Desert Island Sudders - now downloadable


HI Everyone

It's Liam here. I was the one who created the links for the Adrian's Desert Island Discs. For some reason a lot of people have contacted me saying they cannot play parts 2 and 3 :o(

To be honest I'm not entirely sure why some parts of the interview work and others do not as I went through exactly the same process for all parts. One possible reason may be that too many people are trying to play the interviews at the same time. That may be the case but doesn't really do us any good. As a bit of a work around here are some links to allow you to download the interview yourself. Unfortunately I can't provide you with links to download the music, but you can download Adrian's Interview. Most of the files are about 5MB, part 4 is 7MB so if you have a slow internet connection it may take a little time to download. It may also be slow if a lot of people download it at the same time.

Hope you enjoy and apologies for technical problems


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Thanks very much Liam, for making us able to hear it.

Thanks Liam - I got lucky and listened to them all, though presume that the last one missed a couple of closing minutes. Must be great for you to hear your friend sounding slightly better- even if it's only on a temporary basis. Well done you for all you've done.

Hugs to you too. xx

Thank you so much Liam. I wasn't able to listen to 2, 3 or 6. I'm going back to have a listen to them now. You rock!

Thank you very much we can now listen to them all :)


Thanks Liam, doing a great job as usual!

Thanks Liam! Know we call on you often. Must be quite a pain. I was lucky and heard them all but am chuffed to now be able to download them.


Cheers Liam!

Hi Liam,

Now I can hear the interview!Forget about the songs, I just want to hear Adrian's interview.

I thought I can never hear that when I am in India.I have to listen to it many times because sometimes I find it little difficult to follow the accent!

Thankyou very much Liam.

Hope Adrian is feeling better now.



Cheers Liam fine now !

Thanks Liam, got to hear them all today at last.

Thanks Liam. I thought it was a problem with this new laptop. I'll stop complaining and wishing I could go back to using the old one now.

Off to listen to the missing bits.

Riddings, Derbyshire

Hello Adrian and Liam,

I posted yesterday about wanting to nominate Adrian for CNN's 2008 Hero of the year in that category of Medical Marvel
Dedication to the enhancement of human health.

The deadline is August 1st and I need an email address and city for the application.

Would it be possible to email me back and let me know if it is ok to nominate you. I believe you have made an impact worthy of "hero" status.

Have a Happy Day,

California , USA

Hi Adrian,
It was lovely to put a voice to the writing if you get what i mean. My forms to sign up to be a bone marrow donor came through the other day so am going to send them off this week. Rest assured you have done so much. I really hope the next few weeks are as peaceful and friend and family filled as possible. be brave lots of love Vicky xx

Hi Liam,

So sorry but I can't listen to any of this. It's definitely me, I'm totally useless with computers and hubby is even worse...
Internet on Bonaire is s-l-o-w so that might be a problem too.

Read Adrian's article on Times online yesterday, great but sad.

Thanks again for all you've done for us.


Adrian & Liam,

Perfect reception here of the whole radio interview with Toby.

Just a funny Popeye video on an - almost - Desert Island:

(... or when a radio reporter interviews a newspaper journalist on a tropical island about music...)


Thanks Liam
- can see a lot of hard work goes into all this behind the scenes! Although in the end I did get to hear the whole thing, bar the last few seconds of the last part, I'll download it anyway.

The comments seem to be working better now! - Don't want to speak too soon though..... ;-)

Love Charlotte xx

Hi Liam

Managed to hear everything fine, so I am the lucky!

Also just to say thanks for all you're doing. It must be quite a responsibility! You're doing a great job.

Hope our Adrian has had a fair day - please pass on our love...

Take care!
Barbara x(In the UK - I see we have a few appearing on here!)


Hi Liam,

Any news about Adrian?Just checking and checking before I go to bed.

Because Of Adrian and his blog, I can contact somany people and can have nice friends in future.
I was sitting here, reading ,crying and finally when I read that post from Adrian about ' closing.....'I went mad with sadness not knowing what to do ,whom to talk to because I never told anyone about Adrian and his blog.

Then came Adrian's army and I joined the group.
Now I can talk with them, so it is a releif.It is surprising that sitting here in India instead of talking to my family I can talk with somany people who love Adrian.

