Obstacles were made for overcoming


Well - every single one of you reading this is incredible too.

I am even more confident than ever that we are going to pull this campaign off.

I have been discussing it all with Katie Campling from the Examiner and Caroline Berger from the Anthony Nolan Trust.

We have decided we have hit a hump rather than a brick wall.

I hoped that after everything we've worked to achieve - it's not much to ask - that Whitehall would now be able to wave a magic wand and make all this happen.

Basically, it is not as easy as you might assume for the Government to make the talk about blood, bone marrow and organ donation compulsory as such, for 6th form colleges and schools.

Colleges are not necessarily obliged to do it.

However, from September it was only going to be rolled out on a voluntary basis anyway.

Time is still on our side.

We just need to get back to the drawing board and re-think a little bit.

If anyone out there is involved with further education colleges or 6th form schools, and thinks this is a good idea, you might have a better insight into how to make this more formal.

Please get in touch.

I still think if we reflect a little, seek a bit more advice, and please I include all of you in this, and work together, we can put so much pressure from the college end up and on the Government down, that many will have to look at this seriously.

That's roughly where we are now and I will keep you updated next week with more details.

As promised yesterday, there is lots more in the pipeline that will keep this campaign up and running.

1. A big call to the gay community

Remember you do not have to be a blood donor to join the Anthony Nolan Trust's bone marrow register.

Click here for more information.

Huddersfield police officer Mark Carter, pictured here, was crowned Mr Gay UK in 2006.


He has backed our campaign and believes that more gay people - who are not allowed to give blood in the UK - would really like to donate bone marrow where they can.

He said: “I knew that gay men couldn't give blood, so I never thought about being a bone marrow donor either. It's something I would like to do now I know I can.�

Rebecca Sedgwick, one of the charity's donor recruitment managers, said: “We now no longer refuse people to join on the grounds of their sexuality.

“We ask all people joining to be honest and exclude themselves if they are involved in high-risk sexual practices that may increase their risk of exposure to transmissible diseases."

If any of you know people who are gay, please forward this blog onto them and spread the word.

For the full story click here.

In Huddersfield there is a brilliant annual event known as the Pink Picnic. PC Mark Carter is looking at doing a sponsored run and we are hoping to get either a bone marrow drive or bone marrow information stall at this event.

2. Katie Campling will address Huddersfield's Inter-Faith Council and take along information packs about what it's like to be a bone marrow donor on July 13.

3. Kali Moutford MP has set herself the objective of getting all the UK's eligible MPs on the bone marrow register. Will let you know when she makes this happen. I'm sure she will!

4. With the help of the Prime Minister, hopefully, Kali Mountford is still pushing the Government on the idea of a national TV/video campaign.

My hope is it would just dispel so many myths instantly by showing people images of what it is like to be a donor these days.

Click here for a refresher!

I still have no idea about costs, or whether this is too much to ask for, but Kali remains confident:

"I would like the video to go out nationally with a campaign similar to the one about giving blood. This would great as well as using the video in schools. It is something that should be easy to access for people of all ages."

She is going to ask Alan Johnson about getting more funding from the health budget to perhaps help have regular clinics in set places every couple of months.

"People just don't know where to go. We need to get regular clinics in place so that people know exactly where and when they can sign up.

"We are up against hot competition for people's attention.

"For instance there are millions dying of Aids in Africa, so people may ask why we're worried about 16,000 people dying because of lack of a bone marrow donor?

"But it something we should be able to do something about and help those people. There is a solution for this problem, a quite easy solution. Other issues will keep coming up and we have to make sure this stays in people's minds."

Again, the importance of this campaign and everything we are trying to achieve is highlighted again the Examiner.

I'm sure this tragic story is echoed up and down the UK and all over the world.

It does not need to keep happening.

5. Let's keep going with this petition.

We currently have over 6,500 signatures. By the time we hand it in officially, on July 23, let's try and aim for 10,000. It has currently been signed by Gary Lineker, Natasha Kaplinsky, Jeffrey Archer and a load of MPs.

I know most of you have already but please click this link and email it once more to everyone you can think of. Get it on Face Book, My Space, any of the social network sites you know of. Forward it round your families, schools, friends, colleagues, sports teams, doctors surgeries, hospitals - anywhere you can think of.

We have got a great idea for a photo opportunity outside 10 Downing Street!

6. As the Examiner puts it: The Sudders Effect!

Remember, in the UK there are two bone marrow registers. You only need to be on one.

Both have reported a decent surge in people joining up since I started writing my blog.

