I'm trying to fight it but my bone marrow is malfunctioning big time.

The campaign and the petition are flying (laters Forsyth) and this could be a very interesting week - watch this space.

As for me the disease is now starting to become more and more obvious.

My energy levels are terrible because I am not making enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around my body.

I can't focus and I'm noticeably more sluggish than I should be.

Getting up feels like I'm lying under a cover of rubble that needs strength I no longer have to lift from me.

But I still get up and I still keep going.

Visually it is alarming to actually see that my blood is no longer clotting as it should.


All over my left arm I have little bruises that look like a rash.

On the sides of my mouth there are dark patches where there have been bleeds that are still just healing.

I don't get nose bleeds but at the back of my throat I can smell blood constantly.

My chest is still infected and I seem to have picked up a sore throat.

Week on week this is getting harder.

I'm not finished yet though.

Tomorrow I will be in hospital all day having a couple of bags of blood and hopefully some platelets too.

This should pick me up a bit.


keep strong you are an inspiration to so many people good luck tomorrow

jane x

Bless your heart Adrian, my prayers continue for you, hugssssssss

I read you almost every day. I am speechless. If we could all be as courageous and giving to the world as you, this world would be a better place. You are, in every sense of the word, a Super Hero.
And a true inspiration. Hang tough.

Hi Adrian:

Hope the bags of blood in the hospital do pick you up. Thinking of you every day.

Got some more people interested in bone marrow donation. I'm still talking it up to anyone and everyone.

Keep fighting it Suds! Don't give up yet. You've made such a difference to so many lives, so many people love and care for you. Thanks to your blog, people you've never even met are saying that you've changed their whole perspective on life, including me!

Hang on in there pal, we still need you.

Hels xXx

Dear Adrian,
Seems the big C decided to shout a big "F*^K YOU" right back. I'm glad you're still getting up and fighting back even though it's obviously so increasingly difficult.
I don't know if it helps, but you have the strength of many people behind you, holding up the rubble as best we can with our hopes and thoughts and prayers.
To say you inspire me is a vast understatement.
Congrats on an awesome campaign Adrian. So so many people will benefit from your fight. We all benefit from your life every day. How proud your family must be! How proud we are!
Fight on Adrian!

I'm sorry.
I hope tomorrow is a better day.

You are the most bravest person I have never met! I hope you get to read this comment. today I emailed all my contacts and sent them your petition and the link to your blog. they will forward it to their contacts and slowly but surely the word will get round even more.
Stay strong... you've made such a difference and please don't ever forget that.

My thoughts are with you and i admire you so very very much
Much love to you

Kerry-jane xxx xxx

Dear Adrian,

Yay for those bags of blood and platelets! Here's hoping they make you feel better, less out of breath, more energetic, and help your blood clot and you fight the sore throat, lung infection.

It is so hard to read your words as you feel worse and less like the party animal I am so glad you recently got to be. Thank you for, even now, taking the steps to reach out to the world and lay your real cards on the table. Besides helping those in the throws of leukemia or just diagnosed, your description of your deterioration gives those of us from far and wide who have come to care deeply about you (you really are a charmer!:), a chance to see what you see, and a chance to try to prepare for losing you.

Extraodinary souls (YES, you!) like yours don't come around often enough. Thanks for your generosity with yours.

Take good care of yourself. You sure deserve rest and pampering as you have taken care of so many others with your blog, campaign, and petition.

Margaret (USA)

I am so sorry to hear all of this that is happening to you, I wish there was something I could do for are to be admired for the strength that you have, to keep getting up everyday and do the things you need to....Terri :)

Hi Adrian

Hope you're feeling a bit better after your treatment. I've written to all my friends tonight to ask them to join your petition. Meanwhile, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks for keeping writing.


youand your family are in my prayers..God speed to you


So sorry I missed the party old boy. It looks like you all had fun though.

It is great to see you're battling on. You've got true Northern grit and I'm very proud of you.


Your insight into your predicament is humbling. I experienced that with my father who told me several months before he passed away, that he was simply waiting for the inevitable. Obviously he was much older, but he had suffered so much in the last few years and as every form of treatment failed, he never complained once, but simply stoically waited almost with a sense of relief, like yourself.

I learnt something from it. I learnt how to be there, just there. I learnt to reconcile and accept his situation, to the extent that when he passed away, I was grateful for his release. But you know that has'nt stopped me from questioning all things you must have asked too.

By the way love your looks, the better one being without the hat. Very sexy.

So sorry to read this... I am thinking of you and praying for a miracle - or at least the most painless passing to the next stage. Whatever happens please know you have made a difference to thousands, probably millions of people around the world. God bless you and your family and friends.


This is my first post, though I've been reading your blog for a while now. I check in daily... to laugh, to cry (sometimes both), and just to see how you are. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. You are in my thoughts.

Take care,

Diane (US/Virginia)

Dearest Darling Bald and Beautiful,

I so hate to hear the cancer is raging and keeping you tired and bruised. It just sucks, but then again you already know that I'm sure.

Here's hoping you are surrounded by the funniest and most loving folks the world has to offer. May they keep you in hugs, love and laughter through all that cancer throws your way.

