This latest award I dedicate to my beautiful sister (Now with video and special report by rookie reporter Keith Sudbury)


Despite being in such difficult times I have even more good news to share with you all.

To round off an exceptional week Baldy's Blog has won another prestigious award.

I have been named as the Press Gazette's multi-media journalist of the year, at their regional press awards.

Click above to watch a video of my parents collecting the award. Actually brought a little tear to my eye.

In our industry this is a huge accolade and it's one I'm absolutely delighted to receive.

But this post is for my amazing sister Carrie.


The awards are judged by 50 senior figures from the world of UK journalism and they are not given out lightly.

This latest one takes Baldy's Blog's tally to four. Coming back to the blaze of glory reference, there are not many more awards a journalist like me can win.

God I wish I'd never got ill but the recognition for this little project has been unbelievable.

It's already scooped a Yorkshire Press Award, an award from the National Guild of Heath Writers and the international Weblog Award - in Las Vegas!

The do was held at lunch time today at the Lancaster Hotel in London.

I knew I had been shortlisted but after Wednesday every day is just getting more and more difficult.

My chest feels like it is burning. It's really tight, dry and rattling.

As you can hear on my interviews my voice is struggling too and conserving energy is increasingly difficult.

My editor had already invited my parents to attend the ceremony so I asked them if they would go and represent me.

I had something else to take care of.

Last week it was Carrie's 24th birthday.

It was a brilliant day and her boyfriend Ian proposed to her.

She accepted and it was lovely seeing her with such a smile on her face.

All my family are devastated at what is happening but I feel really sorry for Carrie. It's so unfair that she is losing her brother.

We have always been close and the only time I get angry about my disease is when I think I won't be there for her wedding or be an uncle to her children.

I have seen with my own eyes that families move on but they never quite 'get over' such a painful and unnecessary loss.

Me and Carrie had arranged to go birthday shopping and go out for lunch.

It was great being able to treat her to some killer shoes, perfume and a slap up meal.

But more importantly it was just great spending quality time with her.

A disease and prognosis like mine eats into families much like the cancer itself. It's devastating and destructive in equal measures.

Despite knowing how proud they are of me for everything I have done and for dealing with this situation as best I can, it doesn't make their inevitable loss any easier to bear.

I love my sister and thinking about her getting so upset is heartbreaking.

Much like giving two fingers up to leukaemia I suppose all we can do, while I'm still able to function, is to enjoy ourselves and try and create more and more lasting memories.

They never die.

We had a great time today but I just wish this didn't have to come to an end.

Press Gazette Awards, picture by James Young
Adrian's parents collecting his Press Gazette award from Nick Ferrari, picture by James Young

Awards report by Keith Sudbury (my dad).

Please note additional story about my editor that mysteriously did not make it into the Huddersfield Examiner's report.

Keith speaks: "My first impression was how formal and prestigious the event was, so my new suit and expensive St Tropez shirt was just the ticket.

Free drinks were circulating all the time with bubbly, red, white and beer.

Mum and I were on table 17 with other members of the Mirror Group.
There was a superb three course lunch with more wine constantly being served.

Pity I was driving, but mum was OK, although we were both struggling with loss of sense of taste and smell due to the worst cold I have had for years!

Just as an aside, I woke up two nights ago feeling terrible, and it did give me some insight into what you have endured 1,000 times worse and for much much longer.

Nick Ferrari was an excellent host. Very professional and kept the event moving along at a cracking pace.

Anyway back to the award. When you were announced, his introduction was very good and very sincere.

I had forgotten that you had done a 'piece to camera' and that was shown as we were on the stage having already having been introduced as 'brave parents'.

Your comment (about a 'hard afternoon with Natasha') went down a storm, and as soon as you had finished there was a spontaneous standing ovation which was both fantastic and emotional.

We had our photos taken with Nick receiving the award and was then asked whether I wanted to say anything.

Now I know that you all take the p*ss out of me about 45 minute speeches (a little harsh I think!) but I had to say something, so I very quickly spoke of your campaign for a compulsory 1 hour 6th form lesson to educate and how they could all genuinely help you by going to your blog and signing the petition.

