Thank you Message from Olie D'Albertanson


Just reprinting this thank you message from Olie D'Albertanson who ran the London Half Marathon in honour of Adrian and to raise money for Leukaemia Research

Big thank you to everyone who had sponsored me/us to do the London Half marathon. We all got round yesterday despite their being a monsoon battering London. The start was delayed by 45 minutes which meant that ten thousand people were kept standing in the freezing cold wind and rain before we set off but once it got underway we finished the
13 miles in 2 hours 15 minutes.

Everyone is really pleased to have done this, and I am sure AD was laughing at us all the way around.


Well done Oli, well done everyone!!

You poor things being cold and wet before you even started. Nevertheless you DID IT.

I have no doubt Adrian was having a good laugh, but he would be enormously proud of you as well.

Once again very well done


Bravo Olie!! We're proud of you. :-)

Good work Olie and friends! A fantastic achievement, you should be incredibly proud of yourselves!
Clare x

Well done Olie and all those who participated.

I am sorry I forgot this one,as long as I am alive I am not going to forget Adrian and his contributions.
Now unsettled in life, once I am settled I will give more time to Adrian's works.

Have a nice evening to all!


Well done Olie and all those who participated.

I am sorry I forgot this one,as long as I am alive I am not going to forget Adrian and his contributions.
Now unsettled in life, once I am settled I will give more time to Adrian's works.

Have a nice evening to all!


well done and i wish you all the best for the future as i"am sure you all miss him he would have been very proud of your efforts congratulations again and goodbye pam xxx

Thanks for posting the pictures George Riley.

Someone is wearing a hat similar to Adrian's hat-brings back memories.

Have a nice day!


Well done guys! Great photos too!
...And you weren't kidding about the weather either, by the looks of things!! :-)

Love Charlotte xx

Well done guys for braving the wind and rain. Adrian would have been so proud of you.
Chris J

Congratulations to you both. Very well done.
However. and its a biggie.
As a Wigan fan, I am NOT impressed with the choice of shorts. I am sat here blowing raspberries and sticking my tongue out at every single Rhinos fan so there.
And that includes you too Saz!!
Still. Shorts aside, fantastic achievement, and I am sure Adrian would be exceptionally proud. Just change the shorts to cherry next year ok? ~X~

Great achievement- well done guys. So much going on in our Adrians name. It's fantastic.

Congratulations! Fantastic achievement!! Wonder how many celebratory pork pies Adrian ate this weekend!!!

Steph xxx

Congratulations! The idea of running for two hours in the pouring rain makes me feel a little ill... Well Done!!!

Nicola xx

Hi everyone,

Yes my book arrived this morning as well, much to the relief of the postman, I am sure. Can't be much fun having a 63 year old rushing to the door each morning to check if he was delivering something VERY IMPORTANT!

Well have already started it, so not much housework being done for the next day or so.

Love to everyone, the Sudbury family and all AAs


well done guys.
The pouring pain, ad must have been looking down on you urging you on to give you strength to do it in that.


Tammy x x x x

The pouring pain!!!!!!!!ha ha Tammy. I am so excited to go home and see if my book has arrived after so many getting theirs. fingers crossed. Chris J

Hope all of you who participated in the run are ok now.Hope everybody started walking properly with no cold/fever!

Yesterday went through previous blogs, and read in detail about sponsoring Olie and Ben Hunter.( I knew, but forgot the dates).I was surprised to know that Ben knew Adrian for 27 long years.When I am feeling so sad, I can imagine about you and Adrians other close friends.Having nice friends is one of lives blessings.

Today and tomorrow postal holiday here!@#$%, so Caroline I will have to wait!

Have a nice evening to all!


Hi everyone,
I know that I bought one the first day in the shops but my pre-ordered book has arrived today.
Enjoy - all of you who have not read it yet.

Much love H2H

Yippee it has arrived. I really really want to read it from cover to cover but tonight is not the night. I am just pleased to have that wonderful book in my possession. Sorry all those who are still waiting Chris J

mine arrived too....looks like they are finally getting organized...

love to all, enjoy....

xxxreiki hugsxxxx

...I have now received my copy too - and just wanted to say, simply "thank you".

Love to all Charlotte xx

you're hat is a bit AD-esque.
As for the shorts, Leeds through and through!

An update on the limbs - Olie hobbled for the bus this week and was in such pain he believed he'd broken his leg! He's okay now though. A sauna today has repaired me too - so ready for the next run!

So everybody getting ready to next run/mountaineering.

Next time take Liam too!