The National Blood Service have said that in the same period I started writing Baldy's Blog, as compared to the previous years, the number of people joining up as donors has doubled.

If you already donate blood you can just join the register next time you pop down to give them some of the red stuff.

Click here for more information.

The Anthony Nolan Trust have said that since we launched the campaign - which bear in mind was only on May 15 (!) - they have had over 150 people join the register and 1,222 inquiries.

Around 500 inquiries were made in the same brief time period last year.

Not bad - but I know we can do better.

A spokesman for the charity said:

“There has been a surge of interest from the public following Adrian's call for better education on bone marrow donation, and The Anthony Nolan Trust is identifying the best way for the Charity to be involved in educating 17 to 18-year-olds about bone marrow donation.

"Not enough young people know what's involved in donating bone marrow and it's crucial that we help 17 to 18-year-olds understand this issue so that they have the chance to become lifesavers by joining the Anthony Nolan Register.�

“Adrian's vision and determination follows in the footsteps of the pioneering Shirley Nolan, who campaigned tirelessly to create the world's first bone marrow register. Adrian's campaign helps bring the issues of bone marrow donation to a wider audience. The Anthony Nolan Trust is delighted to be working with Adrian and Kali Mountford MP, to move the campaign forward."

As most of you are reading this I will be in hospital again having blood and platelets.

Got some really good friends coming over for the weekend so hopefully I will be having another fun time.

I will, of course, keep you posted if anything else fun/bad or amusing pops up.


I've posted the petition link, and another to this blog on MySpace, asking for people to repost it.
You're amazing, Adrian, absolutely amazing.
And you are so right about people not knowing where to go to get info/ sign up / donate: Had a scan done at a hospital yesterday and asked the guy there (I would imagine he was a nurse, hope he wasn't a doctor!)if he knew where I could go, as I live in a smallish town with a smallish hospital. He told me he didn't know where people go if they want to sign up. This was a medical professional! Makes you wonder.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.
And thanks for keeping us updated.
We do love you, you know!

Take care

enjoy your weekend and good luck at the hospital..prayers and ((((hugs))) to you and your family...looking forward to reading about your weekend..enjoy

The "Sudders Effect"! Love it :)

Hope you feel rejuvenated after getting more of the red stuff and are ready for a rockin' weekend.

You are quite frikken amazing....

love and light

Adrian, Being from the USA I feel somewhat helpless to your cause there in the UK. That being said you are producing a global platform
for everyone to carry on you mission. The education and information you want spread needs to be spread throughout the world. I will find a way to be a part of that. I am too old to be a donor. However, I am not too old to be a part of the message and I will begin learning all I can, talking all I can, spreading all I can to educate young people that to give is so simple. What a joy it must be to give something of ones self to save, extend, or improve the quality of someone's life. In all your own challenges that is what you are giving. I am humbled in your wake. I feel genuinely priviledged for what you have so unselfishly shared and taught us.
When a day or two goes by and there is no message from you here I find myself looking several times a day to see if you are there.
I feel like a vouyeur trying to intrude on someone's life where I don't belong, a life that should be private for your friends and family. When you not there I find myself praying earnestly for you as if your part of my own family (I have a large, delicous and wonderful family). I think and pray for you and your family several times a day. Then when all of a sudden you return I rejoice for every moment that life gives you because you give so much to life and the people around you. Party well when you can and let them love and care for you when you can't. I courtsey to you Adrian, you are a man among men.

The message is getting out there...the increase in numbers on the register and enquiries is proving that.
We will all support in whatever way we can.
Keep going - you are doing a terrific job.
Diane x

I'm following all that you are doing and completely amazed. They will listen! And yes, we are an army that's willing to stand by you in your fight.

Sending my Canadian love.

I hope you received my message about writing the letter to Canada. I would really love to use that to increase our numbers of donors here! Thousands, in fact.

Your story is very powerful and will make changes around the globe.

Thank you

sending my strength.


Morning :-)

Really informative (and inspiring) stuff - thank you for taking time to keep us up to date, and hope your transfusion goes well today. Am a strong believer that with with people pulling in the same direction, just about anything can be achieved, so as you say, the issue with schools is merely a hump in the road, and there undoubtedly will be a way round it. If there isnt, your army will find a way straight through it!

Have spoken to your fantastic MP re an idea of engaging with the football community, and I promise to put as much as I can into making that work.

Take care and have a great time with your friends

Cheryl xx

What a determined man you are !!! Wish I had half your stamina, and I'm not ill !!

Hope your refill peps you up, and you have a great weekend.

