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Firstly, apologies for ongoing problems with the blog.

I would like to say it is the incredible amount of 'traffic' - as we blog nerds say- that is bringing the system down.

Unfortunately, it is spammers hammering the Trinity Mirror systems.

Seriously, have you guys got nothing better to do with your time?

Move out of your mum's house and get a proper job you fat geeks.

Yes; I am fully aware that I am rotund due to steroids and once again living at home - but that is not the point.

On a different note, as I mentioned in this previous post, I have a slight sinking feeling that the Government might back track on making the talk about blood, bone marrow and organ donation compulsory for 17/18-year-olds from the start of the 2009 academic year.

There has been no official statement or release yet.

You have all seen the video from Westminster. It sounds and looks concrete.

But we have come too far now.

I was hoping to round all the campaign stuff off with this post but there are a few loose ends yet to be resolved.

Let me get back to you on this one - and I may be calling on every single one of you to help if things remain unclear.

I am increasingly tired.

But I am dying and there is absolutely no way I am letting this go.

Thanks again everyone for writing.

It's amazing how much love there is out there for me and when I see comments asking how I am I really want to put something on immediately to reassure you all that I am still here and still OK.

I am sleeping more and every week is just getting that bit more difficult.

Moving back in with my parents was an excellent move and they could not have been more supportive.

The countless numbers of friends, family and work mates, who come round every day is incredible. I even had two of my nurses from Rotherham today bring me beer and a load of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Things get so crazy some days that I have actually had to create a vague time table so we can try and keep up with who is coming and when.

My sister Carrie was most vexed when she spotted she was on it.

I love all this though, and my parents have really embraced it too, I think just laughing (which is what we do every single day) helps us all so much.

One of the delights of my friends too is that they are very low maintenance!

They will sleep anywhere, offer to help clean up, and bring plenty of food and drink.

If I get tired I just take myself off for a couple of hours.

Although the big gatherings are ace it is also good being able to grab people and have a more intimate chat with them. That has also been really important for me.

So spirits are still high.

Health is a little more tricky but all seems under control and is thus far managed.

This picture shows my back.


Because of the cough there is excessive pressure put on my blood vessels close to the skin.

As there are no longer good levels of platelets in the blood, which would normally heal all this, I'm left with these strange marks.

They are not uncomfortable or a problem though.

Morphine-reated OxyNorm has also supressed the relentless cough, which in turn has stopped the incredibly painful headaches

Good news is my legs are much better.

I was worried the pain was being caused by the increased steroid dose (it's been shunted up to 75mg a day now).

Leukaemia people, like me, will talk a lot about blood counts.

This is just a way of monitoring healthy levels of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

When your bone marrow is going mental all these are affected and need to be controlled.

Although there is no visible tumour in blood cancers the same principle applies. Cells are dividing uncontrollably and this interferes with the normal processes in the bone marrow.

It appears my white cells are being 'squeezed out' before they are matured and fully operational. This gives me a high white cell count in my normal blood.

This can be quite dangerous as, if you put more stuff into blood, it is going to make that blood thicker.

The doctor believed this could be causing the pain around my knees.

The treatment was to increase the dose of the very mild chemotherapy tablets I have been taking.

Again the idea being that this knocks all your cell counts down again.

If I'm going in for blood and platelets once a week anyway this seems like quite a logical solution.

Thankfully it appears to have worked so that means my quality of life can continue.

That's me covered.

Tomorrow I will post about where the campaign is going.

I've had lots of emails flying between the Huddersfield Examiner and the Anthony Nolan Trust and they probably warrant a bit more detail than being crow-barred in here.

There are certainly lots of interesting projects in the pipeline.

We might even be getting a shout out in the House of Lords very soon too. Will obviously let you all know if this comes off and try and get some video footage.

But more importantly I have come to view everyone who reads this blog as part of a huge army of support.

If there is even the slightest prospect of the Government back tracking on the compulsory talk for 6th form students I know every single one of you will be able to help - and I know we will be unstoppable.

More very soon.


So good to hear from you Ad. It's great to know that even though your journey is full of struggles you and your family and friends are able to laugh and love your way through it.

Just know your other family, we blogger addicts who instantly felt a connection to you, made a place in our hearts for you,continue to follow your story and fight for your cause... we all send our love and our prayers. May your days be filled with smiles and laughter, comfort, peace of mind.....and loads of beer. :-)

All the best,


I agree spammers are fat geeks who need to get real jobs! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying the time with your family and friends/blokes.

Think of you daily
Jennifer - from Tampa FL USA

Hey Adrian,

Just finished pheresis number 117 for Ryan and once home drank a tall cold one and thought of you. Now we're sitting tight and watching a show on American Muscle Cars - Ryan's preference. Thinking of you daily and wishing you good company, good pain control, lots to keep you busy and naps when you want them.

