An unexpected birthday - finally with bonus material


More gremlins I'm afraid but finally I have been able to finish this post off.

After the 'bad news' I never thought for a second I would see my 27th birthday.

I think I am still living back in May, and time, what with the campaign, petition, the parties, general fun and now the illness, has just disappeared.

I'm not normally a big fan of birthdays but it would seem daft not to mark this one.

Let's face it, and this is a bit sad to actually write, but it's very likely to be my last.

Despite still feeling poorly my family and I are still going to have a fun day today.

I knew my birthday was looking up when my dad picked up this hugely inappropriate birthday cake. Made us all laugh though.

For many of you who don't know Keith - yes his name is Keith - he only reads books by Bernard Cornwell, preferably the Sharpe ones and loves Carry on Films. Needless to say it was a fine choice.

The comments from all you have been incredible as well. I have asked Liam to actually do some work for a change and get publishing them! We had about 60 in one minute!

Let's start with some good news.

It is my birthday.

The door has not stopped being banged on by post men and couriers bringing me cards and presents.


It is incredible. Me and my parents have never known anything like it.

A little journalist joke as well. Being 27 now will throw every single hack who covers my story again in the coming weeks and months.

I also know what you are thinking: there is a fine line between sophisitcated, fabulous and camp.

I love my dressing gown and it is particularly helpful when I'm breaking out in the sweats. It does look like something Oscar Wilde might have worn and maybe I should crack on with those old-school cigarettes with a holder.

It is from Paul Smith darling and is from my fabulous grandma no less.

Conclusion: camp.

Please note the Lucozade.

The bad news is I still feel unwell.

My stomach is making noises I have never heard before. The volume of the gurgling is deafening.

It seems to start off in my chest and then helter skelter round my stomach and intestines.

I was up at least four times in the night so again I just need to sleep through.

Dehydration is my current biggest battle but I have already knocked back two pints of orange cordial with ice.

I feel unsettled and generally unwell.

The district nurse has just been round and taken blood and I couldn't help temporarily feel a bit sorry for myself with my lot.

Don't worry - I have bucked my ideas up now.

I don't think there will be any booze today and there won't be excessive eating but I am determined to stay out of hospital.

It's just so difficult having a very limited immune system.

My family and friends who have all come down with this bug are making progress.

I seem to be staying the same or, if anything, getting worse.


Thanks again for all the best wishes. The amount of cards and presents, as you can see, has been overwhelming and I really wasn't expecting anything like this.

Thank you to everyone who sent a present or a card or took time to post a comment. There have been nearly 400 in the last 48 hours.

That is a phenomenal and very touching response.

Here is also a birthday greeting from the UK's Education Secretary Ed Balls: "On Adrian's birthday I just wanted to renew my pledge that we will do all we can in government to back Adrian's aim to educate all young people on the need for bone marrow donation.

"To this end Alan Johnson and I will be writing to every secondary school to make sure they have the materials and information they need for discussions in school about bone marrow donation.

You have only to read Adrian's blog to see how passionate he is and how he has a sense of mission about this idea. His campaign has been courageous and inspiring and I will continue to do all I can to back Adrian's mission."

Nice one!

Campaign update in next post with some written answers.

Finally, what are you lot trying to suggest about me?


As soon as this bloody bug goes I will be enjoying some of these lovely bottles I have been sent.

Thanks again and best wishes to you all too.


Happy Birthday Adrian, and make it woopy!

Hi Adrian

Happy Birthday... I hope you have a great day and make the most of it. I was pleased to hear that you have been allowed out of hospital for this special day.

Love and best wishes

Clare X

Happy birthday dear Adrian. I do hope you have a fantastic day my friend, and continue sticking the proverbial 2 fingers at the illness. You are an inspiration. You really have made me put my life and my pitiful "problems" into perspective! You ROCK.

Loads of love and stuff to you and yours on your very special day. I can only imagine how proud your family must be of you because without meaning to sound patronising, you make me very very proud and I don't "know" you really. I'm just one of the thousands that try and walk with you with every post.

Take care dear friend.
Tina -X-X-X-X-

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Best wishes to you and your family.
Hope you have a lovely day
Keep smiling,

Much love and hugs to you all
Lauren xxxxx

Happy Birthday mate!!

I know you must be feeling unwell, but i think it shows great spirit to battle on and have a good time.

Take care Ad. I hope the stomach problem is sorted out soon.


Happy Birthday Adrian, a bit of flat coke might help settle your stomach. There's no medical evidence to support this but my Auntie Bette swears by it!! :)
Enjoy your day.
Much love and hugs,

Alaine (London) x

Happy Birthday, enjoy it as much as you can!!!

Hi Adrian

I wrote to you a while ago, and have been following the blog ever since, I meant to write before and ask when your birthday was, as I remember reading something from you that your birthday was in July. So Happy Birthday to you!!. It is also my 3 year olds birthday today, and seeing as though your stomach is playing up I'll make sure that I have some iced gems, chocolate teacakes and Igglepiggle cake for you.

Take care, have a good day, and maybe a beer or two when you're feeling a bit better.

Debs XXX

Hi Adrian
Wishing you a great day. Reaching today is another milestone and something to be very proud of! Thinking of you and hope time passes slowly today for you to enjoy every minute of becoming 27.


Sorry you are still feeling below par, but hopefully the gurgling will stop soon. The trouble is, when you are already seriously ill, any bug is going to knock you back quite badly.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I am sure you will be thoroughly spoiled (which of course you deserve to be). You talk about not expecting to be here for this birthday, with all the love, prayers and good wishes from all over the world, you could very well be saying the same next St. Swithins day!!!

My love as always to you and your family.

Bless you


happy birthday Adrian


Happy Birthday my friend - hope you are out of the H soon

hope you enjoy your birthday as best you can
,enjoy having friends round and thanks to liam for keeping us updated yesterday

take care

jane xx

Hello darling Adrian!

Happy birthday to you!

Sending much love and huge amounts of birthday hugs to you.

Kate xx


Have a great day, we are thinking of you

love you loads

Leyla & Anne

x x x x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN, Glad you don't have to spend it in hospital.

Your bravery astounds me every day,My mam was also brave when she had breast cancer which spread to her brain stem, she like you didn't want to suffer and to be honest she didn't her passsing was so peaceful and serene, i just wish every one when their time comes to have such a passing.

Just know adrian that you HAVE made such a positive impression on everyone you have touched with your story and with us all behind you, you can bet your bottom dollar that your campaign won't stop.

Wishing you peace and tranquility my friend



Happy Birthday xx

Happy Birthday Adrian!!!

I have just e mailed your dad to say the same.

Have a wonderful day together

Love Karen

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.

Lots of love and hugs to you and your family and friends.



Have a good day today.....and tomorrow....and the day after......

Think you are entitled to feel a bit sorry with your lot, but knowing you (albeit only through this blog) it was only ever going to be a temporary downer. Enjoy today as much as your gurgling insides allow, and hope you get a good night's rest tonight.

Thinking about you on this special day and will raise a glass to you later - just in case you dont feel up to doing it yourself of course.

Cheryl xx

Happy Birthday Adrian. I hope that you enjoy your day immensely!

Happy birthday Adrian (27)!

Hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

Donnas friends held a charity concert and raised £3000 for leukaemia research last friday. We had a great night and it was lovely to see everyone there remembering Donna.

Thanks to everybody involved, and our star "turns" Roger Davies, and Barry Sheerman.

I keep seeing you pop up all over the place, and was glad to hear you on 5 Live this week.



Dear Adrian,

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday lovely fella
Happy Birthday to You

And you've been spared my singing - what more could you want?

Have the best day possible and rest assured you and yours are in everyones' thoughts and prayers.

Keep on keeping on.

Much love and good energies,

Julia xx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADRIAN! I hope the gifts and warm wishes you receive on this very special day lift your spirits and help make you feel better. We'll be raising a glass in your honour tonight.
Virtual hugs from
~Italic Alexandra

Dear Adrian,

have a wonderfully happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Adrian. Hope you can stomach some cake and a few nice nibbles today. I bet you get some really unusual gifts, could you handle a stripper?!!!

