Blaze of Glory - Check out party pictures!


I have noticed there have been one or two requests to find out how I am feeling at the moment.

I reckon this just about sums it up.


This final shot taken from the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - not actual footage - sums up perfectly how I feel.

I can't beat this leukaemia but I can make a difference, I'm making the most of every breath I have left, I am spending time with some of the most wonderful friends and family anyone could ask to share their lives with; but more importantly I'm going down in style.

I wish I had never been hit with this disease and I wish I could have been cured.

Neither now apply, so all I can do is keep laughing, campaigning and say: “F*ck you cancer.�

How many people in their lives ever have a week like that?

I got to have dinner in the Commons, drink with Secretaries of State and then talk with the Prime Minister for 20 minutes.

I was wearing a suit and a bloody beanie hat in Parliament.

Not only that, I spoke live to millions of people on local, national and then international news. How many human beings ever get the opportunity to talk in front of up to 170 million people?

The numbers are literally head imploding if you think about it too much.

These are undoubtedly dreadful circumstances but actually it's important for me that you all know I am having a blast and making, again, the best I can of a challenging situation.

With the petition going incredibly well I am determined to leave behind a lasting change that will benefit hundreds if not thousands of people in the future.

And I think the Government are listening as well. Gordon Brown has already written back to me asking for a list of celebrities that he could write to on my behalf to be involved with a video campaign to dispel the myths of bone marrow donation.

On top of that MP Kali Mountford has said she will continue to raise our campaign in Parliament and with all your help, and that of my journalist friends, I really think the pressure can be sufficiently maintained.

I won't let this lie because I know there are so many people who are reading this blog who are waiting for, or know someone close to them, who need a transplant.

These people deserve a chance and it will be one that can be given them through better educating our young adults.

The media interest will fade now.

That was why it was important I squeezed all the awareness I could while I was flavour of the day and had good energy levels.

As we print hacks say: “Today's news, tomorrow's chip paper.�

With the campaign in full swing, my energy levels are now starting to taper off but I'm not done yet.

Now is the time to spend time with those who I care about and have supported me throughout all this.

There was one other mission I needed to take care of and that was to honour my commitment to Phil Driver.

You may remember my excellent friend Phil - great guy - who ran the London Marathon on my behalf and organised a huge football tournament, all in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust.

A couple of months ago he asked me to be his best man. I naturally agreed but had a bad feeling I might be unavailable for selection next summer.

So what I've decided to do, with help from colleagues, is make a special video speech from Liverpool - where we met at university.

The filming for that is done now and I hope it's something both he and his beautiful bride-to-be Emma really like.

House Party

None of us choose when we are going to die but it is something that will happen to us all.

So let me ask you this.

What would you do if you were in my position?

My answer is forget all that sky diving, driving a super car really fast drivel. Get your friends round, get your family round, get Johnny the German Shepherd puppy and your six-year-old cousin over, sit out in the garden, have some great food and crack open the booze.

A slow start

Saturday will go down in my mind, and I'm sure many of the people who rocked up, as one of the best parties ever.

It was absolutely brilliant.

AD and Mish

Kicking off at 1pm at my parents' house with my grandma, and friends of the family, there was then a steady squad rotation of additional family members, former Nottingham college friends, mates from journalism school, friends of friends and of course the whole crew from Liverpool University.


There were no plans as such and people just brought along a bit to drink.

My best mate Ben sorted out a lot of the food along with my wonderful aunty Helen who also kept things ticking over behind the scene.


My mum slow cooked a huge piece of pork so there was plenty of food for people to tuck into throughout the day.

As you can see from the pictures my mum and dad have worked hard over the years to make this beautiful garden and we got so lucky with the weather.


I was keen to point out that some clown would get drunk and end up falling in the pond - but I have to say it was a very civilised affair.

Despite there being a hint of sadness this was not a mawkish gathering just one awash with laughter and old friends having a splendid time together.

Smokers' corner - it gives you cancer guys

Every corner you turned you could bump into another interesting conversation, another laugh about old times and people who I care so dearly about.

I loved it because although I was the reason for the party, I was not the centre of attention and I didn't feel like that's why people were there. There were no speeches or anything serious, just lots of fun.

Ben and Emma make the punch

We sat outside until close to midnight, drinking punch, wine, joking, laughing, chatting, listening to music. I honestly could not have asked for a better evening with my friends.

Zoey, Mazzle-Dazzle and Ant

Phil, some bloke with cancer, Ben, Rachel and Sarah

We then retreated indoors to this karaoke game on the Playstation called Singstar.

You have got to love that game. I love the feeling of waking up in the morning and wondering if you've got a throat infection then suddenly realising no, you were just singing badly and loudly.

Olie and me rocking it

Time melted into the night and I took it upon myself to look outside and make sure everything was locked up.

I got outside, lost my bearings and suddenly realised my lower legs were drenched.

I was the drunken idiot who had ended up in the pond!

Laughing, I hauled myself out and began my shameful return to the house. I took off my soaked shoes, and in true comedy fashion poured the water out of them.

I then realised I did not have another pair of trousers.

I went upstairs to try and solve this problem when I met one of my friends Nel.

We were having a laugh about the story and she was helping me come up with some spare trouser ideas when she suddenly stopped, her jaw dropped, and said: “Boy, you are bleeding!�

I looked down and saw there was a whole trail of blood throughout the house, all over my mum's wooden floors, and then this big pool on the carpet upstairs.

Well, we couldn't stop laughing.

I took off my jeans to reveal a major gash in my right shin no doubt riddled with pond bacteria and other nasties.

Thankfully, I had a bag of platelets two days before so I was pretty confident I wasn't going to bleed to death.

It was just one of those beautiful drunken moments where you are not in any pain, trying to stem a major bleed with scrunched up bits of tissue, all in a pair of unfortunately coloured bright blue boxer shorts.

Poppy, Rachel and Dr Sarah Brown

Anyway, to cut a long story short one of my friends, Sarah Brown, is a newly qualified doctor and I was surrounded with health professionals who were on hand to help out.

We washed it out and patched it up - no septicaemia yet my friends - and carried on drinking.
Got to bed about 4.30am.

Just to summarise how good the party was, here is a list of things that were left behind the following day;

1. A cardigan
2. Two iPods
3. Jewellery
4. A small bit of sick close to the herbaceous border
4. One sock
5. A pair of girl's knickers

If anyone knows who these belong to please get in touch.

A game of cups up

When the option was put to me about further intensive treatment; that it was unlikely to work and that potentially it could kill me- there was no choice to make.

This is how I want my friends to remember me. Not crunched up vomiting into a sick bowl, miserable through the discomfort of chemotherapy.

But as someone standing on their feet, fighting to make a small but important difference, and most of all laughing with those I love and with those who love me.

The team


Good on you Adrian! I would like to think I'd do the same as you if, God forbid, I were in your position (not sure I have such strength of character though!) I have both laughed and been in floods of tears at today's post! Continue to have fun, there are a lot of people rooting for you, many of whom like myself, have never met you - but you've made a massive impact on our lives and outlook! You can be confident your campaign has made a difference and will continue to do so.
Keep up the partying - look forward to hearing more...
All my love and best wishes Charlotte xx

Laughter through tears... you have a gift. Thank you for making my life unexpectedly different. Yes, F*uck cancer and fear and suffering and ignorance.
Crap. You've moved in to my heart and thoughts, and I am at a loss for words. Get my message, please: You are making me a better person and I wish I could return the favor.
Nothing fancy for me... family, friends and laughter... it never gets any better.