Will continue to spread the word....

xxxreiki hugsxxx

Hi Adrian,
First of all hope your platelet 'top-up' sets you up for a great weekend.

Next, thanks for updating us all again after the blip earlier in the week - that was a horrible few days!

I've had a thought and it's probably already happening, but has anyone approached the president of the NSU: Wes Streeting (as from 1st July) and got him on board. I know that each uni has their own Fresher's Week programme, but maybe there could be an official NUS policy on BM Donation that would promote and inform at every Fresher's week?

Keep battling - we all need you....

Love and hugs to you and your family. Denise xx

Keep up the fight! This is going the right direction! People from other countries should start campaigns like these as well. It can make the bone marrow bank and the relative options bigger and give more chances to people who need this kind of treatment! Come on people!...
Move your butts!!! :-)

Have you thought about starting a group on Facebook?
That's where all the kids hang out
Best wishes to you Adrian.

Hi Adrian! SOOO good to hear from you again! As an expat in SA, (who has registered with your campaign!!) I am not too familiar with the schooling system over there I was wondering though, whether it would be possible to contact Headmasters and get them to to back you. Let Government know that they WANT it in the the 6th form. I cannot believe that anyone could be so short-sighted to not PUSH for this campaign.
Hope the "top-up" results in a real hoolie of a week-end!;-)
Love and blessings
Janet South Africa

I have some connections to school sixth forms and colleges and will look into things but have you tried the students union - they are active in colleges and run lots of campaigns if you were able to get them on board they might be able to help...


i agree with sharon above. set up a special page on facebook myspace, bebo etc and we can all join and add you etc and spread the word! unfortunatly i have no idea how to add a link to the petition or this blog to my facebook page! lol how dumb am i!
i hope the hospital visit goes well, and have a good fun in the sun weekend
much love to you and yours, from me and mine
tina XXXX

I have to say I've been wondering how a talk for 6th formers would actually work. Given that they are only studying their own subjects, there's no existing session into which it would do (unlike PSHE for


have you thought about requesting that the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) or International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) pass on your message to members? Are you or your colleagues at the Examiner members of the NUJ? Could be a new way for your campaign to reach thousands.


hi adrian, i've read your blog from the begining and truely admire your courage and determination. my company have just agreed to support the anthony nolan trust as our yearly charity and i'm also doing one of the fright nights raise some money. i'm a real wimp so it'll be an interesting experience!! stay strong and enjoy your friends and family :) xxx

keep up the amazing work. got a 6th former myself and keeping him updated on events. your a true inspiration.

Hi Ady,
It's fantastic to read your 'fighting talk'. You know we're all behind you 1000%. To this end I'm going to see if I can plug into the local sixth form college through my contacts.
Good luck with the platelets today and have a great weekend with your friends.
Blaze that trail!!
Love as always
Hilary, Rod & James

Hello again just read your message to the geeks living at home with their mummies etcetc you are so funny i check in with you every day just to see what is happening and im sure that we will all get friends and family to sign up to the register you have started a very big ripple on the pond of life. Hey that was deep for me. Best wishes.

Oops, I think my post above got mangled. What I was saying was, given that 6th formers are only studying their own subjects, there's no existing session into which the talk would go (unlike PSHE for under 16s), or even necessarily a time when everyone is in school (or college or wherever). I guess the campaign also needs to target employers, youth centres, sports clubs, pubs(?) etc - anywhere that young adults hang out.

Take care,
Tony D

A top up for the weekend's activities sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Having a get together in a lounge tonight as an early birthday thing and will definitely be downing a tequila or two in your name Sudders! You're incredible!

Have re-sent links to everything to all my UK family and friends. My brother's signing up asap.

I'll register the very next time I'm in the UK, you and everyone suffering from leukemia have my solemn promise!

Things are progressing slowly here in true third world fashion but have organised a Blood Bank Party for later this month where all my friends will come over and the mobile unit will come take blood from us. Still no info on Bone Marrow donation but trying to get in touch with Mr. Gonzalez at the hospital again today - I'm like a tick in their sides now :)

Lots of love
Cheers to Sudders from me and all my friends who'll be getting drunk on your head tonight in Trinidad!

HUgs and kisses

I agree with some of the above comments about targeting universitise / student unions. My university used to have blood drives which always proved pretty successful x x

It seems a shame that many bone marrow doners are deemed too old when just 35 yrs old.... surely with the ability to screen etc they should test people older than that. I would willingly donate but am "too" old.

Will definitely be drinking to you tonight - as it is written so shall it be...

