The Lad is still at it........


Like the Duracell bunny, this Blog just keeps on going.

Last year, Adrian won the best health Blog in the Weblog awards 2007. This year he has been nominated as a finalist in the best UK Blog section. Thank you to those who nominated him. He is way behind at the moment and there are some strong contenders but can we see how far we can get him this year?
For those of you who are curious about the finalists - here's a quick resume.


Young local journalist/web editor gets ill. Complex leukaemia. Starts Blog to describe and explain the disease and treatment. Bone marrow transplant is successful. Post transplant complications set in. Proposes on Christmas eve to long term girlfriend. She accepts. Wedding plans begin in earnest. Fiancee leaves him. Broken heart. Leukaemia comes screaming back. Terminal prognosis. Campaign begins to teach all 17/18 year olds about how simple it is to be a bone marrow donor. Huge petition presented to Downing Street. Support from Gordon Brown, Alan Johnson, Ed Balls. Many media appearances nationally to push campaign. Dies 20 August aged 27. Campaign continues.....and succeeds.

Let's face it. This is a Blog which has changed lives and which will save lives. That will not change by the outcome of this poll. But it would be fun, wouldn't it to see how far we can get? After all, where else will you find life and death issues jockeying for position with central characters like Chesney Hawkes and Sean Bean a dream sequence cameo appearance by the Queen intent on a full wedgie and a phone call from the Prime Minister half way through a showing of Mary Poppins?

Here's the link to the Awards page. Please support if possible and remember, you can vote once every 24 hours.
Thanks everyone.

Love Kay and Keith


If anyone's up to a challenge like this it's Adrian's Army! Come on guys, let's get voting and see the incredibly informative, funny, moving, simply amazing Baldy's Blog win another award...let's do it for Adrian!

I've just cast my first vote - I'll be doing so every day and nagging my colleagues to do the same. Come on AD!

Dear Kay and Keith, you continue to inspire me. I am casting my vote and will get my friends and colleagues to do the same. Let's go for it!

I have just voted for the second time!!

I am lucky because I have 2 email addresses, so I am just about to dash upstairs and place my second vote.

I know we can do it for Adrian.

Good to hear from you Kay and Keith. Hope you are both keeping well.

Love to all AA


I have just voted for the second time and will do so daily until time runs out. Come on AA, we can do it! As always much love to Kay Keith all the Sudbury family and AA around the world. Caroline

Been voting every day for the past few days. Will vote again today! Come on Adrian's Army... let's hear the crunch of those boots on the gravel!!

Happy New Year to you Keith, Kay, Carrie and all the rest of the Sudburys! May 2009 be good to you all.


Voted, sorry I did not see this earlier. And, I will come back to vote and try to get others to vote as well. Good luck K.K.C and all

Like Tash, I've voted for the last few days and will continue to do so. I can't believe our boy isn't # 1 already! I'm sure these other bloggers are fine, but ... well, they aren't Adi. Can I make a suggestion for all our Facebookers? On your post today on Facebook, can you post the link to the blog contest? ie. "Lacey is.... voting for Baldy's Blog at http...." Just so all your facebook friends will have the link?
Let's rally the troops and help bring Baldy's Blog to # 1 again!!


Thanks for the nudge on Fb Liam. Have just made my 1st vote, but will carry on voting as often as I can.

Love to everyone.

What a great idea Sudbury's!

Come on guys let's get voting... we know what Adrian's Army is capable of. Adrians Blog deserves to be number 1... it is beautifully written without any self pity or mawkishness with good dollops of humour throughout.

"Our lad" rocks!

Love and peace

Hi AA, I have just voted and sent an email to everyone I know. Fingers crossed!!

Love to all!

Karla xx

Voted for the second time today and will ensure my hubby and daughters vote again too. Come on Adrian's Army, AD deserves this, as do his wonderful family.

Keep up the fight.

Love to all,

Christina, Derbyshire

Voted twice for Adrian,I wish I knew some way to steal some votes from that Birmingham blog.

Must have reminded everyone little early.Now have only few more days,lets do what all is humanly possible.


I've just emailed every single person in my Facebook address book, asking them to vote. If we all do the same, I'm sure we'd shoot these other no-marks out of the water (in a nice way, of course). Happy Facebooking.