I've only recently discovered your blog, just wanted to say that I think your party sounds brilliant and I think you're doing something brilliant with the campaign and this blog. xx

Blaze of glory, no doubt! Honestly, Adrian -- you made my day. I've been reading all the comments from well-wishers saying "Please tell us how you're doing!" and muttering to myself "He's BUSY eating pork pies and laughing and drinking and partying, people! He has no TIME to worry about US worrying about him!" but I have to admit, in the back of my mind I was thinking "okay, but I would love to know how he's doing..."
Sounds to me like you're doing everything you want, when you want, and how you want. Good for you!!

Take care,



I admire your plan to go on in your own terms while raising the awareness for fellow sufferers.

Way to go there drunkie and falling into the pond!

Television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC in the United States are coming together to raise awareness about cancer for a program to air in September. They are planning a telethon to raise money to aid in the cure of all cancers.

Have you thought to contact them to do a piece too? The organization they will represent is called Stand up to Cancer.

See: or

Personally, I have been intrigued by your dedication and hard work to raise awareness. In fact, I find myself checking your blog almost daily to read about how you are doing. You have become a great crusader of your affliction. I would be first to sign a petition to have your activism included in this simulcast.

With the weekend you had, I believe you have found a cure as they say laughter is the best medicine.

Stay healthy and humored.

Warmest Regards,

Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Hi Adrian

I so recognise some of what you say . As a lifelong T Totaller my mates thought it was great to see me off my tit on gas , I shaved my head to a mohican and decided if i was to lose the fight I would lose it laughing .

Yes there can be chip paper but my promise to you is I will do whatever I can to keep some momentum to the petition and anything else you think I can do just drop a line .

Respect Dan

Hi Adrian, I have this amazing picture in my head of you. Someone very strong, much loved and someone who will be so missed by your amazing family and friends. I unfortunately now also have a picture of you with your trousers around your ankles!! I too have had someone very close to me hit by this cruel disease and sadly died waiting for a bone marrow transplant. With all your strength, determination and amazing spirit, I know you will make a difference. But please remember Adrian, to make time for yourself, as this is very precious to you and your family.
With love and great admiration Gaynor xx

Hi Adrian,

Really pleased that you posted this update. Since hearing about your blog a couple of weeks ago I'm now checking it daily.

I'm so glad that you're still having a good time and remaining positive. You are an example to many. Your campaign has already educated millions of people, and I'm sure that your plans will educate many more - you've made a real difference.

Hope you keep enjoying yourself!

Best wishes,

Adrian, I have been reading your blog the past couple of weeks and have been amazed by your courage and strength. I live in the US and have been sending e-mails to friends about your message. I will continue to spread the word. I am glad that you had such a wonderful party. Now go and find the owner of those knickers..LOL.


Brilliant, sounds like a super evening and I love the pond bit.

Keep up the hard work of enjoying your life. You deserve every minute of it.


Adrian-I heard your story on MSN so I checked out your site. Well, 4 hours later and you had me in tears! I stayed up until 2am reading your blog on Saturday and I was absolutely blown away. You are an incredible and beautiful human being and I'm sorry you have had to go through this. You should be proud at what you've accomplished.
Thank you for being an inspiration and for taking your precious time to tell your story. Your amazing!
Much love to you and your family
-Rachel (FL, USA)


HI Adrian I wanted to let you know I read your blogs all the time. You were in the news, that is how I came to know of this web site.I want to tell you that you give me hope to beat my cml with bone marrow transplant. Keep staying stong and living life to the fullest and know that you are in my prayers. I hope to meet you one day!

Rock on ! What a riot. I am a novelist and have decided that I shall base a book on you, so impressed and inspired am I by your strength of character - you shall live on, oh how you shall live on...

Hi Adrian

That sounds so much better!


Hi Adrian

So glad to read your entry. I check every day twice a day. It sounds as though you had a wonderful Saturday, and all things taken into consideration what better than to be surrounded by those you love so much, and who love you. And you had fun! I think of you often throughout my day, no matter what I'm doing. You say the media interest will fade, but your inspiration and wonderful personality and warmth will never fade. It's amazing the love and total respect one can feel for someone we've never met. You are that person. I hope you have more Saturdays like the last one. Rock on and please write when you can!

What a week it was, what a week indeed!

With love and utmost respect to you and your family
Barbara xx

Glad you had such a good night. Sounds similar to a day Donna had with her old school friends. We drank loads of chamagne and had lots of laughs!

The campaign will be an enduring legacy to you. Although we haven't met I feel as though I know you a little, and I'm really happy that the petition in your name is going so well.

You be careful about those infections!

Best wishes

Greg x

Hi Adrian,
My girlfrind and i are both members of Facebook and she has brought your plight and website to my attention today. You dont know me but I have to tell you I am deeply touched by your courage, I know you must have people tell you this every day and as the humble guy that you seem to be, I can imagine it becomes a bit repetative after a while. However I can kind of relate to you and where you are at. On Tuesday 20th May 2008 my little sister Grace passed away at home. Grace was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukaemia (plasmacytic, dendritic cell) in December. The only recognised records of this strand were in France and out of the 20 cases reported, only 1 made it into Remission, so we knew that we were up for a fight. My oldst brother was planning on cyling from Lands End to John O'Groats to raise both money and awareness for "The Anthony Nolan Trust" but Unfortunately we found out on 13 May that her fight was coming to an end and that there was no more treatment they could do. Feel free to visit her website @ where you can read a little more about her fight aginst this terrible disease. Graces funeral is tomorrow and it will enable us to start our grieving process properly but we all take some comfort out of the fact that Gracie died at home and with her family around her. Throughout her illness she kept her spirits up and always had a smile on her face. I remember people coming round to our family home with tears streaming from their eyes, however after spending time with Grace they would leave with a smile on her face. It is courage like hers and that which you show, which makes you really appreciate what a sh*t day really means. My outlook on life has completely changed now but I can honestly say its for the good. I know now that when times are bad its not really a snippet of what people like your good self and my dear sister feel and I am determined to live my life to the full. I feel extremely touched by your story an have to tell you that I have such a huge amount of admiration for your courage and the good that you continue to bring to this harsh world. God Bless you mate, I hope you can enjoy some priceless memories and I am 100% sure that your legacy like my sisters, will continue to live in our hearts forever. Thanks for sharing you Journey with us.

Sincere wishes.

Ian Cooper

I was wondering if you'd set up a facebook page to promote the petition? sad gits like me are always on it and could send it to all of our friends,
Claire x

Hi Adrian,I have been following your blog recently and think youre doing a wonderful job.i'm sorry but my comments are a little bit different to other posts here.Have you ever thought what lies ahead?This journey that we all are going to commence at some point in our life,how much thought have we given it?do we just die and thats it?this human being thats so important while he is alive ,just dies and then is totally forgotten?i'm sure you'll agree it's against logic.i dont want to preach to you and i'm sure you have a lot on at this time,but please give this a moment of your time.please research on the net Islam.have a look at the quran.may god make it easy and show us all the straight path.thanks for reading this.

Hi Adrian,

I just today heard about your site - thank you for it. I wanted to let you know that a friend of mine, age 55, in the Western US, has ALL and AML together, just diagnosed within the last two weeks. She is in the crushing whirl of diagnosis and is VERY sick, but we are trying to keep a good thought and help her one day at a time.

I can tell from your site that you are not alone, I wanted to let you know you are not alone by diagnosis.

