Hitting 10,000, a massive pork pie, stomach latest and one last award



The number of signatures backing our campaign crashed through the 10,000 mark this morning.

Thank you for all your efforts. It is amazing how so many people have got behind the cause this week.

Our job is now to ensure if anyone hasn't signed the petition to do so before Wednesday to maximise the support.

Please click here and sign up if you are a UK citizen - there are still a few days left.

Nevertheless, what a great result. I think it's fair to say we are all delighted and really proud of this.

Our petition has only been running for a short period of time and the support for it is nothing short of phenomenal.

Thanks again for all your efforts in pulling this off.

How good is this?


This is my present from the Huddersfield Examiner team.

It's a massive birthday pork pie - that is clearly another great result.

For the international and non-Yorkshire readers I hope you are beginning to appreciate just how much of a cultural lynchpin the pork pie is in the Huddersfield region.

They are amazing.

I used to love writing stories about couples who opted for a three-tier pork pie rather than a classic wedding cake.

I promise you readers I am not yanking any of your chains.

Click here if you don't believe me.

You wouldn't believe how much care and craftsmanship goes into these meaty masterpieces.

I might have mentioned this before but one of the former UK Prime Ministers Harold Wilson came from Huddersfield. When he held office apparently he had pies brought down specifically from the town and had it in Number 10 with HP brown sauce - the only way to have pies so I've been told.

So there you go.

As for my illness and stomach things are still not brilliant.

My stomach remains really unsettled and I just feel uncomfortable in myself.

It's such a shame because it means I don't really want to be around people that much.

I really don't suit being miserable but this illness is doing its best to pull me down.

There clearly is no point to this.

It's an utterly futile and meaningless experience. It's not severe enough to kill me but it is potent enough to stop me from doing all the things I love in life - socialising, eating, drinking, laughing.

Some nights my stomach just gets so bloated that it's like some colossal barrel.

My recent blood test results showed that I hardly have any white blood cells in my body to fight off infections. That would explain why I am struggling so much with such a straight forward tummy bug.

The bacteria fighting wing of your immune system is significantly made up of white blood cells called neutrophils.

Don't worry about the units but to help put my crisis in perspective they were at 0 after my bone marrow transplant and at the Sheffield Hallamshire hospital you are not allowed out of isolation until they creep back up to 1.

Mine are around 0.3 now.

The bug is also really infectious so I have to take care not to hug my guests and family.

Being quite tactile I find this difficult.


And finally one last award to report - there can't be any more now!

As many of you know my ambition was always to make it as a science or health reporter on a national newspaper.

I hoped to combine my physiology knowledge from Liverpool University with all the journalistic skills I was picking up in Huddersfield.

Until leukaemia struck it seemed like I needed an opportunity or 'break' but otherwise was a very attainable goal.

I entered the Daily Telegraph Science Writer Awards when I was back in university.

For the international readers the Daily Telegraph is the UK's best selling broadsheet newspaper shifting around a million copies a day.

I wrote, what I thought, was an excellent essay about cutting edge research into obesity.

From a science point of view this is much more what this competition is about.

This year I spotted the award and bashed out 800 words on Graft versus Host Disease.

I emailed it through a couple of months back and thought nothing else of it.

It took me hardly any time but as you can see from the essay below it's not really about new science but it is a striking piece which I imagine caught the judges' eyes.

The judging panel is quite impressive.

It includes Sir David Attenborough - not Richard the actor in Jurassic Park or Gandhi director - but the eminent naturalist and broadcaster.

I was hoping to include some quotes or video links but the organisers haven't updated the website yet.

Needless to say I didn't win anything at university.

Even to be recognised as one of the runner-ups is excellent for me.

Thousands of people enter this competition and before I do die it's further recognition that in some small way I am a national science writer and I do possess the skills of being able to translate complicated medical/scientific issues into language lots of people can engage with and enjoy reading.

For me this means a lot.

For those who are interested here is my essay.

The dark side of bone marrow transplants
By Adrian Sudbury

I should be dead.

Twelve months ago cancer in my bone marrow came within a fortnight of killing me.
Chemotherapy failed and I had no choice but to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

It was a gruelling process both physically and emotionally. I have never felt so unwell and five weeks in an isolation room at Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire hospital was mentally crushing.

Thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger, a 30-year-old woman from Germany, I survived leukaemia.