All because of just one person Adrian.

Liam thanks for all your hard work.

Good night Liam.

Sleep well Adrian.



Hi Liam, thanks for keeping us informed and for all your hard work. Chris

Night night, Adrian, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. God bless, be good, see you in the morning ......


ps Alyce, just do it?!

Hi fellas
well done
Ads stay strong mate

baz an dawny


As much as I hate to admit it, everytime I log on and see that you have posted I brace myself. We have had several loved ones that we lost this past 2 years from cancer that I suppose it is a bit of a normal reaction. I love this blog and have so enjoyed those of friends but it is also scarry that you could find out such devistating informaiton on-line. Then again looking at it that way, this is how I and so many others have come to know you and Adrian. With that said, I suppose I will not get a phone call here in California.....

What a strange and amazing world we live in, to feel so connected and yet in reality to be so removed.

On a much lighter note, I LOVED the interviews and listened to them all. The music was great and it is so refreshing to hear you, Adrian speak with such genuine compassion about those that love and care for you and the reality of the situation that you are in.

You are thought of everyday. Sending you love!

Agoura Hills, CA

I found your blog only recently, but today I finally got caught up and have read everything. You have had such a struggle, so many ups and downs, things that nobody should have to deal with. I think it's wonderful that you have been able to sit with your family and talk about what happens after you pass. Planning your funeral, while difficult, gives your family and friends a wonderful gift to remember you by.

It was just over 10 years ago when my fiance found out that his cancer had spread throughout his abdomen and things were spiraling out of control. He made the decision to stop all treatment and to just enjoy the rest of his time without medications making him feel awful. His family stood by with me and he was able to spend his last few weeks with us. Three weeks later, he died with dignity. I pray that you and your family have the same peace that we felt as Rob ended his struggle here on earth.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Sleep well, Adrian. xoxoxoxoxox


I have been so touched by Adrian's story and mighty courage.I have been through cancer (testicular) and I count myself as one of the lucky ones.I was diagnosed in 1989 and I am still here to tell the tale.Having said that I just cannot imagine being as brave as Adrian,facing up to the last few weeks of life.I salute you,and just wish I had the pleasure to meet you.

I met the late great Roy Castle a few months before he died,and he is still an inspiration to me.

You said when you pass from this life there is either nothing or there are joy's beyond our wildest imagination.I believe in the latter, for all great people like Adrian.

Dear Adrian, hope things are ok this morning, and hope that every message here comforts you a tiny bit. Thinking of you through every day, we all are xx

Good Morning Adrian/Liam,

Hope you are awake and well Adrian.

I hope Liam you can give us some update about Adrian.

Lots of love and heartfelt prayers.


Hi Adrian,

I'm going on holiday this afternoon. Just wanted to stop by and wish you well for the next few days.

Thinking of you,

x x

hi liam/Adrian
thinking of you Adrian,xxx
Liam could you please give us an update on Adrian.
lv to you all
caz x x x

Hi Adrian

I only discovered your blog very recently after reading your excellent article in the Times. I spent yesterday evening reading through and have so much admiration for the way in which you have not only managed to remain so positive in the face of such outrageous adversity, but also for the incredible work you have done in raising awareness of bone marrow donating. You very much deserve the many accolades and expressions of recognition that you have received over the last year or so. I'm so pleased that you not only achieved but surpassed your ambition of becoming a national journalist!

I found the video posts are absolutely fascinating, and I also really enjoyed listing to your Desert Island Discs interview. You and such a thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate person, and to actually hear your voice in these posts adds a wonderful extra dynamic.

From your very recent posts I realise that I have joined your blog at an enormously poignant and critical time, and I just wanted to say how much I am thinking of you and sending you lots much support and positivity for the rest of your journey. I know you have so many wonderful friends and family, and obviously many, many online supporters and I hope that every time you read one of these messages it is a source of comfort and energy to you. No one could ever know or understand what it must be like to spend even a day in your shoes, but you will never be alone or far from anyone's thoughts while you are here or after you have gone, and of course your legacy will live on via this blog and the fruits of your campaigning.

