Victory at Westminster


Ed Balls, Super Kali Mountford and Alan Johnson

I am delighted to tell you all that the campaign to get a compulsory talk to all second year 6th form students about blood, bone marrow and organ donation became one step closer to reality today.

Commitments have now been made from both our Secretaries of State for Health and Education, Alan Johnson and Ed Balls, that they are going to do everything they can to make this happen.

Thank you so much.

Britain will really lead the way in educating our young adults from this day forward.

I am absolutely thrilled and would again like to thank all of you wonderful readers for keeping up the pressure too. (Have a look at the video report below to see just how good the MP turn out was!)

Someone commented that this whole project, your determination to make this happen and the interactivity with all your parliamentary representatives, really restored a sense of democracy and being able to do something positive.

I could not agree more and it has been genuinely wonderful working with all of you on this.

I have to add too, how many people have cabinet ministers saying they have felt like they have been running your fan club for the past five weeks?!

Click here to watch Mr Balls, Mr Johnson and Ms Mountford - I think you will like it.

The results from today's unprecedented event at Westminster include:

1. Commitment to roll out the Give and Let Live Scheme to all 14/15-year-olds from September.

2. It's too short notice to begin a similar talk in a more adult context for 17/18-year-olds from this September. But colleges and schools will be written to to take part in voluntary events. I know many of you are already but here is a great chance for you to express your support for this initiative by writing to the top people.

3. If this proves successful, the talks can be developed and rolled out as part of the national curriculum for the following academic year.

4. Several MPs and cabinet ministers gave a blood sample and joined the Anthony Nolan Trust's bone marrow register.

5. Many more signed our petition and took away special packs explaining how to set up clinics in their own constituencies.

On general reflection I would say that was a success.

Once again massive thanks to Kali Mountford MP for making this all possible and legendary Huddersfield Examiner reporter Katie Campling who has worked so hard behind the scenes to pull this off.

Caroline Berger from the Anthony Nolan Trust and Mr Johnson

Special report by Katie "Campers" Campling

Government ministers and MPs have signed up as bone marrow donors at a special clinic held in the House of Commons.

MPs, Westminster staff and even cabinet ministers visited the Anthony Nolan Trust (ANT) donor recruitment clinic in the Jubilee Room of the historic building.

The clinic was organised by Colne Valley MP Kali Mountford as part of the Examiner and Adrian Sudbury's campaign to recruit more donors to the register.

A key part of Adrian's campaign is to push the Government to ensure 17 and 18-year-olds are educated about donation as standard in schools and colleges.

This is the crucial age where young adults can give blood and join registers should they choose to do so.

A total of 14 people signed up as donors at the clinic - including cabinet ministers Secretary of State for Work and Pensions James Purnell and Andrew Burnham, Secretary of State for Culture.

A small blood sample from a cabinet minister. Andrew Burnham MP could now potentially save anyone's life around the world if he is a match for them.

Mr Purnell said: “I was not really aware of bone marrow donation before Kali Mountford talked to me about it. But I think it's something I would be prepared to do.�

You have to be aged 18 to 40 to sign up as a donor with the ANT.

Those ministers and MPs that were too old to become donors also had a chance to help, by signing the campaign's online petition,calling for better education about donation.

ANT chief executive Dr Steve McEwan with Mr Johnson

The petition on the Downing Street website already has nearly 6,500 signatures.

Click here to sign and help keep the pressure on.

MPs signing it included Halifax MP Linda Riordan - whose son donated bone marrow five years ago - and Hull East MP Mark Tarmy, whose 10-year-old son underwent a bone marrow transplant for leukaemia last year.

He said: “It's very important. There's seven other kids in hospital, who were there with my son, who are still waiting for the phone to ring to say they have a transplant.�

All attending MPs left with campaign material

Dawn Primarolo, minister of state for public health, added her support.

She said: “This campaign is seriously impressive. He is inspiring people and getting the message across in a simple and understandable way. It is a privlege to be associated with it.�

Health Secretary Alan Johnson and Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families also gave a speech at the event.

They met with Adrian back in May and have pledged their support for his campaign.

The Government's donation education programme, Give And Let Live, is due to be rolled out to 14 and 15-year-olds in schools from September.

But the ministers said they were still working hard to implement Adrian's wish, for older teenagers to be educated.

Mr Johnson said: “Since we met with Adrian, I could officially be described as the secretary of the Adrian Sudbury fan club and Ed is the chairman.