But that survival came at a price.

Bone marrow is the source of red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body, and the white blood cells that contribute to our immune systems.

The transplant therefore led to some remarkable changes taking place within me.

Firstly, my O+ blood has now switched to A+, matching that of my donor.

Secondly, and more importantly, my donor's immune system is trying to develop in me.

During a bone marrow transplant drugs are used to turn your immune system off so that the donor's cells are not rejected by the recipient.

Gradually these drugs are tapered down and for about 60% of bone marrow transplant patients they are able to live without daily immunosuppressants.

For the rest, their new immune systems begin to attack their own bodies.

This condition is known as Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD) where the graft refers to the newly 'engrafted' bone marrow cells and the host is the patient.

GvHD can be hugely debilitating and consign some sufferers to wheelchairs.

It can attack the lungs, liver, mouth and gut - proving fatal in some cases.

Sufferers, like me, experience skin problems including; thickening, unrelenting itchiness, reddening, soreness and incredible dryness.

The white blood cells directly involved are called lymphocytes.

Cells in the body are able to distinguish themselves from each other by proteins on their surfaces called antigens.

It's a bit like a uniform. Liver cells carry one type of antigen and skin cells carry another.

Lymphocytes work as part of our immune system by being able to pick out cells with antigens they don't recognise and destroying them.

Usually these are viruses or bacteria but in my case my new lymphocytes don't recognise the antigens associated with my skin.

Different people are affected by GvHD in different ways. In some people their new lymphocytes decide to attack their joints causing them to seize up. In others it dries their eyes out; some people suffer terrible problems with their digestive system.

Significant numbers are never cured and some are unable to ever return to work.

Why all this happens and why it affects different people in such a variety of ways remains a mystery.

What it is about the certain organs I have listed that make them so prone to GvHD is also unknown.

Some treatments are available but for many it is a case of management rather than cure.

The first line of defence is steroids.

They work by blocking the receptors on the surface of the lymphocytes thereby stopping them from acting.

This of course causes problems - the most obvious one being that it massively reduces the ability of your immune system.

Infection is the greatest cause of death for patients with GvHD.

Other long-term problems with high-dose steroid treatment include bloating, weight gain, adrenal disorders, cramps, higher risk of diabetes and mental health problems.

They are not great drugs to be on.

The chance of a long-term cure, or improvement in the condition, is offered by a treatment called Extra Corporeal Photopheresis (ECP).

If it sounds suitably confusing and a tad bizarre then good - because it is!

Twice a month I spend three hours attached to something a bit like a dialysis machine.

A needle is placed in my arm and about half a litre of my blood is taken out.

This is then transferred to a bowl which spins out the white blood cells.

These cells are then mixed with a special chemical that is sensitive to UV light.

This mixture next passes into a chamber that resembles a miniature sunbed.

The UV light activates the chemical which in turn begins to kill the lymphocytes.

Blood, along with the damaged and dying lymphocytes, is then returned to my body.

The idea is that somehow this 'trains' the new immune system to be more tolerant but more research is required in order to fully understand the mechanisms involved.

GvHD is an unpleasant condition but it is important to remember one crucial and ironic fact.

A small amount will actually help fight off any remaining leukaemia.

If it can be managed it represents my best chance of long-term survival.


I appreciate the irony that this last sentence is now somewhat dated!


And yet another award! This one I suspect is particularly special though Adrian. So very proud of you, as you should be of yourself. And Sir David Attenborough?! Another pat on your back there Sudders. Impressive panel indeed.

Not to make light of your other awards in any way but this award, as you've said, has honoured you as the national science writer that you are!!

I doubt that there are many more people in the world today who have hundreds if not thousands of lay persons following a blog that is so scientific in its content. The personal touch is what has endeared you to us but, that aside, you have always been able to break the scientific aspect down into layman's terms for us without compromising the actual "scientific-ness" of it all - as you can tell from my latest invented word I am no journalist and certainly not a science writer!

We all have a clear understanding of leukemia, its treatment, the effects and side effects of said treatments, GvHD and of course bone marrow transplants and how they work - and it's only because of your ability to write so succinctly and captivate us all.

"If it sounds suitably confusing and a tad bizarre then good - because it is!" ...


