Fighting, campaigning and partying


I am absolutely exhausted but it's worth it!

The campaign is going well and thousands of people have signed our petition - please keep signing if you haven't already and spread the word far and wide.

Kali Mountford MP phoned yesterday and said the plan is now to raise the matter in Parliament again this week, hopefully at Prime Minister's Question Time on Wednesday.

As a collective group the Huddersfield MPs are then looking at tabling a number of motions to keep the campaign on the Parliamentary agenda.

On a sillier note, I promise this is the last of these mildly amusing pictures courtesy of Liam in Liverpool (you didn't think a print journalist could do all the technical stuff on his own did you?)

Baldy Gladiator

He said I was like a pasty Maximus from Gladiator and it made me chuckle so hope you all like it.

Warning: This post contains footage from a night out in Huddersfield with the Examiner team.

After recovering from the house party on Sunday I went to stay with a friend on Monday then headed back to Huddersfield to see all my colleagues.

I'm not quite sure how I'm doing all this but essentially I'm powered by a combination of steroids - I've increased my dose back up to 50mg a day - and knocking back cans of Red Bull energy drink.

Seems to be doing the trick.

My chest is becoming increasingly difficult but I am determined to have as much fun as possible while I still can.

The turn out on Tuesday was brilliant and really touching. Loads of people came out for a drink and it was great catching up with people I've not seen for ages.

They are a brilliant crowd and it's been a privilege working with them all.

Even the lads I used to play 5-aside football with were there - but that was mainly to remind me how crap I was.

Having been away from the office for quite a while it was so touching to go back in and see all these posters up everywhere screaming "Sign up for Sudders!" then a picture of my big head. It was like something out of Citizen Kane.

It just showed me how much work the editorial team - and in particular reporter Katie Campling - had done behind the scenes to make all this come together.


There are two indications of just how big this campaign is becoming.

Firstly the Anthony Nolan Trust phoned the other day to tell me a THIRD of all their website traffic was now coming from this blog.

Secondly, the number of people who have signed our petition is comparable to the campaign to get Bruce Forsyth a knighthood.

This, my friends, is the big time.

Anyway, back to Tuesday.

After catching up with everyone in the office we headed down the street to bar 1535 for drinks.

There was a lovely range of ages and different people who I have worked with over the years.

People couldn't stop buying me drinks and were coming up to me and having heart to hearts. It was wonderful.

On this subject, my situation does generate some incredible responses from individuals.

I wrote in a previous post when I was so miserable that once some friends truly understood the situation all they could offer is their deepest, darkest secrets.

Although I have been incredibly unlucky and this is a tragic situation, I have equally never experienced such an outpouring of love and affection from so many.

I suppose this is something that most people will never get to experience but I have to say it is something uniquely special.

It is an opportunity many of us will not be able to have.

It's like people realise they might not see me again and just open their hearts, revealing a level of honesty and truth, few people ever get to encounter so regularly.

It really is something beautiful and, along with these stunning comments that you all keep posting, I have never felt so widely cared for and appreciated in all my life.


I wish me and Mr Luke Eemia had never met but these are truly special and incredible days. I would be great if it was something everyone reading this blog could experience.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is just please don't feel sorry for me - I'm having a great time!

After finishing up in 1535 the hard-core crowd sauntered up to Revolution in the centre of town for vodka and cocktails.


Huddersfield is not exactly buzzing on a Tuesday night but we all loved it.

Finally got to bed about 3.30am.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and for all the good times.

I know at the start I did promise no more funny pictures but I couldn't resist this one. Nice one Liam.

Adrian's 300


You have dragged me out of momentary introspection on days when running a house with 3 small energetic normal, demanding & crazy little boys have made me frustrated, into a frame of mind that has made me more appreciative of the charming normality that I have. Thank you! I will register. Don't stop blogging yet .... x

Haha - the devastation in the background of the 300 pic resembles the way we all felt on Wednesday after the top night out ;D

Hi Adrian

Great stuff you`re writing at the moment - love the pictures!
We`re busy at this end getting ready for Em`s 21st and she`s going to say a few words about Will coz she wants him included which is a really nice thing to say and do. Like you, we now really value celebrations such as this and we will be knocking back Weetwood Cheshire Cat (local brew)with gay abandon this weekend!

