Desert Island Sudders


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Sometimes I'm so glad I started this blog.

There have been some good times; I say that but on reflection they have been mainly bad.

But nevertheless, my illness and what I've decided to do with it, has undeniably led to some interesting places.

I think you are really going to enjoy this post because it's so different to anything I have done before.

Basically, through Radio Sheffield, I was offered the opportunity to take part in a Desert Island Discs-style show.

In the UK we have this famous Radio 4 programme where the scenario is as follows. If you were to crash on a Desert Island which tracks would you take with you and why.

I've always thought I'd love to do it and when asked to pick my six I jumped at the chance.

It is actually quite difficult to choose so maybe some of you could post your top six too - just to get a flavour of what some of you like out there.

It's an interesting show and has revealed the music likes of top politicians, artists and general eminent figures for the last 40 or so years.

Part 1 of Radio Sheffield Interview

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Click here to listen to Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys

It all came about through this guy Toby Foster.


He presents the breakfast show in Sheffield and is a top bloke.

He is a well-known and successful comedian in and around Sheffield and is one of those characters who pops up randomly on TV from time to time.

For example, he starred in Phoenix Nights as Les the Drummer and the token northern comic in the Christmas special of Extras.

I've met lots of presenters but Toby really made an impression.

Bearing in mind the breakfast show people are often the ones with the biggest egos he could not have been more genuine and supportive.

After my first time on the show he actually read the blog and took time to post a comment.

He is the only presenter who has actually bothered to do this.

When I talk to taxi drivers in town too they always seem to like him as well.

You can always trust a cabbie to be a good judge of character!

I was asked back into the studio when I was told I only had weeks or months to live and we were really rushed.

Afterwards, he asks if I would like to come back in tomorrow and record a one-off special.

If you are objective about it, and when I put my journalist hat on, it is a really good story.

The idea was I'd go home, pick my six favourite tracks, then do a pre-recorded show the following morning.

I loved the idea.

Now without getting too weird Radio Sheffield will probably play this in full when I pop the old clogs - well, it will fill an hour on a bank holiday or something.

But, it's great they have let us use it here because obviously many of you would not have the opportunity to check it out.

What really makes me laugh about Desert Island discs is when they have on politicians or intellectuals.

Their choices are so blatantly determined by the persona they wish to portray - or their spin doctors believe they should be portraying.

David Cameron, Conservative leader, had Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead as one of his songs.

Regular blog readers will have spotted that I love Radiohead and maybe he does too, maybe he does.

But I just can't see Mr Cameron cruising around in his Toyota Prius listening to The Bends or Kid A.

Dave - please write in and tell me otherwise.

The other lot are in some ways even worse.

Several pieces of really obscure classical music? "Oh yes, I simply adore this exquisite part of the third movement of Bach's Partita Number 3."

Shut up.

Bang on PJ and Duncan's Let's Get Ready to Rhumble and have done with it you pretentious nob.

I hope my choices are an accurate reflection of me.

One final point.

Obviously I'm really keen to share the music with you. We do actually have permission to use Brianstorm because I was hoping to round the blog off to that and asked their management.

Using other tracks gets us bogged down in all sorts of copywright issues. As a work around I really hope the big music companies won't mind us linking through to the tracks on YouTube. They have been on there for ages and look, have a heart, I am dying from leukaemia.

If there is a problem please just get in touch with us first and we will happily remove the links.

Click here to listen to part 2

Click here to listen to part 3

Click here to listen to part 4

Click here to listen to part 5

Click here to listen to part 6


Great post- I'm glad that you were allowed to share it with us!

Funny...I heard about Desert Island Disks for the very first time yesterday in a book that I was reading. We've always played the game here in Canada, but I didn't realize that anyone had ever made an actual show out of it. Cool!


Sounds a great idea. Can't waitt o hear all your choices, I don't know how you managed to pick 6 songs out in a day. An impossible task!

Off the top of my head I'd have:

'Street Spirit' by Radiohead
'No Rain' by Blind Melon
'Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town' by Peal Jam
'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' by Smashing Pumpkins
'Debaser' by Pixies

and...of course

'Let's Get Ready to Rhumble' by PJ and Duncan

I'll let you know if I change my mind overnight! xxxx

Not wanting to make you jealous Adrian but 'The One and Only' Chesney Hawkes performed at my Graduation Ball. I even coped a feel of him! haha xx

Dear Adrian,

Glad that you are back, so excited to see you back.

I dont have any idea about the radio programme etc because I am in India, but now going to read that carefully, I didnt read it carefully, got so excited as you are back.

Lots of love to Adrian!


My favourite song of all time: Total Eclipse of the Heart - not sure why I like it, but I've always liked it.
Currently I also absolutely love anything done by Simple Plan - I just love their "don't care what others think" kind of attitude.

I would have no problem choosing 6 songs, but my husband will then definitely send me to a Desert Island as he doesn't really share the same music taste as I do and I tend to listen to the same song over and over again until it drives him mad.

One song in particular that I also really like is "Amazing" which I used in a Youtube video about Bianca and her story.

Hugs from New Zealand

Lea White

bangles 'eternal flame' - biiiigg fave of mine but weirdly apt title in this instance?! (I'm quite old...) ...ummmm 'what can I do to make you love me' - who sang that? that's a big favourite too, simple but effective. Ehmmmmm ..... ummm ..... something old from Queen probably ....Killer Queen or something ..... ......something from Robbie (sorry, can't help it)I can see that I'm shallow when it comes to music. probably why all those other people get pretentious, they're just too embarrassed to say what they really like. Tricky business, choosing favourite all time songs.

Brilliant Adrian! What a way to start a dreary Monday morning - must run cause will never get in to the office at this rate, but will listen to the rest of your choices there and try to come up with my 6.

Hope your meeting with your medical team goes well.

Lots of love
Tight hugs

Glad to see you smiling
What are you going to take with you on your desert island and what book will you be reading....
I can imagine one item is a constant supply of beer....
Keep smiling you have a lovely cheeky grin.
All your cyber family is supporting you

Ooh only 6 - how difficult...

Freedom - Melissa Ferrick (because we can all relate to the need to follow our own path)

Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell (just because...)

I'll Remember You - Bob Dylan (sentimental but I like the lyrics)

Brown-Eyed Girl - Van Morrison (it reminds me of a wonderful love who will always be in my heart)

Feel Good List - Chris While and Julie Matthews (a real feel good song which always makes me remember how many good things there are in my life even at the worst of times)

and finally:

This is Not Goodbye - Melissa Etheridge (recorded when she had breast cancer and listened to a lot over the past 2 years while Candice battled her leukaemia).

I could have chosen so many more - music is such an important part of life.


Wow 6 tracks, its really hard!
1. Blowers daughter by Damien Rice
2. Advertising space by Robbie Williams
3. Porcelain by Moby
4. Mad World by Jules
5. Perfect by vanessa amerossi
6. Bedshaped by Keane

Not sure what that says about me but i enjoyed thinking about it!!
thanks for the great idea

Barb in Melb. Australia

Hi Adrian,
great post - and funnily enough, just yesterday I was wondering what kind of music you might like - apart from Radiohead, who i can't stand (talk about pretentious nobs, but let's not go there!). Nice to get the opportunity to listen to this now. The Bob Marley track is great, has helped me through a difficult time.
Here's one of my current favourites for you:

lots of love

I just LOVE music, best diary of my life, every moment of my past can be related to music.Love new music and listen to all my kids music too but SOO HARD to pick only 6. Was really a bit of a head banger in my youth as loved the energy of the music, where can I start, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap,Jo Cocker, Led Zeppelin and of course Free (who became Bad Company)
Top 6 though would have to be

Linkin Park - Numb - just love it!

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (first band ever went to see live at 14 - bit of an old rocker!)

Alison Moyet - All Cried Out (one of my best friends, Tony Swain, wrote it!)

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie - one of my heart throbs. what an innovator!

Genesis - In Too Deep- loved Phil Collins!

Paul Young - Wherever I lay my hat - local boy did good!

Also agree Chesney Hawkes and One and Only - bit of a legend!!!
If you get a chance Adrian, listen to them, let me know what you think!

Love Sally x

Hi Adrian,

Like your choice of songs, even if it did take me an eternity to get the craptastic work PC to play any of your interview. I hate technology and what's worse is it hates me, you should see the carnage I can create with a fax machine.

There are some pretentious nob choices on Desert island Discs, you're right. If you have a fondness for Jason Donovan it's so much better to admit it, rather than pretend you like some weird crap. Someone once said they liked 'Nurses Song with Elephants' by David Bedford. I had to study this appalling piece of pretentious bulls**t for GCSE music. If you ever get the chance, download it and have a listen, you have my personal guarantee that it will make your ears bleed.

My six songs would be:
OMD - Pandora's Box (fabulous piece of cheesy 80s nostalgia)
Dire Straits - Walk of Life (brings back memories of helping my dad make things in the garage before we had the business and we didn't see him much)
Tori Amos - Winter (reminds me of someone I used to know and some happy times)
Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde (beautiful piano piece and thanks to my own lack of practice, one of the only things I can currently play with any degree of success)
Blur - Girls and Boys (it was the song of my teenage years and I was so proud that I could sing all the words in the right order)
Chris Rea - Stainby Girl (my dad used to have it on all the time when we used to drive to France on holiday)

Hope you're feeling ok today,
Loads of Love

Hi there,
I read your piece in Today's "Times" and admire your honesty and strength amidst a very difficult situation. I will most definitely get myself on the bone marrow registry and my husband, too. Very best wishes from a new fan.

How cool!? Fine choices you've made!

I think if I was to chose 6 songs, I would change my mind tomorrow.

However... might as well give it a go eh?

1 Always On My Mind - Has to be by Elvis of course. No one does it like The King! :O)

2 Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones

3 Albion - Babyshambles

4 You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory - Johnny Thunders

5 The Weight - The Band

and last, but def not least...

6 Voodoo Chile - Jimi

(Crikey, they don't make programs like that anymore - Good old Lulu)

Ooooh I enjoyed that!

Hope your day goes well Adrian.

Hi Adrian,
Can't wait to get home to listen to these! So pleased that you have Brianstorm as one of your favourites. I always imagined you had decent taste in music ( perhaps i should wait to see what the others are first!). As ever, you dont disappoint.

My husband has strict instructions that i want Oasis "stop crying your heart out" played for me when the day comes. Your blog hasn't half provoked some conversations in my house!

Take care,

Sarah xxx

ps ... just realised that Toby is one of "Potter's Tigers"!! That scene makes me laugh every time!

Sarah xxx

Picking six sounds really easy, until you actually try!
I'd definitely have Louis Armstrong Mack the Knife. I'd have to have something by Leonard Cohen too (yea, I love growly voices!) maybe Famous Blue Raincoat. Then something a bit jollier, gotta be something by Bon Jovi or Biffy Clyro. Choosing an actual track is difficult! Then I'd have something by either King Crimson or Pink Floyd, Epitaph or Wish you were here. Right, so I'm at 4 now. David Bowie, Starman. 5. Okay, last track. This is so difficult! I'd really have to think about number 6. I'm going to have to go and get my iPod out now!

Just read the article in the Times - thank goodness for professional journalism. I wish things could be different for you, lifes a real bitch sometimes. Whatever happens on the other side, you can rest assured that on this side you have made a difference. Best wishes fella, you deserve 'em.

6 Tracks! This should be a challenge as I love so many tracks and have a taste of all types of music:

1. Ferry Corsten - Clear Blue Water
2. Vanessa Carlton - A thousand Miles
3. Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You
4. Outlandish - Aisha
5. Dave Matthews Band - Crush
6. Chicago - Hard Habit To Break

Could go on forever on them, thats only a few of my favourites!

Well done on the desert island discs style show. What I have heard has been fanastic even though my pc wont play part 2 and 3!!!

Vicky x

OK - so either my comment was lost somewhere or you decided my taste in music was just too bad to be made public! :O)

But I enjoyed thinking about just 6 songs, despite the fact that I would probably change a couple of them tomorrow if asked the question again.


1) Always on my mind - No one does it like The King!

2) Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones

3) Albion - Babyshambles

4) You can't put your arms around a memory - Johnny Thunders

5) The Weight - The Band

and last, but certainly not least

6) Voodoo Chile - Jimi

Crikey - They don't make shows like that anymore - Good old Lulu!

Hope your day goes well Adrian.

I feel a bit guilty now for not putting Wild World - Cat Stevens...
Oh... and Mac The Knife - Bobby Darin

Dear Adrian
I just read your article on Times Online and wanted to thank you for having the generosity to share your story. The way you have created meaning out of your life and situation is inspiring and I believe that anyone - even without the massively difficult challenges that you must be facing - can certainly learn and take courage from that. Thank you and I wish you all the best.

Loved your picks, Sudders! I hadn't thought about Chesney in forever. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! My taste has always been older than my years, so you wouldn't be hearing any Radiohead on my island, sorry! This was harder to narrow down than I imagined since I'm a huuuuge music person, but I did my best.

#1 ELO "Can't Get it Out of My Head"(reminds me of dating my husband, and all that romance... Ahhhhh..)
#2 (Ready for this one? You'll laugh, I know.) Billy Idol (!) "Rebel Yell" because it reminds me that once upon a time, I was a hell raiser.
#3 Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" No explanations necessary... just a great song!
#4 Eagles "Take it to the Limit" reminds me of growing up in Southern California, the beach, sunshine...
#5 New Radicals "You've got the Music in You." LOVE this song, always have. The beginning where it just gets going and he's saying "ONE TWO THREE OWWWWW!!!" I always embarrass my kids by doing it along with him, and then I throw my hands up in the air when I scream "Owwww!!" They'll write a book about me someday and speak of the humiliation...
And finally #6, Phil Collins "Wish It Would Rain Down." LOVE LOVE LOVE this song when I'm feeling down. Clapton's guitar in the background... well, just love it. Played it the other night while drinking some red wine and thinking about you moving on to the next part of your journey, actually.
Only six is tough, since I loved a lot of the songs others have picked, too.
Glad to hear from you and have another snippet of your voice and a new picture as well. You look and sound wonderful. Much love to you and your family, Sudders. Thanks for sharing!