Really sorry to hear your tummy's still giving you beans. If there was any way I could help improve your quality of life I would. You're in my thoughts always and I wish for you, daily, that you are able to enjoy your time with your family and friends!

Sending warm thoughts, tight hugs and soothing kisses your way - with no fear of catching your illness from all the way across the pond in Trinidad - so be as tactile as you wish and hug back tight.

Hi Adrian,

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your stomach.

One more award, are you sure there will be no more awards? I think there will be more to come!

Difficult to read your blog without crying.Now I have finished reading the whole thing.Sometimes I think I shouldn't have read this because it makes me soooo sad.But the good thing is you changed me a lot,now I know the importance of life, before I never thought seriously about life.Now with what little time we all spend in this world, we must do whatever we can for the betterment of fellow humanbeings.

Have a nice weekend Adrian.


Shiney from India.

I bet Harold never had a pie with sparklers! Congrats on the award mate if I forgot to say before....but we didn't need the Telegraph to tell us you were a great science writer ;-)

Congratulations on this latest, well deserved award. Quite impressive is right. I'm so sorry you're still feeling awful, but hope you felt well enough to enjoy some of that magnificent pork pie! What a creation!! Feel better soon.... I'm sending you a huge hug across the miles....

Well done again Adrian, how proud your parents must be of you I cant even begin to imagine. As a mum myself it brings a lump to my throat to think of your mum and her very mixed emotions. Pride and sadness walk hand in hand in the Sudbury household. As for no more awards - rubbish. I for one award you The Huddersfield Pork Pie Promotor of the Year Award. Keep strong and please stomach bug GET LOST. Chris

Also, if you are able to access it -- can we see the piece you did on obesity?? Would love to read any/everything you've written, especially on that topic!

Hey there Adrian!

What a Pork Pie that is! LOL. It sure got my mouth watering - I have not had one of those in ages and ages.

A BIG congrats on your award - thats really good that you have been recognised in this field too.

You know, despite the obvious sadness about your situation, you always make me laugh too.

We are busy putting together a combination blood and marrow drive here in Tennessee for mid October. We already have the newspapers and tv and radio lined up to be a part of it all.

Adrian, this is because of you and your determination to do what is good and right.

Sending you a big hug, many thanks and a hope that your stomach eases up on you soon.

love and light
Steven's mom

You are amazing. You've fulfilled one of your goals with this award. Best of luck to your and congratulations!!!


Many congratulations Adrian, both on the award and achieving over 10,000 signatures.

Hope you have a better weekend.

My love as always to you and your family

Bless you


Way to go Huddersfield sportivo's - that is the best support ever, you can have. And a lasting support as well.

Congratulations with this latest achievement, in the science writer award, Adrian. You write very well. And, as a non-English speaking person myself, I can say, you write in a way that is good to understand, even for foreigners. That is what I like about all your stories here on this blog. No matter how difficult the situation, or how scientific the material, you help us get a close up view, that makes it something we can understand.

I am with Lacey, if you can publish your piece about Obesity again, please do so.

Your description of this monthly centrifuge/UV treatment of the blood caught me by surprise. My grandmother had a simular treatment - but for a totally different healthproblem. She always refered to it as doctors putting medicine in the blood before giving it back to her.

I hope you get to enjoy the pork pie - and if not this one, then one some time soon.
Keep it up, Adrian. Who knows, maybe there is still one other award you have not thought of (yet...) that you can win.

If there is, I sure hope it will finds its way to you.

Have a good weekend, you and your family and friends.


Congratulations again Adrian. Like Lacey I would love to see the obesity piece, if possible!

I am realy sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good and can't do the things you enjoy. I know it is small consolation, but your 'cyber friends' or 'global family' are thinking about you, caring about you, and sending positive thoughts and energy to you, every minute of the day - around the world.

You have, through your courage - and your wonderful personality - become a part of our lives, our psyche. You have made us think more about other people and how we can help them.

I thank you for that Adrian. I am too old for bone marrow donation, but I have got my grown-up children on board and I promise you that my grandchildren will all be thoroughly educated about bone marrow donation, etc.

With love, hugs and positve energy - to all of your family,

Elaine Appleby

Wonderful essay! And I'd like to read any other essays you have written!

Sorry to hear your stomach is still growling at you. I wish you well. By sharing your life, you are helping so many others to live. Be well....

