Sudders does Al Jazeera


"Adrian, we heard about your story and wondered if we could get you on the show to talk about the campaign."
- Sure, no problem. When were you thinking?
"Monday, 8pm, we will arrange a car to take you to a studio in Leeds."
- Sounds good. Out of interest where will this show be aired?
"We go out live across north America, western Europe, much of the Middle East and south east Asia. At that time slot we tend to get viewing figures of around 140 million, but we think it's closer to 170 million."


Whow up to 170 million people. Guess that must be difficult to comprehend. Well done and keep up the good work.

Take care


Bravo, Adrian!!

I did a quick test and asked a few people about whether they'd ever considered donating bone marrow and you're 100% right, all four crinkled up their noses and said something about not wanting to "go into the bone". I just didn't have a clue what it involved before reading your blog a while back and since my father died of a bone marrow related problem (though a transplant was never on the table - so to speak) i'm ashamed I didn't find out more then.

Amazing Mr Superstar Sudbury, you should be so proud of what you've achieved!

170 million + 1.
Thank you for sharing the video.

This is quite odd, and I was hoping to hear your opinion.

I am a 21 year old female living in the United States.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine needed a bone marrow transplant. I went to give blood in hopes that I would be able to help her, however, I was not an appropriate match. I stayed on the bone marrow donation registry in case another individual found that I was a match, but never heard a thing for years.

I am now an undergraduate student studying abroad in Brighton during my 2008 summer holiday (May-August). I listen to the BBC from the states, and watch the morning news now that I am here. I saw your interview on the BBC last week and was very excited to see someone promoting bone marrow transplants since my friend had a successful transplant and is now living quite comfortably. Within two days, no joke, the bone marrow registry which I had signed up with years ago contacted me and told me that I was a match.

I am trying to look for information at this point. I'm living in a foreign country where I am not a citizen, hold no job, am not enrolled as a student, and don't have UK health insurance (I am only here for 10 weeks). However, if after further testing I am a candidate for this individual I would like to donate and do all that I can to help. Do you have any information about where I can go next? Please email me if there you have any suggestions.

Wow. Congratulations. You're rock'n it!

I wish you all the best.

I'm amazed and inspired. Adrien, you're really making a difference. I don't watch the news much here, but have you been "featured" here in America?

Hot Damn! That is amazing! Congratulations!! Yippee :) - Beth


I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I admire you for so many reasons. You're so courageous, whether or not you believe it, because you're facing this disease with such an inspirational outlook.

I got involved in bone marrow donation in part because my Grandmother passed away from Multiple Myeloma when I was 6 years old. She was too weak to have a bone marrow transplant, and even if she had gotten one the cancer would have remained incurable, but it's something I never forgot. Years later I happened upon a bone marrow drive in honor of Ms. Christine Pechera. She had the same disease her little brother died of at 16, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and was in a dire state because there is such a difficulty in finding a match for those of Asian descent.

Christine eventually had a partial-match transplant and is in remission today, but I will never forget that short time I spent begging people to sign up at my university. We even recruited the custodian who came to kick us out of the room we'd borrowed! Once you explain the process, it really does lose the scary stigma. :) I know that once people hear your story they'll want to sign up to be a part of the registry for sure. And I hope and pray that every bit of the time you have left is spent fighting the good fight. You're such an inspiration to so many people.

Woo Hoo!

I am in awe with how far you have spread the message. I hope you realise that your work will definitely contribute to more lives being saved not only in England, not only in the English-speaking world, but in numerous countries and communities around the world.

You are amazing.

Totally awesome Adrian, totally!

Wow! I just want you to know how you have inspired me and helped me to understand what my stepdaughter is going through.
You are in my prayers daily.

You are amazing, Adrian. Absolutely amazing. I am a better person for having found this blog and gotten to know what I do of you.

You are in my thoughts!

Hey Adrian

This is amazing! The work that you are doing is going to save thousands of lives, I'm in awe!