Try rubbing vick on the chest!

Best Wishes as always to you and your family

You really are an inspiration, go out on a high and enjoy every last fxcking minute.


What an awesome thing that ANT could tell you news like that - proof positive that you are having such a monumental affect on people's behaviour. Well done.

We're thinking of you - not feeling sorry for you - but with admiration. Keep fighting.

Angela, Candice and Sandra

Hi Adrian:

I was so happy to read your latest update this morning. I check your web site every morning once I get to work hoping for some miracle for you...not yet, but hopfully soon. I was thrilled to read that you are enjoying yourself, that the campaing is going GREAT and that you are still having enough energy to do all these things. That, is the greatest thing to see. Keep it up!

Love the pics!
Dude, I'm not sure I could keep up with your schedule... Party on!

Hi Adrian, I've been reading your blog for a while. Nothing to say really that hasn't already been said by a hundred others, but had to add my thoughts that you seem to be a great chap. Nobody knows what lies ahead of them but the way you have dealt with what life has thrown at you with dignity and humour makes you an inspiration to others. Your family must be very proud of you.

dude, you absolutely rock.
i can't believe life can have the audacity to suck so badly, or that a person can have the good grace and humour to deal with it so fantastically. you can't imagine how much your story and in particular your way of telling it touches other people's lives and hearts right to the depths of who they are.
couldn't sleep last night for wondering about you, having followed a link to your blog. just hope you end up astounded by the goodness that the universe sometimes pulls out of the bag when we least expect it.
peace, man.

Glad you've had a good week - doing had you want to do. You have done some amazing stuff in recent weeks - we will try to continue to raise awarenes as you have done.
You are an inspiration to all of us
Bless you

hi Adrian

I work for another Trinity Mirror newspaper in Buckinghamshire and have been inspired by your story. I thought you might be interested in our frontpage this week about a woman who lives in our area but is orignally from Huddersfield. Her partner has leukaemia and we are helping them to set up a bone marrow testing clinic in the area.
I wish you well.

Adrian - I've been contemplating how to express this more eruditely but....You are just truly @#%$%@ AWESOME! How one individual can go thru so much and come thru each trial realistically optimistic and almost always smiling is nothing short of amazing. I hope I have the ability to positively touch even a fraction of those you have! You should be truly proud. Here's hoping everyone can strive to reach your level of honesty, humor, love and spirit. Wishing you a laugh and a cold one with good friends,


Adrian, so glad you are having a ball. Enjoy yourself!!! Mr Luke Eemia had me and Becky in stiches!!!!! Its such a humble way of describing your illness. I have never heard it described like that before. Next party you have, have a drink for me mate!!!! Lots of love and Hugs Dawn and Becky. xxxx

Hi Adrian I wondered how you were doing. I'm glad to see that you are able to party!! Iam at the Hallamshire Hospital on the 10th june, And will take a donation up to ward p3. Hopefully I will also be able to donate my bone marrow one day. You are a diamond geezer, you have touched so many peoples hearts with your warmth lovely nature and courage in this bloody terrible situation. God Bless Adrian xSusan

Hi Adrian I wondered how you were doing. I'm glad to see that you are able to party!! Iam at the Hallamshire Hospital on the 10th june, And will take a donation up to ward p3. Hopefully I will also be able to donate my bone marrow one day. You are a diamond geezer, you have touched so many peoples hearts with your warmth lovely nature and courage in this bloody terrible situation. God Bless Adrian xSusan


You continue to be an inspiration. Not many people can say they have made a real difference in life, but you can.

Your blog has really helped me in supporting my wife in her own fight against leukaemia (she is kicking it's ass).

Thank you.

Kenny Birney


You're the coolest person I've never met.
Thanks for sharing the pix and more stories. Love it. Keep 'em coming!