Mum and I were applauded all the way back to our seats. I wish you could have been there because we were two proud parents.

At the end of the ceremony Nick came to speak with us and I must say cynic that I am, he was charming and sincere.

The chairman of the panel of judges also came to speak with us and said you winning was a unanimous decision and it was on journalistic merits and not emotion.

Many people came up to mum and I at the end to say how inspirational you have been.

We were then invited to the pub for drinks with Roy Wright (Examiner editor) and Neil Benson (Trinity Mirror's regional editorial director).

As we left the ceremony, Roy said rather than carry the heavy glass award around, he would put it into his rucksack.

Two to three drinks later Roy invited us to share his taxi, and as we sped towards St Pancras Station I casually asked Roy if he had picked up his rucksack.

Long story short, and dramatic U-turn, we retrieved the said object which was still on the pavement outside the pub!

Well a brilliant day came to an end. Well done again!"

Keith out.


Sh*t! My thoughts go out to Carrie. In tears here at the thought of losing my only brother. Your nieces and nephews will have Carrie's memories of their uncle.

Congrats Carrie on your engagement - May you and Ian grow old with your heads on one pillow!

And congratulations to you Ian on yet another award.

Lots of love

Congratulations to Carrie. She knows you will always be with her in spirit and for her Children. It is funny but my uncle died three years ago and two years ago on the day before he died I gave birth to a little girl. She came out with a mark to the right of her eye in the exact same place he had had a very distinctive mole it was uncanny! It is moments like that that your realise a person never leaves you. They will hear about you and you can watch down on them. They know you will be and they will hear how many people you have helped through all this hard work, you will be the legend of the family. My thoughts and prays go out to all of you.

On another note congratulations to you. You throughly deserve this award. I can hear you are beginning to sound different. Keep going as long as you can and feel able to and want to. You really are going down in a blaze of glory.

Adrian I've been checking frequently for a new blog post, thank you for keeping us posted - I think HUGE congratulations are in order for your most recent award! It is a terrible shame that these have been awarded under such circumstances but you truly have done a fantastic job of raising awareness, and removing much removing the fear and stigma of 'cancer'. I'm sure there are many fellow sufferers going through the same who have been comforted by your blog and bravery.

Yes, you are brave :p even if you don't seem to agree! It definitely rubs off - my fears of walking down the street in case of a car mounts the pavement, or getting in a car in case it crashes, seem silly when put into perspective! (yes, I already know I'm bonkers thanks!)

Carrie, I am so sorry you are losing your brother but my goodness what a legacy, your brother is fantastic! I really feel for you, and there are many out there who feel the same way you do - just last year my mother lost her little brother who she used to look after when he was a baby and she was devastated. Memories are so precious, you are lucky to have such a lovely brother to remember. I do hope you both enjoyed the birthday outing and got some great clothes you lucky lass!

I wish this never had to happen to you Adrian. I hope there is absolutely no suffering for you, and your chest eases up a little for you at least. Looking forward to any future posts :)
Caroline x

Cheers Adrian: So glad you took time out for your sister. What was brilliant about the TV interview you just did, well besides being so inspiring and reasurring about marrow donation, was that I finally got to "hear" your voice and it didn't at all sound weak. I have been "talking to you" and looking for you for weeks and finally heard your voice...This means a great deal to me across the seas...I feel for Carrie and your family. It is wrenching my heart daily to know Dad is in so much pain and unable to do what he wants to do. For you, I pray God keeps you "up" enough to give your family the best memories possible.

I will be looking for you Adrian...Therese

Adrian, I'm new to your blog, but not new to the stuggles faced by a family dealing with cancer. Several years ago, I lost my little brother to cancer after his short battle with the disease. You are correct, families move on, but we never quite get over the losss of a loved one.

I miss my brother every day, but I feel his love and find strength by celebrating things I know he would love. Eating his favorite foods, or visitng his favorite spots will often help me to fight the saddness.

The opportunity you have to let your sister know how much you love her is such a gift. Consider writing her a letter for the dark days she faces when you are gone. Or creating a play list of tunes that she can rock out to, when she is sad and blue.