Cheers my friend and Buddy,
Amy Patrick (Ryan's mom)

Good to hear you are feeling well! With that blurry picture of the back, it just looks like you had a crazy night in the sack!

Have you thought at all about the widget idea?

A widget to post on blogs, etc would be great! It could be in conjunction w/ the Anthony Nolan Trust. That way your message could be easily passed on thru the millions of blogs that can post one on their site. All people would need to do is click to be link to the Nolan site for more info on how to become a donor and perhaps a story about you, etc.

There must be some coder posting on here that can do this.

Oooooooooooooh it's so good to hear from you, and to hear your iron resolve once again as you talk about the campaign.

I guess government organisations are leviathan beasts and do take time to implement their promises. It now seems such a long time since that PMQ and yet really, it was a only a matter of days ago. But you are right. We must keep on fighting and lobbying and pressurising. Each one of us will do whatever we can to make sure this does happen.

You can count on it!!

Love Amanda x

Hi Adrian,

Glad to hear you're pretty stable and your spirits are up.

Seems to me that if your worries pan out, we should follow the example of the lorry drivers and eco-town protesters and march on London.

I'm pretty sure the "Sudders Stomp" would get lots of support.. I'd be there for one, but only of the route included lots of pubs!

I know that you will see this through Adrian. As an American, I am of no use in UK politics, but I have no doubt that your grit and determination will prevail in your campaign. This is truly massive.

So glad that you are able to experience such an outpouring of love and support.

Bill McConnell (GVH List)

Hey - I've been reading this for a bit now and just wanted to say hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada where the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth is about to start (nope, this city isn't humble at all). That would be the Calgary Stampede. Anyway, enough cowcrap and all but I want to wish you the best of luck with your mission, what you are doing is incredible. Most people in your situation would probably be bemoaning their bad luck and shriveling up but you are making a difference and raising serious awareness. Good on you. And, as they say down here, YAHOO!
Tiffany (whose family is from West Yorkshire)

Hi Adrian, what have you done to me that during my insomniac moments I am checking for any news! So good to hear from you and rest assured that we will do all we can to make sure that what you have started will not be in vain. There is too much support for this cause for the Government to back down now and plenty of us to make sure they dont. Keep strong Chris

So good to hear from you!!!!
I will do anything humanly possible to help with the campaign. No worries. It will happen.
Meantime, you take care and enjoy your friends and family. Much love from across the miles....

Glad to join your army.


Hello! Just sitting here on my lonely North Sea platform thinking of you, so I thought I'd say hello and check when you're going to be able to fit me into your timetable again! You social butterfly, you! I'll ring soon, at a more sociable hour! Lots of love, Hxx

I saw the heading..."Get your free porn here" and I saw the photo of your naked back...and I thought: "Hello, hello, what's going on here? Baldy's Blog has taken on a new campaign slant?!"

Yes there is a lot of love and support out here for you and your family! Well deserved too!

Amanda (OZ)


Thank you for your latest update on your health and the campaign. We "your army" are 100% behind you...unfortunately we cant do anything to help with the blood and platelet levels (we wish we could) but we can do something to help with the campaign. This education MUST be taught to 17 and 18 year olds. They are the donors of the future and it is just too important so anything we can do to help we will. A friend of mine has just had a relapse and his comment "I will probably need a BMT assuming we can find a suitable match which isnt going to be easy" says it all!

I myself have been involved in campaigning for "Cancer Awareness" education to be introduced into PSHE lessons in schools. I went to a PSHE conference - the teachers want to teach it and the youngters want to be taught about I know that our sixth formers want to hear about Cancers that affect them. They also want to know what they can do to help and educating them about the BMT registers is paramount in ensuring that they have the best possible opportunity to defeat Leukaemia if this dreadful, vile illness should affect them.

Most people would say "its ONLY leukaemia, thats curable". As we know, it isnt and without educating our youngsters about it and about how to treat it, it will never be curable. I am 100% behind your campaign Adrian.

Diane x

PS - I'm sure Carrie wont mind being on your rota for visitors - she will just want to see you happy - enjoying time with your mates. You have such a loving family and a wonderful group of friends!

Thank goodness for that - you're ok! My recently acquired blog-checking habit had reached fever pitch (though I had suspected my own computer's "attitude problem" had resurfaced!)

Once again, thanks for updating us - and worrying about us readers - worrying about you!!! (I hope this blog isn't becoming a burden for you) I'm glad your legs are better and your quality of life is being maintained.

You are right, I've said it all before, like many others, but you're universally loved and admired. I'll do all I, personally, can to help you both 'in spirit' and in action - your campaign, with all this weight behind it, will rumble on!!

