Calling on Adrian's Army - get the ball rolling


Hi Guys, Liam here

Just a quick post for you. Those of you who signed up at the Anthony Nolan website for the Sign Up for Sudders Campaign should have received the following email. For any who haven't, please see below. As you know Kay and Keith are keen to explore ways in which Adrian's Army volunteers can be trained up to provide a ready made, deliverable, exciting and emotional lesson that Headteachers can call upon if they require extra input. Completing this survey is a good start to this, if you have any thoughts about the survey please get in touch and get involved

Dear all,

Many thanks for registering your interest in Adrian Sudbury's 'Sign up for Sudders' campaign.

If you are interested in becoming a school speaker, please could you take a few moments to fill in our online survey:

Your feedback will help us structure our schools programme effectively.

Following the Government's announcement to send revised 'Give & Let Live' packs to all schools and colleges, we are currently working on a volunteer programme to support this initiative and help deliver the message to students. We are planning to organise a series of training events for potential school speakers over the coming months to give you an opportunity to find out more about the Charity and our volunteer schools programme.

We will be sending out updates about the campaign, and recent developments will also be posted on Adrian's facebook site.

Many thanks for taking the time to fill in this survey - your support is greatly valued.


Thanks Liam for the update.

Have to check Adrian's facebook site too regularly.

Have a nice weekend!


Thanks Liam. I have received the survey, filled it out and will wait to hear further details. Chris J

Hi Liam. Survey received, filled in and I'm raring to go!! :)
Have a good weekend.
Chris.M. XXXXX

Snap ladies.....

Liam hope your ok!!!

Love to the Sudbury's..

Hi Liam,

Good to see things are going so well. Does it pay to have non GB people fill out the survay? If so I will fill it out. Afterall, things should be uniform all over the world, right?

hi liam
survey filled out and also ready to go
love to all sudburys

jane xx

Steph - -

GOOD LUCK on your 5K tommorrow!!

It still blows me away everytime I hink about it

I wish I could travel up there, but I am unable to travel right now!!

that's where blogiehol comes in : ) ! . . .

Only a few weeks till your Birthday!!!

XXXX dear dear girl XXXX!!!!

All my proud proud thiughts are with you all day tommorrow Steph - - still SOOO wowsed!!!

(this isn't to say that for any reason whatsoever you can't do it, any of us would be a nano less wowsed, you, okay?? do go with what you feel and how you feel )

More more XXXXX!!!!!



Wow-wee!!! I go away for a few of days 'daan saarth' ....and it's ALL been happening here! :-)
Lovely come back to a couple of updates - from Kay and now Liam. How exciting to see things taking off in such a way, Adrian would/will be so proud! I am really looking forward to the memorial service and I will fill in my school talk survey over a cuppa - right now ***rubs hands ready to get stuck in***

I'll have to google what's gone out on 'Look North' and catch up with a few AA members - especially Steph, in the run up to the big event tomorrow...


Love to all, Charlotte xx

Thank you for the update Liam.

Survey received and filled in.


Thinking about you today and hoping all goes well on the run.

With love to all the Sudbury family

Hi Sudburys and all blogaholics!

Well.... I did it!!! I walked the 5Km in 65 mins. No oxygen was needed but I am VERY glad I had three units of blood and a unit of platelets on Thursday!!! I'm going to attempt to put some pics on my Facebook page if I can figure out how to!!!!

Thank you so so so much to all of you who sponsered me! I raised £1200 for ANT and combining that with my husband's and parents' we have got a grand total of just under £2000!!!!

Thank you again!!!!!!
Steph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


No, Steph, Thank YOU!!!

Here's to Steph!! (s-i-i-i-i-p!)


Made it. £750 hmm more like £2k OMG!

Steph you are my hero. (And truth be told I don't have many in this iffysome old world : ) )

(jumps up and down, SQUEEEEZES!!)

When the hero does good, this is happiness : ) !




!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Fantastic Steph. I am so glad for you and so proud of you. Chris J

Steph, I'm so happy for you! :-)


...We're all so incredibly proud of you!!! :-)
Love Charlotte xx

Hello Stephanie,

Adrian's dad here. Congratulations!
I used to be a road runner, and to complete 5Km under normal circumstances is not easy, so what you have done today is very special. I am sure Adrian is very proud of you.
Our love goes out to you and your family and we think of you constantly.


Steph - FANTASTIC achievement and we are all so proud of you.Much Love.
Christine M.XXXXXX

congratulations steph.

You are one amazing girl. Adrian was probably walking with you today urging you on.
No oxygen is magnificent.

All my love tammy x x x x


Well Done Steph!!!


Well Done Steph, brilliant effort

Hi all.
Steph, congratulations mate. I am sure "our lad" upstairs raised his pork pie to you! You are an inspiration.
I have completed my questionnaire and wait for the word!
take care all.

Congratulations Steph, a wonderful achievement.


We are all so proud of you. And so glad you got decent weather, because down here it was VILE!!

Congratulations and big hugs xxx

Dear Keith and Kay,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm sure Adrian was looking down with a beer in one hand and a pork pie in the other cheering us on!!!

To all of Adrian's Army,

Thanks for all your messages I had since yesterday!

Booked our hotel for the 16th today so hope to everyone in Sheffield!!!!

Steph x

PS Thought we could all download Chesney some time next week (13/10 - 18/10)?