While losing you in your physical state will be one of the greatest challenges she faces, she will always have the love that you share to hold close to her heart. And that is a gift she will always treasure.

aww bless your heart Carrie, together you've made a memory that, believe me, will help see you through some of the darkest days that you will encounter, I know having lost a brother myself, hugsssss dear girl.
Adrian, what a lovely blog, such pure love just shone out from it, I continue to pray for you and for those around you.
take care
oh oh PS congratulations on the award (LOL nearly forgot that!!!)

Congratulations on the award mate, and to your sister on her engagement. Gotta be hard for you coming to terms with knowing you wont be there in the future. As you say, the impact is huge on a family but there is such great comfort in knowing they were privileged to have shared so intimitely their lives with you and you with them. Memories last forever, and your future nieces/nephews will be truly proud to hear tales which will bring smiles to everyone as they remember you and the good times and the not so good times. I truly hope the PM carries out his promises for action on your campaign. It is such an important and life changing issue that it cannot be ignored. It is your legacy.

Take care and be strong.

Sending hugs and congratulations, Adrian. I wish I could pull that illness out of you and send it into space. Love Hannah xxxx

Happy Birthday Carrie, and congratulations on your engagement. Congratulations Adrian on the recognition and awards. How bittersweet to be recognized, and also to be so keenly aware of how precious family is. Daily I thank you for thumping my head with your insight and wisdom. The lessons and messages you are imparting are spreading and will live on.
I pray for your comfort, for ease and peace of mind... I wish there were more I could give to you.

Hi Adrian

Cherish this time with Carrie - you so right- memories never fade.

Best Wishes as always to you and your family.
And Happy Birthday to Carrie!



Congratulations! This blog is truly an inspiration to everyone, as are you. However, I found this post rather heart breaking. My thought and prayers are with you and your family.

Stay Strong! God Bless!


I've only just come across your blog after your aunt sent an email to us all at work telling us of your final crusade.
I've not been able to stay away since, I drop by every day to see how you are getting on.
I just think its brilliant what you are doing and fingers crossed you will definitly make a difference in this world, where too many people would just leave it up to someone else to do, you're a true inspiration.
Take Care
Laura xx

Hi Adrian
When my nephew aged 16 found out he was dying from his leukaemia in November 2006 he was in a similar place to where you are right now. He had been recording an audio diary throughout his treatment and if you listen to part 5 from this link
he talks about his reaction to leaving his family and friends with my sister Clare, his mother. It is so sad and yet in some way I hope it may help you.


This award is a very well deserved one.. Glad you had a lovely day shopping with your sister, and congratulate her and her fiancee on their forthcoming wedding. We are thinking of you and have the utmost admiration for you and what you have achieved.. Love Dawn xxx

PS I completed the Race for Life on Sunday.. Looked a complete pratt in a pink wig!!! Ha ha ha xxx

Hi Adrian,

This blog itself provides a whole lot of memories for Carrie, your mam and dad and your many friends. Your courage and humour shines through in every word.

sarah xxx

can't believe I was the first to comment so thrilled. Just a quick thought that your blog should be published in a book and the proceeds put towards publicity for the cause. Best of luck


congratulations on ANOTHER award. Carrie congrats on yr fabulous news. Look forward to meeting you with Adrian when I'm back from leave.


This is a really beautiful post. Congratulations on all of your awards. You certainly deserve them.

Congrats Carrie ~ i am so touched by your story and your courage adrian , u truly are an amazing man i wish you could meet all the people whose lives you have touched with your openess ! In my eyes all the world should try to cope with live the way you cope every day TO ME YOU ARE MY HERO

You know, your parents must be so proud of you and your sister. Happy Birthday Carrie, and I hope you and your new fiance will be very happy in future.

As for you, young man, how bittersweet, but how wonderful your achievements are. WELL DONE!

I am thinking of you all.

Adrian, I just started reading your blog about a month ago. Kudos to your for your courage and determination. Congrats on the latest award, and thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with your sister with us all.

Hi love! You and your family are doing this right. Concentrate on living while you are still living. Squeeze all the love, laughter and memories into this time period that you can. Let those around you marinate you in love. We did this for my mom when we found out she was leaving us. It was a grand six weeks. That was 3 years ago and I can still feel her love and help from time to time. I can tell you this, the love NEVER ends, it flows back and forth.

