Back our campaign


All I am trying to achieve is the following:

A 40 minute talk to all second year sixth form students about why it is important to think about donating blood, bone marrow and organs.

If you think this is a good idea please click here to sign a Downing Street Petition which is available to be signed by all UK residents.

I think a healthy discussion about all these issues, where our young adults are given all the facts and are able to engage in a debate, will be of benefit to many.

I don't believe anyone should be forced to do anything they feel uncomfortable with.

But it's only right that people should be able to make an informed choice either way.

At the moment there is too much misconception surrounding these procedures. There is also an urgent need for blood, bone marrow and organ donors to come forward.

If people donate blood, or join a bone marrow register in their teens, then they will often continue to give blood and they will be on the register for a long time.

These databases are expensive to maintain so it's important that as many young and committed people are involved.

Imagine if these talks do go ahead and maybe only 10% of all the students decide to sign up to either the Blood Service or the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register. (Remember, they work together so you only need to be on one).

That's an incredible amount of young people coming onto the register every year. The same would apply to blood donation too.

Now the plan is to try and get as many people to back our campaign as possible.

After the recess the Huddersfield MPs will return to Parliament and raise the issue again.

This will be in the form of tabling a motion or highlighting it with a Prime Minister's Question.

Thank you for your help.

I'd just like to add that all the comments have been superb. For those who have just discovered the blog it has turned into quite a tale hasn't it?

For those who have been with me since the beginning - Liz, Annie, Claire, Dawn, and all the rest, what a carry on!

Best wishes to you all x


To Adrian,
Please remember there is healing and power in the name of Jesus.
If you haven't, asking him into your heart and life will change everything.
It's a night and day difference.

Yes... it's certainly quite a tale!?

I appear to be too old to register, but I PROMISE you that I will take up blood donation again.

Plus of course I have signed the petition already.

I'm an ex-blogger, but if anyone happens upon my old blog, they will be told to visit yours instead.

What you are doing is amazing Adrian.

What a dude!!!? :O)


Hi Adrian, saw you for the first time on BBC this week. Since then I've been catching up on your blog. My sixteen year old will be going into sixth form in September and he says he wants to bring up the donation debate in citizenship. As a mother of a beautiful healthy boy I can't imagine what your parents must be going through, however I think they will be eternally proud of your dignity, fight, ambition, humour and obvious care you show for your fellow human beings. Wishing you love light and peace. Lesley

Hi Adrian
I've signed the petition and also written to my MP, Hazel Blears and asked her to back the campaign. I am also a Board Member of the Children's Trust in the area where I work and I will raise it there to see if it would be possible to start taking some small steps in the right direction.
You continue to be an inspiration. Hope you are feeling OK and getting some time to relax over the Banl Holiday weekend.
Take care

Great idea about the petition. I have signed it and forwarded the link to everyone I know. I will also put the link on my CML blog.

Adrian, as we say in the Jewish religion - A good name is what one aspires to leave behind......

Whatever happens you will be leaving a 'good name',

take care


Good luck with the petition- I'd sign it, but I don't think that a Canadian signature would mean much.

I hope you get a bit of a chance to relax this week- you've been busy!

Take care.

You made me laugh out loud... just read your introduction, got to the last bit about *loathing blogs and people writing about their cats etc.*
Life is brutal... I still go around thinking I am hip, cool and young. When did I become a 41 year old blogger, posting pictures of her cats, chickens and even boots?! Still grinning, at my own expense. A childhood disease makes me an unlikely donor, but I have heard from others who read my blog and were very touched by your story, so I hope I have managed to help a bit.
Love your vision of educated youth making informed decisions... it would make a world of difference.

Adrian - as a fellow CMLer (and journalist!) I know how important this is. Please count on me to help raise awareness - if there is anything more I can do to help please email me.

Keep strong

What to even say, although I don't know you I do know somewhat how it feels...Wouldn't ignorance be bliss? To be able to go to the doctor and be the coutry bumpkin who doesn't have to understand what all the medical jargon means, not be able to read a CBC (complete blood count)...
A HUGE Congratulations on your recent victory against yourself. Your life means alot to me. I am 29 and have a "mystery combo" of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sicca syndrome, SLE (Lupus) and FMA....BUT No MATTER how sick I may get, THIS will NOT kill me, just my spirit if I let it. It's hard to type i'm crying so hard, I am so sorry about Poppy, SO many just can't take it, see the weakness and not the strength, just don't see the weakness is in them not us. Continue to fight, even without the drugs, this is your battle show this stupid disease, cowardly ailment WE ARE STRONG!!!! Our SPIRITS are the last strong hold, it may defeat the body, but let your beautiful spirit fight! Enjoy life and every blessing you are given! If a enormous white blood cell count bone marrow transfusion might help you my current count is 24,800....If it would make it to UK or you could come to USA CONTACT ME!!!!!! I have one other time given a transfusion of blood to a friend undergoing chemo.. it helped her.
I LOVE who you are. Your strength enpowers me. I promise if you hang in there I will too. If you can't I would understand and cry for the world's loss... and wish you a beautiful trip.
With Respect, Stacy