Take care,

Kim xoxo

Hi Adrian,
You probably don't remember me, but i started a work placement at the Examiner shortly before you became ill. I think we only met once or twice, but i always remember how friendly you were, and you made me feel much less nervous- i really wish i could have got to work with you more!!!
I have been reading your blog from the beginning and think that you are an absolute inspiration to so many people- sorry it has taken me so long to finally comment!!!
Anyway, take care, and i wish you all the best.
Lauren xx

You are one truly amazing man, Adrian! It has been an eye-opener reading your blog and I have been telling everyone I know about it!
God bless,
Lizzie x

hi i am Shaima from Syria,before a couple of days i saw Adrian on theAljazeera international beeing hosted by Riz Khan,it was so moving and great,i think he should be proud of himself being thatstrong and trying to turn his bad experience into something good for theworld by concentrating on the importance of donors.

Brilliant Adrian !

Especially as Aljazeera reaches parts of the world where awareness and treatment of cancers is alot less than in Europe/US.

Hey Adrian
Fantastic work! Now totally an International Ambassador for Bone Marrow donation! What a shame you never considered a career in politics, you have got more people inspired in a week than it takes most people to do in years of campaigning!
Your personality shines through and everyone has taken you into their hearts,
Sally x

Wow Adrian - world domination...what's next?? I was in Kenya last year and we got Aljazeera over there too! There's just no stopping you is there!

Still addicted to your blog and making sure I spread the word for you, getting anyone and everyone I know read it, understand bone marrow donation better and consider getting themselves on the register.

You're making a massive difference - you should be really proud of yourself!

Take care x

Adrian, I have posted your link to this blog and the petition page to all my websites, blogs and whatnot. All my family, friends, contacts and associates have been informed of your cause.

Although I have never been touched by leukaemia, I have been touched by your story. Together with the people that read you, we will educate as many people as possible.

you truely are an inspiration.

I told you - you are a SUPERSTAR!!!!!

Actually, to be honest, you're more like a rockstar!!!

Awesome, well done!! x x

Adrian you legend!

Loads of love to you, can't believe all that you are doing. Just hope you don't wear yourself out - watch those blood counts!

Cath xx

Well done! You and your family must be so proud. Keep up the great work as long as you can but also don't forget to have some fun as well! Hope you are feeling well and this is not too much of a drain on you. Ill keep watching in awe


Hi Adrian,

Your petition is circulating the emails of Brighton Uni right now - it's a wonderful thing that you are doing this. I'm on the Antony Nolan Register and am always a bit of a preacher to others to get on the list too - keep up the hard work - it will be a lasting tribute to you.

Hey AD!

Wow you've been busy!!! You're a celeb now!!!
Was thinking about those days on Kenmare Road, me, Catherine, Vicky and Nina living next door to you guys, sticking up messages in the kitchen windows about going for drinks in the Brookhouse!! Got loads of pics of the Raz and Time Tunnel, etc. How funny?! I remember you being thrown about above everyones heads when 'The one and only' came on!!
I'm living in Sheffield now too, up in Walkley.
Just wanted to say hello and I'm thinking of you.

Lots of love and hugs,
Linds xxxx

what an amazing job you have done. Well done

To back your campaign I put a poster in my communal hallway in the block of flats i live in asking people to sign the petition for better awareness about bone marrow donation and to read this blog. Also I have posted the petition in several of my blogs.

Keep up the amazing work Adrian, your an inspiration to many people and won't be forgotten.

Victoria, London

I live in Greece and saw your spot on Al Jazeera the night it was aired.
It was that that brought me to your blog and to the Downing Street petition and all I can say is...Keep at're doing a wonderful job and certainly opened my eyes to the process of donating bone marrow.

Well done!! Lots of love xx

hey Adrian

I 'learnt' about you from the Riz Khan show on Al Jazeera. I'm english, living in Algeria at the moment. You moved me emotionally, and also to action, which was of course your intention. You are so inspiring, strong, compassionate, directional, kick-ass. You have made a difference already, and it will be a permanent difference because of your campaign.

By the way, I read some of your past posts and you commented that you were not happy with the way the illness and treatment have made you look. You look great, man. If i saw you on the street I would want to ask you out for a drink.

Take care and be proud

Just wanted to pop in and say that that was a really good show! If I had a tv i would definitely have stayed around to watch it so thank you for putting it on here for wider viewing


Hey Adrian-

Thanks. You've inspired me to register! You also inspired me to write a story about bone marrow donation for the small intl radio program for which I am a producer.

The future of BMT programs in developing countries depends on increasing donors! Right now, the VAST majority of donors in the world are of northwestern European descent. These are not good odds for the "rest" of the world.