Oregon USA

Hi Adrian,
Congratulations on the latest award, you deserve it. Read your essay and it is fantastic. I can actually understand it because your write in layman's terms, as Tash said, but without losing the scientific side of it.
It must be really strange for your mum and dad, being so very proud of you yet so sad at your situation.
Hope the stomach problems are easing and you are feeling stronger today.
Just remember, Adrian, every time you smile your blog family smiles back.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours.
Christine M.XXX

Dear Adrian

Congrats on over 10000 signatures! And another award! Plus... I am sure the pork pie industry has not had so much support in years what with the trend for calorie counting and low fat diets!

Sorry to hear your stomach still not good, it must be so frustrating.

Have not posted for awhile as my son has been away with friends of mine to their luxury villa in Tuscany! Took the opportunity to paint lots of the house as can't decorate when Dan is around and wanted to keep busy to take my mind off him.Most people would say 'that's nice!' but to us it was monumental. To get his consultant's go ahead,contact a local Italian hospital, stop oral treatment for a week, pay extortionate amounts for travel insurance and one last blood test on the Friday before he went led to him having a 'blast!' in your own words.

However... 6.15 am this morning I get a call to say that he has had an 'episode' on the way to the airport and should he get on the plane? These episodes have happened twice before where the symptoms are like having a stroke.
He has had blood clot tests and a brain scan previously with no outcome so after a quick call to UCH they said to get him on the plane and get him to hospital for a check up as soon as he landed!

It was like a car chase movie, throwing his bag in the car and zooming through the streets of Luton, as he had another 'episode' on the plane itself.

Well, we are home now, after various tests checking no infection, blood clot or otherwise although his temperature is 37.9 and they never let him out when it is 38 or above. He is always whacked on to the old intravenous antibiotics.

He has another year and a half of treatment, I am so glad he got the opportunity to live a little this week but he does leave his mother in a stressed heap!

Hope you get the chance to 'party' again soon Adrian, get those old neutrophils up somehow!

Love Sally x

Many congratulations on your award and on reaching 10,000 signatures.

Adrian, you could try drinking fennel tea for your stomach. Not to be taken with the pork pie! It is supposed to be good for digestive upsets and being herbal might not cause any problems with other medication. It might just stop the growling.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.


congratulations on a wel deservered award you really are very talented
take care
hope the stomac feels better soon

jane xxx

Hey Adrian!

Wow, that is one AWESOME pork pie!! I bet it's delicious, hope you've been able to sample some of it without your stomach giving you too much trouble.

Many congratulations on your latest award, the essay is brilliant and your prize well deserved.
I feel so proud that the petition has now passed 10,000 signatures. Well done you!

I really hope you can somehow fight off this bugger of an infection as soon as possible.

Thinking of you and sending hugs,

Catherine x

tonight Adrian i'm sad, i'm sad as the lady who sent me to your site many mths ago has just a few weeks left to live. (Dionne has secondary breast cancer in her liver, brain, bones, aged 33) :O(

i wanted you to know, not as to feel sorry for Dee, but just spare a thought for her up your way in Derby, as she has helped me think of you everyday by sending me to your blog.

Thinking of you Adrian, Dionne Walker in Derby and always my partner, Steph living with secondary breast cancer in her bones.


That looks like one hell of a present from the huddersfield - good luck eating that!!! Also congrats on the latest award the essay looked very good and well done on over 10,000 signatures. Sorry to hear that your having more hassle with your stomach i'm sure you will get through it eventually.

Take care


Hey hon,

I'm sorry you feel so flat at the moment; it's so frustrating when there's so much to celebrate. I've been away for a few days so just want to say a belated 'happy birthday!!' to you, and send you the warmest and most well-deserved congratulations on your petition and your award.

Also I've noticed that the campaign is starting to look far more strategic now. Adrian, you have provided firm foundations for the campaign, and a figurehead to inspire it. This is actually social change and its benefits will outlive us all.

Plus, the photo of you in your dressing gown...what more can I say...?

Seriously, there will be more good times. And I send you all my hopes that your tummy will start behaving soon.

Warmest regards


well done Adrian - you're a star on all counts x

Just checked, it now stands at 10,123 signatures and we've climbed to number 9 in the charts!!! (some of the other petitions are a little bizarre, aren't they?!)