Good Morning Adrian,
It's 6am in Phoenix, Arizona and I haven't been able to sleep well since I watch your video on MSNBC two days ago. I lost my mom to cancer two years ago, and I started to think about stuff that she went through in the hospital and with all her treatments and I remembered when they gave her Platelets. She said how good she felt afterwards, it made a big difference. A platelet donor helped my mom feel better, what a gift.
On Tuesday I will sign up to become donors, for blood, platelets and if possible bone marrow.
I will continue to pray for you and your family and friends.

Adrian, you've already beat the disease, you've won. Just read the comments from your blog, all the people you've touched and who will now become donnors because of you.

Figures that I live in the US so my signature won't mean anything in this situation....but for support, here it is now: Merideth Piggott-Tooke. There you have it, so hopefully even though it isn't on the literal petition, you will realize you are supported. I am working on educating people here in the US. I have already told a number of friends and family about your blog so that they can go see for themselves how simple it is....hopefully they will pass it on to their friends and families and the chain will continue. I know that its still only a small gesture, but I guess thats how it starts. I look forward to hearing more about the progression of your mission. HUGS ♥

Dear Adrian,

Earlier on i said i was going to send an e-mail to all my friends, colleagues, familly and also to all the students and staff at my university, and now just a quick post to say i have done it, and hopefully everyone who gets the e-mail will sign the petition and share it with others =)

Lots of love & Hugs


P.S- Ur the BEST xxx

I'm wishing you strength for all of the good you are doing right now. I would really like to see all you are pushing for, happen.

GO Adrian!

I'm wishing you much health, peace and happiness.


You have made me get off my lazy back side and do something to help your cause.

I have contacted my sons school and will hopefully have a talk sorted for the upper sixth form in September. It can't be done this school year because they are all on exam leave.

I have also had someone make me a banner for a website I belong to, the banner is now linked to all my posts to get people to sign the petition.

I can't now be a blood or bone marrow donor although I was signed up to both many years ago.

I have spoken to my 20 yr old son about signing up and to my 17 yr old.

You are a total inspiration to all of us and my thoughts are with you.


ps is Victoria Derbyshire as nice as she sounds?

I have followed your blog since your article in the Daily Mail at the end of April, and I really hoped for a happy ending, I will repeat, I'm afraid what so many other people have said, you truly are an inspirational young man. (with gorgeous eyes). Cancer has touched my life too, with my mum being diagnosed in 2005, thankfully after treatment (chemo and radiotherapy) she is still with, but we treat each day as it comes, her prognosis was 10% over the next 5 years, so she's doing ok!. I just want to say as much as your blog as made me cry, it's also made made me laugh just as much. You are a fantastic journalist, and you're campaign is going to be huge - what about the "Sudders
Bone Marrow Campaign"?. I'm thinking of getting tested, I'm afraid that I too was very ignorant over bone marrow donation, I really though it involved a big needle going into your thigh, and the marrow being sucked out, and I do consider myself quite and educated person, obvoiusly not now!!

Take care

Debs XX

Hi Adrian,

I echo everything everyone else has said.
Your courage and determination are truly inspriational.

Diane x

PS If you get chance, drop me an email - I have a few contacts who may be able to help the cause further.

Hi Adrian...
Well done for remaining so positive....and thinking about others. You are a credit to your generation. If just one life can be saved by your campaign, then you will have given the most precious gift.
My son died at the age of 18 from Leukaemia..after being in remission for 6 months...and he always found something to smile about even through the worse times.

Take care
Sue x

Hi Adrian,

I saw an article about you in the daily Mirror recently and it has struck a chord in me. Cancer is a well known foe in my family. I have signed the petition and will start donating blood again.

Hugs and kisses


Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to say well done. You said that you always dreamed of working for a national paper - well, I just followed up your story through the Guardian website.
This national newspaper has run your blog because it's uo there with the best writing any journo has to offer - so in my eyes, you made your dream a reality.

Susie x

All the very best

Good Morning, Adrian

I`ve not switched on to the blog for a couple of days and though I`d have a look this morning - what a lot of activity. Like you say - what a carry on!

Hope you`re feeling ok and this hasn`t taken too much out of you but you obviously feel inspired to spread this message which is really good stuff - well done you.

