Westminster to host a huge bone marrow drive


This is an incredible coup for our campaign to educate all second year 6th form students about blood, bone marrow and organ donation.

On Wednesday afternoon all our MPs and staff who work within the complicated network surrounding the House of Lords and Commons, will be invited to attend a unique event in the Jubilee Room.


As far as I understand nothing on this scale, in this venue, has ever been done before.

I'm really excited about it because for those MPs and staff who are under 40 they will be able to sign up directly to the Anthony Nolan Trust's Bone Marrow Register.

For those who are too old, but would like to sign the petition, they will be able to do so via laptops.

The clinic will be on Wednesday after Prime Minister's Question Time (around 12.30pm).

It is thought to be the first time a bone marrow donor clinic has ever been held in Parliament, although other health clinics and blood donation sessions have been held there before.

It has been organised by the ever-impressive Colne Valley MP Kali Mountford.


I wonder if any of you reading this can help?

Could you get onto your MPs, let them know about Wednesday's event, and if they are under 40, ask them to consider having a small blood sample taken and joining the register.

Even if they are too old - let them know about the blog, the campaign and let's all work together to make this happen.

All we need to do is keep the pressure on.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the health and education secretaries have "backed" this campaign, as have Tory Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg.

Now let's see if they really do.

Hopefully Mr Balls and Mr Johnson will be able to give more commitments about expanding the Give and Let Live talk to that crucial 6th form age where our young adults will be able to actually donate blood and join marrow registers.

I think this is going to be an incredible event right in the heart of the corridors of power. I am thrilled that Kali Mountford and the Anthony Nolan Trust have organised such a high profile event.

Campaign packs will also be available so that MPs can set up similar events in their own constituencies.

At the clinic, a film made by the Anthony Nolan Trust will be played showing me getting all Bob Geldolf again about why it is crucial that 17 and 18-year-olds are better educated.

The Government has already demonstrated how important this is to them by rolling out the Give and Let Live talks from September, educating all 14 to15-year-olds about donation.

But without banging on again too much - oh here I go: "Two talks will transform how our young adults think about donation and I am convinced, if these are both implemented, other countries will look to Britain, for once, as being a world leader in this field.�


Have emailed George Howarth MP for Knowsley


tried to email bob wareing, mp for west derby, liverpool, got an out of office autoreply from his assistant saying she's on maternity leave till october!!

it gives an alternative email address to try so i will do that. hope it gets through.

adrian, hope youve had a good day. many congrats on getting wednesday's event organised. utter respect to you for that.

sending you good wishes again for a restful night and a good day on monday.


Evening Adrian,

Have tonight emailed John Austin, MP for Erith and Thamesmead, and his secretary. No wonder you are so excited! This is brilliant news for your campaign. You are simply one amazing man and we love you for all that you are. Hope you are feeling bit brighter today. Will keep this short and sweet tonight and it just remains to wish you a peaceful night, you're in my thoughts always. With positive vibes and a lot of love....Barbara xx

Bravo Adrian! Job well done. Thanks to your perseverance I definitely feel like the tide is turning when it comes to bone marrow donation, especially when it comes to our younger population. I can see in the near future blood marrow donation being as common as giving blood. Let's hear it for saving lives. Continue to keep your mind positive and please let us know in your next blog how you are feeling.


Peoria, AZ USA

If there is still anyone left out there who thinks that one person cannot make a difference in this world, may I present Adrian Sudbury!

Phenomenal, simply outstanding work Adrian! The sound you hear is the thundering applause from your fans around the world, your friends and your family, who must be bursting with pride about now!

Well done!!!

Dear Adrian,

Great news about the campaign and the clinic. Glad to hear that you have rallied somewhat. Although it must have been difficult moving back to your parents house at least they can be there for you. I haven't posted on here before but wanted to thank you for being so inspiring and for putting my life into perspective. If my son grows up to be half as wonderful as you,I will be very proud.

Wishing you all the best with everything.

Fantastic! You have done sooooooo much more than any of us could have done.
Thank you for doing what you do, the person you are and sharing all of this with us.

Netherlands Antilles

Hi Adrian, I have emailed Shona McIssacs, MP for North Lincolnshire xxx

Sent to Michael Ancram. MP for Devizes.

You still have the energy to write your blog. Sounds like more energy than I have, but then I am an old grumpy. Retirement has given me the time to READ READ READ......only 4 books a week and newspapers.

My father would have been 110 today so I will go to the rememberance garden for him. A man so full of fun and music and art and yet an Engineer.

I wont go on cos I I tired and cant think. Grey matter is a bit fuzzy.

love to you oh brave one

Jane-Mary. Wiltshire

I have emailed Alan Reid MP for Argyll & Bute. I am also starting to hassle the Scottish Parliament to see what can be done in Scottish Schools. Hope today has gone better and you are feeling that the hope generated by events like this are enough to make you feel better for a while.

All the best Adrian. Thoughts to you and your family.

Hugs. xxx

You are an inspiration to us all! Wishing you all the luck on your campaign, you are an amazing brave person.


Congratulations! That's amazing!

Hi Adrian- wow, one man can move mountains! Good on you mate! I hope the physical symptoms all settle down and give you a break! My brother looked like alternatively Davros from Dr Who and the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters during his treatment. I was his donor and as soon as I have finished having babies I will put myself on the donor list here in Australia. It didn't hurt, it was a minor inconvenience compared to what you are doing for someone else and what that someone else has to go through. Although my husband had to administer my daily jabs of the GCSF which was interesting: he found that thinking of me as a roast lamb that he was seasoning helped.

It is so good that you have raised such a huge awareness, and all around the world too! I expect a knighthood would be in order next? ;)I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

Amanda- Oz :)

That's really awesome Adrian. Will get on with an email to my MP asap! Hope you're doing OK (must be v proud of yourself anyway!) Jane x

Adrian, I think of you often and am so glad to hear how well the campaign is going. I hope someday I will be able to help someone with a bone marrow donation. I pray you are getting better from the desatinib episode. That sounded so dreadful. You are in my prayers. God Bless you.