Love and best wishes Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian,

Great to hear from you and all your news, your extended family out here were all a tad worried! The picture I have (and I am sure others do too) of a day in the Sudbury household just makes me smile, and as they say laughter is the best medicine! Good news about the legs, and pain control. As for the campaign,know that you can count on all our support, just say the word.Keep laughing!
Love to you and yours.

Hi Adrian,

So good to hear from you and know that you are OK. We "cyber stalkers" become really worried when we don't hear from you (how selfish is that), but you have come into our lives, and we care very much.

Good to know you are surrounded by people who love you. What precious moments these must be for all of you, and what wonderful memories everyone will have.

With regard to the campaign, you only have to ask and I know we will all do whatever is necessary to make sure it happens.

Hope you have a good day with family and friends. (Are you sure it isn't the cake and beer, and not the steroids,thats making you put on weight!)

My love to you and all your family.

Bless you


Phew I was getting worried but had tried to log on a few times and your blog had gone so thought there may be a few problems. Too popular now. Best of luck glad you are well and still with us! Keep going

Well done


Dear Adrian

I follow your blog regularly , as the result of catching you on Five Live.
Not being a TV watcher I was not fully aware of just how much notice your campaign had garnered . I have contacted the local MP and they already were able to tell me who you were and what your about .

Adrian I promise you that if you or yours feel the need to call on my support its there . I am presently in remission from AML and used to be a blood donor so your campaign is close to my heart .

Respect and love ( from a bearded bloke old enough to be your da )


Hi Adrian

Such a releif to hear from you. Isn't it surreal how so many people feel this connection with you, and started to panic when the days passed and no blog appeared?

A big smile on my face when I realised all is well, and I should have guessed the geeks had something to do with it..

Long may you continue with beer and laughter....

xxxreiki hugsxxx


just read your latest blog and am glad you are well enough to keep writing. Am keeping my fingers crossed the government dont go back on their word, Your a star and its such a shame that someone who is dying has had to push for this. You are in my thoughts every day. Sending you special love and hoping todays a good day for you.
jane xxx

Morning - so good to hear from you. The title of today's posting made me laugh out loud - I can just imagine all those sad spammers getting over-excited in their sweaty bedrooms where the curtains never get opened....Bloody good job I'm working from home as the tab at the top of my page saying 'get your free porn here' - might take a bit of explaining in the office.

Good to hear you're doing OK, and that your legs are working better, although your back looks a bit like someone has wheeled a bike over it :-(

Be assured that if there's ever the teensiest whiff of backtracking by those in power, your army of posters on here will be on to it in a flash.

Cheers and lotsa love

Cheryl xx

This army of supporters is definitely an unstoppable one...don't worry!

Hi Adrian, lovely to read your blog this morning and to know that you are O.K. Glad that you have such incredible love and support from your friends and family that can physically see you and visit you. You have an army of friends and supporters here on the world wide web, who feel very involved with you and your campaign. Enjoy every moment of every day, and be very proud of what you have achieved.
Love from
Sandra Shave

Adrian, It is good that you have this time to savor your friends and family. We are all praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts,

Hi Adrian,

So so glad to hear from you, have been checking your blog frantically for days and panicking so very relieved to hear you are doing o.k.
Your family sound so lovely as do all your friends and I am so thrilled you are getting to enjoy them all so much.
Keep smiling and have a beer on me.
You are truly amazing.


Those scratches on your back look suspiciously like you've had an encounter with a wanton young lady to me...

Keep up the good work!

Good to hear from you dear man and that your spirits are keeping as well as can be expected.
Rest assured if every bloody one of us has to we will march on Downing Street (if the flipping truckers can do it so can we) and ensure there is no back-tracking on the government's promise. Colleges and Universities should be encouraged also to take this campaign up, as part of Fresher's Week undergraduates could be reminded how important they could be in the life (or death) of another human being, perhaps local businesses encouraged to fund flyers to be given out as people register for college or universities courses...the possibilities are endless!
I continue to pray for you and your family.
(with a special hug for Carrie)

Hi Adrian,

Like all the others I am relieved to hear you are still in good spirits. As I said before your legacy will carry on so I am pleased to be considered part of your army.

Take care and keep on sipping the beers!

Em x


I'll bite their bum!

Sending love to you, Carrie, your parents, family & friends.

Yvette Price-Mear

Hi Adrian,
I have never written on your blog before but I am an avid reader who has like many become engrossed in your amazingness. You are incredible, you always bring a huge smile to my face (sometimes through a few tears). Your campaign is brilliant. I'm so happy you are enjoying the time you are spending with your family and friends. You are often in my thoughts, even though I don't really know you I often feel like I do!
Much love, Gail

Bring it on, Adrian !!!!!!!
Glad to hear your news that you are reasonably ok given your circumstances.
NO WAY will this government dare to back track with your army of Sudders Soldiers behind you, fighting all the way.
Whatever happens, Adrian, blow your bugle and we'll all be there, doing whatever you want us to do within our capabilities.
This is the effect that you've had on all of us.
We consider ourselves part of your family and would do anything possible to take off the pressure and make you feel better.
Love, hugs, peace and soothing thoughts to you, your family and friends.
Christine M.