You are a light of inspiration, information, and hope during the storm. You are a leader and a honorable man. Our cancer brought our paths together, but your drive and wit have captured my heart.

Dream well, live large, and laugh often. You did it all my friend. Keep on.



My family and I are sending you positive thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort. You have made an impact on this crazy world beyond anything that you could have imagined. Thank You !

Have a Happy Day,
Alyce Toombs
California , USA

Keep fighting the fight hun!! Your doing a sterling job and are a true inspiration to all of us.

We are thinking of you! Emx

God be with you we all are!

Take care of yourself, there are plenty of people up and down the place taking up your campaign (myself included). I promise I'll do all I can to help with the it and move it forward in my local area. You've been in my thoughts a lot lately - I've even done the praying thing!!
I hope the transfusions you receive today do make you feel a lot better. it's always good to hear how you're getting on even though it's hard to read at times (I imagine it's hard work for you writing a blog at present!) Can't think what else to write - except I'm thinking of you - and ditto what everyone else has already said!

All my love and best wishes Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian

You do whatever you have to, and if that includes rest ,then do it . You decided to shoulder the burden of changing a government policy and I will try my best to do what I can to bring your petition to the notice of others and try to get them to support it .

Respect Dan

Thinking of you with love Adrian, and your family too

Yvette xxx

Thinking of you. Stay strong.

Hi Adrian,

Feel SO sad today, you don't deserve this - who does?

Have to remember how much laughter you've given us throughout all this. If you really have to leave us, I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before you will be making your presence felt again!

Peace and love to you and yours.
Margaret. XXX

Hi again

Just wanted to say that it made me very sad to read your most recent entry.

This blog is so beautifully written, it feels like I know you and therefore, this situation makes me very sad.

Is treatment really no longer an option whatsoever? It seems such a waste...

What are your plans going forward? I dont mean the campaign plans, but things for you...

K xx

Hi Adrian. Glad you're still fighting and showing us what a precious thing life is.

I think the campaign is a great thing - as a stem cell donor myself, I can confirm that it's no big deal physically, but definitely one of the best things I've ever done, and can only urge other people to think about doing the same.

Dear Aidy, we are still praying for you here in Glossop every day. I talked about you and your campaign to our young people on Sunday night. You were right about the confusion, not only did all of them think bone marrow donation was painful one of them thought you couldn't do it while you were alive. I will keep on talking when ever I get the opportunity. Love to you and your family, especially your Mum, Sue(Mark Leighton's Mum)

Dear Adrian,

Your positivity in the face of illness and pain astonishes me. You wanted to improve other people's lives and leave a lasting legacy by campaigning for more donors. I applaud your efforts but your whole attitude to illness is itself a great legacy of hope for anyone going through a difficult experience. I hope you realise just what a difference you've already made.

I wish you all the very best Adrian.

Marzieh, Sheffield UK

Hoping and praying that your hospital visit helps you feel better. Thinking of you.
Nikki ;)

Just adding my good wishes...

Hey Adrian

Still reading your blog, still laughing and crying along with the other thousands of people it seems are reading it too, still making sure your message gets out.

Sorry to hear you're feeling rough, hope the blood gives you the pick you up you sound like you need.

I don't know you but I think about you every day - how you're feeling, what you're doing, how your family are. Keep smiling Adrian, you've moved people and changed lives to an extent that you'll never be able to comprehend.

Take care,
Clare xx

Morning Adrian

So sad to read that things are not as good as they were. Take care of yourself, and let others do that for you too.

This fantastic runaway train of a campaign your courage and determination have started is carrying on and will make a difference.

Lots of love, hope the red stuff you're getting today picks you up a bit :-)

Cheryl xx

You are an inspiration and anything I say will be totally inadequate, all I can do is echo what every one else has said. Keep battling and my thoughts are with you. X

I can only echo the sentiments of everyone elsewho has commented - we are all sending our love and I'm sure we'll all do our best to further your campaign long after you're gone.
You have started this, and so we won't stop until your goal has been achieved!
Keep smiling, gorgeous!

About 1am this morning I heard you speak on radio4. Interrupted my insommnia reading ...bah humbug. I listened anyway. Nice accent and delivery. You get the job. lol

Get writing the book on how to deal with this. At least dictate to a friend. I suppose the blog is here so its half written.

You say this space......are you about to be knighted?????? oh yes sir no sir. Get some ermine.... you would look good in fur. lol
Beanie hats are not quite the same. Hats are itchy. I could crochet you one. Oh I dont think you need that. Us old women wear not muslim ones, but they do cover a multitude and keep the head warm.

de dah I cant write any more cos with a small brain I have run out of ideas. Or maybe lost some grey matter.

dear boy you are a joy.

Jane-mary with grey love

Thinking of you. xxxx PS Just started reading this blog last week - it's a brilliant blog.

I check your blog everyday to see how you're getting on and so far you've been nothing but a pillar of inspiration and strength to me.

Hang in there Adrian! Hope tomorrow goes well for you. :)

Laura x

Hi Adrian

Have just emailed everyone I know to read your blog and sign the petition. Time for you to fight for you and we'll do the rest!
Keep strong!