Hope you don't mind. Linked to your blog again and told the world I'll be having a tequila for you tonight.


I've posted the links up on facebook and myspace again(for the umpteenth time) I am determined every single person I come into contact with will sign it!

Thinking of you

Cath xxx

Firstly i think you are incredible.We had a talk in assembly about you and about the blood donor. I usually nod off in assemblies but this particualr one really moved me.I think its amazing what your doing, not only for yourself but for other people with similar illneses.
God bless ya, hope u have fun at the weekend with ur mates xxx

Hi Adrian,
Once again am moved by your motivation and drive on this. you might already be aware of this but there is a medical student charity called marrow which aims to recruit people on to the register and they are trained to do pre-registration counselling. they could be used in to provide people to go into the schools to speak to the 6th formers? good luck mate

Hi Adrian,
Don't worry, we'll all keep word of the campaign alive and kicking. Everyone in your 'Army' is making as many people as possible aware and getting them to sign up. Also, don't fret about the Government, we will batter them in to submission, verbally and with thousands of e.mails!!! They daren't back down.
Hope the red stuff has bucked you up for the weekend.
Love, peace, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and your family and friends,
Christine M.

Hi Adrian, today was pretty good and we have managed to get around 70 signatures on the hard copy of the petition. Hopefully being Saturday tomorrow there will be a lot more and we will keep it up until the closing date. One of my customers who is a teacher said she was going to mention it to her head and see if there was any way of having a guest speaker into the school. 6th form students still have a form tutor who could inform students about issues such as this and I know that citizenship is a hot topic in schools and this cause would sit very well in the area of social and moral responsibility. I know when I taught key skills in communication we gave students various topic areas to show their competence in using IT and communication. I am sure there are many teachers who could use this as a topic for students to research which would capture their imagination and provide them not only with the interest but also the knowledge that they might otherwise not have from a formal presentation. There are so many ways that this cause can be highlighted Adrian. You have initiated the ball rolling and captured the hearts and minds of your supporters. We will do this I am sure of it. Have a great weekend with your family and friends and rest assured that your army are marching. Chris

Thanks for another update...Its amazing that you keep telling all of us to keep going and keep the fight moving forward. Little wonder you have not been stolen from us yet...you still have so much to give us. Hope you have a good weekend, Ady, and will be praying for you.....

love as always



Glad to see some new posts and that your doing ok. Liked the bit about blood counts in your last post. Its one of those conversations my wife and I have on a daily basis with the rest of the family. People who don't understand stare at you blankly sometimes. Guess you have to be going through it to understand.

Hope the transfusions give you a boost for the weekend.

If there's anything me and the family can do to support the campaign we'll be glad to.

I agree with some of the suggestions that about targeting places other than schools where youngsters hang out. The company I work for has a lot of young graduates and apprentices who might benefit from hearing a talk about becoming a donor, wouldn't harm for some of the older people to hear as well.

Anyway good luck and God bless

Hi Adrian

i'm not sure whether this'll be any use as i could just be tired and talking nonsense but have you contacted Big Brother? this programme is so popular with young people it would reach a lot if maybe you could get them to put a link to your blog on their website although I'm not sure how to go about this.

Also having been a teacher before i became a mum - if you want things done you will need to contact as many teachers/schools as possible before they disappear for the summer holidays. I will contact my old school to see if anyone there has any suggestions but i think you would probably need to contact local education authorities to urge them to get their schools to take part.

Best wishes to you as well -thinking of you
Alison x

P.S. My husband says that further education/6th form colleges are entirely separate from the school system (he is an auditor). The regulatory/funding body is the Learning and skills council (LSC) so they might be able to assist in communicating something across the colleges. Apparently they provide the funding so they wouldn't be able to implement anything but will maybe have the means to communicate with the right people. Hope this helps.

Hi Adrian,

I've been following your blog since I discovered it in May and check it every day to see what you write.

Glad to hear you are still hanging in there. Best of luck to your campaign.

Take care,


Good morning Adrian,

Have a good weekend, this latest update has got me thinking, I have some questions for our own politicians now. Big hug,


Hi Adrian,

Really good to hear from you and hope your top-up does you some good for the weekend??

As a Neighbourhood Police Officer I am going to contact all the senior schools in my area and try to promote this. I also want leaflets etc so will contact the Anthony Nolan Trust and others to see what they have. We really need some leaflets and posters with you on them as you are such a famous superstar that will bring real weight to this.

Have been preaching to all my colleagues who had not realised that Bone Marrow Donation was so vital and so achievable and I will continue to badger them with the big guilt stick.