As for the beer - have you tried diaralyte (sp??) It's good to replace salts etc lost when you have a stomach upset. Might perk you up a bit if they let you have it. I swear by it if I have a hangover lol. The blackcurrant one tastes best. Not as nice as a cold pint but hey ho!

Thinking of you daily and wishing you lots more good days over the coming months.


Helen x

Happy Birthday Adrian
I hope today is a great day for you and your family !!

love Karen x

Happy 27th Birthday!

Congratulations and best wishes!

I hope you're stomach problems are sorted soon. I read your blog regulary and just never know what to say to such an inspirational and incredible person. You are amazing. Keep similing and fighting!

I just had to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Love to you all,

Lesley xx

Dearest Adrian
Wishing you a happy boozy birthday. Surrounded by your wonderful family and friends. Look forward to hearing about it. I will be raising a glass to you tonight.
Much love and the biggest hug
Barbara XX

Happy Birthday Adrian- I'm glad that you got out of the hospital for it! I hope that you're feeling better today, and that you get spoiled rotten on your birthday!!

Thinking of you,


Happy birthday, Adrian. Hope you enjoy(ed) it!

Gavin in Germany.


Best wishes for your Birthday.

I hope that your symptons clear up quickly, to enable you some more quality time with your family.

God bless

Happy birthday Adrian!!

Don't worry about the 'no booze' bit. I was on a stag do on Saturday and felt bloody terrible!! Wish I had 'no booze' know how it is mate LOL.

Keep smiling : )

Mac x

Hi Adrian

Thinking of you & your family on this very special day and wishing you all the best. All us readers are so proud of you, I hope your bug lets up a bit so you can enjoy your day, you really deserve it!

Sending lots of love, birthday hugs and positive thoughts.

Rachel xxxxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Carpe diem...

All these people, all round the world (that's the world that you've changed for the better) thinking of you!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday

Make sure you are right-royally spoilt by everyone... you deserve it!

Sandra x

Dear Adrian

You truly are an inspirational guy. You have done a tremendous job to raise awareness of the vital necessity for more people to join the bone marrow register and the importance of reaching out to 6th formers. I read your blog often and it is hard not to feel sorry for you even though you do not feel sorry for yourself. You have brought a lot of people together despite the underlying sadness. Well done to you. Take Care.


Dear Adrian,

I too have found myself checking your blog daily (since I read about you in the paper way back in May) to see if you have anything else to report - like an obsessive stalker actually if you must know!

I totally agree with every comment that has been said about you and your campaign. You are an inspiration.

I just had to take this opportunity of wishing you very best wishes on your special day.

Hope it doesn't rain! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Adrian,

You truly are a star and more people can learn so much from you.

Well done and enjoy your special day.

Em x

Happy, Happy Birthday Adrian!!!!!!!!
Will raise a glass in your honour tonight!
Hope you get totally spoilt by friends and family, you deserve it!
Lots of love to you,

Happy Birthday from Texas! So glad you will get to celebrate this day at home with family and friends. May you feel generally well today. You inspire us all!


Hi Adrian,

Happy Birthday!!

I have never posted to you before, but, today is a very special day for you and I wanted you to know that you have made more 'pen friends' and admirers that you will probably ever know. I have been reading your blog for the last three months or so and every day I log on to see how you are keeping. Sometimes I think I know more about you than my own family!

Your plight and dogged determination to keep going and not let your ilness beat you is amazing.

I have taken your campaign to heart and unfortunately due to a blood transfusion five years ago I cannot help, but, I have been persistant with friends and colleagues to donate blood and bone marrow.

I hope that you have a wonderful day with what only can be called an amazing family and wonderful circle of friends and I hope that you can manage some birthday cake :)

Love and warm wishes to you and all your family,
Jenny & Family

Happy bithday Adrian, no one deserves a good one more than you. I think of you often, and try to remember to pray for you and your family every day. With love and best wishes from the Lewis family in Swansea.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) Enjoy your day xx

Happy Birthday Adrian! Thinking of you very much and so glad the sun has made an appaearance for your special day as well! Take care and have a nice day,
Emma x

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing men in the world!


Happy Birthday! So pleased you're spending it with the people you love x x

Happy happy birthday Adrian!

May the gods smile down on you and pull out all the stops for a very special day today.

When my old man gets home tonight, we will raise a couple of glasses of excellent Shiraz in your honour.

Kate & Co
XX xxx

Bonjour Adrian

I hope you have a birthday fit for a real Hero. I get a strong feeling that you were put on this earth to make a big difference and that's what you're doing. And then there are people like me who may live to be 100 but may never have such meaning to their time on this beautiful planet. I take my hat off to you and know that you have inspired me and many others with your story.
Have a superb birthday and I hope your tummy troubles ease off so you can have a big slice of CAKE !! (the word CAKE must be said with teeth tightly clenched and a big cheesy grin on your face!!)
Happy Birthday from the Ardeche. (France)

Best wishes to you and your family

Happy Birthday!!! I know your having a time with this bug but I do wish you the most incredible birthday with surprises in the folds of the day!

Praying for this stomach bug to bugger off...

happy birthday , may it be filled with joy and fun

HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of you today, and wishing you well. Your positive impact on the world is greater than anyone will ever know, you are amazing!



your amazing! what more is there to say! though i think you probably already know this as many people have told you so! Happy Birthday, maybe when your over this stomach problem, you can celebrate properly with family and friends.

I've been reading your blogs for a while now and you inspire me!

Keep up the good work, rest and play!
Anna Liverpool

Hey Adrian! Happy Birthday!! I really hope that even through the gurgling stomach pains you have a great day today! No one deserves a great day today as much as you! Love and best wishes, always in my thoughts! Bex xx





Many happy returns Adrian, enjoy your day being surrounded by your loved ones. We've out your story in our paper, the Irvine Herald, this week to make sure readers in Ayrshire sign your petition.

Embrace and enjoy your special day! Happy Birthday! Sara - Ohio

Happy birthday Adrian
I met you briefly at a council meeting once (I work on Dewsbury Reporter) and I've been really touched by your story. I am 27 as well and being the same age I cannot imagine going through what you are with such bravery and dignity.
You are an inspiration and I hope you enjoy your day - you deserve it.

Happy Birthday Adrian! Hope you have a wonderful day (despite the lousy stomach problems) with your friends and family.

Netherlands Antilles

Happy Birthday Adrian.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN!!!! I'm sure your friends and family will help you make it a great one!!!

Enjoy and feel better!!!

Kim (NY-USA)

previous message lost in space
hope you manage to enjoy you birthday, proper party cordial and cake ! make sure you have jelly as well

hope you enjoy your day

jane xx

Hello Adrian

I'll keep it simple - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hope the sun shines down on you and your family today.


Happy Birthday Adrian! Best wishes, Nikki xx

Happy Birthday Adrian, sorry you are still under the weather with the bug but have a great day with the family...


Reminds me of a nursery school church song my kids used to sing: "This is the day that the lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." I'm not a real "churchy" kinda gal, but boy does that song ring true today! True, it may be harder to rejoice when your guts are rumbling, but I know you'll do your best. Party on, Sudders!






In a strange way, this might be a many of us know people who celebrated their last birthday not knowing it was, or lived their last days not knowing, and may have regretted not appreciating every moment for the gift that it is.

Reading your blog has made me (and so many others, I might guess) appreciate every moment I guess you managed to give US a present. Thank you.

Wishing you all the best and that this, indeed, is the happiest of days for you.

With kind regards,


Hi Adrian,

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays with all of your family and friends. I wish you a win for your campaign...that would be the best birthday present for all of us.


Happy Birthday Adrian!

Thinking of you today as everyday! I hope your birthday is as special as you are! I checked the petition earlier and it is so close to the 10,000 mark. Come everyone, let's try and get those last 1,700 and give Adrian a birthday present to remember!

Best wishes to you and your family. I hope you all feel better soon.

Hi Adrian,

I have been reading your blog for a very long time but I have never left a message, I had no idea what to say and so many others had already said everything I felt in such a clear and eloquent way that I thought my words would not make a difference. But today is different, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I do from the bottom of my heart wish you the best!


Adrian - Happy Birthday!

Glad you are out of hospital and able to spend your day with friends and family.

Big Hugs.

Jill and Paul

Happy Birthday fella.