Just to put a bit more of a face to this message - I am 30 years old, married for 2 years, and mother to a gorgeous 13 month old daughter who very sadly was born with cerebral palsy as a result of a brain injury incurred due to a lack of oxygen during her birth. We have been all over the world in the last year in our quest to improve her quality of life, including China for stem cell therapy, and although this is slightly different from the type of campaign you are leading, I hope that in not too many years from now the British government will begin to allow the research, and finally legalisation of of all stem cell treatment so that we are able to undertake this kind of therapy in our own country. I have never posted a message on a blog before but after reading all your words I just felt so compelled to write and say hello, and to add a further reminder of all the support you have out there. I only wish there was something more that we could all do to help!

All my best wishes for you and your family, and I be thinking of you so much over the next few weeks.


Hello Adrian, Liam, Blog family,

Adrian, I hope you are feeling allright, and spending some good quality time with family/friends today. You are in my thoughts always.


Thanks Liam.

I am, as ever, in awe of your technological knowledge!


Just wanted to say "Well Done Liam" everything working fine now. Hope your employers appreciate what a treasure you are!!!


Hi Adrian, just checking for the first time today. I have had a really busy day since 8am and only now have opened my computer. Sad to see that there is no update from you as it always makes me think that your not feeling so good. Hopefully that is not the case and you are just resting and enjoying this time with your family which is exactly how it should be. Will keep checking just incase and in the meantime I can always say hello to the rest of the clan. Hope the army have stopped dancing! Chris

Hi Adrian/Liam

You may find this crazy but checking your blog has become an addiction!! Must be the 30th time today I've checked in to see if there's any news on how Adrian is doing......and I don't do stuff like this!! And I'm not nuts!! See the effect you have had on people....I'm sure I'm not alone....there must be people all over the world sitting wondering how you are, with a slight knot in their stomach!!
Well, I hope you are smiling at least, even though I'm guessing you are pretty fed up of life as it is for you. I would feel the same, and I admire your recent decisions and the honesty in which you share them.
I hope your time left is the best possible. Try to keep us informed before one of us walks into a lamppost day dreaming!! Even if its just to say you feel like *!^p and to tell us to leave u in peace!


Amanda xx

Amanda thats just how i am.

thinking of you Adrian xxx
thank you Liam for all you are doing

love caz xxx

Dear Adrian/Liam,

Till now no news, hope all of your busy.

It is 12pm here in India and I am feeling little tired, and my eyes are paining,there is back pain too.For the past few days I am in front of computer only..checking and checking for Adrian's post.

Tomorrow I just want to hear only good news from you.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love


Hello Adrian

It's really difficult to put into words what I want to express, I find myself thinking about you on and off for most of the day. I just want to let you know a couple of things;

1) As a mum to two young boys, I hope they grow up to show as much dignity as you in the face of adversity. Your parents must be so full of pride and love for you.

2) I promise to never cringe again when I hear Chesney Hawkes!!! Hearing his dulcet tones over the airwaves will put a smile on my face!

Take care, sleep well
with love


I hope you were able to enjoy your day, each and every minute of it. And I wish you a comfortable nights sleep as the day draws to a close. Thinking of you often, as all the others are. (Do you realize how many mothers you have now, all over creation, looking after you and keeping tabs on you? Crazy. And many lovely younger ladies as well, in the dozens I would guess. Lucky you!)

Sleep tight,

Mary Anne
Cincinnati, OH USA

How are you feeling...

just a little message of encouragement and friendship:

One World, One Dream

(...and we all share the same dream of Adrian for more adult stem cell donors.)

Dearest Liam - THANK YOU for all your hard work.It really is appreciated.

Dearest Adrian - Hope you are asok as you can be at the moment.

Goodnight and sleep well.
Luv Sam xxx

Hi Adrian,
thanks for writing this. My son died of Leukaemia, and Im sure he had many of the thoughts you have shared, but was young and didnt articulate them as you have. thankyou for your clarity and truthfulness.
It has helped me think about ways of dying in a positive, and often even funny way. It is something all of us will face, and in the end denial will not work for any of us. I would wish to live long and prosper, but to see our own day coming is a different kind of gift.
I hope your day is without pain and filled with love. I dont want to live every day as if it were my last, but I do want to live knowing that it could be, and that each day matters.
I send you my love, and thanks.

