A November Update for You


Those of you who read the Huddersfield examiner will already know that on Thursday 13 November the newspaper scored a hat trick of successes at the Yorkshire Press Awards 2008 . Katie Campling took top honours for the Campaign of the Year following the stunning impact of " Sign up for Sudders ". Very much the unsung heroine, without her tireless efforts Adrian's legacy would not have a fraction of its potency and we should all be grateful to her for her energy, inventiveness and dogged determination to see through what she and Adie began.

Adrian's colleague Barry Gibson was named columnist of the year. A much deserved accolade for someone who Keith and I only got to know through Adrian's illness but who, like so many other Examiner friends, took the ever increasing bad news about Adrian's prognosis on the chin and never flinched from treating him with the same robust humour throughout his illness which Adie absolutely relished.
Keith and I were at the dinner in order to present the Feature Writer of the Year award which has now been renamed The Adrian Sudbury Feature Writer of the Year. Adie won last year and we were delighted to make the presentation this year to Nick Ahad of the Yorkshire Post , a talented young journalist who produced a fascinating portfolio of work and proved a worthy winner. Imagine our surprise therefore when Adrian was named Journalist of the Year. We were moved to tears by the reaction of his peers . What a wonderful way to mark what he achieved in the last 12 months of his life. We did detect a bit of Sudbury/Eckford mischief however. The Trainee journalist of the Year award went to one Adam Lovell of the Hull Daily Mail. Except that the commendation read out by Look North's Claire Frisby referred to him as Adrian Lovell by mistake. Several times! Hmmmm. Surely a coincidence? Make up your own minds. I know what Keith and I thought about it - and boy did we enjoy a quiet chuckle together!

Previously, Keith and I met the legendary Chesney Hawkes for several beers after watching him perform on the Nottingham leg of " Can't Smile Without You " a musical based around the music of Barry Manilow and very good it is too. Not only is Chesney a lovely, lovely man, he was bowled over by Adrian's story and in particular the significance of " The One and Only�? to all Adie's friends both at University and at Adie's funeral and memorial service.

Also - and at this point you will realise that Keith and I have donned Adrian's metaphorical basque and suspenders to continue his outrageous media tarting - we met up with a young man at the Yorkshire Young Achievers Awards night who has been in all the Harry Potter films playing Neville Longbottom. HP afficionados will know Matthew Lewis well and I am sure you will be delighted to hear that he is also keen to join the band of volunteers going into schools. How super is that? More news on the campaign will be coming shortly so watch this space.....

Right then. Now for a bit of " Mad Mum " whimsy I want to share with you to see if it could be a runner. For reasons too lengthy to go into, after the raffle at Carrie's concert, Adie's famous Paul Smith dressing gown found its way back to me. Adrian loved to travel and it occurred to me when I was on the outside of a significant quantity of a crisp and fruity Sancerre that it might be nice to send his dressing gown from Adrian's Army member to Adrian's Army member around Britain and perhaps then on to Europe, the USA and other countries where there are keen supporters of Adrian's vision. Could we do it do you think? If everyone posted photos on Facebook, we could plot its travels and record its appearance at national monuments or whatever wacky situation appealed to the individual recipient. If anyone thinks it could work, email me on Facebook and we'll get things started.
Looking forward to the balloon walk tomorrow and thinking as always about Graeme and Steph's Mum and Dad.
Lots of Love


Mad parents rule!!!!!

Beer with Chess?

Can all these snippets all be real??! : ) gotta read it all again to believe it all ? ! ? : ) !

? ! ? !

pretty speechless - - this is all great stuff : ) !!!

Kay, I think the dressing gown idea is fan-bloomin-tastic. It would be really really good. You can certainly add my details to the list - i will email you via facebook! I am sure his nibs would find it really funny.
Thanks for your updates. Means a lot.
Take care

I agree, I think sending the dressing gown on travels is a lovely idea.Let it see a bit of the world!

Adrian's campaign, your campaign, seems to be going from strength to strength. I admire you so much for everything you are doing at what I know must be a very difficult time for you. It's great to get people involved in speaking at schools. And we all know famous people can only help a good cause!!!