Best Wishes



Sorry your still feeling under the weather. Keep drinking the fluids as that will help & hopefully keep you out of the hospital.
Sounds like you have an awesome family support group & a hell of a bunch of friends. Enjoy them.


Happy Birthday to you Adrian!

Happy birthday, Adrian. You are a true inspiration and I continue to be amazed by everything you do. Thank you so much for allowing us access to your life and thoughts. Reading your blog and following your story has been, and continues to be, and honor. Have a fantastic day! We will be celebrating for you here in the US. Happy Adrian Sudbury day!


North Carolina, United States

Its hard to tag something after all of these fantastic emails and posts to you Adrian...Hard to come up with the words..Your huge family out here in cyber world is grateful today and every day for every word...

Its coming to you HEART TO HEART.....God bless you, God Bless my daddy and God Bless my friend Connie who also has cancer...all having birthdays today...Its over the top, simply over the top that we still have all three of you...

much love, Therese

Hi Ad,

Have a great Birthday I am sure Ben and your Family will make sure of that. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Caroline and Family

Happy birthday Adrian, hope you have a good one.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN, have a great day ,love from the collins family, halifax ,xx

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Even thought you will be laying off the alcohol I'm sure your friends and family will make it another wonderful day to remember.

My best wishes to you and your Family.


Happy Birthday Adrian!

We send the very best of wishes and trust that you have an enjoyable birthday.

Maureen & Brian


Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear you are not feeling on 'top form'. Hope you have a great day with friends and family today though.

You're in my thoughts,

Jen xx

Hey Adrian, happy birthday!! Hope it's a great day xo


We send all our love to you and your family, from Huddersfield.

Have a great birthday. Hope you get over this stomach sickness soon. We will be praying for you back here in the states.


Dear Aidy, so glad you got home for your birthday, hope you have a lovely day with your family. Happy Birthday from all the Leightons (Sue, Pete, Claire, Mark and Sonya)

Happy Birthday Adrian!

What a wonderful day it must have been for your parents welcoming you into the world 27 years ago. How proud they must be of you for all you have accomplished in 27 years!

I wish for you to start feeling better and to kick this nasty stomach bug to the curb! Keep drinking lots and lots of liquids to flush your system and enjoy the day. Have a very, very happy birthday with your family and friends.

Lots of love and wonderful birthday wishes,

Have a fantastic birthday, Adrian!

Happy Birthday Adrian have a fantastic day love Donna.

Hi Adrian,
I am thinking of you, have a wonderful birthday, it sounds like you are swamped with love from family and friends. Stay happy.

Hi Adrian:

Thank you for taking the time to post on your birthday and give us all an update. Can you imagine if all your blog readers could come and wish you Happy Birthday in person? How great would that be?

I'm glad you are out of the hospital and I'm sorry that you are feeling poorly. I am amazed at how you keep your positive outlook and keep on writing. You are amazing.

Anyway, cheering you on from across the pond.



I hope you have a wonderful birthday, despite feeling ill. You deserve it!!!!!

Happy birthday Adrian hope you had a truly wonderful day and more to come.Doesn"t have to be a birthday to make a good day just a smile will do.
Love to you and your family

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Adrian
Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Have a wonderful birthday Adrian!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN! Glad you are able to spend the day at home with family and friends.

Wishing you the best today and always. Big hugs!



Have a great day with all of your family and friends !

Lots of love from the Connollys

Louise, William and Lewis x x x

Happy Birthday! I have no idea what an Orange cordial is but keep up with it. If you close your eyes and try to dig in your memories, you'll see that you will almost be able to taste the beer =)

Happy birthday mate.

I know its tough at the mo with you feeling so i'll but im sure you will all make the most of it.
Today is also my little boy Joe's 1st birthay.

All the best
Lee (Pinxton)

Hi Adrian

So glad you have made it home. Hope time goes slower for you today so you can enjoy every moment - it is a very special day.
Much love Alisonx

Happy birthday darling boy,

Have a game of sevens instead of booze - but for gods sake get someone else to deal eh??!!


I hope you day is filled with smiles, friends and laughter

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sudders
Happy Birthday to you


Hope you manage at least a little sip of 'celebatory pop' for your birthday. If not then just take it easy and we'll all raise a glass to you instead.

Hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by all those that love you.

Take care for now

Lisa x x


A VERY special Adrian dance today!!!

Keep up those spirits and we hope you feel much better very quickly.

Love as always,
Jill (and Presley too!)

Have a Wonderful Birthday Adrian! I hope there are way too many people wishing you a great day. Glad you are at home instead of hospital. give that bug the big boot and try and enjoy some food and drink. I will be thinking of you today.

San Diego,California

Dear Adrian,

Happy Birthday from a reader in South Georgia, USA! I pray that you are granted a pain-free, happy, peaceful day w/family and friends! You are an inspiration -- thank you for sharing your experiences with the world!


Wishing you a fabulous and very Happy Birthday, Adrian! I do hope you are feeling well enough to celebrate big with your family and friends!

Jan from Washington, DC


Happy Birthday and Best Wishes!

Happy Birthday Adrian

Have a great time at home. I hope you have family and friends around to catch up with you and to share your birthday cake!

Love from Rachel x x

Happy birthday Adrian,
you are an inspiration to us all, we are truly humbled by you - enjoy your day xx
Gail (isle of man)

Dear Adrian

I raise my glass to you and your wonderful family and wish you a very Happy Birthday!

With much love and positive energy,

As a fellow reporter, I wrote a piece urging our readers in Norfolk to lend their support to your campaign. I now feel duty bound to write another piece, getting your age right, so that at least one of us doesn't fall victim to cut-and-paste-from-the-library-system syndrome...!
Hope you have a great birthday and that no one got you socks/Lynx/that McNae law book we had to learn off by heart until we'd passed our exams at which point we could forget it all.
Much love,
Stacia x

Happy Birthday Adrian

Hope you have a good day, I am so glad that you are out of hospital for your birthday, I had some Chemo for mine last year! so this year I really celebrated it. Hope your stomach starts to behave and enables you to have a cheeky beer or whatever else you fancy.

I think about you every day and love reading your blog.

Keep smiling lots of love
Sarah xxx

Happy Birthday Adrian

Have a wonderful day with your famly and friends.


Happy Birthday Adrian,
Best wishes to you and all your family on what will be an emotional time. Well done for everything you have done for future sufferers, you have given others the opportunity to have many happy birthdays that they would never have celebrated.

Well done, keep going, Love Pinnegar family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Glad you are feeling better and can be at home where you belong on your birthday. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Happy Birthday enjoy!! Thinking of you and your family today and every day xx

Hey Adrian

I hope you're having wonderful day. One of the people who commented said wouldn't it be great if we could all come by your house and see you to wish you happy birthday. Her comment made me think of all the energy from all around the world that is being channelled towards you and your house RIGHT NOW. Its an incredible thought - and I hope that all that energy brings you powerful healing vibes, as well as great loving vibes for all your family. It's the world reflecting back some of the energy you have given to it :-)

Take care and have a good one,
Lorraine in Algeria

hi fella
happy birthday
stay strong mate
baz an dawny

Hi Adrian,
Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. I would just like to wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Best Wishes

Nikki ;)

Happy Birthday from Cypress, Texas! I hope you feel better soon!

Hi Adrian,

Wanting to wish you a Happy Birthday.

You truely are an, an amazing guy.

With warm wishes.


Happy Birthday Adrian.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Take care and rest up.

You'll continue to be in my thoughts.
Vic x

Happy Birthday!!! Keep fighting Adrian!!!! The world is rooting for you!!!!

Happy Birthday.

Thanks for doing this campaign.

Happy birthday from a long time reader but a first time poster. Your strength & determination is outstanding.

Claire x


I hope you feel better soon..TODAY would be nice! Just a little unsolicited advice - sometimes bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol) helps in times nothing else did for me. Not that it stops the underlying cause, but settles things.

Anyway, I am so glad your door is being knocked down with cards and gifts. You deserve the love.

Hooray! You made it past what you thought possible. Defying doctors. Good job.

Hope your day is wonderful.

Margaret (USA)

Happy Birthday Adrian!! Here's hoping you have a great day!!! Enjoy it with your friends and family! Thinking of you raising your glasses....

