Updated update on Adrian


HI readers

It's Liam again. I have another update on our friend Adrian Sudbury, and this one is happier.

The sawbones (doctors) are convinced that he is drinking enough fluids, therefore they won't bother connecting him to an IV drip machine, therefore he does not have to stay in hospital overnight. They're still waiting on the results of tests to confirm what is wrong with him at the moment but the results won't arrive until at least Wednesday thus no point keeping him in hospital.

On another note, tommorow is Mr Sudbury's birthday. I'm sure you can all understand how he wouldn't want to spend his birthday in hospital. Remember to log on tommorow and everyone wish him a happy birthday



Hi Liam

Glad to hear Adrian doesn't have to stay in hospital overnight. Thanks for letting us know how he is.

Give him my love and kisses, my thoughts are with him always x x

Lisa, Nottingham

Hi Adrian

I won't be able to log on tomorrow - in the hospital with my daughter who is having spinal chemo and a bone marrow extraction (part of her on-going treatment but thankfully the last spinal tap!) - so will wish you a very very happy birthday for tomorrow. So glad you won't be spending it in hospital. Enjoy every minute.

Lots of love

Hi Liam,

Very happy to hear that he is leaving hospital.You are a good friend, letting us all know what is happening with Adrian.

Hope Adrian will have a very special day tomorrow.



Happy Birthday Adrian. Enjoy your day surrounded by the people that love you.
Thinking of you.
Elaine xxx

Glad to know you are feeling better Adrian. Long may it continue!

Hugs n Stuff
Sarah Berry x

Hi Adrian

When I logged onto your blog this afertnoon at work I was hoping everything was going well for you and saw the first message from your blog creator which said you were unwell, and then saw the second message that you were not having to stay in hospital, yeeha:-) I will be looking on your blog tomorrow and no doubt you will receive many birthday messages that you so rightly deserve.

Ill be logging on tomorrow to wish you happy birthday :-)

Kind Regards Lorraine

Hi Liam, just logged on and read both your messages, delighted to know that Adrian doesn't have to stay in Hospital and that he will be home to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Thanks for the update

Ditto what Lisa says. Will be back wishing Adrian a happy birthday tomorrow.

Love, hugs and prayers,

Carole xx

Liam, thank you for your updates. You're a good friend, both to Adrian and us.


thanks liam
for keeping us all informed it seems lots of us are constantly watching the blog for updates.
so pleased adrian doesn,t have to stay in hospital tonight thanks for letting us know about his birthday, it should be a busy site tomorrow
jane xx

what a surprise to find out he's drinking enough fluids !!

jane xx

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Adrian! Hope you feel better :) xxx

"There's no place like home!" I'm so glad you're there and not in the hospital. Rest, relax, soak in the love of family and friends. And keep the partying down to a dull roar as you celebrate your birthday!

Thinking of you from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA,
Mary Anne

i am pleased to hear that you will be home for your birthday.


Hi Liam
Thankyou so much for updating us on how Adrian is, so happy he will be out of hospital for tomorrow. Hoping he will have a good day with friends and family, and hope they are all feeling better too. Will be back on tomorrow but meanwhile please tell him we're thinking of him and sending good vibes by the ton!
Wishing him a comfortable night and sending much love, as always. Keep up the good work Liam, and you take care too.
Barbara xx

Glad you will be home for your birthday Adrian. I hope this bug doesnt stop you joining in with the cake eating and party tea! I will open a bottle of wine tomorrow (any excuse) and toast you and yours. Have a good one. Chris

*Sigh of relief*


Wishing you a wonderful day at home with you family and friends and a good pint or two if you feel like it.

Happy thoughts to you today!


Liam - I echo the other sentiments - thank you for the update and keep up the good work!! Here's hoping Adrian is up to celebrating in style tomorrow! Louise

Thank you Liam for letting us know how Adrian is... Great news that he can come out and spend his birthday with his friends and family..


Lots of love and best wishes.

Dawn xxx

Thanks for the update Liam!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adrian - hope you have a good day, stay out of hospital and are able to enjoy some food and a few beers. Although it is looking like one of your kind visitors gave you something nasty lol!

