Thanks for the weekend



And so begins a potentially difficult week.

In a few hours I will have a crucial bone marrow sample taken.

The results, which we are hoping to learn on Wednesday or Thursday, will show one of two things.

1. This relapse can be controlled by drugs.
2. I will have to choose whether to have further intensive treatment or not.

Not a particularly pleasant set of circumstances but on the plus side I did have an excellent weekend.

I'm hoping today that the doctors don't ask me how many units of alcohol I've consumed because I will clearly have to lie.

On Saturday my friend Ben and I cruised down to London in my hot new wheels - or the Vauxhall Vectra as some people prefer to call it.

He went off to see his family and I went to hang out with an old journalist college friend called Laura in St Albans.

We went out for lunch, and a few drinks, and I confessed that I had no real plans. She was great though. She offered to put me up and said I could come out with her mates around town later.

I don't know if you can do 'shout-outs' in blogs but if you can, here's one to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting on Saturday. Thanks for such a fun time.

I met some lovely people and they really helped take my mind off everything.

Anyway, after many more drinks, games of cards (yes, it was that sort of random night) we ended up in some club which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

The music was excellent but by that time I was so out of it I was unable to bust those special dance moves I have treated all of you to before.

That was probably a good thing.

I think we left about 3am and I seem to remember being in a cab full of really cool girls all singing: “We love you taxi� to the tune of I Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

Needless to say I was a little delicate the next day.

My grandma in Nottingham has been excellent throughout all this.

She has come up with lots of little ideas for treats that include things like theatre tickets and dinner at the House of Lords.

Big Grandma has quite an impressive social network!

One of her ideas was to treat me and friends to lunch at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant, The Maze, near Mayfair, in London.

She arranged for some money to be left behind the bar and for us to treat ourselves to some really good food.

The plan was that me Ben and my friend Olie would all meet there at 12.30pm.

Ben was quite fresh but I was struggling.

However, Olie was in a terrible state.

Me and Ben arrived first and sat down with a glass of sparkling mineral water.

Then Olie rocked up, strides through this beautiful restaurant, clutching a Boots carrier bag.

Joining us he sits down at our posh table, opens his carrier bag and takes out a bottle of water fizzing with Alka Selza!

We must have looked a right sight.

The food was delicious though. I tried smoked eels, quail eggs, sea trout and a beautiful rhubarb crumble.

It was a lovely treat and we were looked after incredibly well by the staff - boy did we need it.

So thanks again Grandma.

Now the fun temporarily stops but whatever the outcome I hope I have the ability to handle the results with dignity and courage.


Hi Adrian,
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I wanted to share something with you...
I was watching a dvd called "Rain", by Rob Bell.
In it, he was talking about how he had taken his baby son out for a walk, carrying him in a baby carrier on his back... it started to rain really heavily, and his son started to whimper at first then cry really loudly as the rain fell ever heavier. Rob then took his son out of the carrier and held him, inside his jacket, very close to his heart and kept whispering softly to him "It's ok.." "Keep going".. "I love you"
That is exactly what God is doing to us, when we go through our rain and hard times. He IS there, in the midst of your suffering and anguish, he cares and is saying exactly the same things to you, as Rob was to his son.
You have my email address, if ever you want someone to pray with you or pray for something specific, please let me know

Julia informs me that at one point you we dancing with her in the Loft to a song that neither of you knew the words to, so you were just mouthing at each other!


No probs for having you at the weekend, you're always welcome!!


I'm glad that you had such a great weekend! And dignity and courage is all that you've shown here so far- you'll handle whatever is coming.

Good luck!


It was lovely to have you with us at the weekend. And you're weren't at all as boring as Laura said you were :-)

Hope the marrow sample thing went well - as soon as you are recovered I expect you back here to play and this time not only will there be sambuka...but I may even come to batch...

