No longer ones to shy away from the world of outrageous media tarting, how's this for some glorious celebrity schmoozing?!!
Keith and I went to Ascot last Sunday night to support " Chesney's Christmas Cracker " an annual charity event he does to raise funds for the Whitelodge centre which supports people with disabilities and their families. K K AND C.jpg

Watching a live performance of " The One and Only" was a strange mixture of enormous fun and profound sadness. I had simultaneous thoughts " What on earth am I doing here and why don't I have a son anymore?" and " Crikey this is good fun Adie would have a right good laugh at this". Grief is bloody odd. It is possible for joy and despair to inhabit the same fleeting moment, as many of you will know.

Any road up, apart from the shameless showing off, the reason for this post is to up date you on the campaign's progress. As I write, the ANT is finalising the proposal for the pilot project that will target 2 areas with the Sudders Seminar in the first instance so that a proper evaluation can be made and any alterations done to the material before a national roll out later on. It is not a difficult project to undertake as it only requires a straightforward factual 30/40 minute talk. I have a nagging, lurking concern that I want to share with you though.

When Adie had his lightbulb moment he imagined that his proposed talk could be bolted into a compulsory National Curriculum. This is not the case. It is true that Ed Balls and Alan Johnson wrote to all schools in September encouraging them to teach the Give and Let Live package to sixth formers as well as younger students. BUT evidence shows that schools have been slow to use that material and many remain unaware of it. The suggestion that we have a cohort of volunteers from Adrian's Army trained and available to deliver his message to 6th forms came out of the fear that schools might be too busy, lack resources or simply not want to teach the formal package and that by providing a free resource headteachers might be more receptive to the whole idea.

But how do we make sure we get a foot in the classroom door and avoid becoming the blood and bone marow equivalent of the Squeedgy Mop and Duster salesman? I am certain that once it gets going, Adrian's message will become firmly embedded in the education of our young adults. I have recently re-read the Blog postings from May June and July and the clarity of his thinking and his underlying passion just blows me away. We cannot allow his idea to fail. If any of you reading this have contacts with 6 forms please can you test the waters and if anybody comes up with a hot lead then, while the pilot is getting going, Keith and I will be more than happy to deliver he talk. That is a promise. It's the least we can do for our lad.

Those who know me will be aware that on momentous occasions I have a propensity to quote from the great works of literature. And so, in the immortal words of Ant and Dec " LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE.....!"


Dear Kay and Keith. First of all I want to wish you a warm and comfortable Christmas and a good and eventful New Year.

Adrian's hope to make his message compulsary in the National Curriculum may seem a little far off at the moment, but I think it will eventually make it. Today every snowflake that falls on the education system, in the shape of voluntairy education will add to the weight that will eventually give you the brake through you so deserve.

And the pilot project should give you a lot of good feedback that will help you find the right words in the future letters you will send out to persuade heads of schools elsewhere.


Dearest Kay your writing reminds me so very much of Adrian's:

"Grief is bloody odd. It is possible for joy and despair to inhabit the same fleeting moment..."

You're so very right. I'm glad you managed to enjoy yourself at the one and only's gig - I love your necklace by the way!

Thanks for the update - certainly ready to roll!

Merry Christmas to you, Keith, Carrie and all the rest of your family.

Fond thoughts and warm hugs to you all as ever from Trinidad


Kay - your writing is hilarious - Adrian would be very proud of his mum!
You're correct in your thinking about whether it will really get into schools or not. As passionate as we all are about it and as important as it really is, working as someone who tries (and often fails!) to get into schools with information I can see the problem we face. Even if we are going to offer to do it for them there's always the problem of getting the time in the first place. However, in true Adrian style we need to be positive about this and I will chat to some people in our authority and see what ideas we can come up with. On a similar note, I put my name down to be someone who will offer to give these talks but haven't heard anything from anyone about it yet - should I have done by now?
Hope this hasn't been too depressing a post - we WILL get the information into schools and we all need to put our thinking caps on and seek inspiration from Adrian's hard work to find a solution. I'm sure it's out there, we just need to work hard to identify it. Adrian's Army will be up to this task, I'm sure!
Wishing the Sudburys and all AA a very peaceful Christmas and new year,
Clare x

Was waiting for a new post,thanks Mrs Kay.