Adrian...thinking of you and your family. Sleep well.
Love and light Val XX
Cyber stalkers thinking of you all toox sleep easy.

goodnight adrian. sweet dreams. much love to you and yours from all at our end xxxxxxxxxxx ps. cant wait to hear from you again xxx

Dear Adrian,Liam,

I slept for nearly 5 hours, got up early,it is only 4.45 am here.

No news from you or Liam, may be go to sleep again.Hope all of you are sleeping peacefully.

Lots of love


This is to all of you here in Adrian's "Army" It is 7:OO pm here in Mississippi USA.
I know that some of you are still up as I am, I know/hope some of you are sleeping because of the geography of where you are and pray your sleeping peacefully. I also know that no matter what time zone you are in you ALL leap to your computer for news of Adrian (as I do more times a day than you could imagine)when you are awake. We yearn for even a whisper. I have followed this blog for a couple of months now and found that not only is Ardrian amazing but so are each and every one of you. If we could bottle the love that is on this blog we could start a more peaceful, caring, giving, loveing world. Maybe this is where it begins. I would give anything to meet everyone of you and hug everyone of you. It would be like touching the best part of all of us. You all raise ME up to levels of joy/faith I have never known. I pray for all of you that while we are keeping the visual over Adrain remember to embrace all of your blessings, hug your loved ones tighter, spread you kindness further and be good to yourselves. Take care of yourselves and lets take care of eachother. Thank you for letting me share the beauty of who you all are. To Adrian and his family, thank you for your generosity in letting us into your reality. We want to never abuse that gift. Sleep peacefully Adrain
Love to your family, friends coworkers and Army. And love, hope and blessings to all of those who sign up to be donors and those waiting.


Posted by Debra | July 31, 2008 1:55 AM

Posted on July 31, 2008 01:55

Goodnight Moon!

Have some Betty Boop Magic

…during district nurses' and medical visits

and at 'little' parties coming back from a Desert Island of Music…

A Song A Day...

Hia, I've never posted a comment before though I've been following the blog for weeks. I just wanted you to know that because of you I have decided to join the bone marrow donor register in the hope of helping someone. You are an extremely special person who I just know that I would get on so well with, and although I've always had a fear of death, it is now greatly reduced as I will be joining someone as lovely as you, and wherever we all go, it cannot possibly be bad with such beautiful people leaving this earth.
All my love Adrian, I hope you are having a special time with your family.


Hi there Adrian

Just like everyone else, I have been checking your blog constantly today, waiting and hoping for some news. I do hope you are ok Adrian - I am trying to have faith in the saying 'no news is good news' but have to admit that a certain level of anxiety is creeping in as the day goes on.

Whatever the situation, I just sincerely hope that you are comfortable and peaceful and catching up on some very well earned rest.

I really hope to hear something before the end of the day tomorrow because after that I will be on holiday for two weeks and don't have internet access where I live (800m up a mountain in the Ardeche where there are more goats than inhabitants!!)

Take care of yourself and 'inshallah' we will hear from you very soon.

Big hugs and a squeeze

Adrian's Mum here. Just a quick update. Adrian has spent the last few days seeing all his marvellous friends. Today is no exception. He is very tired and not too well to be candid but bearing up very well and typically determined to see everyone who is coming over. There are regular gales of laughter coming out of the room where his friends are gathered and he is having some precious one to one time as well. Thank you for all your heartfelt wishes and cyber hugs - the support is greatly appreciated. Adrian is getting to read his blog when time allows but I am looking at it regularly for him and passing on the positive vibes as they come in.
Keep on campaigning and marching- the Sudders' effect....cracking isn't it?!

Hi Kay

Cracking! What a great word to describe the phenomenon that is the Sudders effect! I'm glad that Adrian is spending time with his friends... without friends where would we be? Just to let you know that my 17 year old son will be joining the Bone Marrow Register as soon as he turns 18, so we are indeed marching on!

Love to all


Thank you so much Mrs Sudders.

Gales of laughter - fantastic!

love to you all

Dear Kay

Thank you for posting. I was becoming concerned.

Glad to hear he is surrounded by his wonderful gang of friends.

You have been blessed with such a lovely son!

May your God be with you.

Dear Kay,

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us an update.