Phew Adrian!

So good to hear from you. Was getting quite worried there for a minute. Was getting the same feeling I get when my son (33 years old, but still my baby) says he'll come for dinner at 7 and arrives at 8. But, as a mum, it's my job - like telling him to wrap up warm and wear a vest.

So hugs and love and good energies to you, your mum, your dad, your sister and all your family and friends.

Julia xx

Good to hear how you're doing - we think about you every day.

Please know that the support for you and your campaign is ever present. One of the worst things about caring for someone with leukaemia is the feeling of helplessness and the need to do 'something' - so just tell us what and we'll do it :-)

take care

You have help so many people, in so my ways,thank you. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts daily...God speed to you

Count me in Adrian
This is serious and we will not give up! My nephew died of Leukaemia and I am so glad I can do something positive that will maybe help others in this situation. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness we all had when they couldn't find a donor match - bring it on!
So glad to hear from you and sending you much love and strength. Alisonx


Anything we can do for you we will do, just let us know what.. be it: give blood, sign up for bone marrow, write to our MPs or march to westminster..

As ever in my thoughts and prayers


Thank goodness your back. Good to hear you are bearing up under the strain.

Thinking of you everyday. Please keep in touch


Hey adrian,

Was getting a little concerned when your blog hadn't been updated, but phew the gremlins are out again. Just wanted to check in with you and send love and hugs. You really are an amazing guy and I wish you all the love in the world. Keep going and most importantly keep having a blast.


Great to hear from you Adrian!!

I will absolutely help with anything to do with the 6th Form campaign.

Hope things are going good,


...Adrian's Army. Sounds a bit Elvis Costello & the Attractions - I like it! I'm enlisted.

Keep laughing & take care.


Great to hear from you. Hang in there Adie...

Count me as a conscript to your ARMY... let's hope we don't have to kick some .... but if we do, we will do.

Did Race for Life last night, fantastic atmosphere. Even the rain couldn't dampen everyone's spirits.

Keep strong.
Lynda Hebblethwaite

Hi Adi,

I have tried loads of times to post a comment as yet unsuccessful but here goes, My son is about to start 6th form and really believe it would be fantastic for them to be tought about bone marrows, we all know kids listen to anyone except their parents!! I also will show my son your blog to read for himself, You are a fantastic guy Adi, selfless and just simply amazing.

Love and good wishes

Lesley x x

Hi Adrian,
It's funny reading the comments and seeing how much we have all come to rely on your regular posts. I, too, have been checking a couple of times a day to see if you've posted anything and wonder each day how you are and when there's a gap of a couple of days start thinking 'hope he's ok'. Great to hear you're having a good time with your parents, sister and friends.

Take care and good luck with the campaign. Thinking of you. Big hug.
love stephanie

Great to hear from you again ;)

Rest assured Adrian, we will never let you down.

Love, Hugs and Prayers,
Carole xx

I have been reading your Blog since I saw you on TV in May (although have never posted before) and, like many others who post here, look every day to see if there are any new entries to see how you are personally and also to see how your campaign is going. You are such an inspring and brave person who has touched more lives than you could ever imagine. No-one has touched me like you, making me laugh, cry, feel pride and amazement at your achievements etc. all at the same time.

It is great to know you have such a wonderful family and huge circle of friends who are surrounding you with their love and laughter.

I am proud to be part of your "army" too.

Wishing you and your family much love and peace


Not sure I'm buying in to your explanation about the marks on your back - look more like workplace-related injuries picked up during the filming of the porn you've been advertising so vociferously on your blog! You kinky man!

So glad to hear from you Adrian! Went home from the office last night (having checked your blog for the 4th time for the day and finally seen your message about the spammers) and announced: "Adrian's still with us!"

The look I got from my boyfriend - who's here from England and has confirmed that he registered as a bone marrow donor last year :) - was hilarious. He didn't know quite how to take it. I reminded him who you were and the light of recognition and understanding went on.

Your army is behind you and we'll march for you whenever the troops need to be mobilised:

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother;"

I know there's not one of us, your bloggie-friends, who wouldn't march for you and give his blood for you. Baldy's Band of Brothers!

Keep laughing
Hugs from Trinidad

Hello Adrian,

There is absolutely NO QUESTION of us letting this campaign go, so please don't worry!!! We are all delighted to do something in return for all the hard work and determination you have put into this issue.

I was very pleased to read your blog today, as I'm sure everyone else was. Knowing that you are continuing to have a blast with your lovely friends and family is great to hear.