Liked the pictures and thanks for the update.

Merry Christmas to Adrian's family.Without Adrian it will be sad , but I think Adrian wants all of you to be happy.

Merry Christmas to Adrian's friends,and Adrian's Army.


Hi Kay, I haven't posted for a while but just wanted to wish you, Keith and Carrie a Happy Christmas and to say that your words about grief struck such a chord with me.

Love the Chesney piccies! Fantastic stuff, looks like great fun!

I am full of hope that Adrian's plans will come to fruition, we will make sure of it.

Lots of love to you all,

Catherine x x

Hi Kay....I too can 'hear' Adrian when you post to us. Your humour and courage remind me so much of your dear son. I am sure he is VERY proud of his mum

I know that with persistance we can break down the barriers and you can count on all of us to use our contacts to help with the cause.

I would like to wish you and your family a pleasant Christmas and I hope that the New Year brings you the joy of seeing Adrians dreams becoming a reality.x Chris J

Hi Kay.
Firstly, I just want to say I hope you manage to find some peace at this time of year. It's such a cruel time when we are without ones we love so very dearly. The decision of "do we do exactly the same as we did before or do we do something completely different" is one of the hardest to make - I hope you and your family do the best you possibly can.
Secondly I LOVE the photo of you and Keith with The Hawkesmeister. You look fantastic! Go girl!
Unfortunaly I do not have any dealings "as such" with secondary schools - My links are with Primary school. I am a Governor in the local primary school. I can assure you, once we get the holidays out of the way, I will put my feelers out and try and find out if I can find the contacts for our secondary schools in the locality, and I will talk to them about Give & Let Live, see if we can arrange some kind of in road there. Just a thought though. Does it have to be inside schools? Can it be at youth clubs, or even (if there is such a thing these days) the guides/scouts whatever it is the mid teens do these days? Army Cadets? Surely if the age groups are right, we could initiate the discussion anywhere? Just thinking on "paper" here, so bear with me! lol.
I am going to go away and do a bit of thinking! I need to think of places, other than schools, in my local area, that have 16-18 year old teens. Kay, be assured that while ever we are here, the spirit and determination of your beautiful boy will never leave this campaign. We WILL achieve this. The lightbulb is still on, and glowing beautifully.
Take care - will be in touch real soon.

Love to all my fellow blogettes. -X-
oh - not forgetting you too Graeme! Are you a blogette too? xx

Hi there. If there are any groups of 17/18 year olds ( whether in formal school or not ) then we would be just as happy to speak to them if they would be willing to listen. It's the age rather than the venue that is ultimately important so anything that gets the message out there is welcome. I hope I didn't sound as though it was all getting me down. It isn't at all. I just thought it was sensible to try to anticipate possible obstacles and think about ways around them sooner rather than later and at the same time it made sense for us to put our money where our mouths are and offer to get the ball rolling in the New Year. You will notice the lateness of this post. Keith's away so I am indulging in a spot of late night " Nigella's Christmas Kitchen " on BBC iplayer before taking up a central starfish position in bed. Bliss!!
Night night all!

Hi Kay,
Great pictures, you look stunning and Chesney...well, what can I say..He's sooo cute!

I, too, can 'hear' Ad when you speak. Your passion, compassion and humour speak volumes. Don't worry, you know that we are all behind you, Keith and the others who plug away constantly with Ads ideas.

A lot of us are just waiting to hear if we have been 'chosen' to spread the word. If I don't hear anything in the New Year then i'll get on my soap box (I'm very good at that, as some people know) and go and speak to heads of 6th forms in my area.

This campaign is NOT going away! Adrians work goes on.........

Kay, you will all be in my heart and mind this Christmas and I wish you, Keith, Carrie, Ian & Barbara ,Peace, love and laughter to help you through this time.
Will also be thinking of Liam, Katie & Graeme.

To you and all AA I send as usual,
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts and good wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2009.

Christine M.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas.

My mum passed away this year.

My thoughts are with you.