Christina, Derbyshire xx

Adrians army are on the you hear us coming other contenders?!! Chris J.x

Have voted at home and at work today. I also posted the link in my facebook.

Thanks for posting this, Kay. Best wishes to the Sudburys for 2009.

Blummin' eck! It's not letting me vote at home yet today - because it says it's less than 24 hours since I last voted... grrrr!

I will vote later! It's good to see Baldy's figures creeping up; I'm going over to Facebook right now to pin a link to my status thingy!

Love to all...

Charlotte xxxx

Hi Kay, Nicely put and very emotional. Have been voting for the last few days and will do till the 13th.
We can do it, guys and gals...TELL EVERYONE!

Ad - the rumble is getting louder.......XXX

To Kay, Keith, Carry & Ian, Barbara, Liam, Katie and all AA, as usual i'm sending
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts.

Just voted and will spread the word.

Passed link to all my colleagues at Beeb. Fingers crossed. Love to all and let's keep the momentum going

Xxxreiki hugs xxxx

Have voted Kay and will continue to vote daily. I have passed the link to my entire email address book and asked for votes. I am not afraid of tarting for our gorgeous wonderful mate Ad. Your post was as ever, beautiful. You know, the dignity your whole family have shown throughout everything has been stunning. I need to contact you regarding some queries I have and something that needs to be changed. Sounds cryptic possibly, but will email you tomorrow via facebook!
Take care, cheers, to the Sudders Effect. XXXX

I've emailed my family, friends and two health-writers' associations to urge them to vote. Adrian's family sound as likeable as he did.
And this is a brilliant cause - this blog deserves to win for so many reasons.
Best of luck,
Janet x

Ladies and Gents, I have just checked the UK blog votes and it appears that (for now, anyway) Adi is in 4th place, following closely behind some man whose blog literally made me snore out loud when I attempted to read it. (I'm just saying!!)
We can NOT allow our lad to show any lower than 3rd place, do you hear me?! CALL PEOPLE, EMAIL THEM, BEG THEM, whatever you have to do: Adi is cheering us on, Steph beside him. We have a job to do, Army. Let's do our boy proud, and bring he and his very worthy cause back into the spotlight again, where it belongs!!!

(And here's to red wine, which has made me brave enough to say all this!!)

Much love, (And I didn't need the wine to help me say that!)



I have voted and will do so again tomorrow ....
We will all keep our fingers crossed.
I love the photo of Chesney with K & K (love the silver dress) and also have to say that the likeness between Keith and Adrian is amazing. Love to you all. Lets hope 2009 will bring lots of Adrians Ideas into practice ...
Tracey & Family x x x

HA HA!!!

I think I actually managed to con the site!
I (inadvertantly!) opened up the 'weblog Awards' in two tabs and voted twice!
I THINK it registered me twice - but don't quote me on that.

Of course, I'd never advocate any sort of jiggery-pokery when it comes to a poll ...but come on, this is our Adrian - and a most worthy cause which is at stake!!! :-)

Love to all, Charlotte xxxx

Our AD's plodding on nicely now. Come on everybody, keep it up. Third place is a fantastic achievement when you think of how many blogs there are out there. Yay for the Sudder's affect!

Christina xx

There appears to be a gremlin in the works!! Some of the comments have disappeared, and we are back to 26.

Not to worry though, because Adrian has over 1,000 votes now, just shows the power of HIS Army.

I still think of him every day.

Love to all


Did we come third? I think we did!!!! Well done, Adrian's Army!!! And well done Adrian xxx

Hi guys
Voting doesn't close in the UK until 10.00pm tonight. Times are different in the US. Please keep going with those final votes. The lad is currently in third place ahead of last year's winner. A fabulously creditable result. Please keep going until the morbidly obese lady hits that top C !
Thank you so much for taking the time to get behind this effort. It's been great to see how engaged people still are.
Love Kay and Keith

Here's a nice piece about this blog from one of the other finalist:

Who knew it was such a cut throat competition.

Congrats on Bronze -- it's a fabulous finish!

(for some reason this didn't post the first time)

YAY!! The lad did take the bronze. How fabulous. So proud that so many votes came pouring in in such a short time.
The Sudders Effect lives on!!


