Falling back to my parents, family and loved ones


We have been through quite a lot together now but I imagine for many of you this post will make for uncomfortable reading.

We have journeyed through the ups and downs of leukaemia, its treatments, living and dying.

There have been a few laughs in between the infertility, my fiancee leaving me, my skin crumbling off and the recent death sentence.

Lavish award ceremonies, outrageous media tarting and all of us being involved in a massive campaign that will hopefully benefit thousands of people around the world for years to come.

But a time comes when you have to be honest with yourself.

After last night's shenanigans it's time to sacrifice a bit more of my independence and move back in with my parents.

Time to catch up.

We are never going to know exactly but it looks like I am reacting very badly to the new drug Dasatinib.

Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences about this medicine.

I started taking these new pills on Friday and by Saturday was having piercing headaches.

Not only that but I vomited twice on consecutive days.

Obviously, having had the pleasure of being sick on quite a number of occasions over the last 18 months, this wouldn't normally bother me too much.

But I have never experienced anything like it.

The pressure and velocity was such that it felt like my eye balls were going to burst out of my head.


All over my eyelids were spots of blood caused by minor internal bleeding.

The worst thing was that it gave me what looked like two black-eyes.

They really hurt, were starting to swell up, and I was struggling to see out of them for days.

Friends came and stayed but it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Last night my parents looked after me in Sheffield.

The headache was getting out of control and, determined to avoid a stay in hospital, I suggested we try out of hours doctors service.

The first doctor rolls up, now whether this is due to a language barrier I don't know, but I asked him if he was prescribing pain relief. He said yes and injected it into my arm.

I should add that he seemed rather keen to make the injection into my buttocks. I challenged this and the arm was then deemed acceptable.

Turns out though he gave me a sedative leading me to wake up in the middle of the night, ranting, babbling and devouring two bowls of fruit.

That, it turns out, is how mental I get.

The headache returned, and having had these sorts of extreme pains on the ward, I know the only answer is something along the lines of morphine.

The second doctor eventually appears, prescribes the drug, but there is nowhere to collect it until the pharmacies open about three hours later.

Great out of care service guys.

So despite everything my dad ends up driving me into the Royal Hallamshire Hospital again for treatment.

Unsurprisingly, the morphine always slips down quite well and within about 20 minutes I was feeling a lot better.

But my head was now swelling up on the underside and around the jaw.

Apparently this could be caused by a small blockage meaning blood is not returning correctly.

As you can see from the picture, I'm run down, exhausted, cannot stop coughing and have a massively swollen head.

Here is a bit of irony for you though, one doctor suggested treating this new facial swelling with steroids!

Seriously, he described it as maybe helping to clear the blockage and returning things to normal.

The nurses were so worried this morning that they were concerned I wasn't going to make it until next week.

After this evening - apart from the massively irritating cough and vanity issues - I reckon I've got a bit more time left than that.

I'm hoping friends and family will break up visits and come throughout the week.

I have also got some excellent palliative care medicines at my disposal too which means there should be no more repeat performances of last night.


Hi Adrian, so sorry to hear your feeling so rough. You are in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully you will be feeling better very soon.
Best Wishes
Nikki ;)

No words...just thinking of you and your family.
Take care.
Diane x

Hi Adrian

Not a good few days, to say the least. Have you stopped taking the new drug? You don't know until you try I guess. Glad you are going back to your parents, a good decision, let them be there for you. Let's hope you feel better over this weekend. You've done so much over the past weeks, achieved so much, anyone would be exhausted! Now please rest. You know we're all there with you in spirit, hearts full of love and caring. Have all the help you can, feel as comfortable as you can. You are so so special to us all, it's like you're family, and we're with you all the way. So please rest up and enjoy being with your wonderful family. Your mum and dad look lovely people, your sister too. Thinking of you constantly, as I'm sure are many others throughout the world. Thank you for your honesty throughout. I hope I'd have even a little of your courage...I've learnt a lot from you you know...a lot. Wishing you a peaceful weekend. My love to you and your family, but especially to you. Till we hear from you again.. Barbara xx

Hi Adrian,

I am fairly new to your blog, and I just wnated you to know that you are truly inspiring to me. I really hope you get to see your quest through...and I think it is a GREAT thing. I will be checking back to see how you are doing and wishing you only the best!


Hang in there mate. I cant imagine how difficult this must be for you, but from reading your blog entries over the past few months i know your a very brave guy.

Spend as much time as possible with your family and friends (obviously) and try to stay positive (you seem to be doing just that anyway).

Take care,


Hi Adrian

I have been following your blog and your story for a few weeks now. I have laughed and cried (a lot!) but I wanted to say that I think you are truly amazing! I don't know where you get the energy from for the campaign while you are feeling so unwell. So many people are thinking of you and wishing you well and I am sorry to hear you have had a rough couple of days.

While it must be hard to feel you need to go back home you are not on your own in looking to family and friends for help and comfort - thats what families are for!! I am sure they are really pleased to have you around so that can look after you!

I wanted to let you know that the campaign has made a difference - YOU have made a difference and this will have a direct impact on lives in the future. Today I have signed up to be tested as a bone marrow donor - this is solely because of you. I have also been spreading the word about your blog and the underlying message - especially to my male friends under 40.

All the best, Adrian. Be proud. I hope you feel better over the few days.


I am glad that you are surrounded by family and friends. You are in my thoughts.


Hi Adrian,
I'm sorry things are bad at the moment. I'm halfway through my first Vincristin and steroid cycle and the old side effects are beginning to resurface (tummy troubles, tingling fingers, jaw pain) but I'm aware that this is nothing compared to what you are going through.
I admire you for keeping your independence as long as you have and I hope you keep it for a long time yet.
You will always be a great inspiration to me.
Take care

The out of care service is at times unbelievable!! I am thinking of you Adrain, You keep writing for as long as you can...it is a great release for you and wonderful for us readers -that you allow us into your life! I have learned many things from you Adrian and read your blog with admiration and a yearning for a miracle cure.
Glad you are back with those that love you...I recently lost my sister to AML and know my parents loved having her home for her last months with us here - Yet, my sister hated some moments of the over protective built in parenting mode!!!
Hope your parents have restocked the fruit bowl?
keep strong...still a handsome chap!!

Oh Adrian, I'm so sorry that it didn't work out for you! I just read this quick article on MSN and I know it probably won't relate to you in anyway but I thought of you when i read it and wanted to pass it along. Perhaps someone reading can get something from it. They've found a new way to cure Melanoma by simply boosting the immune system - no chemo, just immunity building.


Good luck with the 'rents! It might be better than you think :)

Hi Adrian,

I am so sorry you are feeling so ill. I had a feeling things were not good, having looked at your blog several times today and found no new entry. Let your family look after you now because you need a bit of pampering. They will want to do this for you and you deserve it.