To ask me for 6 of my favorite music pieces is a crime. Better ask 6 of my fav playlists on my computer.

1. Riders on a Storm, by the Doors (I will love this forever, because it made me want to learn play the piano. I never learned play the piano, but I did get "into" music and have loved it ever since.)

2. Private Investigations, by Dire Straits (this is great to imagine a dance routine on.)

3. Gravedigger (acoustic), by Dave Matthews (I fully agree with this part of the lyrics: "Gravedigger
When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

4. You've made me So very happy, by Blood, Sweat & Tears

5. Looks like we made it, by Barry Manilow

6a. Love Dance, by Jack Jones (I found this one, when I went looking for Wives and Lovers by Jack Jones, which was concidered a little retro and female unfriendly, but only found that song performed by women!!!! - but, I got the Love Dance in stead, I think it was a good trade off.)
6b. Rise, by Herb Alpert (Don't ask me to choose between either of these two nr. 6's - I can't. I have loved Herb Alpert since his TV shows were on our black and white screens when I was a teenager.)

I guess that shows me being older....

* sigh * I am peeling myself away from the music for now. The object was 6 songs, so there they are.

A wonderful idea Adrian, this sharing of musical preferences. I hope it will be a great diverse collection.

Hi Adrian,

Soooooooo pleased your spirits are back up! Your desert island discs are,
of course(!) FAB!

Never mind Chesney YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY!!!

Hope everything went to plan at the docs!

Take care big guy.


Congrats to Ad and Toby:

You clever devils you, you now have us all distracted from the sadness of Sunday. I am laughing my arse off at some of the posts and remembering "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and Eternal Flame...

Must sort myself out to go through my ALBUMS, yes that is right people ALBUMS and come up with my six...Albums are rather large pie shaped thingers that play on a turntable...:)

Heart to Heart.......(wait, isn't that a group in the US)



Man, the comments here are awesome. I keep seeing music I haven't listened to in awhile or new things that look interesting. Way to bring us all together!

1. Spoon - Beast and the Dragon Adored
2. Regina Spektor - Fidelity
3. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
4. Ben Folds - Cooler Than You
5. Cyndi Lauper - 911 (gotta love a PeeWee Herman cameo plus this song won me my 4th grade lip syncing contest)
6. Afro-Celt Sound System - When You're Falling

I hope your tummy gets better. Stomach upset effing sucks.

Kate in Indiana

Hey Adrian

Brilliant post - you've certainly got us all thinking this morning!! Was just playing your Arctic Monkeys and my 6 year-old Will came straight over to the laptop and said how cool it was, and then made me look up some more on YouTube. Is that good or bad, I wonder?

- Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis - R Vaughan Williams
- The Passenger - Iggy Pop
- Too Lost in You - Sugababes
- The Division Bell - Pink Floyd
- Constant Craving - kd lang

I want to dedicate this last one to you:

- My Hero - Foo Fighters

Love to you as always


Woah-hoh! Cool or what!

Another one of us loving this post (although as I'm in work, strictly I should be working - but what the hell!!)

Yep, music makes my world go round too - that and a good glass of the old vino. I have everything from Frank Sinatra to the Ting Tings in my music collection!

I like Radiohead too, but have to be in the right frame of mind!! My fave of theirs is "Just" from "The Bends" (also quite liked Mark Ronson's re-working of it)

Right then pop-pickers!! Off the top of my head, six of my '25 most played' on my iPod, in no particular order:

1) Super Furry Animals: "It's not The End Of The World" (for sheer sing-alongable-ness!)

2) Pigeon Detectives: "Take Her Back" (saw them supporting the Kaiser Chiefs - fantastic)

3) Andy Durante: "Make Someone Happy" (From Sleepless In Seattle - aah!)

4) Paul Van Dyk: "For An Angel" (great for throwing shapes!!)

5) I have to steal one from you! The great man himself,
Bowie: "Life On Mars" (ideal for when you're feeling all reflective at 2 am after a night on the p*** with friends!!) Loved the TV series too.

6) Rolling Stones: "Under My Thumb" (out and out cool!)

I hope this is providing you with some light relief and that you're feeling ok today. Thanks for cheering me up this Monday afternoon! I'll have a proper listen to your choices when I get home tonight.

As ever, all my love to you and those around you - and the extended blog family!! Charlotte xx

Durr, me again. I meant Pink Floyd's 'High Hopes' from The Division Bell. Not that anyone would care, but I just want to be pedantic. Sorry. Glad we sorted that out. !!X

Hey Mate,

Wanted to drop you a quick line. I'm 28 today. I picked up the times and went and sat outside a nice little place I know for a glass of wine and a nice relax.
I sat there reading your article with tears in my eyes (hidden by these stupid huge glasses I was wearing!)
I am completely touched by what I read and feel guilty for all the times I moan or feel down because things aren't fantastic. Your words, your outlook indeed your life are an inspiration . I don't think I can ever forget how reading about you has made me feel it will be with me forever.
I'm going to look at becoming a bone marrow donor and giving blood more than the 3 times I have in my entire life! I think I owe it to you.

I think you were spot on when you said you have nothing to be scared of, I'm pretty confident theres something fantastic and when the big man does call you I think you're going straight to the front of the queue.

One day if I make it there Adrian, remind me to come over and shake your hand and give you a hug for putting my life into perspective.

God Bless mate

Durr, I messed up mine, too!! It's not "You've got the music in you" by New Radicals, it's "You get what you give" ! AND I just now for the very first time saw the video to it and laughed my ASS off -- great song, but dude... please stop "dancing." :-) !!

Hi everyone,

Had lots of morphine based medication this morning so feeling lots brighter. Need a nap now though.

Loving your music choices too. Please keep them coming in!

Nice to have a fun post.


Dear Adrian/baldy!,

I was thinking about your health just now.

Morphine or something else you are feeling better,good.

Ok then sleep well.

Lots of love,


Tears in my eyes but a smile on my face. You have done it again Adrian you have taken control. Have a good rest and keep positive. Love and best wishes. Diane

Nothing like morphine to put a little pep back in your step....good for you. I'm glad they were able to make you feel more comfortable.

Still thinking about my 6....will get back to you.

Rest up!!!


Kim (NY - USA)

Hi Adrian,
One song that comes to mind is what we are all doing,"I heard it through the grapevine" by Marvin Gaye.
You are in our thoughts and in our prayers. Yes there are a lot of us out here that care.
You have acheived such a lot and shared your thoughts and yes people power counts.
May you "Hold on tight to your dreams" by E.L.O.
So Adrian from all of us out there thankyou for being YOU.
Richard & Sue Sansom


I love stuff like this and glad you had fun with that :-)This is so you man -and I feel better knowing you feel a bit better too.

Its hard to pick 6 songs when it comes to it,but the ones that I love in a certain frame of mind are
Coldplay -The Scientist
Goo Goo Dolls -Iris
Radiohead -Karma Police
Moody Blues -Nights in White Satin

and just to be random and attempt to make you smile in the style you do me, I still secretly like National Express by The Devine Comedy. Hee hee.

Returning the smiley/cheer up vibes. Take it easy you!


Hi Adrian
We've just been reading about you in the newsroom over at the Dewsbury Reporter and wanted to say we are thinking of you.

Six choices of songs is very hard... I'd have to pick:

Carey by Joni Mitchell
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
David's Last Summer by Pulp
Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix
I Want You (She's So Heavy) by the Beatles
Africa by Toto (you've got to have one cheesy one in there!!!)

Best wishes Adrian

Lauren and the rest of the team at Dewsbury x

The radio show was great... personable and informative. I recognize many of the tunes & artists you listed and I am going to introduce myself to the new ones. I saw the Chesney Hawkes video and it immediately put me in mind of Ah-Ha and "Take On Me," so maybe that's on my list... a nod to my youth and romance. "3 Little Birds," Bob Marley for hope and cheer. A new favorite, an anthem: "Pork and Beans," Weezer. Oh man, 6 won't be enough! Music just fills me up and 6 is too few... Have you heard "Skylark," Hoagy Carmichael? It is pacifying and mellow. "Stand," REM, or maybe "Happy Shiny People..." both pick me up. There is a local band, they've done well, and they still play free concerts on the beach. Their sound is tight and has a beat and lyrics that stir me up and take me in. I like "Stars." "Over the Rainbow," Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) and "Volare," Gypsy Kings, because they strike a chord. And yes, I went over. Sometimes we should break the rules.

Even now, you'd like to hear what I think....

1. If I can Dream, by Elvis
2. Don't go to Goa, by Alabama 3
3. When the Ship comes in, by Dylan
4. The Sensual World, by Kate Bush
5. When the Man Comes Around, Johnny Cash
6. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight), by Springsteen

Be strong lovely man. Make the choices you need to, you've earned the right.

Kate & Co
XX xxx

Yeah, whoever suggested Dave Matthews Band is a genius!

However, Adrian, I suggest a father-son duet: Heroes, the version by The Wallflowers, and All Along the Watchtower, by Bob Dylan.

have been thinking of my six all day....would probably change a couple tomorrow but here goes

1.David Bowie......John i'm only dancing

2.Kaiser Chiefs....I predict a riot

3.John Denver!!!!?? Annies song

4.Snow Partol...You could be happy or Chasing Cars

5.Guns N Roses...Paradise City

6.The Clash....Whit Man in Hammersmith Palais or The Killers...Bones

Know thats cheating but hey ho...wonder what that says about me!!
Glad youre feeling brighter and having a snooze.
Lots of love and light Val (moa) by proxy xx

Right here goes
1. nirvana-smells like teen spirit
2.soft cell- tainted love
3.smiths- how soon is now
4.depeche mode- i feel you
5-tracey chapman-waiting
6-james-johnny yen.

now for the morbid bit...the song i want played at my funeral....

Cutting crew...i just died (in your arms)and yes i do have a northern warped sense of humour, as said by my other half ...over my dead body and as so rightly put in love actually my reply honey over mine.

Chin up adrian.



Wowee, something just came to me...Hey all of you in TEAM HEART TO HEART, Adrian's Army:

Adrian isn't leaving us..of course he isn't. He isn't the type that would. His body is leaving us, but not Adrian..he is not leaving..

I think I can live with can too..



This is much more fun than working!

Oh, what memories music holds - all my choices are sort of based on these, what does that say, I wonder?

Ok here goes, in no particular order:

This Years Love by David Gray
Queen of the Slipstream by Van Morrison
Could It Be Forever by David Cassidy
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding
The Rose by Bette Midler
Father & Daughter by Paul

Lots of love
Anne xx

I've always wanted to go on Desert Island Discs - those six tracks are SOOOO hard to choose though. I'll probably change my mind by tomorrow, but here are the six I'd take today, and why...

1. Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis. This was playing on the radio in the operating theatre as my first son, Will, was born. We knew while I was pregnant that he had a lethal genetic condition and wouldn't survive for more than a few minutes, so as he was born and given to me, the words of this song were almost like a little message from him!

2. In a Country Churchyard - Chris de Burgh. Not particularly cool, I know, but this is from a 1977 album that my big brother used to play to me all the time when I was about two. It was my favourite track then, and is pretty much still my fave song now. I used to sing along with it when I was tiny, and it pleases me no end to hear my own four-year-old bellowing along with the chorus in the car.

3. One Day More - Les Miserables. Just love this one - it's so loud and lovely that it makes me cry to listen to it. Plus, there are so many different parts to sing along to, I'd never get bored on my desert island.

4. Alleluia (from Exultate Jubilate) - Mozart. This one is really hard to sing along with - it goes up and down all over the place and the ending is really high... but it's another one that makes my hair stand on end. I'd like the version by the young Aled Jones.

5. Carolina in my Mind - James Taylor. Another one that makes me think of happy times when I was little. I'd quite like this one at my funeral - the last couple of lines make me smile... 'I'm gone, say nice things about me, I'm gone, you'll have to carry on without me.'

6. Verdi Cries - 10,000 Maniacs. No particular reason why I'd take this one - I just like it. And Natalie Merchant's voice is lovely.

So there's my six. They don't make me look particularly cool, but they'd keep me happy.

Hoping today's an ok day Adrian. We're all thinking of you so much.
Love, Alison x

Hi Adrian,

I also love the song, Three Little Birds, by Bob Marley. It's on my ipod. Some other favorites I have on there are:
-Steal My Kisses, Ben Harper
-Fix You, Coldplay
-Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson
-Welcome to the Black Parade, My Chemical Romance
-Send Me on My Way, Rusted Root
-Waiting on the World to Change, John Mayer

(This was hard to narrow down.)

Glad the morphine is helping!


Wow! It makes you think doesn't it?!

Well mine are, in no particular order:

1) LAYLA -Eric Clapton
2) YOU'RE THE BEST THING -The Style Council
3) I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU -The Tourists (Chrissie Hynde on vocals)
5) KISS ME- New Found Glory
6)ANYTHING by Michael Bolton...Mmmmm!

You're right Adrian, this is a fun post!

Thinking of you.

Love, hugs and kisses
Carole xxxxxxxx

Right here are my six....
1. David Bowie.....Boys keep swinging

2.REM...All the way to Reno

3.Iggy Pop...I am a passenger

4.Paul Weller ...Bird on a wire

5. Beach Boys...Good vibrations

6.Lenny Kravitz ..Are you gonna go my way.