But have a relaxing Bank holiday (that`s what they`re for) and enjoy some private time with friends and family.
And another thing - get another hat! (or do you have a job lot all the same colour??)

Best Wishes as always to you and your family


Hi there!

Just reading your blog and think you're really brave. My mum is going through chemo at the moment and waiting for a 2nd BMT.
Just signed that very worthwhile petition and will pass it on.

Best wishes.

I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I just can't stop myself checking it every day to see how you're getting on.

Brilliant just isn't enough to sum you up!

Have forwarded your petition to everyone i can think of, i hope it helps.

Take care,
Shona xx

I heard about your blog on the BBC last week.

You are an amazig individual. You have been incredibly unlucky but from reading your blog it is clear that you have remained remarkably positive throughout. I'm sure that your hard work and positive attitude will mean that something positive will come from your misfortune.

Best wishes and God bless.

Hi Adrian,
I've signed the petition and put 'advertised' it on my blog.
Best wishes,

adrian you rock - i watched you on bbc breakfast, read your blog and have been thinking about you all weekend. you have the ability to connect with people and make them listen which is clearly everything to do with who you are as a person and much much less to do with your disease. you're an incredibly impressive guy. i am exactly the same age as you and found your interview on that programme more inspiring and more relatable than pretty much anything else i can think of over the past few years. and i found myself thinking yeah! i so want to be that guy's friend! bit lame. but honest! really - you rock. so...thank you.

Dear Adrian,

I have been following your wonderful blog as my husband, Graham has been undergoing treatment for the last 13 months for AML.

I am so sad that you have decided to stop all treatment and so proud of the efforts you are making to raise the awarness of being on the Marrow Donor Registries. Graham couldn't find a donor out of the 11,000,000 potential donors around the world and our Doctors in Australia didn't have any more options for him when he relapsed in Jan of this year.

I had been researching options and saw that they were haveing fantastic results in the USA with Double Umbilical Cord Blood Transplants and in particular a new technique at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Centre in Seattle was having 90% success rates. I enquired about how we could get treatment there and they told us we would need to give them the total cost of treatment up front ($419,000 USD). We discounted this option as we thought we could never raise that much money but my brother Damian said we had to try. So he started an email campaign that raised around $30,000 in a week and then the story was picked up by media outlets in Australia and the UK (Graham is from Bedford) and we have now raised over $200,000. We re-mortaged the house and borrowed money to get the rest to start the treatment and we are now in Seattle.

Why I am telling you our story is that I think you shouldn't give up. We met a 23 year old girl, Anna last week who has the same type of AML as Graham, t(6;9) with flt3+ and she is recovering from her 2nd transplant as she relapsed from the 1st one. This is a very rare recurring subtype of AML representing only 1% of all adult AML's diagnosed every year. It is in the poor prognosis group with a median survival time of 7 months. She is looking really good and I know you can do it too.

You have so much energy and you have so much support, I am sure you could get the money to come here to Seattle. They are amazing here and have so many new types of treatments available in the form of clinical trials as they are a major research centre. I have worked in both the Australian and UK Hospital systems (NHS & Private) and the standard here just blows me away. Please at least get in touch with them through their International Department to see what they can offer you.

I just know you aren't meant to die like this. If you want to call me you can on + 1 206 617 203.

Much love,


Hi Adrian,

My name is Paul, im 42 and live in Swindon, i have Acute Myloid Leukaemia, in my 2nd stage of chemo.
I saw you on the BBC breakfast show and have read your blog's.
I'd just like to say how brave you are and what a brilliant thing your doing to highlight the need for more bone marrow donors, my brother has just had the tests for blood/tissue match to see if he would be a donor for me.
I was shocked to hear that there is only a 25% chance of him being a match which highlights the need for more bone marrow donors.
I hope you enjoy your time with your family and the end is a peacefull one.
All the best Adrian.

Dear Adrian,
I underwent an autologous bone marrow transplant for an AML2 in Lisbon in '92, because my sister wasn't compatible, and Portugal's donor database was in its infancy. Hopefully, your appeal will increase the worldwide donor network by educating people on how painless and uncomplicated it is to become a donor. What you're doing in this stage of your life is truly remarkable - a rare few of us have it in us to take it that one step further and make a significant difference in this world. You've made your personal battle a collective one, which puts your cause right up there with Jane Tomlinson's and a couple of other selfless heros/heroines who've made it their mission to leave humanity a positive legacy before they bow out gracefully...
I, as I'm sure countless other cancer patients, relatives, friends and non-cancer sufferers, salute your courage and pray for your success. I will forward your blog to everyone I know, as proof of how one person really can make a difference!

FORÇA, Adrian!