You have touched so many lives through your illness. It is difficult to say anything that hasn't already been said, but I for one wish you peace and serenity.

Bless you


hi adrian...

again, i find myself checking up on you... you continue to amaze me with your courage and grace.

i hope that you begin to feel a bit better, enough that you can enjoy what you have left.

xo k

still thinking of you daily, and at a loss for what to say here...everything seems inadequate. i am happy you are with the comfort of friends and family. so many people are with you in spirit, including me. we'll be cheering you on through whatever happens next.


I'm very moved by your honousty. All you write is so familiar for me as a clinical haematologist.

A few minutes before reading your text, I've placed on our weblog words written in 2006 by a 36-year old patient, IT professional, musician and world traveller, with early relaped leukaemia after MUDSCTX, thanking his parents, family and good friends . He was touched by the great and unexpected human warmth and empathy he found during his 10 months of illness.

After we've put your diary recently on our Antwerp Haematology website, a lot of readers were moved by your courage. They wrote me 'We keep on fighting...'

So I try to do my best here in Belgium.
I've suggested your blog for an article in 'De Huisarts' (The General Practitioner) and De Artsenkrant (The Physician's Journal). I hope they will see it's value and importance. In Belgium a lot more people should be reached as candidates for stem cell donation.

Adrian, I wish you many days without pain and I hope you can stay at home as long as possible...

Best wishes and a very big THANK YOU, Ann

I would totally come visit you. I would bring dirty magazines. Even though I've never met you.

You've been through so much, and your story has had such an effect on people. The impact that your life has will continue to ripple around the globe.

I can't imagine what you and your family and everyone who's ever met you is going through.

Sending you good vibes for good drugs.



Sorry you are feeling rough, :-(

You have got the best care, your family and friends around you and you are not alone.

We are thinking of you, Lots of love Dawn xxx

My heart goes out to you, your family and your friends. (((((((Hugs))))))

Hi Adrian,
I really don't know what to say - as usual, I haven't got a clue how you must be feeling right now. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts daily and I am so amazed at how much awareness regarding bone marrow donation you have single handedly managed to create within the last few weeks.
You are an inspiration.
Sending you best wishes
Dawn xx

Hi Adrian,

I check up on you everyday. There is not a day I don't think about you & how you are doing. Sorry to hear you have had a rough few days.
I am glad that you are with family & friends now. Hopefully they will give you the comfort that you definitely deserve. Their are so many people out here that you have touched. You have made an impact on the world.
Thinking of you

Sh*te. More swear words. Thinking of you. xxxxx PS I think you look gorgeous and must confess to a few "Florence Nightingale Does Dallas" type thoughts...

Hello Adrian

No words now - just let family look after you and go with the flow.
Don`t be afraid of the morphine - it keeps the pain away.
You are a star and forever in our thoughts.

Best Wishes to you and your family

Hey Adrian,
I am so sorry that you are going through so much. Adrian, you have really struck a chord with me in my life and wish I could take some of your pain away. Since Christmas I have been reading your blog but have only recently sent you a comment,wish I would have done this long ago. Adrian you are a special spirit as I know I could never be as courageous as you are. My friend you are making a huge difference in this world,touching and saving many lives for years to come. Your courageous blog has gotten me off my lazy butt and I am proud to say I am now a donor here in the states!! Adrian you are a gift to this world and always remember that.
Your friend Michael...
Peoria, AZ USA

Hang in there mate. Just... hang in there.


You amaze me. Truly. Thank you for all that you're doing to make the world a better place. I'm donating blood next week and my husband and I are both registering with the National Marrow Donor Program here in the U.S. I've donated blood in the past but hadn't made it a priority recently. Your story has touched me...and educated me on marrow donation. Thank you again. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

Burbank, CA

Bless your heart. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been suffering. Here in Texas we jokingly refer to "Out of Hours" doctors services as "Doc in a Box" so I sympathize with you for having to deal with them. I hope you feel better and can get some rest.
Sending you a huge hug across the miles....

Well - I bet your Mum is glad to have you home, even if it's just to hold you tight and tell you she loves you. Chin up boy, though not like yesterday :-); like everyone else that reads your wonderful, uplifting and brave blogs I am rooting for you.


Can't seem to find any words, only that you have created so many lifechanging moments for me. An inspiration beyond any human belief.

I actually think you still look very good looking so don't worry about any of us girls out here being put off!

Hang in my friend.

Sally XX

Hi Adrian
still here lurking in the background following your every move. congrats on the latest award. all the patients are asking about you. love

Hi there Adrian,

I hope that you are not too uncomfortable today. I was only introduced to your blog the other day and I really feel for you. My friend kept a blog whilst his son was fighting "ALL" from the ages of 2.5months until he passed away at 13 months. That blog was written describing their daily lives and what Freddie went through, eventhough he wasn't able to explain how he was feeling. Your blog says it as it is, fantastic. You really have done a great thing in promoting the Bone Marrow Register and this blog just raises awareness brilliantly.
Well done you and I hope you are provided with adequate pain relief in order to make your time special with your family.
All the very best and well done, your family should be very very proud.
Best wishes,

Thinking of you........
XXX Reiki hugs XXX

St Sudders, I joined the register yesterday - because of you. No other reason. There are potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of people you will never meet who will owe their lives to you. Forget Forsyth, you deserve a knighthood.

Stay with us Adrian and keep fighting - we all need you. xx

aww dear Adrian, my heart goes out to you, you go through so much and there's not a whine out of you, just a realisation of how things are, you're a real inspiration to the whingers of today.
I'm glad to hear you're back within the arms of your family, as a mum I gotta tell ya your babies never really stop being your babies, they just get bigger LOL, my prayers continue to be with you and with your family and friends


so sorry to hear ur not feeling well. Just want to let u know im thinking of you and wishing u feel better with the meds.

Lots of love
xx xxxx xxxxx


don't really know what to say except my thoughts are with you, your family and friends. Donna had a pretty dismal experience of the out of hours doctor service too. She was given a pain killing injection that reduced her immune system even further...yeah thanks a lot!
I think the best thing to do is just what you did and go to the hospital where they know you. I understand your reluctance to go back there but they have the best idea of how to look after you...
Take care, Adrian, we've never met but you are always in my thoughts

Greg XXX

Hi i just read more of your blog.........hugs and prayers be with you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and i wish for you to have atleast a day pain free ..................................but many who have gotten to know you will always be keeping you in their hearts as i will..................................................Hugs,,,,,,,deb

There's no place like home. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.
XX Elizabeth


Have been following your story on Five Live over the past few weeks. You are an amazing guy and an inspiration to many. Let your mum look after you. Will sign your petition now.