Peace, Jenny in Iowa

Hello Adrian,
I consider myself very lucky to have found your blog today. I look forward to reading each and every one of them until I catch up. I will also be sending this link out to friends. I have been involved with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for many years and next week our Hike Team will be hiking Yosemite. They have been training, fundraising and raising awareness for the past 17 weeks. As of last week this Hike Team has raised over $120,000. We are very proud of them. I am the Honored Teammate Captain and my job is to put a face to the cause. I would love to add your photo to our Honored Hero Board that will accompany us to the hike. That board holds the faces and stories of many amazing , strong and courageous people.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Have a Happy Day,

Alyce Toombs
California , USA

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for taking some of your precious moments to write Ryan. It helped him accept your situation and decisions a lot. I appreciate that you would consider his feelings, someone you have never met and who lives an ocean away. You are a dear!

I am very proud of you. You have had some incredibly tough choices to make and you have turned around each time and made the most of your life and considered those around you each moment. I think I read earlier that your ambition was to be a national journalist and "By Jove" you have international acclaim - not the way you would have planned but I cannot fail to see the beauty in how this goal was achieved and what a HUGE impact it will have now and in the future. Just when you were on the verge of giving up (even before the recent news of recurrance) you pulled yourself together and now stand tall full of courage and fortitude to meet life and its storms full-on. Well Done Adrian! Ryan and our family will always be proud to know you and always find strength in the courage you showed when the going got as tough as it possibly could. You are a good man and I thank you for giving us the chance to "know you better, man!"
Love and with admiration,
Amy Patrick
(Ryan's mom)

Well done thanks for taking the time to let us all know how you are when you have so little left you are selfless at this time it is really a test of character. I think I would be much more selfish with what I had left. I am going to miss posting you notes on this blog. I have to say I am quite jealous I have not known you, you really do come across as the most amazing individual. Your parents must be so proud of you. You will be sorely missed not only buy them but by all of us and the people who you have touched with this blog what a talent for writing you have and because of this there will be a lasting testament to you. Hey and when we all dye you will get some feedback as to how it is all going. I think what you have done is amazing and I am sure people will carry on after you have gone making this a lasting legacy in your honour and enriching the lives of the people who you have tirelessly campaigned for who will get the chance of life. Well done I think few people will live their longer lives having achieved so much. If anything you have gained a lot of admirers along the way.

Now forget about us and enjoy what is left let a friend do it for you. We will watch with interest and hope that when you are gone someone will contact us to let us know what we can do to help. We come from all areas a lot of us have children in school .... small steps as they say to your huge ones.

God bless you


Hi Adrian
Like all the above, I'm so glad that you had such a great time with family and friends and took time out of your crusade to just enjoy yourself!I was more relieved that you had posted a blog and were ok because like thousands of other people, I have become addicted to your site and like all typical mothers, was worried when we hadn't heard from you!
Love the picture, by the way!

Well they should have been Superman pants, that's all I can say!

Well done Adrian!! Keep your spirits up mate!!

Rock on!

Keep doing the same as you're doing mate. I reckon this is better treatment than any amount of radio/chemo. I think it could keep you going for ages - and if not, it's a great way to go out.

Respect to you my cyber-friend.

Hello Adrian
I read about your blog in Press Gazette and wanted to stop by. Your candidness and obvious bravey is inspiring. I have signed your petition and want to give you my very best wishes.
Rob Griffin.

Hi Adrian

i check your blog every day now for an inspiring read. you have altered the way i perceive everything in my life and for that i must say a huge thank you! i have signed your petition and support what you are doing 100%. obciously hundreds of people feel the same or it wouldnt have taken me 5 minutes to scroll down the page to write this comment!

i cant really put into words how amazing i think you are and your attitude is. i do hope that your relationship hasn't been the deciding factor to give up on the treatment though...

i hope to read many more entries on here and read the report from your friends wedding next summer. why shouldn't you be here?! i pray that you will be and that a miracle happens for you.

did you find out who's knickers they were!?

I look forward to reading the next installment...


I still can't believe that you, the ONLY one of us that's lived in you're parents house and should know the garden like the back of your massive hand, fell in the bloody pond! I think we should all congratulate your parents for a sterling job looking after us all both on the morning after and the night before!

As I pointed out to a number of people on Saturday night, not only were you the reason we were all gathered together for such a brilliant party, but you are solely responsible for the fact that I knew anybody there at all. In October 1999 when we met on a darkened corridor in M-block at D&R Halls of Residence, Liverpool, I was a shy boy who, quite literally, would have stayed in his room friend less and unloved had it not been for your amazing way with people. I would later meet all the amazing people (including my wife-to-be I might add!) sat around on the grass at your parents on Saturday night, huddled into the smallest corner we could find!

For this I am, and shall always be, indebted to you Sudders!

It's just a shame I had to be taken to bed at midnight.....


I have done many things in my drunken state before but i have never ended in a pond.

All hail Sudders!


Hi Adrian,
I was told of your blog by a relative and logged on straight away. I too am suffering from leukaemia. I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia last August after feeling slightly run down for only four or five days. After four months of horrendous chemotherapy I had a bone marrow transplant in December. Although I'm still not disease free the prognosis is hopeful.
Reading your blog has been inspiring. Your courage and wonderful personality shine through. I know that I could not have got this far without the love and support of my fiance and my parents.
Keep creating the good memories!
Best wishes
Stephanie Wheatley
Midlothian Scotland

Hi Adrian
Glad the party went well.
Been thinking of you.
It's 5yrs ago today that Matt started to get sick and then it was confirmed on the Friday he had AML.Then our lives changed for good!
He is well and can't wait for Sept 24th to get here as he will be 5yrs post BMT.
Stay strong.
All our love

nobody knows what time they have its good too hear that you are enjoying yourself as best you can x

Reading your pages and peoples comments has given me back my faith that there are good people left in the world, not everyone is a thug or a pain. You have made a big difference to the world and will be remembered hugely and with love, which is more than a lot of people can say. God Bless.

To be surrounded by love and laughter as your bright star slowly the best medicine to make these last few weeks or months seem like it's the best time of your life.

My older sister suffered for numerous years with different treatments for SLE, and after more than 200 hospital stays in her lifetime, she knew that she never wanted to slip away in their care.
She was much like you - surround her with family and friends, and have a good house party with much laughter and love...and good food, of course!

It takes alot of dignity and courage to live as you are; taking one day at a time and squeezing the most you can from it. Seeing the brilliant colors; there are no shades of grey for you now.

Blessed Be, Adrian.

Hi Adrian,

A couple of weeks ago, while aimlessly browsing the net I came across your blog. Well wow! What an amazing person you seem to be, you are an inspiration and suddenly all of my menial issues and problems are blown out of the window! You have done an astonishing job with regards to opening people's minds to cancer and leukaemia.

You live life to the fullest, you are courageous and you are astounding. You have proven that one person can make a difference.

With light and love


A fantastic post ( as ever) that makes us realise that the truly important things in life are the family and friends that we have and the common past that we all share. You are inspiring me to appreciate what's really inportant in my life, thank you. Your courage and ability to make the most of every moment is humbling Take care Sarah xx

Hi Adrian:

How generous you are to share about what's going on with you. Thank you for this update and I love the picture!

Sending you good thoughts.

Also just wanted to let you know that I received my bone marrow donation kit this morning (for those of you in the US and I did my cheek swabs and sent it off. I would never have done this if it wasn't for you! You have made a huge difference.

The party sounds like so much fun. Glad you had good weather for it.

Thinking of you,
Denver, CO USA

hey adrian thought I'd take another look at the site after chatting today - meant to leave a message last week after seeing your photo with the PM - top cheeky grin! Sounds like it was a top party ... and congrats on how many hits you're getting on the blog.... amazing! rony claims he's now stuck in a security check at bristol - I reckon it's the beard!

catch you soon, keep making the most of every minute!

