Time for a quick catch up



It's blood and platelets today to help keep me going.

I am worn down and smatterings of rash-like internal bleeds on the surface of the skin indicate I need some urgent attention.

Everything that has been achieved this week fills me with a sense of enormous pride and I have even more good news to share with you all.

But first, I noticed there have been a few requests to find out how I am doing.

The honest answer is each week it just gets that bit harder and harder.

My energy is low, the chest infection and cough are managed but not improving, I am generally tired but over the last couple of days I have grown particularly concerned about my legs.

This strange pain around my knees coupled with an uncomfortable sense of muscle weakness has started alarm bells ringing.

During my transplant I lost the use of my legs for about two days and we never really found out why.

Click here to watch my 'Isolation Video' where I talk about using a bad boy zimmer frame.

The pain can be controlled but it's just whether they will continue to bear the weight of my body.

I will chat to the experts today and see if they have any answers or advice. I suspect steroids are probably at the heart of this little conundrum.

At the moment stairs are only a slight problem.

Although I accept I have lost a lot of independence by moving back more permanently with my parents it was without doubt the right decision and they have been absolutely terrific.

In my own flat I was slowly losing the ability to look after myself.

Pots remained unwashed, small piles of odd socks grew into mounds of dirty washing, milk and bread went mouldy.

Some would argue that there was not much difference between that and before I got ill.

However, to be back with my parents, in such a warm and loving environment, and to have all that taken care of, has actually enabled me to do much more with my time and energy.

To say they have been, and continue to be magnificent, is a massive understatement and I hope they know how grateful I am.

Although these continue to be 'challenging circumstances' I do not feel upset, scared or lonely.

In fact, we are all actually having a pretty incredible time.

My gradual death, as long as the quality of life remains reasonable, is actually quite a liberating experience.

We sort of have an open-door policy at the moment where friends and family give us a call the day before, check how I am, then just rock up.

It's honestly been great fun.

As you are beginning to see more and more, I have had nothing but the absolute privilege of sharing my time on this planet with some incredible people, from all different walks of life.

People bring food, drink, cake - sometimes my mum cooks up a big meal - but it just seems to work really well.

Through this method of hanging out we also get random groups of people, who wouldn't necessarily turn up together, coming over and getting on really well.

As I keep saying - don't feel sorry for me. I'm having a blast.

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But I think this also applies to my parents who love seeing how much my friends care for me. They are also really great to get on with so I think they are enjoying the company immensely.

European recognition


And now a little something from Milan.

A while ago I entered a European competition for the best cancer reporter. It wasn't really something I thought about winning because it was essentially about reporting breakthroughs in treatment and cutting edge research.

I got this email through from the judges yesterday.

"On behalf of the European School of Oncology and the judging panel for the 2008 Best Cancer Reporter Award I am pleased to inform you that you have won a Best Cancer Reporter Special Recognition Award.

"Although you did not win the main award, the judges were extremely impressed with your blog and the efforts you have made to raise awareness about the need for bone and marrow donations and wanted to acknowledge your tremendous work.

"You have clearly shown how powerful it can be when journalists, who are also patients, draw upon their communication skills to convey important messages to the public about issues that can have a huge impact on cancer patients.

"Congratulations on winning this special recognition award - we were very pleased that you were nominated and are delighted to be able to recognise your work."

Best wishes, Kathy Redmond, Co-ordinator, ESO Media Programme

Grazie molto!


Yet more accolades Adrian!!! Not only are you a star in our country, you are applauded in Europe for what you have achieved, and no doubt there will be more awards to come. In a very short time you have done more for bone marrow donation awareness than the experts have achieved in their working lives! Enjoy every moment of your success with your wonderful family and friends, and remember that you have such love and support from all your "blog" fan club.
Lots of love
Sandra Shave

Hi Adrian

Congrats on yet another well deserved accolade!
I have said before, you write about your condition in lay mans terms and with a clarity that is so informative and easy to understand that I have directed many people to your blog to save me explaining lots of what is happening to Dan! So again, thank you for that help.

I am so glad that you are 'having a blast' and it brings home that all our day to day worries re money, careers etc are insignificant.

What is important are family, friends, respect and love for others and experiences, not material things- that's what bring happiness.
Have you ever heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Every human needs shelter, food and security as a basis to build a fulfilling life upon.I think you have all 3 in bucket loads.

Also, the art of communication is the vital ingredient.So many people forget how to talk to each other. I think you have definitely nailed that one on the head as well! You have reached out to your global family and we have all responded.

love and hugs

Sally x

Congratulations on that Adrian!

Thanks for the bulletin - we, your cyber friends, do worry! Enjoy this special time with your wonderful family and friends. You are in our thoughts and in our hearts too.

With love,


The awards just keep on comin!!!

Your responses just continue to remind me what is really important in life. Love, family and true friendship.

Long may you continue to have a blast :-)

Mines a pint....

xxxreiki hugsxxx


You are phenomenal. My 2 year old had a bone marrow transplant last year, someone that we don't even know saved his life, so thank you donors everywhere and thank you Adrian for being you and making such a difference.

Fantastic news on the award Adrian!
Thanks for the update on how you're feeling. I think your typically British stiff upper lip attitude is an inspiration to us all.
Hope the platelets pick you up a bit.

You've made great achievements and I am so glad for you that you have seen the fruits of your labour. Hope you continue to have a blast with your family and friends.

great news adrian once again you're proving to the world what a tremendous person you are
take care and keep strong

jane xx

Morning Adrian

Yay! A new post! And a video to boot!

Very few things make me laugh out loud when I'm completely on my own, but your video did. Seconds later I was blinking back tears of pride again when I saw your latest award. It seems that every day is bringing you new surprises, and long may it continue.

Hope your new platelets bring you more energy to keep on blasting.

And also, thanks for keeping us updated.

Love, Amanda

Inspirational. You truly are a great, great man....all power to you my friend.


Congrats on the award, read your blog for the first time today and im now sat in my office in floods of tears, my thoughs are with you and your family and friends. I hope you realise what good you have done and what a wonderful role models you are to all young people out there. i work in a school and will make sure your message gets across here. keep smiling that wonderful smile

hi fella

was that stella u was on
keep going mate
proud of ya

baz an dawn........

Adrian, you rock! Lol...have I said that before? ;o)

Congratulations on yet more proof that you are making a truly remarkable difference :o)

When I get up in the morning, pre-stretch, I think about you and your family and friends.

Post-stretch I put my computer on to check up on you.

I rejoice that you are still here and surrounded by love.

Adrian, I too know the TRUE value of life itself - to be truly loved.

Aren't we fortunate?