Huge pots of love to you. Enjoy your Ferrero Roche (I, strangely, love them in a sandwich....kind of a crunchy chocolate spread....worth a try!), Kate xxx

Good to hear from you - must admit to getting a bit worried, but glad you are ok. As others have said the government won;t be allowed to back down - we won't let them.
Take care - thinking of you and yours xx

Good morning Ad and thanks for the update. In a weird way, I guess I need some preparation for when I check out the blog and you are no longer writing. I am wondering what we can do from the States to help out here. Is there anything. The thing of it is, if we can help, your Stateside friends will have some comfort and be able to keep your spirit and your quest going. I have been signed up as a marrow donor for quite sometime, but still wish to keep the flame burning, so to speak. If the UK actually takes the lead on the compulsory education, perhaps the US will follow soon. Anyway, praying for you daily and hoping God puts you in His protective care until we see you write again.



Hi Adrian,

Iv been reading your blog and I think what you're doing is great! I'm a 6th form student and reading about how much work you have put in to your campaign, I hope so much that we will be getting some important talks soon! I can say that I will be looking into putting my name on hopefully a long list of other 6th form students who want to help with donating.

My local house group are keeping you in our prayers.

God Bless.


NOW you will see the hits on your site increase tenfold at least with a heading like that! LOL - maybe the folks wanting to look up free porn will learn something different instead. :)

Lovely to hear of the laughs and string of easy visitors.

I think if the Government backs down on anything it said it's going to do regarding your campaign - they will have more on their plate than they bargained for! You have really 'got the hive buzzing' and I am sure they will not want to deal with all us angries!

Love and happy thoughts to you all
Steven's mom

Hi Adrian
I went to the Bradford Donor Centre yesterday with my husband who gave a triple donation of platelets, like he does every 4 weeks. You never know you might get some of his (they're from a good home!!!!!) It's just 6 years today since I was diagnosed with AML, fortunately I'm fit and healthly today.
The work you continue to do is incredible, you have achieved so much, we have all signed the petition and my husband is on the Blood Service Bone Marrow register.
Fingers crossed for September 2009, with 17/18 year olds being educated on blood donation etc, what a fantastic campaign you have led!!!
Stay strong and keep smiling.

Hi Adrian,

Glad to see your post this morning. As many have said I was getting a little nervous as the days passed silently by. It is so good to hear that you are still enjoying the company of your family and friends. My thoughts are with you often and you are all in my prayers.

Adrian's Army, sounds good to me! Since I am in the USA not sure I can be of assistance there with your campaign but trust me I am raising awarness in my neck of the woods.

Thank you for who you are and all you do. We - your extended family - love you!


So good to hear you are having a blast. You can certainly count on my support with your campaign in what ever way is required.
Thinking of you.
Nikki ;)

Hello Adrian

I just heard about your blog today - good luck with the campaigning. I was a reporter on the Express and Chronicle from 2000-2002. There's nothing quite like reminiscing about Holmfirth Rotary Club's Inner Wheel to take your mind off things.

Best wishes
Catherine Usher

I'm here and happy to do whatever you need of us, Adrian....... well, within reason - after those dodgy back shots which look highly suspicious to me, thought I should just clarifiy that!!

Seriously, good to hear you're hanging in there and enjoying time with friends and family. We'll keep battling on for you and the campaign, hun, it's the least we can do.

Take care


What strength you have! We're right with you on the campaign.

Thinking about you and your family,


So good to hear from you Adrian. And it's so nice to know that you are surrounded by such great friends and family.

As everyone else has said, we are all behind you, and will do whatever we can to help and support you!

Sending loads of love, and well wishes, and thinking of you every moment.


Hi Adrian,

"Another first-timer" signing in!! I have been reading your blog for many months and more recently keeping up with your new found celebrityism!!

Just wanted to say that YOU ARE ONE AMAZING GUY!! I can't imagine where you find your strength from but you ARE an inspiration!

Like many others today, although selfish, I have been desparate to hear from you! I guess we can't help but feel that we know you and subsequently care VERY much!

You take care big guy!!

With MUCH love & hugs

Hi Adrian,

I have not written before, but I've been following your story since I read the article on here in the U.S. You are a very inspiring person, and I admire your strength and perserverance. I am very relieved to read that you have a very strong support system of family and friends. That makes all the difference in the world.

Sometimes when I want to check your blog from a different computer I accidentally type in Google, "Badly Blog." Oops. Didn't mean it.

Your Loyalist in the States,

Hello again from Trinity Mirror Southern's sunny, no make that rainy, Hounslow empire.

Really glad to hear those stinking headaches have been beaten into submission. That sounds a bit ridiculous when we consider all your other symptoms - and the underlying cause of them - but draining, wipe-out headaches make it impossible to enjoy other people's company.

And you seem to have found the perfect way to make the most of the queue of visitors by nipping off for a kip every now and then.

