinking and worrying about what you are all going through.

Know that spiritually your hands are being held every step of the way, and that there are so very many of us willing you love and strength.

Wishing you a lucid and painfree day dear friend. Much love, and a gentle hug
Helen x

Thinking of you Adrian as usual,with lots
of love,Jean xxx

Hi Adrian
Sending all my love to you and your family
Jill xxxx

Thinking of you today and always.

Sending love, peace & strength in buckets.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Dear Adrian
sending lots of love to you,
and your family.
love caz

Dear Aidy and family(especially Kay) I keep looking at Mark's university photographs and think what fun they had in Liverpool. It only seems yesterday but it is amazing what Aidrian has achieved since then. Here in Glossop we pray for you all every day, especially you Kay as most of us are Mums of similar age children. Love to you all from the Leightons

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to let you know that after discovering your blog last week, I am heading out today to register as a bone marrow donor.

Much much love to you.


Thinking of you all, constantly.
Peace be with you.
Love, hugs and prayers,

Morning Adrian

Hope your night was restful and your morning beautiful. It certainly is a lovely one here, though I'm shattered.

Stayed up til 2:30am last night watching the Olympics (time zones again - bah!) and jumped out of bed at 6am this morning to catch our Trini boy, George Bovell III, swimming the 100m freestyle heats. Don't think he did well enough to qualify but he won his heat with a great time.

Well my boy, another day of positive energy and strength coming your way. Have lit the candles in my room already - yes lots of candles in my room. Sounds romantic but my better/other half is in Aberdeen now so truth be told it's mostly because in this 3rd world paradise we lose electricity several times a month!!!

Lots of love to you and yours as ever Sudders! Keep that smile on that face if you can manage it and know we'll be smiling with you!


Good morning, Adrian and everyone-

It's really nice to see all the posts from everybody while we await word on Adrian. It helps, doesn't it? And Chris, the candle idea is brilliant- I had said in an earlier post, that if Adrian could imagine that each of us holding him close to our hearts all over the world had a candle, that it would be as though the sun never set- you took it one step further and made it happen! Bravissima! Hugs to everyone as we check back so many times a day....and peace and comfort to you and your family, Adrian. We are all here around you.


It's lunch time here - too early for the 8pm toast (duh!)- so I thought I would just send you lots of love, soft hugs, and as always lots of prayers. We miss your blog entries SO much Adrian.......
Love to Keith, Kay and Carrie. You are the BEST! and have been blessed with THE BEST!
Much love and continued prayers
Janet in SA
PS Come to think of it, it must be one continual toast to all around the world if you look at the time zones. Drinking all day. Whooopee ;-0

Just a quick comment, been keeping up with your blog.

I'm also looking to register as a bone marrow donor.

Keep your chin up,

My thoughts are with you,


Good morning Adrian,

Just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I am thinking of you and sending warm wishes and hugs to you and yours.


Sending more thoughts and prayers your way today, Adrian. I hope the swell of love coming to you from around the world can be felt, as we collectively put our arms around you in a huge hug....

Julie in Columbus, Ohio USA

Dear Adrian,

Little upset and sad that we didnt get an update from you.
Hope we will get one soon, may be Liam can give us an update if you are not feeling very well.

Have a pain free, worry free day Adrian.Peaceful day to to all of you.I am daily praying for you and family.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers,


Dear Adrian,

Just now heard about Katie Campling's reaction in facebook.
Sorry to hear that Adrian is not feeling very well.Hope he will be ok soon.
Dont want to write more.

My heartfelt prayers and lots of love,


Just cross-pasting from Facebook:

Katie Campling (Leeds) wrote
at 10:52pm
Hi all. On the topic of no news...I work with Adie and have been involved with his campaign, so up until recently I had updates from him or his parents most days. Not even his close friends / colleagues are hearing much from him now because he is understandably just too tired to be in touch or post on the blog. He finds it hard to email and talking on the phone is a huge effort. His parents are doing a great job of keeping everyone informed - but obviously their priority is spending time with and looking after Adie. So unfortunately, people like myself and Liam have very little info to pass on via the blog. I am sure that everyone understands the situation - though I appreciate so many care so much that it must be hard not having news.
Rest assured that if there are any big developments, the blog will be updated, as will this group. At the moment, the way to look at it I think is that no news is good news.x

There, Updated!