Thinking of you ALL throughout the day, sending you love and strength

Yvette Price-Mear

LOL Adrian on your tip for keeping going it obviously works as you are doing a fantastic job!
So glad you have all your family and friends near you. Your strength in facing this is so humbling.
Sending you much love

Hi Adrian, thanks for the update, with all the amazing stuff going on around you it was good to hear how you are. Hopefully a bit of the old vampire juice will perk you up a bit and let you enjoy the weekend.

Following your blog over the last few months has been really powerful for me and has made me think about my own spat with leukaemia. To be honest it has also scared and upset me at times, what you are facing could have been me last year and of course still could if it came back. However your approach to dying is the one I hoped I would have when things were uncertain last year; and if things did take a turn for the worse, I know now that I could face the inevitable in as positive a way as possible. That for me is as inspirational as the fantastic work you are doing with your campaign.

Your blog also helps me to deal with the much more minor hassles of ongoing check ups. It all seems very mundane and small fry, even if I still (and always will) hate needles. After a few choice words, I even managed to shrug my shoulders after being told they sent my last biopsy to the wrong address and so would have to do yet another one! The back of my pelvis resembles a tea bag, they should just install a small tap and be done with it!

All the best mate and thanks again for both the campaign work and all the individuals who you have never met but have touched and inspired with your blog.


Congratulations! I wish I could bake you a cake!

Congratulations on the award!

Love and best wishes to you and your family X

Yay! Congratulations Adrian! Another well deserved accolade. Im doing my happy dance for you at the moment. Please continue to hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. XO Elizabeth

Hi Adrian

Wow another award - loosing track of them yet lol. Watched your wee film there and glad to see it to be honest. Your a pure insperation to the world and you deserve more than media awards! Was smiling with you having your beer -when i am out tonight i will have a wee dram for you! Glad your still keeping in touch and my very best wished to you and your family!

Have another beer mate - cheers

Congratulations once again, Adrian.
Ooooooh, everyone is sooooooo proud of you(my 'o' key is wearing out. lol).
It was both upsetting and heartwarming to see your clip this morning. At least we (your global family) know how you are today. Good luck with the medics.
Strength and peace and love is sent to you, your wonderful family and your friends.
May you continue to have a blast!
Loads of hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.

Hello lovely Adrian,

Congratulations on your latest accolade! Very well deserved.

Thank you for sharing your updates with us. To be surrounded by family and friends is a great thing, and I'm so pleased you are enjoying yourself despite facing such difficulties. As ever, I am awed and inspired by your attitude.

My mum died from cancer 9 years ago and we were able to look after at home for her last weeks. What a special time that was; lots of laughter and just being together. Although we knew time was short, I felt like we really LIVED during that time - might sound strange, but that's truly how it felt, as the trivial things were stripped away. We had lots of visitors, wine, food, random conversations, joy and hugs. Perfect. I look back on that time now and I smile!

Sending much love and hugs, to you and yours.
Kate xx


First of all may I say that what you have done and are doing by writing and campaigning to ensure more is done to encourage donors is a selfless act of any human kind. I do not know you personally but feel through your blogs that I and the rest of your cyber friends actually do know you. You write with such compasion and honesty that you have reduced me to tears and then laughter. If only all the good wishes that have been wrote could cure your awful disease then you would be cured a hundred times over. You were and are a young man with his whole life ahead of him and yet faced with this incurable disease you have shown such courage and dignity. Your parents love you and are proud of you for who you are, its what they call unconditional love but through your strength and dedication, the ups and downs, the highs and lows you write about I hope, in fact, I know they will find comfort when the time comes; for you will have left them and the rest of the world a lasting legacy. I wish with all my heart that whatever time you have on this earth may it bring you fun, enjoy yourself and take some time for you and your family, the memories are priceless. Sending much love to an inspirational young man. Amanda

A HUGE "WELL DONE" Adrian!!! Your a true inspiration! X Nat X

Hi Adrian,

What a privilege to share this time with you and your friends and family.

That you can take the time to let your cyber friends know how you are is amazingly selfless.

I had a wry smile and raised a glass back atchya (cup of tea actually) and am so glad that you are really living. Some people live decades and never know how to do that.

So blast on my friend. You are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers.

With much love,

Julia xx

PS Congratulations on your award, but it's only what we've come to expect!

Hello Adrian

Another award - Congratulations!

Thank you for updating us so honestly and with humour on how you are. Your video made me cry then laugh out loud when you picked up your pint! Brilliant - and so indicative of the person you are. We out here love you for the very special person you are.

Have a good weekend enjoying your wonderful family and friends, and thank you for everything you are teaching us. The effect you seem to be having not only with the campaign but on ordinary folks lives is quite phenomenal! As a previous comment above from Sally said, we feel like we are your global family. And what a great honour that is for us.

Much love
Barbara xx

Another well deserved award Adrian! It's bizarre that I find myself booting up my laptop in the morning and going straight to your blog. Reduced to tears most mornings, even the tears of joy today are mixed with tears of sadness - if prayers and wishes and love from a global community could save a person you'd be that man! Feels as though I know you and I'm sure all your other bloggie-friends feel the same way. You've touched my heart and you'll always have a special place there.

Congratulations again Adrian! You and your family deserve the pride you are certainly feeling today.

Thanks for the update and the video. Keep having a blast!

Hugs from Trinidad


Adrian, thank you so much for updating us all. I do believe I was suffering from "Adrian Withdrawl" after not hearing from you for ... what was it, 48 hrs?? ("My name is Lacey, and I have a problem. I'm addicted to Suds.") What a treat to be able to see your smiling face and hear that raspy movie-star voice this morning when I woke up! Glad to hear you are enjoying your time at home and to see you still have your sense of humor. Congrats on this latest acknowlegement, as well! Well done, as always. Keep on keepin' on.


I read your blog every couple of days and you are a complete inspiration! Please make sure you're giving yourself enough time to just chill out and rest- running about like a mad thing is all well and good but everyone needs a few hours P and Q! Take care- you're in my prayers.
Sarah xx

Hi Adrian, just to let you know that your picture is in my window and the names are starting to collect on the petition. With regard to your leg problems, my brother experienced similar and they said that it was probably due to spinal taps that he had. Once again the illness versus the medicine side effects dilemma. I hope it does not cause you too much pain. Enjoy being spoilt by your family and friends and I am sure your mum loves washing your dirty socks! Keep strong. Chris

Congratulations are called for once again Adrian. So good to see you are still having a blast. Would like to leave you a little inspirational quote from St Augustine: Hope has two beautiful daughters - their names are anger and courage, anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are. Through all your courage and hard work Adrian, you have brought hope to people, who without you, would have none. What a cool dude.
Nikki ;)

Congratulations Adrian on another well deserved award!! Let me just say hearing you say that you are having a blast has made my day and put a smile on my face, thank you.Stay strong my friend, I believe the power of a positive mind is incredible medicine. We are all thinking and praying for you. Heres to you!!!