Suspect there will be a few beers/tears on Christmas Day in my household at least.

All the best.

The Gambler.

Ok Kay - I have a serious question for the words just burble out of your brain to your fingertips without planning or much thought? A bit like a stream running naturally? It certainly sounds like it! you have an incredible way with words, Kay, with painting a mental picture that sticks like peanut better to the roof of ones in 'starfish' LOL. You make things so real, so touchable, like your writing of joy and despair sharing the same moment.

I wonder if another way to get to youngsters and others could be through this amazing talent of yours. How about a column in a teen magazine, or a story, or a challenge. And other magazines maybe too?

No matter what your subject is, you make me laugh and you leave me with a smile. What a talent you share with your lad!

And you look beautiful! :)
love and light
Steven's mom

My first Xmas without my brother. Sometimes I stand at family or friend events/gatherings and look around and think "where the bloody hell is he?". It has been almost one year and it hasn't got any easier, rather more unrealistic. I was my brother's bone marrow donor and it was successful- unfortnately a hospital bug got him while his immune system was down. Of all things- he didn't die of AML but something a doctor unknowingly passed on!

From one sister to another, I hope Carrie is motoring along OK. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter this year and I often look at her and think of how much she is going to miss, since my brother isn't here to love and dote on her.

All the best to you and yours Kay. What you're doing is fantastic and this blog is a lifeline to many.

Amanda x

Kay, thank you for your beautiful words. You look absolutely stunning (Keith, you look nice too).
Unfortunately there is no such thing as blood- or bone marrow donation here on Bonaire. With only 14.000 people living on this tiny island, the government thinks it is too expensive to start and maintain such a program. We are depending on the surrounding islands for that.
However, I talked to my GP and he is willing to bring the subject up with the Health Department and who knows, things might change in the future. I'll be the first to register, be sure of that!

This will be your first Christmas without Adrian and I hope you will find a way to enjoy it. May the memories of your wonderful son and brother help you through these days.

Sending you lots of love and sunshine,


Oh Amanda my heart is with you. This is my 3rd Christmas without my beloved brother who I lost to AML. How dreadful that your brother lost his battle to something that could have been prevented. I will hold all my friends in Adrians Army and family close this Christmas. Chris J.x

I had a call from Anthony Nolan Trust today following my filling-in of the survey all the months ago. She rang on my mobile at work. So I whispered into my phone that I would call her back from my landline as I might get sacked for using my mobile!
She told me they would be sending out an update in the next few days and were checking they had my email address. So it seems things are moving behind the scenes.
Kay - I know Keith used to teach in Newark so if ever there was a place to start it is there. I'm sure the Grove School (which has now enlarged to take pupils from the former Newark High) would be more than happy to have a visit and a talk from you both. Just a thought.....

Hi CK. Great minds think alike. Keith has arranged to go into Newark schools in the New Year and others in Notts where he has contacts. Sudders does Sudders so to speak!

WOW! You and Keith with Chesney! HE must have been very star-struck. (Okay, okay, I know you were as well -- he is still pretty darn cute, isn't he?!)
You all looked amazing.
I also agree that "Central Starfish Position" made me laugh out loud. You are quite descriptive and funny and endearing in your writing. Makes me miss Adi all the more, but still makes me smile. Yes, I understand what you meant about joy and despair all at once. I certainly do.
I so wish I could be there and help give the talks to the students. I would love it. I will do my very best to continue spreading the word about Adrian and his quest, though. I had a party on Sunday and had a group of people standing in my living room looking at Baldy's Book (which sits on my coffee table, while a second copy sits on a shelf in my study), which lead to some questions "Do you know this guy?" and the like. Not ONE of those people was registered as a bone marrow donor, so I hope I lit a fire under them and they've at least started thinking about joining. We shall see. All we can do is try, right?

Best to you and yours. So lovely to hear from you. xx

Also, I miss hearing from you Liam! Keep us posted on what you're up to as well, if you have a chance.

Hi everyone,

What a wonderful photograph Kay and Keith, you look amazing. How Adrian would have enjoyed that.

I just want to wish you a Happy Christmas, full of memories, I am sure, of past years. I will be thinking of you and of course dear Adrian.