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow in Huddersfield. I hope the walk is a great success. Best wishes to everyone.


Its so apparent to see where Adrian got his adventurous go getting spirit from..! What a brilliant idea. And I imagine there are many more to come... Im racking my brains as I write.! Love to all.

Oh Kay, what a great post!!!

I found myself chuckling along in much the same way as I did to Adrian's posts...
"Sudbury / Eckford mischief" undoubtably has had a part to play in everyday life these days! Many a smile raised - and joke shared between myself and all the fantastic new friends I have made worldwide (because of Adrian) ...stems from a phrase or incident reminiscent of something detailed on this very blog! :-)

I'm not yet "on the outside of" the rather nice Rioja which at present inhabits my wine rack - but I can tell you that the "traveling dressing gown" is a top idea!
***YES, LET'S DO IT!!!***

We're an extremely mad but dedicated lot, us AA members - and I think it would be a fantastic, fun idea! (I'll contact you via FB)

Congratulations to all who've been rightly recognised and credited with awards this week and I hope the weather is kind to all those walking in memory of Adrian...and Steph...and loved ones tomorrow. It's a lovely idea and I'll be there in spirit.

Love to Sudburys, Eckfords and AA members everywhere! Charlotte xx

Unfortunately I'm doing a Charity Stall at Portland College Christmas Fayre tomorrow so I can't join in. However, I've set the alarm on my mobile for 11am so I can think of you all.

Despite being 46 years-of-age I'd LOVE to have Chesney Hawkes' babies! I too saw him in 'Can't Smile Without You' and he was fabulous. Obviously I thought of Adrian that night - as I do each day.


Kay, as always, a fantastic post with a fantastic idea! Ad would love the idea of a travelling dressing gown..lol :)
My details coming your way on FB (although I think you've already got them).

So many wonderful memories you have and so many more you, Keith & Carrie are collecting.

You're right in your comments about the awards and how Katie and Co were important to Ad and the campaign. You all looked wonderful on the photographs from the award ceremony.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for yours and Keiths continuing and growing strength with the campaign.

Look forward to meeting you all tomorrow. I will wear the wonderful armband that Charlotte made to carry me on her arm at Adrian's memorial, so you know who I am. Mind you, you've seen the photo'. Tall, big, grey haired, glasses...
WHO could miss me. lol :)

As always, to all of you and all AA sending
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts. H2H

46 yrs. old is nothing....I'm 59 and Chesney could put his slippers under my bed any day..... lol :)

Hi Kay,

Thank you for the lovely update! You must be great fun to be around, you are so funny. :) I think the dressing gown idea is fantastic. I have a map above my bed and just yesterday I was looking at it. I also started thinking of Adrian and thought how amazing it was that so many people from so many parts of the world loved him and wanted to help him. I imagined if he had a map and had put pins in it to mark all the different people it would have been a very crowded map indeed!

I think it would be great to see the dressing gown traveling around the world! How cool! That one of the most fun ideas I have heard in a long time.

That's just fantastic that he won another award as well!

I hope you, Keith & Carrie are doing well. I really keep you all in my thoughts daily.

Love, Beth

Hi Kay, what a great idea and with the characters that make up our beloved Adrians Army I am sure the pics of Adrians dressing gown are going to be prize winning also.

I will send you my details on FB. Hope you all have a wonderful day today and like Charlotte says I hope the weather is kind to you. Bit wet and windy here Brrr.

Chris J x

Kay, all I've got to say about the dressing gown is this: If you send it to me? I'm not letting it out of my grip as long as I live!! Sorry, got to be honest!! :-)
Oh, allright, allright... I'll send it on if it comes to me in Texas. And I know Adi and Steph will be having a good chuckle watching the FedEx man trying to wrestle the package out of my arms at my front door! But I'll hand it over... eventually.
Adi being Journalist of the Year is just amazing and wonderful. I smile every time I think of him writing "this award will be my last..." and Shiney commenting immediately "Surely there will be more!"
Yes, surely there will be more. The Adrian Sudbury Feature Writer of the Year, too. My God it's just awe inspiring, isn't it?
Huge kudos to Katie and Barry. Barry's article about Adi was one of the most touching things I've ever read, and Katie is just a true warrior for the cause and for her good friend. So many amazing people -- you and Keith and Carrie included!
Thanks for the wonderful update, Kay. Congrats to you and yours for the many successes of your lad. May they continue for a good long time.