Kate (radio sheff)x

You have made me laugh and cry all at the same time! My husband had AML and an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant and sadly lost his battle in October 2003. His last two weeks were in hospital and I so wish we could have had a "party" like you have done. You are an amazing individual! I feel honored to be part of your left through your blog.

Yo A D
Sorry i couldn't stay longer at the party, work always gets in the way. Reading this i'm even sorrier for not staying as it sounds like it got really messy as all good parties do. It was a cracking day and great to see you and Hunter again. In fact it was worth it just to see Johnny the dog have his wicked way with Whitaker's head. Apparently being vegan means you also can't say no to an animals sexual advances. Thank your parents for me for putting on such a good spread and keep doing exactly what you're doing. Oh and please never let anyone see those photos of us from rock city!
You're a legend

Hay Mate

sounds like a great weekend! i can't work out how a person i have never met can make me laugh and cry at the same time - your a star!!!

Hope you having fun and thanks for keeping us updated



Keep rocking Adrian, You are SO right that nothing is more important than your friends and family and just getting out there and creating those fantastic memories, smiling and laughing and having fun.Thank you for the blog update, now get back to the important stuff, you and your fantastic friends and family. We are all thinking of you and sending you love.


Hi Adrian,

Your story today is my favorite so far - what a perfect day! You have this whole life thing figured out. Just letting you know I emailed Oprah for you today - maybe you could do an interview via satellite if you have the energy. I know you're appealing to the British government, but she reaches so many people across the globe. Thinking of you today & always.


Hi Adrian-
I read your blog this morning as I have done every day since I found you;you will never be "chip paper" to anyone who has heard or read about you;you are one courageous very talented young man and I thank you for bringing awareness of bone marrow donation to so many people -to help improve survival in the future and,I hope millions support the petition-apparently 100,000 people have signed up for GMTV bikini diet-if only they would sign the petition to bring awareness of blood ,organ & bone marrow donation to students in schools & colleges-
I haven't sent you any more recent messages
because I have been preoccupied with my low platelet count and today everything is down and looks abysmal for me...
Athony Nolan is dear to my heart because my mum had multiple myeloma and in those days the only info I had was from International myeloma foundation uk-but these days more info is available and you have/are contributing to that-
I think about you and wish you well
Best Wishes June King

I look after a 14 yr old who started his work-up for BMT today. Every day I am silently full of gratitude to the unknown donor - and hope he takes good care of himself! Our rollercoaster ride is taking a new turn as we go into this tunnel - enjoy the triumphant spins that yours is doing now!
Thinking of you, Kestrel
PS My next job - sign the petition....

HI Adrian,

I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and read from the beginning. I must say, you're amazing and an inspiration to others!

It's nice to see that you had a great time at the party and are keeping your spirits positive and enjoying life!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Keep doing what you're doing and take care and have fun!!!!!!

Hey Adrian! I haven't posted a message for a couple of weeks but have been keeping up with your blog, just wanted to say congratulations on getting the petition and campaign into the public eye so brilliantly! Awesome work, you must be so proud of what's being achieved.

The party sounded like a complete blast, excellent stuff! :-D

Best wishes, thinking of you,

Catherine x

Glad you had a great party.
Just signed your petition. Also tried to register as a bone marrow donor but deemed too old, what a cheek!!!!!!! Best wishes to you.


What a party I wish I could have been there your family and friends sound fantastic! you described it so well, everyone will have fond memories of that day I am sure and how lucky were you with the weather a little window of sunshine in all this gloom quite literally ! Your doing brilliantly keep it up.

Jaqui xxxx

My God Luv!!!
You sure know how to have a good time! the story of your blue boxers had me laughting until tears came out! it sounded like such a good party, what a way to go out! you have a lot of people that truly love you and are crazy about you...I'm not melancolic, I know you don't want any of that, but is so good to hear from you and I luv the pic! good choice :)
Keep smiling and enjoying yourself...lots of squeezes and a sloppy kiss!

Hi Adrian

I have signed the petition and I am spreading the word about bone marrow donation in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. I am from Huddersfield and catch up with The Examiner on the web and back at home when visiting my family. You have made such an impact to many people's lives. Keep fighting and make the most of every moment.

I have arranged for a Bone Marrow Donor Session to be held in AMERSHAM AT ST JOHN'S METHODIST CHURCH, WOODSIDE ROAD HP6 6AJ ON THURSDAY 3RD JULY BETWEEN 4.30PM AND 7.30PM. The local paper here, The Buckinghamshire Examiner ran your story 2 weeks ago is backing this session. I have said that it was partly your story which inspired me to get this session arranged, the other part is due to my fiancé needing a transplant once his chemo for Myeloma is completed.

Sending you lots of love and warm wishes.

Rachel x


I just wanted to say how in awe I am of your courage. You are an inspiration to us all..

My Mum is a survivor of Leukaemia so am familiar with the Bone Marrow process and how simple it is to sign up and potentially save a life. Am going to focus all efforts on getting people to sign up. The selfless work you have done is amazing..

You are doing brilliantly - keep it up and keep smiling.

Have been reading your blog for a while since a friend was diagnosed with leukemia and is now waiting for a BMT. Great to see what you have achieved in such a short period of time.

I have signed the petition but here's a thought/idea for you.

Why not combine the idea you had for your freinds wedding and the campaign? - film a short section that could be included in the sixth form talk explaining the difference a BMT can make and if you can interview a couple of donors to take the fear away. If you want to get into every sith form in th ecountry then you will be relying on staff to give the message to kids and nothing would speak louder than your own words.

You have a great gift with words and an ability to really convey laughter and emoition with them!

Have fun


You are a living legend. Sounds like you all had a brilliant time. As another writer pointed out it is a bit lame that 100,000 people signed up for a bikini diet but so far less than 4,000 have signed up to your petition (although it is an amazing effort, I am not being critical of you of course but just reflecting on where priorities seem to lie in our rather warped society). Again it would be good if the petition could go on Facebook or similar to appeal to the yoof!

One other thing to tick off your list is that you now seem to have quite a few stalkers. I tend to log on at least once a day and I see I'm not the only one.

Keep enjoying every day as much as you can and living for now

Dear Adrian,

Hello from Washington, D.C.! Wishing that you to continue squeeze every last ounce of every last day with the vigor and vitality that we should all possess! Last night, a dear, dear friend died of AML and I was able to say goodbye right as she passed on.. even spending two months in the hospital, she managed to squeeze the life out of every moment. Having spent a lot of time with her while she was in the hospital, I learned an extraordinary lesson in humanity; life gets distilled to its pure essence. (which doesn't include tons of money, promotions, big houses, etc.) I told her about your blog on Saturday and tried to recount as much as I could from memory...she wished you well.. Blessings for you and your family.. and many many more laughs and wonderfully enjoyable times.. all the best from WDC.. Kindly, Kimberly P.S. You're extremely adorable. :)

Adrian- I also forgot to mention that I will register as a donor. Kimberly

Hi Adrian

The party sounds really cool I especially like the singstar bit my friends and I are huge fans very unfortunate if you live next door he he.
Being a little older than you I opt for the 80's hits Soft Cell, Spandau, Duran Duran and Madonna.
I hope your shin is ok now sounds like that might have been painfull when you woke up.

I completley get what you mean about not spending the last months throwing up I never thought I would feel that way but I do Im really glad that by the sounds of things your family and friends seem to agree with your choice its something that you can only understand when your in that position and no one can tell you different.

I do look at my illness (pnh and aplastic aneamia) as a gift but hopefully one that I will learn from and then recover from. after following your blog for some time I think you too are a gift to the world its true compassion to strive for something better for others.