Can I wish all AA a good Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year and to Anon I hope next year will be better for you.

Finally, I want to thank "our boy" for this blog, for everything he gave to us and the love he gave , and for the friendships forged here. I have found this blog a life changing experience for which I will be eternally grateful.

My love and best wishes to you all.

Bless you


Hello Kay

It's always a joy to discover a new post - safe in the knowledge it will be jam-packed with those very same sparkly ingredients we came to expect from Adrian himself - hope, determination and humour!

I agree that it's going to take a degree of tenacity to achieve Ad's objective of embedding the message about bone marrow, blood and organ donation within the education system - but I do believe it is achievable! Look how far we've come in a mere six months!

I have emailed you via Facebook in relation to a particular school in my local area (well, at least I believe I have - I can never quite get to grips with it :-)!!!)

I absolutely love the photos! You look amazing! I can well imagine a mixture of pride, delight and amusement from Adrian on high - at the surreal (if bitter-sweet) situations in which this campaign continues to place you!

Keep up the media tarting! :-)

Love to the Sudbury family, AA and friends everywhere!
Charlotte xx

Adrian would have had the time of his life there. I hope you have a comfortable and enjoyable christmas. Even though Adrian is not with you in person, he sure is pulling crackers in whatever sunset he is watching xxx.

Dear Kay and family,
as a Mum getting to grips with the third Christmas after my 23 year old son died of AML I wanted to send my love and admiration for all you are doing in Adrians memory. I am eagerly waiting to hear if I will be chosen to train as a school speaker. I work within the education system and will endevour to do all in my power to help get the message out there.
love to you all Louise

Dear Kay and Keith

What a brilliant photograph,thank you for the update.
Still waiting to hear from the Anthony Nolan Trust hoping it will be in the New Year.

Just to wish you all a peaceful Christmas. We will light a candle on Christmas Eve for Adrian, Steph and all our loved ones.

With love

Dear Kay and Keith,

First of all I want to wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas and a good 2009 where Adrian's wish to make his message compulsary in the National Curriculum WILL come true. I have no doubts about that!

Saturday morning, reading your update with these honest words and pictures showing us rocking persons bravely dealing with grief and sadness about their one and only made me very small, the whole weekend.

You DO have your son for always. An old proverb says : 'Parents hold their children's hand a while and their hearts forever.'

Yesterday, the movie 'Elisabeth I' was shown on the Belgian television and while watching and hearing one of her sonnets (unknown for me until then; moving 'as great literature always does' - so true) I thought of you, Kay, your words and your pictures:

I grieve and dare not show my discontent,
I love and yet am forced to seem to hate,
I do, yet dare not say I ever meant,
I seem stark mute but inwardly do prate.
I am and not, I freeze and yet am burned,
Since from myself another self I turned.

My care is like my shadow in the sun,
Follows me flying, flies when I pursue it,
Stands and lies by me, doth what I have done.
His too familiar care doth make me rue it.
No means I find to rid him from my breast,
Till by the end of things it be supprest.

Some gentler passion slide into my mind,
For I am soft and made of melting snow;
Or be more cruel, love, and so be kind.
Let me or float or sink, be high or low.
Or let me live with some more sweet content,
Or die and so forget what love ere meant.


Hi Kay
Been doing some thinking and had some ideas which I'd like to discuss with you. Not sure how to contact you and I realise this is going to be a really difficult time of year for you so when you feel ready for a chat about some stuff then please email me. I hope I'll be some help in getting the message across.
Clare xx

Dear Kay and Keith

I'd suggest that you need a PR campaign, targeting schools and sixth form colleges. I'd be more than happy to help structure something. On the micro-level, I'll sound out a couple of teachers at my kids'school in Chester about a session with the sixth form.

Very best wishes for Christmas.


Back in September I spoke to the head of 6th form in my old school, and at the time he seemed really interested in orgnising something. He wanted to do more than just have an assembly, as kids tend not to listen then. I offered to go in and talk about my experiences with leukaemia, but sadly, I haven't heard from him since. Hopefully something will be organised.