Thanks for taking this campaign global! You are truly living out the golden rule...

Grace and Peace,

Hi luv!
All I can say is gooooooo Adrian!!!!!! Gosh my shirt is not big enough of how proud I am of you, keep it up! but please luv be safe and're sooooo hot n gorgeous!! but more then anything you're precious; precious to many of us...hugs n lots of kisses, and like I said before I wish I was there to squeeze you in person!


Hi Adrian,

You are such an inspiration to everyone. I just started recently reading your blog.
My brother in law has Multiple Myemoma. I see what he has to go through on a daily basis.
You have so much courage.

Hi Adrian:

This was a great program. Just wanted to let you know that I filled out my registry form for the US bone morrow registry today and I should be getting my swabs for my tissue samples within the week. I've been emailing everyone and I put a link to the Bone Marrow registry on my MySpace page. You are truly working wonders.

I think about you every day and hope you are doing well. You have really inspired me.

Denver, CO USA

Wow, Adrian!

I know you have said more than once that you are not brave: that you simply got sick and wrote about it. Those facts are true. But when you wrote, the world awoke and read your words, watched your well executed videos, and followed your daily struggle - one that most would chose to fight in private. And now knowledge is spreading and settling for good in peoples' minds and will help this and generations to come who struggle with a similar illness or have loved ones who do. It is a vital service, and your voice makes the information so accessible to readers from anywhere.

From your blog alone I would say you are an incredibly generous soul. And your wisdom to understand that fear of death isn't logical is not something most people acheive even in long lifetimes, much less in their 20s.

And now with your Campaign! Well, again generosity seems to be pumping fast through your veins, Bravely (can I call the generosity brave?) knocking all the greedy cancer cells out of the way.

All of us are blessed by your gift of time and precious energy you have shared with millions. I imagine that your family and lifelong friends must be in awe of you and their luck for having been able to share in all of the quick but memorable 28 years.

Thank you, Adrian, for your warmth and generosity during what I can only hope have been the hardest times of your life. If you don't like the label "brave", please consider accepting "off-the-scale generous and beyond wise."

I hope you feel as well as possible and that you let some of the world media come to YOU sometimes. You sure have them in the palm of your hand. Awesome job!

Wisconsin, USA

well done you are helping so many people xxx

Your strength of character and bravery are both truly inspirational and utterly humbling. I can't sign your campaign as I am not a UK resident, but am sending the link to everyone I know in the UK to get them to support it. Take care of yourself and have a fantastic weekend!

Sam xx

Dear Adrian
You are doing amazing things for so many people and it's incredible to read about it all.
But could you, would you tell us how you are doing too? There are so many of us wishing so much for you and your family. If you don't mind and have a few moments........please let us know how you are doing.
Big hugs
love and light

I completely agree with Annie, we are all wanting to hear about you as well as the campaign. If it is not too difficult let us know how you are.
Am watching the programme about Russell Watson and seems quite similar to you in his outlook on things - not seen it all though.
Hope you are staying strong and having lots of time with your friends and family after the media whirlwind. Amazing that 170 million people have heard your message. I know quite a lot of posters have told you to find God or to try this or that but you know what are the right choices for you and should stick to them.
Much love

Hello Adrian

Truly amazing and you wore a familiar hat!

But like Annie, how are you going on?

Well done, well done

Best Wishes to you & your family


There is no god but Him, therefore, in Allah Alone let the believers put their trust.

think about this sentences. it is fantastic.
you will be better . I sure, IF YOU WANT.
with best wishes for you.


You are absolutely, utterly, astoundingly fantastic!

I have read your blog from beginning to end and have cried through most of it.

You are truly an inspiration.

At a time when many people would give up, you have gone above and beyond in your campaign to help others.

My dad was diagnosed with AML in March 05 and died in Aug 05. He went through the same teatments that you have i think, he had c.diff 3 times and mucositis twice. After battling the AML and gaining remission, he died due to a hospital superbug called Pseudomonas.

I am looking into becoming a bone marrow donor now - because of you. A BMT was never on the cards for my dad. I will encourage everyone I know to do the same.

I am humbled. I could only hope, only wish, to have just a fraction of the strength, courage and determination that you have shown.