I had a reply from my MP, Hazel Blears, to say she was supporting your campaign and was providing a link on her website.

Best wishes

Brill that you're heading home this evening Sudders! Another July-born eh? Perhaps that's why I like you so much! Or it could just be the ease with which you refer to dung samples on a blog read my millions worldwide!

Rest easy tonight. Wishing you a deep sleep and sweet dreams so you're well rested for tomorrow's festivities.


Glad to hear the good news. You shouldn't have to waste your time in a hospital. Cool, really happy for you.
love as always from the
~Italic Alexandra

Won't be able to log on tomorrow so just wanted to say thinking of you on your birthday - have a great one with all your family around you.

Best Wishes to a very brave young man.

Angela xxx

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, you truly are the mutts nuts!
Take care mate, enjoy every day and rememnber there is nothing to fear xx


I'm coming on now to say Best Wishes for your birthday, because tomorrow I wont be about. I'm glad to hear you're out of hospital -thats great.

Enjoy your day tomorrow! Will be hoping you dont feel too groggy.

Take Care and be random,

G x

Hi Adrian

Keep up the good work with your getting people onto the register. We lost our young friend on Wednesday to this terrible illness. She was 18 and because she was of mixed race she had even less of a chance of a donor. We have lost a beautiful and brave young woman who had the most infectious smile.

Have fun on your birthday and glad you are able to spend it at home.


I'm writing from VA. Just got clued into your blog from a friend in Wisconsin. What perfect timing, with your birthday tomorrow.

Happy Birthday!

I hope you be surrounded by good friends and family and have the ultimate celebration of you.

You are an honnest, courageous and inspiring person. Thanks.


Hey Adrian,

Happy to hear you won't be in the hospital much longer. Have a crazy ass good time on your birthday !!!! Drink a pint for me!!!

Thinking of you brother,

Glad to hear that you're OK, Adrian.

Hang in there, bud.


hi adrian

just wanted to let you know i have my first appointment to give blood next tues and have filled out my bone marrow registration and consent form to hand in at the same time - all down to you - it's my birthday present to you!! thank you for educating me and i hope you birthday is fun and filled with friends family and love - and maybe a beer or 2!

went to see kung fu panda at the weekend (bear with me!!) - one line stood out from the master turtle "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift - that's why it's called the present!!" very apt...

beth xx

Hi Adrian (and Liam),

I was listening to you (adrian) on five live today and what other people were suggesting as a way of making the 'talk' compulsory across sixth form colleges- just a thought but most colleges encourage all of their students to apply through UCAS regardless of whether they intend to go to uni or not. As far as I'm aware UCAS seem to have advertising done through their network (by way of emailing the users) and I guess there is no harm in approaching them to see if they would be interested in helping your cause.

best wishes


Glad you're home. Don't be deafening the neighbours with your birthday celebrations. On second thoughts, why not? Have a great day with your friends and family.

have a good birthday , my wife and i are saying a little prayer for you , you are a very special person to us , even though we have never met you , god bless you adrian

Glad to hear you won't be spending your birthday in hossie, I've been there & done it, it's horrible.

I've now moved house & have a better oncology team in my new area, who are giving me more treatment options (still no cure though) and have said that one surgery I was told was IMPOSSIBLE is now a possible option!
I'm also more informed about my care and being sent reports, test results & letters to & from different members of the team caring for me!

I hope you have a great day tomorrow, you deserve to have more better days, we all do!

"Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that can't be taken from you" - Oscar Wilde

Hello Adrian, So pleased you did not have to stay in hospital and will be home for your birthday.My daughter has just told me that thirty new people in her University signed up to be Bone Marrow donors in the last session.Thats thirty more chances for our son, and all the people who do not have matches. We will never be able to thank you enough.Gill

Thank you Liam for the update. Was a little concerned when I saw the first post, but now things look better.

Hope you are home from hospital by now Adrian. Have a peaceful night and I will log on tomorrow to wish you a wonderful birthday.

Love to you all because you must all be feeling a little delicate at the moment. My husband and I had the bug the week before last and it wasn't very nice.