Take care


"Olie was in a terrible state"

The bonus of this was I got to eat double portions !! I swear I have grown a belly over this weekend, must have been the Fois grais, smoked eel with foam and dill, quail's egg, marinated lamb, Poussin in rich sauce..
and Posh Rhubarb crumble !

Thanks Big Grandma and Adie, the finest meal I have ever had. Cheers Ollie for being a lightweight.


I recently read a book called "How Doctors Think"
An American author. But we won't hold that against him. I was surprised to learn a great deal about the manner in which Doctors diagnose and how they vary so differently in the respective treatments for the same illness. In particular how different drugs can have success with some patients but not others.

How several of the more mature doctors will go back and revisit their original diagnosis, re-analyse and try to look for a different approach when the first doesn't work.

Medicine is not a perfect science. I hope you are successful in finding your cure. Just don't give up on yourself.

Kind regards,


Hi Adrian

Well looks like you had a great weekend! How nice of your Gran! Enjoy the good times and bare the bad! A good weekend like that shows you that its not all going to be bad. The very very best of luck today and hope the results are what you want (and everyone on here wants for you)

Keep strong mate


Hi Adrian,
I am so glad that you had a lovely weekend. I think that you are such a brave and courageous man and I know that God will bring you through these trials. I will like to leave you with this prayer and I hope it helps:
Lord Jesus Christ, by your patience in suffering you hallowed earthly pain and gave us the example of obedience to your Father's will: Be near me in my time of weakness and pain; sustain me by your grace, that my strength and courage may not fail; heal me according to your will; and help me always to believe that what happens to me here is of little account if you hold me in eternal life, my Lord and my God. Amen
Love, Elizabeth

Glad you had such a great weekend. Sounds like you are beginning to live a little again. I have decided to become a bone marrow donor since reading your blog and am going into speak to my doctor this week to give blood (I do that anyway as I am a rare blood type) and talk about what is involved. I saw you video and having been in hospitol for lots of operations during my life time (I was born with an Exomphalos I am like a human pin cushion anyhow so a few more painful needles won't hurt will it. I am not sure of the risks and need to be careful as I have just had a little one but having had a little look into it I don't think it will be that bad.

Wish you the best of luck with everything if you can get a few more people to give bone marrow or inspire people in the way you have the world is your oyster.

Off on 5 days for the appointment wish me luck

I'm glad you went out and had some fun. I could use some of that too. Good luck with your coming tests.

PS - my brother went drinking and had to have his tests redone because they could tell. His white count went up when he was hung over. He was being tested to see if he was a match for me.

Anyway, I'm thinking about you over here in Canada.

Glad you had a fun weekend! Sounds great :D

Thinking of you and what you have to go through this week. Stay strong.

Catherine x

Hi Adrian

I can't believe you were in St Albans, as we live close by and Dan and his brother go to school in St Albans! I spend the majority of the week drinking coffee there, waiting to pick him up! My daughter also goes to Nottingham Uni so I am up there a fair few times as well.
I am so glad that you had such a great week end, the food and company sounded fantastic and what a wonderful Grandma you have!
Dan seems to be over his stomach problem, bad liver function, now he is just in stress mode re 3 maths exams Thursday which feels he hasn't revised enough for re being ill and getting over steroid effects (has them for 5 days every month).

Fingers crossed and thinking lots of positive thoughts for you,

best wishes

Hello Adrian,

I read your story in the Daily Mail. You will get better. Be positive and look to the future.Best Wishes, Peter Martin.

Dear Adrian
I am waiting and hoping right along with you all.
Many positive thoughts screaming across the ocean...
love and light
Steven's mom

Hi Adrian

What a great weekend you`ve had - just the tonic you needed and you sound so much better - all good stuff.

Crewe managed to stay up - there`s not many clubs who lose 4-1 at home on the last day of the season and manage to stay up!We will have to try and beat Forest next time!

We are busy at this end organising a LRF fundraising do and hope to raise a good amount.
Shall be thinking of you this week and send you all our love and hope.