Lots of love, strenght and peace for all of you,


Thank you Kay for taking the time to update us about Adrian's wellbeing.
It's much appreciated and helps to put a smile on our faces, imagining the gales of laughter coming from Adrian and his friends.
'Cracking' for Sudders Army -everyone will like that.
Wrap your arms around him and when you squeeze tell him that's from all of us - Sudders Army.
Thank you once again,
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you all.

Thanks for the update Kay. You, Keith and Carrie are always in our thoughts, as well as your boy Adrian. He's a star isn't he?

Great to hear he's enjoying his visitors.


Hi Kay,
Thankyou SO much for the update. As you have seen, we were all sat anxiously awaiting news. I am so pleased he is enjoying time with his friends. It's good to hear of laughter. I am sure I speak for the rest of the blogettes when I say that I really wish I had come across your family in better circumstances. I cannot imagine how you, keith and carrie are feeling, and all Adrian's family and friends. I wish you so much strength. It's so easy to sit at a PC and type, but really Kay, we really do all mean what we say. We love your son. The "Sudders Effect" ROCKS. How very proud you must be.
Loads of big fat cyber hugs to you all.

Kay, thank you so much for taking time to update us on Adrian. The entire Sudbury family is truly wonderful. When I read "Gales of laughter" I couldn't help but smile! Adrian, it is so nice to know you're surrounded by those you love and who love you. Continue having good times with your friends, and be sure to give your mum extra hugs for taking pity on all of us cyber-stalkers! :-)
You and your entire family are always in our thoughts and prayers.


Thanks so much for the update, Kay. So pleased to hear that Adrian continues to have laughter in his life. Sending much love and cyber-hugs.

Best regards,

Riddings, Derbyshire

Hello Kay
Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how Adrian is. It's so appreciated. Happy to hear that 'gales of laughter' are coming from his room and that he is surrounded by those that love him so.
Hope your weekend continues this way and we're all thinking of Adrian,you, Keith and Carrie constantly.
Keep laughing dearest Sudders!
Biggest hugs and much love to you all
Barbara xx

Dear Mrs Sudbury and family,

Glad to hear that Adrian is enjoying himself with friends and family and getting lots of one to one with everybody. They say laughter is the best medicine, so let's hope so. Your son is a national treasure and you and your family no doubt are very proud of him for what he has achieved and no doubt will achieve for a long,long time.

Take care, best regards,

Sarah & madhouse & furry animals xxxxxx

dear Kay
thank you SOOOOOOO much for the update on Adrian.
i have followed Adrians blog from the beginning and i'm an old age pensioner ! ! who's never been on a blog before but your wonderful son has brought so many people together, created so many new friendships with his warmth, compassion, and incredable humour. he is indeed a son to be proud of and a wonderful human being.
my love to all

Hello Kay,
I,too, would like to thank you for updated us. It's good to know Adrian is seeing his friends and is surrounded by love.
Please give him our love,

Thank you Mrs Sudders!

Please give that precious son of yours a great big snuggly hug from me.

Praying for him lots, thinking about him constantly.

Glad he's having some special time with family and friends.

Love, hugs, prayers and kisses,

Hello Adrian's mum

Thank you so much for taking time to update everybody.
Just the thought of Adrian laughing with his friends brings a smile to the face of those who can't see him. Laughter and no doubt tears as well, but that's what friends are for.
Hoping you all have a peaceful night.

With love

Thank you for the update.

Gales of laughter...we should all be so lucky to leave this world with so much love surrounding us.

One correction to what Sarah said, Adrian is an INTERnational treasure...he's touched many of us all over the world.

Sending love & hugs to all,
~Kelly (another baldy)
(KC, MO - USA)

Thank you Mrs. Sudders for letting us know how Adrian is.
Made me smile when you talked of the gales of laughter...
Thinking of you all and sending cyber hugs and love.
Val x (moa) by proxy.

Hello Kay,

Thank you for the update. :)

I'm really glad that Adrian is having such a good time with friends, you and the rest of the family. You really have one fantastic son!
As always he is in my thoughts.

Please enjoy your time together and have a great weekend.

Love, Beth

Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the update.Good to hear that Adrian is enjoying his time with friends.

Dont want to write too much, to be frank knowing that he is enjoying his time..that too is heartbreaking.Who knows what is in his mind.

I wish you and family peaceful days ahead.

Lots of love from India


Thank you for the update Kay!