Thinking of you

God bless you Adrian. I pray for you not to be on so much pain.



I hope you feel better very soon. Maybe you can enjoy the days and friends and family if the Dasatinib gets out of your system quickly. I have lost a friend and an aunt to different advanced cancers who both lived at or beyond what anyone with their stage of cancer had ever made it (5 years each) but as much as they got more time from the continual chemo all those years, their bodies eventually started throwing signs of toxicity at them with the last chemos. The body knows best and I hope with all my heart that the solution to some comfort and unsedated quality time with your loved ones is to stop the drug. May the nasty side effects evaporate from your body and your memory and may you feel comfortably like Adrian again.

Although a rambling fruit bowl monster is a very vivid image, I don't want any repeat performances! I mean, think of it, if that continued, all of England would have to hide its fresh fruit. :)

You have an incredible attitude and sense of humor, telling even your horror story of your night last night with such wit and perspective. I know it helps us readers to laugh between our tears. I hope your sense of humor helps you as much.

My suggestion is to settle in to your parents' loving care and soak up the love that I am sure is lining up to see you at the door.

Wishing you only peaceful slumbers (no fruit monsters) and bright, loving days ahead.


Hey Adrian,

So sorry to hear you've been in so much pain, it sounds awful and I can't imagine how you're feeling. The fact that you can still articulate yourself in such a brilliant way here is testament to how awesome you are!
Glad you finally got the treatment and pain management you needed, even though it took way too long.

I say it every time but it's no less heartfelt - I am thinking of you lots.

Love from Catherine x

This is my first comment, I've been following your story since I saw you on the Television in England (while I was visiting) I am from Montana. I don't know what to say besides you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I saw your story. I will continue to follow your story.


Like many, I have followed your blog for quite a while. I have laughed and cried and been utterly moved by your courage and strength. Until now I have never given donation a real consideration, but am now registering to become a marrow donor. On a funny note - I told my family last night that this was the plan and they all balked at me telling me how painful it was going to be, should I need to donate. Well I'll have you know that I argued with them for hours assuring them that this was myth and that if they were well EDUCATED on the issue, they would know that this was not the case. And in all honesty, even if it hurt - I would do it a million times over if it meant helping someone like you. You have moved me and I will continue to spread the word as far as I possibly can to get people to go out and donate. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers and I hope you know that you will live FOREVER in my heart, as well as MANY others'.

God Bless You,
Jill - CA, USA

Hello Adrian,

I hope that being back "home" will bring with it peace and comfort. You remian in our best thoughts and prayers. My 2 year old daughter has added you to her bedtime song "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands". And you should feel honored because you come before her favorite stuffed animal and our cat. There are times when even I don't rank that high. =)

Have a Happy Day,


Hi Adrian,

There's not much I can say but I just wanted to let you know that there are always people thinking about you and hoping the side effects ease up on you, you've not had it easy!

Sara x

keep going big man, everyone's thinking of you.
take it easy

I can't believe how much you are going through. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain and that the this drug didn't work out for you.

I'm really glad you have such fabulous family and friends who can help you during this awful time. Lots of young adults return home to the safety and comfort of their parents' love and care and nest during tough times and I can't imagine times could get much tougher than what you are going through. They must be so frustrated that they can't cure you pain but I bet they value every opportunity to try and make things a bit better for you.

In your darkest hour, remember there are lots of people around the world who care and pray for you.

All the best


Hi Adrian, I'm new to this blog and haven't got time at the moment to read through all the replies you've received, so I apologise if I'm just repeating what others have already said.

I wonder if you have considered going into a hospice for some respite care. I volunteer at a London Hospice and I see patients admitted who are in a pretty bad state, their medication all over the place, loss of appetite and in a lot of pain. Within days, the hospice staff have ususally transformed them, they have sorted out their medication and pain relief and the patient is then sent home with a new lease of life. I've seen it so many times. Once you have been a patient, they are always there to support to you and your family. I hope you consider it as it could make a big difference.

Adrian, I wish you love and peace. Reading what you are going through is truly humbling and puts my own minor troubles into perspective. I am praying for you and your family.

Dearest Adrain

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time.

I hope there are drugs that will at least keep you pain free.

Stay brave.

love and good thoughts. xxxxxxxxx jm

I can't say how glad I was to read your latest post and also to see that you have turned to your family and closest friends. Sounds silly but your Mum and Dad were there to comfort you at your birth and it is so comforting to think of them caring for you right now; it must be unbelievably hard for them to see you like this, I hope they take comfort in being able to help you directly.

I must admit I have worried so much about you since your last post. Odd how you are so accepting yet strangers find this whole nasty process to difficult to grasp!

I hope these new drugs keep you as pain and suffering free as possible! That out of hours service sounds a right load of rubbish, did they not put you under hospice care or a palliative care or pain specialist for something like this (you know, for emergency pain relief, that kind of thing)? Sucks that you had to go into the hospital itself!

Anyway, I hope you are sleeping like a baby right now, please keep going and keep posting!
Caroline x


Just another random stranger who wanted to say how much you have impacted on my life. You are incredibly brave.

I'm pregnant so can't register for the bone marrow register until the little tacker arrives. I've made arrangements to have the cord blood donated though so hoping it will help someone. This is all down to you and your campaign.

I know you shy away from such accolades but you are an inspiration

Lano (Sydney, Australia)

Adrian thank you for having ALL of us realize what is important really important in this world..and being home and surronded by the ones that love you so much is just what you need to do....enjoy the time with them...they also need to be with you...once again you are thinking of others...their love, your love, will overflow....peace, prayers,and Godspeed to you and your family..

No need to post this unless you want to.
I was just wondering if there is a P.O. Box or some way I could send you something? I don't want to invade yours or your family's privacy in any way, but I would just love to send you a box of goodies.
(No, it won't be knickers or dirty mags.) Unless that's what you want. :)


hey adrian ,
i came into work tonight hoping that you'd be doing the night shift with us like old times .
we've had a delicious kebab party too , which you could have joined ,if only you'd have booked in for an extra night at the hallamshire hotel .
sending lots of big hugs and kisses your way
love from your special night nurses xxxxx

Adrian, I've been reading your blog for a while but have never commented, but couldn't not say something this time. Please know I and so many others around the world are thinking of you and holding you up in our thoughts.


You are so often in my mind, always in my heart..
Quality of life is what it's all about. I hope you get as much of that as possible and then some.
Sending you positive, gentle thoughts. Always
Love and light
Steven's mom

Hi Adrian,

You are an inspiration to many people, and as someone above wrote - YOU deserve a knighthood!

One question, are you religious? I see several people, but not too many, mentioning prayers and god, but us English people are usually too well educated to have such nonsensical beliefs. Just wondered if such comments offend you in any way, or if you care?

