Adrian's Radio 5Live Interview



hi fella

well said
keep going mate
stay strong
keep fighting

baz an dawn........

I wish we could hear you life in the small town on Chattanooga TN USA to support you.
YOU are a HOPE and Prayer for so many in your driving force. Wishing you well and always checking to read up on you.
In thought and Prayers.

Bravo, Adrian!!


Hi Adrian, I really hope you don't think I'd forgotten about you. Sorry for not posting any messages for ages - I've been busy getting married, but have still been keeping an eye on everything you've been doing and have been spreading the word about your campaign. I can't believe how many things you've been on or in lately on the tv/ radio/ newspapers etc. Keep up the good work and keep on enjoying your time with your family and friends.

Julie x

Hi Adrian, I heard you on the radio this morning, together with Gary Lineker. You are as I said yesterday, absolutely inspirational. Unfortunately, I am too old to donate blood, but I have put my name to your petition, and I hope that your campaign will prove to be a massive success.
My love and thoughts to one hell of a brave man.
Sandra Shave

Hi Adrian

Wprds fail me - well done.

Best Wishes as always to you and your family


Hello Adrian,

I've been following your story for a time now. I live in Oklahoma City over in the states. I am truly inspired by your courage. I ordered a kit online from the American Bone Marrow Donor Registry. All I have to do is swab the inside of my mouth and send it back to them and they will have the data they need for matching. I just wanted to you know how far-reaching your campaign has become. My thoughts are with you.


Hi...wanted to drop in again and give you my love and support. Keep smiling
love to your family and friends.

Hi Adrain

I am a follower of your blog, my dad has mantle cell lymphoma. The Drs hope to do an auto stem cell transplant but his stem cell count is too low at the moment for them to collect stem cells. You are an inspiration to so many. I have found your attitude to this disease so admirable. Keep fighting Adrian, we need people like you in this world, and thank you so much for all you have done for the cause.


Great job, Adrian!

Caroline x

Awesome interview! Totally agree with you - the Give and Let Live campaign just needs some tweaking to appeal to an older audience.

Thank you for all of your hard work - you rock!

I posted a comment recently about UK Expatriate donor restrictions in Canada due to CJD - well good news - I've chatted with Canada Blood Services and UK Expatriates CAN donate Stem Cells.
The web address is

I encourage all expatriates, in Canada, reading this to join up - I have - lets save some lives!!

Best wishes Adrian


WOW - how can people not sign up after listening to you today.
Well done...keep it up!1

Diane x

so you're a tad knackered tyke boy,suppose that's allowed x hb's aren't what they used to be !,however if you do need to nip into chez nhs for a bit of r and r suggest going for the anaemic twitch and go for the nursie squeeze,see you later love sue x

Hi Adrian

My Mum is well impressed as she thought you had designed all the patterns on the windows media player when I played this to her!!!

As you may remember, my Dad is in hospital at the moment and she thought that was the reason for my recent obsession with blood, organ and bone marrow!

My parents have been involved with the Anthony Nolan Trust for years with the Round Table. They were never called up but have been on the register for years.

I tried to give blood and go on the register on 6 June and was refused! I actually begged for them to just take the blood for the bone marrow register but they said no (recent operation). I will persevere!!!

Great interview! How cool talking to Gary!! I also remember that game (and crying but am ten years older than you so it was alcohol fuelled grief!!).

Love as always

Jane xx

PS When I handed my form in for bone marrow registration the nurse said 'oh, you are feeling brave today'. Comments like that can't help - could it be that even blood nurses aren't trained in bone marrow donation?

You really have made such a huge difference. I wanted to let you know that I have completed my registration for the donor registry here in the US, and I would not have done this if it weren't for the knowledge that you provided. I had NO idea that it was as easy as it is. I have shared the information with my children, and even my 13 year old said that he would do it now if he was able to!

Thank you for giving me the knowledge to potentially save the life of someone in the future. You are a true hero.


Hi Adrian

Just listened to your interview: you were husky-voiced (well, I like it) and as articulate and persuasive as ever. Then I found the awards ceremony video and found myself blinking back tears of pride for you - especially when you got your well-deserved standing ovation. I guess you inherited a great deal of your strength of character from your mum and dad! They were brilliant.

But mostly I just wanted to say 'hi' and send you my hopes that the horrible headaches and sickness are diminishing a little.

Even though it's pretty ghastly outside I hope you're having as pleasant a day as possible.

Love, Amanda

Adrian wow what a true role model you are to people all around the world! I truly don't think I have ever seen someone as brave as you. I can only hope that I am half the man you are, I wish you peace and love my friend, bravo!!! Michael.

Hi Adrian, just to say that I have noticed that your blog has shown up on my web analytics. If you have checked on my web site I wondered how you felt about me adding a note about your campaign on my home page with links to your blog and petition site. I think any way to advertise this is a plus but thought I would run it past you first. Wishing you strength. Chris


I came across your blog while researching for a paper I am writing. I live in a town called Kitimat in British Columbia, Canada. It is a very small town on the edge of the Douglas Channel that leads to the Pacific Ocean. I am very moved by your blog. The fact that you would share your final days with people you don't even know is amazing.

My paper is about the Therapeutic Value of Blogging. Would you be able to comment about that at all? I understand if you can't, but just the same, I am touched at being previlaged to share your final days with you.

Laura Taylor

Adrian, just to let you know I am thinking of you (along with many others!). Hope the side effects of the new drug have eased up and you have had some blood by now.

Caroline x

Hi Adrian have been following your story, and i am amazed at your bravery and calmness through all this and you are an inspiration to all ages take care x mandy

Adrian, hearing you on the Shaun Doherty show, was inspirational, I was inspired with your courage and how you related your illness to us from when you first felt unwell. You are so young and intelligent, you have a higher post ahead, I hope it is with fiends and family. here.

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