See Super Steve Harrison pick up the award. (Does the guy think Steve's Baldy?)


Video diary, part 12


Great work lads.

It was a tough job, Adrian - but someone had to do it.
What I don't understand, though, is how anyone could possibly asociate me with a blog called Baldy's? .....

Congratulations, Baldy. Sent an email to your account at the Examiner, but then it occurred to me that you might not be checking work email now. Regardless, excellent job.


Hi, nice to know this blog. Congrats for winning the poll...

Hi Adrian, wow, just watched Vegas vid and if I'd known there was all this fame and fortune I'd have got in first with my own oldies baldy blog! (I've a bus pass by the way). Truth is I would have been too knackered both physically and mentally too do it and that's why its brill you've had the guts to get on with it. You asked how I was doing, well ok at the moment. I visit Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor once a month for tests and some treatment and I was initially randomised for a myeloma IX trial being carried out in this country as well as South Africa and New Zealand so every three months I also have tests sent to a special unit in Birmingham. By the way is that a glass of booze I see you holding in one of the pics, I'd almost forgotten what it tastes like for 18 months not being able to drink because of all the drugs etc. Mind you I did enjoy a rare pint with my son on Sunday at Old Trafford after that boy Ronaldo had stuffed Blackburn, and before you say anything I'm a born and bred Manc and prefer pork pies to prawn sandwiches! Before I go I'd better warn you to get back to work asap because the elite headline writers from North Wales are moving in on Huddersfield under our all for one, one for all Trinity Mirror policy with such gems as the one I came up with in the dark and distant past about a pensioner locked in the toilets of a curry house with the head 'OAP locked vindaloo' - trouble was it was a Chinese restaurant! And then there was the old geezer in a retirement home who had to be resuced by firefighters after his testicles got stuck in a wicker chair...I won't go there except to say balls and up appeared somewhere! Take care mate and keep up the good work. Julian

Hi Adrian,
I am writing from Melbourne Australia and wanted to say this is the best information I have ever found regarding CML and the effect of a stem cell transplant. I am 38 and was diagnosed with CML 2 years ago and came across your blog through a posting on the CML website on yahoo only a week or so before the voting finished ( You had my vote). I wanted to say I really admire what you're doing. It really does answer so many ques we all have about these diseases. Ques the drs gloss over in so many cases. I really hope you overcome the cgvh disease and the transplant is a cure for you. You sound like a great guy and I really do look forward to each posting.

I am on glivec 400mg and despite my dr wanting me to up the dose or go onto the stronger disatinib, I have resisted due to the side effects. As far as I am concerned everthing is under control - my count is 0.36. Am due to head to hosp again this week for them to take another armful of blood. Something to look forward to...yay.

Anyway, I really do wish you all the very best and keep up the blog, it really does inspire everyone.


suggest retitling last post - 'Viceroy in Vegas'

Dear Julian and Stef,

Thanks for posting these comments.

Julian - your comment really made me chuckle. I have missed all that's happening re the sub situation but these sort of 'issues' seem like they're going to crop up again and again. Nothing like an amusing error in a headline though to brighten everyone's day. My favourite on the weeklies I used to work for concerned an open meeting about erecting a mobile phone antenna: "Public Mast Debate".
Steroid drugs not so good for the face but excellent for the booze.

Stef - Hello. I still think it's amazing people are reading this on the other side of the world. Many thanks for commenting and for your best wishes. Sorry to hear about your CML - I hope it stays under control. Sounds like u are feeling OK about it which, let's face it, is half the battle.
Hoping to put a new video on in a few days showing the new treatment in Rotherham - it is bizarre!

Thanks again for all your interest and hope u stay well.


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