Thank you for sharing your story with me and all the other people who have read your blog. I understand your choice not to have more treatment and I hope you enjoy the time you have left. May your passing be peaceful.

Many thanks, God bless



although my beautiful wife suffered through similar circumstances to you I can't image what you are going through. We must all face our own mortality at some time. And I'm proud to have been married to a woman who bore it with the same dignity as you.

It is so hard to be left behind, and I wish there was an answer to why we suffer so much. But I'm afraid that there isn't...

So All I can say is that your campaign is a fitting tribute to you and all that have suffered from this evil affliction. You will save the lives of countless people.

If there is a god then I wish you all the best.

Your friend



You are the most beautiful person I have ever known. Not because of this disease thin, no, because of the hope and strngth you give us in this cruel world. Where no one is thinking about the sick and no one likes to put himself in the sick's place even for one minute, you made me feell like you, I breath every moment of you and believe me, I'll be donr what ever it takes. No matter, all my life I was thinking of being a nurse to be a help to people but I couldn't. The reason is simple, I am Iranian and in my country being a nurse is not that privileged and my family didn't let me to be one. No that I live in Australia I am ready to do anything to be a help to the sick and old. I wish I can fly to UK during next week to be your donor, I'm trying for tickets now. Donating this time is not the only important move you made in my life, you moved me for all the rest of my life.
God bless you and your dear family. I pray for you night and day and I can't stop reading your sentences.
Take care and go strong.

I am an American in Uganda and I just saw your story on AlJezeera (sp?). I am so incredibly impressed with your strength and courage and the work you are doing in these final days. I plan to become a bone marrow donor as soon as I return home to Seattle.

I will be thinking of you and sending you and your family peaceful thoughts. I hope you are surrounded by love for every minute. Bless you - thoughts are with you around the world - Sonya

Lots of love Adrian, you are wonderful, we need a miracle for you,

you are,

A Miracle

Love from New Zealand

we will look for the register for donors here.


I decided last night watching you on television to become a donor. Nobody had ever explained how it worked. We have these images in our minds of horrific procedures. You explained it and made it so easy. I'll contact my doctor today and do it. I'll spread the word here in Durban and hopefully get others to do the same. You are a wonderful inspiration.

Hi Adrian,
I am reihoon. I am an iranian girl. I read about your blog in a famous iranian blog. I think you are a victor so continue to battle. I will vote for you in my prayers. the god loves victors.

Hello darling,

Hope you're feeling slightly better and getting rid of your cold. As Suse said we'd be sriously pissed off with you if that's what gets you!

So after i spoke to you on Saturday i thought i'd fill you in with what was actually consumed after:

Between Suse and I we had four coronas and two botlles of wine. We then headed back to the alcohol palace (my flat) and with Shelly and Lauren polished off three more bottles of wine. We met Jules and drank probably two more bottles of wine while out (oh and a shot each)and then wkd's in batchwood.

You may be in awe of our drinking ability but we are more in awe with you - especially racing around London with three pints of blood missing! That's not the sort of pints we do :-)

I'll be looking on NBC tonight, not sure if we can get Al-jazeera here!


Good Luck Adrian

Hi Adrian

Between them, people have already summed up how I feel on this.

I heard your interview with Victoria Derbyshire the other day on BBC Radio 5 Live (where I happen to work as a producer on the Drive programme). It really was the best bit of radio I've heard in a long time - how you remain so positive is an inspiration to everybody.

Leaving aside the cancer for one moment - and how we all wish it could be swept aside for good - you mentioned how you wanted to be a health reporter on one of the nationals. Well consider it done, fella. You've achieved more in the last few months than most of us will achieve in 30 years.

How many hacks actually manage to really benefit society through their work? Not many. Your work has connected with millions of people, and even more importantly has inspired thousands to consider joining the register.

Just wanted to say well done mate - you're already making a huge difference and the benefits of that work will be obvious in the generations which follow.

Keep your chin up, and wishing you and all your family and friends all the very best.


I'm just watching you on Al Jazeera English at the moment with Riz Khan.
Despite the fact that I don't live in UK, I think this is such an important thing to do- awareness is so crucial! Thank you for doing this, you have immense strength and courage for using this as a vehicle to educate people and to spread awareness.

My best friend (who was, ironically enough, English) died last year due to leukaemia. She was just a month shy of her 20th birthday. Thank you so very much for your efforts. If it can help just one person, I think you have taken the first step in changing this world for the better.

May the force be with you,
Good health and best wishes,

Hi Adrian!
I'm a Nairobi, Kenya resident and practicing Architecture locally.

I watched and was touched by your captivating interview in yesterday's Riz Khan Show in Al-Jazeera.

Cancer is curable including Leukemia.

Log into:

HDr. Mwongo is curing(NOT MANAGING) all the above by use of Neem based herbal treatment.