Hope you are keeping as well as you can, you are an inspiration, well done for all you have achieved, keep looking it in the eye and giving it socks.

Enjoy your weekend.


Been reading for a few weeks now and think what you are doing to raise awareness is incredible.
What prompted me to write today were the images you evoked when you were talking about your parents and the open door policy. I can just picture it. As a parent (albeit only of a 3 yr old and a 1yr old!) I can just imagine the strength they draw from seeing all your friends and well wishers coming to see you. What an amazing family you have. No wonder you are such a strong character......you had incredible examples growing up.
Love to you all. R xxxxxxx


I have been reading your blogs daily for a while now and I just wanted to say Congratulations on the award - it is great that you are raising awareness and getting great acknowledgment like this! You deserve it!

It is clear to me and so many other people that you really are having a blast. Adrian, I have never met you yet I have so much respect for you, I am utterly amazed at what you are doing.

You have done so much to raise awareness even when you have been at your lowest and I do have to stop myself sometimes if I let overwhelming feelings of "I feel so sorry for him" start to creep up on me. You have really amazed so many people with all your work!

You truly are an inspiration to me and many many others.

Love and Best Wishes

bless your heart Adrian, my prayers continue for you and your family that the remaining time you all have together is all you want it to be and more, huge hugs to you dear man
Oh and congratulations, you truly deserve it and more.


You are the BEST! That video is awesome. You just had me cracking up. Continue on the steady diet of hops, family and friends!!

Congrats on the continued success...what a ride you are on. Wow, so impressive. I don't think I will ever see anything quite like your story again...even though I hope to.

Lots of love dear Adrian,
Rachel in Connecticut


Congrats on your latest award. Thank you for the update. Like a lot of your global family I find myself booting up the computer every morning and going straight to your blog for an update. It never fails I am always shedding tears, smiling, beaming with pride and often laughing all at the same time! Your truly an amazing person.

Hope you continue to enjoy your time with your family and friends, as that is most important. Having experienced a similar experience with my stepfather at home for his last weeks I can say it was truly a wonderful time for our family. Exactly as you have described it. Family and friends all around. Drinking, eating, laughing, just having a great time.

May peace and love surround you. Big hugs!

Many many congratulations on the award, thoroughly deserved in my humble opinion! Thank you for updating us all on how you are,all of us out here in cyber space like to keep our eye on you....! The beer is obviously working wonders, live,laugh and enjoy for as long as you possibly can!! Love to all you guys in the Sudbury household.


Hey there Love:

Picturing you having a blast with your folks and friends makes the days have new meaning to us all...Truly, isn't it what life should be about instead of folks fussing and fighting...My goodness but you bring us joy...



Well, it's a jolly good thing that you moved back home before the socks got mouldy too!!! As grateful & appreciative as you are to have your Parents looking after you, they too are equally grateful to be able to help you.No matter how old our children are, they remain just that ....... our precious children ( mine are 25 and 22).
CONGRATULATIONS on the Campaign and awards! You are such a fighter. If only more people had your tenacity.
Hope you are comfortable tonight aand able to sleep well :-)
God bless. Love
Janet in South Africa

You do deserve the award. I'll never forget this sentence: "My gradual death, as long as the quality of life remains reasonable, is actually quite a liberating experience."

You are an amazing couragous person. There are so many bad people in this world, who would not have the guts to do what you are doing with all your campaigning. You are one in a million, enjoy your time with your family and friends. Wishing you all the best.

Caroline x

Congratulations on the special recognition! I don't think they could have worded it better as to why you deserved it.

I've been trying to find your blod for so long and today as the day at last.

Sending you all the good vibes my body has.

I absolutely LOVED your video! Yes, Yes, YES!!! LIVE, really live until ... you have to go. Make some more memories, love some more. We did this with my mum and it was quite liberating for all of us. I'm not sure I would have truly understood where you are coming from if I hadn't gone through this with someone but I do now. Funny how so many of us are afraid to talk about dying especially to the dying. But in my mother's dying she taught us all some great lessons on living. You are doing this too and I thank you showing us all on how to live and live well, and how to handle the inevitable.

CONGRATULATIONS ADRIAN! What a wonderful award! YAHOO!

I am glad to hear that you are having such a wonderful time with your family and friends. What a blessing to have that time. I hope the blood gives you a pick me up today. I also hope they can figure out what is going on with your legs and help you be comfortable.

Sending thoughts out to you every day.

Wishing you peace and comfort.

Hi Adrian,
Firstly,Thank You! for all you have and are continuing to do.My daughter Stacey,23,( a fellow neighbouring patient of yours),received her double cord blood stem cell transplant on Feb 15th 2007.A first for the hospital and the first adult in Derbyshire and Yorkshire.She is well,its worked so far.We are having great difficulties in raising awareness of cord donations and blood and especially bonemarrow, but thank God we have you,you have made the right people listen.You have given us fresh inspiration and we will continue to raise awareness,Our thoughts are always with you
and your family.Thank you so much.
Kindest regards...Margaret

Adrian my friend,

I call you my friend because although you have no idea who I am, I feel that you are one of my dearest friends that I care for deeply and check up on daily! Immense pride on my end for the latest and greatest awards you have achieved. Saying you are an inspiration, hero, courageous, brave, outstanding human being just seems so BLAH compared to the words my heart tries to say. I am sure by now these comments are getting a bit repeticious when all we really want to tell you is that we LOVE you and truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us what LIVING is all about. I may never hear from you personally, but I do know that you read these so I am content knowing that I have at least been able to share with you my thoughts.

May the comfort of your family, friends and BEER cheer you on for a long long time to come. I have a 6 month old daughter named Presley who I have taught the "Adrian" dance to. I hate to tell you that it's usually done after I change her diaper (haha) that she stands up and wiggles her little behind in your honor. :) Just thought you'd like to know that.

God bless you Adrian and cheers to you.

Jill - Ca, USA

Good gracious Adrian, how many more awards? Congratulations you so deserve it.

I am so pleased you are happy to be back home with your Mum and Dad. It must be difficult to give up your home, but you need them to look after you, and they almost certainly need to do that for you.

I hope you are feeling revitalised after the blood and hope the problem with the knees is being sorted.

I enjoyed the video and as someone else said the voice is very sexy!

Hope you sleep well tonight. Take care of yourself.

My love and best wishes to you and your family.

Bless you


Super effort, by a Super human!!!

You rock Adrian!!


Hi Adrian,

You don't know me but my husband worked with your Mum so I have been hearing news of you for some time, and more recently I have been reading your blog and following you in the media. It was great to see you on video today and to hear how you are doing. Our children (13, 15, and 17) have all been made much more aware of the issues surrounding blood/organ/bone-marrow donation through your blog and campaign and two of them will probably be on the receiving end of the talks in school that your campaign will implement. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day Adrian. Keep on having a blast and sharing it with us! XXX

Adrian, You really are THE BOMB.