Hi Kay,

Fantastic news on 3rd place. Adrian will never be forgotten and the work he started will always continue. I was driven originally by my friend's baby, Freddie, but once a cord has been struck nothing changes the mindset on importance of blood donation, bone marrow registration, organ donation etc etc. Adrian has moved an "army" and the AA's are established now (and possibly hooked on the Sudder's Effect).

Glad to be involved and that you are all comforted by the blog etc.

Well done,

Em xx

Dearest Kay,

What an inspiration you are.

Never, for one moment, think Adrian will be forgotten. I only travelled Adrian's journey from last May when I saw his beautiful face on Breakfast television, and listened to every word he said, but believe me I will never forget him, and I know all AA think the same.

I am glad we managed to achieve 3rd place for him and as I said before, it just shows the power of Adrian's Army.

I hope you, Keith and Carrie have been comforted by this.

My love to you all


Hi Kay
Another wonderful achievement that keeps Ads campaign in the limelight, and I was going to say, keeps his memory alive but it IS alive, and always will be, kicking us in the butt to keep going!! :)
So much for all of us to say and do and, I promise you, it will be said and done!!!
A mixture of emotions again, Kay, but with a smile on my face because i'm sure Ad and Steph are looking down, cheering us on.
Well done AA.
It's a pleasure, and now a lifetime committment to be a part of Ads campaign.
As usual I'm sending
Much Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and Keith, Carrie & Ian, Barbara, Liam, Katie, the Examiner crew and all Adrians Army.

I am so happy that Adrian achieved third place.... even if he did deserve first place!!!

Dont EVER think that Adrian will be forgotten Kayte!! We are always on stand by and ready to only have to ask.

Adrian has changed so many lives and created so many friendships. My brother often quoted Robert Browning..."Oh that a man's reach should exceed his grasp..or what's a heaven for". Adrians reach has certainly extended far beyond his grasp and he continues to reach out and touch us all.

Love to you and your family. Chris J.x


Seems everyone else has already beaten me to it in saying:
He has certainly been one of those pivotal people in my life. In fact, although I never met him, I rate him up there with those dear, never-to-be-forgotten members of my family who shaped my life as a small child; for this, I'll be grateful each day I live. As with Christine M and everyone above, this campaign has become a life-long committment, with me promising Adrian back in May via this blog, that I'd do all I could to help him. Like Ree, my journey started around that time, when I spotted Adrian on TV (in my case Channel 5 News) and I felt instantly compelled to get involved...

I am only sorry we couldn't get him higher up the rankings - I just simply couldn't get my hands on enough computers in time lol :-)

Love to all, Charlotte xxxx

Kay and Keith - We are always here for you and Adrian will NEVER be forgotten. We will march on. Love Caroline

Congratulations on the bronze!

Kay and Keith, I promise you, Adrian will never be forgotten.

I never had the honor of meeting him but he changed my life so deeply and being part of this blog has been an amazing thing in my life.

Adrian's Army marches on....

It's fabulous news that Blady's Blog won the bronze medal for the best blog in the United Kingdom.

Someone who would have been absolutely delighted to hear the result was Ingrid, a regular contributor and supporter of Baldy's Blog.

Tragically, Ingrid passed away on the 10th January because of a rare and aggressive cancer in her intestines. She had been feeling unwell for a little time.

Like our dear Adrian and Steph, she was one of the most intelligent, warm and lively people you could wish to encounter.

They are all together now; toasting perhaps the success of Baldy's Blog. Bless you all up there.

Hi Kay
Please don't think that your lad will ever EVER be forgotten! I talk to people all the time about him (and I'm sure I'm no different in that fromall the other AA members on here!) and what he achieved and what is still to be achieved. His memory will always live on in those, like me, who came to 'know' him through his amazing blog and his legacy will live on in the younger generation through the talks in schools etc which I can't wait to get involved in as a speaker when we find out the regions. Hopefully one day I'll meet you through this to tell you face to face what an inspiration your lad is.
Great news on the bronze medal - an incredible achievement and well deserved!
Lots of love, Clare xx

My most heartfelt condolences go out to Ingrid's husband, Raol at this very difficult time. Ingrid had such a zest for life and was a wonderful lady. She will be missed by all of us.