I have also emailed my MP, Paul Farrelly, asking him to read the blog, and attend the event

Wow. What an achievement. What an inspiration you are to everyone as to what can be achieved with passion, drive and focus. Not to mention sheer hard work.
Keep going Adrian.You and your family must be so proud.Take peace from it and take reassurance that your work will go on for generations.

Celebrate with a beer! ( or maybe more than one)

I have emailed Alan Keen MP for Feltham and Heston

My goodness Adrian you have done it again. I don't know how you have managed this coup, but well done.

I have just emailed my MP, Geoffrey Robinson(I have never written to an MP before!) and asked him to attend the clinic, to add his support to the campaign.

I wonder if the press will be there to see this first ever event.

I hope you had a restful night. Stay strong and know that we are all with you and willing you to be well.

Bless you


I have emailed Tim Boswell MP for Daventry asking him to lend his support. What a fantastic event, and I know all of us out here will do all we can to help. You have achieved so much Adrian....what a legend! Hope you had a good weekend, keep strong, we are all behind you...

Love to you and yours

excellent Adrian, good luck to you all!!!
I'm going to get writing to my MP/MSP and councillors too, and the head of education too.
As always hugs to you dear lad, God bless you and the family

Have emailed Halton MP Derek Twigg :)

Keep up the great work Suds!

Lots of love, Hels xXx

Hi Adrian

Just emailed Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, to inform him of the Clinic and asked him to read your blog.

Definitely a Blaze of Glory Adrian!

Hope you had a comfortable night.

Love Sally x

Morning Adrian
Unfortunately I can't email any MPs as we now live in France but I did sign the first petition online.
Out here in France No British person can give blood if you were born before I think 1984!
Andy and I supported Matt with WBC while he was going through his treatment.
You take care.
Stay strong.
Love Jackie

Hi Adrian.
I've emailed Clive Efford - MP for Eltham and have asked him to lend his support.
Have a nice day.

Have e-mailed Alan Meale - MP for Mansfield. Also tried threats of extreme violence if he doesn't go!

Sending love to you, Carrie, your parents, your family and friends - as ever

Yvette Price-Mear

Hello EXTRA SPECIAL PERSON we have sent an email to Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke so hopefully he will support the meeting. You continue to amaze us ...lots of hugs and kisses The Great Bagso and Aunty Lucy xxx

Dear Adrian

Ian Wright MP for Hartlepool has been emailed and I will follow this up with a letter .

As someone presently in remission ( AML ) I salute you. Respect not only for your efforts but your honesty .

Love Dan

Hi Adrian
Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!
My MP Sir George Young is already behind this and has offered to help me launch the clinic I am planning in Berkshire with Anthony Nolan. Lots of other key people on my list.
Well done!!

hi contacted Gary Streeter MP for Devon South West i hope he supports this great event well done adrian xxx

I stand up and salute you Adrain....xxx

Hello Adrian,

Brilliant , brilliant news this morning! It has been a pleasure to do something useful for you today and I have e-mailed my MP Ann Keen, Brentford and Isleworth.

Fellow blog readers - I'm sure that between us we must be able to e-mail every single MP in the country about this event. Are you up for the challenge?

Have a happy day Adrian. I told my MP that you were worth rearranging her diary for and she really shouldn't miss out.

As always, love and peace,


Flippin heck Adrian, talk about getting things shifting....cant think of words to say what I want to (most unusual for me!!).

Hope you are doing OK in yourself, sending a hug xx

PS here is the list of MPs in case anyone wants it:


Hi Adrian

I've just emailed Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey.

I haven't written before but, like everyone else, I've been following your blog for some time and I think what you're doing is absolutely fantastic. Well done!

emailed richard ottaway croydon south
what a great achievement !!

keep strong

jane xxx

Absolutely AMAZING.
Much, much respect.

My MP is now the Mayor of London - so have e-mailed the details of your blog to Boris and urged him to support your campaign.

Morning, Adrian!

Fantastic news. It's a veritable revolution!

Have emailed Jeremy Wright, MP for Rugby and Kenilworth.

Love, Amanda

Have emailed Chris Chope, MP for Christchurch.

Love Anne x

Just sent an email to our dear Charlotte Atkins (MP for Staffordshire Moorlands).
Thanks to Cheryl Thompson for the list!

And good luck to you, Adrian!

Hi Adrian

I have just emailed my MP and asked to go along to the event.


Thanks Cheryl for the list of MP's.

Have emailed Micjael Jack, MP for the Fylde. Message said 'this has been forward to the relevant reipient' - hope that him!

Fantastic news- congratulations on all of the work that you've done! I hope that it gets a huge pile of coverage.

Hi Adrian
What an awesome young man you are. You write your blog with such honesty, bravery and humour, your talent as a communicator leaves me feeling that I know you but unfortunately I don't. However I do know your dad, I spent most of my teaching career as a colleague of either your dad or your grandad. I now work with your old headteacher Ian Fraser at Ashfield School,incidently he is retiring at the end of term.
Just under 4 years ago my husband was lucky enough to receive a kidney transplant, he is now in excellent health working and partying almost up to your standards. You will be very pleased to hear that each year since his transplant he does give a talk to a group of sixth formers about his illness and the importance of organ donation I can assure you that next years talk will involve an informed mention of bone marrow donation because of your blog.
You have touched my life as you have thousands of others, the latest news about the campaign is brilliant.
With much love to you and your family
Jackie xx

Consider it done pal. I've emailed all 6 of our Sheffield MPs, including Mr Clegg and Mr Blunkett. Let's hope they in particular will lend their support to a fellow Sheffield-er in need.

Keep fighting matey, this is getting massive! Good work!!!!