Why don't you try him?

God bless!

Hi Adrian

You are doing such amazing work and the coverage you have managed to achieve for the Anthony Nolan Trust and Blood Transfusion Service is fantastic.

If you are a teacher and you are aleady interested for someone to come in and give a talk at your school about about bone marrow donation, you do not need to wait until the motion has been passed in Parliament.

Contact your local Donor Recruitment manager at the Anthony Nolan Trust and we will gladly come and give a talk with the possibility of holding a donor recruitment session afterwards.

For those of you in the South East of England area you can contact me on

I look forward to being part of Adrian's vision and making it a reality.


Hello AD,

I was very shocked to see your picture appear on my morning paper last week and it prompted me to sign your petition and contact you. Even if they did call you Alan it was easy to find you.

I think that what you are doing is very important. I didnt really know about donating blood until uni - and i only did it then as a test to see if the effects of alcohol were stronger after donating. For me of course it was only a few sips as opposed to half a pint! But i have been donating blood on and off since then. So if people were aware at a younger age i think they would have more donors.

I havent been in touch since uni and was very upset to hear what you have been through. Its like you said, quite a tale indeed.
It was a great privelege to know you at university and its not surprising to hear how much you are helping other people with your petition and your blog.

Lots of love

Hi Adrian, dedictaing time to fight such a worthy campaign in your circumstances is simply amazing. The myths that surround bone marrow transplant must be changed. I lost my angel daughter "Mollie" in May last year aged 11. She had ALL, the most common and thankfully most curable form of childhood leukaemia. Globally we could only find a 9 out of 10 match for her. I wonder every day what might have been, if we had found a perfect 10!
We need more doners! You have inspired me to try and run a clinic in Canary Wharf (Home of Trinity Mirror Group - I work for the Daily Mirror)to recruit new doners. Keep up the fight. Mark Rolfe

Hi Hun

I signed the petition today.

Have just checked out the criteria on the ANT website and see that I may not be able to join the register as I slipped by L5 disc in 2000. I don't have lasting problems from it so will discuss when I give blood on 6 June.

Am going to mention going on the donor list to everyone I meet from now on. I have some emotional reasons for persuading people to give blood/register on the bone marrow list as my Dad is still in hospital following multi organ failure. Hey, if something good comes of it then that would be great.

Take care and keep up the good work. Enjoy the kebabs

Jane :-)

Hi Adrian

This evening I thought about the petition and how , having seen some other comments about approaches to local MP's in order to back this up ,a suggested template for a letter to MP's may be useful . This is not to suggest that people cannot put their own argument clearly , however it does allow for all valid points to be covered and it has proved to be useful to other organisations in the past .

It is too much to put on anyones shoulders to keep brave or strong , but know this, you tried to do something and I for one will try my damn hardest to help it happen .

Respect Dan

I'm an Amercian in Seattle and one day, I stumbled across your blog. What an impact, so much so, that you are hugely popular in our entire office. We are donors because of you. You are a positive influence to many thousands of people worldwide. I hope you give it one more "go" to get well.Very few people make an impact as you have done and to lose you would be a tragedy. Thank you for being who you are and what you have done, the world is a better place because of you.

I would really like to thank you for your blog. My grandfather just lost his battle with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and I am running a marathon in San Diego with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in his memory. I started training in February when my grandfather was starting to lose his battle. It is hard to have my season come to a close and not have him be fact it has made things a lot tougher from training to fundraising. I find it so inspiring that even with such a dark prognosis you find motivation to make a difference. It is truly inspiring. You are absolutely amazing. Thanks for everything.

never stop fighting, never give up nor give in, and you will inspire many to do the same. good luck Peter

u have made me strong...strange..thanks...u will survive... I am sure. I am from Romania. In the past a journalist as well. u are amazing

Hi Adrian,
I've written before but find myself constantly thinking of you and this blog - and I've never blogged or been part of one before. Just hoping you are surrounded by love and friendship. Wishing I could sign your petition except for that pesky rule prohibiting Americans. You are quite funny - I swear it is not a myth - all you Brits are - I love it - but you stand out as a great writer with heart and humor. Even reading your simple sentences makes me realize the sorry state of my own creativity. Wishing I could come to the UK and meet you & have a beer and listen to stories with your wonderful way with words. I must be crazy - writing this to a stranger but you must realize by now how everyone who reads this I'm sure feels the same. Best to you - keep this thing up, it's fantastic.

Hey there again - I just finished writing but I forgot to say your meeting with PM Brown was legendary! Congrats to going so far!