Best Wishes to you and your family


Now I feel like I am stalking you! I just wanted you to laugh at me and my terrible Friday lunch with my friends for a 40th. In case you ever felt the urge to wear very high heels and go out drinking please, please don't because I managed to stumble trip and oops break my leg. Now in plaster and frankly deserving no sympathy at all! Best of everything to you over the next couple of difficult days.

Katie Game
Plastered twice in two days! x

Hi Adrian,

Having recently read your story in the Daily Mail, I would like to wish you the very best of luck with your test results.

Best Wishes

Nikki ;)

They would have kicked Olie out of Topo Gigios.

So pleased to hear you had such a good
weekend Adrian,and I wish you all the luck
in the world for the coming week,and beyond,
love and hugs,Jean

Your grandma sounds like a legend!!
Glad you had a good weekend mate and I hope the tests went well. Sure you'll let us know the results anyway.
By the way, did you get my text about June 13? We want to see you bust those moves......x

Dear Adrian,
We only discovered your blog via the recent article in the Mail. Keep on writing and talking about your condition. A pity that more men don't find it in themselves to communicate in this manner.
We recently lost my brother to CMML which turned to AML and a bone marrow transplant that failed. He sailed through 3 lots of chemo but the final cocktail had dreadful side effects with mucicitis etc.
If only he had communicated with us verbally or in writing, exactly what was going on in his mind, or allowed us to talk in front of him about "what if he didn't get better, and what his wishes were should he die" it might have helped the rest of the family be more prepared for his sudden demise due to septacaemia. We know every patient has the right to deal with illnes in their own way, and family and friends have a duty to give positive encouragement and support, but acting like ostriches doesn't really help anyone!
Dear Adrain, I wish you a better outcome, but whatever happens, keep communicating!

Dear Adrian,
I hope everithing will get better.There is not that much to say about this situation.It must be hard.I keep you in my prayers.
Love, Giorgia

Hey Adrian,

Great to meet you at the weekend, have certainly heard enough about you!!!

Apologies for letting slip to Oaks that we were behaving like utter morons in the Loft... I recall some serious shape-throwing and a lot of singing to songs that we only knew the tune too and not the words. We are too cool for school!!!

Hope to have you back in the hood some time soon.

Love Jules xx

Hi Adrian

I'm sorry you're so down, I am praying that things will start looking up for you soon. Your blog is an inspiration, not just to fellow sufferers, but to anyone who feels below par physically and mentally. The ability to inspire others is a great and rare gift, I hope you will continue to use it - and have some fun yourself!!

Don't give up. Chris. x

Hi Adrian,

I have just seen this on the news today & my heart goes out to you & your family. You seem so poditive that you will fight whatever the results are. I have lost my husband this year to cancer & his prognosis was poor & hope yours is positive. When you spoke of your family this is what has made me come & find your site. I hope everything goes well & you will be in my thoughts

All the best

Sarah x

I am praying for you, hearing you speak on radio was such an inspiration to me.

May God richly bless you


Hi Adrian

It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Your Grandma rocks! I'd love to go to a Ramsay Restaurant.

Good luck with the results. As I know from my Dad's stay in ICU (yep, he's still in there), health problems are such a rollercoaster and just when you think you have cracked one thing, another comes and bites you on the arse. Then when you get despondent, you get some great treatment with excellent results and you're up again.

Stay strong I am hopeful that your relapse can be controlled by drugs.

Lots of love

Jane xx

Just heard you speaking on Radio Sheffield - what a brave, courageous man you are. I do hope you stay strong enough to receive treatment which may stem the progression of your illness.

Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.


I saw your story in the paper yesterday and I couldn't stop thinking about it. What an amazing attitude you have. It puts all our pathetic moans and groans about life into perspective. You are an example to us all.

I just hope you get to do everything you want to do (and more) in the time you have left.

What are your plans?

Lousie xx

Hi Adrian,

I'm originally from St. Albans (now living in Leeds), reading your descriptions of ending up in a nightclub 'in the middle of nowhere' made me chuckle as i know you must have been talking about Batchwood! Seeing as its the only club in St. Albans and IS in the middle of nowhere!