...G-d bless you Adrian, for teaching so many what it means to truly live.
You life shines..and it will continue to shine..
thank you

Wow! Another award. But not just another ordinary award..50 Senior figures,pretty good going.
That's some accomplishment in anyones standards. Your Blog is the best and truely deserves this award. You have the effortless capacity to make people laugh whilst staying so strong. You certainly brighten anyone's day, especially mine when I check in. That's a gift that is so very rare.
Love the pics you post in your Blog, especially the one of you and Carrie. Would love to see more of your pics (the party pics at your parent's looked like you all had a hoot)I wish I knew you, not just for your parties, but who you are for you.
Debs UK x

aww adrian my heart is breaking for you, so young and so much to live for, why or why is life so cruel, but you have done so much in your short life your family must be so proud of you.glad you spent some qaulity time with carrie and you both had a great day, also great news again about your award, make sure you spend as much time with your family now for their hearts must be in take care my lovely boy, you are constantly in my thoughts and preys xx

Hey Buddy,

Good to speak to you again earlier - your voice is sounding much better. Big up those bags of blood! You are like Wesley Snipes in Blade - if anyone need convincing as to why blood donation is so unbelievably important you should see and hear the transformation it can make, it is not just for people who are in car accidents.

This is just a heads up that i have organised a team of us from Radio 5 Live to run the London half marathon in October for your campaign and for Leukaemia Research. If people would be geenrous enough to dig into their pockets we can try and raise some much needed money to help promote your campaign for years to come.

Ps. A little heads up everyone - tune in to BBC Radio 5Live at on the internet on Tuesday 17th June at about 10am bst (this is only a guide) to hear Ad speaking on air with no other than England Footballing Legend Gary Lineker.

Peace Out,
Olie x

Congratulations to you, Adrian! Absolutely fantastic!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with your sister, and congrats to her as well. As always, I'm wishing you well....


Congratulations. A very well deserved award. In addition to being a remarkable human being, it's very clear that your talents as a journalist are very considerable indeed.

Hope you're managing to keep going without too much discomfort.

Adrian - I've just arrived home from the Regional Press Awards, where I had a great afternoon with your mum and dad.

Your acceptance video received a standing ovation from around 500 guests - the first time I can remember anything like that in all the many years I've attended the event.

Even hardened old hacks like the awards host Nick Ferrari had a tear in their eye, although I have to say that your mum told me she thought you were hamming it up a bit for the cameras.

Your dad made a short, gracious speech which ended with an appeal for more people to sign up to the donation register. You'd have been proud of him.

These awards are the 'Oscars' of the regional press world, and you are the most utterly deserving winner.

Hey Adrian,

Your strength and courage inspires me to be a better person.
With all the recent media coverage, and your continued hard graft, even though your energy levels are shot..I'm more than positive that your legacy is sure to be secured over the coming months and years.
I for one.... a 40 year old guy, who thinks about himself far to much. I have told my wife tonight, that I'm going to get myself on the bone marrow donor register. Maybe one day, i will be able to actually do something in my life that really makes a difference, just like you have done.

With many positive thoughts and blessings to you and your family



Today at the awards was the first I have heard of yourself and your blog.

Just wanted to pass on my good wishes. This is inspiring and humbling stuff mate and you deserved every second of your standing ovation.

All the very best,

Jon Colman
News & Star / Cumberland News,

Mighty Sir Adrian, i've posted enough on how fabulous you are before but just wanted to say... why don't you do/make/record something for her wedding day so you can be there (in some way)? Ok maybe a little cliched, and not that it'd be a surprise if she reads this unless you don't approve it, but would mean the world still i'm sure... :-)

your so amazing... your going to be a legend... wait you are a legend.. because of you so many people around world are learning about what they can do about cancer and all.. But I feel like theres going to be a miracle for you and your going to survive... I really want to meet you.. you dont have to accept this comment can you just send me an email so i can get to know you :)

i know your all famaous now but heyyy i hope i hear from you :)

Hello Adrian,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Joel and my wife & I live in Ohio, USA.