Hey Adrian,

You know, its amazing how long your blog has been been running and yet there are still many new people such as myself who have only just discovered it.
I have laughed, cried, cringed, whinced and God knows what else whilst reading it that I'm both overwhelmed and exhausted!!
More importantly though, I feel that I have to seriously consider donating again....I got put off years ago when some half wit nurse missed me vein about 10 times and made my arm bruise like a slapped ar*e but I can honestly say that is a pitiful excuse not to go back as it really does not hurt at all....and when one of course compares it to other medical treatments, not least some of those described in your extensive blog, then I really have to take some action here and think about extending donation to include my bone marrow.

I like to think that as a world population, most of us actually do care....a lot.

Peace, love and respect to you, your family and friends.

God bless.

Dear Adrian,
Wow! You have certainly found a purpose! I am in awe of your undertaking of this donor drive/campaign. Thanks for your efforts and your dedication.
Barb Neddo

Awe inspiring effort.

Good luck, Big Fella!!


hi adrian

i can't quite believe the impact you are having!! there is just something about you - your honesty and dignity - that makes it impossible to just do nothing! my husband and i have committed to go on the bone marrow register, signed the petition and my daughter will raise the issue on returning to sixth form in september. reading through these comments it's clear you have already made a huge impact, educating us all along the way - it's just going to snowball from here - imagine all the lives you are going to save from your efforts! you are amazing! good luck

beth x

Hi Adrian,

My pal India put a link in her blog to your blog and e-petition, so I thought I'd pop along to sign (hope Scottish signatures count! lol).
Its a great campaign, and you are doing sterling work , especially given the state of your health.
To say it is inspirational, doesn't so it justice (unlike yourself, I'm crap with words!)
take care of yourself, and if you ever need any more beanies, I'm your (knitting daft) woman!


Hi Adrian

Iv'e posted about you on my own blog in the hope that it will get more people to support your campaign.....i don't get nowhere as many readers as you!...but i hope it helps....good luck


p.s i think you may look hotter without the hat! x

Hi Mate

Can you set up a "send to friend" link on the petition as if everyone one on here sends it to everyone in the address book that will swell the numbers to?

Hope your doing ok


Hi, just been reading your blog and I've just signed the petition to make young people aware about bone marrow.

my son is 20 and I know he would want to donate bone marrow and give blood but he can't, why? because he is gay, I thought blood was screened these days, I know it makes him angry that he is stopped from helping in situations like this just because of his sexuality, maybe there should be a campaign to change this as well.


Gay people CAN join the register now! The Anthony Nolan Trust has recently changed its policy.

Just another area of massive confusion a simple talk would address.

Best wishes,


PS. Been away from the computer for ages and these comments are wonderful. Thanks very much to everyone who has taken the time.

Hi Adrian,

You are truly an inspiration - your strength continues to amaze me. AS I mentioned when I commented on here before I am the Newcastle MArrow Coordinator - as medical students in Newcastle we aim to give every student up here the opportunity to donate. We have clinics across the uni, publicise the ANT and also have a number of fundraising events including a now annual full monty!
I just wanted to let you know that I am currently developing a session which I hope to get into schools next year the aim being to do a session with sixth formers followed by a clinic the following week (17 year olds can join with parental consent and go active on the register when they turn 18) to hopefully allow all those who wish to to join.
I just wanted to check it would be ok to use some of your videos in it and also if you had ideas of anything specific to include. I will also raise it at the Marrow AGM as we have branches in all UK medical schools so could possibly sort out some sessions in other areas.
Best of luck with your campaign - there are a lot of us behind you xx

i've been touched by your story... you know my cousin Ian, so thats how i know about it. I think its fantastic what your doing, not enough people my age give blood or are aware of bone marrow donation (im 20 by the way) ive encourged many people to sign up to giving blood and to be bone marrow doners. Im actually organising an event at my work where people are coming from the national blood service to tell people about what they do, and to encourage more of the public to give blood and bone marrow. I work at Asda as the events co ordinator and feel very strongly about these issues. If there is anything you'd like to put forward...then let me know.

I wish you all the best....

Steph x x


Hello from Mississippi........just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog and because of you I WILL sign up to be a donor. I have never really considered doing that before until I read your posts.

You have made a difference.

Your friend in USA -


Hiya Adrian

My my you have not had time to catch breath by the look of it, well done you, what a shame we have to wait for such a young man as yourself to be in this postion before we think about these issues. You are bang on with catching the interest of the young I have an 18 year old daughter doing her A Levels at the moment and she is hugely passionate about donor cards, she has also registered to donate blood but so far has been unable to make any of the dates offered. It is the perfect age to educate I also think these educational drives should be run out into the Universities.

Well done Adrian you have really raised awareness there is no doubt about that and I personally would like to applaud you for being so courageous you should be so proud of yourself.