I was talking about you for hours last night and everyone in the room was just in awe of your plight and all you have done. The waves were crashing and there was a noisy helicopter running around outside but inside this little San Diego, CA house- it was all about Adrian. It seemed like even my crazy dog sat down and chilled when I was talking about you!

I'm so glad you're having a good time with your family. That is the perfect place to be.

Everyday I wonder about you and hope you are well. You have accomplished so much and it just never ceases to amaze me.

In my book, you have set the marker for the things that anyone can do if they have the passion and the will. It is hard to get annoyed now at the silly things in life when I read about how much beauty you live yours with.

I can't even imagine what type of world it would be if everyone was a bit like you. You're doing all the right things for all the right reasons.

Looking at your mug online is more mind-blowing than looking at a Botticelli painting. :)

San Diego, USA

well done as always your just fab love to all xxx

Great to hear from you - you're never far from my thoughts and I'm never far from my laptop! I'll certainly be raising a glass or two to you tonight - probably along with most of your global community of cyber-friends!

Lots of love - and best wishes as ever, Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian
Like you I'm on steroids yet again, on and off for over ten years. I've also noticed a lack of energy, and a constant dull pain in my upper legs, plus pain in my joints when I've been on them! My consultant in Leeds said it's normally down to the steroids tablets, but in my case its just old age! Cheeky sod 47 isn't old.

Can I say you have made a massive difference in what you have achieved with your blog, keep up the good work for as long as you can.


this is the first time i have left a message,my brother died from leukemia nearly a year ago.you might not believe it but you and him could be identical twins.it was scary the first time we saw your blog.he was very private about what he was going through, and he never really told us how he was feeling, so reading your blog is helping us to understand how he was feeling.anyway i think your doing a fantastic job, hope your as well as you can be.just keep enjoying yourself and have a beer for me. all the best dave.

Shine on, you crazy diamond! *S*


Not only have you done more for Leukaemia Awareness and Blood, Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Awareness than any of us can ever possibly achieve, but you also write with such dignity and courage, sharing your thoughts and your life with so many people who otherwise would never get any real insight into what devastation this terrible illness does to people, to their families and to their friends.

I hope the blood & platelet top up has given you some strength to enjoy your weekend. You obviously have a warm and loving family who want to love and protect you. You have an opportunity that most people dont have - an opportunity to spend "quality time" with the people you love and the people who love and care for you.

Enjoy this time together....
Sending you love, hope and prayers.

Diane x

PS Congratulations on another fantastic accolade - this campaign will be the blueprint for other countries to follow.

Once again, Adrian, you're an inspiration. I get a bit down at times with health hassles (nothing like yours), but everything around you and your blog is so full of life that it lifts my spirits. I don't just mean because it makes me realise how precious life is - I literally mean there is such a good vibe around you.

Yes, I am an old hippie! so I'm allowed to feel good vibes. I'm also sending them to you with all my heart. Thanks for your wonderful spirit and all you give.



Adrian, you are amazing! Simple as that.


Once again you honesty about what you are experiencing is humbling to those of us who complain about a cold.

I would like to say that today I met with Councellor David Sparson. I didn't know that David had been diagnosed with leukeamia in 1997.

He like yourself had a bone marrow transplant but two years after his diagnosis. Totally by accident I asked the right person to help your campaign.

David is going to speak to the director of children and young peoples services in Leicestershire.
I was wondering had you a plan for the talks? Or do we just do the best we can locally.

Adrian how can I thank you enough for all you give and for getting me off my back side to do something for other people.


Hi Adrian

Just to let you know, your petition's now got over 6,500 signatures...

We're having a drop of bubbly to celebrate and hope you're having a good evening too.

Here's to the next 6,500!!!...and beyond!

Love to you


Good to hear from you Adrian!! :D

Glad your having a blast mate, your a hero. Also glad to see you sipping at a fine looking pint hahaha

Ive said it before and i'll say it again - your an inspiration and have changed my outlook on life considerably. For that i thank you and raise my very own fine looking pint to you :D



hiya Adrian

I took a wide berth at this weeks ago and thought it was too much for me ( selfish I know ).But I am so proud of you mate.
i have read about you so much but i have to admit i have never been on your blog for fear of feeling sorry for you which i know is the last thing you want, anyway am in the house now ( your house ). Just want to give you all the support i can along with everyone else in da house, much love to you and your family

hudders xxxx

Congratulations on the award! You know if you need extra money you should look into offering your endorsement to a beer company. You look awfully sexy drinking it!


You are a very special young man, brave beyond words, we lost our beloved son Aidan Jude Wray, age 16 not long ago, handsome, crazy boy, a downhill mountain bike racer, just been sponsored to race, a member of the academy of gifted kids, not that he gave a damn, just wanted to race and live! He was loved beyond words, cancer is a terrible disease, shows no mercy, we have met such wonderful young people , like Aidan from nowhere their lives are changed forever, robbed of their dreams, robbed of their lives. Life can be very cruel. Respect to you young man. As Aidan used to say 'Shit happens' and remember top live life to the full, do what you love whenever you want because one day you may not be able to' Peace and Love

Hi Adrian,
I woke up this morning and the first thing I have found myself doing lately is checking for any updates on your blog. A HUGE congratulations on your award. I have been talking about your blog to my nurse when I go in and see her and have been encouraging everyone to read it. I loved your video - so very true. Good thing you're on a healthy diet... lol... to see you pick up a pint...I had to laugh. My thing is a good strong baileys coffee (strong on the baileys... lol). We are lucky when we have good family and friends around us. And people we can laugh with and take the piss out of. I know I'd be lost without that. I have my mum here at the moment from Perth and it's been good and not so good. She's still very much afraid of what might happen with me in the future. I try and see it from her side but struggle big time because the way I feel is we have only this moment. We have to enjoy and live each moment rather than be stuck in the 'what ifs" of the future. I want so much to 'have a blast' with her yet we approach this from such different angles I wonder if it's even possible. For me, CML is just part of my life and I have to work around the fatigue, the other side effects but for her she's stuck in the fear of what might happen...and it sends me crazy. Sorry, this wasn't meant to be about me... again I love what you have achieved and you have really helped with my own situation and diagnosis.
Keep well and keep smiling.
Big hug from Australia, Stef

GOOD BOY! Delighted to see you are still able to keep up with the pleasures life has to offer and I do hope you thoroughly enjoyed that pint. I feel a little like a very very nosy person with my nose pressed up against your window, totally unable to mind my own business. I don't just admire you for what you are doing to push the importance of transplants but also, you and your family for allowing us to share this time with you all. I wouldn't like to think that my interest is totally prurient, nor everyone else's. I think that you with your wonderful, special personality have made us all sit up and take notice in a way that a few years ago I certainly, and I am sure many others, wouldn't have bothered to do. For the first time in nearly 60 years of life i feel totally ashamed of my total lack of concern for others other than my immediate family. You have made me take a long hard look at everything in life and I hope I may now make a little bit of a difference too.

