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Yesterday, Keith went to Westminster for a meeting with Ed Balls ( Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families ), representatives of the Anthony Nolan Trust and Kali Mountford MP who tirelessly supported Adrian in his campaigning efforts.

He wanted to thank Ed Balls and Alan Johnson ( Secretary of State for Health ) for writing to schools on a joint basis and for updating the Live and Let Live campaign to include materials suitable for the 17 and 18 age groups.

This is an excellent start. But it is just the start and there is more yet to do.

Let's face it. Some heads may ignore the letter completely. Others will have welcomed the material and have in place the mechanism to deliver Adrian's very important message. There will be others who want to run the Sudders Seminar but may not have the resources to do so. It is the latter group where we intend to focus initially and that is where you, the amazing Adrian's Army volunteers will be able to help.

The government have been asked to provide initial funding so that volunteers can be properly trained to go into schools and colleges to give the all important 40 minute talk. This is so that crucial funds do not have to be diverted away from the vital work carried out by the Anthony Nolan Trust. The aim is to provide a punchy, emotive and informative video including footage of Adie, sufficient training to allow volunteers to speak with accuracy and in depth about the procedures and to answer follow up questions and a simple explanatory leaflet about " What to do next ". We should have their response in 3 weeks or so.

The project will be piloted in 4 different parts of the country to begin with so that the materials and their impact can be evaluated properly and then the aim is to roll out the volunteer programme across the country as soon as possible.

Keith left London in optimistic mood. We will let you know as soon as we have the answer. Meanwhile, remember that there is a link on the Anthony Nolan Trust website where people can sign up as volunteers and there is also a questionnaire to complete that will help to determine the wheres and whens of the training programme.

It is a pity that there is no element of compulsion attached to that part of the National Curriculum that can force headteachers to carry out Adrian's dying wish. We could spend years lobbying to change the statutory basis of senior education or we can take a leaf out of Adie's book and get stuck in to providing a simple solution to quite a difficult problem in a straightforward and pragmatic way.

Have a look at the Examiner website for news of the live broadcast of the Memorial Service tomorrow. It's a fantastic tribute to Adrian that his special service will be shown on the very site he loves so much.

The spam is a bit troublesome I am afraid. Beyond my skills but Liam will be rooting it out soon.

Love to all


Hi to Kay, Keith & Carrie!

A step in the right direction! Yay! I have already signed up to become a volunteer and have filled in my questionnaire, so hopefully will hear something soon.

Thank you so much for working so tirelessly to bring Adrian's dream to reality. Together we will achive what he set out to do!

See you all tomorrow!

Love and peace

Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for taking time to update us.

Have a nice evening!


Dear Kay,

Thank you so very much for keeping us in the loop. The Sudders ripple effect will continue to make waves... fear not!

A live broadcast of the service - I am giddy with excitement. Now I need to figure out where I can watch it, other than in my office. Suspect I'll be pretty pink nosed by the end.

Much love to you all as ever from Trinidad. You are in my thoughts always, as is your angelic boy!


Tash! Hiii!! yay! : ) !

Thank you so much for the update.

They'll be tears in Greenwich too.

Love to you all...

Hi Kay

Thank-you so much for the update!!

I will be there tomorrow and will hopefully get some contacts to help raise awareness at my University...

Take care


Hi Kay, thanks so much for the information. There will be tears in Swansea also. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Chris J

Kay, just read your post about pebbles in the pocket. Love it and another reason why I love your family. Chris J

Thanks for this latest update Kay!

Great to hear positivity about the campaign in the 'corridors of power'! I've filled out the questionaire too and look forward to hearing more about how I can play my part in all of this!

Fantastic news that the service is to be broadcast - you've made thousands of people's day there!!

I look forward to meeting some of you; and I'll be looking out for a blue teddy called Sonic!!! :-)

Love to all, Charlotte xx

Hi All,

Just a little note to let you know I will be thinking of you all tomorrow, shame I can't be there. I hope to get to see some footage somehow.

All the best and great news to hear the "Army" is still fighting on in Adrian's name.

Well done to everyone.

Em x

Hello Kay and Keith

Thank you for the update.

It was lovely to see you on Look North this evening. I have to say you may not call yourselves campaigning parents but you definitely are very special parents.

You have done so much these past weeks to carry on the legacy Adrian left.

Kay, he was your lad and wow what a lad he was.

I won't be there tomorrow but will be thinking about you and will hopefully be able to see the live broadcast.

With love to all

Will be thinking of you all at 2 tomorrow as Adrians life and achievements are celebrated!!
Glad Ill be in your pocket Kay.....mad Mums rule!
There are surely going to be tears shed in Coventry too!
Take care all.

Dear Kay, Keith and Carrie, Looking forward to being there with you tomorrow. AA routefinder downloaded, tyres pumped and tank filled.
Have a peaceful night tonight.

Was feeling sorry for myself because I'm missing Adi's memorial service tomorrow and it's pouring rain here in Texas and it's gray and ... just yuck. Then I went to check the mail... "Bills, more bills, oh look... a KEY. For the oversized mail box. Could it be????" Yes. Baldy's Book arrived today. Two copies.
Thank you Adrian. :-)

My daughter gets married on Saturday. Despite passing myself on the way back I fully intended coming tomorrow to support you.