Bless you Adrian


Hi Adrian,

Great to hear you are out of hospital. Hope you're feeling better in no time and the docs can 'get to the bottom' of the infection real soon.

Was great to hear you on 5Live again - it really was the highlight of my morning! You still spoke so eloquently even though you were feeling so rotten! I do hope a lot can come from the suggestions of so many listeners today.

Thank you to Liam for the updates and keeping the blog going :-)

With all best wishes, Catherine

Glad that you don't have to stay in hospital overnight, nothing like being tucked up in your own bed. I hope the test results come back quickly and are good.

Have a great day tomorrow.


Hey guy; happy birthday and good wishes from California

Drinking enough fluids? Hmmm would that be beer? Glad you are coming home!

Tampa FL USA

Adrian ,
I have just popped by to wish you Happy Birthday , I hope the antibiotics are doing a great job now .
Sending you warm and positive wishes to you.
I do hope you have a lovely birthday with your friends and family ,that is if you are not neutrapenic
wishing you all the best for to morrow I will post again if I get a chance .Just in case there is a lot of traffic and I lose the internet again which is a pain I will have to send this now.

Much love to you you are a very special person I want you to know this (((((( big hug))))))))))


On Your birthday



Hi Liam, Thanks for letting us know how Adrian is. We all get twitchy when we don't hear!
Dearest Adrian, think of you every day but thought of you Saturday evening whilst sat in the Odeon, Huddersfield with hubby and two friends watching Mama Mia. I was wishing you were sat there watching it with us. It made us laugh and it made us cry - just like you do- but was such a feel good film it would have made you feel better.
Hope you are home now and feeling much better.
Have a good sleep to prepare for tomorrow.
OOdles of hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.

Adrian Brody and Liam Gallagher wouldn't make a better team.

Adrian, drink up (the fluids, not the alcohol) and have a fantastic birthday tomorrow!

I'll be wishing you well from Brazil.

Really chuffed you have been able to come home. And well done you giving that interview with Victoria Derbyshire when you were feeling so rough.

Enjoy the day tomorrow, in the meantime sleep well

Cheryl xx

Not sure I'll get to log on tomorrow - just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and also wish you the health to enjoy it, at least a little bit - with some relief from the nasty stomach bug you've got!

Having read the other comments - UCAS could be an interesting place to contact. I've no idea about data protection etc. but since there's an option on driving licences for people to indicate if they'd like to become organ donors - might UCAS consider putting a tick box on their forms for students to get more information (at the very least) about joining the BM register? Just a thought....

Have a great day tomorrow, glad you're not stuck in hospital for it - will check back for updates soon!

Bye for now

Vic x

Adrian, enjoy your birthday celebration.

I hope Sarah and Lena, the two leading ladies from the 2008 German Bone Marrow Campaign can cheer you up on this very special day:


All the best, Ann

Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I know im early but it is only 40 mins away from midnight!
I hope you have a great day and feel better soon.
Dont forget those fluids tomorrow, Beer should do the trick!!! Haha.
lovies, Charllotte xxx

Hi Adrian
It was lovely to see you on Sunday and looking amazingly cheerful despite the bug.
Yet another great interview on five live. School Governors would be a very good way in as they can suggest that it is included within the curriculum. The required material could come from edited parts of your blog.
Have a very Happy Birthday with your friends and family tomorrow and make the most of keeping up your fluid intake.
Lots of Love
Jamie xxxxxxxxxxx

To Liam
Thank you
Luv Sam

A Good Man Blesses the World
And we are Truly Blessed by You.
DELIGHTED to hear you'll not be spending your birthday in hospital (Thanks for the update Liam!)
Enjoy all the attention you'll get today and let everone who wants to spoil you.....wish I could too!
love hugs and prayers to you all
Denise x

Wishing you a good birthday thats free from bug induced vomiting and that you remember to take on lots of fluids. (Flat coke works well for vomiting-if you need it)
Have a lovely day with all your family and friends and hopefully hear from you soon
Luv Sam xxx

hey dude. i have been following your blog for a while now and you are a champ. anyway mate, just wanted to send you some warm and sunny (figuratively) birthday wishes all the way from sydney, down under.