Anyway don't get too drunk, at least not enough to give you a hangover to add to your troubles and give your Mum a special hug - she will need it.

hugs xxx

I forgot to say - CONGRATULATIONS - Again (Yawn). How many times can you say this. You have to be aware that you deserve every single accolade that you get and if you're not then I hope that enough of us have told you to make you aware. (I don't mean yawn really, it's just I wish there was a better word, that said so much with so little, for congratulations).

Where can we donate pints of alcohol to go along with the platelets?

Hugs xxxxx

adrian, I just want you to know that you are my personal hero. life is not about what might happen to yout in the future, life is what you can do now. all the best mate. we are all going the same way.

Hi Adrian,
Having worked with your father and seeing the task you have embarked on I can safely say 'like father like son'. You both show such persistent, resolute, steadfast and unshakable determination to get the 'job done'. Keep up the good work.
All the best, regards Richard.

Adrian, your courage, humour and grace are inspiring. You should be very proud of yourself. I hope you find peace in the knowledge that you really have made a difference.

I've also always firmly believed that lager is one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet, so keep drinking!


Hi Adrian,

Another infusion of the red stuff, eh? (.. so would that be blood or more vintage Rioja ;))
Hope it is making you feel much better..

I had to share this with you, I read it this morning and it grabbed my attention and It was on my heart to tell you about it..

I was reading an Article by Jerry Savelle, and it was talking about facing dire medical situations, exactly as you are..
He says that we can go one of two ways, we can either take the Doctors word as the final authority or we can take God's word as the final athority...
Psalm 103 tells us that God heals ALL your sicknesses and diseases, not just some, or the ones that are easy to cure, or that Doctors have the answers for .. ALL.. that includes Leukaemia and includes you!!!!!!!!! So he is and can be the source of your miracle.. all you have to do is accept and believe it.

Adrian, I pray with all my heart that you choose God and you choose to live... As a poster has said above me, even though I have only known you through your blog,you have become like a very dear friend who I care very deeply about.

The other thing that came to me when I was thinking of you and praying for you today, as I do often, is that your work here isn't finished... there is a lot more that God would like to do for you, with you and through you..

If you would like to talk more, or to pray with someone, please feel free to get in touch with me.
God bless you,
Love and hugs,

Hi Adrian,

I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself, people spend so much time moaning and groaning about pointless things when they should just appreciate that they are fit and well. I too had Leukaemia but thankfully I am in remission but I have lost 2 dear friends to this awful disease in the last 6 months. I remember seeing my friend Lin just days before she passed away and she was so happy and almost at peace she said she didn't have to worry anymore because she knew what was going to happen and everyone around her was so happy.

Cherish these moments, Leukaemia has taken enough of your life don't let it take any more.

Thinking of you
Lots of Love

Adrian: Your spirit is beautiful and full. God be with you and your family. Linda

Hi Adrian

Long time no see…. in fact, I think it has been about 8 years since our A Level English Lit classes together at Bilborough and the nights out at good old Rock City! I always remember Dave Gore telling us that everybody had a book in them…I think this was probably the days before blogs existed?! Anyway, you've certainly gone above and beyond proving that!

I became aware of your blog via a message sent to me on facebook a few days ago (it appears to has its uses afterall!). Since then Adrian, I have honestly thought of little else but you, your condition and your unbelievably inspirational outlook on life.

You have achieved such a phenomenal amount already and I would like to say a big congratulations to you. You are making such a huge impact on so many people's lives, probably more so than you'll ever realise. You have touched many people's hearts already, whilst educating them at the same time, and I have no doubt that you will be successful in your campaign for compulsory student education.

I give you 110% support and will certainly be telling as many people as I possibly can to sign your petition and to go to the Anthony Nolan's Trust website.

Anyway, I know you are not very well and are literally inundated with comments from people (you are certainly becoming quite the celebrity…maybe I should be asking you for your autograph?!), so please don't feel you have to reply.

I wish you lots of love and thank you once again for being such an inspiration,

Rebecca Katsouris x

Congratulations on the cancer reporter award, you are amazing Adrian, I'm so pleased you're having a blast - you deserve it! Thanks for letting us know how you are, much appreciated! Take care mate!

Love Alx

Hey Adrian!

Wow, what a week! Many congratulations, the pride you're feeling must be immense. :-)

Thankyou for your honesty in describing your symptoms, I find it interesting to know how you're feeling and how this gradual deterioration is managed to make things better for you. I'm glad you're content and happy at home with your family and friends.

Thanks also for the video update....I was going to make myself a cup of tea but now I'm hankering after a cold beer because of you!! :-D

Thinking of you(and toasting your success)!

Catherine x

We have been following your blog and sending prayers your way, although I have never signed your guestbook before. I wanted to tell you that my daughter, who received a bone marrow transplant last September, was having some problems with her knees giving out and causing her pain. The orthopaedic doctor said it was necrosis of the bone caused from steroid use. The x-rays did not show this; she needed MRIs. There is a treatment that has shown good results, if started in time. We are going to the endocrinologist to start her on bisphosphorate treatment. Best wishes to you, The Childress Family Myrtle Beach, SC USA


Just to let you know, thanks to you, I signed up to the bone marrow register as part of my blood donor session yesterday.

Keep it up.


Oh dear lord, that video is the dog's danglies! Cake and a nice pint - nothing better.

The voice is sounding rather sexshay - you should record a phone line or something. ;)

Rock on, dude. x

Hi Adrian.A BIG congratulations to you for your latest award.Very well deserved as always. I think all that can be said has already been said by all the people before me. Its great to read your update. When i lost my dad my parents were divorced and remaried,i didn't see my dad all that much.We were only told a week before his death(had already been in hospital a week and was moved closer to home to be with family) He did everything possibe to make us laugh, doing the penny trick from behind the ear falling into a brown paper bag(he improvised)as it was something he did with us when we were younger. I know he tried to make us smile.
To have your Family around you and feeling the sense of love and bond you have had since you were born must make it very special for you.
I hope the extra blood has made you feel better and given you more energy to pick up a few more BEERS!!
I am convinced i will die from Cancer as all my dads side have. Death scares me but when i read your blogs i trully hope i am as brave and couragious as you are.Thankyou for taking the time to update us all on how your getting on. Has been said by many others but i shall say again when you leave this world your family will be so proud of you as a person and for all that you have done.I hope they sort your legs out for you. Best wishes to you and your family. ((((hugz))) Nikki from the West Mids xxx

Congratulations on another well derserved award Adrian. Well done!!

So glad to know that you are enjoying yourself, and as you said "having a blast". I was having a beer myself while watching the video, Cheers to you!!