You are in my thoughts, and congratulations on everything you are doing.

I'm sure your parents are plenty happy to have you coming back home, and honestly it will probably be a real relief and comfort to you as well.
Very happy you keep us updated on your progress, I know it can't be easy for you. Lucky for us you're a journalist at heart! Now that you've adopted such a cult following expectations are high! lol
Seriously, take care of yourself Adrian, as always we wish you the best and most pain free existence possible.
Love and prayers across the pond.....

Dear Adrian,

Thank you so much for keeping all of us posted on how you are doing. So much responsiblity you take under your wing - not only do you have your friends and family that want to love and check on you, but you now have the world wanting to check in on you as well.

I think and pray for you and your family everyday. You absolutely captivate me and I don't think you realize how truly special (and handsome)you are. I can only guess what an absolutely amazing family you must come from. Your mom and dad and sis must be so very proud. You have made such a difference and because of your selfless sacrifice you will be single handedly responsible for saving countless lives.

I am so happy to hear that you are now much, much more comfortable this evening. Enjoy every minute with your family and friends. You deserve it my friend.

Rachel in Connecticut

Dear Adrian,

We're thinking of you daily and keeping you close in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for allowing your parents to care for you. As Ryan's mom, I consider caring for him an honor and the most important action I have ever done. I am sure your parents feel the same. I know you treasured your independence but I am so proud of you for letting them take over when you need them. I am glad you have a loving family in which you can rest. We love you and will read anything you post, difficult or not. We are here with you - no matter what - through it all.

Love to you my dear young man,
Amy Patrick & (Ryan's whole family)

Praying for you. I've been following your story from Texas and just hate what you're going through but I'm so impressed with what you've done with this platform you're on.

Hey Adrian

Sorry you feel so rubbish and the out of hours care was less than useful. This is a problem. Dan is now mainly under the care of the community team and when we rush back to the ward for an emergency, the nurses are great but we always have junior doctors, there for 6 months (not their fault) who don't know his case from adam and we have to start right from the beginning EVERY time, which is a lot of info when you have been receiving treatment for 1 and half years already.it is frustrating and time consuming but the community team finish at 5 and there is no where else to go.

You have created a global family who don't know you personally, but wish they did because you are such a great guy and we are all thinking of you, will continue your campaign and root for you every second of the day.

Love to your parents and of course you,

Sally x

Stopping by to say Hi, and thank you for keeping us all posted, this huge community is with you in spirit every step. Hope your pain relief is working and I am sure you are being well looked after by your fantastic family and friends. There is no place like home!

Love to you and yours.


Hi Adrian, I am in awe at how you have managed to bring about this global community all joined in their desire to wish you well and promote your cause. When reading your blog and comments I feel part of this amazingly warm family who will forever hold you in our hearts. Whatever the outcome of this Adrian it must give you such a lift to know that the whole world is rooting for you. Keep strong Chris

Think of the positives - Bet your mum volunteers to do your washing (mum's always do), decent food without the hassle of actually having to make it. Shared bathroom cleaning duties. It's not all bad!
Keep smiling and remember you're making a hige difference to many people's lives.

Hey Adrian,

Lol, I can just imagine your reaction to the suggestion of having more steroids. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you, and I hope that the reactions stop.

Best wishes,


Take care Adrian - thinking of you

Adrian - massive respect for all that you are doign for others with your campaign, it is truly inspiring. Not great news on this post but being closer to those that care the most is the best place to be :)


Rob - http://cmlblog.spaces.live.com

Dear Adrian,

only started reading your blog when we were asked to vote for you yonks ago for the vegas award, I just wanted you to know that since then I have registered with the Anthony Nolan Trust , all because of your blog.
I am sending you all of my love , hugs and you are always in my prayers.
I love the fact that you always continue to see the bright side even when you must be feeling like total crap, keep smiling

Adrian, you can't beat a bit of morphine... always did it for me when I was in pain!

Have told both my sons of around your age of your blog, we've all signed the petition and they are signing up to the register.

You have made a huge impact in such a short space of time, not just to the campaign for bone marrow donors but on ordinary people's lives who have been privileged to share your experiences over the last few months.

Feel proud Adrian as your family and friends are of you x

Adrian, I am sorry this wicked disease has reached such a stage. Be strong and the love of those around you will see you through. You are in my thoughts constantly. Elaine xxxx

Adrian, what can I say buddy? Really sorry you are going through all this rubbish, I hope you are able to get what you need to be as comfortable as possible. Hang in there as best you can, you know loads of people are thinking of you. You have certainly reinvigorated me to go out and raise some funds for the hospital where I was looked after.
Just remember that right now you only need to think about yourself and your loved ones - leave the blog if it is too much for you.

All the best mate

Words are insufficient.

Sending love to you, your parents, Carrie, your family and friends.

Yvette Price-Mear

Oh my dear Adrian,

What a lousy time you're having but, as always, your humour, courage and spirit shine through.

I'm so glad you're with your dear family - you all need each other.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers you fabulous man. (let me tell you, there's one middle-aged biddy here who thinks you're gorgeous - or perhaps that's not a thought you want to hold!!)

May God wrap you and your loved ones in his gentle arms and bring you the peace you need and deserve.

Sending you love and energy.

Julia xx

Sorry to hear you're having an extra rough time of it pal. Hope moving in with your parents makesn it easier for yout o manage day to day...plus you get all your meals cooked and I hope you took all your dirty washing over with you! Hang on in there buddy - there are so many people thinking and praying for you and spreading the word about your campaign.
Thinking of you always,
Clare xxx

Hello Adrian,
Being looked after by your Mum when you are sick can be the best medicine in the world. Thinking of you and your family today and hope you have a pain free day.

Thinking of you every day. Hope you aren't is as much pain today. Stupid care services!

It's nice that you have your family around you. Hope your friends are keeping you entertained. Big hugs xx

Hey....vanity issues? What issues? You're looking pretty good to me man ;o)

Thinking of you.xx

Hey Adrian
How fantastic are you? Still keeping us updated and at the same time fighting your biggest battle yet! Keep it up and we'll keep fighting for the campaign. Sending you so much love and strength. Alisonx

thinking of you and hope your feeling a bit better today, love shell and famiy xxxx

Hey Adrian
How fantastic are you? Still keeping us updated and at the same time fighting your biggest battle yet! Keep it up and we'll keep fighting for the campaign. Sending you so much love and strength. Alisonx

First time post. I work for the Anthony Nolan trust and just wanted to express to you how much you have inspired everyone involved with the charity. I read your blog every morning and it both encourages and inspires me in the work that we do, whenever things seem difficult I am reminded that we do our work for people like you.

I am so sorry you are feeling as rough as you are at the moment, but I have no doubt that with a spirit as strong as yours you will rally and continue to inspire.