Wow...impressive...well done you! :o)

p.s. I have emailed Jonathan Djanogly, MP, to ask that he attend.

Oh...and I posted your campaign on my blog, I don't suppose it will help much but anything is worth a try! ;o)

Hi Adrian,

Have emailed my MP, Charlotte Atkins for Staffordshire Moorlands.

Keep on trucking.

Much love and good energies as always,

Julia xx

You are incredible, Adrian! :) This is absolutely phenomenal...
love and light

I contacted Dennis Skinner(MP for Bolsover) this morning. 10 minutes later the phone rang, and I was staggered to hear that it was Dennis himself.
He fully supports what Adrian is doing and was already very aware of the campaign, having seen Adrian on a number of news reports. He will be there on Weds.and intends to write to the Secretary Of State for Education.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to post comments on the Blog. Not only have they been a tremendous comfort to Adrian, they have also helped Kay and I enormously, through some difficult times.
Please contact your MP.
Thank you

Keith - Adrian's Dad

Well done Adrian, fantastic news!

In years to come thousands of people will owe their lives to you! Youer a real inspiration!

Hope your feeling well!


Hi Adrian,

Just emailed Bridget Prentice, MP for East Lewisham, regarding this event. I am sure it will be well attended!

This is great news for your campaign!

With love and hugs and a big old cheer for you and your amazing work.

Kate xxxxx

Dear Adrian

I have urged Lynne Featherstone, MP for Wood Green & Hornsey, to attend and to spread the word.

You are a star!

Warmest regards

Jane Powers, London

Dear Adrian

As a follow up to emailing my local MP , Ian Wright ( Hartlepool ) I decided to ring his local office.

It has delighted me ,and I hope you and your supporters can see it as a tribute to all your efforts ,that as soon as I mentioned your name his office could tell me what your campaign was about .

Respect Dan

Hi Adrian,
I've emailed Helen Goodman, MP for Bishop Auckland. She better turn up!!! I am also speaking to the marketing dept at the University where i work as we already have a campaign to get staff and students onto the organ doner register - promoting joining the bone marrow register as well seems to compliment the aims of the campaign perfectly.
Hope you are feeling ok - take care x x x

Hi Adrian,
Once again I find myself in awe of your achievements. I am proud to now be on the register and I have emailed my MP Rosie Winterton to ask her to attend.
You are a fantastic person. All power to you. Loads of love and best wishes to you and all your family.

i emailed dianne abbot (labor, hackney) and damian green (conservative, kent) even though i don't live in either constituency any more.

lorraine in algeria

Hi, Adrian.

I'm contacting Meg Munn, the Sheffield MP who, much like yourself, came to visit our journalism students here at college. Unlike you, she didn't have a great hat.

Sending you our congratulations on an excellent media presence and very best wishes.

Take care,

Jan Winter

Have you ever read "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" (Mitch Albom)?? It's an incredibly touching short read... (short summary below)

Eddie is a grizzled war veteran who feels trapped in a meaningless life of fixing rides at a seaside amusement park. Eddie has changed, from optimistic youth to embittered old age. His days are a dull routine of work, loneliness, and regret.

Then, on his 83rd birthday, Eddie dies in a tragic accident, trying to save a little girl from a falling cart. With his final breath, he feels two small hands in his -- and then nothing. He awakens in the afterlife, where he learns that heaven is not a lush Garden of Eden, but a place where your earthly life is explained to you by five people who were in it. These people may have been loved ones or distant strangers. Yet each of them changed your path forever.

One by one, Eddie's five people illuminate the unseen connections of his earthly life. As the story builds, Eddie desperately seeks redemption in the still-unknown last act of his life: Was it a heroic success or a devastating failure? The answer, which comes from the most unlikely of sources, is as inspirational as a glimpse of heaven itself.

AN EXCELLENT BOOK Adrian - The reason I bring it up is that you have made such an impact through your blog and your campaign that if there's any truth to the "5 people" theory I am certain that you will be one of the 5 that many many many people meet on their journey. You have touched and changed so many lives Adrian. You should be proud!

I feel honoured to have stumbled across your blog and "met" you in this way. Your friends are lucky indeed.

Lots of love and tight hugs from Trinidad

(ps - if you think you'd be up for a quick read send me your address and I'll have it sent to you tomorrow. No worries if you don't think you have the energy xxx)

Great stuff 'Sudders'

I'm getting onto Joan Humble my MP and having a good 'ole rant, then she'll sign up for one of the petitions at the H. of P.

God bless to you and your family.
Hold together...

Luv (as always)
Lynda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I've just emailed David Taylor - Labour MP for North West Leicestershire - along with help from your Aunt I think we'll hopefully get his support!
All the best Adrian
Laura xx

Wow!! Just to let you know I've emailed Andrew Mitchell MP and Shadow International Sec. I have asked him to get the whole of the shadow cabinet along!!
Our thoughts and much love as always
Hilary, Rod & James. XXXX

Cheryl Thompson in her comments has given a web page adddress that lists all MPs. I have started contacting all those with an e.mail add.telling them they must take part in the clinic at Westminster. After all you have done, Adrian, it's worth taking up the time to do this.
If lots of fellow bloggers do this surely they can't ignore us or you.
Hope you're not feeling too bad today.
Lots of hugs and peace.

Have emailed John Redwood, MP for Wokingham. Live long and prosper!

Hi Adrian,

I've been reading your blog for a while now and have never failed to be moved by your determination, bravery, compassion for others and your ability to make the rest of us think a little more about the things we can do to help those who are unfortunate enough to need bone marrow and blood donations.

I respect and admire you for all you have done and for all you continue to do in spite of the seriousness of your illness. As a child I lost one of my best friends to Lukaemia and I lost my beloved Dad last year to cancer. I thank you on their behalf for making your voice heard and for bringing this campaign to the forefront of British politics. It is an amazing achievement and will prove to be a long lasting legacy that will benefit many people in the future. You are an inspiration Mr. Sudbury.