Thinking of your family often and keeping you in my prayers.

Big hugs to you all! -Tela

Dear Kay,

Thankyou so much for letting us know what Adrian is getting up to, he is constantly in my thoughts.Having read your positive post, I am able to see where Adrian gets some of his amazing strength and humour from. You have raised a truly amazing and inspirational son and I hope that I can aspire to become as good a parent. I pray that the laughter continues and that medicine eliminates all the pain.

With love Helen

Hi Kay, we so appreciate you taking your very valuable time to update us about Adrian. He is an international treasure and you must be so proud of him. The bubble that you now live in is full of love and laughter and long may it continue. Keep strong. Chris


such a glad there are 'gales' of laughter wafting through the house. Nice thought .........

Long may it continue for you and yours

much love

xxxreiki hugsxxxx

'The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.' - Henry Miller

Aware of what really matters.
Kay's letter and all the comments today reminded me of this ...


Being another "blogette" (to borrow Tina's great word) I am delighted to read your post with news of Adrian. Like many others, I'd like to thank you for taking time out to update us. We really appreciate it - we understand time's precious and don't want this blog to become a 'burden'! There is, however, genuine love and concern out there for all of you from us cyber-stalkers! We crop up all over the world (sadly, I'm in drizzly Chester though!)

I think about all of you who are close to Adrian often - I pray (and I'm not the praying type) that you are all able to enjoy your time together - so the idea of the 'gales of laughter' really made me grin!

The Sudders effect has made a profound and lasting impact on my life and you can count on my support long term with his campaign, come what may. Much love and warmest wishes to you all, Charlotte xx

Dear Kay
Thanks so very much for posting an update, I too have checked about 10 times today for news. It seems the whole family is so selfless in putting others first. In the tough times ahead I hope it will give you some comfort to be able to read all the comments and see what the world thought of your beloved son.
I think Adrian has had more success in reaching out to the people than any politician, religious leader or 'celebrity' in recent times. I am not religious but really do believe that people like Adrian are sent to this world to make it better for us all.

Much love

Just an idea for other blog regulars...

On the way to work today I was listening to the radio and started thinking we should have some sort of 'Adrian's anthem', created to remember not only Adrian but also the campaign. Every time ourselves and others hear the anthem it will provide a link and remind us all to keep going with the work that Adrian started.

Now after coming up with this I have to admit I do not have a musical bone in my body but wondered if there were any budding songwriters out there?

Just an idea to keep it all going and provide a memory (obviously in addition to all the fantastic work). Well Elton did do it for Princess Di and Adrian is pretty much royalty!


This is the first time I have written on a blog, but from one mother to another I just needed to say that my heart goes out to you. As a mother of 2 boys aged 25 and 29 years, I have only asked that they stay healthy and happy, I can imagine that was your thoughts for your children as well.
Adrian has done so much in his short life and his legacy will be so beneficial to many people for years to come.
My thoughts are with you all constantly. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Dear Kay,

Thanks for letting us know. Great to hear that Adrian has met with all his friends in the last days. In all fairness he did say he was going to do that, meet all his friends, so we need not have been so stressed not hearing anything.

Have a good weekend, Adrian, family Sudbury and friends. And Liam, you too. Have a good weekend.

Big hug,


Hi Kay - thanks for letting us know Adrian is relatively ok, as with others i keep checking ragularly and you can't help but worry, Thinking of you all- the sudders effect rolls on!

Thanks for the update, Kay- I must say I have been clicking back more and more frequently to check and see how Adrain is doing- what a blessing to be able to have this time with his friends and family. I hope he knows that his cyber-family out here lifts him up with so much light and love right now, as always- and that the light and love extends to your family, as well as those who have so clearly been priviledged to know him in person.


I was going to add that I dont know where you get the strength from to carry on, but I know.....the strength is called 'Motherlove', you can't buy it, its something that is given to us after a nine month waiting period and we never lose it.

Good Evening Adrian and Family,

Just been scanning the latest e-mails and there was a amendment to one I wrote earlier by a lady called Kelly in the U.S.A saying that you weren't just a national treasure but an international treasure and I have to whole heartedly agree with her as you have brought the world together to show that there are such a lot of caring people out there which after a look at the latest news it's fantastic to see that people still really care about each other and show it in the most amazing ways hence your blog!

