Sudders does the House of Lords


Our campaign has now been highlighted in the House of Lords.

This is another massive boost for the campaign, petition and everything else we are trying to achieve.

There are few issues I am aware of that have worked their way up the political ladder so quickly and so spectacularly.

Thank you to Lord Harrison of Chester and Gordon Parsons (of Nottingham) for taking such an interest in what I am attempting to make a reality and for raising the issue of education on such an incredible stage.

My message to all the Lords reading this, or who have taken an interest in the issue, please get in touch if you have any further ideas about making this 40-minute talk about blood, bone marrow and organ donation, a reality in 6th form colleges.

While the exposure was superb - the answer was of course less clear.

Here is a link to Hansard - the UK Parliament's official record.

Please click here.

The video team have been trying to get a video of the speech but let's just say it's proved harder than we first thought.

We are still in the process of talking to colleges and developing a more detailed strategy.

So much for just hoping Whitehall would wave a magic wand.

It's such a simple, cost-effective idea, but I know it is going to take more time and work.

Thanks again for all the ideas that are bubbling under the surface and the general ground swell of support and assistance.

Please keep your thoughts and comments coming in.

Before I shuffle off I will make sure there is a clear strategy to ensure the talk comes off as effectively as it can, that the blog keeps going in someway and perhaps we set up a database/mailing list to all ensure in the coming years you are able to easily keep in touch and this issue is not forgotten.

I know my family and friends will not let this rest - and although it feels strange writing this - I include all of you as part of this group now.

Does that seem a bit strange to you too?

I have always joked that I'm not a technical person, or an internet user as such, just a print hack who got ill and wrote about it, but there are these powerful connections being built around the world, spanning the computers of strangers I feel like I have known for years yet have never met - and perhaps will never meet.

Sometimes when I take a step back I am just in awe at how incredible, powerful, and influential, this community has become.

I have written briefly, and on reflection will certainly revisit in a future post, the curious nature of how liberating my gradual demise has been.

But it has also been an incredibly empowering experience which, although I have undoubtedly generated myself, has been swept up vortex-like into something unique and seemingly verging on the invincible.

It's been an absolute privilege to share this ride - which I'm still trying to fully appreciate and assimilate - with everyone of you who reads this.

In other news.

Got battered again at the weekend.

I have had the pleasure of spending time with my auntie Helen and uncle Iain, Rachel, Ben, Phil, Emma (who cooked the most incredible Moroccan banquet on Saturday for us all), Olie, Tom, Zoey, Poppy, Katie, Sam, Jo and Gemma.

On Sunday we all got absorbed into that most compelling of Wimbeldon finals.

My parents and I talk a lot and I can see in their eyes - and from the laughs we are all having together - that they are enjoying this wonderful company and support too.

It remains a disasterous time but at this precise moment are any of us unhappy?

The answer is a resounding no.

Of course all this fun is hard work but we are doing our best to keep up with the pace.

I like to think my day generally pans out into several roughly defined stages.

Light fruit salad style breakfast
Pork Pie/cakes/biscuits/coffee/tea
Beer and nibbles
Evening meal with wine

Visitors are free to join us at any point in these stages and tend to perpetuate supplies.

Happy days indeed.

I have to add that I was particularly proud when my results came back from last week's liver function test.

My consultant said: "Have you been drinking recently?"

I replied: "Yes, I have."

At which he chuckled and said: "Well that explains those then."


Hi Adrian,

No, it doesn't seem strange at all. I was showing my family your blog and explaining how I feel as though I know you and that you are a friend. Never had pen pals as a youngster but perhaps it's along the same lines? Probably more to do with your openess and willingness to share things.

Good to hear you're keeping up the relentless socialising - well done for managing to impress your consultant!

On a more serious note, it's clear that you are truly living in the 'here and now' - a lesson I have spent much of my 57 years trying to learn and still struggle with. I suspect that I am not alone in that and that you are experiencing a true contentment that is granted to only a few.

Long may the good times continue.

You and your loved ones are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on keeping on my friend.

Much love,

Julia xx

Well I guess everything has an upside and yours is that you don't have to take any notice of the crappy ads about long term liver damage that seem to be on the TV every time I get a glass of chilled chablis out of the fridge. Bums up, make mine a double!

Nothing to do with Whitehall or policy is ever fast or simple, my brother works at Westminster and he informed me of this long ago. Keep chipping away at them though, you're getting there.

Take care, Love Vicola x


I am really enjoying reading your blog - especially this one - it all sounds so positive which is great. Also I love the sound of your diet - beer and wine, cakes and biscuits, Im going to give it a go!!!! not so keen on the fruit bit though!!!!