I hope that you are having a good day today and that the messages of support and love of your family and friends are helping keep your spirits up.

I have emailed my MP Rosie Cooper (West Lancs) to ask her to attend and support the event to be held in Westminster on Wednesday.

With love and best wishes, Caroline x

Hi again Adrian,

Just had an email from Bridget Prentice's office - MP for Lewisham - who is going to do her best to attend. I have also emailed the London Paper, Evening Standard and The Metro to ask them to cover the story.

It's lovely to feel like we're able to help you in this way Adrian.

Kate xxx

By the way, for all of you in the USA or anywhere outside of the UK -- makes no difference where we live -- we are still able to email the MP's. I just picked 20 of them at random and sent emails letting them know to look at the blog and to donate on Wednesday.

Hello again, Adrian!
Just got an email from Charlotte Atkins (MP for Staffordshire Moorlands).
Unfortunately, for personal reasons, she cannot attend the clinic, but says this:
"I do support the campaign particularly as I sit on the
prestigious Health Select Committee. You are right Adrian has a great
blog. I do hope that his efforts are well rewarded."

i promised myself i wasn't going to be so sarcastic in my next comment, but i read "Jubilee Room" as "Jublee Room". and then i couldn't read the post.


I just juat wanted to leave a quick post. You should be very proud of yourself (I know I am in a strange way even though I dont know you) One person can make a difference and you are proving that so well done. I am a staff nurse and have worked on childrens intensive care for the past 7 years, One of our units looks after children with cancer and I have seen the highs and the lowest of lows that people with cancer have to go through. You are an amazing young man and you have made a differencs to so many people fighting this cruel illness. I hoipe you are feeling well at the moment keep fighting you are always in my thoughts (wasnt such a short post after all!!!!). I am off to research bone marrow donation now

Hi Adrian

I hope you get lots of support.

I have just e-mailed Mrs Cheryl Gillan, M.P. for Chesham and Amersham for your support.

If she is unable to help on Wednesday, then maybe she can at a donor session in Amersham on Thursday 3rd July.


With love and best wishes at all times. Take care.

Love Rachel x

This is fantastic! WAY TO GO ADRIAN!!

Hi again Adrian
Just to keep you in the picture, I had two lovely emails from John Austin's assistant, Angie Hill, saying she had read some of your blog and has nothing but admiration for you and what you are achieving. Apparently, Mr. Austin is away at a Council of Europe meeting but is due back sometime Wednesday and she will do her best to get him there if at all possible! She hopes the event goes well for you. You see what an effect you are having. You should be So proud! How I wish we had met, but it is a great privilege just being able to send you a message now and then. Sleep well tonight! Love and hugs Barbara xx

Well done Adrian, the e-mails are flowing thick and fast throughout the nation. Just letting you know that South Wales has been informed. Keep going Chris

Na then Sudders! That's fantastic news about the clinic and I've done my bit by emailing Shahid Malik, MP for Dewsbury.

Hang on in there and keep up the great work. Thinking of you x

Have emailed Simon Hughes, MP for Southwark North and Bermondsey. xx

Following on from my previous post, I received an email back from MP David Taylor. He is too old to go on the register, but he has signed the petition and has said if there is anything else he can do to help your cause at Westminster to just let him know.
I have printed off a copy that your aunt says she will bring over for you this week.
We were talking earlier and I have said that next time there is the opportunity to give blood locally I will do it, and sign up for the bone marrow register at the same time. We have a family friend who's little lad had Leukaemia so I know it is something well worth doing especially if you can save someones life.
Wishing you all the best.

Love Laura xx

Well I have never contacted my MP before but that is now twice in one week, all for your campaign. I so hope it works as I know it is such a small thing to help you achieve this dream.

So that's Philip Hollobone who represents Kettering. I have also asked him to encourage all other MP's and staff at Westminster to attend.

Adrain take care and be proud very very proud of what you have achieved.

Amanda xo

Hello Adrian,

I have emailed my local councillor asking him to support your campaign. Also I have asked him if our local Council House can have a bone marrow donation drive like Parliament. I hope he responds to me. All the best, I am thinking of you, Dawn xxx

Following on from my previous post I wanted to let you know that I had a reply from MP David Taylor. He is too old to register to donate, but he has signed the petition and has said if there is anything else he can do to help your cause at Westminster to just let him know. I have printed off a copy for your aunt to bring over to you this week.
We were also talking and I've said that next time there is the opportunity to give blood locally, that I will go along to donate and sign up to the bone marrow register at the same time. We have a friend of the family whos little lad had Leukaemia so we know what a worthwhile cause it would be, especially if it would save someones life.
Will continue to support your campaign
All the best
Love Laura xx

Hi Adrian

I am too old to go on the register, unfortunately, but I have signed the petition and have also been working to spread the word about the petition, the register, talks, etc.

I salute you for reaching out and finding the good that is hidden within so many people. You are a truly inspirational young man and the world is a much better place because of you.

Thinking of you and your family.

With love,

I've emailed Meg Munn too. The support is fantastic. Hope you get a great turn out on Wednesday. (Great to hear from your Dad too!)


Wow! That's awesome! Very few people get to actually change the world - congratulations!

Being a U.S. citizen, I can't help with writing to anyone in Parliment but I was wondering if you ever considered making a blog widget for this? It would be great to have a widget available that others could put on their blogs. In the U.K. it would like to the Anthony Nolan Trust and in the U.S. it could link to Marrow.org or the like. I thought of this because of the slogan "Give and let live" is very similar to a widget I have had on my blog for some time called "Give and let Give" for a different organization. I think it would be a great way for other bloggers to continue to spread the word of all the great work you've done. Plus with a widget you can guarantee that it will always be on the homepage of a blog, not just a post which will get buried in time. I'm sure there must be someone w/ the code know-how who could do this easily. I would put it on my site and I bet tons of other people would put it on their sites and MySpace/Facebook pages. Just a thought :)

oh, i did just read some of the comments and it looks like I can write, even being a U.S. citizen - which is great! I will do that today. I still think the widget is a good idea though.