Also going to write to my local MP for support.

Don't worry, as a member of Adrian's Army, I am a true Sudders Soldier and will get my teeth into this.

Love you mate,


Hi Adrian

Thanks for the update I have updated my Facebook for you and I will keep plugging the petition with everyone I meet. Your Army will keep on fighting.

You have an amazing spirit and we are all routing for you.

Thank you for this Adrian you truly are a star!!!

Much Love
Jet xXx

Hi Adrian,

Hope you are feeling good after the platelets and the red stuff. Have a really fab weekend with your family and friends (despite this awful rain, no BBQs today!)

Please don't worry yourself unduly, we your global family will keep the campaign going. You need all your strength to fight your illness.

My love to you and your family.

Bless you


Hi Adrian,
I am currently being tested for leukaemia, and, whilst I pray that I don't have it, I hope that if I do, I'll have be able to face it with as much courage and dignity as you have.

Can't sign because I'm not a citizen but I did blog about it and put up tons of links to your site. Working with Liam on the widget. :)

Party on Adrian. You have earned it.

I never remember being aware of bone marrow donation. I am a fairly regular blood donor, and probably would have considered this, too, if I had been approached. Now, at 60, I am too old. Your campaign is a great way to raise awareness,

Bill McConnell

Hi Adrian

Hope you are having a good week end after your 'top up' and with your visitors.

I've been thinking about this campaign a lot and wondered if the following could have any effect:

Is it worth contacting Lord Darzi? Would need to be Kali Mountford or yourself to get any weight behind it. He is the guy who has just published a report for the Government on the future of the NHS. I heard him on Desert Island Discs (i know, sad isn't it!) and he sounds such a nice man.He holds the Chair of Surgery Imperial College London where he is head of the Division of Surgery, Oncology, Reproductive Biology and Anaesthetics.In June 2007 he was appointed Parliamentary Under-secretary at the Department of Health by Gordon Brown. I think it would definitely be worth getting his support for the campaign.

What about the NUT?


TEL: 020 7388 6191
May be if the campaign can be discussed at any upcoming conferences, teachers would know about it and be able to influence discussion groups at schools.

Someone else mentioned the NUS. I think that is a really good idea. It is true that my children , once in the 6th form at school, didn't come together as a whole group that often. It might be easier to contact 18 year olds that go on to uni. When my daughter started uni they had a bone marrow donation drive and as I said, loads of her friends joined because they knew about her brother having leukaemia. What happened was, they all had a leaflet put under their halls of residence room doors, saying where and when the talk and signing up was going to take place and apparently it was very well attended.

At my first place of work (age 18), many years ago, we had a mobile blood donor unit come and take blood from us in our lunch hour on a regular basis.It was a large insurance company. Can these mobile units not promote bone marrow donation as well, if the practice still exists?
Can we not get some major companies behind your campaign?

Also, when I first passed my driving test at 17(again many years ago!), I was given the option to sign up for an organ donation card, which I still have! So many people learning to drive in the right age group,don't know if that still happens and if bone marrow donation leaflets could be issued when applying for your full licence?

Wish I had contacts for you, but been at home for year and a half now, looking after Dan and feel really 'out of the loop' so hope some other 'posters' or contacts can help.

Sally x

Hi Adrian

As a result of your blog / campaign I am now on my local MP's Listening Panel . Though I will miss the first one in Aug I will be attending as soon as I can . Please contact if you feel there is anything I can do , or pass my email to any other parties who may be able to let me know how to coordinate the required pressure . Are there any particular facts that I should be aware of that will help strengthen my support for your campaign ?

Respect Dan

Hi mate

Proud of you as always. Keep up the good work and see you soon.

Andy Mac

Hi Adrian,
just recently started reading your blog.Just like to say you are an amazing young man and
our thoughts are with you and your family.Truly brave.

x x x

Mick & Tina

Dear Adrian,

You are in my thoughts daily.
Hope the platelets perked you up and gave you more energy to lift some pints...

As far as letting people know how relatively easy it can be to donate stem cells: you are more than welcome to use any information about Ryan. His pheresis is done via a stem cell collection device then his collected blood is run separately throught the photopheresis machine. After that procedure Ryan's blood cells are returned to Ryan's body. In effect Ryan has "donated" his own cells over 115 times in the past 29 months. He started "donating" his own cells to himself at 9yrs old. I have never logged the amount of hours on the stem cell collection machine - at least 250 hours so far. He has spent both his 10th and 11th birthday in the hospital "donating" his cells to himself. He has spent Halloween, all other birthdays in our family, and many other special occassions hooked up to the stem cell collector.