Best wishes,

Hey Adrian,
Glad to hear you've been out enjoying yourself. Just wanted to quickly update you on my plans for Newcastle - aiming to write letters this weekend and get them sent off to some heads first thing next week with the hope of getting into schools from September time and taking it from there (current plan is to do a teaching session one week and then if the schools/ANT are happy send out a letter and follow it up with a clinic the next week). I'm as determind as you to make this happen so fingers crossed this will be just be the beginning, you're doing an incredible job!
Take care,
Nikki xx
ps. if the red bull needs augmenting recommend proplus!

Adrian, you're a superstar. That just about sums it up really! Keep up the hard partying,
Jane x.

I'm a newly qualified nurse in my early 30s and had a special reason for wanting to become a nurse - a haematology nurse that is. I don't have much experience in haematology and I'm just about to start my first job as a qualified nurse on a haematology ward but I have to admit that after having read your blog, it has truly given me an insight of what to expect, which is something I'm forever grateful for! I remember somewhere early in your blog when you described a nurse as thinking things were nothing but normal (after your seamen sample :)) and it has definitely given me the 'bravery' of how to deal with these situations, because it is very difficult to know how to act professionally around clients/patients in these situation since we're all individuals. As a nurse I'm forever trying to convey the 'right' way (at least to me) of living but tonight I think my reading of your blog made quite a bit of an impact. After bringing the topic of bone marrow transplants up at a friend's gathering tonight, I was shocked to realise that you've been right all along! People have no clue what it involves, thinking it was all a very painful drilling procedure into your spine that was needed. However, once I told them what it was all about (and I have to admit that most of my knowledge came from your blog), people were pleasantly surprised and seemed to be quite eager to sign up, and hopefully it wasn't just their drunken talk! :)

All I can say is THANK YOU for helping me both professionally and personally and I just wish that you would have been one of 'my' clients/patients so I would have had the very good fortune to get to know you somewhat first hand! I will forever carry with me what I've read here and I already know it will be a tremendous help in my egotistical future!

Take care Adrian (I feel I'm not eligible to call you by first name but I can't help but to want to)! I wish there was something I could do for you... Rock on though!! You're making a massive difference! :)


There is little left for someone like me to say. Everyone has said what I feel, the pain, sorrow, hope and joy. If all the world could take a piece of you with them, what a more compassionate, loving, fun world we would live in. You have taught me to love each miracle and misstep in life-and to NEVER take a day for granted. My children and I will continue to keep you and all that fight your fight in our thoughts and prayers.

Wishing you only the best with much loving thoughts and prayers,

Barbie Hamby
Purlear, NC

Dear Adrian,

Keep partying my friend!

Love for you,

Amy Patrick
(Ryan's mom)

hey adrian........

been reading ur blog... n

i salute u!!!!

keep it up!!!

von from

After reading about you in the Nottingham Evening Post my husband and I responded to an appeal to go to Ollerton Town Hall to go on the Bone Marrow Register.

UNFORTUNATELY we were a month too early....and six years too late!

A, we thought it was on 2nd June
B, we didn't realise you had to be between 18 & 40.

If anyone between those ages are able to attend Ollerton Town Hall on 2nd JULY the event is to be held between 5-8pm.

God bless you Adrian! xxx

Hi Adrian

Glad to see you are still going strong. Had a gin and tonic last night with the neighbour - makes a change! Hope you realise that you have made a life changing attitude for many people (being reading your blogs) and should be really proud of yourself.

Best wishes

Sarah and crew xxxxxx

including cats, neighbours dogs, rabbits etc!!!

hi adrian " party on" admire you lots xx

Hi Ady, just to let you know we are all still praying for you in Glossop. Tomorrow night we are discussing donation blood etc. in our youth group (13-18) Love Sue ( Mark's Mum x

Hi Adrian,
Glad you are keeping your chin up. Glad you are getting out with friends. Have been reading and thinking of you. Born in England but live in the USA. You are lucky you have all the good sweets over there. You have acess to malteezers any time you want(my personal all time favorite) Hope you have a great weekend. Try a very hot shower for thirty minutes the steam may help your chest. Deb USA OHIO

Its a shame not all of us can become donors :(
I salute you for what you are doing for the register. Keep campaigning for as long as you can, and people will gather to support you.