"Adrian made a real impression on us. I have never met anyone with the passion of Adrian. It was really, really inspirational.

“It is Adrian's passion that we get the message across to people as young as possible. Adrian is focused on the 17 to 18 year olds.

"We are talking to the Anthony Nolan Trust and we are really galvanised in our departments to see what more we can do. We will ensure that the Adrian Sudbury fan club delivers.�

Mr Balls added: “It is a great pity that Adrian can't be here although we will all have the chance to go on his blog and see what he makes of it!

“You see from his writing and also when we met him the passion, purpose and determination that good things will come, come what may for Adrian.

“We are determined to do what we can to back him to make sure young people get the chance he is not going to have,�

MPs can then try and spread the word in their own constituencies and set up their own clinics.

Mr Balls and Mr Johnson are writing to all schools in the UK over the summer, asking them to ensure the Give And Let Live scheme is implemented.

Kali Mountford said she was thrilled with the response to the clinic from her fellow MPs and ministers.

“There's more great work going on here today with the people who are signing up to the register. Without you this event would mean nothing at all. It means a great deal to Adrian and me.�

Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik also signed up to the register yesterday. He said he plans to try and stir up interest in his constituents about the issue of bone marrow donation.

He himself is averse to needles, but said it was a fear worth overcoming in the name of a good cause.

“It has been a very powerful and incredibly brave thing that Adrian has decided to go and fight not for himself but for others.

"I will certainly over the coming weeks look to organise awareness events in Dewsbury. I want people to understand what's involved in being a donor and how it can save lives.�

Even before the event happened today it was recieving media attention from Channel 4 News, AOL and a huge UK journalism website.

Please drop us a comment if you spot it anywhere else!


Well done Adrian, Brilliant news!! You really have started something that should have been p and running. I hope you can drink something special tonight to toast your success.
Em x


Thats just fantastic news - a great victory - and well done you for keeping up the pressure!

I have been an avid reader of your blog for a few weeks now - and it's great to have some good news to read.

You truly are an inspiration - long may you continue to inspire others!


Adrian, you are one amazing person. You've achieved more in the time you've been ill than most of us will achieve in a lifetime. Truly, truly astounding.

Thank you

With love


Blumming brilliant.

Gosh what an achievement. Well done Adrian.

I hope you are keeping ok. It was nice to hear Victoria Derbyshire mention you this morning.

I will hope to have something to report on the progress in Leicestershire on Friday.

Much love


Well done Adrian, its happening."Man can move mountains" comes to mind.

We are all so proud of you.

Hope you are as well as possible, and the news today must certainly have given you a boost.

Hope you have a restful night and once again WELL DONE.

Bless you

Congratulations Adrian.
What a result!!
All the best with taking this even further.

Wow Adrian

Just watched the video report and just shows what a legend you are! Kali Mountford is a superstar as well. Think you can definitely count today as a success!

Sally x

Adrian, I just want to give you a bloody big kiss and a cuddle. How proud are you? How proud are your family? WOW.
I know you don't like being called brave, or a hero, but you are both my friend. You are truly an inspiration, and I am just so thankful to have stumbled across you (not literally! lol) and your blog over the past few months. You must be buzzing. Keep on fighting sweetheart. Lots of love and very very best wishes to you and your lovely family. Tina XXXXX

Hi Adrian,

I have been following your blog for sometime now and feel like I know you personally, what you are doing is just amazing and you should be really proud of yourself.
You will be remembered for many years ahead for all what you have achieved, you are truly amazing, keep writing for as long as you can and make sure the blog still keeps going on with all the latest developments etc.
I really hope you are not suffering too much at the moment and my thoughts are with you and all your family at this difficult time.
I think I speak for everyone here but we love you Adrian for everything that you have done and your extreme bravery.
Big hug

Lisa xx

So glad it was such a success at Parliament today. The clinic that we held was so fantastically supported. Your inspiration and story has moved so many that there is now such a great head of steam build up on this issue - how could we fail to succeed? Everyone at The Anthony Nolan Trust is so grateful for the work that you have done to highlight this issue - I'm sure the bone marrow register will grow and grow and be able to help many more patients requiring transplants into the future.