Hi Adrian

Became aware of your campaign through Browne Jacobson Solicitors. I did some temp work there earlier this year and lots of emails were sent round encouraging us to support you and the campaign. You're Mum obviously has a lot of friends there.

Since then I have booked in for next week to give blood and register on the bone marrow register.

I have also just emailed Kenneth Clarke, MP for Rushcliffe, Nottingham urging him to support you and the campaign too.

You are such an inspiration. Can't wait to find out how the big event on Wednesday goes.

You truly deserve all of the fantastic and heart felt comments that you are being sent. You're changing so many lives.

Laura, Nottingham

It's a done deal. Have also emailed my MSP - may as well get the Scottish Government thinking about this too as education and health are devolved matters in Scotland :0)

You remind me a lot of my cousin - he was a top bloke too - but you're better looking ;0)

Take care x.

I have emailed Andy Slaughter, MP for Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush.

I hope you get a full turn out.

David Willetts MP for Havant e-mailed. Look forward to hearing how Wednesday goes, and how many MPs and others turn up!

I am impressed. I had a response from my MP in an hour. He can't make the event but is a blood/bone marrow donor. I have e-mailed him back to ask again that he signs the petition.

I am not backing down on this.

I have a meeting with one of our lead coucellors in local government on Friday so will raise the issue with him too.

Blumming heck Adrian you have got me committed to an issue and actualy doing something about it.


Hi Adrian my how things are progressing since you started your blog I am sure the Mps will support you worldwide I cant wait to find out how many turn up I am sure theres going to be quite a few.
Thinking of you often! Love to you and your familyxxx
Lynda Sheffield

I am impressed. I had a response from my MP in an hour. He can't make the event but is a blood/bone marrow donor. I have e-mailed him back to ask again that he signs the petition.

I am not backing down on this.

I have a meeting with one of our lead coucellors in local government on Friday so will raise the issue with him too.

Blumming heck Adrian you have got me committed to an issue and actualy doing something about it.


ps five mins later and he has signed up.

Well done on such a great achievement! Ive been reading your blog for some time now and find your determination remarkable. I'm a medical student at Sheffield University and have seen a few posters around the med school with you on encouraging students to join the register! I'm also from Huddersfield. Willing to do anything I can to help!
Best of luck!

Hi Adrian

Have been following this blog and your story for a while now - my wife (Andy) worked with your Mum at BJ.

I have nothing but admiration for what you are doing. I'm rarely motivated into action, but I've already contacted Anthony Nolan for a donation pack and now you've got me emailing my MP! So you can add Andrew Mitchell, MP for Sutton Coldfield to the list of MPs contacted.

Wishing you every luck with this campaign. Will keep watching it and doing whatever I can.



I'm usually a bit too much of a couch potato to carry out much in the way of direct action, but your courage and strength has shamed me into emailing my MP about Wednesday. I'm guessing from the impressive beard that he's sporting on his website pic that he may be a little too old to be a donor, but I will certainly ask him to sign the petition.

I'm a bone marrow donor already, but have always felt a bit anxious about what would happen if I ever got identified as a match. Your blog has convinced me that I'd happily go ahead with a donation. I'll be showing the videos here to everyone I can.

I think you are brilliant


Hi Adrian

I've e-mailed Alan Duncan MP (Rutland and Melton) and asked him to go along on Wednesday. I'm sure it will be a fantastic event on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to reading about it.

Hope you are feeling as well as possible.

Amazing campaign. Well done and heartfelt respect to you.

Liz xx

Hi you are bril! Have just e mailed local MPs David Kidney - Stafford and Bill Cash - Stone.
Hope they sign the petition.

Two MPs contacted today up here . Your Dad will keep you posted. Morecambe Community High School 'on the case' .Other things happening round here too.
Andy , Anne Tom and Harry

Hi Guy

I have had a letter back from Alan Reid (MP for Argyll & Bute) who isn't young enough to donate apparently, but has signed the petition and now he is aware of this he is going to watch it.

I have also written to some of our MSPs about Scottish Schools. I think it may take a separate petition, which I have asked them about. If I have to start it I sure as He** will. I cannot let this go by when you have worked so hard, and I am not as ill as you.

I will let you know what comes of it. If you want me to go in any particular direction let me know. Love to your Mum (I keep saying that and it's not because I'm not thinking of the rest of your family, I am. It's just becasue I am a Mum too, and have been in the situation where I could not 'kiss it better' and my heart goes out to her).

Hugs xxx

Hi Adrian,

Well, you promised us something big and wow!

Well done to you as always.

And to Kali Mountford too.

I've emailed Eddie O'Hara, Knowsley South MP and my parents'll be doing the same.

I've emailed my sister and asked her to do the same too and to ask her friends as well.

If we can help in any further way, just give us the nod.

Hope you're taking good care of yourself while all this is going on.
Toni xx

Well done Adrian!

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. You are, simply, a legend.
I feel like a bit of a Raggy Doll for not being allowed to donate any bits of me, but spreading the word is what I am doing instead, via as many means as I can. Hoping the Anthony Nolan trust doesn't mind too much if folk arrive at their site via *ahem* a slightly adult-rated blog!

Huge virtual high five.



Mr. Sudbury,

As a liver transplant recipient of almost 11 years, I applaud you for your efforts, and I wish you well in your fight against your disease. I am on the lecture circuit here in Rochester, NY, educating the public as to the need for organ and tissue donation. If what you are doing raises public awareness in the UK, then you will have achieved a tremendous public service.

Best of luck!