We understand

: )

Stay strong folkies!!



Thank you LL for being so thoughtful in notifying us of the information you received from Katie. It's so obvious that everyone of Adrian's fans are concerned and anxious to get news when there is a long time between blogs. All we can do now is pray for comfort and peace for Adrian and his family. It's truly amazing the number of people Adrian and his family have touched. He has managed to bring out the very best of us by sharing his time with so many. God bless you Adrian - you are one of His greatest angels!

Love to you and yours,

Hi Adrian,

another one added to your quest. I've being following this for quite a while and signed up to the bone marrow transplant list when I last went to give blood (I had no idea you could do that until recently) and I got my comfirmation letter this morning.

Trying to get all my mates to do it as well.

Best Wishes



I hope today is going well for you.

We all are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


Kimberly Parr
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi Adrian and all his family. Just to say I am thinking of you and hope that you are having some peaceful days and relishing each others company. Will light a candle for you at 8pm. Perhaps think of us all then as we will be thinking of you. God bless dear Adrian, miss your blogs so much but fully understand why we haven't heard much from you. Take good care.


Wiltshire, U.K.

LL thank you. I believe I will stop writing
for a bit and sit quietly and wait. I'm not going away, just think I've said everthing I can say and what I haven't the rest of you have in better ways. So I think I'll just wait watch, and pray.


Thank you for passing on the information from Facebook for those of us who are not members.

Adrian and family.

I think we all understand how difficult a time this is for you and only post so that you know we are thinking of you. Your time is precious.

With love to all

Thanks for the update.

Sending love and hugs to Adi and family

Maz, Leeds

I feel that it is time to stay silently in the background, while Adrian and his family concentrate on each other at this time.
I'm sure that they wouldn't want to miss a minute of being with that dear boy.
When the time is right, I'm sure that we will hear from them. Until then, I will carry on quietly reflecting on the impact that Adrian has had on so many of us and the overwhelming outpouring of love and support from around the world.
Fantastic what you can achieve in "togetherness" Sadly it doesn't seem enough to bring Adrian back from the brink of life and death, but when he does cross that threshold I'm certain it will be in the peace and love that we are all sending to him, he deserves nothing less.
Always in our thoughts Sudbury family.
Love,light and peace to you all.

I couldn't agree with you more, the time has come perhaps when we need to sit back silently in the background and send out loving thoughts to Adrian and his dear family. I'm sure he feels the love emanating from all around the world that is sent to him and his loved ones. We can support them by sending our messages via the blog to let them know that they are not alone, that we are with them every step of the way, and when they are able to send us any news, I'm sure they will do so.

Adrian, we have never met but having been reading for some months now I feel like I know you.

You are a wonderful shining light in this crazy world.

Only rarely do truly inspirational people come along and I'm so glad that I've been lucky enough to share in your life.

I'm carrying you in my heart every day and I believe you will have a place there for a long time to come.

Suzy, N Ireland x

Thank you for the update LL.

To Adrian, his family & Liam,

Don't worry about updating anything on the blog. The most important thing is spending time together.

Even though you already know how many people love you, i will still stop by and tell you again and again in case you have anyone reading comments to you.

I keep you in my thoughts each and every day and whisper beautiful things for you at night.

Love, Bethany

Katie Campling, Laura and Shiney, thank you all for sharing what you know with us all. I also haven't joined Facebook yet.

As others have said, I hope you have rest and some moments of lucidity where the loving faces before you come into better view. While all our faces are behind our monitors, our misty eyes are gazing out to where you are, and our arms (busy typing and mousing) are in our mind's eye wrapped into the biggest group hug with you that you or the world have ever seen.

On a lighter note- I hope you can collect on your "gentleman's wager" with the health care worker who gave you just until last Friday. You knew your Sudder stamina..."we Sudders are as tough as shoe leather" was it? Well, make sure the young man holds up his side of the bargain. :) You certainly have yours. Congrats on one more prize.

Of course we remember your brave choice to take back control that day. I suppose you can hang up your gambling hat (and blazing glory pistols), climb on your favorite horse (or zebra), and ride off into a sunset when you are ready.

We love you.

Love, Margaret (USA)

A big hug from me and my husband.There are no words to express our feelings. Hold on and be proud of you have been able to do in your life.
Love, Giorgia and Mirco

When words fail...

Old-fashioned not? But still heartwarming...