To Kay and Keith and Carrie .

Firstly it was great news about the award as I think we all know what the word journalist meant to Adrian .

I think it is a great idea to use the dressing gown . Adrian had my email and he knew I was keen to get the local MP involved . He did and it makes me smile to be know I could tease Adrian about appearing topless in the Hartlepool Mail . I was just about to contact Iain again to keep the momentum up. Could let me know if there was anything else I can do .

On a personal note Keith if I had had a son I would have wanted him to look at me as Adrian did at you in those photo's . I wish all three of you the peace required when energy flags and respect for sharing your lad .


Hi Kay and Keith, Graeme and AA's,

Just caught up on a few missed days of blog entries and what a great way to start a monday morning. The dressing gown idea is brilliant. I shall log onto Facebook now and join in.

I love all the positive energy buzzing around as a result of Adrian's wish, absolutely brilliant.

This might be a bit contraversial but I wonder how Poppy is, she must have had heartache to deal with.

Bye for now, Em x

I got the chance to see Balloon Walk pictures.Thanks Christine M.

Katie Campling - the unsung heroine, Barry Gibson -for his wonderful tribute to his friend Adrian, talented young journalist,trainee journalist...everybody who got awards - Congratulations.
Now our Liam needs an award, he is the one who is making it possible for all of us to communicate.

Adrian left us 3 months back, difficult to beleive that he is gone especially when I see his childhood pictures.Remembering Steph too.

Have a nice day and a nice week to all!


Kay - what a brilliantly wacky idea!! I love it! There was a thing some time ago about Flat Stanley who was posted around the world and kept turning up in different places. Maybe the phtos we create from Adrian's dressing gown's travels could be put up on this blog to keep everyone going with it.
Congrats to everyone ont he awards - as always, amazing!
Love to your family, Kay.
Clare x

what a fabulous prop for those going into schools to talk to the VI formers. what a starting point, what a wonderful attachment to Adey, to the real person at the centre of the project.
Send that Dressing gown.

hi kay

what a great idea the dressing will be the most travelled ever !! it will also as joanna said make a great prop and starting point for those going into schools count me in

love to you all

jane xxx

what about wearing it to the office, then everyone who asks why, you can engage with for one minute on the benefits of transplants. Catch them in the lift, the canteen..
What about national dressing gown day, where we all wear our dressing gowns to work.
( like jeans for genes?) all kicked off with Adeys?
How about Sending a dressing gown to each head teacher? with an assembly script in the pocket, they would love it, they all hate planning assemblies.

Well done Campers, i'm sure Adie is very proud of you.

And Adie mate, wherever you are, congrats on your award. The legend that is Sudders lives on and you've turned into a bit of a legend in Batchwood. 'I am the one and only' gets dedicated to you every time i'm there and the us girls ahve a boogie for you.

Miss you sweetheart


Way to go Kay!!! "Your lad" just keeps on rockin'! Any reader of his blog will know that it is an award rightly deserved!

Now ... the dressing gown! It is no secret that I really wanted that (me and hundreds of other AA members) so this is a fantastic way of "sharing" it between us. I can't wait to receive it as I already know exactly where I am going to wear it for my photograph!! Watch the Facebook space guys! You have been warned! It will also be a way of reminding us to pass on Adrian's legacy as we pass on his dressing gown from one to another all the way around the world!

Email details coming your way on Facebook!

Love and peace


Hi Kay and everyone else, here in the Leighton household everyone thinks the dressing gown idea is brilliant. Great news on yet another award, love Sue

Dear Kay & Co,

I love the Sancerre idea's.

Not surprised Adrian was a traveller!

And absolutely not a Mad Mum at all.

On the contrary...

Please keep us informed and let us know what to do. AA is on duty!

Hi all AA

Have just read the Huddersfield Examiner. Good news because the Government are donating £40,000 towards a pilot scheme on how best to educate young people on bone marrow, blood and organ donation. This sum will be matched by a private company.