Thinking of you Adrian. You have made such a huge difference to so many people and the vital information about bone marrow donation is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you have taught people. XXX

We're all thinking of you.

You have made an impact on so many already. Please do what you need for yourself now, Adrian. Rest and take care of you!

Thinking of you!

There's an adage that states a great man is known not by what he proclaims, but by what the people proclaim of him. You are a great man. And from reading your blog I know you dislike being thought of as brave, yet you have no choice but to accept the people's opinion of you: A testament to the greatness of the human spirit.

You are loved. Bless you.

Fingers crossed the blood does the trick. Thinking of you.


I am thinking about you, and I have spread the word to everyone I know about your blog and your cause. Get some rest now and know that others are carrying your message and continuing to fight for your cause. You have fought an amazing fight so far, and you have and will continue to make a difference in the lives of so many, and not just people with cancer, but also with people that have read this blog and been touched by it. BIG HUGS and love and positive vibes from the U.S. ♥


Hi Adrian

Have been reading your website and you are an inspiration to us all. It is so nice to see that you are still making entries on your blog to let us all now how you are. After reading your site I did not realise how many shortages there are for bone donors etc and because of your blog I have contacted Anthony Nolan to become a donor.

Keep enjoying life and best of luck with your campaign. I will keep reading your blog. x

Bonjour Adrian

I am certainly spending far too much time reading your blog when my boss thinks I'm hard at work!! But I have visited it almost everyday since I discovered you on the BBC news web page and have become as attached to you and your battle as everyone else. I take my hat off to you for your bravery and energy in facing your illness. You have put the internet and your blog to great use in awakening people to the extremely dire need for bone marrow donors. I will spread the word in froggyland where I live and wish you all the peace and wellbeing you deserve... Bon Voyage Adrian xxx PS I love your beanie.

Just wanted to stop lurking for a moment to send you loads and loads of good wishes. I have followed your story for a while now and wanted you to know that I (and many other people, as you can tell!) am thinking about you and hoping that today's red stuff will give you the extra energy you need. You are making such a difference; I know at least 15 people who are now in the process of becoming donors and you have also had a massive positive psychological impact on many more people than you can imagine.

Sending you a huuuge hug and smile from sunny Leeds

Nic x

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to let you know that I saw you on BBC breakfast and have since joined the register. You're extremely brave, and I wish I could somehow take the leukemia away.

Han x

you are amazing.
I don't need to tell you anything except that you have helped millions.
Thank you.

Hope you have some more strength after the trip to hospital today, big hugs xx

Love and Light
lots of it


It sounds like you just need to become a vampire to keep up with need for fresh blood!

I hope it all works out for you today. (Don't worry about posting too many of those pictures your friend works up.. they are great!)

Keep your boxing gloves on and continue fighting.

Kimberly Parr
Cincinnati, OH

Hi Adrian please stay stong. It breaks my heart to read this. I wish I could do something save you. I am letting everyone I know about you and want you to know pryars are out there in the world for you!

sending love keep fighting xxx

Adrian ----- YOU ROCK MY DEAR!!!------YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!

Love and prayer to you,

Good luck Adrian! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong and don't give up. Your determination is truly inspiring and refreshing.

God Bless!

Sending best wishes, love and prayers that tomorrow is a better, stronger day.

Hi Adrian!

I have been reading your blog for the past few months. Everyday i log in, i laugh, cry and think about you a lot.

Im so sad to hear your not having a good time of late. Fingers crossed you will a bit better after your blood.

I know you dont like the word brave but thats excatly what you are.....and quite good looking if i may add! (",) hehe cheeky!!!

Thinking of you


Leanne (Ireland) xx

Hi Adrian, like many others I find your blog compelling & check it daily. I was very moved when reading todays update..I think about you and what you're going through alot, and echoing many others I hope tomorrows transfusions bring you some relief..

I have to admit I'm still trying to pluck up the courage to put my name on the register. I'm a tad squeemish when it comes to blood...but if I ever needed it and was told no sorry there's no bone marrow available everyone's too squeemish I'd be most put out ! We kind of assume it'll be there when / if we need it, even when we don't donate our own...oh sod it..I've talked myself into it xx


In all seriousness mate if you get to meet Roger Daltrey through the Teenage Cancer Trust I'll be pi**ed off, OK?

Hi Adrian,

I have been checking up on you daily and thank you for putting yourself out there. It is helping a lot of people. I hope you know that. Hoping you are feeling better after some blood and hoping you have better days. Keep strong and enjoy every minute.

Kat from Boston

You are in my thoughts a lot - I hope today went okay.

Hello Adrian

Good to hear from you despite the rough time you`re having.
Hopefully, the blood will do its job and you will feel better tomorrow.
You all have our support at this time.

Best Wishes to you & your family

Hope the platelets do the trick and help you feel better. Hang in there, Adrian. We're praying for you. -J

Keep your chin up!
I'll add you to my prayer list.


I know that you will keep on fighting. The blood and platelets will certainly make you feel better.