Be well and very best wishes
Jane in Sunny California (Expatriate from Essex)


I have been following your story for some time now and I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. My youngest turns 8 today too.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family and enjoy this special day!!!!

Happy birthday Adrian. Hopefully you can celebrate properly when you've beaten the bug.

Really hectic morning so just now having a chance to check in but been thinking of you.

More Birthday Wishes here:

Lots of love as always
From a gray trinidad

Happy Birthday you really young person,

Have a great evening and enjoy with a non-alcoholic cocktail - and pretend it's the real stuff. At least you can still blow all your candles out without setting the house on fire!!!

Twenty seven, what a fantastic age to be. Hope you have had a good morning and you party into the night without wearing yourself out!

Here's to many more

All our love and best wishes for this special day

Sarah and Motley crew, (pussycats, neighbours dog, bunny rabbits) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday and best of luck for the future.

Hi Adrian
Wishing you a very happy birthday and hoping you feel better soon
Dawn xx

Happy birthday, Adrian! I am glad you got to be home. Be as well as you can be!

I cannot sign your petition, but our family admires what you are doing and are going to be working for something similar here in the States.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry our present to you did not come today but we want to deliver it to see the look on your face!

On another note, what you said about hacks making slip ups with your age. May I admit to being the first. I have just done it. What a numpty!x

Happy Birthday Adrian.
I hope that you have the best day you possibly can. And I also hope that this will NOT be the last birthday you have.
Thinking of you (as is the rest of the world as you can see!)



every day, for everyone, is a blessing!

found you from Nate's blog.

Hey there my virtual Friend!
I've been away from the my faithful steam driven computer, so, HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! Hope you enjoyed the day and were able to soak up all the love, attention, fun and no doubt a bit of naughtiness too! Now you can just chill and get this bug sorted once and for all!
Keep comfy :-)
Love Janet in South Africa

Happy Birthday, Adrian!

Hi Adrian,

Been reading for awhile and just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you get over this latest bug and start to feel better soon.

Here's to you, your family and many beers to come!

Anne from San Francisco


Just had to post twice in one day because something crazy just happened. I check a few blogs each day and I just pulled one up and there was a picture of you on it. It's called confessions of a cf husband. You are a phenomenon that had caused the world to take a look. Way to go!!!!!


Happy Birthday Adrian!
I hope you are feeling better and able to enjoy your day!
Best Wishes

Happy Birthday, Adrian!

We are praying for you in California!

The Thompson Family

Happy Birthday!

I check in almost daily and always breathe a big sigh of relief to see your posts as that means you are still putting up a good fight! :-)

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Portland, Oregon

Birthday Greetings, Adrian, Here's hoping for many blessings to find their way to your door.
Like you, I have never been much of one to celebrate my own birthday but I thought I'd share a little something I like to do every year on my birthday. I send my mom flowers. It delights her and brings me great joy to celebrate her on my bithday. Give your mum
a special hug. It will mean a lot to both of you. Best wishes to you dear, hope you feel better soon. Love and Prayers, Debra-Mississippi United States

have a great birthday adrian we all wish u much happiness hunny xxx

Happy Birthday! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Praying in Ohio

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you enjoy your day!!!



I pray you have the most incredible birthday EVER!

Praying for you in Kentucky. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday from Seattle Washington! I've been reading your blog for a few months now and have kept you and your family in my prayers since then... Have a fun day and take it all in!

Happy birthday from across the pond!
New reader to your blog... so impressed by the work you are doing. I hope you have an incredible day with your family!

Sarah in Virginia

*H*A*P*P*Y__B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*_A*D*R*I*A*N* =)

Have a great day and make the most of it, have FUN and enjoy the company & love of your family , friends and all of us (your online buddies, who love u dearly even though we have never met).
Wish i was there to give u a big hug & kiss & tell u how great u r... so here goes a virtual hug & kiss from me to you...

claudia xxxxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Adrian!

I do hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy your special day! Here's hoping you and your family are surrounded by love and good times!

From Sunny California, USA


Dear Adrian,

Hope you are still enjoying your Birthday celebrations.

Please dont write about death Adrian...can you imagine what we people feel when we read that.I do not know about others exactly, I just want to cry loudly...angry at god , it is so unfair.

Sometimes I think people who die they just leave this world, people left behind is going to suffer...may be for days, months , years or through out their lives.My English is not that good and I cant express properly my feelings.

Have a wonderful birthday Adrian!

Praying for some miracle to happen.Normally if I pray for others it will happen,but if I pray for myself god just ignore!

Lots of Love


How does anyone become a member in order to leave a comment for Adrian? I have written prior to this but it did not get posted. Please allow me to give Adrian our thoughts on his long, and difficult struggle.
Thank you.

Happy Birthday! I was led to your blog via another blog. :) You have reminded me to live NOW. I wish you peace. Namaste...

Oregon, USA

Happy Birthday!

Hi Adrian have a wonderful birthday. Will see you on friday. All the best Happy Birthday. from Cheryl and all at the W.T centre X

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday !!!
Make the most of it with all your lovely friends and family.

With all my best wishes

love Caroline xxxxxxx

Hi Adrian,

I am new to your site, and I just spent the past many minutes reading over several of your entries.

I'm so sorry for what your are going through. Obviously, you have accomplished much in your young life, but more than that, you are truly a likeable person. Your kind and caring ways will leave an even greater impact on the public, and, I hope you are able to accomplish your goals before you leave this earth.

The entry you dedicated to your sister put me over the edge. Your close bond is a wonderful gift to each of you, and to have that, no matter how short the time, is more than special.

I don't know if you are a Christian, but I just wanted to say I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless you.


I beat you to it this morning and wished you a happy birthday on yesterday's post but in case you didn't see it

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!

With loads of love on this special day

Jane xx

Happy Birthday Sweety xxx

WELL WELL WELL,,,, MR Adrian, I have read alot of your blog and I am going to tell you that I think you seem to be a great young man. I will also say that my daughters would agree with me that you are a brave and very nice looking one too. I would like to thank you for sharing with the world, your life. I will be back to see how you are doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from out here in ARIZONA !!!

Happy Birthday Adrian!! I truly hope you enjoy your day! :o) Best wishes!

Dear Friend.

Their is someone up in the skies making plans for all of us. every moment of your life sparde enormous energy around the world and many of us feel that vibration and inspire oursalves.

Happy Birth day to you.

Ottawa (Canada)


I don't know you personally but have been greatly touched by your story and find you in my thoughts regularly... I hope today is a wonderful birthday surrounded by family and friends and wish you good health in the coming year.

Your friend in Canada,

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Adrian,
Happy Birthday to you.

(just be very glad you can't actually hear me singing that :oP )

Wishing you lots of luck with your petition, well done young man! :o)

Happy Birthday!! It is my birthday also. I just found your blog through Nate Lawrenson's blog and I wanted to wish you the best for your birthday. I will be praying for God to comfort you and relieve your discomfort and pain.

Whoops! Almost missed the deadline.
Hounslow says happy birthday.
Been a bit busy because half the population keeps seeing UFOs and calling up/ posting about it. (Yes, right next door to Heathrow.)

Anyway, the arrival of aliens got us thinking. So you can stop saying you are just 27 and measure in Mercurian years instead, earthling. This makes you 112 and your 113th birthday is on Oct 1.

On the other hand you won't be one Plutonian year old until 2229. You see, it's all relative.

Have fun birthday boy - Jan

Hi Adrian,

I have been reading your page for a while now, and you never cease to amaze me.
I've never made any comments on your page before, but today, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday!
I hope you have as good a day as you can, with your family and friends. I've been thinking about you all day today, and just couldn't let the day pass without saying Hi!
I lost my stepdad a few months ago, to cancer. He tried to stay brave and positive throughout the treatment as well. He was very brave, just like you.
Have a great day.
Take care,
Mandy in Scotland

Hi Adrian, hope its ok that I asked a friend of mine in the US to post a link to your blog from his:

He has a huge following of readers from all over the world and his blog tells of the incredible journey that he, his wife and their little baby have been on over the last year (Tricia gave birth at 24 weeks and then endured a double lung transplant).

Hope you get some more readers and supporters as a result xxxx

A very happy birthday OLD BOY. 27 IS OLD.