All the best

how fantastic adrian you really are a star what an achievement !!just emailing the video to my sons headmaster

keep strong and take care

jane xxx

BRILLIANT Well done Adrian, You should be so proud!!!! As one of the ever growing Adrian S. fan club I am so glad to be doing "my bit" to help...have held an organ donor card for years but this week have been on the web site and enrolled on their too incase I peg it and no one can find the donor card. Also have been on the blood transfusion site so I can give blood.
Can I just say that you have changed a lot of pepoles lives in small ways aswell as immense ways too. I think that my husband and son have never had so much free time away from me....nagging them to do homework(son) and jobs areound the house (husband). I spend so much time checking in on you and your blog that I leave them alone!!!!! They are very grateful to you. On the down side they had to make the tea tonight as I've been checking in on you every five mins to see how things have gone:-)told you I was a stalker in previous note he he. Again WELL DONE TO YOU!!!Hope youre feeling as OK as you and light and everything else good is sent to you. Think Ive gone a bit giddy with the excitement of it all (at 44 get giddy quickly:-)) Val

Brilliant news! I'm glad all your nagging (or should that be campaigning ;-) hasn't been in vain.
You should feel very proud at the changes you are making Adrian.

wow that is AMAZING

knew it would be a roaring success matey - even going to force my mum and dad to give blood asap (giffers are too old for ANT)

was great to see you on Sunday you handsome devil - will see you soon hopefully!!

all my love hugs and kisses

mazzle xxx

Awesome, Adrian, Simply Awesome!
Love and a really big hug. You truely are amazing
Steven's mom

words just are not enough, Hi big fella, we are just so proud, draw strength from it, pray you grow strong, hands across the world hug you with love,
To you and your family God bless.
A light always shines for you.
RESPECT xxxxxMarlene

Have just watched the clip of Kali Mountford today and noticed that she said she was approaching youngish people around Parliament and saying "you look young can I have your body". Obviously I can help with this part of the campaign too if needed!!(joking)

Fantastic! I spent all day at work wondering how things were going and just came back home and straight to the PC.
Absolutely fantastic!!!

Wonderful, wonderful news Adrian. Your family must be so proud of your many great achievements. Sleep well tonight. xx

all i can say is WELL DONE. many people will benefit from your campaign, today was so important for that. just watched the video report and hope you are allowing yourself a warm glow of pride.

good wishes for a restful night and another good day tomorrow!


Hi Adrian

Truly wonderful - I don`t know what else to add other than this blog and its results far outweigh my little comments!
Who would have thought all this positive work would have been the outcome last year - what an amazing journey you have travelled,Adrian and it`s not over yet - far from it.

Best Wishes as always to you and your family


Just back from Tesco and straight to my computer! Fantastic achievement. What an effect you are having on this nation. Your global family are so proud of you Adrian, I cant even begin to imagine how proud your own family must be. keep going and keep stirring things up. Have a peaceful night Chris

I told my husband about your campaign and the petition - he signed up and passed on the word to his colleagues - who signed the petition and then told their wives ... I told my grown-up children about your blog and your campaign and they too have signed and are spreading the word via their friends and their work - one son is a Citizenship teacher and reports that his students are already behind your campaign ... We will all keep on speading the word, you have really got things going!

I hope you and your family can feel the huge amount of love and affection, thanks and respect, that is being sent to you from all around the world. You deserve it.

Well done Adrian.

With love,


So pleased to hear the news. I really hope this snowballs. I raise a glass to your sheer guts and determination in making this happen.

Cheers Adrian

xxxreiki hugsxxx

Hi Adrian

Even my husband has started talking about getting on the register tonight. I haven't badgered him, as he hates being nagged; I've just told him about you a little bit now and then about what you've achieved (-also I felt I should explain my sudden attachment to the internet to him).

You have an extraordinary gift for inspiration and communication. Today's triumph was surely testament to that and you definitely deserve a beer, my friend!

Love to you



Well done sir.

And we will ensure that the Government delivers.


David & TeamHartley

awesome. the give and let live site is awesome. i'm sending your blog to people i know in the UK and threatened them with no comments on their blogs unless they forward it along.

i'm going to link to the give and let live on my blog. it's so flashy and cute, people are going to click for that fact alone.

okay, and something i've been meaning to say, but i don't want to offend anyone who might be reading each and every one of your comments....

but... mr. balls?

snickering like an 11-year-old in california,

Adrian the great

Now that is some achievement.......CONGRATS.

You looked good on the video but I think the hat needs a trim. haha. If I knew how I would make you a designer one with pom poms.

Is Anthony Nolans mother still alive? She was a very brave woman before her time.