When's the book starting! Think it would be a fantastic idea to have a book with all your achievements and e-mail extracts in and money from them donated to good causes of your choice - think it would be a worldwide best seller.

Hope you are having a pain free evening - take care - best wishes

Love Sarah & Madhouse and furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dearest Adrian,
As always you are the last thought in my head before going to bed.
Sleep peacefully.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you,lovely Adrian, mum and dad, Carrie, family and friends and your blog fzmily.

I've placed a star and message on for Adrian and family.

keep strong

Dear Kay and family,
Thanks for the update. As you can see we get worried when we haven't heard anything for awhile. Just goes to show how Adrian is able to find his way into so many hearts and minds.

However, we do know the nature of the situation. We know Adrian is feeling awful much of the time. We know his time is precious and fleeting, and that he has important things to take care of. It seems to me we are being very greedy by constantly demanding to know what's happening, and perhaps it's time to give the Sudbury family and friends some time and space? Adrian will write when he can I'm sure. We may be Sudders Army and darn proud of it, but there may soon come a time when we may be become a burdon and what a shame that would be for everyone.

For me, I just want to say thanks to you Kay, for sharing your son with us, to Adrian for touching us all in a very precious way that we never expected and will never forget, and to you too Liam for being web master extraordinaire!!

Raising a glass, proposing a Adrian, you will live long in our hearts and your fight will go on through us.


Oh, Thank you Kay for posting.

As so many have written before, not seeing anything new posted on the opening page was making me scared. Like so many others, I too am checking regularly (more then I care to admit to) to see what's up.

It is wonderful to hear that laughter is flowing thorough your home, I do hope that it stay's that way for quite some time. There will be enough time for tears later.

Please give Adrian a big hug from all of us reading and posting to his blog from here in California. Please know that all of you, Adrian, his family and friends are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Adrian, you have created such a community with your blog. I will miss seeing the names that have become so familiar. Liam, will you carry this on?

Wishing you all peace.

Much love,
Agoura Hills, CA

Well, just wanted to wish everyone a peaceful night. Wherever you may be tonight, I hope you all rest peacefully. Adrian, if you read this, you are always in my thoughts my dear friend. We all love you and wish you all the very best. You are a true Leg End my friend.
Much love to you and your family, and all my fellow blogettes.
Tina X~X~X~X~X~X

Hi Kay, whilst we appreciate hearing any snippet of news on our dear Adrian, I have to echo Beth's sentiment about giving the Sudbury family time and space. Please Kay if you need us to be quiet and stop writing for a while you only have to ask. It is difficult for us to know if you would rather us continue to offer our support and show you that we care about you and your wonderful son and family or if our constant pestering for information is more of an intrusion at this very difficult time for your family. You only have to say the word and we will be quiet on the blog but you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Chris

Hi Adrian

Glad your mum let us know that you've been in the company of good friends these past few days - thanks Adrian's mum!

Hope you have a restful night - thinking of you lots as usual,

Much love,

Vic x

I just realized that your comment Kay was very close to the dream I had about him the other night where everyone was laughing. I posted about it the other day. That was the main theme a lot of laughing thru the house. Everyone was happy.

I was also just reading what everyone said and I agree if space is needed i think everyone here would be more than happy to stop posting so you can have that time. The last thing he should be thinking about is replying to posts.

Kay, make sure to take good care of yourself as well. You deserve a giant group hug from everyone on here. Here's mine:


Goodnight, Bethany

Mrs. Sudbury,

Thank you very much for keeping everyone updated today. Adrian and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers. What a fine man you have raised.

Much love and peace!

Dear Kay,
A simple thank you for keeping us up to date. It is wonderful to hear that Adrian is getting to spend time with the ones he loves.
Love and prayers,

Kay, Thank you for your generous update about Adrian. Mum to Mom my heart is resting on your shoulder. I am happy to know you are still hearing laughter, (how delicious). I know you savor every moment and yet you take time to share a piece of it with us. That is humbling. Thank you so much. Love and Prayers to all of you, Debra

Dear Kay

Thank you so much for taking the time to update the blog.

It is 5 am and I have not slept well tonight, so many things going around in my head. I had decided not to post again as felt that this is becoming a very personal time for Adrian with friends and family.