Love Vasl (Vals alter ego) xxxxxx:-)

Oh my this is hard. Just had a dig around my vinyl for the oldies! Haven't got an ipod, cant keep up with the kids these days! Obviously, these could change...!

1. Oasis - Cigarettes & Alcohol.
2. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle.
3. Happy Mondays - Wrote for Luck.
4. The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection.
5. Coldplay - Yellow.
6. Robbie - Love Supreme. He's another one of my obsessions that wont go away!

Sorry there's no Radiohead. Cant stand 'em since I saw them live in Warrington in some sort of tent and I got high off everyone else's blow! Never felt so ill or looked so pale!

Hope you have had a good day. Take care chuck!

Hello, I have been reading your blog for a while now and have heard you on radio 5 a few times. Recently I heard you on Victoria Derbyshire's show and text in to say that when I was in the Glasgow Blood donation centre to give blood they told me they weren't taking bone marrow registrations due to cut backs. Well, I thought I would let you know that I have since been in touch with them and have been reassured that they had just run out of packs to give people and will make sure that staff now that they can help people to register.
Thank you for inspiring me to get off my arse to give blood, to get on the bone marrow register, to bother actually chasing something up and to generally get on with things.
Wishing you much love for the coming days

Oooops Sorry - I see that my comment did indeed turn up and now I am there twice.

And I thought it was you that was supposed to be on drugs!?

Talking of The Arctic Monkeys...

They are my 9 year old autistic son's fave band and although they probably aren't the best band in the world for speech therapy for children, he sure looks good on a dancefloor now!


Hi Adrian

Glad you're having a better day thanks to the morphine - keep the control!

Love your desert island selection. Great stuff!

What a fab idea of yours to get us all to pick our 6 favourite songs. Difficult one that as there are so many! It's been fun! And isn't that typical of you, you wonderful man, to get us all smiling again! Thank you for being so unselfish, yet again.

Well here goes:

1. In my Life by The Beatles -
Just love the words. It's just so appropriate to everyone in my life
2. I can See Clearly Now The Rain has Gone by Johnny Nash
This always lifts my spirits and makes me happy and feel positive whenever I hear it so it has to be here
3. Into My Arms by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
In my opinion just one of the most beautiful love songs ever - you can see I'm!
4. Love Shack by the B-52s
Just can't sit still when I hear this. It's great, and again always makes me happy and I just have to get up and dance, but not when I'm on the!
5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy
Simply beautiful. And just so positive again.
6. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley
Always been a great favourite of mine and all my family and has been played at all the special occasions for one reason or another - just so beautiful really

I could go on, and have changed my mind about some of the above several times but it's a start! It's been great reading what others have picked. What an uplifing day - thank you dear heart - you never cease to amaze me. A million thank yous for everything you've done -and then some.

Hope you're feeling peaceful this evening, fingers crossed, keep doing whatever makes you calm and pain're phenomenal!

My love to you all, and hi to everyone on here
Barbara xx

What a great post! Nothing like music to brighten a day. I will have to listen to the interview once I get home since I can't stream at work. Hmm, only six songs? Yikes, too hard for me to pick just six but I'll do it - I was a DJ in college. O.k here are my six at this very moment.

1. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
2. Scuttle Buttin' - Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. In a Daydream - Freddy Jones Band
4. Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls
5. Fall on Me - R.E.M.
6. Given to Fly - Pearl Jam tied (cheating I know) with Crystal Ball by Keane.

See, I couldn't do it, I couldn't just do six.

Thanks for leeting us chime in. This is good fun.

Glad you are feeling brighter and that you are resting. Peaceful sleep to you, Adrian.

Hi Adrian,

This is a very fun post! Here is my six, as difficult as it is to pare down:

1. Thank You - Led Zeppelin
2. Expecting to Fly - Neil Young
3. Body and Soul - Billie Holiday
4. Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes
5. Neighborhood # 3 - Arcade Fire
6. Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti

Keeping you in my thoughts, friend.

Hi Adrian, just checking in on my fathers laptop. Havnt been home since this morning so will listen to everything when I eventually get home which might be quite late. Sooooooooo glad you are feeling up to sharing all of this with us and keeping the Sudders Army from going stir crazy. If you read the comments when we are left to our devices things start to get a bit crazy. Speak later Chris

No fair, Val/Vasl!!! Fine, then -- I've got an alter ego, myself. An "Evil twin" if you will, and here are her picks!! Wink, wink.

1. Pat Benetar "The Shadows of the Night"
2. Stray Cats "I won't stand in your way"
3. Adam Ant (!) "Goody Two Shoes"
4. Psychadelic Furs "Love My Way"
5. Etta James "At Last" (sigh....)
6. Jim Croce "I've Got A Name"


Too true Therese...

Dammit Adrian, I can't choose six. I keep replacing ones I've chosen. There are the songs I listen to over and over and over and never ever get sick of, but need to make sure I have some of my feel good songs for a long stay on the island - ahhh!

Doesn't help that I've always sucked at remembering the names of the random artists whose songs I've loved back in the day... driving me crazy now. So I'm sure it'll hit me later and I'll be gutted I forgot them.

Here goes:

1. White Lion - When the Children Cry (I challenge you to know that one! My all time FAVOURITE song)

2. Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away

3. Billy Joel - Piano Man

4. Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (takes me back..)

5. Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle

And for the feel good aspect:

6. Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now

Damn I'm leaving out so much that speaks to my very core, but this'll do! Now I'm going to be thinking about this all day thinking I should've left one out to make room for something else.

Hope the music is lifting your spirits Adrian. And if not, well I'm sure the morphine will help :)

Lots of love as ever

Wow, just posted mine and realised I spent AGES on it - and still it doesn't feel quite right! Last post I read before I got sidetracked in to music was Therese's post... almost an hour ago!

Thanks Adrian - productivity is down 100% here!
We give you credit for so much. Time to accept a little blame as well :)


Just got to work - so happy to read this post! I loooooove music. Ok, I'm going to have to think about this one for a while. Picking 6 is so tough. I'm torn between the soundtrack of my life thus far and just ones I really, really love, only 6 really? this is cruel!

Hi Adrian,

I saw your piece in The Times today and have been reading the blog. You are a truly courageous guy and the work you've done to raise awareness is amazing and inspiring. You're also bloody funny and so I'm glad to see you've still got a wicked sense of humour!

I don't know if you've thought of turning the blog into a book but if you're interested please email me as I loved to help.

All the best,


Oh mine are lost in cyber space. My second comment posted right away - my first with songs and links disappeared... Must eat before my low blood sugar causes me to fire someone :) I am horrible to be around when I'm hungry!

Back to start over - hopefully I can stick with what I decided earlier though I doubt it.

Nessum Dorma - Excellent Hannah!


OK, this is fun for a Monday evening!

Six pieces of music on my way to a deserted island in 2008:

1. Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig von Beethoven (18th century)

2. Jackie Cane by Hoover Phonic (CD The Magnificent Tree, 2000)

3. Nothing Really Ends by dEUS (CD No More Loud Music, 2001)

4. Carey by Joni Mitchell (CD Blue, 1988)

5. Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchel (CD Clouds, 1988)

6. Ol'55 by Tom Waits (CD Closing Time, 1999)

And when island-tiredness comes in...:

I Feel Alive in the City by Zita Zwoon

... and by dEUS: 'In a Bar under the Sea', 1996 (great place full of liquids!)

Voila, hope you enjoy.


For all of you who aren't in the UK, and can't pick up a copy of today's Times at the local news stand - check out Adrian's article on line:

Not sure I believe the "not drinking excessively" bit Adrian - we know you like a pint! ;)

Excellent article. As always. Not wanting to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it I'll resist the urge to paste my favourite bits here - Suffice it to say that your last paragraph made me smile and cry all at once. Well said Ad!

Much love,

Hello Adrian !

Love the post ! =)

I would love to nominate you as a 2008 CNN Hero . Would that be okay with you ? If so, I need to provide where you live ( not exact address )and an email address.

Have a Happy Day,

California, USA


Your desert island disc post is just unique. Almost unbelievable..
How do you conjure up these ideas Adrian?
Truely brilliant!

Only 6.....hmmmmm. Being that I get up singing, hum my way to work and bellow all the way home in the car, I'm not sure I can pick just 6 but I'll try.

Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
Mac the Knife-Bobby Darin
What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
Coming Around Again-Carly Simon
Cold November Rain-Guns n Roses
Don't stop me now-Queen

Keeping you in my prayers,
Connecticut, USA

Here I am - late again:-) I'm not allowed to look at your site at work at the moment - but I am sure it will get fixed soon. I am such an oddball my 6 songs would be strange

Arlo Guthrie gets two, The City of New Orleans and the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. He's actually got lots and has seen me through many a bad time, even if it doesn't sound as if he is very cheerful

The Eagles - Hotel California (but any will do)

Eric Clapton - Layla (unplugged)

The Beatles - anything from the white album

Michael Jackson - Thriller (in fact anything from that album)

and Last but by no means least (I know I'm cheating but I am going to try and get both Arlo Guthrie songs on one album) any ABBA - I love them and now they are back in fashion it's great :-)

Oh Adrian it is really good to see you back feeling a little more humorous again. By the way has anyone noticed that on desert island disks (maybe I am odd because I listen to it) no-one ever asks for an electricity supply as their luxury. They won't be able to play their records without it!!

Hugs xxxxxx

Here goes again - 6 songs - so very very difficult. I've made some changes to the earlier ones.

Disclaimer - There are soo many songs that touched me throughout my life (as I sure is the same with all of you) but I am absolute shit with remembering names of artists and songs - no clue why?! Even songs I love.

That's not to detract from the importance of the songs below but I just know that in a few hours I'll slap myself on the forehead when I recall the song that's been on the tip of my brain/tongue all morning...

1. White Lion - When the Children Cry -
(All time favourite. Listen to it ALL the time. A must have on my island. I challenge you to know it, Adrian!)

2. Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away - (another favourite - my hippy parents influence.)

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

4. Billy Joel - River of Dreams

5. Harry Chapin - Cat's in The Cradle

and for the feel good aspect:

6. Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

So that's my six.

There are some local songs here I'd love to take but hey we only get six right! Might have to do an alter ego thing like Val - sneaky sneaky


Hi Adrian

Well it's SO nice to read a fun blog from you on a stormy Monday evening here in Hay-on-Wye! Better than all that sobbing yesterday. Love your music choices! Here are mine…..!

Christine Aguilera - Hurt -

Crowded House - Fall at your feet -

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy -

Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness -

Weezer - Undone The Sweater Song

Radiohead - Creep -

I predict an evening of wine and music for me. I'll be checking out everyone else's favourites!! Thank you for making me smile today Adrian. Hope you're smiling too. Good old morphine :-)


Dear Adrian,

Hope you are sleeping peacefully.

When there is no pain and if your major discomforts can be reduced, you will want to live more...I do not know if I can ask you this.Did you stop taking all your tablets..

Whatever I am doing, your thoughts are always in my mind.When I went for my evening walk, I was thinking about you and sometimes I will be on the verge of crying but today when I returned felt ok after seeing your post that you are much better now.Hope it remains like that for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Hope you had a nice decent life and may be you enjoyed your life till leukaemia struck. After diagnosing that you are suffering from leukaemia you did somany great unbeleivable things within 1-2 years.So there is nothing for you to regret..try to think that you are lucky in many ways Adrian.( Ofcourse NOT lucky to die at such a young age!)

I want you to be alive for a very long time.

Lots of love

Hello, these are my top 6....

In my Life - The Beatles. I think this is a truely beautiful song. I think this is my all time favourite.

I am the ressurection - The Stone Roses. This has meaning to me about my ex husband.

The Last Time - The Rolling Stones. Just a wicked tune.

Sweet Child Of Mine - Guns and Roses. I had my first slow dance with my other half to this.

Imagine - John Lennon. A wonderful song by a wonderful man.

Skin - Rascall Flats. Makes me cry..

I love all these songs. I have loads more but I have had to limit it to these. xxx

Dawn xxxx

Hello, these are my top 6....

In my Life - The Beatles. I think this is a truely beautiful song. I think this is my all time favourite.

I am the ressurection - The Stone Roses. This has meaning to me about my ex husband.

The Last Time - The Rolling Stones. Just a wicked tune.

Sweet Child Of Mine - Guns and Roses. I had my first slow dance with my other half to this.

Imagine - John Lennon. A wonderful song by a wonderful man.

Skin - Rascall Flats. Makes me cry..

I love all these songs. I have loads more but I have had to limit it to these. xxx

Dawn xxxx

Evening Adrian and everyone else,

Well I must admit I've cheated a bit and looked straight at your choices as am off out for a bit shortly but can't wait to listen properly either tonight or tomorrow.

Fantastic choices. Love love love The Arctic Monkeys especially Mardy Bum and 505. They're brilliant and was lucky enough to see them in Manchester last December.

Radiohead can't be beat either. My favourite of theirs is No Surprises. (the tinklyness of it all makes me so happy)

Who could fail to love our Chesney too? Chooooooooon.

My 6:

Boys of Summer - Don Henley
Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind and Fire
Tonight the streets are ours - Richard Hawley
Don't stop movin' - S Club 7 *beams proudly*
The girl who wanted to be God - Manics
Here comes the Sun - The Beatles

Plus about a million Girls aloud, The Bangles, Beyonce,Badly Drawn Boy, Sinatra, Prodigy, Madonna and a million other songs. I'd list 6 different songs every hour.

Thanks so much for sharing Adrian and for giving us all a lift and the chance to share all our music choices too. It's been fab. Going to have a proper look later tonight at everyone's choices and to listen to you.

Hope you're doing well love, and that everyone else is doing good too.

Toni xxx

Hi Adrian and the blog family!
My Six would be...

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen..An amazing song that everyone would sing along to when I was at Uni..

Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel. my favourite artist! :)

You can sleep while I drive- Trisha Yearwood

You and Me (Lee Mead)

Warwick Avenue- Duffy

Viva La vida- Coldplay

Loving everyones choices.. and Sudders, I thought I was the only one brave enough to admit to liking "The one and only".. glad to see I'm not the only one who loves that song! ;)


Jane-mary asked: "is the end of your life any different to an old persons?"

At the risk of stating the painfully obvious: Old people don't die before their parents, thereby making every parents' worst nightmare come true.

Old people get to live 40, 30, 20 years longer than young people who die. The difference in the sums adds up to an entire lifetime in most cases.

Sure, we do all just die, but doing it after our parents and in our 70's or 80's is very different and more desirable than doing it in our 40's, 30's, or 20's...or God forbid, as a child.

I'm sure it doesn't matter once we're dead, but while we're alive watching our friends do the things we should be doing, fighting for our lives all the while knowing that our imminent death will break our parents' hearts it matters a whole heckuva lot.

Granted, Adrian has done more good and touched more people in his way too short life than most people do in twice the number of years he's had, which is AMAZING.

I don't want or mean for this to sound negative and/or angry...but it does make me angry to see so many lives cut short by this dreadful disease.

Yet another Baldy,

p.s. - I love music and will be back to add a few songs to the list!

Well after reading the latest blog in my lunch hour, I spent my afternoon trying to narrow down lots of songs to just six and here they are:

1. Show me Heaven - Maria McKee
2. Never Forget - Take That (I am of the Take That generation and am therefore not ashamed of this at all!!)
3. Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight
4. When you Say Nothing at All - Boyzone
5. Run - Snow Patrol
6. Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield cool am I?!! I enjoyed doing that but no doubt by tomorrow I will want to change a couple of them!

Hope you have had a restful nap Adrian and all of this music talk is refreshing!

Laura x

This is really hard.

ok, after Tori they are not in any particular order -

#1 - Beulah Land - Tori Amos

#2 - Brandy - Looking Glass

#3 - No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley (tough tie w/ Redemption Song)

#4 - Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (super tough tie w/ Lou Reed's Perfect Day)

#5 - Black Star - Radiohead

#6 - Amazing Grace

just some of the missing - Molly's Lips (Nirvana), Space Oddity (Bowie), Yellow Brick Road & Rocket Man (Elton John), Ave Maria (Pavarotti), Rivers of Babylon (Sublime), Toto (Africa), Don't stop believing (Journey), Purple People (Tori). Also missing Rachmaninov Symphony #9 and everything else Tori. I have so many more to add - it is so hard!

Baldy - how long did it take you to come up with yours? That's a lot of pressure! Looking at mine I'm starting to think people might fall asleep. I guess i'd have to throw something annoying in like Push It by Salt 'n Pepa just to keep them awake!


Glad to see your'e on track (not quite the pun I intended)! Your're still smiling through - good.

I'm a bit of an eighties fan seeing that was when I was out partying, however they're are a lot of good songs out there and especially Nickleback.

Funny enough looking at some hits thing the other day and they had Wham on with 'Wake me up before you go go' - should remember to shut the curtains before I prance or dance around the room and scare the neighbours - ha ha

Well wishing you a good night and will e-mail again soon

Love Sarah, Madhouse & furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxx

#1 - Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley (rips my heart out every time I hear it, cuz we've all felt this way at least once in our lives):

"My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It's never over,
All my riches for her smiles when I slept so soft against her...
It's never over,
All my blood for the sweetness of her laughter...
It's never over,
She's a tear that hangs inside my soul forever..."

Oh, *sob*!!!

And this song for its lyrics and timely message:

"There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Though it's my time coming, I'm not afraid, afraid to die
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time,
Of time

Wait in the fire...

And she weeps on my arm
Walking to the bright lights in sorrow
Oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow,oh my love
And the rain is falling and I believe
My time has come
It reminds me of the pain I might leave
Leave behind

Wait in the fire...

And I feel them drown my name
So easy to know and forget with this kiss
That I'm not afraid to go, but it goes so slow

Wait in the fire..."

Grace - Jeff Buckley

Oh, double *SOB*....

Hi Adrian,

Back again as just been thinking (hard work) on a few of my song choices

Waiting for a star to fall - boy meets girl (also re-done by someone else just as good)

Living on a prayer - Bon Jovi

Land of Hope and Glory (bit of a proms fan)

Re-light my fire - Take that and Lulu

One and Only - Chesney Hawkes - agree very good (I sing - dog barks/howls)

We are the champions - Queen

Well sleep tight - nighty night

Weather update from Leatherhead in Surrey - very clammy / stormy

I loved listening to the interview, and your choice of songs this morning. I was also glad to read that you received some morphine, and are resting.

I don't know if these are my all time favorites, but they are up there in the list for sure. As you can tell I like a little bit of everything!

1. Two-Ryan Adams
2. Here's Where the Story Ends-The Sundays
3. Welcome Tomorrow-Love and Rockets
4. This Shirt-Mary Chapin Carpenter
5. Extraordinary-Liz Phair
6. How Can I Tell You-Cat Stevens

I hope you are feeling a bit better after a rest.

With love,

Hi Adrian, great post but one hell of a task. You do like to keep us on our toes. One minute we are crying at the prospect of losing you and the very next day crying at the frustration of not remembering that great song that I know I will remember if I think about it for the next 5 hours - gee thanks Adrian. Well here are my 6 favourite as I write this which would be completely different if I wrote this tomorrow or the day after

Fleetwood Mac - warm ways
Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
Fleetwood Mac - Over my head
Fleetwood Mac - Blue letter
Fleetwood Mac - World Turning
Fleetwood Mac - Sugar Daddy

Sorry about that but I have just bought the CD, havnt heard it for yonks and for today I cant get enough of it. Have a good sleep Chris

Music u say?=)


* Brad paisley- Whiskey lullaby(recomend u to listen to ASAP! sooo beautiful!, and sad..)

* 3 doors down- here without you
* Guns n roses - dont cry
* Def Leppard- Love bites


Oh, Christine you just made me remember one that I totally SHOULD have put in my top 6 -- "Silver Spring" by Fleetwood Mac. Do you like that one, too??
(You have great taste, F.M. is one of my favorite groups!)


Do you know what Adrian.....I've had real fun today choosing my six tunes and listening to lots of different tracks from my Cd collection. Given I was late to pick my Dad up to go out......have done no housework (shame) but have had a real fun time. My 11 year old has just wandered past and asked me "how did you manage to get on you tube...what are you doing there?" He's not used to me being a cyber queen!! I was just checking out some toones!
You have managed to cheer all us stalkers up:-)
Hope youre having a peaceful evening....I'm back off to you tube to get down and listen to some sick music!!?? Is that what the young uns say? Love and light Val XXXxxxXXX

Crap - i forgot one!

Everyone should really listen to this song.

Same ol' Road - by Dredg

copy/paste this link -it's under the El Cielo Album

you will not regret it.

Just read The Times. Thank you for writing it. It made me think a lot and I will make sure it's not something I just forget about next day.

Love and peace to you.

Evening Adrian; evening all!

I've now just listened to your entire interview and playlist (whilst incinerating my dinner) and was alarmed to find I knew all the words to Chesney's "One And Only"!!!

Oh Adrian, you're a total star and I love you so much!!! ;-) Thanks for this post - and a big shout out to Liam and co for linking it all together!! Had a real spine-tingly, welling-up moment there listening to "Life On Mars".

...Bet a few of us will be visiting the iTunes music store tonight - everyone's come up with such great music. (I feel I've got to fess-up at this point: Toni, I love S Club 7 "Don't Stop Movin" too!!)

Hope you're feeling ok after your nap - had an image in my mind of you wearing that sexy dressing gown of yours!!!

Quickly sending love and warmest wishes across the internet, as we now appear to be in the midst of an electric storm!! Charlotte xx

Charlotte you are so right since getting home I havnt been off iTunes and I am loving every minute of it. Thanks for this Adrian you are now responsible for enriching our music knowledge as well as our medical knowledge. Does the wonder of Adrian ever cease. Sleep well Chris

Hello Adrian,

Well, finally I got my 6 tracks. You definitely kept me busy today....

1. Lilac wine - Jeff Buckley
2. With or without you - U2
3. You are so beautiful - Joe Cocker
4. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (but Leonard Cohen's version is good too)
5. Old and wise - Alan Parsons Project
6. I get knocked down - Chumbawamba (makes me sing out loud - when I'm alone of course)

Sleep well,



Met you for the first time this evening and WHAT an inspiration you and your family are.

Have got home and only had time to read what is a small amount of your blogs,video diaries,tv interviews etc, most impressive.

Loved the Desert Island discs - one of min would have to be 'in these shoes' Kirsty McColl.

Hope you have an ok night


I loved reading all the different choices of all the readers and I'm going to love listening to them.

I've now inadvertently started making lists in my head of all my favourite things. And I've been thinking about the bit that's meant the most to me in your blog. I adored 'See Super Steve Harrison pick up the award. (Does the guy think Steve's Baldy?)'. But the one that meant the most to me was 'Heart Break'. Because it rang so true and so deeply.

I didn't really understand what a blog was all about until I began reading yours, even though I already write one myself.

You're fabulous,

Amanda x

PJ and Duncan has got to be up there with Deeply Dippy dude!! :D

Dearest Adrian,
You've done it again - an article in The Times and people are flocking to the blog and are talking of signing the bone marrow register - fantastic.
Spent the last hour reading all the posts. It's amazing how so many people like the same tracks.
I've just decided my top 6 and am listing them now before I change my mind as I'm soooo old that I have quite a wide taste in :)
I like all types of music as long as it's got a good tune running through it.
Here goes:-

Jerusalem - I love a rousing sing.

In my Life - The Beatles (saw them live in
Manchester when I was 15 (awesome)

I Believe in Angels - Abba - the film Mama Mia
is brilliant.

Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd

You're Beautiful - James Blunt

Chasing Pavements - Adele

Adrian, you keep thinking about us and how your journey is affecting us and what a cheerful day we've all had because of this idea of yours.
Sleep soundly, we will still be here in the morning, playing our old LPs and tapes (that does show my age doesn't it lol :) )
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you,lovely Adrian,your family, friends and your blog friends.

Well I figured that you might not find one track i posted earlier

Ferry Corsten - Clear Blue Water

Thats because its actually ocean lab


Hi Adrian,

Couldn't go to bed before i had done this .

In no particular order..

1. Muse - Our time Is Running Out.

2.Mark Knopfler - theme from Local Hero. This song should be played at baggage collection in Newcastle Airport. There would not be a dry, geordie eye in the house!

3.Arctic monkeys - Do Me A Favour ( I like the drums)

4. Cameo - Word up. Reminds me of the summer post O levels, getting drunk on cider (back in the day when this didnt get you an ASBO)

5. Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie . I used to play this loud when doing finals

6. Two Little Boys - Rolf Harris. This was the song that i would sing every night to my son to get him to sleep. i must have sang it a million times in my life

7...... and anything by The Smiths. All my teen angst at its very best

Every life needs a soundtrack. I have so enjoyed reading all of the posts, music obviously means a lot to us all

sarah xxx

Hi Adrian,
What a sad week...Randy Pausch died, but left his 'Last Lecture' legacy...and now you are also talking about the end...I have to admit I shed a few tears reading the last couple of updates.
Will really miss have been an inspiration and an example to us all.
I am struggling putting my list of 6 together, so I may need to sleep on it and get back to you.
Sleep well...good night.

What a ride this is for us all...

I've read that you don't get over grief, just move through it to the "other side"...From certain experience, I have found there is peace on the other side...

Lovely to think of most you tucked away now and as I go to bed in a few hours, I will say my prayers for all of you as you begin your new day.....

You are all simply brilliant...Much love to Tash...Good morning to Ad and Family...and to darlin Liam...



Dear Adrian,

The one song I would recommend highly (almost wrote about it a couple posts ago) is Vienna Teng's "Lullaby for a Stormy Night." Quite different than radiohead, but haunting in a good way and so lyrical and soothing. She started as a pianist quite young, so her lyrics, voice, and piano give me goosebumps, as we Yanks call them. May be about a mother to her child, but I find it washes away my fear and anxiety from my own life's "storms." I apologize for this slide show youtube, but it has the better recording than one I found with Vienna live - roughly recorded.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful set of mini interviews interspersed by music, in which you tell your story so well. I enjoyed several songs that are favorites of mine too, and learned some other bands' sounds. It is nice to learn your musical preferences and to hear you describe how important the songs were to you in isolation.

We are all lucky you had the music and the strength to make it out of there and through all the other challenges thrown in your path these months.

Again, thank you for opening your kind heart to all of us. I hope you feel the warmth from our hearts, as we try to begin to follow your great example.

Margaret (USA)

Evening Adrian (though you are hopefully tucked up in bed). Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure what happened to my 6 - posted them twice, and said comment needed to be moderated but every other post I've tried for the day seems to have worked. They'll probably all appear tomorrow when Liam moderates the comments...

My 6 as best as I can remember them (though as Toni said, I can, and have, chosen 6 different songs every time I think about it) Not quite true, 3 of them are definite!

1. White Lion - when the Children Cry (anyone know it? Adrian??)

2. Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away

(Okay, so I am a sap. Have a thing for songs that pull at my heart strings.)

3. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

4. Billy Joel - Piano Man or River of Dreams

5. Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle

And for the feel good factor:

6. Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

SOOOO many more - Bon Jovi, Madonna, Michael Jackson (Man in the Mirror), Sinead... Really want to include Lennon's Imagine.... ahhhh! Too hard to do Adrian! I'm cheating.

Ingrid - I know what you mean about "I get KNocked Down"

Adrian - I love your Queen, Bob and Chesney choices but tried not to jump on your bandwagon - they're winners though!