It's fantastic that you are speding your time with family and friends, that's what is important isn't it?

As always, you and your family are in my thoughts! Victoria

Thinking of you, Adrian, and hope you are feeling a large tad better today.
Love to you all

After being away for a week it's fantastic to see you, especially supping beer on camera and looking well! You are amazing, not to mention easy on the eye ;), congrats on your most recent award too, I hope they keep on coming!

Caroline x

Adrian, I have nothing but admiration for you. You are so open and honest and make everything easy to understand - no wonder you have received another award! Thank you for keeping us updated on how you are - it is good to read the updates.

Take care, Laura x

"In a very short time you have done more for bone marrow donation awareness than the experts have achieved in their working lives!"

These words from Sandra on June 27th are so true. As a doctor it makes me feel very, very humble. But it also gives me the strenght to go on with my job fighting leukaemia ...

Thanks for posting the medical information on complications post stem cell transplantation. I will use your video's in a course for Oncology Nurses in November 2008 (I hope this is OK for you).

'Heel veel sterkte, Adrian' (which is Dutch for 'A lot of strenght')Take care!


Congratualtions again Adrian. See...you really are fanbloodytastic aren't you?! lol
I was supposed to be going for my test tomorrow when I donate blood, but I have just realised I am going to have to cancel because I am on antibiotics, so can't donate. gutted. i have to wait until August.

Look after yourself. Much loveXXX

Hi Adrian,

Glad you see and hear that you are still having a blast and that returning to the parental nest has been a positive thing. Congratulations on being recognised again for your incredible work raising awareness of the reality of cancer and the importance of bone marrow donations. Hope the blood and platelets do the trip.

All the best from Australia

Love Embi

You keep enjoying your pints hun! Glad your still smiling.



Hi Adrian,
I read you diary- thank you! You are amazing! All best!

Kaja from Estonia

Hi Adrian

I am one of those peeps who doesn't like to spend time on blogs, facebook or other such modern types of communication, favouring instead the good old fashioned hanging out, or chats on the phone (combined with the occasional text or email when needs must!!)
Yes I am one of those annoying folk who declares to friends that 'Facebook' was much better when it was simply a little known noun and if used as a verb it should describe hitting someone round the 'face' with a 'book' when you are both actually in the same vincinity - which of course is rare these days!

Anyway the reason I am writing such rubbish, in the actual form that I have always protested I hate so much is because I found myself reading your baldy blog and actually enjoying it! (strange but true considering the topic!)

Whilst looking on the NBS website for an upcoming date to donate it reminded me that I wanted to look on the anthony nolan site for a campaign a family I work with has recently started. There I found a link to your site and to avoid hanging out the wasing decided to take a 'quick' look. much to my own surprise I am still here 2 hours later!
Although I must admit that part of the reason was because your pic at the top was kinda cute!

So I just wanted to say that not only am I impressed with your truth and honesty but you have also managed to initiate change within the political and educational systems - something which is not easy to achieve.

It has also become clear from looking through your blog, that many people from near and far have gained something in their own lives from following your story - this is surely the best legacy any of us could hope for!

At the same time the main point of your latest blog was to talk about the great time you have been having hanging out with all your friends and family.

You seem to have found the best of both the virtual and the actual world!!!

Although I can honestly say that I 'feel for you', I hope you'll be pleased to know that I don't 'feel sorry for you' cos having a blast is most certainly under-rated!

I look forward to hearing how the petition is getting on and all your latest news.

I'm off to have an alcoholic beverage in your honour! ;-)

x x

Adrian...congratulations on the award. Love and peace to you and your family!

Eva, USA

Hi Adrian, Just wanted to say how priveliged we were to see you at John & Phillipa's and we hope our antics gave you a laugh, know it was a while ago so don't worry if it dosn't ring any bells.

We have been looking out photos to use for the purpose of embarassing Amy on her 21st and found the ones of J & P's wedding, what a handsome young man you were, what happened!!! :]
I hope the visit from them today raised a smile for you, I know how much they are going to miss you and how proud they are of you.
Well done with the campaign and the award, very much deserved.
Our thoughts are with you all.

Alison, Jonathan, Amy & Philip. xxx

Hi Adrian,

Almost 12.00 at night and thinking of you... I hope you are not feeling too bad and still are able to enjoy these big, fresh beers!.

I am very angry as I cannot even give blood, let alone bone marrow or organs (I am hcv positive, currently in combo therapy).

I will try to inform and convince as many people as possible, though. It is my mission from now on.

Thank you again for your fantastic work

Love to you and family


Mr Suds,

Lawksalordie, the goods are still comin'!
Congratulations on another much deserved piece of recognition. Breakthroughs and cutting edge research are fantastic of course, but when someone's doing so much for things that are already known about but not well enough in the public sector, i'm very glad they saw the importance of merit.

Sorry to read about your legs, I know that one well, I have a daily gladiatorial mind battle with mine to keep them fully functioning
*insert crocodile dundee bison felling hypnotics and aim at legs*
My experiences with recovery steroids were not so good but I hope for your illness they make things a bucketload easier!

I'm very glad to see you're holding the same fantastic mindset regardless, though, rock it out man! :-)

More tea vicar? x

Dear, dear Adrian, I have dropped you a line once before. You have made such a difference to my miserable life - I've "suffered" (that word has a new meaning for me now) from depression for many of my fifty years and have let it blight most of my existence. Not any more. You have no idea what effect you have had on me. In my case, depression is clinical and therefore chemical, not simply self-indulgence or feeling sorry for myself, but I am determined to put it behind me - I really do not deserve to use this as an excuse now. I will do this solely because I have "met" you on your blog. You really are a special human being and I have gained so much from reading about your experience and watching you talk and smile your wonderful, wonderful smile despite everything. My only regret is that I haven't met you in person - I think that everyone close to you is extremely privileged to have you physically in their lives and you must radiate energy even though you feel so ill. For me, I will continue to feel privileged, having read about your darkest hours, your strength, will and determination to help others, and the laughs and tears which you have chosen to share with the world, which are reciprocated. I have passed on all the information about you and the campaign to everyone I know and urged their support.

I don't believe in religious prayer but I do channel energy to you every night and you are in my thoughts every morning, as well as all day.

I salute you, Adrian and send you much love, light and gratitude. And I will miss you.
Jane x

I just wanted to let you know that you are making an international difference. I live in the States, Texas to be exact, and today I joined the National Marrow Donor Registry. It's something I had never really thought about before, but once I did, it was an easy decision. If you can, why wouldn't you? It's something so easy, and it could save a life.

I think about you a lot and hope you are well. Please know, above all else, that you are making a difference. A BIG one!!


Hi Adrian

The silence is deafening.....