Have signed petition and emailed MP(Rosie Winterton). Too old to be a donor! (Me, I mean, tho' I think she is too!)
Much love to you and your family.
Your mum and dad must be so proud to have brought up such an amazing person!

Hang in there,love.
We need you

Hi Adrian

I have emailed Peter Tapsell MP for Louth and Horncastle.

All good wishes,


Hi again Adrian

What an excellent opportunity Wednesday will bring - good work! I emailed Kenneth Clarke, MP for Rushcliffe (but notice that another reader has too!) so he's going to be getting at least two requests to join the petition and support your campaign. I'll be interested to see what press coverage Wednesday gets.

Still thinking positive thoughts for you and your family - hope you're pain free today,

Vic x

Hey Adrian. Just thought you and all your supporters might be interested in this - another reason why we should all be signing up to donor registers...
Or if you can't get on Facebook here's the story in the Mirror:

Hi Adrian,

I do wish you'd stop using my name in vain.


Morning Adrian

Really hope you are doing OK today, we're all thinking about you. Forgot to say yesterday that I'd emailed Patrick McLoughlin MP for West Derbyshire. Glad to read from your Dad's post that the 'Beast of Bolsover' is supporting you.

Thought you might like to know that Notts County are running your campaign on the front page of their website again today http://tinylink.co.za/c9a9ef . Mind you, did I read somewhere that you are a red (apparently they won the European cup - twice - you know.....) so maybe you'll delete this reference to another Nottingham Club ;-)

Sending lots of love, thinking about you

Cheryl xx

Email has been sent to Alan Simpson MP for Nottingham South

Hi Adrian

Saw your story thought a link on Facebook just by chance, and I had to come and read your blog! Spent a hole 2 hours reading through it yesterday! It is the saddest thing I've ever read!

You sound like such a great man and a wonderful son and brother! Someone everyone love's and with a great career ahead of him! Makes you look at what you have and be greatful for every second!

I feel really honoured to have had the chance to read your blog and to post a message on here! I was listening to the radio and the song 'seasons in the sun' came on and made me think of you!

You are such a great person to be fighting for what you feel so passionate about especially at a time when you are at your weekest! Such a brave person.

Just to let you know I am now going to do some research and find out how I can get on the donor register!

love to you and all your family too.

Take Care

Claire xxx

Hi there again mister!

Well done you, that's fab. I have emailed all 5 Leeds MPs (Hillary Benn,George Mudie, Fabian Hamilton, Greg Mulholland and John Battle) and look forward to their response.

Thanks Cheryl for putting the link to the list of MPs up (very useful)- I'll just paste it here again as the amount of comments you're getting Adrian means that it's quite far up and may be overlooked!


I look forward to hearing how tomorrow goes and most importantly to how you're doing. Thinking of you.

Lots of love and hugs,

Nic xxx

Well done you! Fantastic, and what support you have from everyone here too!! Well done to you all too!

I was thinking, your story would make a fantastic book, even better a film. Surely there's no better way to raise awareness of your cause, as well as give you the fame you and your family deserve of course!!! Seriously, it would be a belter, if not the biggest tear-jearker ever!! Come on AS fans, someone must have contacts!??

Keep us posted as well on how you are...we are all desperate to know every morning as soon as we wake up you know!!!

Love and respect

amanda xx

I have emailed Greg Clark - MP for Tunbridge Wells.

Fantastic news Adrian.

I have e-mailed my MP to request that he attend the event (Beverley and Holderness).

Very best wishes,


E-mail sent to Oliver Heald, MP for N.E. Herts

I have e-mailed my local MP Jim Devine.

His responce to say the least was very disapointing.

Quote - "I did work in the nhs and support the campaigns"

I have again e-mailed him asking if he would sign the petition. As at this point I have not heard from him.

I do hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Best wishes to you and your family

East Calder

Hi Adrian,

I have been touched by your honest blog and, as requested, I have emailed Dari Taylor our MP for Stockton-on-Tees to make her aware of your campaign.

Hoping to hear a lot more from you. Take care and best wishes x

Had a reply from Peter Lilley's assistant saying he cannot attend. SO emailed back again and reiterated petition and said I hoped at least he could sign that!

Hope you having ok day :)

Sally x

Just had to tell you this. Had another reply from Peter Lilley's assistant re the petition saying she would bring it to his attention but he doesn't sign petitions!
I think I seriously need a new MP!
Thanks for the support Mr Lilley.

Sally x

I haven't even had an acknowledgment from Geoffrey Robinson's office, makes you wonder, doesn't it.

Anyway I have sent the email again!

Hope it is a wonderful success tomorrow Adrian. Best wishes to you and your family (it was good to hear from your Dad)


I've written to Stephen Hesford. Hope he gets there.

It's also good to remind people that the upper age limit is higher with the National Blood Service.

Haven't sent you a note in a couple of days but wanted you to know that I am still with you and praying for you daily...Looking for signs of you in everything I do. I hadn't mentioned it to you before, but I am registered in the US for bone marrow as well as a full body organ donor..I thinks its important. My husband's number was pulled up on the marrow registry as a possible match but they would not let him try because of heart disease and diabetes...Your campaign continues to show enormous results and really, look at these posts....You are so deeply loved....


Hope that tomorrow is a real success for you and your campaign.

You are amazingly brave and unselfish - my thoughts are with you and your family.

Look forward to reading on the blog how you get on with our MPs!


Dear Adrian

sent a mail to Nick Hurd MP for Ruislip/Northwood. fingers crossed.

Keep on fighting

xxxReiki hugsxxx


Hi Adrian,
Just to tell you that I've picked 21 MPs ao far from Cheryls list that I put on my favourites list. I have e.mailed them all and asked them to read your blog, sign the petition and support the clinic tomorrow.
I've had 2 personal, positive responses and have had the standard reply from the other 19 secretaries saying the e.mail has been passed on to the MP.
Come on everyone, you CAN e.mail more than your own MP!!