Birthdays where always a great time in my home
You got to be queen on your birthday. I want I want I want... i get i get I get. chit soon it will be tomorrow.

I hope you realise that it is very difficult for us to write to you!!!!!!!!!!!! oops did I just write that? You are telling us you are dying and we have to reply ...with what? we just love you. Tell you ma that i dont want to take you away. Mama he is a nice boy. WHAT 27 AND HE IS A BOY. hahahah

I bet you dont actually read the daily mail.........there is a the girl said she had so many blind dates she qualified for a guide dog........well it made me laugh.

supper time here

xxxxxxxxxxxx to you and all your family and friends

Jane-Mary Devizes


Have been following your blog for a long time but this is my first post. Just wanted to wish you many happy returns, and hope you're feeling well enough soon to enjoy a beer to celebrate.

Love Debbie

Happy 27th Birthday!!!
I found your blog from another blog. I hope you have a great hospital free birthday! Many blessings to you!
God bless you!
Oklahoma, USA



Sending you a huge Canadian hug for your Birthday. Have an awesome day!

Best Wishes


Hi again Adrian
Hope you've had a good birthday. My computer went down this morning and I had to ask a friend to post my message to you as I couldn't miss your special day! He didn't read your comments out to me so didnt realise you weren't able to drink today so forgive me for saying 'have a boozy day'. Computer working again now so had to just say hope your day has been full of good things. Hope you have a better night tonight. My sister and I have just raised a glass to you and wished you Happy Birthday. Wish we could have all got together to do it in person!
Today may be your birthday, but you have made everyday special for all of us out here.
As always, much love to you and yours
Barbara xx


I hope you've been able to enjoy some nice food and of course the company of family and friends.

I've been at work all day but thought of you and was hoping you were having a good birthday.
The stomach bug sounds completely evil, with any luck you'll be over it soon and able to celebrate with a bit of alcohol.

Take care, love from Catherine x x

Hi Sudders,

I've never meet you but I feel like I know you as I've been following your blog for most of this year. Your courage and journalistic abilities never cease to amaze me.

have a good birthday buddie - I hope you feel better soon. If your not up to celebrating today maybe you could take a leaf out of the queens book and have an 'official birthday' when you feel a bit better :0)



Yipee Yeah! Happy Birthday Adrian! It sucks you are still feeling crappy but at least you are out of the hospital!

I hope you start feeling better real soon and please have a great day today :)

Hello Adrian,

Happy birthday! Hope you are having a lovely day!

Enjoy every moment!

Karen x

Happy Birthday to you! I hope that you can be well enough to enjoy your day.

Thinking of you,
Small-town Illinois, USA


I have been following your blog every day now for a few months. I must say that you are a source of light in my life - I find myself filling my family in on your progress and how you are such an inspiration.

I hope you have a *magical* birthday - despite the stomach crud - LIVE IT UP!

Best Birthday wishes and LOTS of love and prayers!
Virginia, USA


HAVE A VERY HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love Dawn xxxx

Happy 27th Birthday, Superhero. You deserve so much to be sitting in a happy drunken stupor somewhere with all your mates, but I being unwell probably prohibits at least the stupor part! A toast to you and your days ahead of shared laughter and memories and smiles.

Happiest of birthdays...

Happy Birthday Adrian.

I have been following your story for sometime now as my dad has AML. 6 rounds of chemo and on the transplant list so I kind of know a small amount about it all. i have signed your petition and my daughter is on the register and keeps spreading the word to all she meets.

Have a good day

Take care

Hope you've had a great day, you deserve it.

Glad to hear you were allowed home to spend your birthday at home with your loved ones. Hospitals are not the best places to spend much time let alone your birthday (having renal failure I'm speaking from personal experience).

Hope the stomach bug goes soon so you can enjoy a couple of birthday drinks.

Hi Adrian, I check you're blog every day to see what you are up to, nice to be able to wish you a happy birthday, I hope you have a lovely time with your friends and family.

Lots of love from Manchester and me xxx

Hi Adrian,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful day despite everything. Stay strong and God Willing you will celebrate many MANY more such celebrations.

God Bless!

Tina K.

Hi Adrian,
Happy Birthday!!!!
Hope you have a brilliant day.
Love and best wishes,
Lauren xxxxx

Happy Birthday!!

We, too, found your blog through another blog and wish you the very, very happiest and peace filled birthday! You're in our prayers!

The Jordan Family
Pennsylvania, USA

Happy BIrthday to you, all the way from Virginia. Today is MY son's birthday. He's 20 today. He's bothered that I couldn't get him a girl, so he's settled for a nice dinner out.

BTW, you have a nice shaped head. A friend of mine lost her hair during chemo and we ended up calling her "Lumpy" have a nice noggin.


Dear Adrian,

I wish you a very happy Birthday!!!I hope you enjoy the day all the best you can. Also, to your family, I hope they enjoy you very much.

Keep strong,

Kathy from USA

happy birthday from the US in Atlanta GA.

Happy Birthday Adrian!
Hope you have a wonderful day. I wish I could be there to bring you a gift and meet you. You are an inspiration to me.

Hello Adrian, Happy birthday,take care.
Love Gill

Happy Birthday! Hoping you have a wonderful day with your friends and family.
South Carolina, USA

Hello Adrian, birthday boy! :-)

Just got in from work - and guess what the first thing I did was?!! ...Thanks for updating us and sharing your birthday with us. I posted a comment on yesterday's entry, but just wanted to add: Hope you've had a lovely day - and enjoy the rest of it. You deserve the very best, you're a star!

All my love and birthday wishes, Charlotte xx

Happy Birthday!

Have fun making special memories on this your 27th!

Best Wishes,


Happy Birthday!!

with love & prayers,

an English girl

Oh my, I left a message earlier and forgot to say, Happy Birthday!! Hope your stomach is feeling much better.

PS. Can you take benadryl? It stops vomiting. Just a thought.


Happy Birthday! People in Arkansas, USA, are so amazed by your story. Rock on!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Adrian! It's what you've done and the impact you've made on the world in your 27 years that counts - more than me in my 48 years probably! Lovely day today so watch that sunset - I will, and I'll think of you.


Happy 27th!!!! You're always in my daily prayers for healing but today I'll say an extra prayer that you have a peaceful, wonderful day surrounded by your family and friends. Keep up the good fight!!
Connecticut, USA

Happy 27th Birthday! I hope you enjoy this day with your family and friends. Celebrate and do something you normally wouldn't do!

Eureka, IL

Happy Birthday Adie. Hope you are having an enjoyable day. I was listening to you on Five Live yesterday morning. Thumbs down to Mr Balls. Again another sterling performance by yourself.

Take care mate


Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday.
Hope you've had a good day!
I spent my birthday in hospital and it wasn't that bad you know - the nurses even brought me a cake to share with the ward!

Try drinking with a straw - it helps it go down easier! (If you don't mind your mates laughing at you)

Best wishes xx

Hi, Adrian!!!

Happy Birthday from Columbia, SC, USA!!! Today is also our nine-year old daughter's b'day! We wish you peace, joy, comfort and fun!

The Eptings

Happy birthday, Adrian! I hope you're having (had? - I'm on the other side of the ocean) a great birthday. I was sent over here by Nate @ CFHusband.


Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!
Sudders, you are such an inspiration,
and the whole world thinks so to!

Sending you lots of love on your birthday.
Thinking of you.
Sarah x

Happy Birthday from me in wee Brockville, Ont. Canada. I hope the gurglies stop soon - I have a little guy who is frequently upset by gurglies. Not fun. Especially on one's birthday.


happy birthday matey. the cards and presents you have received today are nothing compared to the courage and wisdom you have demonstrated to us.

sending hopes that the gurgling subsides!

best wishes


I have been reading your blog for the last few months and you are a very inspiring man. I haven't posted anything yet, but I feel why not today. Hope you have a great bithday. Best wishes to you on this special day. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Chicago, IL


I am a first time visitor....can I just tell you that I think you are absolutly beautiful?! I have read through your blog archives and you've had some dramatic challenges but still have remained so brave! Your gentle heart speaks loudly through your blog. I am so glad that I have had the chance to have a "glimpse" into your life.

Happy 27th Birthday!!