We were very taken with all your blogs and your experience. I only wished I had found you sooner, as I have now caught up on where you are in your cancer journey, and our hearts go out to you.

It was surreal for myself & my wife, as it was like reading my own life for the past 3-1/2 years. I was diagnosed in February 2005, and even though there were some differences with treatments, etc., many of your feelings & trials emotionally as well as physically were identical to mine.

What you said about CML being the "Chuck Norris" hits the nail on the head.

I really appreciated that you shared your experience so candidly & truthfully, in order to help others like myself.

Many of the treatments you chose have been pushed at me as well, but some of them I opted against for the time being.

My CML has been resistant to approx. 7 different chemos, now I'm just in the process of basically trying to manage the disease, which appears to be advancing at the time being.

And of course, also in the meantime, I'm being barraged by all the stuff that goes on with your emotions, your body, skin, stomach, etc. (I guess I don't need to tell you!)

There is something though that keeps me going, and mostly positive, even though we all get down at times. I have a strong hope to someday live in a world, right here on earth, as a healthy vibrant person with other healthy people that will never get sick, grow old, or die. And even seeing loved ones again that I've lost to death, like my father who also died of this loathsome disease. On my dad's gravestone we put a scripture from the Bible (John 5:28,29), where Jesus Christ, the son of God, promised a future resurrection of the dead right here on earth. I know this sounds like a pipedream Adrian, but I have thoroughly investigated it to prove it to myself.

Also, my favorite scripture at Isaiah 33:24 promises a time when "no resident will say 'I am sick'. Can you imagine never having to say "I am sick"? I feel I can stake my life on the Bible's truth; I did say "truth", not lies, like "hellfire & damnation" or other things that false religion and fanatics use to try to scare us into believing. A loving God would never do such a thing to humankind, whom he gave the life of his son for. It doesn't make sense--do you think?

Adrian, I don't know how much longer you have, but you owe it to yourself to investigate the truth of the Bible for yourself. If you are genuinely interested in God sending someone to you to help with this, just say an earnest, heartfelt prayer for help, using God's personal name, "Jehovah". Just try it, what have you got to lose? And you can feel free to e-mail us anytime as well.

I know you want to go out in "a blaze of glory", but the Bible teaches that you can also come back in "a blaze of glory" too!

You are truly a profound, smart, unique guy, that seems to have a heart of gold. I wished we could have met, but never say never, you know what they say here in the States, "it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings".

Much love & concern, Joel & Soni
Ohio, USA

I just was told about your blog, am in Wisconsin in the USA. What a journey you have had. You are truly an amazing person. You have inspired me to look into becoming a donor. Best wishes - enjoy those wonderful friends and family. They are truly blessed to have you also! (Sorry, but chuckled at the Wesley Snipes comment above!) Tracey

I found your blog a few days ago after seeing you on television. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October and can relate to so much of it. Thank you for making people like me not feel so alone. God bless you!

Hi Adrian

Just to tell that it is Blood donation Day in France today, and for the first time I'm going to give my blood - thank you so much for opening my eyes...
I've also emailed the links of this blog and the campaign and petition to my English students (I've got some at school where I teach) and they have already forwarded them to their English friends and families in France and in the UK
Take care


You certainly made the right decision in spending time with your lovely sister, Carrie. Memories are precious. Congratulations Carrie on your engagement and congratulations Adrian on another fantastic acknowledgment of your amazing achievements. You have done so much towards raising awareness and for that I personally thank you.

"Moving On" - The heartbreak at the loss of a precious child and brother remains forever but your bravery and your legacy will live on long into the future. It is nearly 3 years since I lost my beautiful 17 year old daughter Maria to Leukaemia and not a second of the day goes by that I am not thinking about her and wishing that this had never happened. What sustains me through this trauma is the thought that Maria's life goes on through the work of her charity, supporting other teenagers with leukaemia and I wont let her be forgotten or let her down. Whilst this is the most awful thing that will ever happen to your family they will eventually find some comfort in continuing the work you have started.

My thoughts are with you Adrian - enjoy this special time with your family.