Jaqui x

Hi Adrian

I think your very very brave and I hope that things are good for you at the moment.
I myself have a rare Leukemia T LGL and for me there is no treatment.Im well at the moment and know about the fatigue its awful.
God bless and you are doing right in your campain to tell more people.
God Bless

You are an amazing man and an inspiration to so many. I have only recently discovered your blog and it has been a real help to me. My Fiance was diagnosed with AML in December last year and following three courses of chemotherapy, he has gone into hospital this week for his bone marrow transplant (his donor is German like yours).

Your work is amazing and the legacy that you are leaving behind is a real credit to you. You are a brave man.

I am doing everything I can to help you spread the word and get people to back your campaign.

You are a star x

Hello Adrian,
What you're doing is brill, I've just watched you on Al Jazeera, blimey, going global!
I'm a nurse, & I thought I was a fairly resilient nurse, till we discovered my freinds little girl has ALL + Philadelphia Syndrome. What a bombshell, she too needs a bone marrow transplant, so it's been awe inspiring watching your vids and following the campaign in the Examiner. Some mates & I helped organise a donor clinic & helped the ANT take the blood samples, a couple of weeks ago, only a local one, but had an overwhelming response, so I know you will have a MASSIVE response, Bigger and better than the NEXT Sale!
I've signed your petition, gone on the register, and my nursey mates & I are helping with the blood sucking again at the Huddersfield Donor Clinic on 18th June.
I hope you're feeling ok,
ps: So, Craig Mac,if you're a local,(Blog posted May 28th @ 1:31am) it'll only take me one bash to get YOUR blood, See YOU there!

Hi Adrian
Just checked in again and I've forwarded the petition link to everyone I know in the uk. I'm also trying to get some publicity through our company to spread the word.

Keep at it - you're doing a fantastic job. Thankfully my daughter has responded to treatment as there was no donor match for her but what you are doing is truly saving lives.

... and don't argue the point - you are brave - bravery is how you respond to events, how you conduct yourself and what impact you have on others - I'd say that means you definitely qualify for being called brave.

love to you and your family

Hi Adrian,

Just thought I'd leave a message in support of your fantastic campaign. I'd never even thought of becoming a bone marrow donor until I was forwarded a link to your blog. The paperwork has been sent out and I'm just waiting to hear about the initial blood test. I just hope I can help someone...anyone!!

Best wishes,


Ciao Adrian!

Wish we were "meeting" on better circumstances. I wasn't really aware of what this disease entailed and how donations were made. I do donate blood regularly as I have rare blood..(A-) I am going to see if I am able to donate in your name and for all people who need this. I hope you don't mind that I added your link to my blog. God bless you and your work! I've added you to our prayer list from church.

Love and prayers from Claremore, Ok. USA!!


Good luck

I would just like to say what a brave young man I think you are.I do not think that I could cope the way you are.To spend the remaining time you have left thinking of others,and trying to make a difference is truly a selfless act.I admire you Adrian.May God be with you.
ps I signed the petition.

I admire your efforts and wish you all success
John Goldman

I would like to say what a brave man you are and having a family and friends around to support you. Hope this comes to some good after all your efforts. God bless.

I wholly endorse your campaign.
As someone who was struck down with cancer in 2006(but am currently I hope in remission)the
importance of what you're saying cannot possibly be overstated.

John Cundy
BBC Look North, Leeds.

hey adrian and gang,

big love for what you are doing. as an 18 year old diagnosed at 15 with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia I'm totally of the opinion that more education is needed. Noone I know knows anything about donating blood, bone marrow transplants or platelets. I had two and a half years of chemo and am now 9 months out. Good luck, check my blog/email me if you wish. Much respect

Lucia, Sunny Blackpool :) xxx


Great listening to you on radio 5 what an insperation, will talk to the grandchildren as soon as they are both old enough to understand. Have a great weekend, I know you WILL enjoy the rest of your life.

Best Wishes


Hi Adrian
I don't know you, although i very much wish i did, as you are obviously a truly inspirational, kind, determined & selfless person who is still constantly thinking & working at ways to move forward and advance treatments for others in your unfortunate position.
Your strength and courage is incredible and i admire and salute you !
I hope you enjoy every minute of your time left with us and feel very proud of everything you've achieved.
Take care
Mark Ross

Hello Adrian,
Your energy and commitment to this campaign is staggering. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you.
Unfortunately I am unable to join the register myself due to previously having had cancer but I am talking to friends and family to encourage them to read your pages and register for donation themselves.
As ever, you and yours are in my thoughts.
Kate xxx

Hi Adrian

I happened to chance upon your story on al Jazeera on one of the mornings here in NZ whilst having my breakfast. Your story struck a chord with me and immediately brought back all the memories of my boyfriend who had acute myleoid leukaemia too. I became a regular blood donor after that and the idea of becoming a bone marrow transplant donor as well remains at the back of my mind. What was stopping me was the fear of pain. What you showed on your video looked so simple and easy! No BIG needles stuck to the back of my bone! The distribution of information is indeed powerful and what you are doing is absolutely amazing. I'll definitely look into registering myself now. From the bottom of my heart I wish you well and all the love to carry you forward on your mission. You've succeeded with me.