I hope you can manage a small tipple tonight. I will lift my glass to you tomorrow.

Many good thoughts for you , family and friends.

Jane-Mary Wiltshire,UK.

Congratulations (again!) You are making such a difference to so many people.

Hope you have another great day today.

X Embi, Australia

Well Well! - what an absolutely fantastic day! What an achievement Adrian! In this crazy world we live in what a joy you are!

I'll leave it at that tonight. You're getting off! Wishing you a peaceful night and in the words of a song I heard recently :

A kind and steady heart can make a grey sky blue,
And a task that seems impossible, is quite possible for you.
A kind and steady heart, is sure to see you through.
It may not seem like very much right now,
It'll do, it'll do!

Much love to you and your family.
Barbara xx

Hi Adrian, This is fabulous news. You have really shown what can be achieved when you set your mind, heart and soul to a task.

Really hope you are feeling ok.
Thinking of you, Steph from Australia.

Absolutely amazing!!! Congratulations!! rock!!! :o)

Just how many times can you say congratulations? Probably not enough, you are a truly amazing person. So congratulations once again. My/our local MSP sent the following

Thank you for your email.

I will put your proposal to the Minister for Public Health and the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Life Long Learning.


Jim Mather

So maybe it is now going to move in Scotland too. I will nag, my husband will tell you I am good at that:-)

Look after yourself and look after your family, you will need to do that as much as they need to look after you I would think.

Hugs xxx

Outstanding news !!!
Nothing but forward from here Adrian. There will be so many lives saved due to your determination. You have helped many people,including myself, open our eyes to the simplicity of being a bone marrow donor. Man I wish I could meet you , God bless you! Stay your strong self.
Peoria,Az USA

Hi Adrian! I can only repeat what has already been said....Just amazing, what a fantastic event and what a success..!! Your determination and strength are an inspiration to us all and that showed yesterday at Westminster. You are a true legend dear boy! Hope this finds you feeling ok .
Much love to you and yours.

Thought about you at lunch time and hoped everything was going as planned and it seems it all worked a treat! A majestic success to top off everything you have worked so hard to achieve - well done pal! Hope you were feeling up to a drop of the fizzy stuff last night. You should be so proud of what you've achieved, you're an inspiration to everyone. Good work, matey.
Love, Clare

Victory at Westminster indeed!! You're a complete star - and household name, it seems! I watched the clip and read the report with delight, feeling tremendously proud of you and your team! This kind of thing DOES restore your faith in democracy. I now look forward to meeting with my MP Mark Tami again to look at some of the ideas in your campaign pack - and get going with them!

I hope you're feeling ok this morning and have had a boost from yesterday's amazing success.

I've now just received my regular blood donor letter - so I can finally sign up to the British Bone Marrow Registry myself - you can also mark me down as member of the Adrian Sudbury Fan club !!!

Love and best wishes to you and all those around you, Charlotte xx

Well done!. Hope you are feeling well


Brilliant news Adrian.
Well done! xx

Great news.

hello again

wondered how you are feeling amidst all the excitment surrounding teh campaign (which is brilliant by the way!)

any progress?

thinking of you x

One person in Germany extends your life, and you go on to extend so so many more...

Just amazing Adrian.

Take care.

Morning Adrian,
I posted early yesterday evening on the other Westminster part of your blog but just wanted to say on this one :- We (your friends) are all really proud of you. Well done doesn;t seem, and isn't enough to say but their are no words big enough for the courageous, committed, STUBBORN (lol)very, very special person that you are,
You have made me (and I think many others) think about other people and you have made me feel that maybe I CAN make some small difference in some small way.
Tell us how you are today Adrian. I, for one, get jumpy when we don't hear.

Loads of hugs and soothing thoughts as usual.

Christine M.

Well done Adrian
You appear to have moved mountains!!!!
Take care
Dawn xx

Hi Adrian

Just watched the report - it must feel like a dream come true although I know there is much more to do however to get this far...amazing!

Thinking of you


Hi Adrian

Good Luck with the campaign! You are doing an amazing thing for so many people out there.

It's brilliant news!

Take care

Rachel x


Bloody fab news - been a wee while since there was good news on here!! You must be delighted and your family must be so so proud of you! God i am 31 and have not made any big impact on life and look at all you have done so far! Hang on in there mate and keep strong!


In reply to Jane-Mary above, Anthony Nolan's mother Shirley sadly died in 2002 (see ). But she has left an enormous legacy in the Trust and the fantastic work that they do.