With much admiration.


I have just come across your article on the examiner about donor myths. I understand your devotion to educating people on the process of donation and eliminating fears. I wanted to invite you to share your story at www.ihateneedles.co.uk. It is a site we have created for a product called emla which numbs the skin prior to injections. We created the site so people may share their experiences, words of encouragement and inquiries about immunisation, donation, dialysis and anything else that may bring one to face the needle. I think it might be a good medium for you to tell people about the donation process and eliminate some of their misconceptions. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. tara.hart@orbitsville.com
I wish you the best.

So sorry you are feeling so rough. It can't have helped being up most of the night. I am afraid I have never had any useful treatment by on-call doctors. I am totally surprised they weren't able to help you more - chocolate teapot springs to mind. I am glad the morphine helped in the end though.

Take care of yourself hun xxx


its amazing how much support you have. every time i look on here it takes longer and longer to scroll to the bottom of the page.

i am so sorry to hear of your pain and experiences with the medication. are you going to persevere with it?

if the doctors ahve miraculously said that this drug may work for you, surely there are others they can try too that dont make you so unwell?

i truly hope they suggest something else for you that will enable you to live a decent life - you deserve it!

thinking of you...

All thinking of you over here big guy, take care.

Good morning Adrian
I really hope you have a good day today and that the sun keeps shining for you! You really are an inspiration for all who are going through what you are,Your parents and family must be so proud of how you have approached your illness in such a dignified manner.My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family many times during the day.

Hi Adrian

There must be thousands of people out there who, like me, read your blogs every day and so want to say something but just can't think of the words.

Basically I wanted to say my thoughts are with you and your family all of the time. I think your campaign to raise awareness for donors has been absoloutely astonishing and will really make a difference to so many people, now and for many many years to come.


hi adrian sorry to hear your haveing a bad week take care carol xxx

Dear Adrian,

You face the world with such courage, dermination and humour that sometimes I imagine you are invincible even when you must feel vulnerable. I hope that this spell of feeling extra crap soon passes and that you can enjoy being pampered and loved by your family.
I have never met you but you are constantly in my thoughts. You have educated and convinced me to give blood and join the bone marrow register in spite of my enormous fear of needles!!
Love and peace be with you and your family xx

I am at a loss as what to write......

This is becoming increasingly difficult to read, and can't imagaine the pain and upset you, your family and friends are going through with you.

I am sitting at work in an office, with tears streaming down my face - yet at the same time your humour in your blogs is making me laugh!

Thinking of you all.

Jill and Paul

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time at the moment, yet again words cannot express what thoughts and feelings you invoke. Thinking of you and your family xxx

Wow that had impact...
I'm stunned again by the insight you provide..Your writing is conversational and accessible, yet articulate and eloquent..

Still you don't need me to tell you that, you must have a full trophy cabinet by now..

Am thinking of you and feeling a wee bit emotional, Claire xx

All I can say is that you are not alone -all round the world people are praying for you and you have made a difference to so many peoples lives.
Hang in there
Big hug and many kisses

matey, ive nothing particularly original to say, just want to add my best wishes, good luck, and congratulations on all that you've achieved.

many real people will benefit from your actions, hold your head up high - you may or may not like this word, but to turn your illness into something positive like youve done - you're a hero.

may this stage of your journey be as comfortable as possible and filled with the love of those closest to you.


Hi Adrian,
I am, as ever, awed by the way you write about your situation with humour and honesty. You fully deserve all the accolades your blog has received.
I think about you every day. You have blessed many people's lives, including mine.
I hope that all the love and care people are showing you proves comforting and gives you renewed strength.
Much love,
Kate xx

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Keep the faith and know that you have SO many people with you in spirit.
Jen (US)


I have been reading your blog now for 2 months and have found your words to be both heart warming and heart breaking but above all inspirational.

There are few people in the world who can touch so many hearts and minds across so many places.

Your legacy will live on. Every person you have touched will make damn sure of that!

Love and hugs to you and your family

Lauren xx

i read your blog every day and have so much admiration for you, so glad you are going home even though it means losing your independance, but you have a wonderful faqmily who love you. thinking of you daily god bless, oh and one more thing you are still very handsome love anitaxx

Hey Superstar,

It's all a bit crap really, eh?

There are no words to make it all better, I only wish there were.

So, simply adding to the huge and growing pile of love, hugs and good wishes.

Ali (former AML patient ans suurvivor)

Thinking of you Adrian,and sending loads of
love,Jean xxx

thank you for your strength of will - all i can say is I am with you in prayer...Carole

I have so many words to say..but I'll keep it short and light...and agree that you are STILL quite handsome :) Much love, support and prayers.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family....

You are still one handsome dude


A bit of a reality check for me I suppose..You being so ill now and uncomfortable and taking up residency with your folks...and they've stopped the chemo on my dad and his cancer is spreading...I suppose I flit and flat through life and try to keep my cup half full, but your story and dad's almost too much to bare...I think your parents will have a bit more peace with you living there..I think its a good thing Adrian. You are my hero and I will be looking for you everywhere, every day.

Much love


My God! how much can one man take? If I go through the rest of my life with just a fraction of the bravery and courage you have shown, then I know I will be alright.

Thinking about you as always.

Love, hugs and Prayers

Sorry that you are having such a rough time - hope it's all under better control now.

Hi Adrian
I have been reading you blog with great interest and sadness and have been telling my sister all about it.

The other day I got some very sad news about a chap I used to work with but still keep in touch with that he has just been diagnosed with leukaemia I knew he was going in for a bone marrow transplant but didn't realise that it had become so serious I thought that he would get it and everything would be OK, but of course they couldn't find any suitable and now he's been told that they will make his time left as comfortable as possible. I was wondering if you thought it would be a good idea to send a link of your blog? he's 51 and a lovely bloke and I don't know what to say to him or even to try and contact him?

Dearest Adrain
first i would like to say my heart and wishes are with you and your family!!!
i have been keeping up to date with things with you via the news.
i wonted you to know i was registered with the Anthony Nolan Trust as i was also a Aneg blood donnor but because of the BSE worries and the fact i had a transfusion 10 + ago myself i was told i could no longer give blood and i was then told i couldnt be on the Anthony Nolan list any longer.
while this is a great way to cover further problems for people receving the blood it has been brought to my mind just how many others are no longer on the reister becasue of this fact.
i do so wish some day that their will be a way to test all blood for BSE and more people can then return or start to give something back to others that need our help.

i send you a big hug and warm wishes it would have been so great to have met you.
we can all learn so much form you..you are one in a million. you are so brave and we all should be so proud of all you have done, i thank you!

kind regards a friend
kim xxx

Hi Aidrian

My daughter Johanna died 3yrs ago aged 27, having had a 12yr battle with CML her matching donor simply never joined the register and she campaigned for so long to try to increase the Anthony Nolan Register. So many of her friends who joined have gone on to donate to a stranger so what you are doing is amazing!

