Desert Island Sudders part 6


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I just LOVE music, best diary of my life, every moment of my past can be related to music.Love new music and listen to all my kids music too but SOO HARD to pick only 6. Was really a bit of a head banger in my youth as loved the energy of the music, where can I start, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap,Jo Cocker, Led Zeppelin and of course Free (who became Bad Company)
Top 6 though would have to be

Linkin Park - Numb - just love it!

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (first band ever went to see live at 14 - bit of an old rocker!)

Alison Moyet - All Cried Out (one of my best friends, Tony Swain, wrote it!)

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie - one of my heart throbs. what an innovator!

Genesis - In Too Deep- loved Phil Collins!

Paul Young - Wherever I lay my hat - local boy did good!

Also agree Chesney Hawkes and One and Only - bit of a legend!!!
If you get a chance Adrian, listen to them, let me know what you think!

Love Sally x

Fantastic! Loved the interview and your choices of tunes! You have a truly wonderful spirit.
Ali B

Just when things are a bit sad - you come back with this amazing post.

You are a total inspiration to many many people.

Our love goes out to you


Awesome!!! Thanks so much for keeping us close during the hardest part of your life. We need to know there is good in life and that life and death can be handled in a funny, warm way. Thank you for all you have done!!!
Suz the "Q"

Yesterday cried a river of tears, today laughed out loud at your post, you are AMAZING.

Fantastic choice of music loved 'Three Little Birds'

Can't find the right words today Adrian,
Your my hero,
love you loads,
X Marlene.

Sounding fab, Adrian ! So good to listen to you. I was really cheered up by this post. You rock !

Elaine x

Hey Adrian! My life has also been a running soundtrack- it's so hard to pick only 6! Love the idea of being able to do this for a radio show.

1. Barbados - The Models
2. Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus (from Silence of the Lambs where he tucked his willy between his legs and danced in front of the mirror)
3. Amelie Poulain - Yann Tierson
4. MTV Mash Ups- Faithless VS Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams and Insomnia (seriously have to hear this, it is awesome!)
5. Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
6. The Real Thing - Russel Morris

Hope your tummy is settling. Mine is kicking (I have a baby in it).

Amanda (Oz) xxx

Dear Adrian,
I have trod the path your parents are treading now and my son has made the journey you are travelling, please Know that his destination was reached pain free , quietly and dignified, we were with him night and day and cared for him which has proved such a blessing to us. When i look back to the last weeks with my son I am so grateful we had that time, some children and parents, families and friends do not get the opportunnity to make arrangements, say goodbye or have those last wonderfull shared experiences, both joyous and sad. The memories you are making now wil sustain your family and friends in the future. You are an oustanding young man, through your shared story I feel I have come to terms more with what my son endured, you have helped so many with your honest, compassionate, humerous and courageouse fight and I thank you so much for what you have achieved and will continue to achieve through those who will take up the batton in your honour. You are a bright light that will always shine. My son lived for music he had a huge collection and also played drums and guitar, lots of your 6 tracks he has in his collection I hope you meet on the other side and share a beer, a pork pie, and more than a few laughs. You'll know him he'll be the one with the silly hat on and a smile that could blind you ! I hope you don't mind but I have chosen a song that I hope will bring comfort to your family by Beth Neilson Chapman - "I find your love in everything". Love to you Adrian from Lou X X X

Mum and Dad get in touch with me if I can help with love from another loving parent x

Hello Adrian heres my top 6
1. ordinary people /CONNER REEVES
2.Tracks of my tears/SMOKEY ROBINSON
3.Adagio for strings/SAMUAL BARBER
5.Mirror in the bathroom/THE ENGLISH BEAT
6.Clair de lune/DEBUSSY
must admit enjoyed doing this hope today is good for you,love and best wishes
Pam xxx


I said goodbye to my best friend just over a week ago, he wasn't religious although in their shock and grief his family put together a funeral which was. Although John would not have hated how things turned out he probably wouldn't have recognised his own funeral either. I was offered an opportunity to deliver a short reading and choose the music to be played as we exited the crematorium so I stood up, in scarlet dress and killer heels, and had the opportunity to tell a few people how much I loved this man and how much we meant to each other. We then listened to the highly inappropraitely entitled Belle and Sebastian track 'The Boy with the Arab Strap' which was perfect, irreverant and very John.

It was nearly 'Achey, Breaky Heart'

I wish you peace

Adrian, you are so strong-your interview made me smile and cry.
Brilliant choice of music :) Guess that's all I need to say.

I've been reading the blog for a couple of months and finally you've moved me to post a comment. Adrian, you really are a "one and only"! The cheese factor made me laugh out loud. In my 6 would be Spirit by The Waterboys - check it out if you get the chance.

Take care

I read your article in times2 yesterday and you've been on my mind ever since...

You are a true inspiration.


You are quite simply, beyond amazing. I am so touched by you and every time I feel sorry for myself, I will think of you - you humble me. Like so many people, I feel like I am losing a friend - you have a rare quality in your ability to reach so many people on such a deep level, simply by being you. Take so much care, dear man. All my love and thoughts to you and your family xxxxxx

I read your article in Times 2 the other day and was incredibly moved by it. You come across as a very genuine and caring person, and I know that you are the same.
Always believe in yourself and your strength, which you have shown in the way you are desling with the terrible blow that life has dealt you.
I was interested in your comment at the end of your article that after life there must be either something wonderful or nothing at all. I am sure that you are right. Believe in that and I wish you peace forever.
Take care. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You certainly are the one and only Sudders.That was brilliant. Just a shame the end of part six seemed to go missing.

I can't believe you are 20 years younger than me and chose such amazing music. I loved it all.

I won't list my desert island discs because they may all be too morbid, no maybe thats not quite the right word but a bit mood lowering.

Carry on these lovely surprises for us Adrian.

Thinking of you as always


Adrian, I haven't been online for a while and only received yor message today regarding the petition. What amazing work you have done, you are such an inspiration. I promise to do everything I can to encourage people to donate blood and bone marrow.

Really enjoyed hearing your interview but also very sad. You are such an amazing person, and although I haven't written very much your blog has been a real support to me during my dad's treatment. Thankyou so much!

Lots of love and prayers

Ciara x

Great choice of songs AD - I especially like the Chesney cheese at the end- takes me back to my school days in Ches-vegas! Thinking of you!

Have you ever met Chesney Adrian? Does he know you're a fan? I ask for a reason.......

blimey - sorry, that last post of mine sounded a bit sinister! It's just he's friends with my cousin so I just wondered if he was familiar with your journey! Big Hugs xxxx

Dear Adrian,

I just went through your pick of songs and have had a great time. Thanks for that.
I wish you love and laughs. Thinking of you often.

Kathy from USA

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