Dear Kay and all of Adrian's Army:

There is much sorrow out there today at the loss of our beloved Ingrid. Let us not forget the wonders of life that Ad taught each and every one of us. It is the only way we can get through another tragic loss to the monster that cancer is.......When I look at the world through Ad's eyes, I see only hope.....God keep all in Ad's Army strong and hopeful.


What sad news. I was so grateful for Ingrid's compassion and support throughout Adie's illness. Would those of you who are in contact with her family please pass on our sincere condolences and thanks for a life well lived. Just before Christmas I was reading through my recipe books and came across this from Nigella Lawson ( who has been touched by this dreaded disease in her own life ) and I thought it was a most uplifting sentiment
" Any food is a vital reminder that life goes on, that living is important. That isn't brutal: it's the greatest respect you can pay to the dead. "
That is what we must all do isn't it?
Love Kay

There is a lot of sadness today at losing another friend but as you say Kay life must go on. That is what our loved ones would want. Love to all. Chris J.x

Thankyou for your condolences to Ingrids family.
You're right that life must go on...Ingrid was always happy and always finished off any messages with....I'm sending you lots of sunshine'. Let's all stay sunny side up!!!

Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to everyone.

Hi Kay:

I will pass along your beautiful sentiment to Ingrid's husband. It was very sudden and unexpected and I am feeling despondent.

Ingrid loved good food so your quote is very appropriate and I know she would love it.

Denver, CO USA

Just thought you would all like to know that Creative In Birmingham, winners of the Weblogawards have put a piece about the awards and the other contestants on their blog.
The person running it ran the piece explaining Baldy's Blog, has donated £50 to Leukemia Research and has registered to donate blood.....result!
Christine m xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Isn't that wonderful Christine. I have just read CiB acknowledgement of Adrian's Blog and how kind of them to make a donation.

Congratulation to CiB.

The pebble is still sending out ripples, far and wide and in places Adrian could never have imagined. To be praised by fellow bloggers is praise in deed.

Love to everyone, we miss you Adrian.


You know what Ree - you are so right. The pebble's ripples continue to reach people far and wide, and I feel it always will. The loss of Ingrid has come as such a shock. As everyone has said, Ingrid was such a lovely sunny person and I am sure she would want to be remembered as such. She had what she called "her dream life" on Bonaire with her wonderful husband, and she enjoyed a good life - gone far far too soon.
Ingrid, my dear dear friend, I will raise my glass to you tonight at 8, as we do every week for Adrian and beautiful Stephanie, but tonight, in your honour, the wine will be red. Goodnight God bless my lovely friend. XXXXXX

Hey people. It's time for more voting.
This wonderful blog has been nominated in 4 categories of the "bloggers choice awards". Best Health Blog, Best Blog of All Time, Best Charity Blog and Best Blog About Stuff.
I don't know if we can only vote once, but please visit and vote all you can!
the easiest way to do it is to put the blog name in the search box and it comes up with all the categories for you to vote in.
Let's see if we can get results again.....!!!
Love to all. XXXXX

Evening everyone...For those who do not live in the Colne Valley (our area of West Yorkshire)) I thought you should know that the Huddersfield Examiner today posts on the front page the news that Kali Mountford MP is going to step down through ill health at the next general election!

Kali, as you know has always been a huge support to Ad, Kay, Keith, Katie & co and I know Kay and Keith will have something to say about this news but I just wanted to give you the news, let you read the front page article, and say to Kali 'Good Luck and Well done for everything.

Loe, hugs and soothing thoughts to all.

Kali is a hero to me (and I'm sure to any others) because of everything she did for Adrian to help him on his mission. What an incredible lady.
Thanks for the head's up, Chris.

'We are one' - I heard this morning on the radio in a piece on Obama.

No better words for an army in bittersweet days of loss and gain...

It was great to be able to vote for Baldy's Blog and to hear its good result.

I was sadened by the news of Ingrid's early and unexpected death. I never knew her in person but, Dutch speaking, we wrote a few mails to each other, crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Bonaire and Belgium.

No march or battle is possible today...tomorrow...
But double strenght afterwards! Promised, Adrian, Kay and AA.


I can't believe three - - THREE - - of our number are gone.

They were all just posting only months ago

they were right here

All I can do is not think about it

(like that ever works)

God bless Adrian, Stephanie, and Ingrid


X ! X ! X !