You are an amazing human being and I am so glad you have gone back to the arms of those who love you most. Cherish the moments.

Hope you turn the corner now and feel better soon.

Love and luck

I've been reading your blog over the last few months. You are such an inspiration so thanks for showing the rest of us what it takes to live a meaningful life.

You've got a gal in Utah thinking of you!

Am a journalist and was sat here bawling at my desk until I pulled myself together and decided that it is up to all of us to help your wish and make a difference.
You are indelibly painted in my mind and forever in my thoughts.

hi adrian
thinking of you keep strong and let your mum look after you

jane xxx


Your phrase "Falling back to my parents ..." shows why you are a journalist. In a couple of words I'm thinking about soft, warm duvets and chicken soup but most of all i get a vision of open arms and real love from those who care about you so much. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care

sarah xxxx


I just wanted to let you know that i think your wish will become a reality. Earlier this week our sixth form were given a brief assembely about bone marrow transplants and your story, as two of my teachers have some form of connection to you. We are going to be taught propely about it and i know already that it has changed my view about bone marrow dramatically. i think your very inspirational, my thoughts go out to you and your family and friends. x

Hey welcome home to pinky town, your an inspiration Sudders, love to all the family.
Katie x

Thank God for morphine! I so hate cancer, knowing what it can do to a person's dignity. I am glad you have appropriate drugs available.
Adrian, I find it very difficult to read your blog now, and I didn't sleep much last night after reading it. I couldn't post a comment then as I felt stunned. What I want you to know is you are precious to me and will always have a space in my heart.
I wish your parents and your beautiful sister (she has your lovely eyes) strength.
With the utmost respect

Your decline is our inspiration.
May your passing not be for nothing.
God bless mate. God's speed to the pain-free

Love Kev

I'm sending lots of love from Canada.



I've been reading your blog for a few months now.

In all this adversity you are a shining example to millions everywhere. You've raised awareness of so many issues, that we all take for granted. I'm pretty certain that your actions will continue to save the lives of others for many years to come.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and close friends at this difficult time.

God bless.


Hey Adrian,

I'm sorry to hear of what a tough few days you've had. And hope it eases.

I have been following your blog for sometime now, and been inspired and moved immensely.

I know your family must be so proud of you. You are making the most amazing difference, I have signed the petition and I am spreading the word. And as soon as I am able, I will go on the register. I promise you this.

Keep smiling and remember what a amazing and incredible impact you are having on the world.

Take care, all my love
Jet xXx

Hi Adrian,
I'm very new to this blog lark and have only discovered you recently after seeing you on TV, I'm a complete technophobe !!!!
I just wanted to commend you on your campaign.
As a haematology specialist nurse and BMT co-ordinator I feel incredibly frustrated at times, about the lack of understanding around stem cell donation.
I hope that you manage to achieve everything that you wish for......

PS. Thank you for being an inspiration xx

I am so sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad now, but it's good to hear that you are with your family.

You have touched my soul Adrian.

I am thinking of you and your family every moment!

In my prayers, Victoria


My heart aches for all that you are experiencing. Although we have never met, I know that I continually write this in posts,I have become enthralled by you, your story and your continued fight.

As I am writing this, a song is playing on my computer and it could not be a better fit. The song is called, "It's not my time" by 3 Doors Down. (as a side note, the video was shot in my city.)

I, like the many others that have posted comments to you, have you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the time in the world.. your fight is not over because it's not your time.


Kimberly Parr
Cincinnati, Ohio

chin up so many people care about you and have never evan met you i give credit to your parents for such a great guy hope you improve soon all the best pamxxx

I've been reading your blog for a while and everytime it makes me cry. My partner is fighting for his life against cancer at the moment. It is so incredibly hard watching someone you love so much suffer so much. I think you should be very proud of what you have achieved - and will continue to achieve in the years to come. It just goes to show what a difference the will and determination of one person can make. I'd vote you as PM tomorrow! I hope the rest of your journey is full of love, warmth, happiness and smiles. Continue to have courage and your sense of humour. Thinking of you and your family. Katherine x

I've followed your story in the Examiner still the beginning and am gutted for you that things haven't worked out. My younger brother died from leukaemia over 30 years ago and I hoped that things had moved on in that time so that current sufferers had a better chance. I guess you've just been incredibly unlucky.

I'm going to give blood for the first time since I had an operation last year and as a result of your campaign I'm going to register as a bone marrow donor. I thought I had missed the boat because of my age but now I know you can register up to the age of 49 with the NBS.

If you achieve nothing else in the time you have left then you will have achieved far, far more than 99.99% of people in this increasingly self-centred world will ever do.

You truly are a great inspiration and I will be thinking of you.


I just want to tell you how you are saving lives other than by encouraging people to donate bone marrow. You see, I suffer from severe depression after a miserable life with OCD and I have been seriously considering suicide for quite some time. In fact, I may have already done it by now if not for the fact that I ran across one of your interviews recently and couldn't believe the predicament you face.

I said to myself, if that guy can be so courageous and can continue to fight on through incredible pain, emotional turmoil, and heartbreak, then why can't I? So I want to let you know that you've made a life saving difference not only in cancer sufferers but in all people who have totally lost hope like myself. You are an inspiration to me and as long as that continues, I will continue to fight on. I'll make an agreement with you: as long as you continue to fight, I will too. Deal?

With admiration, love, respect, and HOPE,

San Diego

Dear Adrian,
You rest and feel better. Falling back on your parents is not a bad thing at all. It's what parents are for. And about your campaign, I am still working on furthering yours here on my side of the Channel and around the planet. Hope your body will accept the new meds or they find some way to fool your body into accepting it without all the problems.
Thinking of you,


Adrian, I am not sending you prayers. I am sending you a demand.
That you ain't going anywhere.
You have fought so hard for your campaign and you will stick around to really, really see it through. You are a fighter and have the stregnth.
So 2 fingers up to this shit and keep on. Have a chill out, after the awful acute symptoms over the last couple of days (I don't mean to make light of how you are feeling and can't pretend that I understand. I don't )
All I do know is, that you'll be around for a while yet.
Yes you will.
Debs (and her friend Paula)
UK x

Hi Adrian
I just wanted to reassure you that you are making a huge difference and that your work will be your legacy.
Your words invade my thoughts and I find myself thinking of you several times a day and hoping you aren't in pain and that you realise how worthwhile your life has been.
Your story has had a profound affect on my life. I feel I want to continue with your message and am looking at changing from journalism to some sort of PR for Anthony Nolan or something similar. I realise my skills could be put to better use than writing about issues I care so little about and making the fat cats fatter while work just causes more and more stress and grief as I try and put papers out on a shoestring!
Anyhow I'll get off my work soapbox!
At the moment I am helping to organise a clinic in our area, the first really worthwhile piece of journalism I written in a long time. I hope it is a success, we aim to have at least 100 people during the session.
I wish you a peaceful few weeks. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. They must be so proud of you. Take care.