Hope you are feeling quiet,calm and happy today.
Hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.

Hi Adrian, Just to let you know that I have contacted our local newspaper who are advertising my 4th July promotion to see if they will also mention the campaign and that we will have hard copies of the petition for them to sign (hopefully). I will let you know the reply. Keep strong Chris

Hi Adrian -
I've never posted on here before, but have been reading your blogs for a few months now. I didn't know how to laugh and cry at the same time till I read them.

I've e-mailed my MP, and tried to sign up as a BM donor but am too old :(

I work in a sixth form college so I will e-mail all the students with details of your campaign and how they can sign up. I'm going to tell all the staff too!

I've been having tests myself for the big C, and if it's positive, I hope I can find a zillionth of your courage so I can cope.

I would love to have met you in this life, but that's probably unlikely, so I'll look you up for a few celestial beers on the Other Side. I'll have one waiting for you if I get there first!

Love n hugs


As an expatriate living in California I have emailed Ilford North MP, Lee Scott - from whence I came.....
Good luck tomorrow!!

Hi Adrian,

I have been moved to post on your blog on numerous occasions since hearing you on your first appearance on 5 Live but have felt that anything I had to say was pretty crass and insignificant compared with what is going on in your life. However, having signed your petition sometime ago I have tonight, emailed David Lidington MP for Aylesbury and I thank you for giving me the chance to "do" something. At 50 + I am not eligible for donation but I have had a conversation with my 14 year old son and shown him the video on your blog. 14 is an age when it isn't "cool", "safe", "bad" or "sick" (all terms I am told that mean what I knew in the olden days as a "jolly good idea"!!) to be seen to do what your parents recommend but I believe that it is in his heart to do do this and I will continue with the drip, drip, no pressure approach. I know that peer support will be the thing that will clinch the deal and I can't think of a better way of an intorduction than through school. Roll on September!

Just keep fighting Adrian, you are amazing!


fantastic. you are moving mountains, and behemoth bureaucracies. well done, and THANK YOU.

This is fantastic news - you are making a huge difference with this campaign.
You should be very proud of what you are achieving. So many lives are are going to be saved through this selfless and wonderful work that you are doing.
Diane x

Hi Adrian,
wanted you yo know that this morning Daphne Tideman delivered a power point presentation and speech on bone marrow donation to the entire staff and pupils of Dubai British School!
It was recieved with awe! Firstly she asked if anyone knew what it was.....3 pupils....then if they thought it would hurt...SO INTERESTING..nearly all the hands went up..they think you have to remove bones!!!
Anyway...she had a big power point picture on the screen with you on and pictures of your family....then all the mythology surrounding it and then the facts. She was incredible because she is a very nervous person and somehow she decided she was going to do this and found the courage to deliver it in front of the entire school.
The staff are now questioning where they can go and do it here and Daphne tho' too young has her name registered to donate in 2 years time.
I am working on contacting the Sheik over here, I have a contact..we shall see.
I shall ensure we teach it here every year in one way or another, esp to the 6th form.
Thank you for making my teaching meaningful. I suspect that because of you one day someone i love will live on.
Thank you doesn't really cut it. I don't think there is a word that does.
Sara x


I worked with your mum and she was a very determined lady, so it must be hereditary. Your blog and campaign are discussed regularly in our house, so my 3 kids (ages 10, 8 and almost 6) know a lot more about blood and bone marrow transfer than they did. All of us think what you have done is fantastic, especially my 10 year old who sits beside me now, dictating this.

Take a bow

Chris Webb-Jenkins

Morning Adrian,
Hope you are feeling happy and peaceful this morning. What an exciting day this is going to be! Just seen the MPs clinic, with a silent clip of you,mentioned on Calendar News on GMTV. Going to e.mail another load of MPs and keep my fingers crossed (and my toes as well.lol).
Loads of hugs and soothing thoughts as usual.
Christine M

Hi Adrian,

Ive been reading you blog every day since your (future) brother in law, Ian sent me the link, I've not posted before but thought you would like to know that i emailed calderdale MP chris McCafferty and got the folowing email back from her PA:

Thank you for your e-mail to Christine. Unfortunately Chris is not in Parliament today, as she is at the plenary session of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (to which she is a delegate from the UK Parliament).
However, I was not aware of this bone marrow session and being under 40 (unlike Chris!), I'll pop along after PMQs today to give a sample!!
I'm sure Chris would be supportive of the petition and I'll bring it to her attention next week!
Thank you for letting us know about this event.
Kind regards,
Kari Mawhood
Parliamentary Adviser to Christine McCafferty MP

You should be so proud of what your doing!!
Good Luck for today,
Leisa x


Fantastic job yet again, you dont stop amazing me. I have looked into joining the bone marrow list but cant for various reasons (i wont bore you with them) but i will carry on giving blood and carry on trying to talk all of my family into joining.

My thoughts are always with you

Keep trucking and eat alot of meat as Paul Lewis once told me hee hee

Joanna Wilson

Hey Adrian

Hope you ok this am. Just wanted to let you know that I just emailed Chiltern Radio, my local radio station for Beds Bucks and Herts, re your blog and campaign.Don't know if they will do anything but giving a lot of coverage to Race For Life at mo so thought they might tie it in.

Will let you know if I hear anything.
Thinking of you,
Sally x


What a coup!! Living on the wrong side of the pond, I can't pressure any MPs, but I am sure your local regulars will get a response.

This is truly life on the edge, fully lived. You are educating folks in so many ways.

Bill McConnell

I have emailed MP Paul Flynn (Newport) today.

Keep on keeping on Adrian, you are doing the most amazing job!

Keep on kicking - we're all holding your hand out here and cheering you on at the top of our voices. Right across the universe!