Thinking of you.


Hey Adrian,

Hope the blood and platelets will provide some energy and invigoration for you as much as possible.

You still managed to make me laugh with your 'laters Forsythe' comment, hehe.

Thinking of you lots!

Catherine x

Amazing bloke and you're hitting the mark.You have personally made me get of my arse and do something BUT...... I emailed the blood donor group about registering for bone marrow(I am already a blood donor),a week goes by and no response.I email again and after a week,no response.In the end i rang them and found out i need to tell them at my next blood donor session but im disapionted in the response.They are either desperate for donors or they are not.The work youve been doing is amazing but its being let down further along the line.I will be on that register at my next donation anyway and its thanks to you.Top man

I hope today went well Adrian and you are feeling a bit stronger. However remember you enjoy your time, your campaign will continue by way of your friends and supporters on here x

Hiya Adrian

As per the above comments hope todays transfusion gives you the much needed energy you require. All the comments you are receiving must be enormously comforting and provide a welcome diversion. I have never written and deleted so many times so many thoughts, it is so difficult to know what to say but there is so much you feel that you would like to say, so simply put your a trooper keeping on trooping !!!


Hi Adrian,

My heart goes out to you. I first became aware of your campaign when I saw you on the bbc news. You are reaching and helping so many people with your refreshing honesty. A true inspiration. My nephew has been battling leukaemia for past 18 months. Thank you for your help. Thinking of you everyday.

Ali X

Just found your blog and I am reading with my 17 year old son - a sample of the sixth formers you want educated. He thought you had to be dead to donate bone marrow, he now knows the truth and wants to sign up in February when he will be 18. Who knows, one life saved maybe? We can hope. He will pass the message along.

My thoughts are with you and your family and friends - please don't give up!


Would it brighten your day if everyone sent in jokes, even really crappy corny ones?
Ok, before you get a chance to answer that one, here's my offering.........

A white horse trots into a bar and asks the barman for a pint.
The barman says 'Oh, we've got a drink named after you'
The horse says 'You mean there's a drink called Derek?'

Love and light and sniggers!

Hello Adrian, I heard the second of your talks on Radio 4 World Service News last night. Around 03.00 hrs, thereabouts, this morning. I thought I heard you mention Myeloma last night. I have not had chance to read through your Blog yet, but reading about the low blood count today, am posting this info. I was diagnosed Myeloma (a blood cancer, i.e cancer of the bone marrow) April 2007. 5 months chemo brought the paraproteins down to 16%. The chemo was then ceased. Last month my immunoglobulins were 39%, so it looks I may need chemo again. (normal count should be 4%). Point of Posting. In December 2007, I started eating Venison almost daily. Very high in iron, with very little fat. In spite of my cancer cell percentage going up, my haemoglobin has stayed high (12.6hb). Thought it may help you too. I order venison via internet and have 6-8 weeks supply couriered. I use antispeptic throat tablets when my throat gets sore rather than the hospital mouth washes & has worked for me. I wish you tranquility in your bad times. The mind is terrifically strong in spite of illhealth in the body, your blog proves how strong yours is. I am sure too that everyones' prayers are giving you that extra strength. Wishing you a good sleep tonight.

You are simply amazing. You have such strength and that really encourages me. Everytime I read your blog I am truly inspired. Fight the fight and stay strong. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way.
A big hug to you and your family

Hope you're feeling a bit better.

I think about you often, and hope you're not in too much discomfort.

Best wishes,

hi fella
keep fighting
stay strong fight it fight it.

baz an dawn...

I hope today's transfusion has made you feel a bit better. Stay strong and keep smiling. My thoughts are with you. Rebecca

Hi Adrian,

Hope the blood has done the trick today.

Just wanted to say I think you are fantastic, so many people would be wallowing in self-pity (and understandably so) if they were going through what you are, and to do what you are doing is simply amazing. I am the same age as you, and I honestly cannot say I would have the same courage and dignity as you, if I were in your shoes.

My gorgeous two-year old cousin died just over 18 months ago, from an infection contracted whilst fighting leukaemia, and since his death I have been thinking about joining the Anthony Nolan Register. Seeing you on tv, and reading your blog, has given me the final push I needed and I signed up last week. I have signed the petition and will be passing this on to everyone I know. I hope it gives you some comfort to know you are making a massive difference.

When my cousin died, I wrote on his flowers "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever". From reading the comments here, I have no doubt that it is true of you.

Keep fighting.

Steph xo

Hello there,

I happened to be browsing on the net and I came to this page, I've been reading about your condition and I really do feel terrible about what has happened. I won't promise you anything but a prayer for you before I fall asleep. I wish you all the best in life, stay strong friend!!!