Well I should be off to bed. Court in the morning and all that. Hoping this post works.

Therese - thanks so very much for your kind words.

Sarah from Leatherhead - if you check back in, my brother's girlfriend's from Leatherhead. Small world.

Could go on forever. Night to you all. Sweet dreams. Suspect we'll all have the sound tracks of our lives playing in our heads as we try to fall asleep.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face (our faces) today Sudders!
Tight hugs from Trinidad

Dear Adrian,

I wanted to add to the calming Vienna Teng Lullaby in my last message, a very upbeat, dance-around type song. At least that is what it makes me feel like doing! :)

"Island In the Sun" by Weezer (Green Album version) - sorry it lacks visuals.

I hope you have only good days and restful nights ahead.

Love, Margaret (USA)

Had to say - Beth, I'm likin the Dredg.

"Here we go - down that same old road again,
Sympathy unfolds the shell that holds,
All beauty within,
Here we go - down that same old road again,
A memory, a regret, a hope...

Then you should sit in your backyard,
Watch clouds peak over the tallest mountain tops,
Because they unveil honest opinions about the stars.

We must push on, we must push on, recent it seems,
We must push on, we must push on,
Though we bleed, we must push on, we must push on"

Pushing on. Night.

Ok last one. Promise (kind of - maybe I have my fingers crossed behind my back :)

Thinking maybe we could make a compilation of everyone's favourites, or of at least two of everyone's favs?

I've certainly enjoyed listening to everyone's selections.

Listening to Margaret's suggestion right now - Vienna Teng's "Lullaby for a Stormy Night" - beautiful.

Damn, I'm going to be up all night listening to music.

Anyway, just a thought. Will take some time though. Is it do-able?


Tash, I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of your picks -- my favorite being "On the turning away". Dang. Everybody keeps throwing great songs out there and I want to re-do mine! :-)
Also thought of John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" -- "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans..."
How true...

Good night all,
Sudders, I hope you're dreaming happy dreams tonight!


Ingrid, I thought I'd add that when I sing (scream) "I get knocked down" I do it with a British accent. I'm ... not... British. At all.

Excellent choice!

Texas USA

Ok I know I'm taking this to a different level but I really haven't been happy with one of my selections. I love Cat's in the Cradle. Love the message to parents to slow down and savour it. They grow so fast.

BUT, I have to change it to:

5. Three Canal - Good Morning

A local Trinidadian band. Can't beat the message here. They proclaim to have found a simple remedy, a guaranteed philosophy to make this world a better place - Listen carefully. A simple "Good Morning Neighbour" can make this a sweeter place.

Have a listen. The only link I could find for it. Sorry.

Ok That's it for me. Going to sleep. Night.

Ingrid: How about we just say the entire "Grace" album by Jeff Buckley?

'Hallejuah' is amazing.

I still love 'Last Goodbye' even though it got played a lot here in the US in the 90's, it still affects me every time I hear it.

"Just hear this and then I'll go:
You gave me more to live for,
More than you'll ever know."

Greetings from your new friend Rebecca in the States (San Francisco), a fellow journalist with CML. I wonder if you have any idea how much life you have pumped into me and so, so many others. I'd like to return the favor (name it!).

Having said that, here are my picks. I have only three for now:

1. Madame George (Van Morrison)
2. How Insensitive (Emily Remler and Larry Coryell)
3. Bach Double Violin Concert in D (Beamed down straight from heaven)


I love that song...When the Children Cry..White Lion.....hadn't thought of that one in years..Thinking a compilation of one or two songs from all of us regulars would be so nice..pick "our songs" for Adrian..Cannot seem to even put my six down, let alone pick one for him...

Ah well, it's been a day hasn't it...and so good to feel all of the love and a bit of laughter, a few tears from reading about all of these tunez.....

I am off to prayer land.......

Heart to heart.....



If I pick six it would be too gooey for everyone. So this is my ONE for you.
Josh Groban-You Raise Me Up

Sweet Dreams and Love to you and your family
Debra (Mississippi USA)

I have been following your blog for months and figure no better time than now to chime in with my 6 songs as a way of introduction. The fact that my choices are all over the place has to do with my thinking that I would want to be prepared for my every mood if I were deserted on an island, and not a reflection of any sort of psychological imbalance, like a diagnosis of schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. So here goes, hopefully without judgment:

1. Superstition, Stevie Wonder
2. Two Step (the version on Live at Red Rocks), Dave Matthews
3. The Sire of Sorrow (the version on Travelogue), Joni Mitchell
4. Everloving, Moby
5. Sandstorm, Darude
6. Con Te Partiro, Andrea Bocelli

(Note: The above was created under the assumption that these were the 6 after unlimited Madonna and U2 songs were allowed.)

More importantly, I also wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person -- someone who is officially on my list of "the 3 people, living or dead, I would most like to have dinner with". You have taught me so much about the human spirit, and grace and dignity in the face of adversity. I am truly a better person for having "read" you. So I hope I can continue to do so for the foreseeable future. More so, I hope you find comfort and peace whether it be in naps, morphine, blood fixes, whatever...or at the very least in knowing that you have people all over the world rallying behind you and your cause. I'll be thinking of you, and of course checking back in often.

Thinking of you,

Dear Adrian,

Hope you are sleeping peacefully and I hope you had a nice day yesterday.

My day started with thoughts about you.

Sleep well now .I will be checking again soon, when it is morning in UK.

Lots of love,


I agree with you Kelly -100%, somebody has to find a cure.



Hmmmm 6 songs.....

Heroes David Bowie
Chant No 1 Spandau Ballet
Breathe Prodigy
Little Less Conversation Elvis P
Anarchy in the Uk Sex Pistols
Money Pink Floyd

Bit of a mish mash !!!!

Hope things are bearable matey...
It's a brilliantly sunny, peaceful morning here in West London :-)
lots of love
xxxxreiki hugsxxxx


This is a difficult one I was swapping and changing right from the start!! They all have good memories, mainly daft nights out with my sister and pals!
Right here goes, I'd have in no particular order:

Stand By Me............. Ben E King
Dont Stop me now.. ..... Queen
All You Need is Love.... Beatles
Flourrescent Adolescent. Artic Monkeys
Mr Birightside.......... The Killers
Laid.................... James

No doubt I'll want change it after I've posted it!!

Take care hugs & snogs

Donna xx

Holy Crap Tash, When the Children Cry!

I loooved that song when i was younger and totally forgot about it, I'm going to download it to my ipod right now!

If you love that song of Dredg, then you will love the whole album. Every single song is amazing. They're a NorCal band, not widely known but amazing! See if you can listen to other tracks online - i know you'll love it if you love that.

"All you need is a modest house in a modest neighborhood in a modest town where honest people dwell."

The whole thing is great, really.

Also, was driving home today and realized I missed out on putting anything by Modest Mouse on my list and also Simon & Garfunkel's Kodachrome. I also forgot Nine Inch Nails, Tool, BB King, and Both Sides Now by Carly Simon. There are so many...

Hi Adrian, Just read your post, and I've got to spend a frantic hour or so sorting through our vast music collection to come up with my favourites, I remember tunes, and some of the words but not the titles, I'll be back!!!!! watch this space.
Sandra xx

Morning Adrian

Hope you slept well last night and are comfortable.

Spent the night with songs going round and round my head and can't wait to watch everybody's choices on YouTube - yesterday was a day full of mixed emotions and yet incredibly uplifting.

Tash, what a brilliant idea of yours to make up a compilation - great idea.

Taking that one step further, let's think, we could then get them put onto a CD, together with Adrian's (it would have to be a double CD of course! So many great tracks to choose from on here) - find a kind record producer, and all proceeds go to Leukaemia Research or anything Adrian would like. Think of the money we could raise! Even if all of us purchased a copy .....

I may be talking out of the top of my head, I do that often, but wouldn't it be great. I have these dreams now and then.....

Two tracks for Adrian - I can think of a few but to start I'd probably pick:

When you Need a Friend - Carol King and James Taylor

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel

Hope today is a better day for you dear Sudders, you're one great man! Be checking in on you later.

Much love to you, Mum, Dad, Carrie and Liam
as always xx

And to everybody on here, love and best wishes!

Adrian, you are a truely remarkable person. Far greater than any politician or public figure!

Keep your chin up!

My Desert Island disc top five would be:

Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me

Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Rod Stewart - Someone Like You

Cherry Ghost - People, help the people.

Read your piece in the Times yesterday. Moved by your story but especially where you said you don't know what comes next, but it'll either be good or nothing.
This probably breaks blog rules, but it is really important. I am not a religious krank, I am telling the truth.
The bible says we are all going to die eventually and then comes the judgment. That is we meet God.
Unless we can say that we have accepted that Jesus died for us, we face eternal damnation. It is as simple as that.
Adrian, I don't want that for you. You have nothing to lose, in a real sense you have already lost everything, except the breath you still have. Pray to God and ask him to make himself real to you. He loves prayers like that, and he will. It doesn't matter how good (or bad) we think we have been, we all stand the same before him. I am sure you want to die well, and this is the way to do it.
Other posts have referred to prayers. Well the only prayers that count are to God and Jesus, and I'm praying those for you right now.
God bless you.


"Bidden or not bidden, God is present".

Who knows where God hides? Well, He doesn't. And He doesn't wait for anyone to come to Him, because He's with us all the time.

He's in our very surroundings, in the faces of our loved ones, in the random acts of kindness shown by strangers, in the air we breathe and the sun we feel on our faces.

Even in the terrible lessons we all must learn on this journey.

Adrian, you have lived these past months of your life beyond praise, beyond reproach. And God has always been with you, always will. You are an inspiration and have given us all hope in ourselves, in so many ways.

Sitting here in my house, looking at a computer screen, I see God with you every day. You have no need to search for Him, he is in every fibre of your being.

Hope your day goes well, hope you are feeling more comfortable. Hope you manage to find drops of enjoyment in every step.

Kate & Co
XX xxx

Good Morning dear Adrian,

Hope you and family had a nice sleep.

I dont think our prayers will go waste.

I am not able to read your article in The Times,not able to listen to the interview/ songs as I am in India.I hope you or someone can start something to keep everything you have done so that people like me or people who visit your country can go through all those things.( Sorry my English is not that good)
I liked your country very much, I was there for nearly 2 years.Now again I like to visit, and the reason is YOU Adrian.

About the songs,like Barbara said, somebody can put all songs in 2-3 CD's so that people like me who is far away from your country can also buy.I dont want to miss anything.

Where is Liam,I am lucky that I am not Liam, I am not Ben.Lucky that I am someone sitting far away from Adrian, so that I dont have to see what he and his family is going through.

Above all we all are waiting for your next post.I always pray for you Adrian, and waiting for some miracle to happen.

It is going to be a nice day for you.

Lots of love to Adrian and family.


just read your article in the times. it is a fabulous and brave thing that you are doing. stay shiny! x

Hi Adrian, I'm back, I've sorted out my six much loved dvd's and these evoke so many memories for me and my loved ones, I hope you like my choice.
1. Eva Cassidy - Songbird
2. Chicken Shack - I'd rather go blind
3. Sam Cook - A change is gonna come
4. Ray Charles - I can't stop loving you.
5. Eric Clapton (Unplugged) - Tears in Heaven
6. The Notting Hillbillies - Feel like going home.
Hope you like my choice. I'm not really up with the new artists, but show this list to your mum & dad, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.
Lots of love

Morning all Have just been on you tube of my all time favourite songs is Send in the clowns. I can remember listening to it a long time agobut couldnt remember who it was by. Now found out by Judy Collins. Am covered in goosebumps listening to it again Val x
Adrian hope you are feeling bright today:-) x

Morning Everyone!

Out of all these brilliant songs, the one that I can't get out of my head this morning is...

Chesney! :O)

Have a nice day.

Hi Adrian

This one is for you. My brother just reminded me of it and I'd like to dedicate it to you

James Taylor - You've got a friend

Love Sally x

Hi Sudders!

Well you've certainly got us all thinking haven't you? I wonder how many of us were poring over CDs, plugging into iTunes and glued to our MP3 players last night?? Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Well my top 6 songs for keeping me sane alone on a desert island would be the following:
1) Rock With You - Michael Jackson
2) Love Is A Stranger - Eurythmics
3) Teardrops - Womack and Womack
4) Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
5) Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
6) I See You Baby Shaking That Ass - Groove Armada

A bit of a mixed bunch, something to chill to and something to bop to (well there'd be no-one watching would there)!!

What a great way to divert everyone's attention from this potentially sad time. No doubt we'll all be discussing our top toons at Sheffield Cathedral when the time comes.

I wish you peace, control and love.


Hi Aidy and the fan club, just been reading my bible study (for tomorrow) it is part of Psalm 90. Verse 12 says "Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom" this is translated in the study notes as "It's not how LONG you live that counts, but HOW you live." Now I wonder who that makes us all think of? Favourite songs wold have to be Maggie May - Rod Stewart, Ruby,Ruby,Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs (great very loud when fed up), Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton, Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin, Hold me Close- David Essex and anything by U2. Love as always to you and your family from the Leighton clan. xx

Grrr...took ages to post a message and it's been chewed up and spat out He He :)

Good morning Adrian,
Hope that you are feeling happy and rested this morning.
Great piece in the yesterdays Examiner about Sundays event at the Galpharm Stadium.
You've done it again , young man!
Everyone is so cheerful at the moment and it's the music that's doing it.
What a fantastic, great variety but it's good to see a few of the same popping up.
I know that I, like many others, am going to be continually changing my list today.
Each time I woke up in the night I had a different tune in my head. It's been raining here all night and when I got up this morning I started singing "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone" (Tash
Driving back from taking my daughter to work Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 (Best Days of My Life) came on the radio and I sang all the way home...... good job the windows were closed :).
Tash- the idea of compiling a couple of CDs is great.
Barbara- No - you're not talking out of the top of your head - raising money with them to go to somewhere of Adrian's choice is fantastic.
Right - I'm off to wash up whilst listening to more music but will be back later.
Have a great day everyone.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you lovely Adrian, mum and dad, Carrie and absolutely everyone else.
Christine M.