You take tons of care and keep up all the great work you are doing.... well done.


Hi- I got my blood testing kit through this morning to complete the final stages of registration. i just wanted to let you know, and to say that many of my friends are joining now too. You're an inspiration!


Strange? Sure. But for whatever reason, we've all come together here and ... well, it's a good thing! A very good thing indeed.
I tried to post a comment yesterday, but wasn't able to for whatever reason (fat geeks?ha) so at the risk of repeating myself, I wanted to know if you'd ever heard a particularly corny, but true, line from a movie called "The Wedding Date". The line is "I think I would have missed you even if we'd never met." We've never "met" but I was missing you, Adrian. I'm so thankful that fate or whatever brought you into my life, and I will never forget you or your dream.

Hey Adrian


I was fascinated by the almost archaic yet elegant language used by the Lords. Now the issue is firmly on their agenda too, it feels as if all this really will be a reality soon. I notice too that the petition seems to have had a surge overnight: it feels as if we're all being swept along by a powerful tide that almost has a life of its own.

Okay, so you're playing hard, but I know that you're working hard too with your excellent team. And long, long, long may it continue.

Warmest regards

Is there anything you can't achieve? Obstacles certainly were meant for overcoming. Again you do us proud!

"... given the bravery of Adrian Sudbury who, even in his dying days, campaigned vigorously to improve the opportunities to find life-saving donors for bone marrow transplants..."

You're making waves!

Keep punishing that liver - that's what it's there for. You're just damn lucky I can't make it to the UK anytime soon or I'd probably show up at your door with a bottle of Jose Cuervo. I'm not a stalker I promise... just looking to have a blast with friends!

Much love as always and lots of warmth from Trinidad

Ps - coldplay rocks - and you're right that's the only song worth listening to on that album.

Phew - seems like the comment went through - tried a few times yesterday and wouldn't post... hope today finds you in good spirits Adrian!

Lots of love

Would send warmth as well but today I awoke at 5:00am to a torrential tropical downpour - I LOVE the rain. It's not like British rain - that "gray all day drip drip drip that you can walk around in for hours and hardly get wet" type of rain that makes you want to shout "well make up your bloody mind -rain already will you or just stop with the dripping!"

In Trinidad we have 2 seasons - dry and rainy - very original I know. Rainy season starts in June and this morning the rain on the galvanise roof was so loud I didn't hear my alarm. It's that type of rain that makes you snuggle down and wrap up tight... real rain! Twenty toes weather!

But in fairness it's still 30 degrees outside

so sending you warmth, wet though it may be... from Trinidad


I'll be in England soon and I'd love to join you at one of the 'beer and nibbles' or 'wine' stages... and I'd perpetuate supplies, of course! ;)

Your hugely extended 'family' is lucky to have this opportunity to know you. You have brought people together in the most amazing way and your blog and the responses to your postings give me hope in and for a world that, at times, seems quite hopeless. And my hope is that each of us (each of the lives you have touched with your words, your humor, your honesty, your gratitude, your tenacity, your courage, and your love of life and the people around you) finds a little bit of Adrian in ourselves, so that we can make our own little corners of the world better places to simple BE.

Much love to you... XO

Virginia, USA

Hey Sudders! Haven't been on in a few days and was so glad to see another blog, it is good to hear how the campaign is doing and hear how you are getting on. It is great to hear that you are spending precious time with family and friends, and like you said although it is a pretty disastrous time none of you are unhappy!

Keep up the great work with the campaign and the blog.

Thinking of you
Bex xx

Baldy does the House of Lord's?

My goodness if this wasn't such an important cause, I would swear you managed to get into porn. So happy to hear from you on the posts again....

Stay with us.......coming heart to heart...


Hi Adrian,

House of Lords!! Way to go! Great news and it is great that the campaign just keeps going from strength to strength. I (like I am sure many othes) have been racking my brains to think of ways and ideas to push this ahead..No, nothing is simple but with all the support it will happen..You say it is a privilige to share all this....well I think we are the priviliged ones. And does it feel strange to me? Yes and no, yes because we have never met but no because it feels like we have known you forever...I know strange! You continue to amaze,inspire,and make me smile despite everything. Let us know what needs to be done and we will do it! So keep laughing,loving and living........oh and of course drinking..

Love to you and yours

'...a clear strategy to ensure the talk comes off as effectively as it can, that the blog keeps going in someway and perhaps we set up a database/mailing list to all ensure in the coming years you are able to easily keep in touch and this issue is not forgotten.'