Hi Adrian,
So sorry you are having a tough time. Hope the trip to the hospital picks you up a bit. lately I read your writing daily, took my daughter and her friend to the water park today and I was thankful for our good health and the beautiful day. So often we take things for granted. Hang in there, rent some funny movies or shows they say laughter releases endorphins in the body and they are supposed to make us feel better. My aunt visited from England in March brought the DVD series Thin Blue Line with Mr Bean in. Take Care,
Deb and Family

Dear Adrian:

Once again I am overcome with prayer for you and yours...While this is your journey, I also know first hand how it affects your family. My dad is hanging on with pancreatic cancer, but the days are getting worse for him too. With him in France and me here, it is an impossible situation, but your words provide a peek into the world that surrounds him as well. Adrian, make yourself seen, because I will be looking for you...forever...God Keep you..Therese


I live in Chicago, Illinois and recently heard about your story, please know because of you I have registered to be a possible bone marrow donor. Know that everyone who reads your blog are sending you warm, positive thoughts to help you to continue to fight. You can do it!

For the passed 5 hours I have sat and read (while both laughing & crying) your blog after stumbling across it via the BBC news.
WOW - what can I say! It has been an eye opener to say the least. You have been quite frank and open with your feelings, very informative and shown great courage and strength and I feel very privileged to 'know' you.

As a Expatriate (from Wigan) living in Calgary, Canada I can not donate blood or plasma and certainly not bone marrow (due to the UK having CJD).
I have always wanted to help save lives and so promise you that I will send your blog to everyone I know in the UK and Canada asking them to seriously consider becoming a donor and to sign your petition.

You are one in a million! Today, because of you, I feel pretty darn proud to be English!

I wish you all the very best - take care & stay stong.


Hello Adrian,

I came across your blog last week and have been checking in regularly ever since (like so many others who have been so taken with you).

You, in combination with Kris at, have made such a huge impact on me. My life is changing. Thank you.

It is such a gift to come into connection with people like you.

I'll be posting about you at a parenting messageboard here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada ... it's called - your messge and story will reach another several thousand people who are all raising children. I wish we could all sign the petition but we are Canadian residents. I believe there are some families that have dual citizenship though. Regardless, the message you are sending is truly for the entire world - donate, save lives, we all can help even if it's just spreading the word.

I'm sending you some special Canadian comfort & healing vibes - extra strength ones ; )

Many Blessings to you

Adrian, here's hoping the blood has been a pick up for you, so great to see the campaign going from strength to strength.....You are one in a million sweetheart....


Keep living your life pal.

All the best.

You are making more of a difference in this world than most of us here ever will. (Put together!?)
Lives will be saved because of you - How cool is that? :O)

Take care Adrian.

Hi Adrian,
I hope you are feeling as well as you can today. I left a comment last week telling you about my own battle with leukameia. Well it just got worse. After a routine bone marrow biopsy on 2/6/08 I was called in to see my consultant on fri 10/6/08. I found out the devasting news that not only am I out of remission but my bonemarrow transplant has failed and the leukaemia is everywhere again! Hopefully I still have a good few months left. I am recieving palliative chemo and steroids to give me more time.On a brighter note I am getting married in five weeks. Its amazing how quick you can organise a wedding. I am also on my soap box about bone marrow donation up here in Scotland!!

I hope I can find the same strength and courage that you have shown. My best wishes to you Adrian!

Dude- read your bit in the Coventry Telegraph last night; much support to you. My Dad has Myeloma & I've just started fundraising for Leukaemia research. Ther work will go on. Well done for going out in a blaze of glory & publicity. I'm a Christian and I pray that God will be close to you; make sure you're
ok with the Lord - ok? See you later. Strength & honour! :) Loz

Sorry to hear that pesky blood of yours is letting you down. Hope the blood and platelets help, (don't know about you but I always thought platelets looked grim, they seemed a bit 'lumpy'!) Oh and something that might make you laugh, they started using new pumps for giving drugs/blood etc. on my ward and it caused a bag of blood to explode all over one of the nurses. Fortunately she wasn't phased, but by all accounts it was like a scene from a Hammer House of Horror film!

Hang in there, thinking of you.
All the best
P.S. Best wishes to Stephanie who posted here as well, make sure you have a great wedding day!

Hello again Adrian.
My close friend underwent a bone marrow transplant at Addenbooke's yesterday. Both you and he possess an amazing and admirable brightness of character.
Good luck.

Sorry to hear you are feeling crap. I hope you will feel much better after your blood tomorrow. J xx

Dear Adrian,
I first heard of you on the BBC news several weeks ago and since then, like many others, I have been following your story here with admiration for your strength and bravery.
You have done such an amazing job in raising the profile of Leukaemia and bone marrow donation, and all the while fighting your own battle. If everyone who reads this blog could show even a fraction of the humanity you have done, surely big changes will take place. My father registered for blood and bone marrow donation a long time ago. Reading your blog and talking to him about his reasoning behind deciding to register have convinced me to register too. I hope others are doing the same.
I was saddened to read your latest post and I hope that you now feel able to focus on yourself, safe in the knowledge that we will continue your battle for you to spread the word of the importance of bone marrow donation. Your strength of character and determination to fight until the very end are an inspiration to us all and my thoughts and best wishes go out to you now more than ever. Please take comfort from knowing you have made a real difference in this world.
With much love and respect,

Just came across your story and I am so sorry this has happened to someone so young and full of life. I am traveling the same road with my sister - she was diagnosed last May and has fought thru 3 lots of chemo, stem cell transplant and was to start chemo this week in preparation for a bone marrow transplant but is very ill with a fungal infection in her lungs - no chemo for her now.

