Balloon Walk in aid of Sign Up For Sudders


The Examiner is hosting a walk in memory of Adrian Sudbury on November 23 at 11am at Greenhead Park.

The idea is that people get sponsored or make a donation to do four laps of the park - roughly three miles - carrying a balloon in memory of Adrian or their own friends/loved ones.

The walk is being held on that date because it marks the end of the Anthony Nolan Trust Awareness Week.

The funds will go to the Examiner's Sign Up For Sudders community bank account and will be split equally between Leukaemia Research and the Anthony Nolan Trust.

We're asking people who followed Adrian's blog or campaign, who maybe don't live in Huddersfield, to hold their own walks on the same day, at the same time, for the same cause. But we hope to make the Huddersfield event a flagship one, so the more people we can get along, the better.

We really need all the support we can get to make this a success. So, if you can come along, please do. If you can't, spread the word and try to rally up some friends!

It's all for a good cause and will help give two great charities an early Christmas present.


Katie Campling

*For the Greenhead Park walk, register by calling Katie Campling on 01484 437764 or emailing

Walkers should meet at the park cafe (near the tennis courts) at 10.30am for an 11am start. Examiner staff will be in their marquee, handing out balloons and taking donations. Information about the Anthony Nolan Trust and bone marrow donation will be on offer there too.

*People wanting to hold walks in other areas can get more information or order Sign Up For Sudders balloons by contacting Katie Campling on the details above.


Katie, you already know that I will help on the day if needed as I can't do the walk because of a damaged knee. I will be there to cheer everyone else on and donate some money so that at least I will have done my bit.

Come on Huddersfield folk, sign up for the walk and raise lots more cash for research etc.

Good look to Katie and her colleagues and to all who are going to take part.

The Sudders and Steph effect keeps on going and going and...........


What a wonderful idea

Steph I hope I can come (not sure) and that one of the two balloons I have will reach you! and the man who started it all, also : )

Steph, miss your posts, you would be all up for this

I have a possible "international" "franchise" suggestion on this "baloon event"! later - - I will detail at some point in the future

X! X!

And thanks to all AA!

And what a great chance to channel our missed friends

Thinking of you all, especially families Eckford and Sudbury




What a great idea. All the best, Em x

A wonderful idea and I wish you every success. I have just checked out facebook and see the photgraphs that have been added. Thank you Kay - what lovely memories! With love and thoughts as always to The Sudbury Family and AA around the world and most of all remembering 'The One and Only' xx

Hiiiiiii Lace!! Thought I was imagining stuff, or what : ) ? ! : )

Well, I WAS trying to recall if my previous post started with the words "There once was a man from Nantucket" but... nope, that wasn't it!!
I think the gremlins are at work again. :-)

Hope everyone is well!


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