However,also as a mum of a son with leukaemia, I just wanted to take this opportunity to post to you personally and send my love,

Sally x

Yo, man!

Amazing choice of songs! Your voice is exactly as I thought it would be!
Keep going mate!


Hi Kay,
Thank you for the update, that was very kind of you. Glad to hear that the laughter is still going on and Adrian is getting to see the people he loves. Best wishes to him, you and the rest of your family. You must be very very proud of them all and rightly so. If, god forbid, anything like this happens to my family I hope they handle it with even a tenth of the grace and humour that Adrian has written about from your family, you sound like a truly amazing bunch.

Much love,

Good Morning Adrian,

Hope you are doing ok this morning.

Your thoughts are always in my mind no matter what I am doing.
Just thinking if in addition to the songs -CD, somebody can make a DVD - documentary,( I do not know the correct words)of Adrians experiences in his life, it will be helpful to people like me in far away countries to understand the importance of BMT.If possible I wish we can contact somebody responsible with this blog in future too.I dont want this blog to simply disappear.

I am not settled in life till now, once I am settled I too have dreams of doing something for the mankind..may be in a small way, or who knows if I can do something big!

I hope I am not disturbing too much with my suggestions.

Lots of love to Adrian and family.


Just checking in and reading all the wonderful responses, sad, mad, funny and all. Thanks Kay for the update. xxxxxxxxx

Hello to everyone, and thank you so much Kay for taking the trouble to keep us updated.

Please send him our continued support and love.

Warmest regards


This is my first post although have been following the blog for a while now. Adrian, I feel compelled just to tell you what a beautiful writer you are and how brave I think you are. What you have achieved in the campaign and in the way you've battled through all this, with your humour and candid manner, is incredible and truly inspiring.

Glad to know that your able to spend time with lots of laughs with the ones who matter most.

Lots of love to you Adrian, your family and friends.

Julie xx

Another valued day to enjoy together. Enjoy it, with all our very best wishes. Much love xx

Hello Kay, Thanks for the update, I have been waiting days but only just found your blog. We have been through this and our heart goes out to you and your family. Stay strong. Kind regards, Jan & Tony Pinnegaar

Good Morning from across the pond,

I'm praying for the whole family today as I sense that these may be difficult hours for you.

May God hold you in the palm of His hand and give you peace, today and always.

Mary Anne
Cincinnati OH USA

Adrian & Co,

Some words of a Belgian singer that came in my mind today driving home from hospital in a 30°C car:

'We try to write about life. In order to translate life into sound, the music has to be extreme in a way. So we have this really heavy element going on with the dark lyrics, but at the same time there's this lightness to a lot of the songs. That's what life probably is. It's light and it's heavy at the same time.' - Gert Bettens

Life is light and heavy; sad and beautiful...

That's what you have described and reported in your blog. And that's what make it so strong - in the world wide battle against leukaemia and pro stem cell donation.

Dear Adrian,

As usual thinking about you and not able to control the urge to write,sorry.

Just praying for you and family.God will give all of you enough strength to go through this bad phase.

Lots of love to Adrian


Hi Adrian, Kay, Keith, Carrie, family and friends,

Just checking in and hoping Adrian is comfortable today, knows how much he's loved and is managing to find that laughter again.

sending my love and warm wishes from Trinidad

Hey there,

Haven't seen an update lately and am worrying about you! I hope you are as comfortable as possible. Please know you are in my thoughts!

Erica from New Hampshire USA

Dear Adrian,

Must have started sleeping now, sleep well.

May be we can get an update later from you or Liam.

Heartfelt prayers and lots of love from India.


Dear Adrian and Liam
I don't think you will ever realise what you have started. People all over the world are thinking about you and praying for a miracle. I hope many people will sign up as bone marrow donors to give life to unfortunate people. I know that you have made an impact on many people and must have the largest friendship bank in the world. Liam is such a great friend and keeps us informed.

I pray for you and your family.

Luv Bern

Here is the entire playlist on YouTube of all the music Adrian selected for his Desert Island Disks programme, plus the first of his Video Diary on YouTube, that will lead you to the next diaries online.

Liam, if you think this link should not be here, feel free to delete it. Frisiancoil is my YouTube nick.

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