Thank you. :)


I support your campaign to increase the number of people registering as potential bone marrow donors.

Good luck with your petition. It is worthwhile throwing the pebbles now for the ripples will be everlasting.


Adrain, Your strength of character shines through as a becon to others. I have only known you for a short time but in that time your enthusiasm and love of life is infectious. I thank God for my children, My Husband, My family and the air I breathe. The materialistic world in which we live in to day sometimes grinds me down, but you are an inspiration to us all. Keep fighting we are all behind you! We will need to spread the word of your petiton to others. We need to educate the younger generation to think about others. This is your legacy!

Tracy M x

Good luck Adrian!

Good luck Adrain!

You have cut through the appalling wall of ignorance and apathy that I use to shield myself from the harsh realities of other people's lives. Thanks! I'm off to support your mission. My best wishes to you.


We are so impressed with everything you are doing, both to raise awareness of the value of donation, and your approach as a person.
Other than highlighting your campaign with friends, we will put something on our sidecar website.
If you fancy a little sidecar experience, let us know. We live in Huddersfield and originate in Sheffield.

Isn't it amazing that those people facing the greatest adversity in their life give the most inspiration.

When people talk about people they admire/respect/hero you can forget business, music stars, models, sportsmen, actors etc - it's the real people like Adrian who inspire everytime.

His loss will be great but hopefully his campaign will be his legacy.

I wanted to sign the petition, but I'm a Yank, so I can't. I did send it along to a few people I know across the pond. I think it is WONDERFUL what you are doing, educating our young people. As the one donor changed your life, you've gone on to change the lives of SO MANY more.

Anything we can do over here to help? Any organizations that we can link to or promote?

Thank you so much for sharing and educating and ... just everything.

Hi Adrian

Just like to add my support to getting more people to sign up as Bone Marrow Donors. I was lucky enough to receive a heart transplant nearly 12 years ago, without which I probably only had weeks left to live. There is still a shortage of all types of donor, yet most people agree with donation and would happily accept organs or bone marrow for themselves or a family member.
If you're one of these people - sign up now!!
Without a transplant my daughter would never have known her Dad and my son wouldn't have been born.
It's the only way people like Adrian can have a chance.

Rob Hodgkiss

Well done Adrian, you are an inspiration. Our daughter Gemma died of Leukaemia 29th Dec 2006 after a stem cell transplant that seemed to suceed but relapsed in January 2006. Gemma tried to promote the use of the term Stem Cell Transplant rather that Bone Marrow Transplant as the very phrase puts people off. We understood that 95% of the transplants were now done using stem cell donation and as you are pointing out to people the process is so simple. I spoke to someone on the Blood Donor Management and asked why they do not ask for stem cell donors on their blood donor paperwork and did not get a straight answer, I think it is down to finances. You have a much higher profile than Gemma and doing great work to help others. Keep going, it would be great to talk to you but I do not know how to get in contact. I sent you an E-Mail after you were on BBC Breakfast and have just read your story in the Coventry Telegraph. Good luck with the blood and platelets tomorrow. Keep going. Kind regards, Jan and Tony.

I couldn't even begin to imagine what a journey you are going through at this current stage in your life. Crack on fella, as you are doing a great job. I have a wife, my daughter is just past 2 years and another child on the way. I feel the love in my family everyday and can sense that you are loved by many people and the sheer determination that you have shown so far is just beyond words. I wish you luck in everything you do and by me typing this now, does some small effort in getting this noticed in the public eye.

My thoughts are with you.........

Chris Marsden, Yorkshire

Well done Adrian best wishes from Saudi Arabia

I am adding my name to such a good cause. I hoep all is as good as it can be. Caroline

hi adrian
just a few words m8 i would like to say top marks for what you are doing and how sorry i am for you i have signed the petition as i fell it is a very good thing to educate people more god bless m8

As a Head of Sixth Form I would totally support the inclusion of compulsory sessions on organ donation etc. However, although there is a citizenship programme post 16 much of the advice on good practice is just that. It really does need some weight behind it in terms of directives from gov to make sure it happens throughout the land.
It will be included in our programme for next year - hope that offers a little piece of hope!
Best wishes
Penny Smith

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