We will manage to sort it somehow! It might just take a lot of hard work. If I can help in any way, I will do my best.

I hope you manage to have a peaceful christmas. My thoughts are with you, and with Graeme and all AA.


Wow chesney again! Im once again jealous! I know what you mean about that song though. It came on in the night club on saturday (christmas cheese you see) and it was odd hearing it again. I decided though to dance my socks off, having the feeling adie would do the same! Glad you are both enjoying the media tarting still. I agree kay that there is still lots of awareness raising to do alongside the pilot. Our task for 2009 methinks. Need something to keep me out of trouble for another year ;) Campers.x

Have a Peaceful and Happy Christmas to Adrian's family,Adrians friends,Liam, Katie Campling and to Adrian's army.


Good to see Penelope Cruz getting stuck in there with the awareness! :)

Love and best wishes for Christmas to the entire 'Baldy's Blog' family!!! :-)

Lovely article about Penelope Cruz Nicola :-)

I'll be setting asside a quiet moment of reflection tomorrow - and then raising a glass to Adrian, Steph, this blog and all the friendships which have sprung up around it!

This has been such a profoundly life-changing year for so many of us - I do hope 2009 will bring some comfort and happiness to those who've faced difficulty these past few months.

Christmas (((HUGS))) to all,
Charlotte xxxx

Hi there,

This is just a little message to wish Merry Christmas to all the Sudburys, Eckfords and AA's. I hope you all have a nice Christmas and that the happy memories of lost loved ones enable lots of toasts to be raised and smiles too.

I am glad to feel a part of what Adrian has started and to have access to such words of comfort from all contributors to the blog.

Love to you all and thanks,

Em xxx

Just wanted to wish the Sudbury family a Merry Christmas. Adrian has been in my thoughts so much lately.

Merry Christmas to Adrian's Army, let's keep on marching through 2009!

Dear Kay, Keith and all of Adrian's family and many many friends,

Thinking of you all at this time and sending you my loving thoughts of comfort. I am so very sure that the Christmases with Adrian mean you have a bank of truly happy and special memories to call upon. I hope that through your sadness they bring you solace.

Wishing you a light filled Christmas and new year full of peace and hope.

Kath x

Sending much Love and Peace to the Sudbury family and friends at this special time. Remembering the 'One and Only' and thinking of all AA around the world. Caroline

A big Merry Christmas to all AA everywhere!!!!!

We know who we're thinking of

What a special year : )




Kay, Keith & Carrie - I wish you all the very best of everything. I know how difficult this will be for you, I just hope you find comfort in the fact that we are ALL thinking of you and holding you close in our hearts - as we do Adrian, of course.

Graeme - what can I say? Apart from ditto above for you! Stephanie was a dear friend - we still feel her around us on H2H. Stephanie and Adrian taught us something in essence very basic, and yet so very very valuable. They will not be forgotten.

Amanda (OZ) - I caught a post from you earlier in Dec where you talked of your brother. I know exactly how you feel sweetheart. It's been 28 long long years since I lost my Grandfather and yet I still ache to see him and hear him.
I didn't want this to be a "down" post, so I will end with a joke that my son told me today. Probably not as international as it should be for baldys', but it just made me chuckle.
How do you get two whales over a bridge?
The Severn Bridge.
Yeah, I know. took a while actually for me to get it, but let it serve as a lesson to us all. Don't buy cheap crackers and give them to 8 year olds, ok?
Thank you - all of you, for everything. It's been a year I will never ever forget. Lots of love - and I raise my glass to you all.
Happy Christmas. ~X~X~X~X~

Just before I go to bed I just wanted to send you all my love.

Adrian's been in my thoughts a lot, as have all his family and friends.

I hope tomorrow is bearable for you all. It's 24 hours like any other. It will come, it will go.

What won't go is the love and respect that Adrian felt for you and that which we his Army feel too.

Bless you all, thinking of you.



Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for your kind and lovely thoughts and for all the support for Adie this past year. We have tucked into game pie and champagne and lifted the roof to Guitar hero ( though I am useless at drumming and got booed off stage every time). Johnny the Dog is fast asleep with a tummy full of turkey innards as well as his tea and Keith is wrapping the last few presents. If you listen very carefully, you will catch fragments of the celestial karaoke that is undoubtedly in full swing - with beer and pies of course!!
Love to you all

Merry Christmas

Thinking of you all, and especially those we have loved and lost....