Hi Adrian, fellow troops. So glad that we are all lighting those candles for our dear Adrian. Havn't checked Facebook yet but have read Katies post on here and my heart aches for our boy and his family. I think as someone else commented we are supporting each other with our comments now. Isnt it weird that this young man who most of us have never met has brought together a group of people who have never met but are so recognisable by the way they post. I recognise Tash, Shiney, LL and many more by the way they post without even have to look at their name. I will miss our dear Adrian and you all and will cherish this episode in my life. Chris

Hey Adrian,

Was just stopping by to see how you were so thought I'd let you know we're still thinking of you


Goodnight and thank you Adrian for all of your efforts and ideas that will help so many others in the future. Wishing you all peace and calm for the journey ahead. God bless you.

Jan & Tony

Thinking of you and praying for you, Adrian. You have a permanent place in my heart!

Monica C.
Dallas, Texas, USA

Dearest Adrian, Keith, Kay and Carrie,

Our thoughts are with you as ever and every candle that is lit for Adrian is lit for all of you! Every glass that is lifted is lifted for all of you! You are testament to the strength and importance of family!

While we will continue to check in on Adrian and the Sudbury clan we know that this time is precious and difficult and we do not wish to take any of the time you have left with Adrian.

We hold you all in our hearts, embrace you all with our thoughts throughout the day and all night long. You are all prayed for and loved around the world!

Selflessly, Adrian spent so much of his time and energy trying to make this world a better place - And you allowed him the freedom to do so, supported him when most of us would have begged for him to spend his time with us if faced with a similar predicament.

Thanks to the Sudbury family there will come a day when this world is a better place - "The darkness will be gone,the weak shall be strong"

Faith Hill - There will come a Day

With much love and warmest wishes. Sending you love and hugs from trinidad

Dear Adrian and family,

Dont know what to write, just feeling sad.

I hope you all have a peaceful night, and Adrian will have a better day tomorrow.

Good Night to all!

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers


Hi all,

Hope Adrian you and family are resting and just taking each day at a time - will be away for a few days dog and house sitting whilst my mum gets a break so take care and with everybody's warm and caring words within this world's blog, just know you will be fine.

Love and wishes

Sarah, madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone,

I have lit my candle for "our boy" again this evening.

It is almost impossible to describe how I feel. I feel sadness as Adrian continues his journey to its final conclusion, but I feel so proud to have found him and so very proud of what he has achieved.

I know we would all like to wrap our arms around Adrian and the whole family and tell them everything will be OK. Instead we daily send our love, hugs and admiration for them all, and hope they have a peaceful and contented sleep each night.

Sweet dreams Adrian

Bless you sweet cheeks


I can only echo all the above comments...time to reflect on one amazing man and his family, light a candle, and send thoughts,prayers,love. Tash, lovely post,you summed it up so well. Thoughts and love going to Adrian and his beautiful family.

Love to all of you and yours

Sending warm comforting wishes to you.

Take in each and every minute you have together and know that you are thought of all around the world.

Have a Happy Day,

California, USA

Sleep softly, and sleep well, Adrian. God has you in the palm of his hand. All is well.

And peace to Keith, Kay and Carrie as you let go of your wonderful son and brother.

Praying for all of you constantly.

Mary Anne
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Wow. I hadn't planned on reading the comments but I got sucked in and what I expected to be a draining and sad engagement truly turned into something inspirational and glorious. What an opportunity to reflect and count our blessings. To Adrian and those who were kind enough to share him and his time with me I am truly grateful. I have been inspired on several occasions as I read Adrians thoughts and accomplishments as well as so many of the wonderful heartfelt messages coming from across the world. The compounded nature of all this positive energy has tremendous impacts in so many lives it is a truly powerful thing. My prayer for you is that you can enjoy your family as much as you have inspired me to enjoy mine. I can't think a minute about yelling at my kids today thinking about how your dear parents must feel as they care for you. Good luck to all.... And to Adrian thanks again.

My candle is lit. My thoughts are of you Adrian and whatever you are doing at this moment and however you might be feeling please know that you are being held in the hearts of so many. Adrian, Keith, Kay and Carrie cherish your time together. Chris

what wonderful words Tash we are all feeling sad and this time but so glad to be part of tis fantastic group of people

love to adrian , keith kay and carrie

keep strong

jane xx

Adrian, I hope you are warm, safe and comfortable, and floating on a cloud of love. We are thinking of you constantly and hope that there is no hint of sufferIng.