Triple strength hugs to all AA !

! ! !



And Adrian and girls, thanks for being "duracell"!!

It's good to hear from you LL(Laura).

I have missed your comments recently. Goodness knows what time you go to bed though because both your comments were made after 2.a.m.

I think it just shows what a close family AA are because we all feel so dreadful when one of us is troubled or ill.

God bless you all


Hi Kay
Whilst at the open evening at Kirklees College in Huddersfield with my son, I saw the Principle and asked him his views on maybe someone going in to educate the students on blood, organ donation. He said he had no problems with this and would welcome it, its the Student Support Group who would help organise it.
I've been in touch with the Anthony Nolan Trust about being a volunteer speaker, they said they would be in touch.
Good luck with everything you're keeping a great job up!

Hi All,

I've been a reader of this blog for nearly a year now and have commented here in the past.

Just before christmas, my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) and has been in St James's for the past 6 weeks.

Adrian, please keep an eye on my dad. You know what he is going through with this treatment and I know you are up there in heaven (with your famous hat on) sending good vibes to those still fighting this disease.


I am really sorry to hear about your dad. I have emailed you. I've also joined the facebook group and have passed it on to my other Adrians' Army mates! You know where I am if you need an ear. Take care lovey. Tina XXXX

Sorry to hear about your dad Claire.Our prayers will always be with you.

Mrs Kay, dont ever think that we will forget our Adrian.

Have a nice day to all!


Praying for your dad and for you and your family as well, Claire. xx

(I also joined the Facebook group)


It is very quiet here for some time.

Hope all of Adrian's army are doing fine.

Have a nice day to all!


yes folks -sorry for the recent radio silence. I shall be updating soon and there are some really good and positive things to report... Hope the snow is creating more fun than inconvenience for everyone. I could get used to igloo living.....
Lots of love

Hi Kay, Shiney, Dan,
Good to 'see you' on here.

Kay, school has been closed three days, because of the snow, this week. The children have loved it, they've never seen so much snow, but...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!...The pavements are full of ice, brown slush and I just want to get back to normal lol :)

When it's new, soft, white, snow is beautiful to look at.....through a pane of glass. lol :)

Looking forward to the new update, Kay. I know there are a lot of people out here champing at the bit waiting for the chance to feel useful and work for the campaign.

Hope everyone's ok.
As always, love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you, Keith, Carrie, Barbara and all AA.
Christine M. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Atlast some movement!Thanks Mrs Kay,Christine M,Dan!

Waiting for the update.

Claire,our prayers are with you.

Have a nice weekend to all!


Hi All,

I am still about. Been a bit distracted lately as we had to have both our beloved doggies put to sleep within 4 days of each other. I know that dogs don't live as long as humans and that in the scale of things it might not seem that bad but it really knocked us for six. They were 12 and 13yrs but we were tricked by their characters into thinking they were the Peter Pans of the dog world.

Anyway back to AA business - I am still on board and prepared to help as much as I am able.

I hope you are all OK, I have read that Claire's Dad is poorly. Fingers crossed for him. Jan 2009 has not been great for many people I know. 1 lady at work's mother is loosing her battle with "L" and another lady has just found out her dad has it, hopefully caught in the early stages. Also my dear friend Linda is really having a horrible time too.

Fingers crossed and best wishes to all. Adrian and Steph now have 2 fluffy golden retrievers up with them now. RIP Ringo & Bracken x.

Love to all, Em x

Dear Em,

I am so sorry for your loss. We had a beautiful golden retriever, Toby, who we lost a few years ago. I understand when you say it might not be much in the scheme of things, but they are part of the family. Toby brought such comfort to me when my Dad was dying from cancer, because they know when things are not quite as they should be.

I hope there is a lovely community of golden retrievers up in heaven, and I know my Mum and Dad will be looking out for them.

To everyone in AA, I am thinking about you all, but as Shiney says it is a bit quiet at the moment. Looking forward to hearing Kay's news and updates.

Love to you all


Thanks Ree x

Kay - can't wait to hear the update. Great to hear from you. Em, sorry to hear about your pets. Steph and Adrian will look after them. Our dear friend and fellow Army member Ingrid also loved dogs too. I am sure they will be well looked after at Rainbow bridge.
I may not comment on here often these days, but not a day goes by without I think of Adrian and all that he taught me. Adrian, I said it once before, but I will say it again. Honey, you ROCK. You changed my life and I will always be grateful to you. I will do all I can for you - you know I will.