Ditto what everyone says - well deserved award; you have a unique ability to reach out, educate people and rally tremendous support. However difficult the subject matter, your amazing personality and humour shine through ...and I agree with those who've said you have the looks too - you do have bloody gorgeous eyes!! (- as seen in the birthday pics!)

I hope this stupid bug thing burns itself out soon, can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you. Must get back to my friends now - who are convinced I've got some wierd internet-dating type bloke on the go!!

Love and a big cyber-hug Charlotte xx

It's an utterly futile and meaningless experience. It's not severe enough to kill me but it is potent enough to stop me from doing all the things I love in life - socialising, eating, drinking, laughing.

I hear you.

Still, i'll stalwartly (sp? for once I haven't googled!) vibe something surprising and good to appear for you and keep you with us for as long as possible. Not religious but there's always quantum physics and energy matter to bank on darnit!

For all the good news, halle-blahdy-llujah! Now send us some pork pie.. I'm southern, I need the borders' education :-)

Vibing for you so stubbornly I burst a blood vessel! xx

Adrian you are too cute! Your pie is hysterical! I love the words spelled out on it. I always have had this half baked idea that I would become a cake baker someday but my cakes always look horrible! I guess i run out of patience at the end, I'm glad someone didn't and made yours look awesome. :)

Congrats on the 10k signatures! What an amazing thing you have done - changing the world and all! Imagine how many lives you will have touched through all of this and how many people will be thanking you in the years to come because of all the new people who have become donors. It's really mind blowing to think about it. Passion is a beautiful thing and you certainly have plenty of that.

Your article was excellent. Great grab at the beginning and it continued the entire way through. Congrats on the award!

The stomach bug is a total bummer. I wish i had a magic pill to fix that but no go on that one. I'm sure someone told you this but have you tried ginger? If you can get some ginger candies to chew on it can really help to make your stomach settle and prevent a bit of the bloating. It won't make the bacteria go away but might make you feel a little better and get you back to enjoying the things you love. Just make sure you get real ginger and not just something w/ ginger flavor. Mint is another helpful herb for tummy problems and many people also swear by yogurt since it already has the good bacteria in it. Might want to try that w/ your fruit in the morning if you haven't already. Sorry for this really long comment, you probably know these things already but just in case, i thought i would let you know.

- Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. - Beth

* 10140 * this morning- MAGNIFICENT !!

Hope you are feeling much better today, Adrian, so that you can savour and enjoy all your achievements.
I was once told by a lady who had worked for a GP that he always recommended yellow lemonade
(not diet)for a dodgy tummy! Worth a try! Maybe the gas makes you burp the bug away. lol :)
Keep in touch.

Love, hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.

Your mother must be so proud of you!! Another award and you are still saying you are surprised:-0 How on earth can you not realise how wonderful you are - Adrian Sudbury is really Superman in disguise (mild mannered Clark Kent was a journalist too)!!

Make sure you don't eat too much of that pork pie until your tummy is really settled. But between that and all your birthday alcohol you will be well fed for at least a week.

I loved your article, it explained a lot. I keep telling people about my 27 year old hero, so now I'll have to go and tell them they have something else to read.

Hugs to you and your Mum and Dad who I think must be wonderful people to have produced a boy like you.

Hi Adrian,

0.3 WBC that's very low...Take care!

I like to post a video Marleen (who received a stem cell transpant last Friday) has put on our Haematology Blog (I can advise this medium to all Clinical Haematology Departments...very efficient and uplifting):


And my colleague Irma immediately replied on the blog with this music video:

The resemblence of both video's with your campaign is striking. A video clip with such an enthousiasm can motivate young people the world-wide-need for stem cells...

Thanks for posting your essay on GVHD. You have the delicate hands of a science writer, both visually as by the stories you write.


(Sanguine = animated, assured, bright, bullish, buoyant, cheerful, cheery, confident, hopeful, optimistic, positive, red, spirited, upbeat)

Hi Adrian,

Hope you recovered from that stomach bug.

Hope you enjoyed this weekend,too much drink is bad for you now?

Waiting for your next comment.

Wish you luck!


Dear Adrian,

Well done, have your poor parents got any room left in their house for another award, brillant news though!

Hope you've had a good weekend, just got back from my mum's today as been dog walking and sorting out paperwork work with her. Had a good laugh over some really old photo's.

Hope all your family keeping well.