I truly cannot bear to think of how your family feel right now; stroking my little boy's head tonight as he went to sleep brought many tears and thoughts of Kay. As she once stroked his head to soothe him as a child, as we mothers do, I imagine her comforting him in this way now. I wish we could help. May God give you endless strength and love.

This truly is a tragedy, am so so sad right now.

God bless 'our boy', our amazing Adrian. Your army will NEVER forget you.
Love Caroline xxx


Thank you for the update. As much as the postings are for Adrian, they are also support fofr each of us. The "syber family" that Liam and Adrian created. So even thought I realize that Adrian is not necessarily reading the blog as he once was, it has taken on a life of it's own and in that shares support and love beyond all bounds.

Adrian's family may come back and re-read al lthese postings at some time and have the ability to reflect on just how many lives he touched and the friendships that he was instrumental in creating. I look for familiar names and postings just to see what everyone that I have become so familiar with is doing and what they have to say.

This blog has been a gift to us all.

I went to a funeral today and the Priest said, " A person is only measured by the love they gave and the lives that they touch".

My dear friend, oh the masses you have touched and changed forever.

With much love,
Heather Marton
Agoura Hills, CA


"Dearest Adrian, I'm enjoying my holiday, but missing reading the blog. As always you are my first thought when I wake and my last thought at bedtime.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours,

Christine M. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

And from me...

Simply; all my love, energy and very best wishes to you and those around you. Thinking of you, as always :-)

Charlotte xx

Adrian, I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and always feel inspired by your posts, the love you and your family and friends have for each other and above all for your honesty. I dont know what else to say apart from that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. You have touched the hearts and tickled the funny bones of so many people xxxxx

Superhero - We miss you! We're praying for you! We're wishing you the very best. I keep checking back. Hourly. Hoping you have rebounded. Hoping for another post. One more day. One more glimpse into the soul of a very brave and gracious man.

Thinking of you...

Adrian, you are truly a special person who has done so much for the cause you believe so strongly in, rest assured your army will carry on the work you have so selflessly started. Have a peaceful and restful night, lots of love to you and your family. xxxx

My candle is a Yankee scent and not only is it lighting Adrians way it is also making my house smell divine. Goodnight all Chris

Hi Adrain,
Being following your story since it appeared in the Daily Mail last Spring. I check in every day and think of you often (though haven't posted before). Thank you for sharing your journey with us - I appreciate my life much more now and also know how just one person can make such a difference and can bring so many strangers together. You are very special and will never be forgotten. Sleep well. x

Adrian, you are truly an amazing person. As I'm sitting here listening to The Killers "All These Things That I've Done"..."I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" - I'm thinking of you and all the things that you've done. Whenever I'm feeling weak in my own battle with Hodgkins I turn to your blog and get the inspiration I need to continue the battle. Thank you.

Hi, Adrian,

I have been engrossed in your blog for a few days now. I am in awe of all you have achieved recently. As a fellow cancer victim, your efforts help the likes of me cope with life simply from day to day. You remain so 'charged up' that its a boost to anyone struggling with this bloody disease. Syringe drivers are wonderful things but don't push the button too much or they put you to sleep too long1 Then you can miss out on a bit of fun that goes on round you. With family and friends like yours, there's sure to be a lot of that around you. Hope you have a restful night and wake to someone making an effort to make you laugh. It's the one things we humans have kept for ourselves, so it has to be good. Thinking of you...

Hi Adrian,

My father in law is experiencing the same journey as you.....I really hope and pray you both find inner strength for what lays ahead.

A BIG hug and kiss from Northolt, Middlesex.

Babar, Cliff & Boys.


after reading in the paper of adrians passing,my heart sank.Such an inspiration to everybody,im confident he will be sadly missed. R.I.P adrian and god bless xxxx

no more suffering and free from pain for you and your have touched so many hearts and will never be forgotten and your good work will keep on going, goodnight and god bless.x.x.x

Rest in peace Adrain, you are a true inspiration. If only the world was made of kind, caring people like yourself. I'm sure all you have done in your short life will help so many others get through the pain and all the emotions attached to illness and death. You have truly touched my heart even though I have never met you. God bless you sweetheart xxxxx

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