All this after a stem cell collection from a European Donor made Ryan's Stem Cell Transplant a reality in the first place. Holy Cow! If some little 9yr old American kid can do it, how bout others???

Ryan is going into the 6th grade this year but due to his "busy schedule" at the hospital most weeks he has never been able to spend even one full day "INSIDE" a school.

I think many people just don't realize how much effort it takes for some of the "lottery winners of life" to just survive. Once people, and especially other kids, know hopefully paving the way to inform & help others won't be such a hurdle.

Adrian, you are doing MORE THAN Your Part. You are probably doing your part for the whole country. Thank you for devoting so much of your energy, emotion and time to help others.

Yet another reason I love and admire you - young man!

: )

If you think Ryan's history could help in achieving your goals in anyway or help raise awareness along side you, you have our permission to give Ryan's caringbridge website address out: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/ryanpatrick
Or use any of Ryan's history etc...

All our love and strength to you Adrian.

Your States-side Buddies,

Amy Patrick and the whole Patrick Family

Your campaign is amazing - completely and utterly amazing. I know you can pull it off!

This is the first time I have posted but have read for a couple of months...your journey, your detirmination, your perseverance and most of all your acceptance has shown me that:

"The Happiest of people don't neccessarily have the the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes your way."

You have beyond imagine the truth in that saying - I want to thank you for showing that life doesnt just end when someone tells you the clock is ticking, you have embraced it with your full capacity in order to help other people get better. For that I am in awe!

This campaign is the starting point... :) xxx.

Hi Adrian! Hope you're having an excellent weekend. You don't have to publish this! Although I'm currently a full-time mum I have worked in communications strategy for several years and these are my recommendations if you would like them.

I've been thinking a lot about your last post and the replies you've received.

There's so much energy out here, but like all armies we need to be pushing in the same direction to achieve our goals, which means (a) a strategy and (b) a mode of comunication other than this blog, because we need to be able to communicate with other members. As has already been pointed out, the easiest way of doing this would be via Facebook.

As for the strategy, we know that the goal is for all sixth-formers to have compulsory education in the importance and reality of bone marrow donation. What we next need is to understand is your vision of how this will be delivered.

-You have talked how the system of such education in Germany has resulted in so many more people on the register. Are we looking to emulate the German system and is the education compulsory there, or simply well-adopted?
-Do you see the 'BMD module' being delivered by our school-teachers or by visiting specialists, and if it is by the latter, where are they from? The Anthony Nolan Trust, or volunteers from a charity that perhaps we need to set up?
-Central government would of course have to launch the initiative publicly, communicate the directive to the LEAs and supply the support material. When you met with the government ministers, did they simply agree that this was all a good idea or did they give any indication of what they would do next to cement the initiative?

Without knowing more about your conversations with the PM, secretaries of state and Kali, and how detailed your proposals were when you spoke with them, we will have people running off in all sorts of directions. Even at this stage we need to be focused and have a good outline of the plan so far. We also have a great opportunity to benchmark the plan against what they are doing in Germany and it may be that we need to make a connection with the German system to scope the real implications.

I'm sure you've already covered all these things and more, but the army really does need have a structure and have an idea of the battle-plan. All these military analogies are doing my head in, so that's enough for now!

Love Amanda x

I can not tell you the inspiration that you give me......the title of this blog is soooo true...thank you and God bless you and your family.....take care

Hi Adrian,

This is the first time i have posted, but i have followed your amazing and inspirational story for a few months now.

As well as joing your campaign i have been on the bone marrow register for about a year now,after hearing about it on one of my regular blood donation sessions. I never really thought about why i had joined it until i started reading your journey, and am more aware now of how important it is to inform people about being on the register and the beneifts of bone marrow transplants to people like you who have undergone treatment.

I really do hope you have had a good weekend, and i will continue to follow your blog.

You truely are a very brave and inspirational man

Love and Hugs
Donna x x

On reading your blog it makes me feel guilty, guilty for the bad things I do to my body - drink and smoke! (mainly weekends!) but I have given blood for a number of years (29 pints) so I ain't all bad! my eldest son is 14 and kind and loving (in a 14 year old sense ie. won't show it outta the house!) I think if he and his mates could see what it really means they would understand more and perhaps the only way they can relate is if they think of someone close to them...if anyone near and dear needed blood/marrow now, they'd do it (a lot like lots of people) but they can't think about doing it for a stranger! we live in a strange World and I think you have opened some eyes, certainly mine as I dismissed marrow transplant as being too much but now think again...so Thankyou, stay proud, courageous and strong, and most of all live, love, laugh and be happy
Sarah xxx

I'm gonna try to get one of your videos feature on the front page of You Tube... Can't get more viral than that I guess. The videos are really good and could use the exposure!

