We are on the brink of something very special

As I write this, the training script is being finalised, training dates have been set and the will to succeed is tangible. We are about to start the process which will, in all probability, change the world for the better. I cannot thank the Anthony Nolan Trust enough, nor the National Blood service who have combined their efforts to realise the dream of one seriously ill young man who, when the chips were down, settled his beanie hat, adjusted his Paul Smith dressing gown and set out to make a difference.

That you have all got behind Adrian's campaign is such a fabulous testament to the determination of decent people to work for the good of humanity. As we debate the merits of huge bonuses to city bankers, isn't it wonderfully refreshing to be part of something really important that will save lives?

And then we get Aimee's news. Someone, somewhere in the world who, in all probability wasn't ill when Adrian began his campaign is going to get their second chance because a young woman, inspired by what he had to say didn't just sympathise but quietly got on with it and signed up to the ANT register. Truly our "one and only�? and a bit of a trail blazer for Adrian's Army. Aimee, you are a proper heroine. As are all those thousands out there who have put their names to this fantastic cause. Now I know you are bound to be daunted by what lies ahead but, to be honest, if you could see your way to having your progress charted on this Blog, I know it would help others as they debate with themselves what to do. I am more than happy to do all the spade work for you in terms of putting together the entries. If you could contact me at we can discuss how best to proceed but I also entirely understand if you simply want to get on with things and not be humbugged by having to report as well. Remember, Adrian's driving philosophy was that noone was ever to be forced to do anything they were uncomfortable with and his whole campaign was to get information to people so that they can make a decision based on facts - so I am genuine when I say that you are not to feel under any pressure at all. If you feel you would like to document your particular stretch of the journey then I am here to do the grunt work for you.

Can we also send positive vibes to Claire's Dad Norman and Adie's Aunty Lucy both in a bit of a tight spot cancer wise at the moment. The more we can do to stop this pernicious disease claiming lives the better it will be for everyone.

And Dan, please don't feel bad about surviving. I can't claim to speak for others in my position of course but as far as I am concerned I can't hear enough stories where there has been a positive outcome. Adrian always spoke about being a beacon of hope to those newly afflicted and that is precisely what you are. I am sorry that your battle scars have taken their toll emotionally and that you are having a rough time at the moment. Hopefully the pain will ease over time and your "one and only�? will emerge from the shadows to claim your heart.

With love, thanks and best wishes to everyone out there


What wonderful news it is about Aimee and her gift to someone . Thanks for your comments Kay .

Wishing all strength and peace Dan

Aimee I just wanted to say how proud I am of you and I know that Adrian would be too!, I hope everything goes well for you, you are a star.

Well I was hoping to be able to change my night shift so that I could attend the training session in Sheffield but sadly its not to be there is no way that darned shift can be changed, so sadly I wont be able to attend. I really wanted to too (darn job getting in the way again!!!!). So to all of you who are able to go please do and fly the flag high for Adrians army I will be there with you all in spirit.

Just to let you all know Myself and some of the other wonderfull Ladies from this site (you know who you are there is no getting out of thid now!) are planning to take part in the race for life this year in memeory of Aidrian, Steph and Ingrid, we will let you all know when our cunning plans are finalised!.

Thanks for the update Kay and as always love to you all.

Sarah xxx

Honestly, I couldn't be anonymous if I tried!!! lol :)

Ditto all of the above. Aimee it would be fantastic to hear your story on this incredible journey that you are about to undertake but as Kay and everyone has said you must do what you feel is right for you. You are already doing something incredible and no one would expect any more from you.

Thanks Kay for being the special person that you are. Love to all Chris J.xx

Wonderful to hear that something good has come out of something so bad. Good luck Aimee - and fingers crossed for a very successful result.

That story is a ray of sunshine and helps keep everything in perspective. Thanks for the update Kay, and good luck to Aimee (my daughter's name, but her Dad spelled it the boring way - so she tells me!)

Thanks very much for the update Mrs Kay.

Good luck and prayers to Aimee.

Good Night everyone!


I justed wanted to wish Aimee good luck and try to offer a bit of reassurance. I donated stem cells in the summer of 2007, before I had found this blog, and have to say it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Although I felt very proud (and lucky!) to be able to help, I felt a bit of a fraud the day after, feeling perfectly fine when I had been expected to feel worn out! Overall, the process was a bit of a nuisance (and probably not recommended if you're not fond of needles), but very minor compared to the good it can do. Best of luck again.

How wonderful Aimee! I too dream of being able to be someone's one and only. Because of Adrian, I got over my fear and donated blood for the first time last year. I hope to do it again soon. I would love to be a match for someone and be able to help in that way too.