I 'm impressed by the House of Lords' text. Really overwhelming for me as a rational person from the Low Countries. And I feel it, very effective...


The bit about the liver results really cracked me up.

Someone once called me a "whirlwind", I spent some time thinking about this. To me a whirlwind is massively destructive, so I was sure this person saw me in a very negative light. Until after a few weeks I asked them what they meant. “Energy" they said.

Adrian you have an incredible amount of energy and drive that is building and spreading across the globe at a truly phenomenal rate.

Whilst its true, there is going to be a time when your loved ones will be picking up the pieces of their lives, you have to know that you have touched everyone who comments and checks this blog, every day, as part of their routine. Your energy is making people look at themselves and change their situations. You have changed my life, without a doubt. I'm a better person for knowing about you.

Your energy will ultimately save thousands lives. I , for one, am spreading your message and story at work and to all my friends who, in turn, are doing the same. I am currently getting a group of people to register as donors and I'm talking to my 16 year old brother and his friends about you. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

I wish you well and I hope you continue to party hard. I have said it before and I will say it again...your an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference you are making to my life. I can promise you I will pay it forward.

Lots of Love Emxx

Hi Adrian:

I read this post the other day and I had to come back and tell you what a gift this was for me. I have been struggling a bit with some work issues lately and the last few lines of this blog just had me grinning from ear to ear.

Wasn't that Wimbledon final amazing? I had put my DVR on to record it but hadn't allowed enough time so it ran out in the 5th set. ARRGGHH! Ah well, thank goodness for the internet.

Congratulations on the amazing progress of your campaign.

Thank you for the smile. Your humor helped lift me out of a not so nice place.

Wishing you peace and strength.


Adrian, I absolutely love that you are having such a fabulous time. I'm so very grateful that you have such a great group of love surrounding you. Even here in Oklahoma City, OK there are people talking about what you are doing and trying to do whatever they can to help. I've gotten my husband on the register and tell everyone I know about how easy it is these days to donate marrow. I'm shocked at the sheer magnitude of the misconceptions surrounding this issue. So you see you have indeed made a great impact that will live on long after you. I wish I was close enough to bring you a bottle of wine. Take care and enjoy the love.



I was invited to your group on facebook by a friend of mine. I just want to say that what you are doing is absolutely amazing. To be so renowned already and for so many people to just read your story and sign up is great.

I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 7 and luckily am now a healthy 20 years old. As new people I meet find out about when I was ill I am showered with pity which is so embarrassing. We are strong people, and I can't stress enough how fantastic it is that you have created something so positive to show everyone that it's not always a tragedy.

Unfortunately I will now never be able to donate either blood or bone marrow but I hope everyone else sees you and signs up straight away!!!

I know you don't know me but after reading your blog I just had to comment! I hope you are feeling ok and I hope you are proud :)

All the best
Suze xxx


This is great news! I know it can be so frustrating when you think something as simple as a school assembly could be arranged for just an hour or 2 a year and simply you can't get a straight answer.

Who has the magic wand and why can we just waive it? I mean WTF?
Although my trust in politicians is not the strongest now - hey I'm dealing w/ Bush over here (again, wtf??), I am actually pretty impressed that you were able to reach so many people in your House of Parliment & Lords. What a true testiment to you, your will and your receptive government! Kudos!

I know that wand will get waived for you but due to red tape, it will probably take some time.

I will def. help you continue your plight. In fact, if you want to give me a job I'll make sure it gets done for you!

You've done more in the political scheme that I really would've thought possible, it's nothing short of true amazement.

- Beth
San Diego

we can't we all just love the bush of another kind? hahahahaha

Dear Adrian

You are bringing a difficult subject into the publics mind and that is a brilliant and powerful thing to be doing.

Unfortunately many people are inherantly lazy and although they have good intentions, if something isn't easy to do (ie register to be a donor) then they often don't quite get around to doing it.

Where I work every 6 months the NBS come on site and about 200 people donate blood. I'm sure if they asked people there and then if they wanted to go on to the donors register many people would say yes (after all, they are already having a big needle placed in their arm). But the key point is that its easy and somebody is asking them, that makes it a lot more difficult for them to put it off to "another day". - Just a suggestion.

Another suggestion (and this time its not directed at you)... we all make suggestions, why don't we start trying to implement them ourselves!

I might just do that! After all, if one man can create the wave you have, imagine if we all had a go! the Surf would definately be "up"!!

Right now you are the richest person in the world.... and you deserve all of it!

Good luck and remember that every day we all think about you and "pop in" to your blog to see how you are doing.

Take care
Sandra x

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