It's the hat-trick!



Baldy's Blog has won another award. Last night I was named feature writer of the year at the Yorkshire Press Awards.

It was a brilliant night and the Huddersfield Examiner also scooped the top award for headline of the year.

It was great going out with my work friends again. Needless to say plenty of alcohol was consumed.

Here are some more pictures from the night.

Meet the team:

Examiner team's double success

From left, health reporter Anne-Marie Bradley, sub-editor Jane Yelland, video journalist/reporter Gemma Castle, reporter Hazel Ettienne, deputy editor Mike o'connell, fat head, sub-editor and columnist John Avison, reporters Katie Campling and Emma Davison.


Thanks to Bradders and husband Nigel for letting me stay at their place after the awards.


John Avison is an excellent columnist who was short-listed for an award this year. His work picked up a prize a couple of years ago. If you have not read his stuff already you can now see it online at


Gemma Castle in the middle here is the person who has been making and editing the videos for Baldy's Blog.


Victory for the mighty Huddersfield Examiner!


And what a headline it was....

Well done, Sudbury - you are a superstar! Love

Aha - now I see why no reply to my text - you're perhaps a little jaded from last night?! Congratulations AGAIN - you're going to have to get a bigger mantlepiece soon... Lots of love to you and Pops, speak soon. Hxx

Congratulations Ad on winning yet another award!

Love Tom

By the way, you still look beauts in a dinner jacket!

What can we say but bl...y marvellous
big granma and I celebrated over a cup of tea this afternoon lots of love to you and Poppy
from Uncle Brian and Aunty Lucy xxxxx

Hey there Adrian

Congrats on yet another award! Wow. This is great - seems to me that you were destined to do something in the literary field. Just a pity it was this!

I am holding thumbs that your treatment works and that early December will bring you good news rather than the 'crunch time' you kinda/sorta expect.

There is no way to stop worrying about what will be and its pointless trying to tell you to, so I will just wish that everything works the way it should and the days pass quickly till you can breathe easily again.

I am SO hoping it's all good....

love and light
Steven's mom

Hi Adrian,

Well well, the awards just keep coming!You look so happy and having fun which is great.
I note that Nott Forest beat our Crewe Alex yesterday. We thought about coming to watch but decided not to - just as well really!!
Still, better match than mighty England.

Take Care as always and love to all.


PS Good Luck with your treatment and that bone marrow test yields good news for Christmas.

Hi Liz,

I was actually at the match! Forest played well, could have scored more but lacked that final killer touch. Your keeper was outstanding - get him in the England team.

Thanks again,


Agh Sudders you have selected evil photos of some of us! It was a great night though - so impressed that you won.x

Hey Adrian what's this more fame and fortune, more night's out on the booze and more awards, it's no wonder you've got a fat head! Well done mate and I have to say it takes me back to when I won the North West and North Wales sports award in the 80s. It didn't particulary bother me at first, then someone mentioned it meant a night out on the pop and 80 quid prize money so I had a quick change of heart. I also see your lot won best headline, you'll have to let me know what it was and I'll tell you when I last used it!! Bet it wasn't the one that sneeked past the night editor when I was on the Daily Telegraph in Manchester about an Oriental gentleman who was thrown out of a car in a city centre crash which went Yung Sung flung! I also believe you went to a Forest match and I know somebody has to but its getting desperate as a footie fan - I'll let you know when I've got a spare ticket to see the champions and you can join the long queue coming in from Yorkshire! Anyway good luck for the coming weeks and look after those nurses, if they're anything like mine they're angels. Cheers, Julian

Congratulations on your most recent awards. Hopefuuly meet up soon. Mark

Suggest recaptioning bottom photograph

'Viceroy for the mighty Huddersfield Examiner!'



There are no words, I lost my son last August to Leukemia. My heart surely goes out to you! I just wanted to say God Be with you! Never give up, never give in, there's always hope no matter what happens..... I'm sorry this isn't about me, or my son, its about you, and I hope you have a tremendous amount of family support and Love as it seems you have plenty of other people out there. I wish I had something magnanimous to say, but like I said "There are no words" to describe any of it........Bless you child, Mrs. Starkings

I just viewed a tiny bit of your video and story on an MSN webpage for the first time. I volunteer for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, which raises money for advocacy, research, service and education. I am always looking for ways to inspire those around me to take action and get involved with the fight against cancer. Your blog is certainly inspirational and I will recommend that everyone I know visit it to hear and see your story.

Your warmth and positive attitude will live on, long after the cancer has taken you from us.

Bless you and your family.

I was reading news articles on the internet this morning, and there you were. I listened to this story of the depth of strength a human being can endure when the odds are all against you. I am 28 years old from the U.S. I have never experienced anything near the extent of facing end of life issues, and at such a young age. I do know that I have had such difficulty understanding what GOD's purpose for me is. I have been seperated thousands of miles from the only support I have in this world, and I am fighting for custody of my child, doing so alone. No words of encouragment or self accomplishment could begin to lift the heavy sadness that weighs me down. When God's choice is not what we want or can begin to understand, we have a choice to fall apart or lie down and fall apart. I've been holding on to a thin rope, just barely hanging on. I see that God has made his plans for you. And even when he has seemed to forgotten you, you have stood strong and carried on with hope, and faith to guide your days. You seem to have a peace within you that rarely any human being could ever obtain, or even have sence of. Today you have opened my heart to belive that even though our purpose is not what we had in mind, it is important to live each day we are given to the fullest possibilities of life. You also bring hope to all that with life we can choose to truly live no matter what the opstacle's we will face. I have let myself fall apart, but for today I want to tell you that you have given me hope to pick myself back up no matter how bad I hurt inside.

Hey Adiran, I am writing from Gibraltar. Since I saw you on TV you have me hooked!! I read you when I can and I feel I know you and that we are friends!

My daughter and I mention you in her prayers every single night!

I am a radio presenter on Radio Gibraltar, you can hear me between 10am and 1pm your time. Thats when I do my little "number" hahaha. Tomorrow I will let the people of Gibraltar know, if they don't already, what a truely wonderful and inspiring man you are and how they have to all become your fans!!

In the meantime I will delve into bone marrow donation here and see if we can get some sort of campaign going!

Hasta pronto, see you soon and love, hugs kisses and admiration from me and my family!

Mich xx (Am known as the Oruge on radio (long story)) ! ;-)

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