Please be ok.....

xxreiki hugsxx


Wonderful to see that you have lost none of your humour or flair since that very memorable piece for your A Level English Language on the attractions of South Pinxton, Adrian! I always knew you would be a great writer after that.

Sorry to be making contact with you again only now, in such circumtances - Martyn Offord tipped me off about your blog which I've begun reading through - you know, just checking the grammar and spelling!! You're doing a great job with this blog and your campaign. I'm proud to have known you and taught you.

Noreen Dunnett

Hi Adrian,

I hope you are feeling reasonably Ok this morning and that you had a really good weekend.

In the post this morning I received a letter from my MP, Geoffrey Robinson, saying that he had attended the clinic last week, and would give his full support to your campaign.

So thank you Mr. Robinson, and another Member of Parliament routing for you Adrian.

Take care and my love to you and your family.

Bless you


Many Congratulations (AGAIN!!)
Your trail continues to blaze, Hope you had a great weekend. Keep on having a blast.
Love to you and everyone at home
Hilary, Rod & James XXXXX

Hi Adrian,
Haven't posted for a couple of days but just wanted to say - hope you had a relatively good weekend having a blast with your family and friends.
It's truly amazing reading other peoples comments and noting how you have changed OUR lives, as well as changing other peoples lives with the bone marrow donation campaign.

More power to your elbow !! (to help with the glass lifting, not necessarily the typing,lol).

Strength, love and peace to you and your family, Adrian.
Loads of hugs and soothing thoughts,
Christine M.

Morning Adrian,

Hope you had a blast of a weekend! Longing for news (how selfish are we???)

And two little quotes that have stayed with me ever since I heard them:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of times your breath is taken away" (and you Sudders, have taken my breath away on more than one occasion - you're amazing!)

and... an African proverb that I love:

(pronounced "in-day-nom-bay-tay")
Translation: "As I go, I am wearing you."

Referring to the indelible handprint we leave on the lives of others as we cross paths, whether intended or accidental.

I am honoured to have crossed your path!!


Much love
from Trinidad


Hi Adrian, hope you are ok. Just to let you know that I have had our local paper on the phone this morning and they are going to run a feature on your campaign. Those who will be unfortunate enough to face leukaemia will be forever in your debt for awakening the world. Keep strong Adrian until you need to rest. Bless you Chris

Hey Adrian, flippin heck, we go away for a couple of days and come back to find you've won yet another award...what do you actually win with them? If its champagne, don't worry if you cant manage it by yourself, we can all help you. Looks like you prefer beer anyway ;-)

Really glad you are making the most of this time with the people you want around you. As my sister in law says, facing something like this (she is too) means you can cut through all the crap and spend your time doing what is important to you, and there's something fantastic about that. She thought it might be doing big, dramatic things, but it turns out, that, like you, its 'having a blast' with friends and family. Long may you continue to enjoy this special time.

Cheryl xx

Hi Adrian,

Glad to see that you are still smiling! and of course enjoying that all important beer. Your right life is too short to miss out on all the good things in life, know only to well as had family members with cancer and such like ( don't wish to bore you). Life is about living and enjoying every day and congratulations on your latest award. You need a statue of you now (not a wax works), but a proper statue in London, get working on it!

Parents are the best, they've had to put up with us for a long time and so now us inside out.

Anyway before I go rabbiting on, take care and will e-mail soon.

Love Sarah and motley crew
from the madhouse xxxxxxxx

Hi Adrian,

I have been wanting to write on your blog for such a long time but I have no idea what to say.

I knew you at Bilborough College and from many nights out at Rock City!! A few months back Ben Spencer told me that you had leukemia and since then I cannot stop thinking about you and how truly inspirational you are!

Although it is not much, I have wrote a small piece about you and your campaigning and posted it to all of my facebook 'friends' asking them to check out your blog, look at the Anthony Nolan Website, sign your petition and if possible donate some blood and join the bone marrow register. I have had quite a few responses from people, especially those who also went to Bilborough College, so hopefully there will be a few more names on the register and petition.

I really do think you are an incredible person and I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy every minute of your life!


Nichola Reed x x

Congratulations, that was very well deserved.

Hi Adrian,

I've attempted to write this so many times and kept deleting it so here goes!I heard your interview on the Shaun Doherty Show in Donegal last week. I'm also a journalist and was driving from yet another interview and missed the beginning of yours. Your optimism, positivity and the strength that resonated through the airwaves meant it took me a while to realise what you were telling us (the journalism radar was working particularly well that day!) I had to pull my car in to the side of the road to listen and was completely blown away by you. As soon as i got into the office i googled blood and bone marrow donation and will be giving my first blood donation soon and signing up to the register then. I've also lobbied all my friends and family and will continue to do so! If there's anything I can ever do through my work to raise the profile of blood and bone marrow donation here I will. The statement 'One in a million' is overused but you are more than that. For once, I'm at a loss at what to say! i just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. Congratulations on the award and everything you have achieved.
All my love


No news for a few days - which is SO okay - but results in my thoughts and prayers and love coming thick and fast in your direction even more than usual. Don't get me wrong, you owe me NOTHING (aren't you the dude that made my world a much better place?), it's just that I'm a mother and I like to check in on you every day. I'm always like that with the sick people I care about.

Hopefully, silence = having a blast right now.

Big love from south Wales,

Kate & Co
XX xxx

Hi Adrian

On reading all the comments above I just echo everything that has been said!

I think about you throughout the day so much and am a little uneasy because we haven't heard from you for the past few days. Then I think how selfish I am to expect to hear from you. You are probably having the well earned rest you deserve and just enjoying the company of family and your dear friends. So forgive me! We out here don't mean to be selfish - it's just that we find we care so much for you. The important thing is that you know this, and that you are doing whatever it is you feel the need to do. Whatever it takes! And to know the love that is out here, and the effect you have had on all our lives. I've said it before, but it's been a phenomenal experience 'knowing' you, and one I wouldn't have missed for the world. Thank You from the bottom of my heart,you have made such a difference to so many of us. I, for one, will always be grateful...

Enough of that, I hope you're downing a pint or two right now, do whatever makes you happy!

Much love to you, and to your family
Barbara xx

Hi Adrian,
My family and I are still continually reading your blog and wishing you lots of love and support.
I am on the Anthony Nolan bone marrow list and have been for several years.I am proud to tell you that my 23 year old son has just made his 14th blood donation and is also signing up on the bone marrow register as are many of his friends. what a great trouper your are !!
Love and hugs, Tracey and family x x

Hi Adrian,

Long time no hear, I hope all is OK. I know that things get complicated and I hope you are not uncomfortable. Keep drinking the beers and relax knowing that you have made a huge difference and that the legacy you started will continue now forever more.

You are truly a special special man. Well done again.

Em x

I would love if the education system in the US would embrace educating people about blood and bone marrow donation. I know the importance of both from my 3 year old daughters fight with cancer. Thank you for pushing so hard for change and really making a difference.