Michigan, USA

Happy Birthday Adrian....
Hope you have enjoyed your 27th!!!
Thinking of you lots...

Hey Adrian

Happy Birthday! Have a great one.

Will sink a glass or two (or maybe more?!) in your honour.

Liz xx

First time I have visited your blog - have some catching up to do but thought I would say Happy Birthday first


I dont normally dish out kisses to "strangers" but I feel like I know you in a way.
S*d it. I didnt think Id get on today so already
sent birthday wishes yesterday night...

Birthday kisses Adrian !!

x x x

Happy Birthday Adie, wishing you a wonderful day with all of your loved ones...


Garry, Lynda & James Hebblethwaite


Happy, Happy HAPPY:-)Birthday Adrian, Hope youre gurgling isn't drowning out the singing and blowing out of candles. Was thinking of you today whilst at work, the sun was shining and 39 four year olds were spraying me with water!
Hope you are feeling better. Am going to raise a glass to you now ! (Your mad old Aunty by proxy) Val

Happy Birthday. Hope you've had a good day, and that you start to feel better soon.


Happy Birthday Adrian,

I hope you had a wonderful day! And many more in the future!

All the best Paul

Happy birthday Adrian, glad you could be at home for it. Hope the stomach bug clears up soon and you feel a bit better. Enjoy the day with family and friends and know the rest of us are thinking of you and celebrating too. xx


Happy Birthday! Sorry you can't toast your birthday with something stronger than cordial, maybe when the bug clears up? In the meantime I'll have one on your behalf (any excuse!)-Cheers!

A Happy Birthday and stay feeling ok wish from New Hampshire, USA! I wish you peace and comfort.


Hi Adrian

Hope you had a laughter filled day !!!!!

xxxxreiki hugsxxxx


Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you. I found a link to your blog on Nathan's blog. Sounds like you've been through alot. My son got leukemia when he was 19. His sister was a perfect match for a BMT which was done 6 months after finding out. He hada couple of battles with the GVH also. He was on meds for 7 years instead of a year. It's been a long battle but he is finally off them now. It pretty much turned his life upside down as I see it did yours. Take care and hope you have more good days than bad. Remember there is always hope.

Happy birthday, God bless you!!
Jennifer Borgstahl
Onsted, MI USA

Adrian, since a while I like to ask you some medical questions but didn't want to bother or intervene especially not on your birthday. That should have been a day without big medical problems and thoughts on diseases. Unfortunately it wasn't, as we could read.
What's your current blood count? Weekly you receive platelets and red blood cells. But what about leukocytes and peripheral blasts? And how's the cGVHD (maybe the cause of your current stomach problem) going?
We follow a young woman who was in early second relapse (45% blasts in her blood) of high-risk acute myeloid leukemia very shortly after reduced intensity-MUD stem cell transplantation. She received low dose DLI. Unfortunately she developed a serious cerebrovascular accident and secondary epilepsia. So her prognosis was real bad and she was admitted to the palliative care ward. She received valproinic acid to prevent epileptic seizures. Totally unexpected for us as her medical team (not for her family - especially not for her mother - as she told us later) her high peripheral blast count disappeared without receiving any aggressive therapy. At this moment her blood count is normal and, more important, stable now for many months.
So the human body always works different - in the good or the bad way - than we expect and despite all that we do… Knowing that is very important. Keep the spirits high. Ann

Hi Adrian - I have been thinking about you all day - the cards, presents and messages you have received are simply evidence of how strongly people feel about you - and I hope you managed to enjoy your special day with your loved ones.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and reading from your next update that you are feeling a little better, but meantime I send you energy and love for a good night's sleep and plenty of rest. Tomorrow is another day, and we all love you.

Jane, La Palma, Spain. xxx

Happy Birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday Adrian!!!!!!!!!!

You truly are AMAZING, and I hope you had a fantastic day full of everything you could possibly dream of.

Stomach bugs are horrific without a dodgy immune system so I really do sympathise with you and hope that you feel much better very very soon. Keep on swigging that cordial, we want you at home blogging away as usual :)

Sending all my love, so happy you have hit this milestone,
Love Caroline xxx

Happy Birthday, Adrian. I'm a writer for the National Marrow Donor Program. I've been a big fan of yours ever since you appeared on Al Jazeera TV with my boss, Dr. Chell. Your generosity, determination and great sense of humor are helping more people than you can know. Thank you for all the gifts you are giving on your birthday. Healing thoughts to you and a wish that you feel better soon.


Hope you've had the sweetest day! Many many happy returns

Hi Adrian, I wished you happy birthday at the start of the day and now at the end of the day it is truly amazing to see how many have commented from all over the globe. Thank goodness for the Internet Adrian or your postman might be asking for a pay rise! Hope you had a good day and have a restful night. Also wanted to say hello to fellow supporters from Swansea (the Lewis family)

Happy, happy, happy birthday Adrian. One day before mine! :)

For *my* birthday wish, I'll wish for better health for you.

We don't know each other, but we are both part of the collective human spirit. I don't know you, but I pray for you, think of you and care about you.

God bless.

What can I say that hasn't already been said?
Adrian, you are an inspiration. God bless you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Adrian. Keep on keeping on and I hope you feel a bit better soon.

Happy Birthday To You
Squashed Tomatoes and Stew
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You!!!

get a few beers and vodka's down your neck sunshine and have a fab birthday honey bunn!!

Hugs & snogs


I just recently found your blog thanks to someone at the Life with Cancer blog on the Glamour website who posted the link. First of all, I'm so sorry for what's happened to you. It's crappy and I try to remember you and what you are going through whenever I start to feel sorry for myself about petty things. I think you are handling things remarkably well. I also like how honest you are when you are feeling down and I think it's great that you are trying to make a difference in this world while you can. Finally, have a wonderful birthday!!! Enjoy it as much as possible; as a matter of fact I say you declare the next couple of weeks your birthday so you can celebrate more when you are feeling better. Take care and thanks for what you do.

I just wanted to say that I hope that you had a most wonderful birthday Adrian!!

Love and well wishes, Victoria

Here comes one more Happy Birthday wish from across the Atlantic, my friend! I hope it was a day in which you could absolutely wallow in the love of your family and good friends.

I tip my bottle of Mountain Dew to you!
~ Mary Anne, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday wishing you the best birthday ever free from pain and discomfort. A new reader from Toronto Canada

Happy Birthday Mr Sudbury!

I hope you have enjoyed your day. I am so glad you have been able to spend it at home with your family.

Whilst the last year must have been immensly difficult - you have achieved so much and you should be so proud of yourself.I am sure I speak for everyone reading this when I say we are continue to be amazed by all that you do.

Hope the tummy bug settles down and you feel better very soon.

Jo xxx

Hi Adrian,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - (just got it in time)

I am so pleased you are out of hospital and despite feeling unwell, are enjoying all the cards, pressies and comments.

I hope you feel better soon and back on something more interesting than cordial.

Lots of love

we drank a bottle of wine in your honour
hope you've had a good day how fantastic to have so many birthday messages you should be very proud of yourself
jane xx

Happy birthday to youuuu
Happy birthday tooo youuuu
Happy birthday dear Sudders
Haaappy biiiirthday tooooo youuuuuuuu!

Hip, hip, hooray! :o)

All the very very best Adrian. Enjoy the day

East Calder

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday. Hope you had an enjoyable day with your family and that soon you will be feeling a bit more comfortable.

Hang on in there matey

Grace xx


I hope you have a wonderful day from Reno, Nevada - I will be keeping you in my prayers.

My hopes for a wonderful day. All over the world we are sending our best wishes!

Oregon, USA

Happy Birthday to an incredible man! We wish you all the best from the U.S.!

Hi Adrian,

Glad you could make it out of hospital for your birthday and hope you had a fantastic day. Hope you are feeling better today.

Love from Embi in Australia

Happy Birthday from an expat Yorkshire woman - hope you are able to have some fun!!!!

Wow, 235 comments so far.... I remember a time when there were an average of about ten comments lol. Way back at that start...

Happy 27th Adrian. It's a pleasure to know you through your blog and I hope you have a brilliant b'day.

Big hug, Steph

Happy Birthday !!!

hi adrain
hope you had a good day and managed to do some things you enjoy.
take care x

Happy Birthday, Adrian!