Big Love,
Kate & Co

Sorry, me again. Noticed that you havent posted for a couple of days and just wanted to say that we're all thinking of you and your family, and hoping that you're doing OK.

Today's event in Westminster is a huge tribute to you, you should be so proud.

Take care

Cheryl xx

Hi Adrian

Well done you...again!!!!

Thinking of you - you are such a star and so inspiring.

No one will forget you.

Much love

Tracy xxx

Hi Adrian,
Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you this afternoon, and I really really hope the Westminster drive will be a success. I emailed my local MP and I am now on the register myself thanks to your campaign. I just want to THANK you for bringing this to so many people. You really are a star.
I can't wait to hear how it went today, so please let us know soon! I am sure we are all sat hoping it's a success.
lots of love and all the very best wishes for you and your family. Tina XXXX

Hi Adrian,

I was very impressed with your video and your parents at the Press Gazette lunch.
Your standing ovation was long and heart-felt.
I think your campaign is fantastic, and I hope the powers that be sit up, listen and do something to make your dreams come true.
If it helps anyone make up his/her mind about signing up for the Anthony Nolan register, can I offer my experience?
I signed up 15 years ago, then was called as a match last July. I duly gave bone marrow for a leukaemia sufferer from overseas. The operation was simple, quick and painless - and the Anthony Nolan crew ensured I was treated like a king in a fancy hospital - great food, Sky TV, and a bar!
I felt a bit tired afterwards, but suffered no pain.
I would happily do it all again tomorrow if it meant it could save someone's life.
To anyone reading this, if you are wondering whether you could give bone marrow, take my word for it and sign up; you have nothing to worry about.
If anyone needs further convincing and would like to read a feature I wrote for my paper about my experiences donating bone marrow, please send me an email.

Adrian, keep up the good work.

Steve White
Deputy Editor
Western Daily Press

Hi Adie

I've emailed my MP Joan Humble and asked her to support this.

I'm also doing the Race for Life (again) on the 2nd July.... hope my old bones make it round.
Pledged to do a 10K next year for funding for cancer/lukaemia research.

Lynda Hebbs

Hi Adie,

I've contacted Gordon Marsden MP regarding the campaign, event etc.

His office has acknowledged the email... fingers crossed....



UH OH...its been a day or so without a word from you here on the blog...And I imagine there are several of us regulars who are concerned. Didn't want you to open up you blog this morning and not know that you are completely loved ...And I am sure there are thousands joining in our prayers for you Adrian..God keep you strong...



Hi there
I have followed your story on TV and felt I must look at your Blog. I think your efforts are great, being a live donor of a kidney to my husband I know the importance of donor registers. I think every 6th form school or college should include information about organ donation. I hope you are feeling better and the 'mumps' have gone.
Betty in Sheffield

I emailed Oprah Winfrey and told her she should have you on the show via satellite, etcetc and in my email I put "his blog has received thousands (?) of comments from well wishers..." and then thought I'd better actually do the math to see just how many comments you'd received. If my math is correct, as of right now you have had 3,410 comments on this blog. Well, including this one it's 3,411! And you know there are people out there who check on you daily, but are too shy to post comments. Isn't that amazing?? Literally THOUSANDS of people wordlwide adore you and wish you well. (Bob Geldof doesn't have that many admirers, I'm fairly certain.)

Rock On, Adrian!

I hope you had a successful day with this MP initiative!

Best wishes, Anna

Hi Adrian

Sincerely hoping today was a success, but more importantly hoping you are doing ok...been thinking about you and your family all day.

What incredible comments are posted above, I was very moved by some, as I am most days. They are testament to the man you are.

Just want to say how much you matter to us all out here and how much you are loved, even though most of us have not had the privilege of meeting you. We are with you in spirit even if we can't be there to hold your hand or make you smile. Wishing you a peaceful evening. I wish I was better with words but these come from the heart! Much love Barbara xx

Hi Adrian, hope this finds you feeling ok. Just to let you know that our local paper are going to run a piece on the campaign and I have contacted your office for hard copies so hopefully we can get lots of signatures through the shop. Respect and deep admiration for you Chris

Wow Adrian!!
Just had a really good cry - again! Saw both news bulletins on Calendar and Look North. Just been on www.itvlocal.com/yorkshire and followed the link to watch video from the Westminster clinic with speeches by Kali Mountford, Ed.Balls and Alan Johnson.
They were all so passionate about you and your campaign and I'm sure they are going to help 100 per cent.
Well done doesn't seem, and isn't, enough but there aren't strong enough comments for how strong, brave,committed and so very special you are.
Thankyou Adrian for making me think about other people and for inspiring ME to try to make a difference.
I really hope today has made you feel a little better.

Extra load of hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Adrian

I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and find you such an incredible and honest person. I emailed lots of friends/family back in Liverpool last month to get them to sign the Downing Street petition. Fingers and toes crossed that the MP initiative was successful today.

Good luck with your campaign, I'm sure it will all be worthwhile!

Please let us all know how you are - not heard from you for a few days. Thinking of you on a daily basis.

Kindest regards
Paula Mabbott

Hi Adrian,

Just checking in to find out how you are?

Really hope you're doing okay.

Hope too that today's been really successful and that it brings lots of other coverage and pressure on the government to roll out the talks.I'll be looking at the speeches a little bit later.

Thinking of you and yours so much.

Take care,
Toni xxxx

Dear Adrian

I do hope today was the success we were all hoping it would be. I too e-mailed my MP yesterday, and have been trying to do my lttle bit to support the incredible work you are doing, in such difficult circumstances. I have been taking over conversations and e-mailing friends so that I may spread the word of what an inspiration you are. Someone actually asked if I knew you (I do get a bit emotional I admit!)Only wish I had the opportunity to meet you, although I feel I know you as your writing is so honest and moving.
You and your family are in my thoughts daily and I am sending you my love and saying my prayers for you all. Debbie x

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