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The second bone marrow sample (Part 22)

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I have just got back from the hospital following my second routine bone marrow sample.

It was fine, didn't hurt and is not sore at all. We were hoping to film it today but were unable to get it organised in time.

I wanted to show people that it's not a scary procedure and hoped that it might get more people thinking about bone marrow donation.

As I said before in previous posts 70% of bone marrow donation is now very similar to giving blood. Sometimes a bone marrow harvest - where it is taken from the back of the hip under a general anaesthetic - is still preferred.

What I had today with a local anaesthetic only involves one needle and a small sample is taken. The harvest uses more needles but is otherwise very similar.

Anyway, this time I'm really confident that the leukaemia won't have returned.

It's the hat-trick!

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Baldy's Blog has won another award. Last night I was named feature writer of the year at the Yorkshire Press Awards.

It was a brilliant night and the Huddersfield Examiner also scooped the top award for headline of the year.

It was great going out with my work friends again. Needless to say plenty of alcohol was consumed.

I think seeing Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP) makes it much easier to understand. I really hope this video is useful to anyone else who may need this treatment in the future - check out the big needle too!

The point of this treatment is to cure my chronic Graft versus Host Disease (cGvHD). I have around a 50% chance of it working - but I remain worried.

PS. It's been really hard convincing people that this condition is actually pretty serious!

Video diary, part 12

Victory in Vegas!

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I still can't quite believe it, but yes, it's actually happened, I've started this entry to my Leukaemia blog with the words "Yee-Ha!!!!!"

Baldy's Blog has now scooped an international award in the world's biggest blog competition. From Yorkshire to Las Vegas - who'd have thought it?!

A total of 545,446 votes were cast in 49 categories.

What a result and thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. Last week's voting was so much fun and a really welcome distraction. Can I just say how interesting it's been too reading some of the other blogs in my category.

If any of their authors are reading this I'm just a journalist working in Huddersfield but living in Sheffield in the UK. It's been quite an experience dipping into the world of big-time blogging. There is some really impressive stuff in our category. I wish you all continued success.

Weblog awards 2007

This is Liam reporting live from The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. I'm at the 2007 Web Log Awards - you know that thing Adrian had us all voting on. I'm the lucky bugger Adrian sent on his behalf so far that luck hasn't translated to the card tables but fingers crossed it will work for Adrian tonight and he will have won the best Health blog award.

The Joint

Vote for Baldy's Blog!

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The 2007 Weblog Awards


Incredibly Baldy's Blog is a finalist in an international competition - the results will be announced in Las Vegas early Friday morning (UK time). Crazy isn't it?

I think the award will go to the blog with the most votes so if you have enjoyed reading my posts please get voting. You can vote once a day. There is no prize - and it would be too risky for me to fly to America - but it sounds like fun!

Please just click on the logo and vote as much as you can. The blog is a finalist in the best medical/health issues section.

Best wishes to you all, Adrian

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