Most importantly though, keep enjoying yourself as you are the most important person at this time! Maybe a skydive next? haha

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, Adrian, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us and helping me to finally turn the corner. I'm a 38 year old mother of 3, living in Riddings. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in January and am currently three-quarters way through my initial 6 months ABVD. I've spent the last 5 months complaining, feeling sorry for myself, asking, "Why me?", etc., etc. Whenever people told me to keep positive I'd whinge about being unable to control how I think and continue in my self-pitying world. I'd complain about being bald, moan about the weight I'm putting on (blaming it on the steroids whilst stuffing another cake into my mouth), nag about the hassle of having to tape up my Picc-line to have a shower, cry about my husband having to work away to make up for the salary I'm losing and create an even bigger scene when my Hayfever kicked in on top of everything else! Then on Thursday, The Chad was pushed through my letterbox and as soon as I saw your hat (I'm immediately drawn to anything other than hair sitting on top of anyone's head), I stopped everything and went into the garden to read.

I can't say exactly how I felt when I first read the article. I was sad for you and desperately wanted to read more but, moreover, I was embarrassed by my own behaviour and attitude up to that point. I immediately felt I'd woken up. A true reality check. I thank you for bringing me to my senses.

First I signed the petition, then I went to the beginning of your blog and read the lot, only breaking off to cook tea. I couldn't believe what you'd been up to nationally and internationally, yet I'd seen none of it until the local paper arrived. I was transfixed for over 7 hours and used every emotion imaginable, but most of all I laughed! I couldn't believe I was actually laughing out loud at anything remotely related to Cancer - I couldn't believe I was laughing out loud at anything, it's something I simply haven't done since my diagnosis. As many people have previously said, you have a wicked sense of humour and really know how to have a great time. I thank you so much for making me laugh again (and again and again).

I loved the stretch mark pic. I've complained about mine for 19 years. The stretch marks I earned when I was pregnant with the first of my three beautiful children. The children who have brought me 19 of the best years of my life so far. I thank you that I now embrace my stretch marks - how cool is that? I've spent years complaining about them and now I'm proud to have them!

I've complained about everything Cancer has taken away from me: my hair, my fertility, my social life, my career, my figure, Bacardi!! I read about your antics and slowly sipped my first Bacardi in months. I read the post from Monty, referring to the see-saw, then started to think about what has actually been taken away from me, compared to what I've assumed had been taken away from me. I realised that there was no real reason for me to abstain from alcohol. Is it really such a problem that I no longer have to drive to Chesterfield every Saturday morning to get my hair done? Do I really mind that I now save over £100 a month which previously went in the hairdresser's pocket? I've got three children, did I ever want to have any more anyway? My social life has only stopped because I feel embarrassed about my appearance yet everyone knows I'm having Chemotherapy, do they really care about how I look? Is it really so bad taking 6 months off work without actually using up any of my annual leave? I know money's tight but we're not destitute. My side of the see-saw is looking pretty weighed down now - and it's not just thanks to my sted-head! For that I thank both you and Marty.

For all of these reasons (and many, many more I'd list if this post hadn't already taken up so much space here) I thank you so much. I've finally accepted that I have this condition and it's not the end of the world. It will hopefully take up just a year or so of my life but I know I'll be a much better person for it. I had no right to expect a perfect life without inconvenience so I'm grateful to have had so little convenience. You've helped me to get one step closer to being a much better person. I've gushed about you to everyone and they're all signing the petition. After my treatment on Wednesday I'll be calling in at the office to ask my colleagues to sign up - beats their offer to raise funds with a sponsored slim!

Continue your fantastic quest, party as hard as you like and relish in the knowledge of just how many people you and your life has impacted upon.



