Desert Island Sudders part 2


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Dear Adrian,

I think we here in India may not be able to hear that radio programme.

I will be trying again.

More than that I am happy that you are back.Have a peaceful day!
Lots of love,


I'm having the same problem with this post even though my java is up to date and my flash player???

I think there is need for a little tweeking in the html code here, because not all the parts are opening, nr. 2, 3 and 6 give problems.

Hi Adrian
so glad you choose dont stop me know it brought me to tears, we played it at my grandmas funeral two years ago next week, she passed away from cancer after a long battle and i will never forgive myself for not being there with her at the end but knowing that she loved and still does has kept me going all this time
peace and love to you sally x

ps will sing this at top of my b=voice and always remember you

Hi Adrian
I saw you recently in the Hallamshire Hospital you were recieving blood,you was in the next bed to my father, i wanted to say Hi but you had many of your friends with you & i didnt want to disturb you,
just wanted to say if i was 9 years younger id marry you ...ha ha !!!
dont stop now cos we are all having such a good time.

love to you & your family
Debra .x.

Oh goodness! Now that I've heard your voice, I love you more! What a sexy wee thing you are! ;) This was awesome!! Hope you are having a day!


Hi Adrian, I switched onto Radio 5 live a few weeks ago and heard your story and then you came on and talked about your campaign. I am in awe of you and your strength, a true fighter! My family all signed the petition and I really hope that you make the difference and in the future more people will come forward and be donors. I really enjoy your blog.
You are a gifted and humorous writer.
God bless you Adrian and your friends and family.
Love and best wishes

Hello Adrian

I enjoyed listening to the broadcast. I believe that if we are to make any sense of this cruel and tragic illness we have to view the bone marrow campaign as your purpose, your raison d'etre, your legacy. As a forty-something who is wondering what her footprint will be, if I could achieve half of what you have achieved, I could die proud. Maybe it is true that we really only learn how to live when we are dying.

It is difficult to accept that you have only days or weeks left when you sound so full of purpose and vitality. I wish you a passing that is as easy and peaceful as possible. Godspeed.


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