Your birthday is Tuesday and mine is Wednesday. I'm older than you by 10 yrs, and I know I haven't accomplished anything nearly as impressive as you have. You make me want to do more with the rest of my birthdays, I'll tell you that much.
Your blog family (myself included!) will be raising their glasses to you all over the world tomorrow, I know.
"To Adrian, may his birthday be a joyous occasion, may he receive many gifts, may he be surrounded by those who love him, and may his dung samples come back negative." :-)

In all seriousness, have a wonderful day, Sudders. You deserve it!

Happy Birthday Adrian!!!!!!!!

Sending wishes hoping its a good one and you're not feeling any sickness. I have faith you'll celebrate the best way you can!!


Many Many Happy Returns Adrian.

I have been reading the blog for a few weeks now, but have never posted before.

I hope you have a great day and feel heaps better than you have been lately.

Susan x

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Adrian
have a WONDERFUL day..no matter what you will be surrounded by people that love and care for you......enjoy the time with all........God bless and prayers for you, your family and friends

Hi Adrian,Hope you kick that bug right in the butt(ha).Prayers going up for you.Liam you are a treasure.


Keep up the great work...everyone's prayers are with you!



Well Adrian, so glad you won't have to stay overnight at the hospital!

My son's birthday was Sunday 7/13, and I was thinking about you, wondering about your birthday. I wish you the most wonderful day, and many more to come! It's good that you'll be celebrating it home with family.

Liam, such a wonderful friend. So nice that you take time to let us all know how Adrian is doing!

Thinking of you always, sending love and well wishes,

Dear Adrian,

Hope you have a bloody fantastic birthday wherever you are, surrounded by loving family and friends. Enjoy a beer and whatever else you like.

All the best from Embi, Australia

Thanks, Liam, for updating us. It's good news indeed to know that Adrian will be home in time for his birthday. I will wish him a very special day now, just in case I can't get a message through tomorrow - and I'll raise a glass of wine to Adrian tomorrow evening. Thanks for being there for him - tomorrow will be a special day, one that is filled with love and laughter (and beer !)

Love to each and everyone of you ... and a special hug for Adrian. xxx

Jane, La Palma

Thanks for the updates Liam! And thank you Adrian for letting us know how you are. I'm sure it's the last thing you want to do sometimes but thanks for knowing how we worry about you!

And, may I say, Happy Happy Birthday Adrian! For your birthday, I wish you enough. Enough of everything you need, enough people you love surrounding you, enough meds to make you comfy, and enough beer to have a toast or two. Or ten.

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Dear Adrian,
I wish you a very happy birthday and am glad you'll be home to enjoy it.
With all Best Wishes.
Breda Kennedy

Happy Birthday Adrian!

Enjoy your day at home with your family and friends.

Best wishes,


My Goodness....hope you are waking to a beautiful birthday at home. Amazingly, it is my dad's birthday SAME DAY...and I've been using you, so to speak, to teach me what he is going through. With love and hope, you have both made it to the birthday...God Bless you Adrian and remember this comes to you not keyboard to keyboard, but heart to heart. Tonite's rosary will be special for you and for dad and I will say goodnight as you wake to a good day.......love as always, Therese

Happy birthday to you squashed tomatoes and stew! Have a great birthday and get a few beers down ya neck sunshine!!

Hugs and snogs


In case you are collecting wishes - just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday from Wisconsin in the US. Not sure of the time distance so hope this gets to you on your birthday. Best of luck - you are unbelievably brave!!! Take care!!

Happy Bday, Adrian!
Big hug from Ottawa-Ontario!
and by the way, I saw this is a movie:
"There is no such a thing as too much birthday!"

just wanted to say that we're glad adrian wont be staying with us at the hallamshire hotel because he is far too demanding since his celebrity status , pressing his nurse call buzzer every two minutes demanding iced water and peeled grapes , the guy never stops teeeeheeeeeeheee .
Happy birthday adrian , hope you have a fab birthday loads of love n hugs super h and all your friends on p3 xxxxxxx

Happy Birthday Mr Sudbury!