I admire you so much....Sending you and your family much love from Philadelphia

Dear brave Adrain

I have had a weep to-day.

You mentioned that you have talked of your funeral with your parents. This is a hymn i heard at a favorite aunts funeral and it has always stayed with me. (a very lapsed catholic, me not her)

BE NOT AFRAID..............I think better sung by a female. But this is the best I can find on the net. I would like my daughter to sing it at my service. I have left my depleted body to medical science. I hope the students have fun cutting me up and rattling my bones. haha

You are an inspiration.


I hope that I have done the c and v right........

It is a joy to cry for you. You are so brave.

Jane-Mary xxxxxxxxxxxx

And i'm worried about a toothache?

My prayers ae with you and your family.

God bless


Wishing you a peaceful and pain free night. Thinking of you and your lovely family xx

Dear Adrian,

I'm so sorry that you've had a rough time again. I just wanted to say thank you again; for everything you have done for others, for continuing to share your story with us, and for just generally being an absolutely outstanding chap. So many people are thinking of you and wishing you well, I hope you can feel that love and take some strength from it.

Wishing you a peaceful night and and brighter tomorrow. Loads of love and hugs,

Nic xxxxxx


Checking on you and thinking of you every day as always. My main wish for you is that you are comfortable and not in pain. This just sounds horrible. I am amazed with the clarity with which you write and the humor that is underneath it all which keeps me going when I just want to sit and cry. I'm down here in North Carolina now visiting family and they have all heard my bone marrow donation talk.

I wish I could convey my thoughts better. I think about you every day and send my thoughts to you and your family. Peace to you and strength to your family.

On Wednesday morning, In Dubai British School, one of my Year 11 Pupils will be presenting a power point and speech on bone marrow donations to 200 pupils from all over the world!
Shining on Adrian!

I found your blog through the bbc website and immediately sent the link to everyone with a note to please if not already get on the bone marrow register. I took a long time to decide whether to do it because of all the misconceptions about it and people constantly trying to talk me out of it (but i did it anyway)but i am sure through your blog now this will put aside all those false ideas. I think you are just amazing with everything that you have achieved whilst obviously going through sheer hell. It would be an honour to know you.
I will continue to nag and cajole everyone i know into registering.
You really do have lovely eyes. x

Where do you get your strength? I can even begin to imagine what you're going through, but you are amazing. Your strength of character, and sheer bravery never cease to amaze and inspire me, each post you write.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Not only your work to raise awareness of bone marrow donation, but also how many people have you touched,and inspired to consider life as a gift, for however long we have it, live every day?
I'm glad to have known you through your blog, it's a honour.
Lots and lots of love,
Fiona xx


Even through all your pain and turmoil you still find the time and energy to keep us all informed - how do you do it you are a miracle!

All I can say again is light and love are with you from everybody who reads this blog and many more besides.

You are in all our thoughts every day!

What a marvel you are!!

Be brave!


To Jonathan in San Diego - you have a deal!

May God hold you in the palm of His hand...you and your family and friends are in my prayers...God bless

You move every one who reads your blog to tears; your bravery, honesty, humour and love for life, your friends and your wonderful family.

You have, do and will make a differnce to thousands of people. Not many can say that.

It ain't over yet Adrian,let your family look after you, you all deserve that


hi adrian-it's a while since I left you a message but I read your blog and think about you every day-
I think I am maybe just a spit behind you with myALL which has come galloping back in the last 3 weeks-a pig of a disease-the imatinib has failed-
I had these big bruises in my cheeks last week and the only thing that stopped me from panic
was that you wrote you had them-I hung on for my appointment & my platelets were 4-
the most joyous thing for me is that my grandchildren all 4 of them are with me this weekend and my heart bursts because I am the same old nanan that they hug & kiss & love-
a bit like your parties-
& all my friends & family are so willing me to live-
I hope the campaign carries on doing so well-
you are so amazing-
I hope some miracle comes for you-me also and all who suffer from leukaemia -
I pray for a breakthrough for us all and for sufferers in the future-
Best wishes & thoughts
june king

So relieved to see that you've made that deal with Jonathan in San Diego.

So that's settled then!

Phew... I was getting worried for a moment

Hi Adrian. So sorry to hear what you are going through it must be so hard. There is a little cafe in Wentworth. They have a collection of books which you can read in there and one of them is written by a man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and claims to have cured himself. They do say there is about 90% of the brain which is unknown to us and he belives we can use this to cure ourselves. You may not want to hear about things like this at present and if it upsets you I am really sorry but I just felt I had to tell you. You are an inspiration to everyone and so brave. Whatever happens I wish you all the best. Keep Positive. Deborah Bates.

Hi Adrian,
I have been reading your blog religiously for the last few months, what can I say - absolute legend!
Such compelling reading, u really are a gifted individual. The sheer drive shown over the last 3 weeks has been unbelievable despite all you are having to put up with. I find your attitude absolutely inspiring.

Keep strong, you obviously have a huge following of people that really care about you.

A credit to human nature and the true difference that one person alone can make.

Standing on your shoulders makes the view that much clearer for your work.

Hi ady i spoke to rach about you and said how brave you are. i havnt really been in touch with her, as im sure you know, ( we are still going to keep in touch and stay friends i hope ) but it felt awful that we wont all go out for a curry again like we have as a 4some or that i might not see you again .

Any way i want you know that really - although this thing sucks you can be fantastically proud of the immense efforts you have put into everything and without question you will have made life saving changes to countless other people unquestionably, and that is brilliant in the true meaning.

I can only say that you are one of the most genuine and nicest chaps that i or anyone would ever meet and i mean that from my heart.

The fact that you have gained so much knowledge about this illness and managed to pass it on 'globally' is really something.

I have seen you on all the telly interviews and you still manage to smile which is so cool.

If you want to email me back i would love that but i know that you are recieving loads of best wishes off loads of people from different countries.

You are in my thought buddy mike x

Hi Adrian,
So sorry to hear you are feeling so rough.You still manage to look really cool and sexy even in a lot of pain and discomfort. You have so many people out there who are thinking of you and wishing you well. You are making a difference. You will be remembered. You are an amazing person.
I am holding your hand you are not alone

I'm sure everyone following your blog must feel as I do, that everything I normally worry about pales into insignificance when realising what you have been, and are presently going through! I'm amazed that you are still finding the strength to tell us what's happening but I'm glad you are.
Let mum and dad look after you. Their love and care,I'm sure, will bring you peace.
Lots of hugs and soothing thoughts.
Chris M

I'm trying to find words, but I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. I can't. But every day when I come here, I'm always so uplifted by your spirit and how you are more concerned about others than yourself.