I saw your story on Calendar news and came to be nosey on your blog, but it has truly touched me and i think you are an absolute inspiration! I'm in the process of (hopefully) donating a kidney to my brother as he has a disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease - so can appreciate your desperation in getting 'donation' message out there! You have made a difference and i'm sure your wonderful friends and family will continue to spread it in your honour!

Good luck in the coming weeks - you're a star!

Hi Adrian,
So glad you had a fun week-end with your friends.It sounds like you all had some wonderful food and lots to drink ! Good for you. I am so glad you are sounding more up-beat..
Thank god for Grandmas too...
Keep your chin up, we are all thinking of you.
Big hug,
Tracey x

Hello Adrian,

Heard you on Victoria Derbyshire's prog. Friday morning.Lovely that Portsmouth supporter phoning in to offer you his Cup final ticket. Hope you were able to go to the game yesterday.

Hearing you reminded me again how important it is to have as much fun and good times as possible. It is the here and now that is important not whats gone or yet to come.

Keep forgetting this and been upsetting myself lately with what if thoughts. It is difficult to have to come to terms(?)with terminal/chronic disease.

Two years ago this July the doctor told me that I have primary progressive MS, by the December I was in a wheelchair.

Now need help with everything. Have no mobility at all in my body. Can just about move my arms and hands and type with one finger.

My darling Richie does everything for me, we love to spend time together, talking and laughing.

Finding losing so much so quickly difficult.
But still have alot, thanks for reminding me about the important things in life.

Hi Adrian
Have just seen you on the BBC and I was most impressed by your campaign to recruit more bone marrow donors onto the register. I too was diagnosed with AML in October 2000 on the first day of my new job as a nursing sister. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Showed my strange bruises to a consultant who sent me to have my bloods done, and 2 hours later, the haematologist is telling me I have leukaemia!
Packed off to Manchester next day for bone marrow biopsy, Hickman Line and start chemo.2/3 weeks in isolation, then 6 weeks later, start the same all over again. My Mum died suddenly on Christmas Day whilst I was in isolation and I was devastated. Had to pick myself up as 6 weeks later, I had MACE chemo, which gave me the most dreadful mucositis throughout my digestive system. In April, I was lucky enough to have a bone marrow transplant from my sister, my only sibling. Not a pleasant experience, but brought on a 'cure'.
I returned to work 6 months later, but struggled with my energy levels. I gradually dropped my hours, and last year took early retirement at 50. I remain very tired, but can live my life, with restrictions.
I too had decided that if the leukaemia returned, I would not have any more treatment, like you, for quality of life issues and that the odds are stacked against us. It is a very difficult, bold and brave decision you have had to make and I hope those around you can understand and support you. The only way I dealt with my illness was by being thankful it wasn't any other member of my family; at least I was in control of how I dealt with it; I wouldn't have been had it been anyone else. How your parents, being one myself, of two lads of similar age to you, are handling it, I don't know, but they are sure to be very proud of you.
Before diagnosis, I had been on the bone marrow register (had to come off, no-one will want my manky blood now!)
I have also recruited at a factory where I was a nurse, and in the Outpatients Clinic of my local hospital (where I was Sister) and collectively recruited 140 new potential donors. My son even got to the 2nd stage and was SO disappointed when told he wasn't a good-enough match.
Few are lucky as me and have a matched sibling, so I am gobsmacked at your campaign to recruit in the face of your own personal tragedy, which you still must be coming to terms with. Good Luck with the campaign and I hope you stay healthy for long enough to see the results. Take Care you awesome man xxxxx

Hi Adrian

I'm a leukaemia sufferer and a hack too (what a combo!) & am deeply touched by your humility and courage. I'm sure your wish will come true because there's every reason for it to happen. If you need help with your campaign please get in touch buddy.


hi adrian i hope you reach the goal and do the important things in the time you got left.
i pray you have some golden nugget moments in the coming hours days and weeks.keep going mate its not over to the fat lady sings !
take care and peace to you and your family .