Have a nice day to all!


Hi all,

What a wonderful book, I have just finished reading it.

I will say that I had a weep just reading the introductions, but reading the main body of the book, it was just as though Adrian was still with us.

I know I had read the blog, but reading his words all over again seemed to bring him closer (not that he is very far away in our thoughts, is he).

I don't know whether Adrian fully realised the impact he had on this world, but I would say it was immense. He touched so many of us with his honesty and kindness and the book is just another reminder (if we needed one).

Kay, Keith, Carrie and Barbara the photographs were great, and just gave us another insight into Adrian's normal family life.

My love to you all, and I hope the 16th goes really well. I am sure Adrian will be in the midst of you all, bearing in mind that he had "something" to do with the organising of it.

Love to all AAs


Hi all,

What a wonderful book, I have just finished reading it.

I will say that I had a weep just reading the introductions, but reading the main body of the book, it was just as though Adrian was still with us.

I know I had read the blog, but reading his words all over again seemed to bring him closer (not that he is very far away in our thoughts, is he).

I don't know whether Adrian fully realised the impact he had on this world, but I would say it was immense. He touched so many of us with his honesty and kindness and the book is just another reminder (if we needed one).

Kay, Keith, Carrie and Barbara the photographs were great, and just gave us another insight into Adrian's normal family life.

My love to you all, and I hope the 16th goes really well. I am sure Adrian will be in the midst of you all, bearing in mind that he had "something" to do with the organising of it.

Love to all AAs


Sorry, clicked on the button twice!!


Well done to the runners. It must have been pretty difficult in those conditions.

I am going to suggest another one later for those in the North, but for now a link to Kay and Keith on local television.

With love to all the family.

Thanks for the link Yvonne.


whoops i only just realised what i put - pouring pain - sorry. Up for another run. Wow and ad will be cheering you on all the way.

Love to kay, keith and carrie and all blogland.
x x x x

just realised what i said - pouring pain - sorry.

Wow up for another run. Ad will be looking down on you and very proud of what you are doing.

Love to kay, keith, carrie and all blogland

Tammy x x x x x

Congratulations! You should be proud to have done something for Adrian's cause. He is smiling on you now, as he will always be doing.

I'm am thinking of Adrian's family and hoping their pain becomes instead memories of happiness and laughter.

Dearest Kay, Keith & Carrie
The book is fantastic. Even though we have read all the blogs before it's very different, somehow, reading them in a book. I laughed and cried as I re-lived it all, but in a good way as it sort of brought Adrian close again.
What a boy, what a legacy, what a family !!
We are all so very proud of you all.
Won't be on line over the weekend as we will be in London for the Brass Band Championships at the Royal Albert Hall. Haven't been for years so am really looking forward to it. Just a pity, Carrie that Brighouse didn't qualify this year..son Simon was Bb Bass player for a number of years but then had to give up because of work committments. He's still their contest secretary and on the committee.
Can't beat a good brass band can you?

Everyone have a good weekend and I'll be back Sunday night.
Much love to all.

I was reading Adrian's book earlier, when I heard on the radio, that Daniel De Gale had passed.

He was 21.

I cried for the unfairness of it all.
But mainly, for yet another reminder, in this present negative climate that often seems aimed at 'the youth' that there are truly wonderful, selfless and inspiring young people such as Adrian and Daniel.

Tonight, I heard Daniel's mother say that he was known amongst his friends as 'Celeb'

Celeb, because people celebrated knowing him.

Like your Adrian...

And like Adrian, Daniel also had an amazing Mother.

Really beautiful photographs in the book!

George, I did laugh at your comment about Olie believing he had broken his leg because he was in such pain. The funny thing really, (which isn't really funny - if you know what I mean) is a friend of ours was playing football, got tackled and went down, the coach was screaming at him to get up and get back on the ball - cut a long story short, hobbled home the 2 and half miles, in absolute agony, turns out he actually HAD fractured his ankle in 2 places!!! We've never heard the last of it - as you would imagine. I will try and source some decent shorts in time for your next run. It's really not fair being made to run in THAT pair. (sour grapes? me? never) :0)

Much love to all. Recieved my copy of the book today. Just about to dump Paul o'Grady in favour of our lad. I have resisted the temptation all day. Take care all. Hope to see you next week. ~X~X~X~

Hi Trac & all of AA

I too was deeply saddened by the news of Daniel De Gales sad death last night. Those who live around the South East of England may know him from the successful bone marrow campaign launched by his family in the late 1990's and for those that don't here is a little information about another remarkable young man!