I still dont think you should give up although I get what you mean about Chemo have you thought about alternatives? Reiki, Macrobiotics, self healing, meditation etc It can happen you know and if not the least it can do is keep you relaxed but also keep your energy levels up.

I wish you all the best Adrian Im sure love and light will follow were ever you go the darkest moment is the one right before the dawn.

Melanie xxx

My name is Olie, i am one of the survivors from Ad's party. And wow what a party.

This is my version of events......

It started off with wine on the Friday night.A lot of wine. Saturday started with AD handing over extra strength neurofen (other products are available), i was offered a plethora of alternatives from his medical carrier bag - one of the big reinforced ones, not a small one. I opted for the painkillers although i did contemplate the steroids due to my rather weekdy figure.

Saturday consisted of a rather expensive run to the offy to replenish the Sudbury wine stocks. The garden was decked out with loads of chairs (moon chairs to be precise - if you haven't, do). AD's family are all truly remarkable. For those lucky enough to know AD really well we are not at all surprised at how he has conducted this historical moment. not only has is he single handedly taken this issue to the very top in order to help thousands of people every year, he has also helped everybody who comes into contact with him - be it just reading his blog or seeing him on the news - put things/life in perspective, he's a true inspiration. Imagine my guilt during this period of empathy when almost every single family member of the Sudbury's reminded me straight away upon introduction that i turned up for a pre-paid meal at a really posh Gordon Ramsey's restaurant with a hangover worse than any living thing should have to endure, and a bottle of water with alka selzer bubbling away in. It is a shameful event in my life and one that i am truly sorry about. I don't think any of AD's family were too impressed with the sincerity of my apologies considering i had been put on "keeping everyone topped up" duty by AD's dad Keith and had two open bottle of wine in my hand. My "i've turned a corner" speech not believed. That said, meeting all your family makes it easier to understand how you have dealt with all of this - they are incredible.

Everyone and everyone from university turned up. There can be that slightly awkward feeling with some people you have not seen for a long time when you used to see them a lot. That feeling of awkwardness turned to laughter with one person i met who asked how my 2 dogs were? I pointed out that they were both 13 when i was going out with her so 6 years later they were most definitely both dead!!

Games of Flip cup, wrestling, and singing kareoke ensued. Everyone is hurting so much at the thought of losing such an amazing person but is also so grateful that we have, and can continue to enjoy every second we speak and spend with you.

It makes me proud having you as a best mate - it has been a real pleasure.

Olie x

p.s i think i know who number 4 on your list belongs to.

I'm with you man!

And all brazilians too!

God bless you! He'll give your health back.

Hi Adrian: Still "looking for you" out there and watching your journey...We are all blesed that you can write with such passion...I will be lookihg for you, Adrian...Therese

Dear Adrian

I am so glad you had such a fabulous party! Wish I could have been there too! you are so right - surrounding yourself with those you love in your life - the best gift. You are blessed with your dear family and friends. We are all becoming your family and friends, even though we have never met you. You are making such a magnificent impact despite your illness, I wish you well.

Look at you! Sometimes I'm such a wimp, and look at you!

Thanks, man. I love ya.

Georgia, USA

Came across your site. You're a stud man...

My blessing are with you brother. And to those who are by your side, bravo!

Greg From California USA

Hey Adrian,
I LOVE it! A good time was had by all! I admire you so.
Barb Neddo

I cant believe how many years have past since we were at school, it seems like only yesterday when we were all sat having a laugh on the football pitch and causing mayhem in lessons. I see you still have a brilliant sense of humour, i have been following your story for quite a while now i just couldnt think of what to write on your comment board. I am so proud of what you are trying to achieve with the transplant lists it is incredible and so you, that your thoughts are going out to everyone other than yourself at this time. You are a brave, inspirational person that will live on in campaigns i am sure of for a very long time. I am so proud to have spent so many school years with you. There is one last thing i want to say PARTY ON !

Hi there! If I were you I'd do exactly what you're doing, spend my time with friends and family. I'd contact all those people that I always meant to stay in touch with but never found the time and I'd go out for a drink with them. Your party sounds like a bloody good one, you know a good time was had by all when you have sick, random injuries and a stray pair of knickers to show for it. Have you checked under the bushes? Sometimes there's a stray party guest to be found in the undergrowth. Keep smiling and enjoying your time, it's so much better to go out in a blaze of glory than to fizzle out and your blaze seems to be brighter and more colourful than most! Love Vicola x

Hi Ady
Hell of a do by all accounts!!. You are truly an inspiration. Keep having fun, writing and filling your life with everything dear to you. The trail you blaze WILL be lasting.
All our love to you and all the family
Hilary, Rod & James

In response to Jo's comment, there is a facebook group dedicated to Ad's appeal. For those of you who facebook (if there is a verb "to facebook"):


I'm moved, inspired and amused by your blog. In the face of such adversity, you truly are a fighter and a shining light .... I'm embarrassed by the things in my life that I often think are obstacles to my having fun and enjoying every precious minute that I'm given - you have truly humbled me.
I have no illnesses, but you've really challenged me .... from now on, I'm going to live and give to the best of my ability as if every day was my last. You are an awesome catalyst and may your legacy live on and on ..
God bless,
Joanne x

Good for you, a blaze of glory indeed....and a lasting one! :o) I have that picture on my wall, now I will always see it with your face on it!;o)

Your efforts to make good of your situation are inspirational and if I had a hat on, I would take it off to you!

Cheers dude, keep having fun x

Glad to hear your having the time of your life!!

You've faced your situation with unreal courage, and many many people have taken inspiration from your tremendous bravery.

I will do whatever i can to ensure your campaign lives on, as im sure many others from this blog and beyond will too.

As for the party. Sounds like one of those "Classic Partys", wish i could have been there to raise a drink or two!! hahaha Trust you to fall into the pond!!

Take care mate,


I have been reading your blog very regularly since before your bone marrow transplant. I have laughed, smiled and cried at various stages through your journey but have not written for a variety of reasons. The main one of these is that my lovely husband died nearly 2 years ago 6 months after his transplant for ALL (his donor was also from Germany) and I didn't want to talk to about that!

I have found your blog to be absolutely brilliant and your descriptions of how you have felt and what the treatment has been like has been so amazing. I really wanted you to recover but as you have said today, my husband said on many occasions - "F..k cancer" He was also keen to get on and live his life and when we knew he was going to die, he came home and stayed there with me, family and friends.

I hope you continue to enjoy the time you have left and your challenge to us and the Government to improve bone marrow donation is one I fully support.

Thanks again for all you have given so many people and you continue to be an absolute inspiration to so many. I will keep reading...

With love


I'm not into mooshy wooshy talk, so forgive my occasional bluntness.

I've thought about donating bone marrow for a long time, but I'm a procrastinator. Donating bone marrow sits on my to-do list along with updating my ID card, buying a new bed, running the anti-virus scan on my computer and finally breaking out the new running shoes I bought five months ago.

I never planned to live a long life. In fact, I've always kind of thought anything more than 50 years was just too much time to spend on this planet. I guess I'm slightly skeptic of ever seeing the world actually improve. All the signs - with the exception of rare instances of solidarity - point to a human race more and more driven by consumism, selfishness and immediate satisfaction.

Suspecting you, like myself, are also one of those silly dreamers who believe we're all here to be useful to each other, live as a real community and do the right thing, I assume it isn't necessary to explain how hard it is to keep trusting what we do will actually make a difference.

My problem lies in the fact that I am also not fit for the conformists group. Saying "oh well, if I can't change anything, I might as well go mind my business and too bad for everyone else" just lacks too much logic.