More warm hugs from across the Atlantic Adrian!

And warm thoughts to your parents, your sister and friends. You are all in our thoughts, prayers and words - I talk about you all the time... I think my boyfriend might start to get a little concerned soon :)

Lots of love from Trinidad

Hi there, I just wanted to say Hi and that I wish you well. Im sure your Mom and Dad feel better having you home with them. God be with you and your family.....Terri :)

Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts today, and I hope you are feeling well and enjoying time with friends and family.

Are there any awards left that you haven't won??? Congrats Adrian! :-)

A few more of my friends are now on the Bone Marrow Register. All because of you.

Thinking of you, keep enjoying yourself xx

Raising my pint to you.. Cheers!

Thanks for the update and great job on your special recognition award!

Continue spreading your word..


Kimberly Parr
Cincinnati, Ohio

how come after finding your blog for the first time on Sunday, i am now checking it every evening after work - what strange power have you cast upon us all?!?!

went to my latest blood donation session yesterday and rather then simply think about registering for bone marrow donation, I actually did it - afterall 'next time' may be too late for someone!

If i ever get that call, i'll be thinking of you!

Tina ;-)
x x x

Peace be with you and your family today.

From one of my favorite songs ... "even though I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life, ... I know You are near ...." God is very much with you in all of this, every moment of every day. He'll carry you through.

Rest easy, my far-away friend.

Mary Anne
Cincinnati, OH USA

My new best mate Geoff (As in MP Geoffrey Robinson) wrote to me today to let me know that he is backing your campaign and attended the meeting at the jubilee room, and there was me thinking that he wasn't bothered because he hadn't replied. Husband was a tad worried when a letter arrived, addressed to me from the House of commons...worried at what I may have been up to! Was sitting with me on the settee on Friday night when I said that I wanted to propose a toast.....more worried looks from him....not least when I said it was to Adrian S. He finally twigged (as he tells me he hangs on my every word) and said ah is that the bloke from the blog? He does listen sometimes!! Anyway hope the blood and platelets have worked and youre feeling o.k.
Sending love and light and everything else good to you!

Hi Adrian, Letting you know I am thinking of you and your family. Take care of eachother.
love and prayers to all of you.

Morning Adrian

Have posted earlier in the comments, but as we havent heard from you for a while, just wanted to send you my best. Love to you and your family

Cheryl xx

Hi Adrian, thinking of you. Just to let you know that the South Wales Evening Post have been to the shop today and your poster and info about the campaign are going to be featured. I hope this silence from you means nothing much to report and you are still having a blast. Keep strong. Chris

Your silence is deafening me Adrian!

Thinking of you, Carrie your family & friends as ever.

Yvette Price-Mear

Ditto to what everyone else said. Thinking of you lots and hoping that you're ok.

Lots of love,

Nic xxx

On tenterhooks here, hoping you're just too busy having a blast to write a blog entry.

Have started putting together a "donation coffee morning". Our blood bank has agreed to come to my house and take blood while we have a bit of a get together. Two of my friends are terrified of needles and have confirmed their willingness to donate if they have us around for support. Am awaiting confirmation from the blood bank re: bone marrow donation procedure in Trinidad. But working on it.

Missing you (bizarre I know since we've never met !)

Hugs and kisses from Trinidad

Hi Adrian. Glad you're having some 'me' time with your lovely family. Can't say I'm not missing you though :(

Sending you lots of Love, Hugs and Prayers.

Carole xx

Hi Adrian

Martyn Offord (I believe one of your old teachers from Bilborogh College) forwarded me details of your blog. I worked with Martyn until his retirement last year......

I just wanted to say a huge congratulations on all the recognition for your blog and work you've been doing to raise awareness of bone marrow transplants. As someone who had cancer 11 years ago at the age of 18, I understand how hard it is at first to lose your independence, but I totally agree with your thoughts about spending time with your family. I am so close to mine now - and it's true what Kate says about finding you really LIVE at this time - loving and laughing with your family and friends. I haven't had a chance to look at the video coz at work, but can't wait especially reading all the comments from people!!

I know you don't need me to say it because you are but I hope you have a blast with your friends and family. Have a pint on me (I'll be having one thinking of you tonight!!) and keep smiling :)
Andrea xx

Just to say you are all constantly in my thoughts, wherever I am, whatever I am doing, you are never far away. I find myself thinking of you all last thing at night and first thing in the morning....Most importantly dear Adrian I hope wherever you are, you are comfortable. Sending you much love, and strength, and peace.

Barbara xx

Hi Adrian

I came across your blog a few weeks ago after seeing your story in the news and I sat down and read every last word. You've made me laugh and cry and I don't think anyone has ever made such in impact on raising the profile of bone marrow donations. You've certainly made an impact on me. I'm enroling and would like to think that this might help someone one day.

In the meantime, Baldy's Blog is top of my favourites list. What an amazing man you are.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy time with your precious family,


I have a sinking feeling that all is not well in your world ... Thinking of you and your family constantly today, checking in often for any news, as are many others. I know most of us wish we could be there with you, if only to hold your hand, pray for you, and offer strength to your whole family.


Mary Anne
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Hey, I'm Jen. You don't know me but i have been reading your blog from the beginning. I understand alot of what you say and what you have been through as like you, i have leukaemia. Although, i'm 20 and have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia(ALL). Luckily i have not needed a bone marrow transplant although it is in the back of my consultants mind. I think you are a real inspiration and i look up to you and everything you have done whilst fighting such an awful illness. You and your family are always in my mind.
Keep Smiling and Stay Strong.
Jen xx

Just stopped by once more to see how you're doing and to say "Hi" - very pleased (if that doesn't sound too odd!) to see your note about the blog problems and that there's news on its way. I tried to post earlier but it bounced - so I'm trying again.

Thinking of you,

Vic x

so relieved to read the blog saying you are ok we were starting to worry

jane xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Adrian,

Don't know if you can remember but i was a student nurse on p3 last year - Micheal and Rosie were my mentors. I saw a lot of patients whilst working around the hospital but no-one stands out like you. Im not doing nursing anymore but have constantly read your blogs and kept a close eye on how your doing. I sometimes see rosie and always ask if there's any news on you. Your a true inspiration and your knowledge is incredible - I remember on my first day you giving me the facts about leukemia and you seemed to know more than the doctors! Not sure if you kept the P3 shaved into the back of your head but it was a good look! Keep it going mate the work you are doing is amazing. Jamie.

You are an amazing individual. Thank you for making the video.

Hey Adrian,
Many many congrats on yet another award - supperb!
U have that blast!!!!!and that beer!!

Take Care.


blessings to you @ your family/ love'light and reiki hugs brendiexx

just take care honey, it is not easy, but you have great family and friends xx

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