Adrian's Army marches on. How wonderful. I have been thinking of him so much lately and missing his lovely words. To see this progress warms my heart.

Also thinking of Steph and Ingrid. How much we miss them all.

Hi All,

This is all great reading. Adrian's legacy in full effect. New people registering to be on the register, giving blood and the support of all (as always) and advice from those who have gone through it. Absolutely Fab!!

I too will be doing a sort of jog/fast walk effort for the Race For Life. I have been a spectator the last 3 years, since Freddie passed away but this year I will partake. I specifically will be doing it for Freddie, Adrian, AA's (which includes Steph and Ingrid x)and my dear friend Linda who is having a terrible time right now.

Keep up the good work AA's and Aimee.... What a wonderful thing you are on the brink of.

Bye for now, Em xx

Dear Kay

I have sent a message via facebook did you get it ? I had been speaking to Iain Wrights office re some publicity for the cause and just needed to make contact . Please email me as I am keen not to be doing something that crosses what others may already be doing .

Thanks Dan

london training day,confirmed today,it will be
lovely to meet some of you wonderful aa's.
i've been back in hospital this week,wbc shot from 2. to 42.8,thank god or whatever!for
intravenous morphine,i feel like i've had a great few days.
keeping everthing crossed i'm well for the training day.
much love and big reiki hugs to everybodyxxxxxx

What wonderful news Kay. Well done Aimee! One day at a time Dan.

"...settled his beanie hat, adjusted his Paul Smith dressing gown..." - I love it Kay. You're brilliant. Love to Keith, Carrie and all the rest of your family...

Fantastic news, thankyou for the update Kay!

Love and best wishes to all,

Catherine x x

Quiet here.

Hope all of you are doing fine.

Have a nice weekend to all!


Well it's all moving on exciting

Looking forward to the 28th and meeting everyone....

xxxxreiki hugsxxxx


Hi All,

I hope today finds everyone well.

Well done for everyone getting involved in the training etc. Unfortunately I am not able to but I am committed to AA in spirit.

Keep on marching :)

Em xx

I think I am probably going to pop, or spontaniously (sp) combust or something before Saturday. I cannot WAIT to get to sheffield on Saturday. Really Really looking forward to it. Exceptionally nervous about it though, but extremely grateful for the chance to help Adrian's campaign. I feel very proud and very priviliged (sp) to have this opportunity. I promise I will grab it with both hands and do all I can. I know there are many many of you who would love to do this, and for whatever reason are unable, I promise I will do everything I can to help. Who else is going to Sheffield, apart from Charlotte, myself and Christine M? I am going now to open a bottle of something to toast! Chin chin. XX

I'll be there at Sheff on Saturday too - look out for me as I'm feeling pretty nervous now! Looking forward to meeting you all, putting faces to names and helping Adrian's plan be put into action!!!

Hi everyone, I'll be in Sheffield on Saturday too. I'm also nervous about it, but we can all hold hands and we will be fine. I've even started dreaming about it! It will be lovely to get to talk to everyone else, when it was the service in the cathedral I only got to speak to Adrian and Mark's Liverpool friends (not that I wasn't happy talking to them, lovely lot that they are) See you all Saturday, love Sue

Hi all

Like Hannah, Sue and Clare, I'll be in Sheffield tomorrow - and as they say they are, I'm both excited and nervous!

Christine M and myself will be synchronising watches and setting our satnavs early tomorrow morning so look out...! :-)

I look forward to meeting some new people, but also seeing some familiar faces.

Love to all and a safe journey,

Charlotte xxxx

Me again!

Just a thought... If like me, you're "directionally challenged" and simply don't DO maps, here's a point to note when travelling to Sheffield tomorrow:

In the small print on the Holiday Inn's website (Caroline Berger sent us the link via email) it says:


I think from looking at the map, the postcode would lead you onto the A61, but there isn't actually a turning at that point into Victoria Station Road!
This is probably obvious to locals - but could save people coming from out of the area a bit of time and frustration lol:-)

Charlotte xxxx

Morning All,

This is just a little message to wish everyone involved all the very best for today in Sheffield.

I am envious but unfortunately can't do anymore other than offer the occassional supportive email.

All the very best and well done. Hooray for Adrian and his legacy!

Em xx

Good luck to everyone traveling to Sheffield today! Can't wait to hear how it went!!! Wish I could be there with you.

hi all,
especially the A.A's who went to the trainingday at was it?it's so
wonderful to see adrian's dreams & ideas
coming to fruition.a very emotional day i'm
sure.peace,light & reiki hugs,to everyone.