There is real joy in your writing on home life and spiky strength in the section where you flag up the possibility that the goverment may be backsliding.

Now your legs are better you can join us in giving them a kick up the @rse if needed!


Hey AD,
Thinking of you every day...glad to see you're still having a laugh (and several beers by the sounds of it)!!
Lots of love
Linds xxx

Hiya tyke boy
love the chinese back art,couldn't see it too clearly but think it said"go andy murray "and whoops so he did.
Based on your obvious clairvoyant skills,wouldn't do me a favour would you and show the your public this saturday's lottery numbers on your lovely back next time ?buy you a pint and a 99 ?
What's the plan with the gov then lovely boy,?whatever you need me (and large army of welsh friends to do )just give us the nod and we'll do it for you.Only because your a bit of a bloody star mind x,do you laugh when you realise you've made it in the states when robbie williams couldn't !!
nice work Mr Sudbury

Could you imagine if all of us stalkers launched into a march to Downing Street!! What fun, I think it might be like a bit of a street party......few pubs on the way.......then serious business of making your/our point. Don't worry Adrian, we WOULD doit!! Hope youre having fun and feeling o.k.:-)

Hey Adrian

Good to hear from you! I'm glad your legs are better and the headaches have gone, they must've felt so debilitating on top of everything else you have to deal with!

Keep going, and keep laughing, it's so important :-)))
The government will not be allowed to renege on this campaign, we won't let them! We are all here ready to spring into action if you need us!

Thinking of you, hope you have a good weekend.

Catherine x

let us know what we can do...especially here in the usa. we are Adrian's Army...sending you internet hobnobs (my favorite treat when i visited england as a child), good thoughts, and hugs from across the pond. my thoughts are with you!
gillian, NE USA

Hi Adrian

Like everyone else, I'm so happy to see you on here again. I was getting too anxious and a tad worried but hey, there's a huge smile on my face now you're back. What an effect you are having on all of us out here! Glad to hear you're having the best time you can at home, which is just fantastic. Who needs anything else when we have the love of family and great friends. Just keep on enjoying the simple things in life, they are the best.

Sounds like you have quite an 'army' out here to back you all the way - what a compliment to your fortitude and to the wonderful person we've come to know and love.

Keep smiling and drinking the beer - it obviously agrees with you!

Much love as always to you, and your family.
Barbara xx

Glad to hear from you again, Adrian. Please give us frequent updates of your situation. I think it is good to share, and for us sending you good thoughts.

Keep the faith and hang in there, my brother.

I'm frequent reader of your blog.

I will pray for you, my brother.

You're incredible.

Take care,
Minneapolis, USA

Thanks so much for updating, I always get weirdly excited when there's a new post!

Glad to see you're still enjoying yourself, and very glad to be in Adrian's Army! If the Government do backtrack, we'll descend on them and slap them with wet fish until they do your bidding...

...Or something to that effect?
You can count on us ;)
Keep smiling!
Amy :)

Another silent supporter wishing you the best Adrian.

You are a brilliant man ....

Hi Adrian

This is my first comment! Just to add to others' comments that we won't let this campaign go. I've followed your blog for ages and feel that there really is a band of people out there who will do whatever it takes, because of the inspiration that you are.

God bless

Hey again adrian! I wrote to you earlier (the girl from sweden). Just checking how u feel and stuff. *read your blogg everyday* :) I havent left yet for my transplantation. Seems to be waiting time, yet. Im sooo tired. Sickly tired. Its hard. But when i think of you, its going a bit easier, cause your a rock! And one of the bravest persons i know off. You have begun to be..some kind of...hmm my english suck so i say it in swedish. "Förebild"...(be a person for someone to model themselves on)
Many many hugs from Marie in sweden! (again)

Hi Adrian,

Its so great to hear from you. I was starting to get a little worried. All I can say is...Ferrero Rocher...yuuummmy!

Keep it up!

Tina K.

Mmm... I like Val's march to Downing Street idea! I'm up for that! :-) The government would be left with NO CHOICE!! Persistent b**gers, us cyber stalkers! All power to Baldy's Blog! ...See what you've started Adrian?!!

Love Charlotte xx

Dear Adrian,

Water is a colorless liquid that enables us to see the colors of the rainbow - humor and sadness...daily ingredients in life, always going together. Take care, Ann

Hi Adrian

Such a relief to read your blog this morning. I often worry that I am clogging the system because I check so often for updates. Sorry!

March on Downing Street? No problem - just let me know when ...