Diane x

You are one amazing human being Adrian. Many Congrats to Carrie and Ian. Nobody can take away the love and closeness you all share and what you have started Adrian will just continue to grow and grow. Like everyone else, I just wish I had that magic wand to make everything all ok for you and give you what you all deserve. You can be truly proud of yourself. High Five Adrian :-)

Dear Adrian

Congratulations on yet another award! I'm so glad that your peers have recognised the quality of your work yet again. It is so well deserved. Congratulations also to your sister and Happy Birthday! Spending a day with her is the best gift of all.

Love and hugs


Congratulations on your award Adrian!
This has been a really emotional entry for me to read - so I have absolutely no idea how you felt writing it! This blog of your HAS to put into book form. It HAS to be shared more and more! Not only would it raise awarenes even more, but it would also raise funds for your cause. I hope your day out with Carrie (who is the spitting image of you!) didn't leave you too tired to appreciate what a special time it was. Watched your interview with Natasha - quite the sexy, husky voice you have going there ;-)
Take care, keep making those memories.
God bless
Janet South Africa

Hi Adrian
You day sounds fantastic and many congratulations to Carrie and Ian on their engagement and to you on winning yet another award for your work.
It is amazing to see your interviews and see that you are at peace with the fact that you are not going to get better. Whatever your faith, or even whether you have one, is nobody's business but yours. You have touched the hearts of many more than an average person would in their lifetime. But then you are no average guy.
When you energy is low and you are feeling down be comforted by the amount of love you give and have received and be safe in the knowledge you have made a difference to this world.
Times will be tough for Carrie and your family but all the people who have rallied around you over the last few months will be there for them and will help them through the worst times. You know how good they are, you have seen them in action!
You have started something big, now is your time to spend on you and those you love
Much love, Jo
PS I know you hate your steroid face but you look not unlike John Terry in the recent pics!

Congratulations mate, im very happy for you. The recognition you have recieved is fantastic, and well deserved.



dear adrian congratulations on this award and love to your family as for killer shoes what a fantastic brother you are xxx

WELL DONE ADRIAN. Fantastic news and very well deserved. Throughout your blog your talent for writing shines through brilliantly. CONGRATULATIONS
Best Wishes
Nikki ;)

Hi Adrian,
I found your blog site through my CML online support group. I was diagnosed with CML in October 2007 and have been on Gleevec since February 2008. My PCR-ABL is now 0. I was so exhausted, couldn't catch my breath and the depression was so wicked I, too, at times, stopped taking my medication. Suicide was never far from my conscious thoughts. I just finished my 3rd week of being depression-free since at least last November. I am not so afraid to die now. Over the last year, I helped care for my dad who died of pancreatic cancer in November. We never told him about my diagnosis but somehow I think he knew. I stopped living for at least 4 months. Now, I am participating in life again and feel almost "normal." Yes, I'm tired. Yes, the Gleevec makes me sick, but I am fighting onward. I am 49 years old and live in Ohio, USA. Your blog has been a fountain of information and helped me realize my sorrow, grief and pain at losing my past "life" is shared. Thank you for that gift. I am going to encourage every one I know to become donors. I, too, hope to aspire to "something" that has an impact even on just one person's life. I don't want my life to be for naught. Thank you, Adrian. I wish you the best.

Love and peace,

Wow, another award! Well deserved Adrian, many congratulations.
I enjoyed reading your Dad's awards ceremony report! :-)

Congrats to your sis Carrie on her engagement too. It's great that you got to spend some quality time together and enjoy each other's company, it's so important, and you're right - memories never fade.

Hope you're not in too much pain. Thinking of you loads.
Love and best wishes,

Catherine x

Dear Adrian,
Many congratulations on your very well deserved award and congratulations to your sister Carrie. You continue to do such an amazing job, you are truly an amazing young man.
With best wishes,

Hi Adie,
I don't know how much you will remember me but I'm Rachel (Strivens) friend Sarah from Preston and I have met you a few times over the years up in Liverpool and at Rachel's birthday bashes.

I just wanted to say how amazingly brave you are and what amazing work you are doing even now to raise awareness when so many people would just go home and give up.
I couldn't believe it when only a few days after Rach told me your prognosis I was seeing you on BBC breakfast and becoming quite the celebrity meeting Gordon Brown!!