On a different note, I know times are hard with cash, but please, if you can spare anything at all, please sponsor Stuart for his climb up Kilamanjaro. Stuart is a below knee amputee who is climbing Kilamanjaro in aid of our forces charity "help the heroes".
please check out his site at
any donation would be most welcome.

later guys. hope you are all well. XXXX

Thanks Tina. I have had lots of people mentioning Rainbow Bridge, sounds like a great place and I am sure they are happy there.

I, like you, have learnt so much from Adrian and in my case initially Little Freddie. There are some incredibly brave people who turn into stars and make a huge difference on this earth.

I am proud to know of such people.

Have a good weekend all, Em xx

Emma, sorry to hear about your pets, I never had a dog and I hope I never will.Even the death of a cat is unbearable for me, cant even think about dogs.

Hope all are having a great weekend!

Liam, Katie hope both of you are doing fine.


Thanks Shiney :) (What a great name!)

Aww, Emma. Two of them so close together. So sorry! xx
Tina, I'll go have a look at the link about Stuart. Sounds like quite an amazing guy!
Kay, (eskimo wannabe) great to hear from you, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your positive news.

Take care, everyone.

Just wanted to pop in and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own dear Charlotte!!!



Hi all,

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

I gather from Charlotte that lots of you are on Facebook. I shall have a nosey and see if I can recognise names.

Many thanks for the kind messages about the loss of our pups.

Bye for now, Em xx (aka Emma Lethbridge)

Aah! Thanks for the birthday greetings Lacey and Em - and everyone else who sent such lovely messages! :-)

I took my eye off the ball and didn't see them yesterday (helped along, no doubt, by my consumption of 'birthday' wine and rich food!)

This is becoming quite a little community all in all! I'm so chuffed that Adrian not only fired us up to achieve his goals with the campaign - but also recognised our desire to stay in touch and set us all on the path to Facebook addiction lol! :-)

...Oh and we all still raise a glass to Ad and Steph and other absent friends 8pm Friday (local time)

Love to all and thanks for being wonderful friends! Charlotte xxxx

see how excited i am, i forgot to fill my details in so I was little miss anonymous!!! how bizarre!

Great news about the training days. Look forward to meeting some of my lovely last. Chris

Em - I'm so sorry about the dogs!

I was really excited to hear about the training days, but I'm gutted because I'm actually busy all three of the days!!! I really hope they run some more training days, cos it's something I'd really love to do.

I hope everyone is as well as possible. All my love to AA!


I just wanted to say a big well done to all of you for keeping everything moving forward. It's great to re-visit the blog and see so much support from Adrian's army and brilliant news that there are training dates in the diary.

I've just sent off a blood sample to join the register and will be doing a half marathan in Leeds in May to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust...all inspired by AD. Becks x

I just wanted to say a big well done to all of you for keeping everything moving forward. It's great to re-visit the blog and see so much support from Adrian's army and brilliant news that there are training dates in the diary.

I've just sent off a blood sample to join the register and will be doing a half marathan in Leeds in May to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust...all inspired by AD. Becks x

Hi everyone,big apologies for not leaving

comments for a long have been held
in my heart,and i have kept all of you in my
thoughts.i lost a dear friend with leukaemia
not long after steph passed away,,we passed happy times at hospital,together.
i feel ashamed to admit it,but so near to adrian,steph & ingrid,i retreated into a big
attack of survivors quilt.
but the wonderful sudders effect has worked
and i'm down for the london training day,
i hope i get to meet you lovely people.
love,light & reiki hugs.brendaxxxxx

Dear Brenda

Please do not beat yourself up . As I am slowly coming to terms with my survivors guilt especially as most returns to the ward seem to be followed by news of the fallen .

Sadly this has not come soon enough to save my marriage and J just feels we have dealt with things differently and I am not the bouncy positive bloke I was . I do understand the strange emotion of being at someone's funeral and feeling terrible guilt as they were half your age ect ect. Something Stephanie wrote about not having had the opportunity to have children really threw me at the time .

Presently I am trying to work out if I can get to Sheffield for the training.