Hi Adrian,

My heart goes out to you and those who love you.

I guess I was very lucky. I had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2001, and despite it not responding well to about 4 courses of chemo, they got it to a level where they were willing to try a bone marrow transplant in 2002. They gave me only a 40% chance of survival, but luckily I am still here.

It was all thanks to an anonymous donor who was on the Anthony Nolan Register. I still don't know who he is, but thanks to him I did survive, get married, finish my PhD and now have a 6-month old son.

Everyone should be on the register, and I hope I can somehow help in any small way to carry on the fantastic work you have started. My Leukaemia could still come back and I don't take my life for granted any more.

Take care,


Hi Adi

We were in our Physiology honours year together in Liverpool when I was a Hutchinson and not a Hough! I have been keeping up to date with your blog and felt I had to drop you a line to let you know what an amazing guy you are and your blog is fantastic. My brother is on the bone marrow register and I hope to become a donor at some point next year due to what you have written. (I am currently pregnant so not able to at present)

You are truly making a difference!

I really pray that you can draw close to God during this time. Just talk to him like you write this blog! He will listen and can provide eternal life if you allow.

Take care and happy blogging!!

Beccy xx

I've come up with something I can do to encourage Canadians to sign up for bone marrow donation at the universities. I just need some time to get it all together.

I looove the pictures by the way. It's so nice to see you tearing up the place. You look fantastic.

I'm sending all my best wishes to you.

Is it too late for you to at least look into the so called FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH natural breakthrough in RESVERATROL.
There are thousands of respected doctors all over the world who are researching into this natural compound now by using themselves as the Lab animals.
The Biotivia company has had their products approved for extreme strength by Consumer Labs in America.
This breakthrough is just now hitting the press and TV.
ABC news did a program called Living to be 150 which brought Resveratrol to the viewers attention.
Biotivia will be appearing on TV stations in America over the next few weeks to show this compound to the general public.
It is reversing certain cancer and kemo conditions in many of my friends as we speak.
This is not an advertising campaign for Resveratrol, but just to let as many people as possible know that this just might be one of the solutions we have been trying to find for many years.
When a cure for cancer comes along it will have been too little too late for many people.
It certainly was too late for both my mum and dad who died of cancer too early.
Please look into this as many, many others will fall foul over the next 4 or 5 years to this disease when a possible cure could already be here!
I am totally committed to any anti-cancer research and this is the best I can find at the moment.
The Biotivia site will shortly be including statements from those who have had results over the last 12 months, so this should provide interesting reading.
This just may be as big as antibiotics, so please do a little research into this please.

God bless you..and thank you for all you have have really woken up alot of people on what really matters in life...a BIG thank you to your parents for rasing such a wonderful human being...a for one has been TOTALLY humbled make me proud!!!!!
If I could be half as strong as you, I would be Happy.
I am a 54 year old grandmother raising, my now, 7 year old granddaughter. She has a massive Brain Tumor, Optic Tumor, and has had one eye removed. Sarah has Neurofibromatosis, better known as NF.
She is very strong willed, like you.
Sarah has been fighting her Brain Tumor for three years now. No Chemotherapy, but thirty days of radiation. We are on Alternatives and Homeopathy.
We promised to never give up hope and strength, we think positive, NO negative thoughts.
Here is to you.......That you may receive total healing through any miracle that may come your way.
So happy to see you having fun and not letting the cancer run you.......
You shall be in our thoughts and prayers to the Spirits for healing.

Hi again Adrian. Great to hear you are having such a good time. Having gone through the 'joys' of chemo for leukaemia, I can fully understand why you have decided to take such a positive step and really enjoy the time you have. Last year I had to miss my annual pilgrimage to the Le Mans 24 hour race as I was being treated. This year I am lucky that I am well and can go. It will be an extra special occasion for me and I'll be raising a beer to you while I am there. Hang in there and keep that balance between partying and petitioning!

All the best mate

Great to see you are having so much fun, you party animal!

Oh and I've had everyone I know sign the petition and myself and a load of my friends are becoming donors.