Good morning Adrian,
My sister and I have been following your blog for some time now and we always talk about you when we chat on the phone (which is several times a day!) I am sitting at work listening to your radio interview on my headphones. I hope you know that you have touched the lives of many more people than post on your site, and will continue to do so for a very, very long time.
I hope you are able to have a comfortable day.
Katie x

Dear Adrian,

I think I am checking every 10 mnts.

Getting worried thinking about you.

I dont know if you can imagine what we all are going through.Just thinking if I can go before you so that I dont have to think about you!

Difficult to express in English what my feelings are right now.First time in my life I am feeling so sad..helpless.I think I forgot how to smile.
It is very dark here and raining heavily like my mind.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers.


Wow Adrian what a great idea!

After much thought I have narrowed down my assorted list in no particular order:

1. Fix you: Coldplay
2. Rocketman: Elton John
3. Rearview mirror: Pearl Jam
4. Thanks for the memories: Fall Out Boy
5. Landslide: Fleetwood Mac
6. Somewhere over the rainbow: Israel Kamakawiwo Ole'

Thanks for this much needed distraction!

Jamie (Indiana)

Morning Adrian, the whole army must be dancing and singing thanks to you - oh the irony of it. Hope you are feeling strong today Chris

My 6! but theres so many really....

1. Take That - Never Forget ("where your coming from, never pretend that its not real, someday all this will all be someone elses dream...") I absolutely love playing this loud, singing it out loud and always makes me feel emotional...

2. Basement Jaxx - Good Luck! ("Tell me, tell me, is life just a playgound, think your the real, deal honey, and someone will always look out for you..") another song that has to be played loud which I can just leap around and sing too !!

3. Eurythmics - There must be an Angel ("no one else could feel like this, I'm feeling overgrown with bliss, there must be an angel playing with my heart...") Was playing on the radio in the background purely by chance the moment my 1st son was born 14 yrs ago, after a long labour! I've never felt so emotional, didn't like the song before but now it has to be a favourite always!

4. Barbara Streisand - Evergreen ("Love, soft as an easy chair, love, fresh as the morning air, One love that is shared by two, I have found with you...") Played at our civil wedding 8 yrs ago with both our sons there to share in our day along with family and friends, nothing extravagant but wonderful!

5. Simply Red - Thankyou ("I thank you for the things you have shown me, Thank you for the love of my life so far anyway now its really really over O God I really thank you babe....") Another one from our wedding as before!

6. George Michael/Mary J Blige - As ("As round the sun the earth knows she's revolving and the rosebuds know to bloom in early May just as hate knows love's the cure you can rest your mind assured that I'll be loving you always...")
have always loved lots of George Michaels music so was hard to choose just one, but this is certainly up there (plus Amazing, Older, Kissing a Fool, Fast Love, etc etc...!)

I'm gonna be singing them all day now!!!

Sarah x

Morning Adrian (well, afternoon now, but only just!!)

Hope you're feeling ok this morning. Like everyone's saying, we've all been humming along, sifting through our CD collections and downloading from iTunes like posessed beings.

I woke up this morning to a mixture of ELO "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" and Chumbawumba "Tub Thumping" (- did this actually get released in the US then?!!! - lol!!)

Like I say, I hope you're ok, will check in again later - better get some work done now!

All my love and a big cyber hug, Charlotte xx

If left to my own devices I would pick 6 of REM. Failing that, I would have 6 Bright Eyes. If I really have to choose 6 from different artists, it would be (and in an hour or so it will have changed completely) -

REM - So Fast, So Numb
Bright Eyes - If the Brakeman Turns My Way
British Sea Power - Carrion
Leonard Cohen - Take this Waltz
Babyshambles - Sedative
Smokie - Don't Play Your Rock & Roll to Me

And how many people have you made late for work this morning?

Just back from a few days in your beautiful Yorkshire and 'checked you out' as soon as I hit home! The two posts I missed, one made me cry buckets, today's had me laughing in the aisles.

I'm so sorry things have got a whole lot less than fun on the health front, I only hope what time you have left can be as comfortable and happy as possible among your wonderful family and friends.

Your positivity and approach never cease to amaze me and you are, and will remain, my personal inspiration, I've said it before and I'll say it again, 'you are my hero Sudders'....and hero's live on in our hearts and minds forever.

Can I give you a hug? Dang, I'm gonna anyways! ;o)


Good Morning All.......

Hmmmm "You Raise Me Up" defintely has to make the list of Ad's songs....

Tash has done a great job of sort of organizing us all...nice to know we will stay family...

more later...

lov 2 u all..

Heart to Heart...


Morning Sudders,

Hope you're well rested.

Off to work now but just wanted to share the song that's been in my head all morning, singing (my version of singing) it while I made breakfast this morning:

ABBA - "Thank you for the music"

Enjoy everyone. Adrian - the thank you goes out to you.

Thank you for the music Adrian!

From a foot tapping Trini

Christine M, how could I forget Summer of '69? Bryan Adams, Sheffield Arena, was the first concert my husband and I went to together and Summer of '69 was always 'our song' until he introduced me to Journey a few weeks later. Can't believe I missed it off my list (and I was born in the summer of '69) but can't think of one of my original 6 it could replace, so best leave it as it is. Think I'll have to take an Adams CD out to the car though. Oh my trip to Matlock is going to be so much sweeter now.

Hope you're resting well, Adrian.

Christina xx
Riddings, Derbyshire

Hey Adrian!!
Some interesting tunes there but Chesney????? To even admit that into your top 100 is er,...well brave to say the least, let alone your top six!! But I guess you have been a tad brave over the past 18 months so why the hell not?
As for mine, well I'm struggling to whittle it down to a mere six but here goes:
1. Prettiest Eyes - The Beautiful South.
2. Moondance - Van Morrison.
3. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd.
4. Won't get fooled again - The Who.
5. Fields of gold - Eva Cassidy.
6. Paradise City - Guns 'n' Roses.

Stay cool mate.

Mac x

Afternoon Adrian,

Morning has disappeared already and feel like I've already done a day's work! Hope you had a good night, anyway just thought put the fingers to computer again and say what brilliant e-mails you receive.

You really have brought the nation together, you need to start an art gallery of all your greatest photos and achievements you would have them flocking to see them.

Well hope you have a good rest of your day and will e-mail soon

Love Sarah, madhouse, furry animals (TAKEN OVER THE SOFA'S AS USUAL) - last night was really muggy and had thunder and lightening - poor cats didn't know whether to make quick dash in the rain or stay in!

Good morning all,

Just wanted to ask if Liam ever posted his 6?? Did I miss them?? Liam, surely you know everyone wants to know what a handsome flame-hat wearing youth would pick for his top 6!!
Hope you're doing allright, and thanks for all your hard work on that wonderful post yesterday. Love the pic of Adrian, the Sailor.
Also, at the risk of sounding like a complete nut -- Can I add one more very important song to my list??? It should have been number 1, I can't believe I left it off -- Van Morrison's Into the Mystic. My alltime favorite. I am now making a vow to stay off youtube today. This morning I woke up with a sore wrist (The dread "Youtubaltunnel Syndrome" ??) and I'm fairly sure I'm developing a small hump on my back from hunching over the computer for so long. I'm starting to resemble some sort of troll. Worth it, though - What fun! I think every single person had at least one song on their list that made me go "OHHHH yeah!! I loved that!" I hope you had a restful night and that you feel up to seeing some of your friends today. xoxoxoxox

Right. So, in closing, I would just like to add that I'm a huge Sam Cooke fan... so, "Bring It On Home" should replace... hmmm... which one should I take out.... ? Madness! It must stop!! I have kids to feed!!


well where do i start as different music means so much to me

vanessa carlton - a thousand miles - think the line if i can just hold you sums things up better than anything
counting crows - big yellow taxi - you dont know what youve got til its gone
leanne womack - I hope you dance - constant shining light
3 doors down - without you - here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind, i here without you baby and I dream about you all the time
queen - dont stop me know - i dont want to stop at all
duffy - warwick avenue - lets drop the past and be true

but then again i also want mcfly - youve got a friend - winter, spring, summer or fall all you got to do is call and I'll be there yes I will

thank you for inspiring me more than you will ever realise Adrian a true gent, someone you can always look up to hope you are coping today


Hello to Adrian, Carrie, The Folks, and Liam...

Here at my desk..but much would rather read through all of these tunez again. Quite an Eclectic group you have here.

Adrian, you've created a family and you are raising us all up beyond what we expect of ourselves. Nothing but good can come from this...

Hoping you can gain some peace from all of the love coming your way. When I first started "watching you" I told you that if you should leave us, I would be looking for you everywhere...I really will be looking for you dear man...

lots of love, heart to heart


Hi Adrian,
All this music. I'm going into overload lol :)

This is a list to share with your mum dad, from my teenage years:-

Sugar Sugar - The Archies

Sugar and Spice - The Searchers

You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine)-The

Baby Now That I've Found You - The Foundations

You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry &

I'm Into Something Good- Herman's Hermits

Funny How Love Can Be - Ivy League.
I know that's seven but couldn't take one out.

I hope this list makes them sing around the house.

Hope you're feeling settled today and quite well.
All that love, kisses,hugs and soothing thoughts again to everybody, lovely Adrian, but especially to your wonderful mum and dad.


Good afternoon Adrian, Liam, fellow dancers.

Hope you are having a good day Adrian as ever you are on my mind. It's so frustrating to have to go to work and try to concentrate on normal things. The response to your request for 6 of the best has been amazing but I think the only one that should be playing here in very soggy Swansea is rain drops keep falling on my head. Catch you later Chris

Hi Adrian
Can't be arsed to make papers when you've invited us to be indulgent!! So a break for 10 mins in Hounslow just to add my list of an old woman's favourites.
Something Else - Eddie Cochran
54-46 Was My Number - Toots & The Maytals
Bohemian Like You - Dandy Warhols

That's it, don't need 5 or 6, but if pushed would add some early Stones and a bit of Marvin Gaye.

Going now, just remember You Are In Charge.

What a hard one, I have the most varied taste in music!!


Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

The Beatles - I Should've Known Better

The Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Angel Of The Morning - Juice Newton

Toto - Africa

Tried to post this yesterday but think that comment is awaiting moderation.

For all of you who are, like me, not in the UK - Adrian's article in the Times yesterday can be found at the following link:

Adrian - another incredible article rife with heartfelt honesty. Not wanting to spoil it for anyone, but the last paragraph made me cry tears of both sadness and joy.

Never let it be said that you departed this earth before attaining your goal of becoming a national journalist - you are that and more. International even. Might not have been on the terms you'd anticipated, but you're most certainly, in my eyes and in the eyes of many, a journalist through and through.

Much love as ever

dammit - just posted the link to Adrian's Times article and again it's been held for moderation.

Look out for it I guess. If not, google Times UK and then search Sudbury in the Times site. Amazing article. Our boy's an incredible journalist.


Check out:

Sudders Campaign - Bone Marrow Clinic at Galpharm Stadium... The Sudders Effect in full force!


Dear Adrian,

Just now I read about your article in The Times.
I dont know what to say.

As always anything connected to you makes me SAD.That is not the word actually.I do not know how to explain.

Thankyou very much Tash for that link.

Till now no news from you Adrian.Hope you are feeling ok.

( I do not know if I can write this or not, most of the time I write what is in my mind.I am not writing this to make anyone angry..ok?People in the West get married after years of dating, living together etc.But many end in divorce.Divorce is not very common here in India, here there are somany arranged marriages.But now divorce rate is increasing here also!I am just writing because I thought instead of dating or living together for more than 6 years, Adrian must have married and started a family.If that was the case he will be having atleast 1 kid by now.Sorry this is not to hurt anyone, I just wanted Adrian to have a kid if he has to leave this world, not blaming him or anyone.I am NOT advicing arranged marriages for everyone!And I am not advicing anyone what to do with their lives.Just feeling sad for Adrian because I can understand the importance of having a family,having children etc.
Sorry I just wrote what came to my mind!)

Lots of love to Adrian.


How fun! This is a hard one as I love music and have a bunch of favorite songs. If I had to pick 6 songs.....they would be:

~Nothing by Kip Winger (new cd)
~Miles Away by Winger
~The One Thing - INXS
~Big Machine - Goo Goo Dolls
~either Fascination Street or Pictures of You - The Cure
~You Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest

I think that's my final answer LOL!!

Florida, USA

Dear Adrian,

I dont know if you have the time to read all our comments.

I can understand the importance of having a family, kids etc (though I dont have any!)You mentioned that in your blog and in The Times article. My family is my parents and my brother right now.May be can have a family of my own later..

There is one saying here (India).Enemies in our past life are born as our kids in the presnt life!!( sorry poor English, but I hope you can understand!)

What if we have little satans as our kids..then atleast for a moment we will think ,oh no kids is better.So I am not going to worry too too dont worry Adrian.If I had your personal mail id I must have written something personal to you.

I am still waiting for a post from you Adrian.You must be busy with family and friends.

Hope you are doing better, that is all I want to hear.

Lots of love to Adrian.


Ok - I thought of a few more songs...I know we are only allowed 6 but I have to put these out there too....

~Estranged - Guns N Roses
~Cats In the Cradle - Ugly Kid Joe version
~Cry For Freedom - White Lion
~Beautiful Lie - Virgos Merlot
~Gain - Virgos Merlot
~either The Idol or Hold On to My Heart by WASP

Florida, USA

Hi Adrian
I am so glad you are at peace with yourself and have taken control to choose the death you want to have. Everyone dies but not everyone has the choice of where, when and, to some extent, how. So there is something positive to take from this terrible situation.