Eat, drink and be merry as much as you can mate. Enjoy the day, celebrate in style. Hope you don't feel too rough.

Love Mel
Stoke on Trent

Dear Adrian,

Happy Birthday!

Hope you and your loved ones will have a very special day today!




Hope you're feeling well enough for cake and beers
enjoy your day

jane xxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you fantastic, inspirational creature - you! Hope you're home and feeling more like yourself again. Bet there's no end of folks surrounding you, desperate to make a fuss of you. I send you a virtual birthday hug and a kiss!! ;-)

I thought of you loads yesterday - more so than usual! Not least because I was worried and care deeply but because I went to give blood and finally got to sign up as a potential bone marrow donor! I've been desperate to do my bit since first reading this blog, but had to wait the full 16 weeks between blood donations. Being a bit of a wimp, I previously thought giving blood was my limit. Seeing someone go through what you have makes it 'real' and has really focused my mind.

So there you go, that's another unit of A+ for you and another name on the list! I have to say, I would never even have considered donating bone marrow had it not have been for the excellent, informative and highly persuasive 'Baldy's Blog'! Thank you for touching my life.

Really hope you enjoy your special day, all my love Charlotte xx

Happy, happy birthday Sudmeister!!!
Thinking of you and your family as always.
Lots of love
Hels xXx

It's the 15th today, that means it's Adrians birthday!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday precious Adrian,
Happy birthday to you!

Have really great day. Enjoy it as much as you can. Dare I say 'have a blast'?!!

Love, hugs and prayers

Carole xxx

Happy Birthday from across the Atlantic Adrian -it's after midnight on July 15th in the US

Tampa FL USA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Thinking of you on your special day. Have a good one- I know you will. X

Good Morning Adrian,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Got up early so I could post this before going to work.Just seen your lovely face on Calendar as they talked about the 7,500 signatures on your petition. Well done once again young man! Enjoy your day with your nearest and dearest
Lots of love to you, your family and friends.
Masses of birthday hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.XXX

Happy birthday! May it be full of fun and premium strength lager...


Hi Adrian

Wishing you a very happy birthday... We don't know each other but I heard about you and your bravery on the news a couple of months ago...

Keep up your fight... I live in Malta and have heard about your campaign... unfortunately in here we dont actually have a system in place where people can list themselves as bone marrow donors. I have been in contact with the local authorities about this and they say 'they are working on it'! Anyways, I will keep pushing

Have a great day - Alison

Hi Adrian - Glad that you didn't have to stay overnight in hospital and that you will be home for your birthday. Sending you my very best wishes - hope you have a lovely day with your friends and family.

Thanks to Liam for keeping us updated.

Best wishes


Hope the tum is better !!!! :-)

xxxreiki hugsxxx



Happy Birthday Adrian!!
All the best
Laura xx

happy birthday adrian, love, hugs an kisses x x x x x x caz.

Happy Birthday Adrian
Chris xxx

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adrian hope you have a lovely day and that you are well enough to enjoy it. Keep smiling you are an inspiration to us all. Sending special love.

Jane xxx
(Slaithwaite, Huddersfield)

Happy Birthday AD

The rude story fairy

Hi Adrian
Hope your Birthday tomorrow is a good one and not spent in hospital!
Will have a drink for you tomorrow here in France.
Take Care.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Mr President,
Happy Birthday to you!


If I lived any closer I'd come and give you the bumps.

Good morning Adrian. I hope you and your family are feeling better following the tummy bug and that you have a lovely birthday xxxx

Happy Birthday Adrian...you continue to inspire and amaze me! Have a good one :) xx

Way to celebrate your birthday under seige conditions. Your not dehydrated (yet) so for every alcholic beverage drink one glass of H2O. No need to count how many of the good one you have that way.

Many happy returns and my hope for your birthday today is that you muster enough energy to have a fabulous day. God be with you.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN! I bet you'll have a few surprises coming your way today......

(Hope this one makes it, last (first, actually) comment got lost in cyberspace)

Happy Birthday Ads,

hope that you are feeling slightly better - get some birthday cake in you!