I am e-mailing some more friends/relatives to add to your campaign and hopefully make it nearer the 20,000 mark.

Take care

Love Sarah and crew and furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Adrian,

Hope you get rid of that nasty bug soon.

I have now offically read every single word in the blog to date - it took me 3 days!!

Hope you had a good weekend and managed to eat something amazing maybe with a drink (or two).

Take care

Pam xx

Can I have a bit of your pork pie?

Many congratulations on breaking the 10,000 name barrier.......and winning yet another award....

Hang on in there.....

xxxreiki hugsxxxx

Hi Adrian - delighted to see you've reached the 10,000 plus goal & are number 9 on the polls! I've been keeping everyone up to date on the Trinity Mirror intranet & by e-mail & it has been an absolute privelage to follow your blog & all your achievements - to think your campaign has only been going 2 months is amazing - as are you!


Hello Adrian and "Congratubirthday!"

Congratulations on your latest award! Thanks for sharing the essay online...it really does a wonderful job of taking a difficult subject and bringing it to the masses so that we all can benefit.

Congratulations also on the petition's crossing the 10k signature mark! Although many of us can't sign, we are rooting you on from afar!

Hope the stomach bug is out of the way soon and you can enjoy a substantial helping of that pork pie!

You're an inspiration to us all!

Greg Stephens
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Congratulations on your award. So few people have heard of graft/vs/host. It's difficult for people in general to understand what is wrong with me.

At least it's interesting to explain it and you did such a wonderful job in your essay.

Sending love and good wishes from Canada.


Just a little shout out to say hi, checkin in on you, hope you're doing okay.

What's the word on the tummy? Have we managed to will it away for you as yet, cause we're trying hard. In fact, I think I woke up with a bit of it this morning ;)

Love and hugs from a procrastinating Trini who should be completing an advice for a client. Working on a Sunday is just brill - are you convinced yet, cause I'm not.

Hmmmm thinking you can keep the pork pie! I'm sure it'll be really wonderful to eat, but wouldn't be up my street! I've been away and dived through the door to catch up with your news and am thrilled to read about the award. Really, really well-deserved. Many congratulations! Thinking of you. Louise

Hi Adrian

I hope you're having a good day today. It's lovely blue skies down here in New Zealand, just like Huddersfield I'd imagine;-)

I'm ex Liv Uni too - we'd have been there about the same time. Who knows, maybe we even shared a drunken dance at the Raz or a rank double vodka in the union.

I just wanted to say Hi really and to let you know that you have yet another person keeping any eye on you and wishing you all the luck in the world. The Kiwis love to label everything in world "Awesome" but I think your one guy who truely is.

I hope you can feel all of the love and support that is being sent your way.

Good luck with everything.


Adrian, Congratulations on your award! You are doing great and mighty things.
Thanks for sharing your life with us. You teach us more than you'll ever know.
I sure hope you are feeling better soon. I will keep you in my prayers! I found a verse for you:
O God, who is like You? You, who have shown me great and severe troubles, shall revive me again, and bring me up again from the depths of the earth. You shall increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.
Psalm 71:20-21
Thinking of you, Leigh Ann

just thinking of you and wanted to let you know. i hope by the time you read this you are comfortable. we'll be here for you when you don't want to be around any 3-dimensional people :)
your blog friend,
gillian, ne, usa

Fantastic on the award Adrian! Well deserved!

Last post stated that my cousin passed from a long term illness, and that was at 4:30 am, and after a long day, and a bit tired, I posted wrong. He found he had Lymphoma in December 07, and passed July 08, so clearly short term.
I so desperately want to hear from you each time I post.. and how selfish is that? You have so many others that care about you. You can't respond to all of us can you? But now more than ever, I think of you, in that, my cousin wouldn't let his mother tell anyone - even family - of his illness. I want to be here for you, and if I had known, I would have been there for him. It breaks my heart!

Anyway.... as always, sending love, and well wishes to you, your family and friends!!


What a fantastic article!!!
You should be so proud of what you've achieved xx

If you could add on to your age all the years that you will add to other people's lives, through increased BM transplants, I bet you'd live to 999. (at least!)

Who knows whether any of us will be here next year, or even next week. You inspire me to make a difference too. Thankyou.

Petition's at 10,346 this morning!

Keep spreading the word folks!

