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Bad news but don't worry too much (Part 28)

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I have just found out that the chronic myeloid leukaemia could be back.

I couldn't believe it when my doctor revealed the results of my second bone marrow sample. I was just so confident it would still be a total remission.

However, I am not too worried about it.

As a journalist you are trained to put the most interesting facts at the top of the story. The purpose of this is to grab the reader's attention and make them want to read on.

I hope that's been achieved.

Now, before I explain why it's important not to be too concerned at this stage, please permit me a little bit of whinging.

A tribute to Donna

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Dr Donna McCormick and husband Greg Iredale

I have had a day of very mixed emotions.

My job involves editing the Huddersfield Examiner's website and when you read today's front page article I think you will understand.


I have spoken to Donna's mum and emailed her husband Greg.

I just wanted to say again to Donna's family that I am thinking about you all at this very difficult time and thank you for all your kind words.


Crunch time (Part 27)

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Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for all your lovely comments.

After a wonderful Christmas and New Year it's sadly back to business and in the next couple of weeks we should know how effective the photopheresis at Rotherham has been in treating the chronic Graft versus Host Disease (cGvHD).

The steroid taper is rapidly approaching crunch time. If the treatment hasn't been successful the unpleasant problems associated with cGvHD will reappear.

These could include:

â—? Incredibly dry skin
â—? Impaired joint mobility
â—? Unbearable itchiness

The bad news is that some of these symptoms, albeit in a very mild form, have started to emerge already.

I'm convinced that cGvHD is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

The question is just how debilitating it will be.

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