The only fitting gift I could imagine giving you on this momentous birthday is a promise to become a bone marrow donor and get on the registry. Consider it done.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

-Jeff (Washington DC)

Hi This is my first time here. Just to let you know that I said a prayer for you. Happy birthday, and I hope you feel better very soon.


Just wanted to let you know that people across the world are thinking of you - today and everyday. Happy Birthday from Gold Hill, North Carolina, USA.


Just found your blog today (via cfhusband) and wanted to congratulate you on this very special birthday. I will be sending out prayers and positive thoughts for you. Thanks so much for sharing what all you are going through and especially what you are accomplishing by your campaign.

karen in North Carolina, US

Oh my goodness! I have just spent the last 2 hours (or was it 3?) reading your entire blog. I have signed the petition. I have laughed and I have cried. I am amazed by your tenacity and determination to make a difference. The Abraham Lincoln (I think it was him!) quote about it not being the years in your life but the life in your years kept coming to mind. How fantastic that you have spent the time doing things you love with people you love. Some of us will never do these things. You have taught me some tough lessons, ones that I need to learn, thank you. And thank you for your honesty, wow, no wonder your blog has won so many awards! I will pray for what you have asked for, and I hope it's ok for me to ask you to consider re-connecting with God please, I will pray someone who can help if you want it will come your way and offer. THank you so much once again. from Beverley

My best wishes, Adrian.
Remember: There is no such a thing as too much birthday!
Big hug
from Carol in Ottawa, Ontario

Happy 27th Birthday Adrian,

You are truly amazing--you have changed my life forever. I hope you get over this bug soon...the campaign awaits...

Kelly In Michigan

I've been lurking for about 2 months now and felt today was the perfect day to finally leave a comment.

First of all, Happy Birthday! I'm not one to celebrate birthdays either, but sometimes milestones really must be celebrated.

Also, thank you, for every word you write and every piece of this journey you have taken your readers on. It is incredible that you have chosen to share this with us, we will forever be better for it.

Happy Birthday Adrian from Colorado...

Just another note from a stranger who you have touched deeply. Your courage and strength are so are truly amazing, and have and will continue to change so many lives.
Cheers to you!

Hi Baldy,

Hope you are still with us and hope the birthday was a good as it could it be :-)
I'm sending you this message from Queensland, Australia. I spoke to my parents in the UK last night and they told me all about you and the campaign you have had in the UK - brilliant stuff!

I lost my brother to Leukaemia just over four weeks ago. He was diagnosed in April and had a short battle with it before infection took him from us. I was in the process of travelling back from Australia to the UK when he died - I never got to say goodbye to him. Since then our lives have changed forever.

Your battle and campaign will have changed more than one persons view on Leukaemia and with that you have given at least one more person the chance to live and survive this disease. To me you are a star and your family and friends will always be proud of you and how you took the battle head on.

I wish I could share a warm UK pint with you (tired of Auusie cold beers ;-)) and have chat, but when the end does come and hopefully not just yet, say hi to my brother Ed - I'm sure you'll both have a great time together.

Take care mate and we are all with you and your family in our prayers


A very happy and blessed birthday for you today. And thank you for being the inspiration that you are. I pray that today you will know nothing but happiness!

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Keep well!

Lea White


Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday from Redwood City, CA.


Happy Birthday, Adrian!

I've been by before but I don't remember exactly how I found your blog then (an article I read, I believe) and now via Nate from his cfhusband blog.

I'm so glad you're getting showered with birthday presents, greetings, etc.! It's so obvious you are loved.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and check back often to be present via blogworld.

Tucson, AZ USA

Hi Adrian,

Happy Birthday from Minnesota, USA. I hope right now you are getting a good night's sleep with no churning bubble guts. :)

I just read almost everything on your first page- it is strange how a blog can make you feel you know someone. I hate all the sh*t luck you've had, but your spirit and honesty makes me smile. What a blessing you are to your friends and family.

I am sending you lots of warm American hugs and wishes for you to feel happy comfort.

I'm going to keep checking in on you!


May this be a most special birthday for you, and for your family and friends!
Thinking of you across the ocean,
Pam Skelding
British Columbia, Canada

Just found your blog tonight and I'm wishing you a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!

I know,I know ,I am a little late for this one, couldn't get on the computer Many Happy Belated Birthday Wishes. Hope your day was filled with love and laughter...We were all thinking of you ...Keep up those fluids!

Huge love to you and yours

Just "met" you for the last 2 hours or so :)
Past 1:30 am here in Ohio USA.
Happy Birthday to you!!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, for that reason alone it makes you a truly incredible person. I wish you the best and I will be passing along your story and your cause.

Dear Adrian (aka Birthday Boy),

You are always in our thoughts. Ryan speaks of you every day and wishes you well. He enjoyed the email where you mentioned looking at old pictures of your toy trains.

Cheers to you on a stellar 27 years. You make a huge positive difference in this world. Thank you for inviting us along for your ride. You are a great "traveling companion."

Love to you each moment, Adrian.
Your friends, Amy Patrick, Ryan, Wade and the whole family

Hi Adrian,

I have read your blog on a daily basis for many months and am full of admiration for you. It breaks my heart that someone so lovely and positive as you should have to endure this horrible illness.

Your bravery,inspiration and hard work WILL make a difference.You have set the ball rolling, and we your cyber friends will make sure it doesn't stop.

Have a wonderful birthday with your fantastic family and friends and I hope your tummy feels better very soon. With love Helen x

Happy Birthday Adrian!

Hope it's a really good one, despite the strange gurgling innards. Keep the champagne on ice for once the bug has vanished. Enjoy yourself,

Loads of Love
Vicola x

Happy Birthday Adrian,

I have been reading your blog for sometime, and I have been touched by your courage. Yesterday I joined the bone marrow register when I went to give blood - you were my encouragement.


Happy Birthday Adrian. I first saw you on the BBC morning program about 2 months ago and I've been following you ever since. Please keep being strong and kicking this illness' butt as much as you can. We're all rooting for you!xxxxxxxxxx

happy birthday for yesterday mate glad to hear you're back home- have just joined the 2 bone marrow donor trusts in your honour!

Happy birthday Adrian, well done on reaching it, I'm sure it was down to your bloody mindedness! Be like the queen and have a real birthday (today) and an official one when you are a bit better able to celebrate.

Not quite what it should be, but I'm raising my morning cup of coffee to you. Cheers!

All the best

Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a great day with the people who really matter. You are always in my prayers,
Elaine Cooper

I did send you a birthday wish but a gremlin spat it back out!

I thought about you though.

Sending love to you Carrie, your Mum & Dad, family & friends



Happy Birthday

Hi Adrian,

Belated birthday greetings to you. I hope you had a good day yesterday and that you feel better today.
Best wishes Julia.

Hi Adrian

Hope you had a good day, yesterday. Please don't drink orange cordial while your stomach is upset, instead drink lots of apple juice or black rooibos (from SA) tea. Here in SA where a stomach bug is very common, we tend to eat very oily fish & chips (deep fried) and then it lines your stomach and intestines with oil and the bug cannot stay inside. You cannot eat they batter around the fish. Ask your mom to get you Rehidrate at a pharmacy as this will keep you out of hospital or make it your self 1 Liter boiling water, 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon salt, mix well and drink when cooled. Very unpleasant taste but will put all lost electrolites back into your body and you will have more energy. Very good thing that also seem to work is a probiotic in SA it is called Probiflora also found at a pharmacy. I hope one of my suggestions might help you feeling better.

Adrian, belated Happy Birthday, hope the bug has gone and that you are back to your usual self and feeling well.

Thinking of you, Mich xoxoxo


I've been reading your blog for a while since it was mentioned on the BBC news website. Sorry to hear your having a horrible time, I admire your courage & determination to make a difference.

Hope you have a great day
Lauren xx

todays the day happy birthday chuck.xxxx
well done u so many milestones and yer knockin them down like cricket bales good yorkies are made of stern stuff and yer an example of our true grit.wishin u many happy returns and a very enjoyable day and a nig hug and snog for ya kiddo

Adrian, belated Happy Birthday, hope the bug has gone and that you are back to your usual self and feeling well.