Hope everything went well in Sheffield!

May be we can expect a new post??!!


Well done for everybody who has done the training so far! I really hope there are more events arranged, as I would have loved to make it, but happened to be busy each of the weekends with things I couldn't get out of. I'm sure everybody who went has had a wonderful experience and hopefully learnt a lot.

I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm still thinking about Adrian, Steph, their families and AA a lot! Hugs and best wishes to everyone!!

Nicola xx

WOW!!! What a fantastic day Saturday was. The heart warming and heart wrenching and inspirational stories we heard have made me even more passionate about this programme (if I could be any more passionate).
So professionally presented, so much information, so many emotions and the people taking were all, just 'wonderful'.
Through the jouney of a very special young man I have met some beautiful people, made some great friends and become a part of a really important team.
It was sooooo strange seeing the faces that went with some of the names on Adrian's blog, but i'm really glad that I got the chance to meet you all.
Kay, Keith, Carry,and Aunty Helen, I don't know how you hold it all together, with Ads friends you are all so special.
An essay again and still there is a lot more I could have said, but don't want to spoil it for people going to the London Training.

As always, sending love, hugs and soothing thoughts to Kay, Keith, Carrie & Ian, Liam, Katie, Ads friends, family and ALL AA.

ps Phil (30) lol x

Hope everyone was as inspired as me on Saturday. It was really great to meet everyone and put faces to names. Can't wait to get started now. Did anyone else see us on TV last night? love Sue

Still reading the blog and still thinking of you all.I have signed up for training courses but as yet they are not being run in the south.
Keep up the good work.
Love to you all.
Tracey & family x

Wow! Hannah, well done! I haven't even managed to contact a school yet. I'm sure it will go really well, just remember why we are doing this. love Sue

Ooooh Hannah! How exciting! The first one!
Good luck, you'll be brilliant, I know you will!:-)

I'm in the process of drafting a letter for my local schools and I'm going to see my MP tomorrow (if I get the chance) or early next week, to get his help and input. I'm sure once we actually get a foot in the door, we'll be well received! I look forward to hearing everyone's experiences.

Love to all

Charlotte xxxx

Hannah , Good Luck !!

Kay, it was a pleasure to speak to you . Has there been any progress ?

Best to all Dan

sorry for double posting, it told me the first one didn't work!

Hello to everybody, especially those who hae signed up to be a school speakers. 8.30 this morning I went into my first assembley of 130 ish 6th formers and talked. I was nervous, but the minute I'd said hello, and why I was there, my confidence and my determination for the campaign took over. I talked about Aid,about donation, the processes involved, showed them where I'd given blood myself on tuesday, talked on a level with them that got the message accross, emotionally, to save lives. I really hope I did us all proud, especially Adrian. We can do this, as a team supporting each other with our nerves!!
I'm on facebook Hannah Wales if anybody wants to add me as a friend. The audience sat and listened, the faces of them as the video played, realising the death of Aid and how important this campaign is, can't wait to do it all over again.

How Fantastic, Hannah,
I knew, after listening to you speak last Saturday, that you were going to be a brilliant speaker.
Much love to you and yours.

Dear Hannah

You should be rightly proud of yourself . You have taken up the challenge that Adrian issued us all , and like those who plant trees knowing they will never see them mature , you have done it for people you will never know .

Remember you can only ever get nervous about the things you really care about .

Keep Safe



I'd never thought of myself to be a strong person really, the classic low self esteem and lacking in confidence. Since watching my son get ill then get better, have an op, then have another, then another. Lumps growing again and again, I had though why me? I stopped spitting my dummy out and just cracked on with it, I'm strong because I have to be, my kids need me to be. My determination to make a difference has found its calling, and I am here like all of you to drive this campaign forward.
Inner strength in times of sadness is what gets us through, it makes us all stronger.
I never met Adrian, but somehow he's in me, I can't explain really, I just know this campaign is the right thing to do.
Hope all of you have a lovely weekend, the weatehr's great.
all my love,
hannah and her boys. x x

Morning all,

Well done Hannah! What an amazing achievement. I understand what you mean when you click with a "cause" and it is the right thing to do. I will join in one day but for the moment I will have to settle with reading about how you are all getting on. It is fantastic that Adrian's work has started, it has only just begun and will continue always, I am sure. The ANT are fab and I am so glad that "AA" is running alongside them. So often I see that people have a cause they want to run with and go off on their own and shrivle as they have no established backbone to rely on and take guidance from.