Your family and your sister will have that amazing legacy to hold on to and I know that all your friends are so proud to know you.

I have seen some photos on facebook of your party and you all look so happy and in Rach's case drunk!! Ha ha!

I just thought I should write to say that you have really moved me and made me more aware of the bone marrow register and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Best wishes to you and your family -
Love from Sarah Boyd.
P.S - If your sister has killer heels she's a woman prepared for anything! ;-)

The tears sting my eyes as I remember how I watched my brother only 3 short years ago bravely fight this terrible disease. He was an educator and an inspiration to many and I am proud to be able to say that he was my brother. Find comfort Adrian that your sister Carrie will always treasure your memory and will be able to find great pride and joy in saying that she was loved by you and that Adrian Sudbury, an inspiration to so many, was her brother. So many who live long lives never enjoy such a strong and wonderful love as you and Carrie have shared and she will always treasure that. You will always be with her. With greatest admiration Christine

I hope you're too busy to write anything today, rather than feeling too awful. I can't help feeling that it would be really great to be in a position to donate and then you would have pointed at least one person in the right direction. However I have suggested to my kids (most of them older than you) that we should help as much as we can and do as much as we can to help. I keep telling everyone I know about you and this blog and I think a lot of them are looking and signing the petition.

Tell your Mum that I know how it feels not to be able to 'kiss it better' and my thoughts are with her and with you all. Chin up and may your fight keep you strong.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Carrie and Ian on their engagement and too you for the award. Sounds like a fantastic day with your sister, not to mention the killer shoes!! You have a huge amount of love and support from close friends and family, and they will be there for each other, and the great memories you are making will bring a smile to peoples faces. I know I have said this before but you are a one in a million Adrian!

PS loved your Dad's report.!

Hope you're feeling better after the transfusion Adrian - nobody can know how it is for you; but I ca understand to a point as I have Chronic Lymphoyctic Leukaemia. Keep fighting mate - we're all behind you ans you're in our thoughts.
Take care

Adrian, This is the first time I've commented but I have been following your blog and tv appearances with great interest. It keeps being said but you truly are a very special young man and deserve all awards given to you and many more besides!
Well done for having the courage to use your time left to further the cause. I'm too old to register as a donor but would if I could (59 is ancient apparently, lol). I am shouting the message to other people who are eligible to register though.
Congratulations to your sister, Carrie.Your family and her fiance will surround her with love and help her through this unhappy time and the good memories will stay with them all forever.
I've cried while writing this, mainly with frustration, because the world is losing suh a special, caring and committed young man.
Hugs and everything else, Chris.M

Adrian, what a beautiful photo of you and your sister. I'm glad you had a brilliant day together to celebrate her birthday. My dad is just waiting for results from an endoscopy he had yesterday. A growth was found which may or may not be cancer. To see him and mum coming out of the hospital looking dazed was really difficult. Hopefully everything will be ok but I wrote my fathers day card today and the thought flitted across my mind, would I be writing one next year. What a shitty disease cancer is. I am so sad that your family will have to lose you. You are an amazing person and like so many others have written, I think about you every day and pray that you continue to enjoy more wonderful days with the people you love.

Love and respect,


I've been following your blog for a wee while. I just wanted to say that your courage is admirable in what must effectively be a nightmare for yourself, your family & friends who so dearly love you. I will be very sad when you lose your fight, but your memories with this blog will live on and on. You have also challenged people to speak more about such a taboo subject - cancer and death.

Hi Adie

I have been following your blog ever for quite some time now, ever since a mutual friend of ours (Danny Holland) broke the sad news about your illness some 18 months ago.

Although I haven't seen you for many years now we did spend quite a number childhood days hanging around the Moakes household in South Normanton, (me being a neighbour of theirs), as well as sharing the pleasure of attending Freddy Gents, although you were a couple of year groups ahead of me.

I find it difficult to muster any original words for you mate as everything that could be said about you and your journey and the way you have faced it have already been used. You are truly an inspirational person and a flag bearer for all sufferers of this terrible disease worldwide and even now you continue to hold your head high and back up every word you utter with that cracking sense of humour.