Love to all Dan

It is important we talk about survivors guilt.

I sure have felt it.

With these two with everything going for them.

Already in their twenties, and you think what phenomemal lives could have been.

Hey, but are!!

I will elaborate this later

Can't make the training, but will make it one day

Great hugs!



I have actually surprised myself by not experiencing a great deal of survivors guilt. Just the constant feeling that I'm being punished for something!! I still can't comprehend how such wonderful people can be taken from us, when they have so much to give the world.

But, somehow we will have to do it for them all.

Kay, Keith, Carrie and the rest of the Sudbury clan: you really are inspirational people. To follow through with Adrian's dreams, given what you are going through, is nothing short of remarkable.

Nicola xx

Brenda, Dan's right, we shouldn't feel guilty for being alive when others aren't, because we have been given the chance to (if we're in the position) make a difference in the way that Ad and Steph wanted. We are going to hopefully be able to make sure the Donor Registers grow and grow and grow as we put the information across to older children in schools, etc.

Dan, I'm so sorry that you haven't been able to save your marriage. We all deal with things in different ways and I sincerely hope and am sure there are sunnier times ahead for you.

I'm signed up for Sheffield and hope they don't think i'm too old to take part in this wonderful programme. One thing in my favour, there are many who think I have the gift of the gab!!!

Looking forward to meeting loads of you 'in the flesh' at Sheffield, including you, Dan.

As always, sending to Kay, Keith, Carrie& Ian, Barbara,(where's the lovely Liam?), Katie, Dan and all AA, Love, hugs and soothing thoughts.


When I heard Adrian's story last year I, like so many others, signed up to the bone marrow register. To be honest, I didn't think too much about it afterwards and got on with my life.

A few weeks ago I received a letter indicating that a was a potential match for someone. I gave my blood samples the following week and then carried on as normal, wondering if I would be the match. This morning I received a letter telling me that I *was* the match. I'm pleased and a tad scared but most importantly, I felt that I should come back and pass on my little story. It's only because of Adrian that I signed up in the first place. It goes without saying, but it goes to prove that this blog is saving lives.

Keep up the good work!

Aimee xx

Aimee, How wonderful, you are actually going to have a chance to save a life! Your feelings will be very mixed but just think what a special gift you are giving.
This blog changed so many lives. I'm too old at 60 to be a donor but hopefully will do my bit in schools.
My thoughts, love and prayers are with you and the person who is to receive your very special gift.
Please let us know how you go on, i'm sure your experience will be useful to many others.

Aimee, How wonderful, you are actually going to have a chance to save a life! Your feelings will be very mixed but just think what a special gift you are giving.
This blog changed so many lives. I'm too old at 60 to be a donor but hopefully will do my bit in schools.
My thoughts, love and prayers are with you and the person who is to receive your very special gift.
Please let us know how you go on, i'm sure your experience will be useful to many others.

Aimee, How wonderful! You've been given the chance to actually save someone's life!
Your feelings will be really mixed at the moment but what a gift to be able to give.

This blog changed so many lives, for the better I think. I am too old at 60 to be a donor but hopefully will be able to go into the schools programme.

Please let us know how you go on. I'm sure your experience will benefit many people.

My love, thoughts and prayers are with you and the person who is to receive you precious gift.

Sorry all, the gremlins didn't post then when I did it again decided to print two of the first comment then the second one !!!!! XXX

Aimee I am so happy to hear that you are going to save someone's life!

I think Aimee is the first among Adrian's Army who is a match to someone?

Like to hear more such news in future too.

Hope you are not scared...all our prayers will be with you.

Have a nice day to all!


What a fantastic opportunity for you Aimee. I can understand your concern but the thought that you can actually help in the fight to save a life is incredible. Good luck with everything and I pray that there is a positive outcome for you. Chris J.x

What a great day for AA

We are seeing tangible Sudders effect today, as well as all the beautiful intangible things the guy created

What bravery

We will all be hanging on your every word

Hugs of joy for all AA!!!!

: )!X! LL


yAAy AAmiee!! : ) !!

^ ^


I'm chuffed to bits you're a match and I'd bet on Adrian doing the happy dance up there!!! FANTASTIC NEWS, good on you and all the very best. Like you, I've signed up as a direct result of Ad - It's now my dream to be in your position one day and save someone's life... HOWEVER I know I'd be excited and 'bricking it big time' - in equal measures!