Stay strong and positive and know that there are people reading your story that fully understand and wish you a better life.

Gayle (Australia)

Hi mate- have been following your blog. Your courage is breathtaking and humbling. Just watching Prime Ministers Questions and your campaign has been raised again by your MP and once again Gordon Brown paid tribute to you. You are an example to us all and your legacy will live on and help hundreds of people in the future (something that most people never achieve in their lifetime). Stay strong and hope that you stay as well as possible. I like many others are hoping for a miracle for you.
You're a star.

Hi Adrian,
So you had an infusion of the red stuff, eh? Bet it was an infusion of vintage Rioja really, and you are just keeping quiet, 'cos everyone will want one ;)
To be serious for a second.. I hope the red stuff has made you feel much better.. and I can't tell you how much of an inspiration your blog has been.. you made me take a long, hard look at my life and ask myself what I have achieved and want to strive to do more to make an impact in a positive way.. If, during my entire lifetime, I achieve a tenth as much as you have in the past few months I will be a very, very happy girl indeed.. you should be very, very proud.. you are saving lives, both literally through encouraging bone marrow donation... and figuratively by inspiring people to make a difference as you have to me.
Lots of love and prayers (and Rioja!)

Dearest Adrian
What can we say, so, so unfair, our hearts bleed for you.....

'There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the worls. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.'

This is what you are doing...for the rest of us...

God Bless

Garry, Lynda and James

Dear Adrian,

Ive been reading for several weeks now, you truly are an inspiration to people young and old all over the world. Your campaign means so much to so many people...awarness is the key and you are making people aware
You are such a brave young man, my heart and prayers goes out to you and your family

Kelly (Michigan, USA)

Hang in there Adrian! Don't give up, stay strong and positive! You are leaving a big impression all over the world!

Greetings from Miranda - Juneau, Alaska

Hallo from Greece!
I visit your blog everyday and have it in my links list for everyone 2 C! My thoughts are with you! You should know that we are mentally and emotionally with you and ALWAYS will be!... I really like the humorous way you approach this situation... Be strong as you are!

P.S. We will meet someday!

Your blog is the most emotional thing I have ever read.

Your strength and determination is admirable and you are a true inspiration to everybody.

I have never left a message on a blog before, and am at a loss as what to say, but take care and stay strong.

Jill and Paul

Thank you for everything Adrian.

Love and prayers,

Adrian, Hope you are stronger today mate. Take care and keep fighting. All my thoughts are with you.


I first saw you on the news a year ago when you were due to have the intense radiotherapy (??) at Weston Park, and this was around the same time I finished my chemo/radiotherapy at WP(hodgkins lymphoma). Unfortunately, during our treatments we never got to meet, we are the same age, and when I saw you on TV promoting the petition recently, I was struggling to conrol my emotions when you were talking about all the things you wished you could do (football etc).
Some people have said that I was brave and inspiring during my treatment, but compared to you, I feel pretty average. I would only be repeating what thousands before me have said already in describing what we think of you, my only hope is everybody can take your spirit and courage and apply it to their lives, and if that happens the world will be a much better place.

Take care, and keep fighting



Hope things go well for u tomorrow and u gain back your energy. Rest for a day or so and mind yourself. Be extra nice to yourself for those few days!

Surround yourself with great family and friends and people who bring you joy and happiness.

You rock!


Just proof that your story has touched people around the world. I am writing from Vancouver, Canada and wanted you to know that you are a true inspiration. I am battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma and have turned to your blog for strength and courage on more than one occasion. I vow to encourage everyone I know to become a blood marrow donor. Your family and friends are very blessed to have someone like you in their lives.

Thinking of you,

I just heard your name mentioned on the national evening news concerning Prime Minister's question time. All that aside I was devastated to hear that you only had weeks to live. How brave you and others are to keep fighting for every last bit of life you can have! You are such an inspiration to myself and so many. I will relate your story to my children as they grow and meet with some of life's struggles. I hope that you will find this a fitting legacy. You don't know me but I feel that I know you. May the rest of your days be filled with joy. God bless and keep you. All my love, Melanie Saavedra.

Hi Adrian,

Just watched you on five news with Natasha. Thank you for awakening the world to greater things than the material.

I pray that God sends you a cure real soon, and that you have a personal relationship with Him. May He guide and strengthen you and your loved ones through this journey.

Stay blessed,

hi Adrian

hope you better today!!! YOU R THE BRAVEST GUY EVER!!


i honestly have never heard or seen anyone braver than you. Your courage and determination is outstanding and i am so humbled by you. If its only a small help to tell everyone i know to sign up for the donor marrow then thats what i intend to do. Hang on in there fella - you have work to do yet :-) xxx

Hi Adrian,
I have just seen you on tv. You need to know that you reached and touched me and as it happened to me you are also touching millions of people as well. I am Brazilian, I am sending your story to everyone I know in England, Brasil, and in everywhere. Be assured that because of you many lives will be saved. I am sending you all my love, keep strong. My thoughts are with you. Much peace for you always.