Adie, Steph cheers.....hope you are partying.

and to all the Sudders Army

chink chink


Peace, health and happiness this Christmas with lots of love and beautiful memories.

Ad and Steph are in my thoughts this special day.

Love, hugs and soothing thoughts go out in abundance to Kay,Keith, Carrie, Ian, Barbara,Graeme, Katie, Liam, all AA and H2H.

Merry Christmas to you all, and Cheers to the Sudders and the Stephers effect!
I know they're both enjoying themselves immensely right now.


Listening to carols, I closed my eyes and saw his face.

He is with us : )

Good, happy, and blessed holy night AA land


Oooooooh, sorry - for some reason the system doesn't recognise me anymore!!! The post above was Amanda of Kenilworth!

Dear Kay and Keith, I hope you managed to have a really peaceful, restful time over Christmas with lots of laughter. Here's to next year when the A.A. battle continues! love Sue

Hi all,

Hope you have all had a nice Christmas...

I received Adrian's book for Christmas which I was very pleased about and I also raised a glass to absent friends including Adrian around the Christmas dinner table.

I am really itching to start raising awareness for Adrian's cause in the New Year!!

Love to all

Karla x

Just stopping by to wish Kay, Keith and Carrie a very Happy New Year. I loved the update and pictures. Can't you just feel Adrian smiling down at you? I know he is! You all did a MAGNIFICANT job helping Adrian through his last year, letting him live it to the fullest. I personally know how hard that is. And YES it is bitter sweet during AND after. I wish we didn't have to say goodbye EVER. Wouldn't THAT be lovely? Thank you all for sharing Adrian with the world, a very wonderful gift indeed.

Hi All,

Just a quickie to wish you all the very best for 2009.

I am finding it awkward saying "Happy New Year" this year as a friend of mine has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and she has been told that she wont live til the end of 2009. I wish everyone all the very best in 2009 and may all the treasured spirits in the sky look after one another and down on us.

Sorry for being so deep. I will be raising my glass high to all the "special ones" that have left us including; Adrian, Steph and little Freddie and also to my friend Linda who is starting a journey of her own.

Love to all,

Em xxx

Hi, wishing for some happiness in the new year is different from the blanket 'may everything in the new year be happy'

Libby Purves wrote "having kids lowers your threshold of enjoyment" and I think knowing about the reality of dying does the same. So lets keep that threshold low, and enjoy the small gifts, the moment of peace, the laughter about daft things, and the quality of friendships that can be revealed in adversity.

I just signed up again for the chance to go to speak to sixth formers, and the ANT are on duty today- I got a reply within 5 minutes!
I listed my own son dying as a qualification. a more valuable life experience than many of the qualifications I have done. not one I would ever have sought, not one Im proud of, but one where I really know that I learnt important stuff. Stuff that has changed my life, and has given me a perspective not available to everyone.

Hoping you are all able to find something to be happy about at some time in 2009.X

Ads. Steph.

You made my 2008 for sure.

A year never to forget.

A huge Auld Lange Syne - -

Means more this year!!! - -

to all AA land X

X !!



Sending much Love to the Sudbury Family, Adrians friends and AA around the world. Thinking of Adrian, raising a glass and toasting all his marvellous achievments. We will march on as the New Year dawns. Caroline

Dear Kay, Keith and Carrie

Thinking of you all this evening.
To all who are remembering loved ones as we leave 2008 behind.
A year that has changed many of our lives and with the hope that 2009 will see Adrian's campaign become a reality.
With love

Em, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she has a wonderful time in whatever time she has left.

Joanna, you seemed to find a wonderful way of putting it. I have stuggled to read messages from my friends telling me to have a "happy new year" as that's just not something I'm able to comprehend right now. But I will find certain things to be happy about. I really hope helping to make Adrian's dream become a reality is one of them.

I too wish everyone all the best for 2009.