Anyway what I am trying to say is I am in full admiration of you all and just sorry I can't do more. I probably comes across that I am ill and that is not true, I just don't seem to get any spare time :(.

Hooray to Hannah and all AA's, the Sudbury's and the ANT, CLIC and everyone who is working towards improving the lives of "L" sufferers and fighting the disease.

I have said enough I think. Have a great weekend and like Hannah says lets enjoy the sun for a change.

Em xx

Hi Kay,

Did you get my e-mail last Friday?


Hi Dan,

been reading the blog, some wonderful people
with emotional stories. How's your treatment going? Here if you need to talk, and that goes to any of you special AA people. x x Hannah.

What wonderful news Aimee. I know you must be petrified but it really shows what an affect Ade had on the world.

I know he'll be up there doing a mini dance in celebration and i'm sure there will be many others who will get call ups soon.


Hi Keith, Kay and everyone else, just to let you know I made an appointment to talk to the sixth formers at Glossopdale Community College, GLOSSOP, Derbyshire on 23rd April. St. George's Day! I tried to make it for before the Easter holidays but this was the earliest they could do. Scared now!! love Sue

Dear Sue

It's ok to be scared just remember when your standing there we are all behind you .

Love Dan

Hi Sue,

I'm sure you wont, but if you did need another partner in crime, I'm only in Sheffield and the journey out would be a pleasure.

Hope everyone is ok, nursing my eldest son through his vomiting bug, now my husband has decided to get in on the act, must be man flu the way he's feeling!! Light weight!!
XX Han

Hope all of Adrian's army are doing fine!

Have a nice day!


hi all,
inspired by all the above comments,looking forward to the training day,in london,tomorrow.peace,light,& reiki hugs to all.a.a.brendie.

Hi Hannah and Dan, thanks for the support. Hope everyone in your house is better for the weekend Hannah, love Sue

Just popping in to wish everyone all the best for the training day in London tomorrow!
You're in for a truly inspiring and most enjoyable day - I'm only sorry I can't come to London too, do it all again - and meet even more lovely 'Adrian's Army' people!

Charlotte xxxx

Good Luck to everyone going to the London Training day, tomorrow.
Savour it, enjoy it, be inspired. You will be completely blown away by it all.

Sending love, hugs and soothing thoughts to everyone.

Apologies as had fair few vino's. I love you all, you are the comfort blanket I havent touched. So proud to be a part of it but such a shame I can;t do more.

Em xxx

hello everyone

my first comment on the blog, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

I was at the London event on Saturday and it was truly and genuinely one of the most inspiring days I've ever spent. Meeting Keith and Kay was a rare privilege.

Aimee, support in these things is always important, and although you don't know me, I want to offer mine. I put my name down on the register more than fifteen years ago and thought it unlikely I'd be called up. But I was; twice.

The guys at ANT kindly put my story up here:

It was one of the most overwhelmingly positive and wonderful things that has ever happened to me, and I salute you from the bottom of my heart for embarking on the journey.

Without doing it I would never have met all the great people I met on Saturday, and in a small way been a part of this terrific campaign.

What you're doing is brilliant.



Hello everyone!!

I'm doing another talk at a School in Doncaster on Wednesday!! Bit nervous, but looking forward to it. At least the family have stopped vomiting yeah !!!!
Am meeting with our donor recruitment woman at work tomorrow, so will pass on news then.
Hope all are well

XXHannah xxx

Hello all,

Just gathering my thoughts for todays talk. Hope I do us all proud!!
XX Hannah

Hi All,

My younger brother, William, almost lost his life to leukaemia, but is now thankfully OK.

Last year Adrian was a true inspiration to him.

He is now doing a charity Golf tour in aid of Leukemia research.

He is playing a round of golf in every county in England on consecutive days. That 36 days in 36 counties!

Please take a look at his blog and offer any words of support - if anyone would like to join him, he always welcomes the company!

His Itinerary is at the bottom.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Hello all,
I've just been reading Alistair's story on the ant website, what a journey, what a wonderful person. Do we know if the second transplant was a success?
Happy easter, have the boys home for two weeks, hope they like housework!! (am jokin)
xx Hannah

Hi all,

I've just been talking to Christine M about a song that I can't get out of my head, makes me think about Aidrian and the campaign, such a beatiful song.
Jason Mraz "I'm yours" I listen to it on you tube.
"there's no time to complicate , our time is short, this is our fate, I'm yours"

Have a listen, not everyones cuppa, but inspires me.

Ooops, forgot to answer Hannah's question...

Yes, I'm delighted to say the second donation was the success we all hoped for. That's the point I get a bit woozy with the words!

Overwhelming will have to do.



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