Merry Christmas to everyone!


Just a quick post to let everyone know Poppy and I are engaged!


I asked her to marry me after midnight mass and she said yes. I know I'm not a great investment but it just felt like the right thing to do.

It was a brilliant Christmas Eve and we had loads of friends round at my parents' house in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire.


Joining me and Pops here are my mum and dad, my sister Carrie, and my best man Ben Hunter.

I have no idea what this year holds- and no idea about wedding plans - but I know if I can last until the summer it will be a fantastic do.

Once again wishing all readers a very merry Christmas.


Congratulations Sudders all the best to you and Poppy

Merry Christmas

Woo hoo! I'm off to buy a hat!!

Congratulation!! This is such a wonderful news! All the best and happiness to you and your family.

Hi Adrian

CONGRATULATIONS!!Wonderful news and best wishes to Poppy - she must be a great girl.
You all look so happy and so romantic of you, Adrian, to propose at Midnight Mass!

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy 2008.



Happy Christmas to all!
Once again Adie displays great courage in selecting me as his best man ! I have entered into strict training regime to irradicate my chaotic and disorganized ways.. I feel hugely honoured to have been asked to be best man. All the Pinxton lot send their congratulations, once again a toast to Adie and Poppy!
Love ben

Congratulations Adrian & Poppy!!!

I know we've only met the once but I said at the time you were perfect for each other. I'm so happy for you.

Hope you had a lovely christmas, and get well for us all in the New Year :)

Cath x

Right Aido the footy lads are thinking about a stag do!! Congraulations to you both, you made my Christmas with that news

Best wishes now and always


A massive congratulations to you both. This is great news and will be a brilliant start to 2008 for you.

Julie x

well done adrian from all at photopheresis dont forget our invite we like a good do. If you are lucky Helen will wear the HAT!!!!!

Congratulation again guys! Great minds think alike, hey!?!

Hi Adrian and Poppy
Fantastic news...Congratulations on your engagement. What a great way to finish the year. I am sure that you will both be very happy as you seem made for each other.
I hope that 2008 will bring you a lot of joy and better health. Keep taking the pork pies....they look better than pills!
Love Jamie

Congratulations, Adrian and Poppy. Lovely news. At work at the mo, but will raise a glass to you both tonight.

Jill xx

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow, there must be something in the water. I'm really pleased for you both.

Congratulations Adrian and Poppy!

Just catching up on the blog and on your great news. Wishing you every happiness...

Happy New Year, N x

Have been avidly following your blogs since seeing you on the news, feels like i know you!!!!!! Many many congratulations on the engagement, she seems like a special lady from your blog comments. May the wedding give you the fight and strength to keep you fighting! no doubt it will. looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures later in the year. May 2008 bring you all the luck you well and truly deserve.

North Wales

you can't do this AD, our divorce hasn't come through yet!

Congratulations to both of you!!

Not a great investment eh?? I'd put my money on you rather than Darren Bent!!


Congratulations to you both. Here's to a great 2008.

Trish & Phil

Congratulations I am looking forward to buying a hat you want a magician at the `do`Lots of love Uncle Brian and Aunty Lucy


I simply cannot contain the pure excitement that is my current state of mind at this amazing news.....I LOVE YOU GUYS!

ps can we please have a keg of cider oon the day???


Hello Adrian,
This is my first post on your site, although I have followed your blog for some time.
I just wanted to congratulate you and Poppy on your engagement and to say that you are truly one of life's incredible people.
All the best wishes for 2008!

Pleased to hear some one doing well with rare leukemia. My husband has biphenotypic leukemia both types of accute.lymphoblastic and myloid. Hospital has never had a case before has had bone marrow transplant but has graft faliure . still in remission. Been to hell and back a had brain hemmorage due to low platlet.after 2 brain operations doing well.

Well done. hope u keep doing well. my husband has 2 types of leukemia acute lymphoblastic and acute myloid . The hospital has never had a patient with this.After graft faliure and a brain hemorage heis doing well.

Hi Adrian, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement to the lovely Poppy!!!!!
Hope the GVHD does not make a reappearance, all the best Dawn xxxx

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts with the web community. I have just come across your blog and I just want to wish you much strength and love in the new year. Congratulations on your engagement! You are winning the battle!!
With very warm wishes, marisa

congratulations to you and poppy well done pal good luck keep fighting

Chin up mate...just seen your bit on BBC...Good luck keep going and get those people in govt to do what you ask.

Cheers, Simon.

I listened to your story this morning and just wanted to say how inspirational you are. I lost my son Matthew to heart failure 25.3.06 he was 19 years old. I have felt the need to do something that makes me feel as if I am doing something to help other young people but didn't know what. As a teacher I intent to talk about leukemia with my students whether it is on the curriculum or not and I will be joining the bone marrow progrom asap. Only last month on of our 6th form was diagnosed with cancer and our thourghts are with him and you in you fight. I dont know if this will help and I am not a religious person but I feel Matthew's presence around me so often that I am comforted by the fact that he is still here somewhere. Good luck with your campaign and congratulations on your engagement.

Adrian, my husband and I saw your report on BBC breakfast news and we just thank God for them showing this. Our heart goes out to you, your fiancee and family so much. Through the Internet and close friends experiences we have become aware of a God led healing revival taking place in Lakeland, Florida where many people are being healed on a daily basis from life threatening diseases, and as we saw the report this morning we both looked at each other and said "we need to get Adrian to Lakeland to be healed"! If you would like to get in contact, please email me at, it would be a real blessing to see you healed and have your life restored and if you need assistance (financial or other) to get to Lakeland, Florida then we will personally make this happen as your life is too precious to lose. Our hearts go out to you. With love, Jules & Vikki Radford

Hi Adrian

I have just seen you on BBC Breakfast and your plea for more bone marrow donors (if I was allowed, then I would). I suffer from MS and I know my determination is an inspiration to my friends and family , but I have total respect for you in the way you have extended your courage to help leukemia sufferers throughout the world. I respect your decision, after all it is your choice and how very noble of you to realise the impact of your condition on your fiancee, family and friends.

I take my hat off to you - enjoy the rest of your time with the people who you love.

Take care my friend


Hi ther.
YOU are why I do what I do.
My partner and I are dedicated to raising funds 12 months a year for Macmillan Cancer Support.
It was through one of the young patients at the hospital that I worked for at the time that inspired me to start the fundraising.
If you fancy a day out in the hills in a 4x4 with smiles and good banter guaranteed, then please get in touch.
Maybe together we can raise an extra few quid and make more people aware of the Bone Marrow transplants.
Our hearts go oot to you.
as I have said, please get in touch.

Adrian, Brother!!!! I am sure you have received many messages of this nature, but I felt in my heart to share with you. As a Christian, I know that their is victory over leukaemia through what Jesus has done for us.
I will be lifting you up in prayer and speaking victory into your life. Jesus Christ took these diseases, diseases that doctors say are incurable, and put them on the cross. I encourage you to lift your requests in prayer as well. Stand strong brother!!!

Love to you all x

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