After battling with leukaemia since the age of six and suffering two relaspses Daniel's last chance was a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately him and his family found out that Daniel's chances of finding a match within the UK were as low as 1 in 250,000 as there were only 550 African, African Caribbean, and people of mixed parentage on the UK register.

The family refused to execpt this and then set about launching a charity (ACLT) and campaigning for more people from ethnic minorities to become blood and bone marrow donors.

Daniel found a match and had a transplant in 1999 and since that time he went on to pass GCSE's, A-levels and started University. The charity & Daniels parents have continued the life-saving work of encouraging people from all backgrounds join the bone marrow register and just two weeks ago Daniel himself spoke inspirationally at the ACLT's 9th Charity ball to encourage people to become blood and bone marrow donors.
(If you would like to see more about Daniel's brave story see or

Although in many ways different, the similarities between Daniel and Adrian lay in what these two amazing young men have managed to achieve in their short lives and the many lives they have undoubtedly saved between them.

May they both be resting in peace somewhere together and raising a glass to their amazing mums and families who continue to do them proud!!

With Love to you all
x x x x x

Thanks Tina for writing about Daniel.


Hi all
I received my book yesterday - its wonderful to be able to hold this and read it in book form...
It's quite amazing the mix of emotions while reading it.
love and light to everyone
Steven's mom

Cool thing! Well done Olie! And well done sponsors.

And for all you guys who are going to be there on Thursday 16th - have a very memorable day together. Sorry I live too far away.


Hi Olie

Congrats on completing the run! As a sort of "soft" runner in my past, I know only too well that this distance is not something easily accomplished. Adrian would have been well pleased!

I'm really looking forward to Thursday, but I'm also feeling a little apprehensive. As well as hopefully meeting with some of Adrians amazing family, I really want to meet up with some fellow bloggers. LL (aka Laura) are you going to be there? I hope so as you sound totally weird yet wonderful on your blogs! I know that Shiney cannot be there as you are obviously in India, but I am sure you will be there in spirit. By the way, are you male or female? I'm not too clued up on Indian names!

Gosh! Only 3 and a bit more days and we will all be there! Adrian... your army is gathering!!

Love and peace

I was going to write again it is quiet here and saw your post Polly!

I am a female !Sometimes I too had doubts about the names,but learning now.

Yes I will be there in spirit, that is better, if I am there I will be crying.
Hope you can meet Adrian's family, his friends and blogaholics.

Have a nice evening to all!


Blogohol express!! - - Yes I am coming!!

I am trying not to think about it or blog too much this week or I wont get ANYTHING done ! - -

But I know Adrian Kay, Keith and others have put together something truly wonderful

OMG is it time to crank the radio Chesney tommorrow??

Anyone know how to do this??

And GOD theres so many people bloggers modest and otherwise I need to meet : ) !

Amazing AA land comes to life : ) !!!!!!!


All for now, all for now, trying not to think about it ( !!! ) : ) !



Stephs, hope you're munching down - -

and well done Ollie and boys - - good to see the occasional male post : )

Hi. Hope all the sudburys are ok.Any more thoughts on recording the service. I wish I could be there. Lots of love Mary

I'll be there on Thursday - in fact, I'm busy working on travel arrangements right now! I'm going for the "park at Meadowhall and get the tram" option - but, alas, I'm coming from Chester - and my sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired lol!! :-)

LL (Laura)- Are you on Facebook?! How are we going to know who you are??!! :-)

Love to all - especially those who can't make it, but will be there in spirit on Thursday.

Charlotte Newall xx

OK, I am going to carry a little blue teddy named Sonic : )

X Goodnight to all AA land and A says Sonic the ted : ) LL

Today, I am going to listen to the song "You Are So Beautiful".

I have not laid my hands on the book yet - - a special treat to come.

I am going to listen to that song alot, for the rest of my life. My personal choice for remembering.

And Chesney - - the One Only video (if anyone has not seen it, they should - - it was made fore this moment :))


Good Luck today. It has just been on Look North that you are meeting Ed Balls to discuss plans for the schools.

Folks, yahoo email seems to be down (= ALL my booking attempts!!!) help. LL may not be coming after all, these circumstances happen

Good Luck Keith!!

the internet giveth and the internet . . . grrrrr help

Hi All

Just booked my rail tickets for Thursday! Is anyone else going up by train? Who knows, we could be sitting next to a member of Adrians Army and not realise it! Perhaps we should all wear beanie hats not only as a tribute to Adrian, but so we can recognise fellow AA's! LL has a cool idea to carry a blue teddy called Sonic. I might take along a packet of Haribo's! I can just imagine it... a crowd of people on the train to Sheffield wearing beanie hats, carrying Sonic the Hedgehog and guzzling Haribos!