Take care, Cath xx

Hi Adrian,
I have been reading your blog for some time now, and although this is going to be a drop in the ocean as far as comments concerning your courage and amazingly strong personality go, I still wanted to write and tell you just how strongly your story has affected me over the last few months. Shortly after Christmas I had been going through a bit of a rubbish personal time, and to my shame I admit that I succumbed pretty badly to a sh*tload of self pity and wallowing. However, (and how cliched is this going to sound but it's true) reading your blog regularly and seeing the way every update to it rings with a resounding "f*ck you" to the leukemia has truly opened my eyes. It's not just your stubborn refusal to let your situation rule your life, but the fact that you manage to do that whilst keeping hold of your sense of humour. You're a damned funny guy and it made me sit up and give myself a little slap in the face;despite being lucky enough to be happy and healthy I still mooched around moaning about the state of my life. Not any more, my friend. People have mentioned to me that in the last few weeks the change in my attitude has really suprised them, and I have managed to make myself feel like I can do anything, and want to really grab life by the balls. That's pretty much down to you. I want to do something to show you how much respect I have for you for not succumbing to the horrid situation you find yourself in but instead seizing the opportunity to savour each moment. Obviously the best way to do this is to see if I am suitable to sign up to donate my bone marrow, and I'm going to get as mny of my friends and family to do the same.
Take Care, and best wishes

Hi Adrian

Read about you local paper... you are such a smiler and I just want you to go and read awakening and see how far she has gone to get stem cells . Please see if you can get embroyic stem cells. I am a T12 para and am into lot of research for treatment..
Please read her blog and try and see for some other hope please.

Hi Adrian,

I've signed your petition. Now where do I go to give my support to Bruce Forsyth?

Lots of love from the Porritt-Widdup clan.


dear adrian
i have heard about you from Yes to Life.
give me a call as soon as you can on 020 7771 1409. if i am not in, please leave a land line number.
i do not see e-mails on a regular basis; 'phone better.
i hope i may be able to help you.
robert jones

Hi Adrian
Great to see you the other day. Sorry I missed the night out, it sounded like a lot of fun!
I'm so glad the campaign is doing well - I mean who else can say they are as big as Bruce Forsyth! Keep up the good work
Louisa x x x


Heard your story on BBC from San Francisco in the US.

Thanks for your honesty and courage to bring this movement to the masses and help save lives.

God bless you and peace be with you.

- Steve

Called the bone marrow place in Sao Paulo and good news: I don't have to schedule an appointment. Going there on Wednesday at 7h30, just like I promised you.

Hey AD,

Its Sally here form the M Block massive, back in the days of Derby + Rathbone Halls!! I miss that place, we had so much fun. You might remember me better as "scally", "boyce" or probably just for being a total pisshead!

Have been reading your blogg since i found out about it on facebook and i just had to get in touch to say what an amazing guy you are, you are making a huge difference and i'm really pleased your campaign is so successful.

I'm also glad to hear you're living it up and having an amazing time, bring back those uni days! you've not been back to the raz have you, i know how you loved getting close to the sweaty ceiling in that place!!

You are the one and only!!!

Take care Ches, am thinking of you

Sal xx

Hi Sudders
thinking of you a lot all patients asking about you. Dont forget us please we all send our love.

Hi fella,
stay positive and be strong
with greatest respect
Barry & Dawn

Hi mate you are a true gent I wish more people in the world were like you then maybe it would be a better place

hi ad my husband and hi have sind your petition hope u are keeping well hope u keep going for as long as u can carol xx

Ive just seen you on tv, isnt it amazing what one person can achieve? Yah your face may have changed but your eyes are still twinkling.x

Hi Adrian,

We live out in Dubai and heard your story on the news here. We will be moving back to the UK soon and are going to sign up as soon as we get back.

Enjoy what time you have left - I think what you have achieved has been absolutely amazing.

hi adrian

i have seen you on look north with harry and christa.
you are truly inspirational good luck with everything and stay positive.

take care keep smiling

from Laraine x

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