Nicola xxx

I'm sorry - reading back, "wonderful" in the post above seems very tactless. I meant I hope she is able to do plenty of things that she enjoys and spend time with the people that she loves. Hope I didn't cause offense.

Nicola xxx

Hi Nicola,

No offense taken at all. It is a difficult situation all round and I have said a few things that are ridiculous bearing in mind her situation. I said something the other day about her not wanting to catch flu.... (or something like that).

It is horrible that if you are given a year to live that during that year your health has to deteriorate and it can't be that you can have an action packed year and go to sleep on the 365th day and then pass on. Hopefully she will remain free from pain and suffering and enjoy quality time - fingers crossed.

She has a close family and a team of friends who are there for if she wants us to do anything for her. It is very sad and typically she is absolutely lovely.

Thanks for your thoughts and I hope 2009 behaves itself.

Thanks, Em xx

To all the Sudbury family, sending you lots of love for the new year and i hope Adrian's campaign goes amazingly well for 2009.

I've been thinking about you a lot over Christmas and New year and i am totally in awe of how much strength and determination you all have.

Wishing you a peaceful new year,
Love Vicky xx

Everybody should know that baldy did not die in vain. I'm a twenty-six year old "professional patient," a previous Registered Nurse, who has undergone two stem cell transplants.

Please see

BALDIES, as in plural, for all of us.

He inspired great things, keep his legacy moving!! Link up to me!

Everybody should know that baldy did not die in vain. I'm a twenty-six year old "professional patient," a previous Registered Nurse, who has undergone two stem cell transplants.

Please see

BALDIES, as in plural, for all of us.

He inspired great things, keep his legacy moving!! Link up to me!

Search Hillary StPierre
I'll join up to Adrian's Army
Keep baldy's legacy alive

I just read baldys book and i cried my eyes out I hope the campaign continues to gain momentum and takes off properly this year after all the hard work that adrian put in I have been on the bone marrow register for a good few years now and would be glad to donate I am now fastly approaching 50 so am getting close to my sell by date on the donation front I will encourage everyone that i know to join the register

Baldy's Blog is up for a possible award at:

Please, please, please vote for this, and please ask your email contacts, because it's yet another way we can spread the word about the bone marrow register.

Thanks to Dawny for noticing it was time for voting!!

Thank you dear friends x x x

Baldy's Blog is up for a possible award at:

Please, please, please vote for this, and please ask your email contacts, because it's yet another way we can spread the word about the bone marrow register.

Thanks to Dawny for noticing it was time for voting!!

Thank you dear friends x x x

Me too, thanks for that Amanda

I've just voted as well. You're allowed to vote once a day!

Nicola xx

Well I am definitely going to vote each day.

Come on everyone, we can DO IT for Adrian.

Love to everyone


No one deserves it more than Adrian.

Lets prove his legacy lives on.


Come on everyone, GET VOTING...every 24hrs. till the 13th Jan.
It's the least we can do for Ad.

Love, hugs and soothing thoughts.

Oooh! Thanks Amanda! Exciting!
...I've voted - and I will do so every day! I'll also vote from all the computers at work tomorrow and the next day - and so on! :-) Love to all,
Charlotte xxxx

Rallying the troops and thinking of you all as ever. Chris J.x

It still feels like Adi's around. I was voting every day, but thee was some political webblog in lead (couldn't undestand as it wasn't educational at all). In my eyes this blog will always be a winner. I have learnt a lot form Adi and his legacy won't fade away...
He is tuly ONE AND ONLY..

x x x x
Kind regards, Leyla

Dear Kay and Keith and all Adrian's family
You are so right, grief is a very odd thing indeed. I am sure you have already heard but Leukaemia CARE runs a 24 hour CARE Line, it's freephone and was set up to offer the care and support a family might need during a blood or lymphatic illness and afterwards, for any reason. I don't mean to intrude, but if anyone in your family could do with a chat we're here to help on 0800 169 6680. Leukaemia CARE has been running for 40 years so hopefuly the staff and volunteers may be able to offer some small comfort. Wishing you all the very best, Adrian's blog has offered so much hope to so many, we at LC have been reading it too,
Gemma Harris

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