I am sure Adrian and Steph will be so pleased about this, as we are of course. As long as the young people know and understand this, then the fight will always go on.

Love to everyone.

Bless you


Wow! What fantastic news!!

Fabulous news !!!

The Sudders/Steph effect rolls on.

I can hear the cheers, chink of glasses and falling of crumbs from on high as I write this. lol :)

Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Liam, Katie and all AA.

Wow, i am almost speechless. fantastic news on the awards and of course Adrian won !!!!

Great dressing gown idea, what fun we will have.So many great pictures to be had !
Still following the updates, thinking of you all with much admiration,
Tracey & family x x

Fantastic to hear about the government funding for Adrian's schools talks - along with the news it's to be matched by a private company!

It's exciting to see a strategy being formed - which will turn one very special man's vision into a feasible reality! What's so lovely about all of this is the idea that WE have OUR part to play in realising his dream... :-)

Love to all

Charlotte xx

Hi all,

Have just checked the blog for the first time in a while.
Thanks for the kind words about the award. Truth is though that without Adrian being such a good mate and inspiring us, I doubt any of us would have worked so hard on this campaign.

Until a full post appears on the blog regarding the £40k Government funding for the pilot schools talks, you can check out more details at the Facebook Adrian's Army site or at www.examiner.co.uk.

It's been fantastic to get such a strong response from other media about the news today - TV and radio were as keen as ever to cover it. Which goes to show what impact Adie had on notoriously cynical industry!

Keith and Kay are doing a great job of the media tarting nowadays - but Keith the day I see you in a basque and suspenders is the day I give up campaigning. Sorry!!


Brilliant News .

Best wishes to all. Dan

Hello Kay and family of friends, Great news all around. And the email I got from the Facebook pages, about: Government gives £40k for pilot of bone marrow talks in schools - this is very good news indeed.

About the Paul Smit dressing gown - it would be lovely to participate (living on the continent I think that will be in a few years time...)(maybe it would be safer to put a few neutral images of the dressing gown (on mannikins in some nice poses) on the facebook pages, so we can all photoshop the gown around our own shoulders. I know that objects that travel around the world tend to get lost, and it would be a very sad thing to happen.

But in the spirit of travel, the real deal would be wonderful.

And what a super deal, to have a writers price named after Adrian from now on. Awsum.

Wishing you all the best,


Good morning everyone. Just to let you know I've put a couple of photo's from Sundays Balloon Walk in Greenhead Park on Adrians Army Face Book. They're not very good, the weather was awful, freezing and wet but those who did turn up were so enthusiastic and it was great to meet Kay, Keith & Katie and the Examiner team.
Much love to the Sudburys and all AA.

Thanks Christine!

You can see how cold it was in these pics!!

Truth be told, we had every intention of making the a last minute bolt trip up there, and even had cases pakked, but when I saw how cold it was, we had to abort - - even our warmest coats wouldn't have kept us warm!

We almost made it, so big congratulations to those who did ! (miraculosity : ) !

Have a great weekend knowing we did all this this week! : ) !

Winter warmth to all AA

Especially remembering Stepphers and Sudders

What a November to remember




PS on the gown - - if it is shipped, let's just go first class recorded anyhow : )

Perhaps we can send it seasonal places - - thinking . . . daydreaming . . . : )

and why not do the photoshop - - as well ? : )

just an idea - - the V&A museum in London has just opened a MASSIVE new digital lab "Sackler Centre" centre with enormous brand-new state of the art facilities -- and also, fantabulous how-to workshops (right on the top of the homepage - - www.vam.ac.uk - - and are GREAT lovers of Paul Smith - - coaxability?! : )

They could be coaxed to assist . Digitally, even

They are a National museum, with national funding, not a local one

But perhaps just the regular gown thing first : )!!

but I reccommend anyone considering going didital in the future tho to hit V&A in the middle of London - - they will make the digital thing truly fly

Have a really great weekend everyone X


I hate going "anonymous" but this post is really just for my friends Adrian & Steph. I feel so bad just now - like I am letting you guys down. I am wasting my life like this and that is such a terrific shame when you would have given anything to continue yours. Things have just kinda got on top of me right now, and I need to go find myself - find an end to this horrible cloudy nightmare. I am so sorry I feel this way. I only pray in time that better, brighter days will come. I won't be around for a while. You know though that I will carry you ALL locked away in my heart. Locked away for a better day.
Lots and lots of love.