Love and peace

BOO HOO BOO HOO I want to be there too. I love the fact so many of us will be present but I am soooooooooo sad that I cannot. I will be there in name and spirit but I am relying on all you good people to soak up every minute and word and feeling and bring the day alive for those who cannot be there. Please! Chris J

Me too Chris, I am so sad I can't be there. I will be thinking of you all. I think you should all wear sticky labels with your blog name on so you can recognise each other!

Kay, Keith and Carrie, I know it will all go well, and I really look forward to hearing all about it later. A certain young man will be looking down on you all, I know.

Love to everyone


Got my book yesterday and started reading.Mother too started reading.Very happy to get Adrian's book!Nice pictures,thanks to Adrian and Adrian's family.Always wanted to see Adrian's childhood pictures, dont know why.Makes me very sad reading and seeing his pictures,again going through the same feelings.

So many of us can meet on Thursday, I hope those of us who cant come will get a clear picture of Adrian's memorial service from those who attend the service.

Have a nice evening to all!


Hi Sudburys and AA,

Thank you Kay for your message on Facebook. Got out of hospital today. I had a small bleed around my brain on thurs/fri which caused pain like I've never experienced. I thought I had meningitis!

Anyway my blood isn't clotting as it should so not allowed to come to memorial now. I have to have a platelet transfusion everyday for at least a week and am on new pills to try and sort out my clotting system!

I will be thinking of you all on Thursday.
Steph x


You were in hospital???? The memorial won't be the same but we are going to have to do it somehow anyway, but I don't know how.

This is so sad, so we need to have news of you every minute!!

I want to hear the clotting news, all I care about now!!!

Steph hope you are taking it easy and getting much much better

you won't miss a thing, this will make us alll blog our guts out- - of every detail!!!!



Steph were with you every minute, and you are with us Okay??




Rest for tonight AA, while you can, for we shall be BUSY!!!!

and I just don't know how were going to do it without you

Dearest Kay, Keith & Carrie,
Having a word tonight as you are going to be so busy after today.

So much togetherness with AA and blogaholics again. It's lovely to hear from everyone.

Those of us who aren't able to attend Adrian's Memorial on Thursday will be waiting with bated breath, to hear how it all went (beautifully, I'm sure), and to see the news reports, photo's, videos etc.

Those who are able to attend will feel so priveledged to be a part of something so big.

Our Adrian (I hope you don't mind us calling him that) has left such a lasting impression on so many people who will walk with you all, on Thursday, in person and in spirit. Your beautiful boy will be remembered forever.

There will be so many different emotions, but mainly one of happiness at being allowed to be a part of an amazing young mans journey.

Sending, as always, to you all now, and especially for Thursday, Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts H2H.

Well done Olie and everyone who did the marathon in Adrian's name. Fantastic result. I still find myself checking this blog every couple of days to see if there's any updates. Force of habit really after doing it every day for 18 months. Can't believe it's almost two months since Adrian died.

Hope this isn't an insensitive ques but is there anny chance the memorial for him can be videotaped and put on the website for all those who can't make it? I live in Australia but would love the chance to 'be part of it' as well.

Many thanks and to all Adrian's friends and family and world wide network really hope the memorial goes well.

Stephanie xoxo

I am so glad you have escaped from hospital Stephanie and I am sure the extra platelets will help alongside the medication. The battalions of blood donors are true unsung heroes aren't they? I know that Adrian took tablets that helped to boost his clotting mechanism and they were really effective. Look after yourself - with luck there will be a box of chocs not far away and Adie and I always found an episode of Columbo to be a great way of spending an afternoon. I can heartily recommend!!
I shall print off part of Adrian's blog and take it with me to the service. That way all of you who can't make it will be with us and close to us throughout the day ( Adrian used to roar with laughter when I suggested things like this. When I mentioned that my lovely mate Annie takes me with her in the form of a pebble she found on a beach in North Carolina whenever she goes on her amazing road trips across the USA, he nearly wet himself. He called us " The mad Mums" !) but I shall do it nevertheless.
I am a complete technical twonk so won't be able to do it myself, but I think we should be able to post elements of the service on the Blog. I am going to speak to the fabulous Liam and will report back to you about this later when I post an update about the meeting with Ed Balls yesterday. Very encouraging....
Love to you all

Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the information.