However, unfortunately last night I was in Casualty at midnight - with whooping cough - at 46!

I'm terribly sorry but all you'd hear all through the service is cough, cough, retch.

Instead I'll try to log on to watch it and sit with you all in my heart.

I'm going to ask the Vicar to say a prayer for Adrian during the Wedding on Saturday - 1pm.

Much love to you all.

Yvette Price-Mear


Yvette - that is such a lovely thought. To have Adrian mentioned at such a happy time is marvellous. Thank you.
What on earth are you doing catching whooping cough? Good grief, get a proper vest and some Friar's balsam!!!

Wonderfull Suddbery family you continue to amaze me!

Am looking forward to meeting those of you who are able to attend tomorrow.

The Army marches on!!

Sarah xxx

Hi Kay
This is a fantastic update on the campaign. I wait eagerly for the volunteer training to begin and hope I am one of the lucky ones to be able to help like this. I was coming tomorrow but have my daughter off school ill with croup at the moment, so unfortunatly will be sat at the pc watching live. I am really very sad not to be able to be there personally, but I wonder if you can help me. I would really like to plant something in my garden in memory of your very special boy. I have thought of many things, but I wondered if there was a particular flower or something special that Adrian would particularly have liked that maybe I can get? It would be really appreciated if you could let us know somehow.
I hope you find comfort from tomorrow. Your precious son was loved, no, IS LOVED, by so many people from all over the world. He changed my life - and I cannot express how sincerely I mean that. He genuinely has changed my life. I was so pleased to "know" him, and I like to think that he was my living angel for helping me back onto the "right" path. He made me appreciate what I have, instead of maybe regretting what I dont, and for that reason, among many others, I will keep him close to my heart and never allow this campaign to be forgotten.
I really have to get off to bed now. I hope you Keith & Carrie, and ALL Adrian's family and friends, and fellow blogettes, find comfort from tomorrow, and I promise I will smile through the inevitable tears.
Goodnight. Lots of love and very best wishes.
Tina ~X~X~X~X~X~X~

so sorry not been in touch for ages. desperately wanted to come tomorrow as i couldn't come to meet adrian when he went to london as i was having radiotherapy - thought tomorrow would be my chance to make up for this but unfortunately my husband was bringing me and he has just left me for someone else!
i just want to wish you all well for tomorrow and for you to know that i will be thinking of you all and that i send my apologies for not being able to make it xxx

Thanks for the update .... great to see things are still moving ...

hope you feel better soon yvette
kay your comment made me laugh out loud !!
sat at my parents tonight in wakefield having travelled up from surrey today to be at the service tomorrow
see you all then


When I logged onto the page tonight, I sat here looking at it, blinking, for a few seconds.

It was exactly as if Adrian had written this post himself.

Kay, Adrian's strength of purpose is shining through your words, and you continue to inspire us: we shall keep fighting to make sure Adrian's wishes become a reality.

I am sending you all my love for your memorable day tomorrow. It will be a day that Adrian created, and I am certain he will be with you throughout in spirit, enjoying every minute.

With all my love,


Kay, Keith & Carrie

My thoughts will be with you and the army tomorrow, hopefully I will manage to find time to escape the endless meetings !!! and watch the service in all it's glory.

May it be an afternoon filled with joy and laughter (and not too many tears)

reiki hugs


If he would do that than you got lucky. : )

You'll be with us anyway : ) !

Big hug!!!


Read the book cover to cover and am so ... well, I'm awash in a million different emotions actually-- but mostly: I'm proud. Proud of our boy. His story is far from over.

Thanks for the update Kay.

Wish I could watch the service tomorrow, but I'll be at work and unable to watch. I am hoping that the Examiner will keep the video of it on their website for a while so that I can watch it later.

I received my book and am looking forward to reading all of Adrian's posts again.

Will be thinking about you all tomorrow.


Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to the Sudbury family and all AA and blogaholics everywhere, on this very, VERY special day.
Adrian will always be in our hearts and minds.
Will be thinking of you al this afternoon.
Much love H2H

Well it seems as if it was only yesterday that I checked in first thing every morning for Adrian's updates. His witty comments,lovely humour and his ability to make people laugh and cry at the same time! Today will no doubt have people doing the same.

To everyone travelling to Sheffield today,take care.

To all Adrian's family,Liam and Katie, hope today's service is how Adrian wanted it to be.

With love

love and hugs to everyone on this VERY special day.

Will be watching it on the examiner website before my grandchildren come home from school.

I just know the sun will shine on you all today, just wish I could be there as well. Anyway, I will be doing the next best thing and rely on all who are going, to give our love to the Sudbury family.

I can't believe this day has finally arrived and I know it will be special because Adrian had a hand in organising it, and have absolutely no doubt he will be supervising from above!!

Take care everyone travelling.

Love to everyone


Kay, fantastic news that the campaign is getting that bit nearer to being a reality.. I myself have signed up to be a volunteer, and hope to hear from that soon.. Very sorry I couldn`t come to Adrians memorial service, my daughter had to go for her Bone Marrow Aspirate on that day.. Love Dawn xxx

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