I echo what most others have said - you have genuinely touched the hearts of so many in such a short space of time. People really do care about you and what you have achieved. I know that Saturday will be a particularly hard day for you so hope that you spend it with your family around you.

Be at peace Adrian

Hello Adrian,

Oh bugger, I go away for a few days only to read these last few posts on my return. Although I feel deeply sad I am glad that you have been able to take some form of control and reached a decision that feels right for you. I will miss reading your updates and thoughts and hearing how you are, more than I can say or imagine. You will always, always take up a special place in my heart Mr Sudbury(and I don't hand out those spaces to many folk, I can tell you that much for free!). So many people have said what an insipation you are and I really want to echo that. If I can only achieve half as much in my whole lifetime as you have in the past months that I will be very proud indeed. Thank you Adrian. I truly mean that.

I hope you have a peaceful journey my friend. Thinking of you always. xxxxxxxxx

Now onto the music :

1.) Stevie Wonder- You Are the Sunshine of my Life (you have to love a bit of Stevie!)

2.) Jeff Buckley- Hallejuah (the only song that gives me goosebumps every single time I hear it)

3.) The Charlatans- One to Another (am an indie kid really. Oh, and I *heart* Tim Burgess)

4.) Futureheads- Hounds of Love (I defy anyone not to sing along, especially when in the car. At least the 'ah, oh oh' bits!)

5.) Elton John- Your Song (aawww, I just love it. Who said romance is dead?!)

6.) Paul Weller- Wild Wood (especially the guitar intro, and the way the song builds, genius!).

Thank you for cheering us up (see, you're still always thinking of us!) with this little task. I hope that our comments and lists also manage to lift your spirits a bit too. Lots of love, as always,

Nic xxxx

Oh my goodness I've always had trouble with these sorta things - good job I aint famous (or even become a mini-celeb such as yourself baldy) as I would be so incredibly uninspiring in an interview!!

Here are the first six that come to mind though - kinda able to be split em into three categories!

Gravity - Embrace
Green day - Time of your life

Stevie Wonder - I just called to say I love you
Queen - Don't stop me now

Guns & Roses - Don't Cry
Tiffany - I think we're alone now

Oh and Ant and Dec will always be 'PJ and Duncan' to me - still can't go paintballing to this day!! ;-)

Sudders - thanks for the fun! Bring on the compilation I say!!

Tina x x x

Mine has to be-

Kirsty Macall's PARKING LOT (spelt wrong, but who cares!)


A John Williams classic ROMANZA ( I try to play the accoustic guitar and sometimes think I am good)

You look good on the dance floor is my next..

And last but not least ( a wierd one )fergal sharkey's YOU LITTLE THIEF

What no Boyzone Ads?????
And after our little dance in the car and everything?!!

1) Don't stop me now - Queen
2) Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
3) Never Forget - Take That
4) Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
5) Killers - Mr Brightside
6) Baywatch Theme Tune

Hope you have a better day tomorrow


Evening Adrian, Liam and everyone else,

Hope you've had a good day Adrian and thanks for looking after the gremlins in the links Liam. I'm saving the listening until a train journey on Friday. Can't wait to listen.

Is everyone else okay?

Tash and Shiney, if I can be of any help with the compilation CDs just give me a shout. Love doing that kind of thing.

Oooh Debs. Fairytale of New York. Such a great choice. Can't believe I forgot that one. Days by Kirsty Maccoll (and of course originally I think The Kinks) is just wonderful as is New England (Billy Bragg's original).

Laura, loving your number 6 choice. Really and truly. 'I'll be the-e-e-re'. Tune.

Another 6 from me. (sorry!)

Mmmm-bop - Hanson.
Rule the world - Take That
No-one's gonna love you - Band of Horses
If she knew what she wants - The Bangles
I want you back - The Jackson 5 (but especially for KT Tunstall's version - go take a look on youtube. It'll blow your mind)

Take care everyone and I hope tomorrow is good for you Adrian and of course you all.

Toni xxxx

Hey hun......I don't think I know u but not sure! I live in the green and if u never met me then unlucky u!!!!(ha ha mean that!!!) I havent really drunk round the green in ages and well enough said! All the best chick and all I am going to say is if there is still a chance be it 10% or 20% and I know u r heart broken and it's shit. But mate if there is a chance try it!!!! Us High Green folk r harder than what life throws at us.............Come on chick and well done wiv everything x x x x

Hi Adrian, these are my top 6:

You to me are everything - The Reel Thing.

Shine on - The kooks.

The Scientist - Coldplay.

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol.

Lips of an Angel - Hinder.

I`ll be missing you - P Diddy ft Faith Evans.

Love Becky. xxx

Apparently among you many other talents, you have even taught the world to sing. :)

Thinking warm thoughts of you and yours,

Adrian....sleep well, hope youve been ok today and up to your pals visiting.

(toni..did you know that take that wrote Rule the world for me? Thats what I tell my husband anyway!) Good choice by you.
Sleep well all. Val

Darlin Ad:

Thinking of you as a beautiful sun sets in Arizona this evening. I will go to bed with prayers on my mind for you, and your family and Liam and all members of Team Sudders and Heart to Heart.....Its an incredible sun set and fills me with great joy even in these dark hours...

God wrap His arms around you today and hold you until I can hold you myself....

Heart to heart..I will be looking for you Adrian.


Hey Mr. Sudbury,

Hope your day's been comfortable and filled with love and laughter. Mine has been filled with music, thanks to you.

Definitely going to see if we can get that compilation going - and Barbara's idea of selling it and proceeds going to charity - Brill!

Toni - definitely gonna need a hand on this one. Court doesn't go on vacation for another few days so still swamped here. Will email you.

Adrian, sending you lots and lots of tight hugs, soothing energy, and love from across the Atlantic. Fondest thoughts to your mum and dad, Carrie and the rest of the gang.


This is to all your family, friends and co-workers.


God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things, I can not change.
The COURAGE to change the things I can.
And the WISDOM to know the difference.

This carries me through everday of my life.
I hope it carries you and yours.

I'm in the USA it's 10:00pm I'm turning in now.
I'll be seeing you.

Heart to Heart,

Dear Adrian,

May be you are sleeping peacefully.

I came just to check about you Adrian.Just praying that you are feeling ok.Want to hear only that.
You will never know what I am going through daily.
Try to enjoy the days with your family and friends, you can be proud of yourself,to all of us you are the best journalist -talking about your experiences of having leukaemia, we can read in text books about leukaemia,but the information you gave was very very different which no text book or internet can give us, I just hope that someone will soon find a solution for this !@#$ leukaemia,your parents , your sister and you that is your family only these people you can trust 200%, only they will stand by you no matter what/who you are, you are lucky in that way, you have your parents with you if you have to leave this world, you didnt have to die in an old age home with noone to look after you.Sometimes I do get scared when I think about an old age death,a burden to someone is the most frightening thing especially if you are not with your perfect partner.I agree if you get the right partner you are lucky, which is now very difficult to get in this selfish , cruel world.

In short Adrian I feel you are lucky,finished all your works in this world perfectly,acheived your dream of becoming a national journalist , no a world famous journalist now.I do not know any journalist in your country, I know only Adrian Sudbury!You have the most loving family and who will get so much of love from friends all over the world?Not having a family of your own..wife and kids, what if they are not up to your expectations..better not to have?Good that you are not having a perfect partner and loving kids, then it will be very difficult to leave this world.To me you are unlucky for only one reason, that you have to leave this world at a very young age,may be you will miss somany things which normal young people do.For that reason I am angry with god..once I am there with god may be we can discuss that topic with him, why he is so unfair to some people, most probably he will answer - "I wish to have the people I love most to be with me, not on earth"

I hope you will wake up today feeling better than yesterday.

Lots of love to to only Adrian.


Forgot one thing..

Hi Toni,

Yes please help with the CD's.I am not an expert in such things.

Have a nice day!



...6.45am (in the UK) - I'm most certainly not a morning person, but I'm sending you all the love, energy and warm wishest I can muster up at this time of day!! ;-)

I hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy some quality time with loved ones and you've enjoyed the music as much as we have! (My head's still spinning with some of the musical choices from above; watch out, there may be another six of mine coming later...)

You're constantly in my thoughts Adrian - love to you and love to all, Charlotte xx

Good Morning Adrian

Hoping you have had a restful night and ready for another day with friends and family.
Spent some time yesterday reading all the old posts and found one from Richard Porrit, my daughter worked with him before his time at the Examiner. Small world!

To Tash and Toni I think the CD idea is great and would offer my help in Yorkshire. Where you would start with the music selections I have no idea, what a varying mix of favourites!

Adrian I will be thinking about you and your family today.

Hi Adrian

Ok, promise to stop now, but you posting this blog has opened up so many musical memories, haven't stopped playing you tube for 2 days and emailing my brother in Hong Kong about old tunes we loved!

Can't believe I forgot SAVAGE GARDEN and THE CORRS, another 2 of my favourite bands.......................

Some great choices from all your posters!

Hope you feeling comfortable and as well as you can this morning,

Sal x

Morning Adrian

Just checking in to say hope today is calm and peaceful for you. I'm not around today till later tonight. Will pop my head in again before I go to bed - I've had songs going round in my head for the past two days, and have changed my top six SO many times. Could come up with another very easily, over and over - such is the power of beautiful music!

I hope you are aware that even now you are still performing little miracles - bringing people together - having us out here coming up with ideas to keep things moving on for the cause - such is the 'Sudders' effect! And we all love you dearly for it.

Much love and gentle hugs dearest Adrian
You're always in my thoughts no matter where I am....Barbara xx

As Tash said 'Thank you for the Music' !!

Morning Adrian.
Hope that you've had a peaceful night and are able to enjoy the day with your family and friends.
You are responsible for so much good coming into our lives. The "Sudders Stalkers" team Tash has got together will always ensure that your campaign follows through and we WILL make the CD idea work.
Lovely Adrian, you are always going to be in our minds and our hearts. What a legacy you are leaving us. Nice work young man!
Going to listen to MORE music, e.mail the team , wash up, but, I'll keep coming back.
Let us know how you are, dearest Adrian, or maybe Liam could.
Love, hugs, kisses and soothing thoughts to you and yours and everyone else.

0n behalf of Big G'ma I am asked to say that she doesn't recognise any she has seen - so here is a few from her generation -followed by more on behalf of G'Dad.

Life is a Cabaret - Judy Dench version.
Shall We Dance - soundtrack from King and I film.
St.Crispins day speech from Henry 5th spoken by Kenneth Branagh.
I'll know When my Love comes along (from Guys & Dolls)
Nobody Does it Better - Carly Simon
Dambusters March played by Silkstone Brass Band (of course!

G'Dad's choice.

Its a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Wish me Luck as you Wave me Goodbye - Gracie Fields
Fly me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
"Pineapple Song" from Cabaret
Any Jelly Roll Morton track.

Whilst I am doing this I may as well join in. I am a an old friend of Ba and self appointed P.A/Advisor!! ...but just a few years younger.
Haven't seen you since you were in short trousers but have been blogging with you for some time. My choice follows:-

Everything's Coming up Roses - Ethel Merman
Somewhere only We Know - Keane
Can you Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John
There's a Place for Us - West Side Story
Tchaikovsky l8/12 overture...with fireworks please.

Best Wishes Ann Lowther.

Dear Adrian/Liam,

Just waiting for some thing to hear from Adrian.

My prayers to Adrian and family.


Dear Adrian and Liam,

There is some sort of silence.

I hope you are ok Adrian.

I am having too much of tension thinking about you.

Lots of love


Just a shout out of love and support to you from a fellow leukemia patient. God Bless you!

Mornin Glories One and All:

Its another horribly hot day in Arizona...trying to make lemonade out of a lemon of a day...not that easy today..

Praying for you all, Ad, Carrie, The Folks, Liam and the masses in Sudders Army...

Tash, love the idea of the heart to heart blog..

I know it is hard not hearing from Ad. Send your messages to his heart...Pray for him and his...and God grant us all strength....

Blessings on you from my "LEMONADE STAND"

heart to heart


Morning Adrian (well, afternoon there really) Oh time zones baffle me so!...

Hope you've had a restful night. I'm pretty sure your "schedule" is keeping you very busy and that you're always surrounded by loved ones.

You have alot of us utterly confused at what's happening here - How can a man who we've never met occupy such a large part of our hearts and minds? Trust me, we're all amazed at the power you possess to bring people together.

Hope you've managed to enjoy some of the music, though we've inundated you with comments for days upon end - can't be easy to find time or energy to go through all of them.

Determined to sort out a Sudder's CD compilation and see what we can do about getting it sold for Leukemia research or something along those lines. All the copyright issues etc are gonna have to be sorted out but it'll be done. Gonna be hard to choose songs, apart from your 6, but there are quite a few that reappear so we'll start there.

Always thinking of you, wrapping you in our thoughts and love from a distance.

Ah, From a Distance - there's another good one (even for a not-very-religious one like myself)

Lots of love from Trinidad

Dear Adrian and Liam,

Both of you forgot about the blog I think.
If Adrian is taking rest could you please give us an update Liam?

No news is better than bad news...

Hope you are feeling ok Adrian.

Lots of love


Wow Tash...u've got me crying again...Has to be some God out there to have allowed people to be able to write such lovely prose...

From a distance and heart to heart...


Hi all,
Adrian, big cyber hug to you today.
Wanted to thank whoever (there was more than one, I think) put Eva Cassidy on their lists. I had never heard of her before and went and youtubed her. Talk about the voice of an angel!! She's on my list now!Yet another reason I'm glad I found Adrian and his blog family.