Well done Stephanie on your run. Mark and Sonya also completed their run. The weather for the Great North Run was great but a bit hot for Mark in his monkey suit. At the ANT stand afterwards some people asked Mark what his conection to Aidy was as he ran with pictures of him on his back and I waved pictures of Aidy as Mark ran passed. They said that most of their new sponsers mention Aidy in some form or other, just shows what an effect he has had. Sue

This all rocks : ) !!


To Sue,
Please pass on big congratulations to Mark and Sonya for me!! And doing it in a monkey suit!!

Steph x

**************SUDDERS YOU ROCK!!!!!**************

Steph, I'm bringing you a giant hamper : )

I can't wait to crank the Chesney next week : )


Well done steph.Posted other message on previous blog. Rodney had an idea about having a CD recorded of the memorial service so it could be available for anyone who couldnt come. Any thoughts?? I would be very interested in it. Mary

Quick possible accomodation enabler - -
noticed "Novotel" Sheffield City Centre is doing WHOLE rooms + breakfast for the the occupants - - £69
max probably 2 (+ shhh) occupants (+ 2 kids)

(I get it the rooms are BIG : ) )

Other thing is:
top of their homepage claims: £25pppn?!?see 4 yourself?
They are also central. And have a pool : ) so I reckon pretty good value

ooops I think the H inn is only Fri Sat Sun? but good for between funeral and Carries band gig?

Only a possibility : ) LL

I'm really sad that I can't make it to the memorial. Obviously, it would be lovely to witness the celebration of the life of a wonderful young man. But I also wanted to get the chance to meet some other wonderful people! Maybe at training sessions for the ANT?

Congratulations to Mark and Sonia!

We raised just over a thousand pounds for LR last night at our concert as well!

Nicola xx

sorry, it's me again - -

"novotel" sold out, H.I. useless? grrr

Nevermind - - Travelodge, (NEWLY built 4-STAR WHOLE ROOMS !! CENTRAL Sheffield : ) !) HAS rooms, oh, and for WAAAY less than those!: : ) no brekkie, I think, but:

£44 for the WHOLE room!! - - AVAILABLE TOO!!

Max probably 2(+ shhh) occupants (+ 2 kids allowed) : )

(I'm guessing the rooms are are biggish : ) )


(as of 4:30pm Monday - - well, the real deal this time!! sorry about the other sold-outs suggestions : ) )
Sorry to post so often, but this time it would be a real deal accomodation enabler possibility, I think, whether you are in the UK, or abroad : )


I think the idea of having a CD recorded of Adrian's memorial service is very good.If it is possible and everyone agrees please do it for all of us who are not able to attend the service.

Steph, after yesterday's successful run hope you are happy and doing fine.

Have a nice weeke to all!


forgot!! Well Done Nicola, but also, "the Monkeys" Mark and Sonia !! (wearin' that to the memorial? ) : ) - -

: ) Does a Monday get any better than this? : ) !


I think the idea of having a CD recorded of Adrian's memorial service is very good.If it is possible and everyone agrees please do it for all of us who are not able to attend the service.

Steph, after yesterday's successful run hope you are happy and doing fine.

Have a nice weeke to all!


OK I WILL shut up about hotels : ) - -
but the £44 whole room rate above, T-lodge, gets even better - -
"Bookings are fully flexible and can be cancelled up until 12 noon on the day of arrival"

= If you have a credit card, you can book, risk-free : ) ! decide later, even, and only pay if you can make it : ) you can book this even if you haven't got a train ticket yet

So biggest nicest cheapest room in town is also ZERO risk : )

Hi all,

I know that Kay abd Keith will know about this but just to ask you all to go to:-

list of pages under the heading west yorkshire news...3rd one down...Charity show for Sudders.
Read about a fantastic production of Me And My Girl to be put on at...THE LONDON PALLADIUM..on the 26th Oct.
It's for the ANT in memory of our Adrian and Dr.Donna McCormick who died of Leukemia in Jan.

There's lots more so please go check on it.

The Sudders Effect working BIG time.

Much love as always to Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Liam and everyone else.

Thanks Christine for the info. I soooooo wish that I could book those hotels LL but alas I dont think it is going to be. I will be there with you all in spirit and rely on all of you lucky enough to hold Adrian close on 16th to share the moments with us. Chris J

Hi Liam,

thanks for the important update about the planned training events. They will be of great help for many enthousiastic teachers in the UK (also abroad? That would be superb). Because what we do carries more weight than what we say. - being gentle, tender, loyal and available.

After reading your text I also found that the heading of this blog was changed - 'was' instead of 'is'. Small words but creating such a big emotional difference. Maybe they stand there for some time now. They give a strong impression next to Adrian's smiling face full of high spirits.

Warm (except the weather...) regards from Belgium to you all, Ann

Just reading these blogs for the first time today. Truly inspirational. I'm in Ireland so not sure what can be done over here but would love to help you in your tribute to your friend.

Fantastic news! Wonder why I didn't get the email eh? My other half did.

What a legacy you have left, Adrian!

Love Caroline xxx

We are interested in contributing a one time PayPal donation for Adrian's army. All we request back is a link in your right nav to our medical website. If interested please let us know.


P.S. It might even be a good idea to add a donate by PayPal button to the website. It allows people to easily give towards this honorable cause.

I have sat here for five minutes, thinking of something positive to say. No words really seem to sum up my admiration for the bravery and selflessness exhibited by Adrian and his family. Five minutes have turned into fifteen minutes and the more I read about Adrian, the more my emotions get the better of me. No shame in tears. Be inspired as I have by Adrian. Make a difference.

No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. (Edmund Burke)


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