I can imagine how very proud your family and friends are.

Much love to you Adrian, I pray that your passing is gentle - I'm sure that you will be surrounded with love

x x x

Hi Aid,

just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm thinking of you.

The camaign seems to be going really well. You are making a difference and will surely save some lives.

Hope you're doing okay and looking after yourself.

On behalf of Donna her family and me thanks again for the blog.

All the best

Greg X

Congratulations on educating the world. You are truly accomplishing your mission.
I noticed you talk a lot about the misconception of needles being stuck into your spine - or painful drilling procedures when donating. Just so you know, in the US, the one thing I hear consistently about donating is another misconception - but a very vague one, that "donating marrow is much more painful for the person donating than the recipient." I think if you address a US audience in the future, this might be helpful to you to squash this myth. I think that the unknown aspect of the donation process is the real fear here - and if you eliminate that fear, you will see many more additions to the registry.

I could go on about how incredible I think you are - I follow your blog & think about you all the time - but I hope this info is more helpful. I have to say at least once, however, that you are amazing.


WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!

You are certainly making people sit up and take notice on this.. Thinking of you. Please let us all know how you are too.... Dawn xxx

I also have leukemia and many other body problems.
I love your outlook and natural goodness.
I was a teacher of death&dying. My husband has written many books on this subject,from a Buddhist practice point of view(not religion).
I appreciate how much you are helping , many around the world .
The world needs education and thankfull you are doing it.
The drs & friends, need education,on how to treat us.
I find that people treat those of us with illiness as if we are already dead.This may be in part ,because of older age(me) and younger age may be different? It seems that cancer scares beings away,out of fear. when we need them most!
much thanks

Hi Adrian,

Just wanted to say that I think what you are doing is brill. I myself am a blood donor and have wondered about bone marrow donation but thought the process was a lot worse that it is. Thanks to your informative blog and videos the next time I go to the blood donors I will be asking to go on the register, I am also telling everyone I speak to about the simple process of becoming a donor.

My thoughts are with you, and when it is your time I hope you just slip away.

Wishing you good health for as long as possible.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards


ive seen you on tv chap, good luck on the other side, i'm sure that you will be fine. there may have been something in your life that you may not have done. tell me some of them and i will do my my best to fulfil them for you, if we ever meet there where ever it is, i'll let you know what i managed to do. good luck and stay brave. steve.

Hey Adrian

Just checking in , so to speak!, I am not sure how all this works but I assume that you are getting to read these responses in person. Hope you are OK, not alot of point in posting this as it is not a thought backing your cause although I whole heartedly do so, but it is more a message to say I am thinking about you and hope that you are not suffering too much in anyway, it is very difficult to put things into the written word without sounding crass but simply put I am thinking about you and if thoughts had the power to heal, well no more need be said...


Get you, meeting with the rich and famous. And single-handedly leading the campaign to bring woolly hats back to the forefront of fashion. I salute you sir!! What you're doing is great, I was also one of those who assumed that donating bone marrow carried roughly the same level of bodily trauma as being hit by an estate car at 40mph and you've shown me that this isn't the case. I'm the most squeamish person going but even I'm giving some serious thought to getting myself on the register. Keep up the good work!!

Hi Adrian,
That is absolutely fantastic news! :)
I was talking with one of my friends the other day and he asked me the question if you could choose three people to have at a dinner party, who would they be?
One of the people I chose was you, so that I was able to tell you in person what a fabulous inspiration you truly are to me... and also because I love the hunour, which despite everything you have managed to show.
You are making a huge difference in you campaign... and should be hugely proud.. as many, many lives could be saved through the publicity you are managing to bring to bone marrow donation.



Hi, I work for NMDP in Mpls. We got to know you through your interview with our CEO and ever since our whole office has been rooting for you! Everyone has seen the clips on YouTube and we've been glued to your blog.

We work hard every day to get people to see how easy it is to save someone's life, and seeing how hard you've been working at it makes us want to try even harder. You rock!

I work in communications and just last week I got to film an bone marrow actual transplant, probably the first time it's ever been filmed. People think it's painful and difficult, when in reality it's just like donating blood. You don't even know when it happens!

If there is anything we can do to help your campaign please let us know. We are proud to have you participate in our mission to save lives.

Take care!

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