A 'SUDDERS CD COMPILATION' is a wonderful idea! Look forward to hearing more!! Hope you are having a peaceful day Adrian. You are my last thought at night and my first in the morning. With much love to you, your family and everyone out there who cares about you. xx

Dear Adrian and Liam,

Hope everything is ok with you Adrian.

Whole day I was checking for some news.

I am not at all a social type, keep everything to myself,very rarely I open up.Now I am talking to people whom I have never met,I am out of my nut shell , all these just because of Adrian!

I wish I can snatch you from the hands of death.


Hi Adrian, I have just left a comment on Liams post for you but I see that your dear blog family are still leaving messages on this post so I thought I would wish you well here too. Keep strong Adrian and hopefully we will hear some news from you soon. I like to believe that these silences are because you are sharing precious moments with your family but I do worry. In the meantime hi to my cyber family. Chris

Hi Adrian,have to say I was away from the PC today and (sad person that I am) felt positively bereft and couldn't wait to get home to log on.I have musically educated myself these past two days and was surprised to discover that radiohead is really good, that brian one was fab, and the video was great!!! I love music but am rubbish at remembering bands and names etc... so to choose 6 ...a nightmare of a task! However, my token gesture is `Manu Chao' (Clandestine) It is one of my favourite cd's, my friends assure me that it is truly awful but I love it and it always makes me feel happy.
On not such a happy note our k.c spanniel (mungo) has got fleas and we have all been bitten to pieces, so have the loveley task of fumigating the house and washing the dog and bedding tonight.
Thinking about you a lot, I must be turning into a stalker too. I really hope that you are feeling better and that your tummy is not giving you too much jip, I so want for your remaining time to be enjoyable,and painfree.
I hope you won't be offended but I think that I will choose to remember you by porkpies rather than trees or snowdrops as I am particularly partialled to fact I can't stop buying them having seen your birthday pie (could it be that I was born up north, or that I'm just a pig?!)
Lots of Love Helen(from somerset)
ps. Tash you sound a lovely well balanced person.

Me again, just realised that the Brian song is by the artic monkeys, not radiohead. Warned you I am rubbish with names. Sorry will try harder to be sociably acceptable. My kids shame of me that I keep saying High street musical, instead of High School...Is dementia possible at the age of 40 or am I just a lost cause!? Helen x

Helen - If "balanced" is defined as "sitting at a computer checking in on Adrian Sudbury every hour or so" - well then I think you've hit the nail on the head :)

Seriously though, thank you for the kind words...

I suspect it's my musical choices, and if that's the case I'll remind you of Sudders' words:

"Their choices are so blatantly determined by the persona they wish to portray..."

so you see I've fooled you all. Here I am sat listening to Marilyn Manson - ugh! Okay I can't even pull that joke off - sorry to all you Manson fans!

Hope you're doing well Ad! Boy your ears must be buzzing - what with so many people thinking of you, talking about you, sending you love, and generally wishing you well!

From a drippy but incredibly stiflingly hot Trinidad

My name isn't 'Anonymous', honestly!
Christine M.xx

Sending you lots of love today Adrian. Sorry I havent dropped in for a few days - my husband's sister Louise's journey came to an end on Sunday. Hope you dont mind me telling you this, but am thinking it might be a tiny bit of comfort for you - it was a lovely peaceful goodbye, surrounded by love.

As for music, enjoyed listening to them all - Chesney Hawkes, what an inspired choice!!! Too hard to narrow it down to so few, but some favourites are:

The man who cant be moved - The Script

For lovers - Wolfman and Pete Doherty

Tempted - Squeeze

Through the barricades - Spandau Ballet

Ever changing moods - Style Council

Anything by Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee
(old blues stuff)

Thinking about you, rest easy sweetheart xxx

Just to wish you a peaceful, restful night Adrian. My house is very quiet (dont like it) with my children in Thailand. Bring back the mess of 2 teenagers, I will never complain about it again. Well at least for a couple of days of them getting back. I had intended redecorating while they are away but it is difficult to paint and type at the same time so I have decided to prioritise and you have won hands down! Goodnight Adrian and fellow blog watchers Chris zzzzzz

This is for Tash, seem to remember you posting your e-mail address to try and get a mailing list together of fellow stalkers. Have scrolled through past comments but cant find it. Do me a favour and post it again if you dont mind as there is a whole nights viewing to find it again. Thanks Chris

Hi Adrian
Hope you are tucked up in bed and sleeping soundly. I should be. Hope you've had a good day, and wish you an even better one tomorrow. Thinking of you often. Much love from my house to your house xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just checking in to say good night, though it's only 5:46 here. Time zones again - pah! I swear that's why I'm the crazy stalker, cause I'm up way after you lot in the UK and need to check in to while away the hours... honestly! Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Christine - it's Drop me a line and I'll add you to the list.

Can also always be reached via my blog - if you click on my name at the bottom of any comment it should take you straight there.

Adrian, hoping you're getting the rest you need to face another day of way too many comments, from way too many stalkers, who check in on you way too many time a day. Not to mention all the time you need to play host to actual friends, you know, you flesh and blood type, and family.

Thinking of you fondly as ever. Sending warm hugs and all the comforting energy I can muster... and let me tell you, it ain't easy sending that stuff WAAAYYYY across the Atlantic.

Did you know that it's 7,123 km from Trinidad to Leceister Square? There are plaques in the centre of the square set into the ground giving you the distances from UK to what I think are all the former colonies - could be wrong but that seems to be the common factor between all the countries there.

So sending love across 7,123km :)

Hey Adrian, and fellow "blogettes"

I hope you are having peaceful sleep right now. I have spent the last 2 and half hours going through my itunes and youtube trying to sort out my fave 6 tracks to post, I can't do it! There are just too many. My favourites vary through the decades and vary day to day. Here are my 6 favourites of the moment.

McAlmont & Butler - YES

Michael Buble - LOST


Arctic Monkeys - LOVE MACHINE

Roger Miller - KING OF THE ROAD

George Michael - KISSING A FOOL

Snow Patrol - RUN

DOH! there's 7. well, I wasn't going include snow patrol tonight, but there is a very "apt" part that made me think of you/the blog/the campaign, so I just added it as an is the part where they say

"Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear"

I really hate to think how you lot are coping with all this because I can't seem to come on here without tears at the moment. I am so sorry. We are the ones that are supposed to keep you strong and yet sometimes this brings back for me so many sad memories of my childhood.

Right. That's it. No more. Adrian, you are a very brave fantastic person, and there will be no more weeping here. (is there an icon anywhere to indicate crossing fingers?)
Loads of love to you and all your family.
Take care sweetheart.
Love Tina ~X~X~X~X~X~X~X~

It's little ole me, just got back home after visiting my son. I can't go to bed without checking in on you Adrian. I am officially one of Tash's band of stalkers now! Never thought I'd see the day but that's the effect you have on us all. It's a lovely effect though. Just like the way you bring us all together at this time, we're so lucky to have found you!

I hope you're seeing friends and family and are comfortable, and getting lots of rest, I would imagine if you have time to read this multitude of comments every day it could be pretty tiring, but in a good way I hope.

Doesn't Tash come up with some interesting facts! 7,123 km from Trinidad to Leicester Square! I'm going to use that one when I'm next with a group of friends. That'll make them think!

So it's goodnight from me and the softest, loving, comforting hug is being sent your way across the skies, together with a kiss on the forehead goodnight. A hug too to your Mum, Dad and Carrie.

Much love to you all
Barbara xx

Goodnight to everyone on here too, and just in case they might read this I just wanted to say to Byron Godfrey and family, I did think of you today....

This is to all of you here in Adrian's "Army" It is 7:OO pm here in Mississippi USA.
I know that some of you are still up as I am, I know/hope some of you are sleeping because of the geography of where you are and pray your sleeping peacefully. I also know that no matter what time zone you are in you ALL leap to your computer for news of Adrian (as I do more times a day than you could imagine)when you are awake. We yearn for even a whisper. I have followed this blog for a couple of months now and found that not only is Ardrian amazing but so are each and every one of you. If we could bottle the love that is on this blog we could start a more peaceful, caring, giving, loveing world. Maybe this is where it begins. I would give anything to meet everyone of you and hug everyone of you. It would be like touching the best part of all of us. You all raise ME up to levels of joy/faith I have never known. I pray for all of you that while we are keeping the visual over Adrain remember to embrace all of your blessings, hug your loved ones tighter, spread you kindness further and be good to yourselves. Take care of yourselves and lets take care of eachother. Thank you for letting me share the beauty of who you all are. To Adrian and his family, thank you for your generosity in letting us into your reality. We want to never abuse that gift. Sleep peacefully Adrain
Love to your family, friends coworkers and Army. And love, hope and blessings to all of those who sign up to be donors and those waiting.


Darling Ad, The Folks, Carrie, Liam:

I have told you before that I love comes to you freely and heart to heart. You've given me the gift of who you truly are. A gift like that does not have any boundaries.

My gift to you, unconditional love..take it with you wherever you go.

I will be seeing you someday and every day, I will be looking for you....

God bless....

Heart to heart.


Good morning again Adrian - wow, wish I could swap time zones with some of the above, I could do with an extra few hours in bed now! (Given the weather here at the moment, quite fancy also swapping location to - let's say, Trinidad, US, India...!!)

Well, as ever, this is my first port of call in the morning. I won't have internet access this morning at work (aaagh!) but you can be assured I'll be checking in again as soon as possible! ;-)

I really feel for you this week and basically echo everyone else's heartfelt comments above.

My love and warmest wishes go out to you, your family and those around you (both physically and virtually!!)

Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian,

Just checking how you are feeling. Hope you are comfortable. Love Dawn xxx

PS Can I add the Birdy Song to my list too???

Many a Disco would be lost without this masterpiece!!! xx

Dearest Adrian,
Hoping that this morning finds you peaceful, relaxed and happy with your family around you.
Been trying since 8.30am to leave a comment but the Grrrrremlins wouldn't let me.

What a wonderful young man you are, Adrian.
The lengthy campaign, the blog on which you have educated us about Leukemia and bone marrow donations in layman's terms, and now Tash's Team.
We've got a great group of people together who will keep in touch forever, always helping to keep your cause alive, sorting out the CD, but also being able to just talk to each other and it's very uplifting.
There's so much love within the team for you, your family and friends.
We are such a diverse group, different countries, different ages, different lifestyles and jobs but all with one aim - to keep you, lovely Adrian in everyones minds and hearts so that you are NEVER, EVER forgotten.
You are definitely The Wind Beneath OUR Wings and we will always be greateful to you for the opportunities we all now have.
Have a happy day.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you,lovely Adrian, mum and dad, Carrie, family and friends and your blog family.

Hi Adrian

Checking the blog hourly whilst I'm at work (as are many across the UK and beyond no doubt)! Sincerely hope Adrian is not feeling too rough and uncomfortable. This heat is quite oppressive at the moment. I know some of you guys in India, Trinidad and the States have it much hotter, but here in the UK it's such a rare occurrence, we don't have time to get used to it. Gosh, I've just realised that us Brits are always whinging about the weather! It's either too bloody hot or too bloody cold!

It's great to read everyone's comments and some of the Desert Island Disc songs are totally inspired, but I have to say I don't agree with the Birdy Song I'm afraid! If you include that you have to include Agadoo as well by Black Lace. Push pineapple indeed!!

Peace and tranquility to you Adrian. Thinking of you and your family.


Dear Adrian,

Now I am having some peace after reading your mothers post.

I will be always here praying for you and family and will NEVER forget you.

Lots of love,



I know you are incredibly busy, but could you do another quick post...just a place to start the ramblings of the cyber hawkers. It is sometimes difficult getting to the bottom of this one to post a comment because of all the present comments...

Hope you are holding are in our prayers too...

much love, heart to heart..


Dear Adrian,

Hope you are sleeping peacefully, sleep well.

Hvae peaceful days ahead.

Lots of love,


Good Morning Adrian,
Hoping this beautiful morning in Huddersfield is with you too and that you are waking up rested and happy.
Enjoy your day with your family and friends.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you,deares Adrian, mum and dad, Carrie, family and friends and your blog family.

Dear Adrian, have just read Liam's update, and your wishes for the future of your very faithful followers. I know that this blog will not end, when sadly you leave us, your legacy will go from strength to strength with the same determination and courage that you have shown us. I'm not a leader but a follower, so I, no doubt along with most of your army, will read with interest the thoughts of how we can all maintain contact and build on what you have achieved. Have a good weekend with your family and friends. Please, please keep us posted.

Putting others before yourself again Adrian, re: Keeping Adrian's Army together.(not that I am knocking that, because that's how you are and it's what makes you so special and unique)

It's 'me time for you at the moment'
And bugger every one else for now.

(I am only referring to your bloggers - that's us lot. NOT your family and close friends)

Don't mean this to sound harsh, but it's you that counts and let US take the burden of feeling sorry for ourselves..

But do you know what?
We won't.
Do you know why?
It's because you have taught us so very well
We know you're proud of that.

Dear Adrian,

Good Morning!

Hope you are back in home and feeling better.Weekend is going to be busy with friends and family.

Have a nice time Adrian.

Lots of love,


Hi Adrian,

I just read your desert island disc choice, I am flattered you have my little ditty along side the great Radiohead...I've been on this site reading your blogs for over an hour now and I have to say you are an amazing guy, very inspirational. Not to mention your fantastic taste in music! I hope this finds you happy and peaceful mate, my thoughts are with you,

God bless,

Chesney Hawkes x

I've just heard that Adrian died this morning. What a brave and noble man- I hope his campaigning will lead to something great.

My thoughts, and those of many others, I am certain, are with all his family and friends.

Good luck son - if anyone deserved to have "If I knew" dedicated to them it's you - thanks for the bumpy ride - hope to meet you in that other place.


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