So, Superhero, I am grateful for your life today. And grateful that you continue to share it with us, reminding us how precious each moment is.

Hang tough. Enjoy the care from your mum and dad!

Dear Adrian
Your name is now synonymous with courage and inspiration and you will do what few of us manage and leave a life - changing legacy. You don't surprise me though, because I remember you as a reporter and how supportive of our S.O.S.(Save Our Scissett) campaign you were. You deservedly moved up the career ladder and we never said thanks, so I'm saying it now. We made them take notice with our demos. and banner waving, and your honest reporting made a difference. That has never changed. Thinking of you. Linda Heeley.

So sorry to hear about your reaction to the Desatinib.

I know you've heard this over and over but I'm thinking of you, sending you best wishes and lots and lots of love.

And if it's any consolation (from a vanity point of view), I come from a family of large headed people so I happen to know a thing or two about feeling as though your head is abnormally large.

Tight tight hugs

i just thought that i had to say u are truly an inspiration to many and since reading ur blog u have been to me too.
to many people dwell on things that are really insignificant. if more people had the attitude that u do the world would be a better place.
i lost my grandad to cancer a couple of years ago and even tho i miss him incredibly, i am more thankful to have had such a wonderful person in my life, as im sure your family and friends are too.
im sending you and them lots of love and you are all in our thoughts
Lea xx

hey! My name is marie, and im from sweden. Just wanted to say that you are brave, and im going to think of you when im doing my bone marrow transplant after this summer. Im very nervous and stuff. But your my pillar! And im gonna think"Im gonna be brave, like Adrian!" when im there. I dont got leukemia, but a serious immune defect, and the doctors havent found any other person with my desiese anywhere!Not even in USA. So im all alone =(
*thinking of you"! Hugs from marie

Dear Adrian, found your blog while looking for a photo, didn't find it, you came up instead.I am so sorry you are so ill, two deseases at once is to much, one is more than enough.Hope the treatment helps the pain, let mum take care of you, we are good at that, children are so special what ever their age.Dont know what else to say except i will pray for you, lots of people are loving you & hugging you, all we can do.What ever you believe God is there, more so when we are at our lowest. Glad i found you love & xxxxx Cathy



Dear Adrian, I have listened to you several times on Radio 5 live and i Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.Cathy.x

Dear Adrian

Moving back in with your parents is a beter idea and you should not see it as a sacrifice of independance. You are so busy with your miraculous campaign and need tender loving care which only your family and loved ones can give like no one else, before you burn yourself out. I hope your pain and swelling subside fast you should not be the one with this amount of pain. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts daily and may God Bless you all.



Just had to say that the work you are doing to raise awareness is amazing.

I lost my Dad some sixteen years ago to a malignant and rapidly growing brain tumour...he was just 49. So I have a small appreciation of how it feels to face the illness, treatment and side effects, alebit from the other side of the fence. I read your blog and feel hugely inspired by your candid approach to this cruel disease and the effects it is having on you, your family and friends.

Anyway I, like so many, am praying for you and yours.

Best wishes,

Hi Adrian,

What a surprise eh! Does make you wonder if half of these doctors on out of hours service know what they are doing!!! Glad to see you still have a sense of humour in them bones of yours. Good job you have such a wonderful family they are the ones we always reply on whatever age or situation we are in. Take care and hope the pain eases for you. Stop taking the tablets, sometimes I wonder if any of them do any good or make things worse!!!

Well sleep tight - hope the doctors/nurses don't bite

Best wishes and all our thoughts are with you and your family

Sarah and motley crew and puddy cats/neighbours dog/rabbits etc. xxxxx

Dear Adrian,

I read your blog every day. It reminds me of what is important in life and drives me in giving back somehow every day no matter how small the gesture.

Today it was sunny in Amsterdam. That's where I live right now. I plan to return to London for a better quality of life. Oxymoron, right? But I guess it is not the city you live nor the four walls you surround yourself with but the people who make up your foundations. I always felt lonely here but not any more. You have inspired me to make positive changes in my life and return to where I am happiest. I wish to thank you for doing so. No matter how bad it gets Adrian, please remember the people whose lives you have changed like mine. Thank you.

Keep smiling.

Abrazos, Karen

I haven't read much but my mum left your story open. I can't believe how strong you are! If I had Leukaemia I wouldn't want to share it with the world, you are so brave and strong, incredibly strong. With so much hope and faith, I wouldn't think it would be possible to fail, I think it is so unfair you have to go through this! My aunty has Leukaemia and she is recovering from her transplant right now. I don't get to talk to her because she is too sick. But I really hope I get to see her soon!! I carry a photo of her in my heart locket. She is so possitive, just like you. I really hope you are well enough to spend time with you family.

Kind Regards and Love Emily

Im sorry to hear how you are feeling. My prayers are with you!

Hello Adrian,Your never ending campaign to make everyone aware of the need for Bone Marrow donors is amazing. Our son does not need a transplant as yet , he is really well, but with three siblings, none of whom are a match , it may be when the time comes , a donor will be found entirely down to your completely unselfish,non stop, hard work. We wish you love and hope you will be soon feeling better.Mums and Dads are always there for their children, no matter how old the children are.Take care all of you. Gill

Wow, you have inspired me to my first ever blog - I first heard you in your interview on 5 Live and you also inspired me to start the process to register as a bone marrow donor - I just hope it will be of use to someone. My thoughts continue to be with you and your loving family. Sarah

Hi Adrian

I just wanted to say how much i admire you for your bravery in the face of all that you have come up against.

You are a total inspiration and the effort and dedication that you have put into your campaign is amazing

Keep as happy as possible


Dear Adrian

Have written two long entries and have deleted both, so in short all I can say is you are so brave and are doing so much to help others, think of you now and take solace from your friends and family, thinking of you and all your loved ones.

Jaqui x

Hi Adrian

I always keep track of your blog to see how you are.

You made the right decision to move back in with your parents and i am sure they are so pleased to have you home.

Take care hon

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

Dear Adrian
I have been following your story on Look North and have begun reading your blog. I have a son same age as you, who is also a journalist, living in London. Although I am not religious, I do think "there but for the grace of God".
Therefore your story seems that much more poignant to me, and I cry many tears for you.
If I were a healthier person myself I would offer to have my bone marrow tested, but I have several health problems and am on a lot of meds, so don't think I would be of any help whatsoever. Just want to pass by and give you a 'virtual hug'.

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