Sorry to bother you Adrian, I wrote a couple of books to raise money for a Registered Charity I founded and if I may, I'd like to send a copy to you and yours - to (hopefully) give you a giggle.

Please could you give me an address to send them to?

Obviously not your own, I could be a crazed Stalker. Actually I haven't got the time or energy to be stalking - I've got two loads of washing to do today.

Ta, mi duck! x

Hi Adrian,

We've added the link for your petition and your blog to our Facebook page.


If there's anything else you'd like us to let our supporters know about, drop us a line.

Good luck with the campaign

Leukaemia Research

Hi Adrian,
I work in a sixth-form College and we run an annual Health and Safety week which covers many aspects, including cancer awareness etc. I think a session on donations could fit neatly into this and is an excellent idea. I'm sure many Colleges up and down the country have similar events throughout the year or during their 'Fresher's Week'.
I'd also just like to echo the views of many others on here - you are a true inspiration to us all. At a time when you have every right to be selfish and simply think about yourself you are still out there fighting. It won't be nothing, we won't let that happen. God bless.


This is the first time I have written on here but I have been following your brave story the whole way through!

I thought I would just let you know I have sent emails with the link to your petition around friends and family and also on Facebook to the majority of my 284 friends!lol! I have your petition link as my status on there all the time too! I just know that your efforts are going to come to an amazing conclusion in helping so many people!

Keep ya pecker up!!

Take care Karla xx

Evening Adrian - and I thought I was a blog geek - some great reading on your blog though !

I know September is a long way off but if your free/available/bored or just fancy a laugh on September 13 we would love you to be a guest in any part of the day or evening for Tarzans bananathon.


btw thats me with the blond hair and no I dont usually dress as a woman - I just like raising money for LRF!


Hey Adrian,

Just been thinking about you and hoping that things are comfortable for you. Man you have taught me so much about whats important in life. I know i will never take my life for granted again, thank you. Like everyone else I wish I could take this illness away from you. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you have change many lives for the better across the globe!! Not many people can say that, not bad!! Stay strong bro...

Peoria, AZ USA


Just checking in again Adrian. Hope you had a blast over the weekend.

You know we can't handle these long silences :)
You've taught us so much yet still we whine and complain that you leave us alone for too long in a state of nervous uncertainty - how very dare you? :) (apparently we have alot more to learn before we can be as selfless as you!)

As always Adrian, hoping you're surrounded by your family and friends and enjoying it all as best you can. Hugs for you and all the warm wishes humanly possible! And all the very best to your loved ones...

Kisses from Trinidad

Hi. I'm from the states and have a dear friend waiting for a bone marrow match. He's married with three young children, and adopted. He recently found his birth mom but nothing came of it since there are no siblings. My friend, Jason, has apparently a very mixed heritage or one that is quite rare in the registry because no matches have been found. Not even any preliminary matches! I am so encouraged by you Adrian to keep pushing for bone marrow drives, especially among the minority community. Thank you for your efforts. You could be finding Jason's match. Our church is having a bone marrow drive in August. I pray we find one for as many of the 16,000 waiting as possible!
God bless,

Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I'm thinking of you today. Hope you're feeling well and enjoying yourself!

Hey Adrian

Great to hear your update and all your news.

In regards to the campaign, I'll have to agree with a previous blog from Amanda in which she emphasised the need to have a plan for moving forward. There is a lotta support out there for ya and the campaign but it needs to be focussed and have a clear directive if its gonna get the attention it deserves....afterall there's a lot of people trying to grab 'Joe Publics' attention these days and we wanna make sure the spotlight is on your campiagn!!

Just a few thoughts to add to those from others who have commented above:

- definitly consider targeting universities rather than 6th forms. Although this would reduce the potential audience, they will be by far an easier group to target and will all already be over 18, which of course will mean that you can strike whilst the irons hot!

- consider encouraging existing organisations, such as the the NBS or Anthony Nolan to link with the NUS to organise literature and stands at Freshers Fayres, followed by donation sessions on campus.

- continue campaigning for the government to support plans to educate 18 year olds throughout the country, including funding for the blood service to target this particular audience, e.g a publicity campaign aimed at young adults and donation sites in appropriate places for youngsters.