Few people in this world are presented with a situation in life to touch the hearts of many and to leave a legacy that will long outlive us all, but in the face of adversity you have managed to do this effortlessly Adie.

The media coverage you have drummed up recently to help spread awareness about this matter is unbelievable! When you stated 'Blaze of Glory', you damn well meant it!

Congrats on all the awards, you thoroughly deserve them!

I hope you are able to spend your last weeks enjoying yourself as much as possible, surrounded by the people who matter, who are undoubtedly so proud of what an amazing fella you are.

I pray you keep your chin up, keep smiling and continue refusing to take a step back.
I look forward to any future posts.
You are a real life hero my friend.


Congratulations to you on your award, and to your sister on her engagement. You amaze me every day with your bravery and amazing attitude, for this you will be remembered by all who read your blogs.

good wishes always

Lesley x

Congratulations on the award and congrats to your sister as well, at least its maybe a little easier in the sense of knowing she has a special person in her life to look after her.
Enjoying following your blog as we have done for some time now, Katherine and Dave Gibson

Hi. I've not had time to read this blog but i've followed you on tv and think you are a star. There is a little Cafe in Wentworth that has a supply of Books for it's customers to read and one is by a man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and cured himself through the power of the mind. You may not be interested and think it is false hope and if so I apologise but I felt compelled to tell you. Whatever happens I wish you all the best and think you are a brave and fantastic person.

Deborah Bates.

Hi Adrian
I have been following your blog for a while. I work as a photographer at the Chester Chronicle and was in London on Friday as one of those shortlisted in the same category as you. I was thrilled you scooped another award for your blog. I had been looking forward to meeting you and was sorry you weren't there. Your mum and dad did a grand job picking up the award on your behalf. Just wanted to let you know that you are often in my thoughts

Tony Clixby

Hi Adrian,
I've been reading your blog for months but this entry touched me more then any other. My twin brother had a bone marrow transplant on the 17th of May, unfortunately he's had loads of complications including graft versus host and veno-occlusive disease. The situations touch and go at the moment but its nice to know that there's someone out there who understands!! U have an amazing attitude. Congratulations on the award!

Congratulations on your latest award, Aidy

I recently read about you in the Sheffield Star and have just been sat reading an updated story today about the fact that your fight is starting to get that bit harder. I'll continue to read your blog and follow your progress.

I remember reading another journalist's blog who used to work for the BBC (Ivan Noble who had a brain tumour) and it was inspirational reading the ups and downs.

Congratulations on achieving this latest award which must be truly wonderful for you and also the news about your sister Carrie - events which although tinged with sadness must surely make your day brighter - love the photo of the two of you.

Keep up the blog, I'll keep reading and you'll be in my thoughts.

Alison x

just want to say how brave you are. Your inner strengh is obviously keeping you going and that is so humbling to see, keep it up! Dont give up fighting!

Everytime I read your blogs I get a knot in my stomach and desperately try not to start crying, dont stop being incredible!!

Always is my thoughts and prayers.

Hi-I just want to say how amazing I think you are and having lost my brother to leukaemia, I want to thank you for raising the awareness of the bone marrow register-I never thought anyone in my family would need it-but- and God forbid we were to again, I am sure it will be in a much better position thanks to you-so well done!

My big reason for writing is to tell you that after my brother was given the nightmare news that you were recently given-people kindly suggestd lots of things-apricot kernels-high dose vitamin c etc-BUT the 1 thing that had an instant and amazing positive impact was hypnotherapy-we are convinced that John extended his life by 3 times what was told to him by hypnotherapy-I am not exaggerating at all-he was so low on Thurs we thought we were going to lose him-thurs pm he had hypnotherapy and on Sunday he was walking aroung IKEA!! PLEASE have someone look into it for you-it really has to worth a go but make sure it is someone reputable.

Maybe you have tried so apologies for harping on about something you have tried. My brother had a BMT and we thought we were on the homeward run! Bastard leukaemia!!

Please NEVER give up! I wish you to be as well as possible for as long as possible and I send my best wishes to your family. I have circulated about your petition and good luck with that.

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