Thinking of you, Mich xoxoxo

Sorry it's a bit late, but happy birthday for yesterday!

I hope you're feeling better soon and can have a belated celebration x

Hi Adrian,
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!! ( Sorry its a day late!)
Hope it was a good one with cake and beer a plenty
Sarah xxx


As you know, you are starring in the most recent edition of the annual review of The Anthony Nolan Trust.

You'll be delighted to learn that your baldyblog site is one the the top three links we have for bringing new visitors to The Anthony Nolan Trust's new website.

You're doing a fantastic job for us. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

Robert Spigel
Marketing & Communications Manager, The Anthony Nolan Trust.

Hi Adrian
Hope you had a great birthday with lots of prezzies and cards.

Hope the nasty bugs have gone.
Praying for you and your family.

love as always
X Marlene


I found your blog via Confessions of a CF Husband. I shouldn't really be on here as I shuold be working but I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.


Happy Belated Birthday, i hope you had a good one with lots of beers.
Keep up with those Fluids!
Much Love.

Happy belated birthday! I was lucky enough to be in Round Table when we helped set up the Anthony Nolan appeal. It has achieved much but always there could be more. Although it must be difficult, somehow, keeping that "baldy grin" will help.

Regards Allen

Happy Birthday Adrian, you are such a strong person, you are an insperation to all have a wonderful day plenty of grub and drink.
Lots of Love Big Hugs and Kisses.

Happy Birthday Adrian!
Sending best wishes from the US. I watched your story on the Today show and have been following your incredible journey ever since. You have to be one of the bravest people I have ever seen, and I commend you for everything you are trying to do for others even in your state of ill health. You are such an inspiration to me!

Praying for you and your family. :)
Nicole in Nebraska

Just checkin in Adrian. Hoping your stomach's easing up a bit and you're managing to keep you pants up for longer periods at a time ;)

Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday.

Hugs from Trini

Hi again Adie, sorry I missed your birthday yesterday, but what a great day for you and your family. 27 years old. fantastic!Keep going matey and as I've said to you before make sure you go out with a massive bang!!!

I Think about you and your family every day.Take care.

Much love again, Ally xxxx

Hi Adrian,

A slightly belated birthday greeting, but totaly heartfelt!

I am the reigning queen of making a fuss about birthday's post-AML, so enjoy every moment.

Wishing you as many happy days as possible.

Much love,


Just wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! It looked like you had a nice day!! Hope you started to feel better and your tummy settled down!

As always.... you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Athena Goins
Fort Lewis, WA USA

Hello Adrian

Every day I'm almost too frightened to check out your blog 'cos I'm worrying about you all the time and I'm scared of any bad news. The good news is that you are surrounded by love and just so many people that really care for you. I'm right up there with them.
I wish you a very happy birthday, Adrian, and maybe, just maybe, the experts will come up with something to make celebrating your 28th a reality. If it's at all possible they'll do it, of that I have no doubt.
All my love, prayers and very best wishes. Thinking of you constantly
Sue Castle

Hi again Adrian,

Just wanted to say that you look fabulous in your dressing gown! Lovely to see the pictures and know that you had so many birthday wishes. Your blog radiates humour and courage. I love it!

All my very best wishes and lots of love, you are in my thoughts all the time.

Kate xxxx

Love the picture of you holding your cake... what a classic! The look on your face says it all! I laughed out loud when I saw it ... good one Adrian!

Love, hugs and prayers,


Well, I didn't know that ALL late middle aged men from Yorkshire read and watch the EXACT same stuff. My dad, apparently, is your dad. He is from Castleford (mum's from Bradford) and nothing makes him happier than a Sharpe adventure or a Carry On re-run.
Happy Birthday from Calgary,

Happy Belated Birthday Adrian.

I'm not sure how or when I came across your blog, since I'm all the way in Tampa, FL (USA) but I'm happy that I did. You have amazing strength, which I'm sure you've been told before. Your humor and courage through such a tumultuous time, inspire me.

I hope that your birthday was fabulous and that you have many, many more. I love your robe, it is very Hugh Heffner, (the man who started Playboy magazine). You need an ascot to make it complete and no cigarette's but I nice cigar would round out the outfit nicely.

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

Best Wishes,

Michele W.

Just wanted to say happy 27th birthday for the 15th and I think were all glad that you didn't have to spend that day in hospital.your bravery seems to astound everyone. You are an inspiration to so many people. You have touched everyone with your story and we are all behind you, your campaign will go on.

The picture of your face with that cake does say it all though - an absolute classic, and hopefully when you are better you will be able to enjoy your bottles!!!

Take care

Vicky London

It's a bit late but just wanted to say I'm glad you had a fab birthday and that you didn't have to spend it in hospital. Hope the bug clears up soon! xx

Ok so I am SOOOOO belated SORRY! I have been away from my computer...*gasp* but Happy Happy Birthday! I love the cake! And the dressing gown too!! Such a nice touch. I hope you are feeling better....I am sure that would be a great birthday present. HUGS and positive vibes and love to you from the US!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Hilarious! I love the cake... have your cake and eat it too! Fun to see all the photos with your post, and I have to say, you look good... for 27!
BTW your cake reminds me of a saying among some women, for courage: Tits to the wind, ladies!

I have to ask--what the devil is an igglepiggle cake?? ;)

Dear Adrian,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!I know it's a bit late to say this, but I just got to know it today...
From the pictures I can see that you had fun. That's important! Anyway, I just want you to know that I think of you from time to time. What you have done for others is remarkable, and you encourage so many people around the world. As you know it and I am sure you heard it all before - You are an uplifting, altruistic and incomparable person. I hope you do know that and remind yourself that everyday, especially when you feel low. Take care

Happy Birthday to a pretty amazing guy!

Ha! Loving the cake. Nothing says 'sophisticated gentleman about town' like a tit-shaped cake. Marvellous. I just wanted to let you know that your dressing gown ensemble is missing something - a velvet smoking cap. If I ever stumble across one on my travels I shall send it on. Hope the day was fantastic and you've recovered enough to tuck into some of the lovely booze you've been sent. Word to the wise - don't mix the red wine with the champagne or you're going to end up with a hangover that makes the stomach bug look like a walk in the park.

Incidentally - you may be interested to know that the stomach bug has crossed the county borders and travelled from Huddersfield to Manchester. I know this because I've spent the better part of 2 days in the loo. What fun.

Hope you're feeling better,
Loads of love

A belated Happy Birthday to you. Hope your feeling a bit better and can start to get involved with those bottles of wine x

Just got back from vacation and saw I missed your birthday so a Happy Belated Birthday to you! Loved the cake. It did take me a minute to figure out that the spikes were candles tho LOL! Tell us when you are feeling better and get to enjoy all that lovely wine. Maybe if you plan a time and date, everyone could lift a glass to you and your campaign, world wide and at the same time. That would be fun and awesome!

Happy, happy birthday, Brave One!

Hi Adrian -

Hope you had a lovely day - you deserve it, you brave boy...

Lots of love from Diane xxxx

(I already sent you a 'Happy Birthday' but it's disappeared....)

Wow, sexy eyes or what, phew...LOVE the pics! Nice cake too ;)

Glad you had a lovely day, tonight I am going to drink to your health and many more happy days for you to come.

So glad that the campaign is still going strong - I am sure we can hit that 10k mark no probs. Will Facebook my friends the petition group tonight.

Caroline x

Happy belated birthday Adrian, sorry this message is late. I hope you had a good day with your family and friends.

God bless

Clodagh xxx

Hi Adrian,

Hope you are doing fine or getting better.

Any plans to enjoy this weekend?Enjoy your weekend!

My prayers and wishes to all of you...your parents and sister.
I always used to think, the 2 people who will always be with you whether you are bad or good is your parents.Then comes siblings.

Have a nice weekend to all of you!



Adrian ,so good to see you in your camp house coat it is gorgeous just like you bot you cake is boss what a cool dad you have too. I hope you are feeling better soon ,so you can get some of the good stuff : bottles of fine wine into ya.
I swear by fizzy coke or champagne for settling a iff y stomach. You take care look forward to reading your posts it was so good to see you enjoy your birthday .
Photos are great I think you are fantastic well done on petition I signed it for you.

Sending you warm & positive wishes to you & your family.

Lyn xxx

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