I really believe your campaign has already made a massive difference (I have myself registered as a donor) and feel with careful planning it could reach even bigger heights!

One last thing....if anyone is still reading!?!

Even though I work on a paediatric haemotology unit which conducts Bone Marrow Transplants, I have only recently come to realise the amazing benefits of Umbilical Cord Blood Donation and would like to mention it to others who may not be aware of the benefits.

Having searched unsuccessfully throughout the UK and abroad for a bone marrow match, a three year old I have been working with has just been given her only chance of life from a donation of cord blood cells from New York! How amazing is it that whilst bringing one life into the world, someone may actually save another! :-)

This is still a relatively new form of transplant, however the results (especially for children) are generally very good. It's amazing to think that these potentially life saving cells are usually thrown away!

Currently only the following hospitals in the UK have the facilities to offer this donation service, they are Barnet General Hospital, Northwick Park Hospital, Luton and Dunstable Hospital and Watford General Hospital.

This is funded by the NHS however should surely be something which is offered in more hopsitals.
Obviously it would take time to organise the collection and storage of these donations but I would urge your fantastic supporters to support this if they can. If you know anyone giving birth in any of these places please encourage them to check out the following website:

Enough of all this serious talk.
Hope the 'orange fanta' & 'cherryade'(as one of my lads like to call his transfusions) gave ya lots of energy for the weekend.

BIG hugs
Tina x x

I too have been thinking about you Adrian, and am SO glad to hear that while these are, as you so eloquently say, "challenging times" - you are having "a blast." Your spirit, determination and strength truly humbles me. Thanks for making me smile today. :)
Chico, California, USA

Dear Adrian,

Two UK based donors gave stem cells at the London Clinic for two Belgian patients, one in December 2007 and one very recently last week.
In general these are the countries where in a reasonable time period we find a candidate stem cell donor : Germany (an axcellent public campaign in this country), USA and UK. Here in Belgium (a small country with a strange political situation between the Dutch speaking North and the French speaking South) stem cell donation awareness can be improved for a great deal...Let's working on it!

All the best, Ann
MD, Haematology dep, Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium

Hi Adrian

Hope this finds you well and blood doing its job.I often think of you but not been in touch lately.
Your campaign will reign supreme forever more - no worries there!
Ready for the new season??

Best Wishes as always to you and your family.

You've made my birthday Adrian! :)

My parents are Trinidadian but my father went to boarding school in the UK and stayed on after to work. When he and my mum had my brother and I they decided they wanted us to have the same childhood they did so they moved back to Trini. I was only a wee one but we still had our flat in London and my dad worked with our local airline in IT. So we had free flights and spent every holiday in England. Throughout my childhood I would get homesick for England bizarrely enough.

I had the same decision to make in 2006 when I finished my masters in London. Zac loved it there but the lifestyle here is unbeatable and I, like my parents, wanted to make sure Zac benefited from it. Coming from a small island the friendships you make stand the test of time - my brother's been in England for 15 years and it seems to me to be so hard for him to keep in touch with friends there cause everyone's always relocating.

So that's my little story - how I ended up in Trini. I guess the history of it is that both of my parents are descendants of Europeans who came to the West Indies during the colonial days. My mother is mostly of Italian, French and local Amerindian descent. My dad is British, and local Trini - a melting pot.

Ok this is a long comment - sorry!

Thanks so much for your kind words. Hope your day is brilliant. Good luck with the photo album. I'm a self proclaimed photo whore - I LOVE PICS so am always sorting through them and compiling favourites.

To connectivity, synchronicity and energy...

Tight hugs from Trini

Hello lovely Adrian,

Just to let you know that you are in my thoughts! Hope you are continuing to enjoy the company of your family and friends and that the platelets are giving you the requisite strength to lift those pint glasses...

I am continually impressed with how people are responding to your blog. I really do agree with people's comments about organising ourselves (your army) and providing focus to our efforts so that we may steer our energies in the most effective way possible.

Sending much love to you and yours. As ever, sending you the hugest of virtual hugs.

Kate xxx

p.s. Have you tried that Ferrero Roche sandwich yet?

Hi Darlin:

Wanted to send you a quick note for your eyes to see as you glance through all of the posts just to let you know that love and encouragement comes to you daily.

God keep you..


i love your pork pie cake and yes it is true you can only eat one with brown hp sauce and everyone swears by their local butcher for the best pork pie. Be proud of yourself for hitting the 10,000 mark with your campaign.Dont worry that you dont feel like many visitors at the moment we all love keeping up with you via your blog, you cant be a social butterfly all the time.x

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