Hope you're feeling well today Adrian!


Just checking in, hoping you're feeling better today. :-)

Hi Adrian,

Hope your gut problems are ok now.

Now there is no day without checking your blog.I check many times a day.

My wishes and prayers.


Congrats Adrian on both the latest award and hitting the 10,000 mark! It sounds like this award is a really special one for you.

I am so sorry this stomach bug is getting the best of you. I pray for you often.

That pork pie looks awesome! My Father is from Scotland and the "pork pie" has always been a treat for us. They are pretty hard to find in the States. Every once in a while you find a bakery that serves them. YUM!

Big hugs to you! -Tela

Hi Adrian:

Congratulations on the award and on getting over 10,000 signatures! They are both amazing and wonderful achievements!

The article on GvH was very interesting. I have learned so much from your blog.

I hope your stomach is feeling better sooner than soon.

As always, sending you good thoughts and strength.


I have been a lurker here, I guess you would say, for a while- in fact I can't even remember how I found out about you, Adrian- but I just wanted to say how amazing I think you are- and thank you for sharing such intimate parts of your self with.. well, the world. My husband is an expat here in the US, but as he is still a Brit by citizenship, he signed your petition. I have been checking in on you frequently, even feeling anxious when you don't post for a while- our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. For what it is worth, a family in Round Hill, Virginia is thinking of you and wishing you peace, always-

Hi Adrian

Just been away from my email for a week while my daughter received her last lot of interthekal (spelling?) chemo. Usually she copes quite well with it but for some reason this time it made her really really sick - and combined with punctured veins from trying to get blood samples from overused veins she had a rough week last week. The 'cure' for this disease is sometimes hard to bear.

Then I get back onto email and catch up with your doings for the past week and it puts it all in perspective. What absolutely wonderful news about the petition and about your latest award. I'm glad you had a good birthday - despite the tummy bug. Keep fighting and writing - you've come to mean so much to so many of us out here.

Living as close as I do to Melton Mowbray, I have tasted a few pork pies in my time!! I didn't know Huddersfield was also renowned for its raised pies... I will have to take a trip up there to compare and contrast! I agree with Harold Wilson though about HP sauce...absolutely nothing else goes with them better. Once your barrel has somewhat subsided, maybe I'll send you an authentic pie from Melton Mowbray and you could perhaps do a blindfold taste test!!
Chin up!!
PS: If you've ever read James Herriot, he had a very interesting anecdote about releasing the pressure in a bloated cow! The resulting escape of gas and the farmer's lighted cigarette caused a considerable explosion and set fire to nearby straw bales. Thank God you're not of the bovine species!!

Evening Adrian

Congratulations again on the petition, it's going from strength to strength! Also on yet another award - amazing! Your article on GvHD was informative and easy to understand, and I'm sure very helpful to those dealing with this difficult problem.

You're a brilliant writer... you have the ability to share your innermost thoughts with us, and with such honesty. What a privilege that has been for us. We've cried with you and laughed with you - you've opened our eyes to much more than you probably realise. I think many of us have learnt something about ourselves too. You've made us think....

I'm wondering, along with everybody else, how things are going with that tum of yours. I can send you a healing hug and many good vibes and just tell you over and over how much we all care for you.

I wish you, as always, a peaceful night and hope to hear how things are going soon.

As always, much love to you, and yours
Barbara xx

Hi Adrian, hope this finds you less bloated and slowly making your way through that very considerable crust on your pork pie. Just to let you know that I posted the signatures this morning (sorry about the coffee stain on the last page but I plead not guilty) Keep strong Chris

Congratulations on the award Adiran, well done you deserve it!!

Got to agree, you can't eat pork pies without HP Brown Sauce.... Lush, lush, lush mmmmmmmmm

Hugs & Snogs

Donna xx

We are very anxious to hear an update of the health of Adrian ?

Hi Adrian, Hope you have been able to consume large portions of that scrumptious pie, with copious amounts of alcohol...my idea of heaven! How's your tummy now, I do hope it's allowing you to enjoy yourself a bit more.
You are very much in my thoughts through out the day. Much love Helen.
Ps. the essay was fantastic!

I met you in my dream last night. You were smiling and playing football (wearing your hat)

We had a little chat.

A chat in a hat!

Just thought I'd mention it...