Much love to you and yours,


Adrian ..been reading your blog for many months,heard about you from a friend of your mums...i just want to add what a truly amazing person you are in my thoughts and are the true meaning of the word inspiration , love and best wishes to you and your family..Karen x

Hello Adrian,
your amazing fight to make things happen on the bone marrow donation front are wonderful. My uncle was diagnosed with a form of leukemia a few years ago and I sighed up for to be a bone marrow donor as soon as I could. I wish more people would do this as well as give blood on a regular basis.
Thank you for showing us that attitude is everything. None of us will make it out of this life alive and your putting your life into words makes sense. I think it will help many people who have their own problems. Your sense of humor makes me smile daily. I am happy to hear that your family and friends have rallied around you and I hope they continue to keep things in a happy mode. Laughter is the best medicine for lots of things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends.
San Diego, California, USA

Hi Adrian,
I have been following your blog for a few weeks now (since I saw you on Sky News), I haven't posted before mainly because I didn't really know what to say, and i still don't actually.
I do know that you are an amazing person, and even at such a desperate time you are campaigning with such determination, you are a real inspiration and i'm sure your family and friends are massively proud of you.
Leukaemia is something I know quite well, unfortunately. Two of my uncles have chronic leukaemia and are thankfully in good health at the moment. My younger brother in law (25) has had ALL and had a bone marrow transplant 12 months ago and is also doing well, but it has really affected all of us massively and was an immensley difficult time. What you are doing is so important and as per your previous post none of the people who support you (which is a fair few by the look of things) will ever let this issue rest and we will see that the government act on their promises.
Any way you are probably asleep after this ridiculously long post! If you aren't then keep well, stay positive and stay strong, thinking of you daily x

Adrian our General

Drat now I am a foot soldier. Salutes our leader.

Thank goodness you are OK.

You mentioned porn and all we get is your back. Is this a new form of porn?

byes for now with good thoughts for you all.

L Jane-mary. Wiltshire. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Adrian ,,,,,,,,first of all Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read the news great...........................hope everything keeps going good for you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugz mom,,,,dad....and sis for us have a great supportive family...........

Hi Adrian so good to hear from you... always thinking of you, good to hear the headaches have stopped...YOU TRULY ARE AMAZING!
Checked your blog in my lunch just hoping noone checks out the tabs at the bottom..."get your free porn" might take some explaining! Sending you all our love from Liverpool xxx




Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to say that I have been following your campaign now for sometime. I thought it was about time that I wrote some words of support to express how deeply brave that I think you are. I too had cancer (Hodgkin's) and a stem cell transplant (from my own cells) and have always wanted to campaign for more awareness about bone marrow donors. I am in remission for the time being (you know how it goes) and reading your blog has made me want to achieve your goal with you. You have inspired me to do the thing that I have always kept as a "one day goal".
Keep up the good work. I will do whatever I can to help out and vow to continue fighting for schools to have this talk for as long as I am able.
Keep well and your spirits high, once again - i think you are incredibly brave and inspirational to all of us who have been touched by this illness and you should be very proud of yourself.
Emma Cruse
age 26

On the subject of weak legs, I can completely sympathise.

My onc and Macmillan nurse tell me it's down to the steroids. It seems they make everything weak, including your skin, but especially your muscles. I have horrible stretch marks all over the place now.

I've just got a mobility scooter. And while I never imagined I'd need anything like this, at 32, it's been a godsend, since I haven't been able to walk very well.


adrian'so good to hear the headaches are easierand you are having good times with family & friends.i'm nicely bruised at the mo. did we go to the same orgy!keep loving & laughing.can we have a nice colour uniform' khaki is sooooo last season. love light & reiki

You are in my thoughts, Adrian.

Hello Adrian,I am very much a latecomer to your blog(I live in the North East of Scotland,computers are still quite new up here!)

In January 2005 I was diagnosed with leukaemia, I was also pregnant with twins(we don't do things by half up north!)To cut a long story short I delayed my chemo until after I had my identical boys,Blake and Rohan in May 2005,and then started my treatment.My boys have just turned three and in February this year I took my last dose of chemo tablets.

I still attend hospital every 4 -6 weeks,and get 3 monthly bone marrow aspirations which will continue for the forseeable future.In reading your posts I have realized I spend too much time worrying about whether or not my leukaemia will return,i need to stop dwelling and start living a bit more,thank you for reminding me of that,


Hi Ade
I just felt i wanted to write to let you know what an amazing job you are doing and how much i respect you for your courage and humour throughout this horrible disease. I am a friend of Megan's, and i live in Newcastle. We have spooken a lot about the work you are doing and how you are doing throughout your treatment, and i was so sad to hear that there was nothing more they could do for you. Then she told me about all the hard work you are doing to raise awareness of bone marrow transplantation, and i was humbled by how you are coping with all of this. I cannot imagine ever being as strong.

I work with children and teenagers with cancer, and i feel your story and the bravery you have shown could be a real help to them. I would love to help by trying to raise awareness within the wards i work on at both the Royal Voctoria Hospital, and Newcastle General hospital of your campaign to help. I am not sure of how to go about this, but i will talk with Megan and see whether she has any ideas. I am in a good position to reach out to a lot of families, as Newcastle is a regional centre and the through flow of children and teenagers with cancer is very large unfortunately.