I came across your blog about 2 weeks ago and I've been reading it ever since. You are, by far, the most courageous person I've "met" and are an inspiration to me. God bless you and your family and keep smiling :)



Hello love. I have been watching your site. Your story has moved me especially as you are around the age of my 3 sons. You are doing a fantastic job. You have done a lot of sowing and now you are seeing the fruits of your labor. Try and pace yourself please.

Hello Adrian ,have just watched you on the news and really wanted you to know that my prayers and thoughts are with you at this time in your life , of course death comes to all of us sooner or later but the question is `Do you know the lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour ? that is the most important question you could answer as you near the end of your life . If the answer to the above question is no ! wont you simply ask Jesus to come into your heart right now, so that you may know and spend eternity with Him because He loves you very much.
I pray you will know His touch
Regards Lynne.

As a Mum of a family of 3 daughters your age and a son I cant begin to imagin what your parents must be going through as you continue to fight this terrible illness. At 50 I fear I am to old to give my marrow but I will spread your good work to my friends and family and hopefully little by little we will start to make a difference.In spirit your life will go on.My thoughts are with you. Ann a mother.

hey :-D
i seen you on the news and you inspired me. i am fighting a depresion that iv had for 5years but i wont give in after seeing you. i am in the process of registering and as im only 20 i may be able to help lots of people during my life, though not as many as you are helping right now. hope you feeling better.
all the best

Have been reading your blog for a while, and find it is really emotional as I lost my husband a few years ago to Non hodgkins lymphoma. He went through pretty much the same but I now have a better idea of how he felt. Loads of respect, admiration etc for you and anyone else coping with cancer. Hang on in there - we are also promoting bone marrow donation locally. Thinking of you and hoping for the best

Hi Adrian

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia last year I will celebrate my one year remission anniversary on Friday. Its one hell of a journey isn't it, I was 32 and a mother to 2 young children so it was a tough time. I am lucky and got through it but it has changed my life forever. You have made such a difference and you have made the best out of a bad situation but what else can you do other than curl up and feel sorry for yourself.

Hang in there you can beat this bastard disease.

Have faith, hope and love


Thankyou Adrian for your generosity in sharing your story with us. I think of you and your family often.
You have given me much needed insights into how a young person feels when faced with a life threatening disease, the complications of transplantation and death.
Thanks to you,I am now much better equipped to face whatever the future may hold for my 24 year old son as continues his fight against Leukaemia.
Words are not nearly enough.....

((((big Hug))). Still thinking of you & praying. Keep laughing, singing and breathing deep. It will induce more oxygen into your blood and happy nuerotransmitters that heal & rejuvenate the cells. I too have similar symptoms and know just how heavy even a spoon can be to lift. Pray you have cheerful, crazy people around you that uplift your spirits-thus adding energy to your being. Keep the 'doom & gloom' people away-they only zap your energy away. You are a great inspiration to many of us. Remember that the body is not you! Your spirit is eternal. Hang in there little angel, for a while longer. 0:-)
(((Big Hug)))

First of all a big hug from Northern Calif. You are an amazing person. I am sorry you are feeling as you do. I would say bad but your attitude is so positive as you fight this disease that the word "bad" does not fit you. I want to give you one word to think of as you start your day and that is "celebrate". 3 years ago cancer was a day to day event in my family but we, as best as we could got through each day starting it with the word "celebrate" it has now become our family logo. So Celebrate Adrian you are awesome!!
Keeping you in my thoughts!

Hi Adrian,

I remember only too well being where you are now. Endless transfusions, infections, Hickman line (such a good look), mouth ulcers, blood in the mouth, and those bruises! On top of the chemo, it felt endless.

Unlike you, I could barely think straight - let alone write, so am filled with ongoing admiration that you're still keeping up with the blog.

Despite all of this crap, you've still got a smile that could light up Blackpool.

I'm off tomorrow to train as a volunteer for Leukaemia Care, so finally there might be some decent support/counselling available to haematology patients when you are undergoing treatment.

Hoping you'll feel vetter after a big hit of blood and platelets.

Ali Jacobs


I first read about your story and the cause you're promoting via an article on MSN. From there I googled your blog and began to read your entries. All I can say is stay strong. I've lost several close family members to terminal diseases as well, and all I can say is, terrible things happen to good people. It's a really messed up world we live in, and every time I hear stories like yours on top of the loss of my own family members, I question faith even more.

Anyhow, just know that I watch your space and hope the very best for you. You seem like a very kind, caring,and compassionate individual. Just try to stay positive and as cliche as it sounds "never say die!".