And well done again Adrian. Hope you're doing okay.

Good work Aidy, well done. x

Just the news the world needed! Congratulations. Hope things are good with you too.

Good morning adrian congrats on what ive just read...........My heart goes out to you & your family,,,,,,,,, have a hero ...........*your son* from the Usa....deb

Love the picture on the 'Sign up for Sudders' campaign' poster!!!

Well done on this achievement... you must be so pleased.

I feel privileged to have been able to follow your Blog and feel that I have got to know you a little; you are an inspiration and a wonderful person.

Lots of love and hugs... my thoughts are with you and your family at this time.


Bloody fantasti! You must be thrilled to have achieved so much. I am going to badger everyone I know to sign up.

God bless you Adrian.

Elaine xxxx

Adrian, Just came across your blogg while surfing the leaukeamia sites as i sit at home suffering the effects of chemo to treat hairy cell laeukemia (HCL). i was diagnosed 15 years ado and this will be the 3rd round of chemo. You are a inspiration to me and no dought other sufferers of all forms of cancer, i wish you all the very best. Well done with the campain brilliant!




Well done Adrian. Totally amazing!! N x

Hello Adrian,

You've got me blubbing again! Happy tears this time when I watched the little film above. I was so nervous and excited for you yesterday and I am so pleased that your event was a huge success. Congratulations to you and Kali and your team from Anthony Nolan. A truly brilliant achievement. Your Mum and Dad must be fit to burst with pride.

Love that poster of you too!!! May have to print it and stick it on my fridge! I'm so over George Clooney these days.

Hope you are feeling OK today. As always I am checking in just to say you are still very much in my thoughts everyday and we are willing you on here. Keep strong.

Sending you love and wishing you peace,

Well! It couldn't have gone any better - just as well as Campaign HQ had hoped for! Katie did you proud, it seems, and Kali is amazing, isn't she? So good to see you the other day and Meet the Parents! Hello Kay the moderator! A lovely evening, although didn't feel so good at 4am the next day! Looking forward to seing you all again soon. Lots of love Hxx

Well done Adrian! You must be really chuffed with how far the campaign has come in such a short space of time.

You've really managed to make an impact on some pretty important people which is amazing. But don't just think it's your situation that has made them support your campaign... I'm pretty sure it's YOU as a person. I don't think I'd be wrong in guessing that all these MPs who are backing you after meeting you are doing so because they actually genuinely like you for who you are and are happy to support and help in any way they can. And rightly so!

Well done again - and well done to Katie too!!

Julie x

Hey Adrian, that's the scoop of all scoops. Stay strong and keep well. Julian

I don't think I've cried as much in the last 3 years as I have since I started reading your blog - today's tears are tears of success, of victory, of pride! I know I've said it before Adrian, but you are an inspiration! You are what people should aspire towards.

An angel on earth!
Lots of love and fond wishes. Hope you're feeling as well as possible today sweetie!

Hugs from across the Atlantic

Well Done, your just fantastic i do hope you are doing well, as christine says your global family are thinking of you every day. pam xxx

Hi Adrian, greetings from Brum where I'm still following your fantastic achievements. You truly are a star.
Its not fashionable to sing the praises of companies (especially if you work for them!) but I am also proud of the way the Examiner team and Trinity Mirror have done their bit for you from the start of your nightmare adventure. I know its nothing compared with support of family and close friends but we are humbled by your example and proud to have helped.
Keep it going for as long as you can, you're changing the world!

WOOP WOOP. Well done Sudders. What a man! How about that:-) So glad that they came through for you. As the mum of a 15 year old daughter I'll be making damn sure she gets the talk in 2/3 years time. Already had the talk with my 18 year old son.

Hope yesterday was a great day all round for you. So what's next?????

Much love
Helen x

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT..AMAZING...You keep inspiring us all..One man makes a difference after all men are awakened. Its completely astonishing. I was saying my nightly rosary last night during a thunderstorm in AZ and was wondering if you know that all this love is not coming your way keystroke to keystroke, computer to computer, across the seas...It is coming your way from all of us HEART TO HEART.

God keep you...



Hi Adrian

Well done. I can't believe how well the campaign is going. Just wanted to let you know that Sheffield Marrow are currently putting together a video presentation to take into colleges/schools. We are working in conjunction with Sheffield Volunteering at the students' union who are using their contacts to put us intouch with sixthform colleges in the city. So even if it is not on a national scale from this September we are hoping that Sheffield Marrow will be able to show this presentation about bone marrow transplants and what joining the register entails to 17/18 year olds in the city.