Looking forward for the update about the meeting with Ed Balls and to hear about tomorrow's service.

Lots of love to Adrian's family.


Dearest Kay,

Thank you so much for that. It means so much to all of us who won't be with you tomorrow (physically).

It is a dreadful rainy day here, but I feel quite sure that the sun will shine for you tomorrow, and I am sure you will have a wondrous time celebrating Adrian's life and everything he has achieved. Did I see on the news that Sean Bean will be there as well?

Please ask the wonderful Liam to work his magic to enable all of us to see some of the Memorial Service. (I always have to ask my son-in-law to help if it is anything vaguely complicated!!!)

My thoughts will be with you all tomorrow, sad and happy ones, but hopefully mainly happy.

I know you are so proud of Adrian and Carrie, and you have every right to be so. Adrian achieved more in his short life than most of us will in a whole lifetime.

Be strong tomorrow.

My love to you all


Hi Kay

Thanks for the update! Technical twonk! What a great expression! I'm sure you're not though. At least you can get the hang of Facebook... I struggle with that sometimes!

It's a great idea to carry part of the blog with you tomorrow. Adrians Army will all definitely be there then! Big up to the Mad Mum's!

Steph...glad to see you're out of hospital. I'll raise a cup of tea to you and all the absent AAers tomorrow.

Love and peace (gosh I sound a bit like Ringo Starr on his YouTube rant)!

Sorry I cannot make it to the memorial tomorrow, but I will be thinking of Adrian all day!

What a lovely thought to start off my morning: Adrian laughing himself silly over the mad mums. Love that! Yesterday I watched his "Unique Apology" robotic dancing just to catch him smiling and to hear his voice again. "I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinking it, too. What a nob head!" I miss him so. And I hate it that I live so far away and will have to miss the memorial service. Still, the thought of you holding us all in your pocket... well, that is yet another reason to smile. Thank you Kay. :-)
You're absolutely lovely.

hello to all
looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow
looks like we have a spam attack on here !!

Yes, perhaps the lovely Liam can do something.

You would think they had something better to do with their time, wouldn't you.

Miss you sweet cheeks


It's me again.

Have just read the Examiner newspaper and they say the service will be broadcast live on with the help of the BBC. They say this is in response to the sheer number of people Adrian inspired.


LL and Sonic have their tix . . .

And a 3-hour new-style dictaphone-to-mp3 : ) !

(= mp3 can go straight to internet!!)

So maybe with all permissions . . .

well, I'm hoping it is powerful enough, too

Thinking A and all AA everywhere today ('specially Steph, who will get emailled the first copy, If num nums manages : ) )

Lacey, So good to hear from you!!!

Stepphers - -I didn't want to embarass you, but someone said "LL how will we know you are you?"

and I was just going to reply - - Easy! I will want to be nearby my living hero Stepphers : )

Were still there, Okay?



Thanks, Kay!!

Your son ROCKS!!!

woops, I posted before Ree!!

phew!! I knew there was a reason I bought a TV Liscense : )

As Barbara would say "True celebrity rules!!" : ) !

Hi Kay - Thank you so much for your lovely post. I am one of the many who unfortunatly cannot be there tomorrow - so near and yet so far away. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow and will really appreciate any footage available. It did make me smile about your friend and the pebble. I have a similar thing and people think I am mental for doing it. Can't help it. In an odd way, it keeps me sane! Now that DOES sound mad.
I recently recieved my copy of Adrians' book, and seeing my own comment in there made me so proud, so thankful. It made me realise that perhaps Adrian DID see that we all wished him well, even though the comments went mental from the TV exposure, he did still read them. That made me feel pretty proud, and yes, extremely emotional.
Your gorgeous boy will never be forgotten Kay, around the world people hold him very close to their hearts. I can't wait to get further involved in the campaign.
My love and very best wishes to you all.
Tina X~X~X~XX~X

Hi all! Yet another one who is sad at not being able to make the service. But I'll be thinking of you all while doing my maths...

Steph, I'm so sorry to hear you were in hospital. At least you have managed to escape for now. I sincerely hope the new medication sorts everything out and they gave you plenty of pain relief.

Best wishes to all AA and the Sudburys and Steph and everyone (I would write a list, but it would probably end up looking like the spam!)

Nicola xx

Congrats on finishing the race! And with an excellent time! When I ran a marathon it took me over 9 hours! You did fantastic! What a great feeling that you were running for a good cause as well and waiting in the pouring rain nonetheless. You're a great friend!

- Bethany

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