Love always



Happy Birthday Adrian! I'm sure you'll find ways to top up those fluids today!!! Enjoy your day xx


"HAPPY HAPPY BURPDAY ADRIAN" If anyone can pull a good time out of the bag it's YOU! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Soooo glad you don't have to be in hospital for YOUR special day. Enjoy EVERY moment of it, laugh and love lots! More precious memories in the making methinks.... YOU take care big guy!
Lotsa Love

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN hope you have a great day with your family and friends i will raise a glass to you later lots of love and a big hug pam xxx






Love Leanne (Dublin)

Happy birthday Adrian! I really hope that the stomach bug will have eased off a bit today so that you can get some birthday drinks down you!! I hope you have a lovely day with your family and friends.

Julie x


Ok I see my comment made it , my interent sucks ,how ever you can be the first man to get double birthday wishes . I am delighted you are home with your parents .I just had to make sure you got my birthday greeting.

I will check out the radio 5 interview later.

Happpy Birthday to You may you have a good 1 today .

(((((((((( ))))))))))))))))



Happy Birthday Adrian!

glad you're at home for it and hope all the family's tummies are feeling better!

Love Sally x

Hi Adrian, have a great birthday, surrounded I'm sure with your great family and friends. Glad to know that you're better, although I expect any debilitating feeling tomorrow morning will be due to your celebrations!!!! Have a great day, and I for one will be raising a glass or two to toast you tonight, can't start too soon, or I'll be legless!

Happy birthday Adrian!!!
I've been keeping up to date with your blog for a wee while now, and think the goals you are trying to achieve are brilliant.
It's lovely that you're home for your birthday and I'm sure you will be especially looked after today!
We are all thinking of you, your strength is so inspiring.
Have a good one today, you deserve it!
Love Kirsty xx

Happy Birthday Adrian
glad to hear you're feeling better...enjoy your day with those you love and who love you ..you amazing special wonderful inspirational man !! Have a blast ..and lots of alcohol.
Much Love

'Happy Birthday' Adrian - Thinking of you and all your family today. Please thank them for allowing all of us to share this day with you. Hope you are feeling much better. Lots of Love Caroline

Happy Birthday Adrian - hope you are feeling a LOT better today.

I heard you yesterday on 5 Live and you're an inspiration. I will tell as many people as I can about your campaign - you will succeed I am very sure.

Have a fantastic day with your friends and family!
Take care
Kath, Marlow



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adrian,love and hugs,Jean xxx

Happy birthday Adrian
Have a lovely day

Hi Adrian,

Hear you on the radio yesterday morning and just a quick message to say well done, good luck and a very HAPPY Birthday.


¡Cumpleaños Feliz, Adrian! So happy you are home and celebrating. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday with everyone you love and who loves you dearly.
Will raise a glass of wine in your honour today - you are so special. Lots of love from Jane in La Palma, Spain. xxx

Have a really special day! enjoy every minute
this e-mail brings you lots of hugs on your birthday


Have a good one Adrian, good news that you get to spend it with family and friends rather than in hospital.

Birthday hugs and kisses, Cath xxx

Happpy birthday Adrian! We're all waiting for a bit of your cake now!! Louise x

Hi Adrian

Hope you have a wonderful birthday today

Hope the sun shines for you later



Have a great day. Really hope you are feeling much better today and are able to celebrate and enjoy your special day with your family and friends. As always, keeping you very much in my daily thoughts.

Love and peace,

Dear Adrian

Many Happy Returns of the Day!
Congratulations & I hope you have a great day-you deserve it.

Best Wishes as always to you & your family.

Liz xx

Happy Birthday Adrian, did send you a note yesterday but seems to have gone astray in cyber space. Have a great day and hope the bug doesnt interfere with the cake eating. Keep strong Chris

Happy Birthday Adrian and have a great day.

You are an inspiration to everyone who reads your blog.


Wonderful news!

Hi Adrian, hope you had a fab birthday, i did post yesterday a belated happy birthday but the internet gremlins must have got it!
Nice cake!! i hope your going to share it with us all, hehe!

Much Love, Nikki (west mids)



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