So I go about my day sharing my food and shelter with people who need them, picking up other people's litter and throwing it in the correct place, recycling my paper and plastic, consuming only the necessary, letting old people take my seat on the bus, eating plants instead of animals and carpooling whenever I can. All the above activities combined almost help me sleep better at night. But not quite.

I guess having time to lose yourself, find yourself, lose yourself again, trying different things and taking them slow, now that I found your website, really feels like the useless luxury you already know it is, but don't really waste two seconds to ponder on it.

It only took me the time to read the introduction on your blog to feel an emptiness in my stomach that clearly isn't hunger.

My birthday is next Monday. I turn 26. I can't really say you changed my life, because it isn't true. My disregard for a bunch of precious things will live on stubbornly. But on my birthday, I'll go sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

Hopefully, because of that, not long from now you will be responsible for saving someone's life.

And that brings me to my point. I just thought I'd stop by this comments secion and use a ridiculous ammount of words to say thank you.


You are so very loved even by people that you don't even know exist (like me). Your story has touched me very deeply. At 31, I am a ovarian cancer survivor. I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer 10 years ago. Cancer is devistating, but YOU make it look weak. It hasn't taken your spirit!!

You are inspiring. I think about you and pray for you and your loved ones every day.

I also wish that I could have been at this party!! I love falling in stuff when I've had a few too many. :)

Please know that you have changed my perspective on bone marrow donations. I had no idea that the procedure had come so far. Thank you for educating the world.

Lots of Love from Greenwich, Connecticut

LOL sounded like a hellava party, just the best with loads of laughter
I'm honoured to have found your blog and trying to do my bit through my yahoo blog to help raise awareness of the donor register
take care dear man


FANTASTIC party... Thats the way all parties should be, lots of drinking, laughter, bad singing, good conversations, and great food!!!

I am sooo happy that you are having a ball... YOU deserve it so much...

Lots of love Dawn xxx

thank you for making us realize what is important in have inspired sooooooo many of us....God bless you and your family

Hi Adrian,

As several commenters before me have mentioned, I found my way here through a news story and I was so incredibly touched by your blog.

Like many people, I always thought bone marrow donation involved giant scary needles and unspeakable pain. The more I read your blog, the more I realized the truth.

Tonight I left a message with the local bone marrow registry to schedule an appointment for tissue typing & to register. Thank you for opening my eyes. I hope one day soon I'll be able to help give someone a second chance.


I'm loving the blog - especially the party pictures!! I'm so glad to see that you have risen through all the dark times to a point where you're actually looking really happy and living life to the full.

Hi Adrian. I've just read your blog from when you started it up to today. You are a truly remarkable young man, inspirational and a wonderful example to us all. Having shared your experiences through the highs and lows and your total acceptance of your prognosis, has I'm sure made everyone feel a better person for having known that such a person as you exists. You have certainly made a great impact in my life and your legacy I'm sure is that everyone who knows you through your blog will never forget you, and what you have done to help others.


I think you are probably an angel sent from God to carry out a very important mission.

You will be rewarded for doing such a marvelous job.

Sorry I cannot donate, I am too old!

See you in heaven


And you never invited me to the party? huffs in a corner.

You have to realise that us mortals do not know what to say. Your fathers message was the best I read. No wonder you are the man you are. Takes a BIG MAN to write what he did.

I do think of jokes to send you but my typing isnt that good.

Ask to meet the women and men that you have admired and lusted after? The women for the lust haha. OOps that is sexist.

Maybe at the next party you can invite bus pass MAY even work. The invite means more than the party lol

oh well I will go and have some fish fingers. Captain birdseye rules to-day. Didnt have them in my childhood. Ketchup...what a mother never had any of that in the house. Waste of money . How right she was.She just BAKED the greatest cakes etc. She used to hide the cakes she made cos we would eat it all in one day. Hahah we always found them. My father was in on the finding deal. Was a family game. He used to ask if the cake was in the museum? We the curators always found it yum yum.

Good to hear you are enjoying yourself ......and yess p*** cancer.

I await my invite to the next party. You may have to keep all your young male friends safe from me.

Time for fish fingers.

Love from an old cod. (that used to be an Irish expression)


Keep on rocking Adrian.

Love and Best Wishes


You are amazing, a shining star x

What an amazing man you are, Adrian.

I am sending off the link to your blog to everyone I know and I hope they will join me in getting involved in the campaign.

You are an inspiration and I don't think I'll ever forget you. At those moments in life when I let myself down, when I'm less than proud at my lack of courage or when I lose the faith for whatever reason, I'll see your face and remember your strength and humour and, I pray, be a better version of myself because of you. Not what you ever intended to do, but what will happen nevertheless. And I can only thank you for that.

All blessings to you and yours Adrian. And well done - you've helped make this world of ours a much better place.

You're magnificent.

Big love from
Kate Ray

Adrian, just thought you may like to know, my cousin has AML and is in remission awaiting a transplant (she was lucky!)... I work for one of the big 4 accoutancy firms and am working to try and get them to agree to organise an annual bone marrow donation day as many of the employees are young adults/ graduates...

you are truely inspirational likes lots of people i came to this blog just a couple of weeks ago after your radio 5 interview. sadly too old to be a donor but sent th details and the petition link to all my address book and all my 2 x teenage daughters addresses as well
take care and keep strong



Thank you for putting your personal journey up for people to see. I had Hodgkins Lymphoma, and did beat it--didn't think to document it; what a great help to others to be able to read it. And the campaigning! wow! Thank you!

People told me that there was a reason I had cancer: I know it now (didn't then). And I know your reason. Keep it up.

Much Love and Comfort,


Life is for the living and you are certainly living my friend.

You are an inspiration, an education, I have learnt much from you. So has the world.

I salute your courage, compassion and wisdom

Go well and travel light dear friend


I came across your blog on the BBC new pages, i was quite intrigued so went on to read every one of your blogs! I was at work at the time but sat here fighting back the tears! It was making me sad but i couldn't stop reading, now i check a couple of times a week to see whats been going on and what you've been upto!
You are a true inspiration to all! You seem so brave and you are dealing with things so well! Your party sounded fab and such a good idea of something to do! Good for you! I have always been interested in Bone marrow transplant, i wanted to get on the register when i was about 17 and my mum said it was a very traumatic procedure and that she didn't want me to do it! Having read everything about it now I will definately be putting my name on the list...and i'd love to say my mum too, although she's 53 now so i'm assuming too old! I'd like to think there were people out there who would do for me if i needed! I've always been an organ ex bf who is still a very good friend, wasn't, he said if he died he would want to left in one, after a few conversations off his own back he registered!! I was so proud of him! it's like if he needed something i'm sure he would gladly take so why not give aswell!
Keep your chin up and carry on having fun and go how you want to go and yeah f**k cancer!!!!!!
All the best and lots of love
Eveie xxx

Just how many good looking poeple do you know???
My friends from college all looked like punched pigs at this point in the proceedings!!

Hi Adrian,
The party was a blast from what I see and read!. I loved this list of items that were left!

Delighted for you that you are doing what you want to do and with great people.

Keep the spirits up and do what we all should be going in all our lives for the moment. Too often we all get caught up in immaterial things in life and we forget to just live. I am in remission from Breast Cancer for the last year and was diagnosed two weeks before my 40th Birthday - but I went ahead and have a Fab 40th Birthday and like any party it sticks in my mind as such as great time. We all need to learn how to party on regardless - it's important.

I don't just think you are an inspiration to me, I know you are and you are to all who have written to your blog.

Mind Urself and keep rocking!


Rarely you come across a star on earth but you are one and will continue to be a star in heaven remind me of a poem desiderata and you truly are a child of the will be remembered always.