Best wishes from Sheffield Marrow,


Truly amazing what you have achieved Adrian. You've managed to cut through political red tape get to the heart of the problem and get results in no time at all. It's a pity your guts and determination wasn't emulated by all people in general. The world is a better place with you in it. You certainly can move mountains, and long may you do so.
Lots of love
Sandra Shave


Well done! Very, very proud of you. There is no telling how many lives you will save with this campaign.

You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you from the USA.


Hi Adrian,

This is so wonderful. You have worked SO HARD to bring attention to this cause, and your campaigning is showing some amazing results.

I'm delighted that the event was so well attended and the profile raised even higher.
Love the picture of you on the Sudders poster! You have such a lovely, warm smile.

Your achievements are a joy to witness and I am full of admiration for you. I hope you are proud; you certainly should be!

Thinking of you and sending very much love to you, your family and friends.
Kate xxx

Congratulations! That is brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you.

I have been reading your blog for a while but haven't noted, but I felt that on this occasion I couldn't read without saying anything. You are such an inspirational person, and now, because of you, more people will be helped when this happens to them.

Your whole family must be just so proud of you.

x x x

Well done mate, job done.
I just wonder if you have any preference as to which actor is going to play you in the film they are bound to make about all this.
Once again mate well done


Hi Adrian,
Just home from ECP in Rotherham, where Maggie and the gang told me about your blog and your campaign. I think you are so inspiring, and I want to help in any way I can with the campaign. I'm a musician and at every gig we do I do a schpiel about giving blood and signing up to the bone marrow register, it's great but I want to do more! I had about two years of weekly blood and platelet transfusions before my translpant for Aplastic Anaemia and before that I had no idea that people needed blood etc on a regular basis. I'm gonna read lots more of your blog now and try to work out how I can help more.

Loadsa love and hugs from this fellow transplantee! xx

Hi Adrian, love the picture and from tomorrow it will be adorning the wall of my shop with hard copies of the petition on the counter. Keep strong Chris


Congratulations dude what a turn out!


Feels really selfish all things considered but I know I'm not the only one longing to hear some news of how you're doing these days? I log on more than once a day to check up on you and even though I've commented already for the day just wanted to find out how you are?!

Blogged about you today and sent email links to mine and yours to all my friends and family in the UK - they will register.

Lots of love

Absolutely brilliant !!!

You are truely an outstanding person. Good luck with the rest of your campaign.

Take care

Love Louise x

Wow! Great news! You have done so well! It really is going to make such a difference once the talks are started in September.
Hope you are feeling relatively OK, all best,
Love Katherine and Dave Gibson x

Wow, this is an amzing thing you have done, Adrian. What an incredible gift you have given to the world! I pray that you are feeling ok.

Hi Adrian,

I work for Trinity Mirror too in the accounts payable dept in Chester. We have all followed your fight and admire your courage and strength so much. Keep at it. As I am also an Holistic therapist I know that cancer takes over when you sit around and give up. You have so much to keep going for. Try and do some little gentle exercise every day too. I will send you some Reiki healing in the hope that it will help you feel better,

Take care and keep strong, with love and best wishes. Ruth Smart. Chester (UK)

Good job Adrian! I'm glad you're around to make those tie racks remember why they're wearing ties in the first place.

hi adrian sweetheart, what a truly amazing fantasic person you are, i have so much admiration for you that my heart brakes wnen i think of all this wonderful work you are doing to help others regardless of what you are facing in your own life.your one lovely adorable lad making a HUGE IMPACT IN THIS WORLD.I AMONGST MILLIANS SALUTE YOU,take care lovely boy, hope you are feeling ok!and not pushing yourself to hard.xx

Fantastic news Adrian. So proud of you and for you. Must say I love your pic on the 'Sign up for Sudders' Campaign' publication too.

Best regards,

Riddings, Derbyshire

Hi again Adrian

Setting off at the crack of dawn tomorrow to watch my sis-in-law take part in the round the island yacht race on Saturday - just the small matter of her finishing 2 weeks' radiotherapy tomorrow first. But as she's as bloody-minded as you, I suspect she'll be there. Just to say I'll be thinking of you over the weekend, hope you are doing OK.

