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We are on the brink of something very special

As I write this, the training script is being finalised, training dates have been set and the will to succeed is tangible. We are about to start the process which will, in all probability, change the world for the better. I cannot thank the Anthony Nolan Trust enough, nor the National Blood service who have combined their efforts to realise the dream of one seriously ill young man who, when the chips were down, settled his beanie hat, adjusted his Paul Smith dressing gown and set out to make a difference.

That you have all got behind Adrian's campaign is such a fabulous testament to the determination of decent people to work for the good of humanity. As we debate the merits of huge bonuses to city bankers, isn't it wonderfully refreshing to be part of something really important that will save lives?

And then we get Aimee's news. Someone, somewhere in the world who, in all probability wasn't ill when Adrian began his campaign is going to get their second chance because a young woman, inspired by what he had to say didn't just sympathise but quietly got on with it and signed up to the ANT register. Truly our "one and only�? and a bit of a trail blazer for Adrian's Army. Aimee, you are a proper heroine. As are all those thousands out there who have put their names to this fantastic cause. Now I know you are bound to be daunted by what lies ahead but, to be honest, if you could see your way to having your progress charted on this Blog, I know it would help others as they debate with themselves what to do. I am more than happy to do all the spade work for you in terms of putting together the entries. If you could contact me at suddersmum@live.co.uk we can discuss how best to proceed but I also entirely understand if you simply want to get on with things and not be humbugged by having to report as well. Remember, Adrian's driving philosophy was that noone was ever to be forced to do anything they were uncomfortable with and his whole campaign was to get information to people so that they can make a decision based on facts - so I am genuine when I say that you are not to feel under any pressure at all. If you feel you would like to document your particular stretch of the journey then I am here to do the grunt work for you.

Can we also send positive vibes to Claire's Dad Norman and Adie's Aunty Lucy both in a bit of a tight spot cancer wise at the moment. The more we can do to stop this pernicious disease claiming lives the better it will be for everyone.

And Dan, please don't feel bad about surviving. I can't claim to speak for others in my position of course but as far as I am concerned I can't hear enough stories where there has been a positive outcome. Adrian always spoke about being a beacon of hope to those newly afflicted and that is precisely what you are. I am sorry that your battle scars have taken their toll emotionally and that you are having a rough time at the moment. Hopefully the pain will ease over time and your "one and only�? will emerge from the shadows to claim your heart.

With love, thanks and best wishes to everyone out there

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