As a twenty-something journalist in the United States, I am going to keep this short ...

Thank you for sharing your story with the world. You have without a doubt made a lasting impression ...

Love and Prayers from Texas

Hi Adrian

I'm blood doner and have though about signing up as a bone marrow donor for years but was never sure what it involved- I just wanted to let you know you have inspired me to sign up as a bone marrow donor!

I'm going to the session at the Methodist Mission in Huddersfield on 18 June (Everyone reading this go to Huddersfield examiner for more info). I am trying to get other people to come with me too!

Your blog is fab - its made me cry but also smile and laugh lots!

I think your fantastic!

Take care


Mickaela x

You have my total respect Adrian. You have touched my life - you are an inspiration. You keep enjoying...

Dear Adrian

I am going to print this picture of you and the story of the incredible party - and am going to keep it to remind me how to live, laugh and die when my time comes.

Do you have any idea on how many different levels and subjects you have made a difference to so many people?

Someone else used the word truely are.

love and light

(hugs, K)

Hey Hun,

So I'm not the first to say you have inspired me and I'm glad to say I will not be the last but it must be strange for you to hear.

You have certainly changed my life for the better and that is no overstatement. We are a similar age and I take my life and future for granted everyday. I whine when things get a little tough at work and have spent that last couple of years waiting for my life to start. Whats the point? Where is the fun in that!

You have changed my perception of life and I will be forever grateful. This is no short term change I can tell you.

I'm thinking of you! Contine to have fun and know you have touched so many lives. We are all thinking about you.


I've been quietly reading here for a while, Adrian, often admiring and aching and feeling touched by your ability to breathe life into words, make them felt.

Your pictures, your spirit and your story today have inspired me to be a better person, to clutch at life in a less half-assed way. I admire you immensely. Thank you for sharing your life story.

Hey Adrian - loving the pictures - looks like it couldn't have been a better time. Loving your blog - I've learned a lot from you and others writing in - you've created a nice little community. Best of luck to you - looking forward to reading more.


Hiya trouble!!!

Looks like you had a bloody good time and I'm so proud of you for being the 'drunkenest' there and for being the clown!!! Hehehe.

I wish i could get inside you and fight off those evil buggs and make you all better! I know I've said that before but it still stands and i would do it with style! You f##cking laugh, drink and eat away! You deserve it!

Loads a love always.


Hi Adrian,
I too am in Sheffield battling cancer but I'm older than you (53) I've been off work since 21 October '07. Am hoping to be in remission after six doses of chemo - but there's no cure for my Lymphoma. However I think in Sheffield we have really good support for those with cancer. The Cavendish Centre have been great giving me Reflexology sessions and NGH & WPH are bith cntres that I have found to be great at delivering the treatment I need! I am a nurse which has made this journey so much more painful - but adnire you for you blog site and wish I could be more motivated to do the same!
Hang on in there Adrian the Docs have made mistakes before and you could keep on going for some time. I hope the campaign does make a difference - though the bone marrow test was my most unpleasant moment on this journey with cancer!!


Hi Adrian,
I am so glad you had such a great time at your party - having read each word I kind of felt I was there! I lost my darling brother many years ago (my best mate, beautiful bloke) and what you say is say is so true - remembering the man you are - laughing, pissed, gashing yourself! These are the memories treasured forever, as they will be for you. I know you are writing this, but I do wish Tim (b/loved bro) had left me a letter telling me how to live without him. Is that a selfish thing to ask of someone who knows they don't have forever? Maybe it is, but I wish I had that. I carry him always in my heart, and so many people will carry you forever, in their hearts and their blood, all thanks to you! Please keep on having good times. You will be giving thousands of people good times for years and years to come.
With love
PS I too am to bloody old to go on the register - If only I had done it years ago. I am sorry. But I will encourage everyone (younger than me!) I know xxxxxxx

Hi Adrian
I just wanted to let you know I have joined the bone marrow register, and if you hadn't have started this campaign, I probably would have gone on for years wanting to do it but 'never quite getting round to it'
Enjoy yourself and everything you do because you have already made a huge difference and that is probably already saving lives.
We'll miss you badly when you go.

I was blessed today to happen across your blog from a link on another. Thank you for sharing your have an amazing spirit. You have beaten cancer, no matter the course of the disease. Rock on, my friend! You are truly an inspiration.

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited...

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot corrode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot suppress memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit.

I don't know you Adrian, so I tried not to cry when I read the post in which you announced you were dying, but I couldn't help it.
I saw the link to your blog in a LiveJournal post, and have spent the past 4 hours reading your entire blog from the start. I don't think I've ever simultaneously laughed, cried and been so moved before.
I wouldn't have thought I could be so devastated by the plight of a stranger! But I have to say thankyou, because what you are doing is amazing, and in the relatively short time of a few hours, you've changed my priorities in life and given me a whole new perspective. I plan to join the donor list as soon as I turn 18, and if I can help someone like you then it'll be more than worth it.
I wish things could have turned out better for you, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the time you have left, because you deserve it, you're obviously a beautiful person, and I can only send you my love and support, and wish that I could express myself a little better! Enjoy yourself Adrian, and be proud of yourself - you really are an inspiration.
Much love,
Amy, 16, Leeds

Adrian you are one of the bravest men I have heard of. You are an example to everyone particularly when we read about the youth and young men's culture of this present day.
I admire the way you have reacted to the news in your blogs, be it good or bad, although you seem to have had more bad news than good.
You have more guts than most people to carry on campaingning under such adverse conditions.
i find your blog both amusing,(which I think is your intention) and heart rending.
You have been through what most of us will never go through in a life time and i wish you all the look in the world.
I have had a heart by-pass and I am a member of a group called "The Dicky Tickers", if you had time we would welcome you to visit us.
I have the utmost admiration for what you are doing under the dire circumstances you find yourself in, and wish you success in what you are trying to achieve.
Also enjoy the time you have left, your family and freinds sound as though they are brilliant, at least you have had the luck to have these people around you.
Good luck mate and enjoy yourself as much as you can. If you enjoy a drink I will gladly buy you one.

Hi adrian,
your party looked fab,i admire your strength and courage very much,i find your blogs very uplifting and i know your making a real difference to people from all walks of life,thanks for your stories adrian,god bless you.

At a time like this so many people say, "you're so strong..." because you make their hearts expand, and because they don't know what else to say. But it's not like you chose this, right? When people said "you're so strong" to me through a recent ordeal, I always kinda sighed inside. It didn't hurt, but well... it didn't help terribly, either. What else can I be?

So I'll guess now what I think people mean to say when they tell you how strong you are.

You're facing this turn in your life with openness, and grace, and wearing your heart on your sleeve - and all of this inspires other people deeply. You *are* making a difference. You're showing us all how important it is to not have the last emotion you feel be despair or anger or unfairness (all of which are justified), but love.

After what I've been through in the past year, I see magic all around us now, souls whispering and unexplained energy and something bigger than what we can see in the everyday. I'm not religious and don't know how else to put it: but in the moment, there was peace and love and somewhere else, I'm sure of it.

I hope you find some of that. I can tell you that you're eminating it, and giving it to all of us.

love, warmth and light from Nova Scotia, Canada,
xo sweetsalty kate

Just found you through Kristin (2 comments above). Thank you for sharing your story.
Wishing you happiness and many more wonderful memories as you continue this adventure upon which you have embarked.

Your story, your writing, moves me. Thank you for the inspiration.


Yet again you shine with love and laughter over life's adversity. I am so happy that you got to 'go out in style' as it were and have left all those you love and who love you in return, with the most lovely memories, when your light is finally dimmed.