I hope you manage to see this whoever you are I just want to say to you please please talk to someone.

Thinking of you and I hope you know that you are not alone right now.


I do hope you find some peace of mind, and as Yvonne says please find someone to talk this over with. If not, we are all here to listen.

I am not a young person, so I can't always appreciate the pressures young people have to face, but if you feel you could talk to us, please do. I do have 3 wonderful grandchildren and at the moment we are having to deal with issues of bullying at school, but they know I will always listen to them. Adrian's Army will listen to you, this is one of the things Adrian brought with him when he started this blog.

Please don't feel you are alone, and know that we are all thinking of you.

Please log on to the blog, even if you feel you can't comment.

Thinking of you.



Please don't feel guilty that you live and they don't. Not guilt, anything but that.

We all feel this sadness, but have to force ourselves to move foreward from it.

You really do have to compartmentalise your feelings in this life.

Don't take the situation personally - -separate it from yourself!

Above all - - remember that the human brain is still forming chemically till you are about 25 - - hopefully, just maturing the brain chemicals does nice things. But remember to wait for those correct chemicals to form a bit later on in your development.

Hang tight, and talk to us more, whenever you want : )

Tight hug!!



Anon: (I think I know who you are)
Your friends love you and are worried about you. Please check in soon.


Please, please, please get in touch as soon as possible. You have my e.mail add and you can talk cofidentially anytime. Don't think you're on your own...your friends are waiting for you to scream, talk, cry and shout at or to and we will listen.....We love you very much.

There is no problem without a solution friend.

Better brighter days will be soon back in to your life,sooner than you imagine.


Anon: As the others have said.

As I have said via email!!!!

Even if it's just to tell me to.........!?

You're not letting anyone down.
Please let us know you are safe, and we can take it from there OK?
And if that means you having to disappear and find yourself, then we'll support you in that decision.



The clouds may be hovering overhead, so when they clear we are here. Please remember, nothing is insurmountable....NOTHING....
Please Hang on in there... fight the darkness... we are "hear" when you are ready....

Reiki hugs

Anon, please call one of us. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Whatever your problems are they are so much better shared. Please do not suffer alone....you know we are very good listeners. We love you.x Chris J

Just got home...GULP!

Ditto what all the others have said - if it IS you, you have my email and my mobile number.

NOTHING is beyond talking about. No way have you let anyone down. Please, please don't be a stranger, we're here for you whenever you're ready to talk, however long that takes - Ad and Steph would expect nothing less from us!!!

All my love, hugs and prayers

Charlotte xxxx

Please just let us know that you are alright. Worried sick. Always here to listen. You could never let anyone down.

Tela H2H xxx

Okay, just a quick note for LL (Laura), Ree, Yvonne and everyone else on here who's been so concerned and so sweet...

I've had a message from 'Anon', she's ok and she thanks you all for your messages of love and support.

Love and hugs all, Charlotte xx

Thank you Charlotte.

Love to everyone


Phew! Just catching up on a few days and glad to see that "Anon" has been in contact with someone. I am connected to people who struggle on the fringes of depression and I must admit I am not always that sympathetic when they are wanting to end their lives when the likes of Adrian and Steph didn't have a choice. I must try and be more understanding but I do find it hard. Life is tough for everyone on times but the people I know get "down in the dumps" due to their own mistakes and choices.

Well done AA for providing the support to someone who needs it and thanks for allowing me to sound off.

Right off to work now, have a good day x

How fantastically powerful this group is - not only changing the hearts and minds of National Government and saving lives in years to come but willing to come to the aid of a troubled member. It is very hard indeed to be touched by the tragically too short lives of two wonderful young people who had so much to live for and the ripples created by by the magnificent pebbles Adie and Steph lobbed into the pool of life will continue to move outwards forever and we have all been forced to reevaluate our priorities. Noone should ever feel guilty if they struggle to get to grips with whatever problems come their way. Sometimes they can be overwhelming. But joy is never far away. You don't need to be part of an organised relgious community to gain strength from the following words
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
I hope anon can begin to feel better soon.
Lots of love

Thank you Mrs Kay for the lovely words.