You are truely an amazing person, and the world will be poorer without you. I know Megan struggles with the prospect of you no longer being around, and i hope i can help to comfort her with this. Thank you for all the work you are doing and have done.

Love Meg x x x
I know, very confusing to have the same name!! Or nearly at least!!

I read the title of the post and then my browser jumped downwards and came to rest on the photo of the strange marks on your back. D'you know, the truth is SO much less naughty than the road my mind went down. My mother would be ashamed. Apologies for assuming the rudest thing possible, I blame my upbringing. Glad to hear that you're faring ok and the headaches and leg pains have eased up. I hope that things remain good for you and that the campaign continues to pick up pace. Thinking of you, Vicola

Dear Adrian.

You will be an inspiration to me and my wife for many many years to come.

Our 5 year old daughter Katie has just finished the relapse protocol for ALL and we await news on a donor. Up here in Scotland the support we have had from friends, family and the community has been in incredible with over 1000 donors coming forward and registering with Anthony Nolan in the last 6 weeks. However your campaign could relieve some of the pressure that these campaigns put on people's lives. You are going to save so many people's lives and everyone connected to you must be so proud of you. You have and are still displayng courage beyond my comprehension, however I know and love a wee 5 year old girl that could talk to you about courage and the horrors of the disease and the treatment. Us? We're not strong enough, we watch and weep!

My thought and prayers are with you, your family and friends.

Neil Currie

I hope that you continue to have an endless supply of friends, family, laughter, and of course, beer. I don't know you, but I just sincerely wish the best for you.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi said, "You should be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi may of said it, but you my friend have done it! You will always be in my heart. You are my inspiration.

~Amber Squires

Hi Adrian, I haven't posted before because I'm rubbish at doing that sort of thing but thought it was time I added my name - not least of all because I asked for your help the other week! My big gripe since my daughter was diagnosed is that in the UK there isn't a mechanism to store cord blood (a rich little cache of beautiful stem cells every time a baby is born). I had a bunch of friends having babies around the time my daughter was diagnosed (ALL) who were queuing up to give cord blood for 'the cause' - and they couldn't. They could pay £2k and store it for their own future use, but NHS isn't interested in gathering cord blood other than for research. That is the issue on MY 'to do' list ....follows neatly on from yours I'd say.
Hope you're having a good day today....

Hello adrian, i have been reading your blog for a while but i am posting my comment for the first time.In fact,i am very impressed with your efforts.You are a brave man and i believe brave men never die.I want to make my contribution for your cause but i don't know how?I am VP INTERNAL AFFAIRS officer at the huddersfield university students' union.
I was just wondering if its possible that we could invite you to our uni at some point and you could talk to the students yourself.We can organise some event for creating awarness.I'll honoured if i get reply back.
Good luck with your campaign. junaid huddersfield

Hi, i think its amazing what you are doing, you have had so much success already, it has already been well worth it, the amount of awareness you have given everyone so quickly.
You are a real insipration to people.
Take care

Kerry 20, Crewe, Cheshire

Dear Adrian
I am so glad to hear that your legs are better and that your headaches have stopped-Your energy and passion is incredible.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless,

Bloody internet, if only you're tech support guy knew what he was doing.

Hi Adrian, Congratulations on getting your 10,000 signatures. Saw your B-day cake it was fantastic. Keep up the good work, drink plenty of orange cordial or is it lucozade. All the best. Cheryl x

Dear Adrian,

I have just read the article about you today in the Times and felt compelled to read your blog. I think what you are doing is courageous and selfless. It will save lives and will be your legacy to us. Like you, I am a journalist and recognise the power of words to offer hope, comfort, the promise of change and, above all, love. I am posting this poem because it is beautiful and gave me comfort at a difficult time. I hope that it offers similar solace to your family when they say goodbye to you. I wish you peace, Adrian.

When I am dead, my dearest, sing no sad songs for me.
Plant thou, no roses at my head,
Nor shady cypress tree:
Be the green grass above me
With showers and dewdrops wet
And, if thou wilt, remember
And if thou wilt, forget.

I shall not see the shadows,
I shall not feel the rain;
I shall not hear the nightingale sing on,
As if in pain;
And, dreaming through the twilight
That doth not rise, nor set.
Haply, I may remember
And haply, may forget.

Christina Rosetti


I am praying for you.

I am a secondary teacher and as the curriculum gives allowances for social discussion I will do my very best to ensure I raise the topic of donations with all the pupils I teach.


I heard of you through an online support group that I recently joined when I learned that I have CML.I am so sorry you have had the struggles you have had.It is wonderful that you are surrounded by family and friends who love you dearly.You're such an inspiration.
Bless you

Very nice site!

Very nice site!

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