Pity it had to be in bright blue boxers but you can't have everything lol!!

I hope when my time comes I can be as brave and as loving and lovely as you have shown yourself to be.

Now think of this - how many people globally will mourn your passing? 170 million+ of them will know who you are and be saddened - how mind blowing is that and just think how much you have advanced the cause of bone marrow donation!!

You have certainly left your footprint on the earth both carbon and otherwise!!

Light and love to you Adrian and enjoy the time you have left be it days weeks or months.

I am hoping it is for the longest time to come!!


Adrian, I am a reader of Katy Regan's blog (she posted above) and in a post of hers on Monday she recommended that your blog was her must-read of the week. Well, my boss has been off this week and I've spent long portions of my afternoons reading about your incredible journey and the amazing way you've dealt with everything that's been thrown at you. I am so touched by your story and the courage you've had throughout - especially on those days when you were feeling unimaginably low and managed to share so honestly with everyone how you were feeling. You may have felt like you were drowning in self-pity but to be able to share your feelings so honestly that people could come back with such strength of feeling for you - and it seems, like me, that so many of them have never met you - is testament to just how inspiring and courageous you have handled this awful thing that has been thrown at you. I wish you all the very best with your time left, it seems to me you are totally living life to the full at the moment - and long may it continue, and when it no longer does (hopefully far in the future), long may your spirit live on in those you have touched through your wonderful life and this amazing blog. With lots of love and thoughts for you and your family and friends, Rebecca

Hi Adrian

Love the photos! It looks like you had a fantastic time at the party. Keep on partying! Laughter is the best medicine in my book.

Am off to give blood and go on the bone marrow register tonight. I am so glad you bought my attention to it.


Jane xxxx
PS I also looked for a facebook page re your petition. I have the link to it on my page but couldn't find an official one. If everyone that reads you blog and facebooks invite all their friends to sign up, you could get a huge uptake in a matter of hours/days.

Hi Adrian, I was wondering how you were doing. so was pleased to see you having a great party!! I mentioned previously, that i was at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital on tuesday 10th june. so I WILL take a donation up to p3 ward. I WILL HOPEFUULY BE ABLE TO DONATE MY BONE MARROW ONE DAY. What you are doing is fantastic,YOU ARE A TROUPER!! God Bless. Susan x

I've happened across your blog as a link from another blog and feel blessed to have found it. You're an inspiration (I know you probably hear that all too often but there's no other way to describe you based on what I've just read!)Great to hear (and see) how much you enjoyed your party.

Hoping to get to know you alot better through your blog and to see what I can do to assist your campaign.


When is the next party?

Count me in - I will bring my water wings!

Take Good Care of Yourself Adrian - you are a true Inspiration!


As a fellow AML sufferer, thanks for you. Way to go Adrian................enjoy and surround yourself with your loved ones. I love your inspiration to raise awareness of this f***ing disease, and hope that loads more people will now donate bone marrow. I am in remission, and applaud you for your audacity to stand up and be counted. Get pissed and bring it on. You will have saved so many lives............

Lots and Lots of Love.........Gillian xxxxxx

i just wanted to tell you how amazing and brave myself and my family think you are.
i did not really know anything about being a bone marrow doner, i never really thought about it, until i saw you on calendar news, and then i read your blog. since then i have signed up to be a doner and my husband will soon be following me and doing the same. we have also signed the petition.and ive told everyone i know to sign it too.
you have made us laugh and cry while we have been reading about your illness, and your wild partying,
we are praying for you and your family. xx

I was led to your blog by way of Kristin's blog. I think I shall remember that party and your spirit for the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing it; you are in my prayers.

Hey Adrian

Wow, what a party!! looked fab!!

You are an absolute star! i have never even met you yet i feel i have known you years...

My mum died of ovarian cancer last year and she was just like you with her f**k cancer attitude and lived life to the full...

I admire both you and my mum for that!!

Keep up the good work Adrian....Oh and have a few drinks for me too, i will certainly be having some for you...

I doubt i could be so positive if i were in the same position but after reading your blogs i would be ashamed if i didn't!!!!

I may never have met you Adrian but you have a special place in my heart...


West Yorkshire

Hi Adrian,
I know you don't know me, but i feel compelled to write as you are a true inspiration. I too was diagnosed with AML in January 2007 and spent a horendous six months in hospital, but i'm now in complete remission, i didn't need a BMT, i consider myself lucky for that. I read about you in our local newspaper on Saturday and couldn't wait to log on to learn of your journey.

Keep smiling and partying!!

Irene x

Hey AD,

Very good pics from the party! I just wanted to say I had a wicked night thanks and feel very privileged to have been invited. I think I'm starting to get the hang of cups up but definitely should not be let near sing star ever again, please apologies to your neighbours!!

None of the things left are mine but if the jewellery is any good can we pretend it is?! xxx

hey mate you don't know me, your party looked wicked though. i was lead to your blog through our local evening telegraph which said 'the most heartbreaking story you'll read this year' it was a heartbreaking story, but i glad that i've raed it and it lead me to your blogs i've been readin through them for 2 hrs with lots more to read. your such a strong person ad and such an inspiration. you should be so proud of yourself, i'm proud of you and don't even know you. may all your hard work and last wishes make people like myself become donors and help so may others. i will be putting myself on the list so that i will be able to grant you your wish. with the time you have left make sure you keep partying.

keep smiling and have fun with all your loved ones.

what a legend.

god bless mate

I am a Haemamtology nurse from England living in Australia. My brother died from leukaemia in the 70's and it was awful. There were no donors available then and its so good that there are people like you to further the cause with such flair and humanism. What can I say .......after 15 years of caring for people with leukaemia, its a crap disease that affects too many great and noble people. Good on you (as they say over here) for your campaign. I think you have so much more to further the cause of blood and bone marrow donation than any charity alone could do, and for that I humbly thank you. I am confident that we will beat this eventually and it is in no small way due to the courage and tenacity of people like you that help people like me learn to understand it and how to best care for you. I want to praise you for your bravery, honesty and realism. Thank you for bringing it to the right ears and so eloquently. You are inspirational to me as a nurse and to many as a friend and as a companion to others. Once again thank you. And as you put it f*ck cancer! carrying on having fun you are a wonderful inspiration to all. Enjoy
Big Love
Lisa x

Hi Adrian you were in Hallamshire Hospital at the beginning of last year and undergoing treatment when my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, he was in the bed facing you and you were always very upbeat.The final time I saw you was when you were in the isolation ward recovering after your transplant and when I heard you on Radio Sheffield lateer in the year was delighted to hear you were disease free. My husband had died 2 days after leaving the hospital but being able to relate to someone who appeared to be making a full recovery was comforting. I think about you and your family daily and thank you for your ability to make people more aware of the less obvious types of cancer/ blood disorders in order that more research and treatment can be available.


What a trooper, I have been following your blog and I must say, you have hit the nail right on the head about parties, who cares about sky diving or fast cars, its friends that keep you going. Your a star and will always be one. Hopefully everyone will listen.


PS. Your list of items left behind sounds like one of my parties! I am considering selling my lost property box on Ebay!!!

Adrian, I have just discovered and devoured your blog in its entirety in 2 sittings. I am pulling for you - both for recovery and for quality-of-life. Thank you for sharing your story.

Hi Adrian.

I don't understand these things very well so hope you get this message. I might even be on twice! It was a privilege sharing English lessons with you and I learned so much about Pinxton's potential as a tourist spot from your coursework. I've learned a lot more from reading this blog, especially now I'm retired I needed someone to teach me about making the moments count. A lot of thoughts and prayers for you, Cary, Keith and Kay

Interessante Informationen.

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