Adrian I was at the Hallamshire on the 10th june. I took the donation up to g2, as p3 is closed for refurbishment as you will know. I gave the money to the ward clerk. And was pleased to hear that the fund has almost reached it's target!!!! I SAY YOUNG CHAP THAT IS BRILLIANTY!! What else can we expect, with 2 good looking blokes like YOU and Sean Bean highliting the course. Not to mention that one is a successful yorshire actor and the other one has touched so many different peoples lives with his selfless courage, determination and magnetism that most people never have. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED YOU WILL ALWAYS SHINE and YOU ARE A YORKSHIRE LAD LOVE and HUGS SUSAN XXXX

Just watched you on the news, and we've been following you since you came in the public eye, we believe you are an incredibly brave and couragous man, and within the last couple of weeks we have been reticent to write to you, wishing our hopes and prayers yet not knowing what to say, but at the end of the day, we want you to know, and we're sure other viewers of your blog also agree, you are an inspiration to all of us and we admire everything you stand for, your one brave guy and hope you'll stay strong for weeks/months/years to come.

Cath and danny


You surely have the most amazing strength to do all that you are doing. It is heart rending yet raises spirits to see what you put here on your blog and the fact that you keep it up when you are busy fighting the fight -AGAINST Mr Lue kaemia and FOR spreading the word about bone marrow donation.

I tried to give platelets and was refused due to rubbish veins, but am on the bone marrow list already in the hope I can help.

I read the messages you get daily and I join a lot of people in the hope that I will log on one of these days and a miracle has happened!!!

You have touched the hearts of so many people and have made sure that you are recognised,remembered and loved by thousands.

Keep shining on Adrian you are one big star! XX

Hi Adrian

My god !!! what can I say that has not already been said. Everytime I see you on TV or hear your name i think 'thank god he is still here ' There are no words in the english language that can ever begin to explain what your inspirational attitude means to so many people. I have told friends, neighbours, colleagues to read your blog and many have been in tears. If ever there was a person to aspire to it is you. I have had a client in today who is 19 and alcoholic. He is desparate to get help and i have referred him I used you and your story as an inspiration to him. He was in tears. You may well have saved his life !!

God bless you in your fight. Marion x

I did my assemblies this week to all my pupils in Lanishen High School Cardiff. They were visibly moved by your incredible story and self-less dtermination.Many of them have looked at this blog and continue to discuss and ask questions in school. I know that this has had a lasting affect on them and as citizens of the future they will remember. During the week one member of staff shared her experiences as a bone marrow donor and will be speaking to our sixth form in the next academic session.

Your name has been a by-word here this week and a smalll part of Cardiff is sending our support and best wishes. You are a truly inspirational young man.

Alan (Holland)

Deputy Head

Hope the blood/platelets help. I work in a Cancer unit and know how vital these product are. If everyone who reads this blog donates a unit of blood they will help SO many people.
All power to your campaign
Thinking of you

Mate you are an inspiration, makes all the little niggly aches and pains I suffer feel like nothing.

Mine and my familys thoughts are with you.

You have put things into perspective for me Adrian and for that I thank you.

Thinking about you and sending hugs, love and prayers.
God Bless you

Carole xxx

Hello Adrian,
As ever, when I read your posts, I think about what a truly fantastic man you are; your humour and warmth. I loved the pictures of you on your recent nights out and it was great to see that smile of yours shining.
Kate xx

Hi Adrian,

It's Katie from Glasgow (originally from Shelley). I signed your petition after seeing you meeting Gordon Brown and will be encouraging as many people here in Glasgow to sign it too and of course sign up for bone marrow donation.
After seeing you on 5News I realised that I was one of those you mentioned who would think that donation was a painful and horrific procedure, I asked a few friends what they thought it entailed and they all said the same. I have put them straight and will continue to discuss this issue whenever I can to convince more people to become registered donours.

It goes without saying really Adrian, how your contribution to this issue will undoubtably save the lifes of so many others. It is a completly selfless act and you are indeed a true hero worthy of every tribute you have recieved and more. Each of us hope that our lifes will have meant something come the end of it and usually it has to those who love us and the lifes we have touched. Yours Adrian will have meant so much more than the average and to so many more people; your life will go on in those lifes you will be saving and in that your memory will not die. Your mum must be the proudest mum in the world fella.

In my thoughts,

Katie Rhodes and Glasgow friends.


Just wanted to say HI. I'm a cousin of Chris Austin who I think studied with you. His Mum told me of your incredible journey & I've been reading your blog for ages... You are doing an awesome job; I pray (not generally religous) for a miracle to happen...

You are in so many hearts.



I've been reading your blog since hearing you on Radio 2 several weeks ago, and up till now haven't felt able to post. Reading this entry though made me feel an overwhelming panic, that if I didn't tell you now what a difference you have made to my perspective on life, then it might be too late next time I look.

I wish there were words to describe how incredibly selfless and generous your spirit is in trying so hard to help others. Your wonderful warm smile at the top of this page is an inspiration to all, and a reminder that the niggles and gripes most of us have are really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

When I lost my dad, my best friend sent me a card saying 'why is it that when the right words could help so much, there are no right words?'. I'm sitting here, tears streaming, wishing more than anything I could find those right words.

I hope the latest treatment can give you a little longer free of pain, and that when the time comes, the next stage brings you the reward you truly deserve.

With the warmest of wishes, the gentlest of hugs, and the deepest of thanks
Pennie xx

i found this website because i was searching for pictures of rashes. your little bruises look like the rash my 9yr old has on his legs. I just discoverd them. What other symptoms do you have.

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