For now I'll have to make do with giving blood and training up in Sheffield to give the Sudders talks. Have you thought of blogging your experiences as a donor, I wonder? It'd be really cool if you could share your experiences...

Love to all, can't wait for Sheffield!!! :-)

Charlotte xxxx

Aimeee...wowwwwww so proud of you

I'm just out of the age bracket so can't be a donor but will at the training camp in London, to try and help as much as I can.

If anyone is training on the 28th let me know

It's happening people, we are marching ON!!!!!
xxxxreiki hugsxxx


If you want to join the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust register please come to my donor clinic tomorrow (Thursday Feb 19) in Haverhill, Suffolk.

It takes place 4-7pm at the Clements Surgery, Greenfields Way, Haverhill CB9 8LU.


Thanks very much!


That is simply beautiful news . I was a regular blood donor and signed up for marrow years ago , but never got called .

Won't know till Friday if I can do Sheffield or have to wait till there is something nearer the land of the shining Geordies .

I do find myself wondering how Poppy is doing and hoping she is keeping well .


Aimee, how exciting!! You're someone's ONE AND ONLY!! Charlotte, I love your idea of having her blog about the experience (if she wants!). It would be another opportunity to bring Adi and Steph's cause into the spotlight again, and for the few people who are still clueless about the procedures, it would be another opportunity to teach them how the process actually works.
Aimee, we're so proud of you. Thank you for sharing this with us, and don't be afraid. I have a feeling a few angels will be watching over you all the way. xx


Haven't been here for awhile but found myself having a "i reaaaaally miss Adrian" moment. I'm happy to see the Sudders effect still alive and well.

Blessings to the Sudbury family and all the survivors of this awful disease. It's hard to shake that survivals guilt but shake it we must and use that emotion for the good.

One thing is certain, Adrian was a very special soul and we were all blessed to be touched by him, and we'll not forget him in this lifetime!

May the AA keep marching on.....

fantastic news,aimee,
fully understand mixed emotions,please blog
on here,so we can walk with you.
Dan,i'm sorry to hear your marriage situation,
relationship breakdowns are not unusual,in
"long term"'s a side effect that is
the last thing we need to cope with,but not
everyone can cope with walking the walk!!
i hope sunnier times are coming to you soon.
Laura,lovely to see you blogging three messages as per usual,i was worried about you
yesterday,with only one.
i hope everyone is as well as can be,in mind body and soul.peace,light & reiki hugs,
love brendiexxxxxx

Aimee, I heard your news from Charlotte yesterday. It is absolutly fantastic and I am sure Adrian will be extremely proud - I know we are all very proud of you.
Please keep us informed how you go with it. Take care of yourself.
Tina XX

ps. STILL extremely excited about the 14th!!! Can't wait to meet you all there.x I'll be the one at the back jumping up and down with excitement!

I've just signed up for the Sheffield training. It's going to be well exciting, can't wait to get started but at the same time I'm feeling a little nervous about it all, just don't want to let AD down. Glad to hear there are lots of others coming along too which makes me feel better about it. Can't wait to put faces to all these names.
Love to Kay and family and all of AA!
Clare x

Just popped in yesterday to comment on Aimee's news (thanks Charlotte for the head's up) and didn't see your news til just now. So, so sorry to hear about your marriage situation. I have no words: just wanted to say I'm sorry, and I hope you're doing alright.


Well done Aimee, fab news! I have been on the register since Dec 2006 but haven't been contacted... yet!

In my opinion the donating of blood, bone marrow, stem cells, organs etc etc is the greatest thing a human can do for another. In addition to creating a new life in the first place!

Well done Adrian for getting the ball rolling.

Hope all AA's are good tonight,

Em xx

we just come back from birmingham re:anthony nolan trust-schools project. it`s been an emotional day for us as parents of a leukaemia sufferer, who like Adrian lost her fight for life. how can i do this, will i be able to do this, i hope so. to the rest of todays group i`d like to say as a nursery nurse in the words of bob the builder "can we do it, yes we can". thanks for you`re support.
p.s. jon jo please say hello to prem and KEEP going,it was great to met you all. bye janice and tony

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