On a much more important note,Notts have signed an ex-Red today, hope he's not as rubbish as Eugene Dadi LOL. Remember him?

Cheers and a big hug

Cheryl xx


Rest easy now, knowing that the seeds you have planted are growing and multiplying. The great work you have started will be carried on by those who love you and share your passion for educating the young people in your country.

I hope you can sleep more easily now and be at peace with the progress that's been made. I have a feeling that you're completely out of energy and perhaps not really telling us how YOU are, because you want the focus to be on the campaign. Please know that many of us "Moms" out here want just a tidbit of news about how you're feeling, how you're holding up. We care about you so very much!

Peace to you and your family,

Mary Anne
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Proud on yer, mi duck!



Adrian, have been following your blog for some time now, but haven't posted before, congrat on this amazing achievement!

Much love to you and your family

Julia x

GREAT news Adrian!!!!!!

Fingers crossed for the talks to be made compulsary for 17/18 year olds...

You should be very proud of yourself for starting this mission, thousands of peoples lives could be saved thanks to this campaign....

Love Dawn xxx


Sorry, I couldn't help myself. How embarrassing...
Just call me the E-stalker!!

You made this happen
You are amazing
Be very proud of yourself
Thinking of you
Alison x

CONGRATULATIONS! What an accomplishment, and what an impact you have made on this world. Do you know much about how these informatives are given in the USA? I will look into it and see if there is more that we can do here to spread knowledge of bone marrow donation to our teenagers as well. Surely, there can always be more done!!!!!

I hope this good news has made you feel better. I check in a few times a day, as do many many others to see how you are doing. Keep being the hero that you are!!!


Thank you, Adrian for your campain. It is people like you what makes the world a better place to be.

I read your blog, and have been following it for quite a while now. I think a lot about you and pray for you (I 're-learnt' how to pray this year some how.... I have been now almost 8 months on therapy for hcv and although it is not as potentially fatal as leukemia, it does force one to think under a different perspective).

I wish you had the energy to try again. I do believe in 'miracles', they happen all the time, all around us, and 20% is hardly a miracle. Then again, I respect and understand your decision.

You are an admirable man and you will not be forgotten for generations to come.

I really hope you have a smoother ride from now on.

Love and strength for you and your family and love ones.



Thank you for making a BIG difference in the world ! I hope that thay are managing your pain well and that you continue to build wonderful memories with your family.

Have a Happy Day,

Adrian, I was in a conversation today about our world around us with someone. I must say it was somewhat of a cynical conversation about especially here in the USA were gas prices are sky rocketing, food prices are skyrocketing, homes are being foreclosed on at record numbers, health care is only for the insured and wealthy (our health care system is in the gutter). Crime is rampaging. And in the midst of this conversation I thought of you. I realize that if we want to change the world around us, we need only to look in the mirror to find out how. It starts with me. It starts with ONE voice. ONE vision. ONE
mission. You have proven that over and over and over again. I want to go outside and have the largest fireworks show ever in your honor and say to everyone who will listen " follow this man's passion, raise your voice to
whoever will hear and don't stop, no matter what your mission is as long as it is for the betterment
of mankind. As long as it will lift people up, SAVE peoples lives, keep families intact and bring us all together, no matter were we are.
You are going to save lives, Adrian. This journey of yours is going to save lives. I am a mom,(my children are a little older than you) and as a mom if I could trade all the work you have accomplished through this to save your own life, would I? I absolutley would!! That's what any mom would do. I would not hesitate. We are selfish when it comes to loving and protecting our young. We would say leave it up to someone else because you can't have my baby. But,if I were your mom and I was traveling this journey with you I would stand on the highest hill and say "Thank you God" for this amazing person you brought into my life. "I don't give him to you willingly but I am greatful for the gift." You are an amazing young man, Adrian, and I hope your mission becomes global.

How are you doing? I hope you are as well as you can be,if that doesn't sound trite.
I always check to see if you have posted - obviously you have so many things that you want to do that your blog is not the priority, so whatever you are doing I hope you are continuing to enjoy the time you have with your friends and family.

Adrian you are a living Saint.

As a 14 yr old who needs a kidney transplant,I keep trying to get my school to talk to my year group and above about the "Gift of Life". My friends know and want to sign donor forms but don't know how to tell their families their wishes. Talks in school, in fact having to opt out of being a donor should be the norm not the other way round - and I'm not saying that just because I am ill.

Keep fighting, you are an inspiration to everyone not just me.


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