Not only Anon but all who are going through a bad period will feel better.

Have a nice day!


Hi Kay,

I often try and remember the Serenity Prayer. It was read out at my mother-in-law's funeral. It is a non-religous prayer that is very relevant in our modern world.

Thanks for your wise words.

Em xx

(Hope I didn't sound too insensitive in my earlier post)

Anon.....we love you and you know where we are. Hope those brighter days are just around the corner for you. Love Chris Jx


I am a leukemia survivor. Its hard but not impossible. Stay strong...visit my page for more info and see how I am helping to fight cancer...

Good evening everyone.

Anon I hope you will soon see a chink of light through your cloudy nightmare. I am thinking of you and hoping for some joy to come into your life soon.

Now a piece of good news. Baldy's Blog has been featured in The Mail as their Health book of the week.

Leo Cooper, who is Jilly Cooper's husband, has reviewed Adrian's book. He admits he didn't really know what a "blog" was until he read it, but he says that Adrian wrote it with great skill and an enormous amount of courage. He also says that the blog attracted thousands of followers from across the world and that we became known as Adrian's Army!!! Also that his name became a legend among co-bloggers.

Leo has Parkinson's disease and has evidently written about his own illness, so is therefore in a position to appreciate Adrian's Blog.

I think he has given a very good review.

Dear Adrian, as your Mum said today, you have thrown the stone into the pool, and the ripples are still moving outwards.

Love to everyone and bless you if you are feeling troubled tonight.


Anon sweetheart, so glad you got in touch with someone. We are all here ready and waiting with our arms and hearts wide open and ready to do anything that we can to help. For now just know that we all love you very much and we miss you. Take your time honey there is no rush at all xxxxxxx

Adrian and Steph I am sure you are both looking down on anon, please keep them safe until they feel they can come home x


I month ago today we lost Stepanie.

What I find remarkable is she planned the donor event on that day.

Never saw anyone like her.

And I really still can't believe her phemomenal personality.

Steph you are someone I never ever will forget

Thanks so, so so much for being you

Remebering you as ever, remembering you

Can't imagine the business and energy going on up in heaven

Sretch a huge hug up there for our Steph



one month way to long

"srech" ? - - don't type with tears in your eyes

Ads look after our very special VIP girl, ok?

Great comfort knowing you are up there with


What a strange and worrying letters. I don't know what to say, didn't expect this at all going this evening to Adrian's blog. Hope all is more than well now after Anon contacted Charlotte. Take care!! Warm wishes, Ann

Like the previous few comments, I still check in here each day. Amidst the bustle, excitement and chaos of Christmas, I set asside a few quiet moments to reflect on Adrian, Steph, this blog and all which surrounds it.

I'm so thankful for the amazing friendships formed - and the opportunity to be involved in this campaign! I finally received my official bone marrow donor number card the other day from NHSBT - it made me grin and think of Adrian; the whole reason behind me signing up!!!

Love and best wishes to the Sudburys, Steph's family and anyone missing a loved one at this time.

Charlotte xxxx

Like the others, I call in every day and have a quiet think.
Kay,Keith,Carrie,Graeme and Steph's family - thinking of you all, especially in the run up to Christmas. It's going to be hard for all of you, but everyone's here and listening.

So many wonderful new friendships have been made and i'm truly grateful to Ad and Steph who made this happen.

Loved and missed every day. :)

To all of you and anyone else suffering in any way and to all AA I send, as always,
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts H2H.

It's nice that Adrian's legacy lives on.

hello...i vote your blog on bloggers choice awards 2009 for best health blog.
it would be honour if you would vote for my blog too...success for you!


This morning I woke up and realised I was composing a little message in my mind, to send to Adrian, just to let him know I was thinking of him. Then I realised..... And I forgot what it was what I wanted to say, but it felt important at the time.

Dear Key and Keith and Carrie, and all Adrian's Army I wish you all the best for the next year.

one month way to long beside !!!you can find out in my shop alot of thing might intrest you

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