Have a nice day Adrian

Hello Adrian
Wishing you loads of strength and love. The petition result is unbelievable and just proves how much people care and will continue to support this fantastic campaign. We will not let you down. Thinking of you always. Alisonx

Thinking about you today. I hope you're feeling better!! xoxoxoxoxox

Dear Adrian,

No news from you!

If you are not feeling well may be your friend can inform us about your health.
I hope you will come back with double strength than before with no stomach bugs or any other bugs.Please write soon.

My prayers and best wishes.


Hi Adrian

Glad to hear yet another award has come your way. Sorry to hear you're still not well.

I have a catering business, specialising in weddings, and on the 8th August we will be working with a client who are having a 3-tier pork pie wedding cake! I'll try and send some photos.

Take care,

Checking in again from across the pond, thinking of you. I, too, visit your site far too often to see what's new, even when I'm at work. (The joy of working on a laptop all day long, in the on-line advertising industry!)

I hope today finds you comfortable at home, with your family waiting on you hand and foot!

I send prayers for you and your family many times a day - rest easy, my friend.

Mary Anne
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Hi Adrian, just wondering how you are feeling now. Hope your stomach does get better, even if you are simply more comfortable with it (no bloating and pain) - thinking of you often.

Love Caroline x

Hello Adrian,

How are you today? You have so many people here in my part of the world thinking of and praying for you.

Much love and prayers coming your way from Columbus, Ohio USA!!!

Just checking in Adrian and trying very hard to ignore the nagging feeling that my behaviour is bordering on that of obsessed stalker :)

Fond thoughts and best wishes from Trinidad

ps. petition's at 10,596 and growing

Hi Adrian, reading your comments suggests people are starting to worry about the silence. I have convinced myself that it is because you are totally preoccupied with your meaty masterpiece and once you have conquered it you will be back with us and letting us know the final total at close of day tomorrow. Happy munching. Keep strong Chris

This German artist has made organs out of wool, weaving, fragile and beautiful....


To soften worrying brain thoughts, emotional pain and stomach hurting. Let all our grandmothers continue knitting!

I like this saying: The writer, when he is also an artist, is someone who admits what others don't dare reveal. - Elia Kazan

So I sit here and don't know what to write... The petition's gone really well... The pork pie looks great, and I like mine with plenty brown sauce, too...
What I really want to say is I'm worried about you. I do hope you are fine.
If you go, I hope you get there. And if you get there, I hope you like it.
sending you love
~(Italic) Alexandra.(it won't let me do italic today)


We beat the 'smoothies' petition and are now at number 8 in the list....!!! Is there any way we can extend the petition date?!

Hoping you're feeling up to write to us again soon...

Amanda x

I have to admit my heart is heavy with worry today. Throwing my earlier "Thinking of you. Hope you're feeling better!" out there felt inadequate, although shouting in all caps "ANY WORD ON OUR BOY, LIAM?!" seems obnoxious (poor Liam!). It's hard to know what to do, what not to do, all I know is that I feel like a caged mama tiger, just pacing back and forth (or clicking on that Baldy's Blog link again and again!) and wondering and worrying about you dear, sweet Adrian. I really do hope and pray that you're okay, that you're not in pain and that you're just enjoying time with family and friends.

I have Bell's Palsy and enjoy your blog very much. First time I've commented, but have been reading here and there.
Great blog. I enjoy reading it every chance I get and value your opinions!

Congratulations on your award. I know your blog is devoted, for the most part, to your campaign to increase education on bone marrow donations in UK schools - and while that campaign is and will continue to be the incredible legacy of this blog - your blog accomplishes so much more. This blog and your writing succeed in educating all of us about some of the complex medical issues surrounding leukemia. I had never heard of Host versus Graft Disease before reading this blog - but now I would know, and hopefully be more understanding and sympathetic if I met someone who was suffering from it.

I hate that you are going through this for a lot of reasons, but I honestly do hate it in part because we are all loosing a really great science writer who could have spent his life helping everyday people understand the complexities of various diseases and conditions by writing about them in your very straight forward fashion. You deserved this award - it is great essay - and I wish there was time for more.

You write very well.

Badly need your help. Sometimes love will pick you up by the short hairs...and jerk the heck out of you.
I am from Namibia and also am speaking English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "I planning on going to nola for spring break."

THX :D, Amina.

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