You're an inspiration to us all, reminding us that having a bad day, wishing for more out of life is not the be all and end all.

Wishing you the best, my God continue watching over you, my prayers are with you.

Hi there, saw you today on TV and just wanted to let you know that what you are doing is Fab and is working cos you have educated me about bone marrow and now I will be educating my boys about it (aged 20 & 14).

Keep the faith, whatever that is for you. At difficult times in our life it is often an uphill struggle... you are truly inspirational, so thanks - not just for telling the world about bone marrow but for making a difference cos of who you are.

Hi Adrian

I saw you on BBC Breakfast this morning and will never forget your approach to life and to a horrible disease.

My dad died of Chronic Myelo-monocytic Leukaemia in 2004, an event which rocked my whole existence. They couldn't find a BM donor match for him in time, and he was such a proud, private man, he refused to allow me to be tested as a match, as unlikely as a positive outcome would have been.

I vowed at that time to become a BM donor and persuade as many others to do so as possible. I am ashamed to say that so many other life events have taken over since, and I haven't done it yet. Your appearance this morning has made me realise how pathetic I am, and that I must get on with it NOW.

Do you realise that Western society is quite unique in measuring life in terms of years? Many other societies measure life by experience and achievement. Going by these benchmarks, your own outlook and your commitment to changing the perspectives of others mean that your own life is a long and significant one, and the impact you'll have is likely to outlast all of us.

Best wishes for the future.

Kind regards

Jeremy Millington

Hi Adrian,

Just found your blog via the BBC website. Ditto to all the previous comments about being an inspiration and demonstrating such courage. You're a star.

I am ashamed to say despite meaning to for ages, I've never given blood. I will, when I return to the UK, enquire about donating bone marrow too. Consider it done. Your campaign is effective.

My very best wishes to you and your family.


Just to let you know that your message touched me this morning. I have made further enquiries regarding registering as a bone marrow donor. Thank you for your efforts.

Hi Adrian

I saw you on T.V the other day... and it made me think.. i would love to help someone in your situation.. Unfortunatley i found out that i can not donate as i was diagnosed with cancer last year at 26.... But im happy to say i have been given the all clear.. But like you say... It is so important for people to come forward.. you never know when you or someone close to you will need this kind of help.. Your so brave.. i wanted to cry reading your post.. Im sure you dont want people to cry for you..

Good look to you Adrian

with love


Hi Adrian ,

I was impressed with your interview with Gordon Brown . I went up last week to the House of Commons to see Tim Loughton.
I went to discuss children in closed adoption cases. We discussed the current system of the NHS direct of contacting families for stem cell donors for children/ adults with leukaemia .

It is only people who have experienced cancer would go so far as to ask the politicians to listen or to help improve matters for others.

My son had leukaemia he was diagnosed in 2004 with ALL T cell he is in remission now. I am also Campaigning to bring awareness to people the difficulties someone lost in the care system has when faced with looking for a genetic key.

You are truly a remarkable young man and an insipration to others. I saw the YT of the LP this is it really people should take notice and go along to help others. Children have to undergo this procedure so we should take their lead and not be afraid to do the same.

I am sending you warm & positive thoughts for you to stay strong.

Best wishes

Linda McDermott

Children's Rights Campaigner

God be with you, you are so brave I just wish I was able to give bone marrow but I am 65yrs my thoughts are with you.

Hi Adrian,
I just read your blog. Pretty intersting. I myself have a brother who is in stage 4 Lung cancer. It's been very hard, watching him go through these chemo treatments. He too, says how much do your keep taking. He is now on his second round of chemo. We can only hope to keep him around for a while. You are truly an inspiration. I myself did not know much about bone marrow transplants. I wish you all the luck in the world. Keep partying!!!! I am from the USA!!! I will get back to you again. Be good

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